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  1. Hati is annexed, Bohemia takes a hit and the Union of Britain rises. Afghanistan - 5 Alash Orda - 3 Armenia - 3 Austria - 3 Azerbaijan - 3 Bengal - 3 Bhutan - 3 Bohemia - 2 Bosnia - 3 Burma - 3 CNT/FAI - 9 Caribbean Federation - 3 Commune of France - 5 Croatia - 4 Delhi - 3 Fengtian Republic- 3 Galicia-Londomierz - 3 Georgia - 3 German Empire - 3 Greece - 7 Hati - 0 ANNEXED Hedjaz - 3 Honduras - 6 Hungary - 3 Iceland - 3 Ireland - 4 Iron Guard Romania - 6 Japan - 3 Kingdom of Canada - 3 Kingdom of Spain - 2 La Plata - 3 Legation Cities - 3 Lithuania - 3 Mexico - 4 Mongolia - 3 Nepal - 3 The Netherlands - 3 New England - 3 Norway - 3 Ottoman Empire - 9 Pacific States of America - 10 Panama - 3 Persia - 8 Peru - 3 Phillipines - 3 Poland - 3 Princely Federation - 3 Republic of the Scilies - 7 Serbia - 6 Shangqing Tianguo - 5 Siam - 4 Transamur - 3 Turkistan - 3 Ukraine - 3 Union of Britain - 9 Weissruthenien - 3 Xibei San Ma - 3 Yunan Clique - 3
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    No idea why, but you should try using save states.
  3. I think the thing with Isaac is that his hair ends too soon, so his eyes are a little higher then "normal." I think the mouth might be raised up on OotS-style characters, though. I'm not an artist, though. Good to see that there's some more OotS fans here, though~
  4. I haven't tested this with Storages, but I'd assume that you could just have Aira dump a bunch of swords into her storage, since that probably transfers over into the second gen.
  5. Tested by myself. It gets sent to their storage. Tested w/ Nanna and a bunch of magic swords/thief sword/elite ring/etc.
  6. Join the club :) Which one: of people who don't have a warn bar, or do you suggest I go flame some people and get a couple of warnings? The former. The latter would be amusing to watch, though. DO IT BECAUSE IT ANNOYS SOUL
  7. You have a problem with the article, or...? If you do, it's a wiki. Work it out.
  8. itt crash wants the entire world to bow before christianity Or something along those lines.
  9. I dismissed this as too obvious. Dammit.
  10. Forumforumforumforumforumforumetc. Also: if you want to be the "Lloyd and Linus," talk it over with the writing staff. Also: check out the IRC Channel at (irc.synirc.net) #arcadianlegend1 if you wish~
  11. You mean by-products, hopefully. Bi-products means something else entirely. -edit- Cut by Roxas x.x
  12. ...come on. That's like saying "gay" can only be used as a slur against homosexuals. Check the other definition and so some research on it. That's why they're called myrmidons.
  13. Right, so Yune, by coincidence, possessed a bird named Yune who was the pet of someone who had the potential to become a vessel for a dark god. Let me get my head around that for a sec.
  14. Hey, Iced. Do you mind editing the first post into a more clear format? I'd be willing to make such a format, if you wanted me to. The fact that people are still posting profiles in here is proof that nobody is seeing the forum link :X
  15. It's entirely possible that the process of creating a Dark Warlord doesn't require the victim to be alive; indeed, perhaps being Stoned/killed is a necessary step to become a Dark Warlord.
  16. I was with you until the comma. Laguz don't affect the Paladins at all; Gold/Silver Knights just have bad caps, like Archsages.
  17. can I have that folder I want to kill my faith in humanity even more
  18. Man, it might be because I don't give a rat's ass about standards, but I think your animations are fine, even if they aren't "FE-styled." I mean, you can always insert new animations if someone feels like making them. As for the current map; I'd actually think it isn't that bad. It isn't that big and shouldn't take that long to cross... even if it depends on where you (and the green people you need to defend) start.
  19. Nothing's changed. Ever.
  20. This has to be among the least intelligent trolling I've ever seen.
  21. This game sucks and should be about (spirit) trains.
  22. I'd recommend joining the forum in the first post, then seeing what you can do. We'd like something that doesn't use swords, please. *nuked*
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