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  1. I like Azure Moon the way it is. The only thing I'd want to change is Edelgard and Dimitri reaching some sort of peace and possibly getting a Happily Ever After...but the point of those two's relationship is that they can't reach a peace, and it has little to do with egalitarianism. First, I'll say that I don't think the scenario is likely at all (sorry!). According to several of her ending roues, Edelgard didn't really get to put her changes in place until after the war. The riots would be less about egalitarian rule and more about power, nobility, and independence (all of which things Dimitri has experience in dealing with). Second, I'm not sure I agree with this interpretation about Dimitri, governing, and Crests. There is nothing ever stated that Dimitri would be a bad or ineffective ruler. He's not surrounded by (too many) "yes" people, he's open to options and change, and he listens to wise council. Dimitri is also not oblivious to the problem that Crests shape, he just isn't as violently against them due to his own experiences with them. For Edelgard, the desire for Crests and vessels ruined her life. (Although I don't think Crests are entirely to blame - when power becomes a luxury, people will take it whatever form and deny it to others for whatever reason. No matter the place in life, when power over another is an option, problems will arise.) Meanwhile, Dimitri's life has been altered by Crests, but also relies on them in a very real, practical way. It's not that Dimitri isn't egalitarian either, as he very much is. It's just that to the lives of Edelgard, Mercedes, and a few others, Crests are seen as a source of power for the sake of powerand, Meanwhile, for the lives of Felix, Dimitri, and Sylvain, Crests are a source power for the sake of protection (in the sense of protecting territory). Ingrid and a few others are in the middle ground, where the two reasons are mixed. Part 1 Chapter 5 Post-Battle Dialogue: As you can see, Dimitri's problem isn't that he's fine with the Crest society, but that he understands very intimately the functionality of the Crests. He wants peace and respect for all, but he also fears what would happen if peace ultimately defeats the people. It is tragic and ironic that despite his fears of the external enemies, his enemy ends up being one who he thought was a peer and an ally. The tragic irony of one who wants to make concessions and peace fighting against one who refuses to compromise...and eventually becoming one who refuses to see the reason that peace requires himself. (Not sure it would help though.) That's why I think Claude and Hanneman weirdly enough have ideologies and actions that align more with Dimitri's ideal world than Edelgard. Rhea wasn't bad for Fodlan as people think IMO - she shaped it how in a way she thought was best and did what she could to keep the peace while giving as much autonomy as she could when it didn't lead to war once the war for power had ended. This is exactly what Edelgard would do - what Edelgard does do - had she won. Rhea is the opposite side of the coin to Edelgard in all honesty and I think it's sad that more people don't see that. Also, Mercedes lashing out at Dimitri is very Out Of Character to me. Mercedes is one of the most forgiving people in the game. Her reaction to Dimitri's return was joy IIRC, and she honestly doesn't care about the Crest system so long as she can escape it. The only people she really lashes out at is Lorenz, and that's because of his arrogance. Mercedes' M.O has always been to do good to those who you can do good for. I don't see her snapping at Dimitri for any reason. Instead, wouldn't she be the one to remind Dimitri and give insight on what to do? Lastly, Edelgard getting the last laugh goes antithetical to the whole point of Byleth joining the Blue Lions. With Byleth by his side (either as a friend and ally, and/or wife), Dimitri becomes the best version of himself he can be. Gloating Edelgard's ideological victory over his head means that he was wrong, that his path was wrong, and I feel that negates his whole arc of learning to be a good leader again by learning about forgiveness, redemption, and perspective. Besides if anyone is going to be a figurehead it's going to be Byleth. But with Seteth by their side, there's no need to worry about getting any theology wrong. Sorry if this feels a little harsh or any other associated feelings. I'm certainly not trying to be that way. I just can't see myself liking your proposed change to the story. And that's fine! Many people don't like my hypothetical changes to things; we all have our perspectives and views, and all should be respected, even if we disagree.
  2. Ended up having to Spark to get Priam on the new banner, so no extra Ash for me. Oh well, one is enough, since I usually go for completion instead of +10s outside of my favorite units. I did get three Basilio's for future merges though. The banner wasn't all bad either. I got a 4*+1 Siegbert (I already had a 5*), an Astrid (new), Midori (new), and two stupid Gatries (neither new nor wanted). Then I decided to pull on the Eitri/Thorr banner. I ended up getting another L!Corrin, a 4*+1 Dorcas (new), Brammimond (new), and Eitri herself (themself?). I was going for Thorr this month however, so I pulled a little more to no avail. Oh well. Overall, I got what I wanted and still have a small enough nest egg that if I keep building it (and no new banners or Legendary/Mythics that I MUST have come out), I'll be in pretty good shape for CYL and the summer banners next year. It was a tad annoying that I didn't get any new units for my current merge projects outside of one Tailtiu. No Kaze, Seteth, or Knoll. On the bright side, at this rate, by the time I find enough of each to +10 them, I'll probably have enough feathers to knock out all four and then immediately make progress on Lex (I have just about enough units to +10 him almost immediately, I just need the feathers). Oh, and I'm totally giving Priam Aether. EDIT: I forgot I got a Larcei as well. I already have one, so into storage the new one goes.
  3. I'm probably going to Spark on this banner. My priority is Priam since he's one of my favorite characters, but if I can get Flavia and Basilio as well, that'd be great. Basilio will probably become a +10 Merge project down the line, but I have a couple of other green units to take care of first (at least Lex, Mustafa, and Orochi), and far from enough feathers to do so. If I get all three and am close to forty pulls, then I'll Spark for a second Ash, I guess. I feel pretty confident that I can Spark on this banner, pull a bit on the Legendary/Mythic banner (blegh) for Thorr, and still have a nice little nest egg for any future banners or to bolster my summer splurges.
  4. My gut instinct was that either Letizia is actually Veronica's half-sister, and the daughter of a noblewoman who fell out of favor with the king. (Looking at what we know, she may even be the daughter of the Emblan King's first wife. Veronica is his child from his second, but what happened to the first wife?) Her whole relationship with Veronica will be one that contrasts Veronica's relationship with Loki: Letizia will act like she cares about Veronica, but only until she gets what she wants, and then she'll kill her. Meanwhile Loki seems willing to betray Veronica without a second thought but does seem to have some affection for the girl. Still, I sort of hope they have a "cool big sis" vibe that isn't as overbearing as Camilla or as hands-offas those like Emmeryn. The intro video for Book 6 popped a slightly related idea into my head - what if Kiran is actually the Odin/Alfather/Alfador of Heroes who simply lost his memory (or maybe traded in his memories for firsthand knowledge of the things to come* or have been happening in his realms), and it'll be revealed at the end? *Assuming Heroes pulls a "this is all the future, and this is what you traded your godhood to experience" sort of thing at the end. EDIT: I really like the poster for Book 6, and the music is growing on me! Granted, I always like the posters for the books Kozaki does...and just the posters for the work Kozaki does on Fire Emblem in general.
  5. PRIAM'S IN THE GAME!! That's not at all how I pronounce his name, but I'm okay with that. Anyways, this update had a lot of cool stuff. I'm glad Kozaki is doing Book VI as well. I was sure they were going to switch him out, but if they're going into Embla/Askr stuff, it makes sense. BUT STILL NO BRUNO. WHY INTSYS? WHY??? Here's to hoping he shows up as a Legendary down the line! ...please... As for the new OCs, I like the designs! Elm reminds me of Hermes from Greek/Roman lore. Ashe is...interesting. On one hand, I LOVE her design. On the other hand, I'm not really into the ship-tease with the Summoner. On a third mutant hand, I'm really torn on the "turn into a giant cow" thing. I'm sure it's linked to Norse Lore in a way I've forgotten or never heard about, but all I could think of was "this is it. You either die a pretty solid anime, or you live long enough to include cow girls into your game." Letizia's design is sort of like a future goth version of Veronica, and I can see her, Veronica, and Thrasir being something akin to a Pegasus Knight Trio in their relationships. (Letizia is the mature older sister, Thrasir the wild, middle sister, and Veronica the shy youngest sister.) It's just sad that Letizia is almost certainly Obviously Evil, and will probably contrast Veronica's relationship with Loki. It looks like Embla may be our Big Bad of the book this time around. In terms of the banner itself, I WILL be pulling until I get Priam. Hopefully I can get everyone or almost everyone else along the way. Any other Orbs can go to the Hero/Mythic banner for Thorr. Ultimately, congrats to those who guessed what this book would be about! I'm happy to meet and learn about all of the new OCs over the year. I do wish for a few more male OCs, but I'm not surprised either. Other notes: The lack of Sharena was hilariously tragic to me. She's been missing since Book 4 in terms of story importance, and I don't imagine that'll change here. I really hope that means that the TT+ story will actually revolve around HER, and she can get an Ascendant form. Because that would be nice. The theme song is okay. Sure, we'll never reach the height of Book 3's theme ever again, but I think alternating the genre every other chapter since then is pretty smart. Book 3 was metal, Book 4 was Whimsical Fantasy, Book 5 was techno, and now Book 6 is High Fantasy. The game is now shipping Alfonse and Veronica HARD. I'm pretty ambivalent, but I guess they do make a pretty cute couple. Or will, in about five years.
  6. Last minute guesses: If Embla is the focus of the new book, then either Veronica or Bruno will be the free unit. If Embla is the focus of the TT+ story this time around, then we'll get an Ascendant Veronika and Ascendant Alfonse by the end of it. (Or maybe they'll switch it up and have Ascendant Sharena?)
  7. Maybe we'll get one! I'm really hoping that this means that either the next TT+ event will be about Veronika and Co, or maybe even the next book.
  8. If it is an Embla castle, and given the connection between the previous Chibi Event and this current one, I do hope that either the next book or the next TT+ storyline will be about Veronika and Embla.
  9. Eitri in January? That means if I can get Thorr and hopefully Plumeria on this Banner without spending too many orbs (knock on wood, although that may be wasted since I've now said it out loud), I can go all out on the January Green banner for Eitri and Otr. If I'm lucky, that would leave me with only Nifl and Loki to get base forms of.
  10. Congrats to those who called it being Eitri and Thorr! I'd really love to go for both of them, but the New Heroes banner takes priority, depending on the game the new heroes come from.* Granted, I have enough orbs for a decent pull on this banner and to Spark on the New Heroes one, but I really want to start stockpiling for the next CYL banner and all of the summer stuff I couldn't get to this year. This past year cut it too close for comfort IMO, and I'd rather not risk that again. *Awakening and TMS and all-but-guaranteed banners to pull from. Three Houses, Genealogy, Blazing Sword and Binding Blade are also likely, depending on who's on the banner. (I WILL PULL FOR SAUL NO MATTER WHAT.) Sacred Stones has a lower priority at this time; and the Tellius games, Fates, and everything else are all a pass from me.
  11. I think for all intents and purposes it's fourth wall breaking. In-world, though, I viewed it has her talking to her eyeball things, which functioned as cameras; so it was like she was "streaming" to the Summoner, despite supposedly talking face-to-face. The glitches came from her switching cameras, or something similar. IDK. I may change my opinion on it the more I view it.
  12. Oh! Nergal would be a great one. I could see his relationship with the Morphs being sort of like how
  13. 31 pulls to get Ascendant Laegjarn. I'm not happy with this, but I have enough orbs to Spark on the next New Heroes banner if something catches my interest too. This does mean that I can't pull for Ninja Corrin/Elise Duo though. Another thing to save for next year I guess. (Alongside this year's summer banner and Halloween Byleth/Sothis Duo.) The real decision will be if I want to pull nine more times to Spark for another Ascendant Laegjarn. I'm leaning towards "no," but those sunk-cost fallacy and completionist sides of me are warring.
  14. Maybe they can to an anti-Fallen banner and calling a Risen Rising banner, where villains from previous games are "redeemed" and seen in a new light. I think this could extend the life of that type of banner, bring life to new characters, and maybe encourage IntSys to make a nice side-story ala the Tempest Trials this year. There's also some really cool artwork out there featuring "Exalt" Validar and his apprentice Aversa, with "Grimeal" Emmeryn. It's great. It's unrelated to this, but it's great and served as the inspiration.
  15. Ascended Laegjarn looks great! Sure, her artwork is a little more fanservice-y than I'd like, but I'll take it gladly. She's also the only character I'll be going for this banner, so I really hope I get her on one of the free pulls. The rest aren't my cup of tea, since I don't care for most Tellius characters.
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