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  1. In terms of the Dancer, Dorothea would usually be the pick, but she already has two Dancer alts, so a third so soon may be a bit much. I'd like to see her and Manuela be a Duo unit, but Dimitri and Edelgard take priority. (And she already is a Harmonic Unit.) Manuela is an opera star and a dancer in all but name and accessibility though, and is a character more likely to appear in alts before getting a vanilla unit. This banner is perfect for her. In terms of Marianne, our favorite Von Edmund is among the most popular picks for the Dancer class in the game, IIRC.* She even has Cipher art as her in the Dancer garb, so IntSys is aware of this at the least. Claude would be a fun Dancer, but he doesn't have any real ties to dancing in-universe or in a meta sense that justify it. (At least Petra has ties to dancing in that dancing in her home country is so different.) I'm very excited for B!Marianne, but I'm not entirely confident she'll have Blutgang. Marth will probably be the Red unit with some variation of the Falchion, since he's the OG playable character with it, and last year's 3H characters showed us that the weapon doesn't really have to be ones characters used in game - Claude, Dimitri, and Edelgard aren't really associated with the Parthia, Gradivus, and Hauteclere, but they got those weapons with titles indicative of their respective paths in-game. B!Ephraim has an axe, B!Hector has a lance, B!Camilla is a staff user of all things. And depending on the needs of the other three, I can easily see B!Marianne being a tome, lance, or staff user given her "canonical" class. That being said, a future Legendary Marianne may have Blutgang if her Brave alt doesn't. (I still think a potential Dancer alt is the best and most realistic place for Blutgang to appear, but I wouldn't mind it showing up elsewhere as well.)
  2. I forgot to add it earlier, but these would make a great addition to a Three Houses Dancer Banner. You could have Sword Marianne, a Blue Mage Felix with a special Thoron, a Green Mage Manuela (or maybe Ignatz, Petra, or Sylvain), and then a child Duo Colorless Dagger (heh) Dimitri and Edelgard.* Ideally they'd be their kid versions, but I could also see the Garrag Mach versions getting a dance they almost explicitly didn't have in the game. Flayn is the Dancer earned through the attached Tempest Trials+. *Marianne gets Blutgang because I don't think she'd get it otherwise, unless her War form gets a base kit in the game. And even then, I'd bet they'd make her a blue cavalry unit to represent her "canon" class. Felix gets the Blue Tome because he can technically learn Thoron, and we all know he's going to be a swordsman in his vanilla base kit whenever that enters the game. Here, both him dancing and being a tome user is about this version of Felix learning different things to branch out. There's no real reason for the Green slot of the dancer. I wanted to have someone associated with dancing, but also that doesn't have too many alts. Heck, even Shamir was considered by sheer virtue of her not being a dancer and not able to become one. And then we have the Future Forging Dagger as the weapon for the Duo units.
  3. These were originally my Warriors 2 support ideas and have been copy-pasted from a conversation about said ideas, but they could also work as Duo/Harmonic Heroes. That being said I tend to favor the support aspect more, as I feel like we'd actually get more interesting dynamics than a cool costume and ability, and I'm all about the dynamics. Chrom x Xander - Lissa and Elise mentioned how different they were, and I'd like for that to be shown off. They could talk about the love they have for their siblings, their respective roles in their families, and how their father has shaped their life, for better or for worse. (I also ship Xander and Lucina, and I want to see Xander and his son-in-law interact.) Edelgard x Lyon - I like the idea of Edelgard seeing a conflicted Lyon and pushing him down the path of darkness since she knows that someone must take those bloody first steps if they want results. Dimitri x Eirika - Dimitri would think that Eirika is watching him because Dimitri reminds her of Ephraim, but in actuality Dimitri reminds her of Lyon. Eirika then concludes that as long as Dimitri has the professor by his side, he'll be fine. Dimitri asks if Eirika could stay to watch over him, just for a little longer. (Eirika would be overjoyed, because now she gets to act like the big sibling.) Claude x Ephraim - The two talk strategy, honor, fatherhood, and their own relationship with their siblings. Claude x Joshua (he's a DLC character) - The two talk about having to hide their identities from the world, but there will be a time where they need to unmask themselves. Tharja x Edelgard - Tharja senses that Edelgard is in pain, and creates a curse to alleviate that pain. She also offers to teach Edelgard some of her...darker spells. Edelgard refuses, but offers Tharja a job. Tharja refuses, but states that she'll continue to watch over Edelgard while she's here. Tharja x Hubert - I low-key just want them to be laughing maniacally as other characters walk away, creeped out, for the entire support. Tharja x Dorothea - Dorothea would notice that Tharja is gaining the attention of men quite easily, and would be jealous. She has to work at it! Tharja on the other hand thinks the attention is a distraction and would rather be done with it. Dorothea proposes changing clothes to see if it works. While it might for the players, this wouldn't work for the girls in-game. Thajra concludes that it's probably Dorothea's confidence. Dorothea would assert that she is confident; Tharja would counter that she's only confident when singing, but nowhere else. Dorothea needs to be confident not just in her abilities, but in herself. Dorothea thinks of this for a moment and agrees, thanking Tharja for the advice. (This in return would allow both characters to wear the other's costume into battle.) Oliva x Dorothea Azura x Dorothea Azura x Marianne - They bond over their respective personalities and the fear of their own bloodlines. Lucina x Seliph - Since I'm positive we'll never get a Harmonic unit in Heroes with these two. Chrom x Seliph - Seliph is worried about interacting with his father for the first time ever, and he goes to Chrom - since Chrom is like his father in terms of personality - to ask for advice. Chrom would probably say that he should write down some questions, and they could talk about the answers, with things opening up from there. Seliph agrees. A while later, Seliph comes back and asks to practice these questions with Chrom. Chrom agrees, and it turns out Seliph's questions are totally irrelevant and/or inappropriate. Chrom cuts off the questions and then asks Seliph to make sure the questions come from the heart. Seliph isn't really sure how to do that, and so Chrom switches course and states that the questions don't really matter - it's spending time with his father that matters. Seliph, relieved, thanks Chrom and leaves. Now Straight Up Harmonic/Duo Ideas: Arete x Mikoto Ike x Byleth (probably M!Byleth since F!Byleth is with Rhea) Emmeryn x Camilla - a throwback to Lissa and Elise's Warriors support where they talk about their siblings. (As mentioned above.) I think Emmeryn and Camilla would actually get along pretty well. Say'ri x Kagero Raphael x Stahl Nowi x Flayn Seteth x Niime - no rhyme or reason. I just think it'd be funny. Charlotte x Manuela - two women who really want a man, but one thinks that the man who gets to know her will be scared away by her and Dimitri x Lif - We know this is just a matter of time. Laevatein and Severa/Selena, because their hairstyles are so similar. Granparent/Grandkid Awakening/Fates harmonics, and/or "reincarnation" Awakening/Fates Harmonics Florina and Shigure Soleil and Sain/Saul/Sylvain, because flirts unite! (Although I do have a headcanon where Soleil and Saul are siblings, so maybe not that one?)
  4. Good to know! I was worried since they showed both versions of Fates when showing where the characters came from, and given the Sanaki/Altina situation...well, I wouldn't put much past Heroes and IntSys.
  5. VIKA IS IN THE GAME VIKA IS IN THE GAME VIKA IS IN THE GAME. Surtr also looks hilariously appropriate (or rather, appropirate???) in his costume, and I legitimately thought Lifis was Claude until I read the game origin. Hinoka and Camilla as a Harmonic Duo (is that what they are?) is terrible and completely uninspired. Pretty ambivalent on the Heroes Journey stuff, but it may be fun for head-canon stuff.
  6. Heroes isn't main-game quality and isn't really held to main-game standards. Besides, that Avatar is more of an Isekai self-insert protagonist and not a standard Avatar. And given how well Heroes does in terms of revenue, I'd say they may have actually succeeded. I mean...when you don't know if you're going to live to see tomorrow, it makes sense to make the most of today, right? And even in war, people need something to celebrate and give them hope. I'm not saying it 100% works, but it does work better than Fates, since most of the couples don't start having children until after the war. (Chrom and possibly Robin being the exceptions.)
  7. Also not an unpopular opinion! I personally like most Avatars because I like shipping and head-canons and the like, and those are easier to do with what ultimately amounts to a self-insert, but I do see the point you're making and that many other share. When an Avatar enters the picture, they almost have to take up space that could go to the story because that's what players want. If they're not important, why are they there? But an FE story doesn't need an Avatar in most cases, as evidenced by the six (and a half) games before one entered the series, and the four games afterwards. However, I do think there's a balance that can be struck, and IntSys is still trying to figure it out. They've tried having the main character be the Avatar in Corrin (YMMV on the success of that), having multiple main characters that share the spotlight with Avatars in Awakening and Three Houses (which work well for the most part IMO), and they've had Avatars that don't really share the spotlight but are supposed to be important all the same in FE12 and FE7. I think something along the lines of Mark and Robin (for most of Awakening) will be the way future Avatars go, where they're important to and/or present around the plot, but not at the center of it. (I do disagree about your comment when it comes to the Monastery however. I think that the Monastery talks are the perfect thing to have when talking about real stuff in the story. After the Winter Ball mission, hearing everyone's condolences was really nice. When coming back from the timeskip or a particularly brutal mission, hearing everyone's thoughts was incredibly impactful. I'm not saying that we needed to hear all of those things for an entire month, but...I can see a certain sense to it.)
  8. Noooo!! Let her live and be an NPC! Or better yet, a unit. Hector's death will be enough of a gut punch, and it would round out the trifecta: You have one of the Old Guard who dies in Hector, one who can't fight in Eliwood, and one who can and does join the fight in Lyn. Besides, we don't have enough middle-aged/elderly* women fighting. It's a crack-ship I have. I wrote a support for it a while ago. Basically I think Ursula would respect Hector and Co for their strength, and Hector personally for his (rarely shown) cynicism and pragmatism. The pairing is mostly Ursula trying to prove her worth to Hector, and, over the course of a lifetime (and a daughter), doing so. I personally would ship Hector and FE8 Selena** more, but I highly doubt IntSys is going to bring a character from a different continent/planet/universe over to Elibe. And if they do, it certainly won't be a dead one... *Middle aged may be a stretch, depending on how young they make Lyn in FE7. If she's 15-16 during her own story, she'd be roughly 35 in FE6, right? That's far from middle age...then again, it might be considered middle age for the game, so who knows. *I wrote a support for that one too. Ultimately, Hector and Selena get together, but Selena refuses to be sworn to another man after the tragedy of Vigarde, so they stay unwed. She travels around the country a lot, and as such isn't as present in Lilina's life growing up. This would also allow her to show up in FE6 without having to miraculously save her from any tragedy or the like.
  9. Not sure if it's unpopular, but it's definitely not often seen! I think the more popular takes are that Mark and Robin are the better of the two Avatars, followed by Byleth, Corrin, and then Kris. Mark is usually seen as the best because the story doesn't revolve around them. Robin is seen as good in the first two thirds of the game, and then annoyingly central in the final third. Byleth is seen as a middle ground, where the plot involves them, but also has enough room for others like the House Lords. Their blank-slate characterization and emoting seems to make people hate Byleth, but I see it as a nice way of story integration. Corrin is seen as something of a Mary Sue/Gary Stu, where all of the plot centers around them even when it shouldn't (especially considering how Azura should hold just as much if not more relevance), and Kris is just bad for some reason. I haven't played FE12, so I can't explain that one. Personally I find Robin to be the best. Their central to the plot but never outshine Lucina and Chrom, have solid characterization outside of being just an Avatar (they're optimistic, slightly air-headed, terrible cooks. Despite being trusting of allies (aka Tharja and Henry and the like), Robin may have a slight depreciation of their self, as seen in M!Robin's supports with Chrom. They're open to learning new techniques and styles of teaching (M!Robin with Lon'qu, and F!Robin with Priam) as well as hilariously petty at times (both with Maribelle and at least M!Robin with Anna in their A-Support)). Not to mention the fridge brilliance of being an Avatar in their game - not only are they an Avatar for the player, they're one for the Big Bad as well. (Byleth is the only one who is similar in that they represent both definitions.) I also don't agree with their involvement being half-way, either. I think Robin was IntSys trying to find the balance between making the Player Character/Avatar integral to the story in a way Mark and Kris really weren't but also not outshining the Lord(s) of the game. To quote you, to let the player be involved in the story. It's just that Robin was a main character and not the main character. And they did it well. You get to be the Big Bad without being the Bad Guy, if that makes sense. Corrin on the other hand...I respect what IntSys was trying to do, but I don't really think it succeeded as well as they thought it should. IntSys pushed the Avatar idea to the brink, combining the roles of Lord, Avatar, and Manakete (and Chosen One) into one character, and the character buckled under the weight IMO. Had they chosen two of those, Corrin would be fine. But all three was too much. Add to that the fact that everyone listens and almost immediately trusts Corrin, and the game sort of breaks itself. (Unless you subscribe to the head-canon that Corrin may be subconsciously using magic like Anankos does to make everyone like them.) I'm not saying Corrin is the worst Avatar, or even a bad one, simply that they're tied for third with Mark in my books, under Robin and Byleth. (Mark would probably be second, but they fade out of the story for the most part, rendering them useless in a lot of ways. Either have the Avatar be a part of the story, or don't have one, Storm it!) Anyways, my unpopular opinion of the day - I like Lyn's story. I'm a sucker for well done "hidden lineage" storylines, and I think the scope of Lyn's story makes it a solid sweet-spot for me. It's large enough to feel important, small enough that I don't roll my eyes in the "of course she's the Lost Princess and Chosen One" trope, and intimate enough that I care - Lyn isn't fighting to save her land or her people, not really. She's fighting to see her grandfather. That's touching. As a whole, I enjoy FE7's story immensely. Part of it is absolutely nostalgia, but another part of is the fact that the scope of the game as a whole never feels too large. It's the story of a young woman trying to reconcile with her long-lost family. It's the story of a young man seeking out his missing father, and finding love along the way. It's the story of a best friend who must come to terms with his changing roles in the world while also helping his friends through their own journeys. I may love FE9's "rebellion against the Empire" story done to perfection, or Awakening's "optimism and self-determination in the face of a predestined apocalypse," but something about FE7's story resonates with me.
  10. Definitely the same, but for different reasons. (Although I do think - or rather, I HOPE - that a remake would handle the...ah...removal of Hector's wife from the story far better than the original did, assuming she needs to be removed at all.) Mark as a unit will hopefully work more like Robin and less like Corrin and Byleth,* and as such at least have some magical potential.* And unless they give Hector an actual magical unit to S-Support, he's marrying Mark.** Add to that the feeling that Hector will probably have better chemistry with Mark than any of his current potential wives, and it's a set outcome to me.*** *Each of the three work differently, but Robin is the only one that can be a truly magical unit. Corrin will always be something of a hybrid who wants magic because of the Dragonstone, but is too bulky to actually use it well (Kana is even worse); and Byleth is, like 80% physical and 20% magical at best. **That being said, if they decided to make Ursula recruitable and a potential marriage partner for Hector, I'M GOING FOR IT. Or, you know, just let Hector romance Serra. ***Lyn still has the best chemistry with Hector IMO, but Lyn has great chemistry with pretty much all of her potential paramours.
  11. Design and art that makes people "go to horny jail," a laughable story and excuse that's so meme-worthy it becomes enjoyable, and a pretty solid unit in-game. It's like the Heroes popularity trifecta. And yeah, no one really takes the Heroes story seriously or expects anything good out of it. I enjoy the Heroes storylines and characters, but mostly because of the head-canons I can make with them, not for their own sake.
  12. I'd love to see any of the Cipher characters or the FE 6 manga characters like Al and whatnot. I think Cipher could make at least two good banners, and Al, Tiena, and Gant could make a solid banner if combined with Rowan and Lianna from Warriors. Or the missing TMS#FE characters with Warriors characters, and then Al, Tiena, and Gant could be a regular FE 6 banner. (Or add Hartmut and/or Magough.)
  13. Love the artwork! Maybe we can get all of the 12 Crusaders as Mythic Units someday! (And then Elibe's 8 Legendary Heroes as Legendary units.) The banner itself is pretty disappointing for me, since I already have most if not every one of the units, and I'm don't play for optimization and whatnot. But that's also a great thing, because the Mythic and Legendary banners this year have been brutal to me. Now I don't have to worry about trying to pull a unit, and can save up for CYL 5! Other Notes and whatnot - Rika Suzuki has done a fair bit of Genealogy artwork before, including Seliph's Awakening design (a little wonky), Sigurd's Legendary design (awesome), and Arvis' Resplendent design (awesome). And that's not mentioning the Cipher artwork. I'm not saying that Suzuki has been tapped to do the artwork in a potential FE 4 remake assuming it exists (nor am I saying I'd want Suzuki to do it), but there are worse fates.
  14. Voted Freyja, but it'll be either Hilda or Freyja. If those two are defeated, then I'll go to Mercedes, and then Ashe.
  15. They could easily make a banner or two out of Cipher characters, and then do a combination one for Hasha no Tsurugi/Warriors. Honestly, I'm surprised they didn't do a "farewell" banner for the Cipher characters when it officially ended. (I'm also surprised that IntSys never tried to make Cipher an online card game like Hearthstone. I can understand part of the reason why, in that it may be double-dipping in the same market. But it's a different game and could definitely bring in different types of players.)
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