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  1. I know this thread is basically dead, but does anyone know if any other rumors have been bubbling to the surface? I know it's full promotion mode for the new Warriors game coming out later this month, but is there a chance we'll hear about a new mainline/remake soon?
  2. I started a playthrough of Radiant Dawn yesterday, and I'm hoping to plan ahead for what skills I should give to which units. Any recommendations? Of course, I'll eventually give Ike Aether and Nihil, but what else?
  3. Does anyone else have trouble leveling Arden, Alec, or Noish in the first generation of FE4? Are there any good tips for training them? I've had success with the other units, save for maybe Taillte, but even with the pursuit ring on Arden and arena abusing with Alec and Noish, they seem to get nowhere once Ch 3 hits. Even the paragon ring could only get me so far with them. Edit: Any tips for Dew as well? Just trying to plan ahead for my next FE4 run, so I can try to promote everyone.
  4. Hey everyone, I'm about to start FE4 for my second play-through, and there's a mistake I made in my first play-through that I don't want to repeat. What pairing should I do to make sure Ced gets the Forseti tome? I forget who I paired Lewyn with the first time, but it ended up with Caipre, who couldn't use it, nor could he even sell it to the pawnshop for Ced to buy.
  5. So I'm playing FE1 for my second time, and since I think there's only one Orion's Bolt in this game (aside from the secret shop near the end of the game), I was wondering whether to raise Gordin or Castor. I've used Gordin before, and when I did, he completely outclassed even Jeorge upon promotion. Is Castor's mount worth using him instead? I used Wolf in my last playthrough, and he more or less fell off by the endgame.
  6. I'm honestly wondering if it's worth starting up a new file on the double exp mode and re-doing the villager classes. Would any of you say that that mode is too easy?
  7. Hey everyone, I recently started my first playthrough of FE2, and I was wondering how much grinding I should plan on doing. I'm at the beginning of chapter 3, and already, I'm starting to struggle with the first wave of cavaliers/armored units in the map at the beginning of Alm's route (the only units I have promoted are my villagers to their starting classes). I'm also kicking myself because I didn't realize that Cliff was one of the best mages of the game, and I made him an archer instead lmao
  8. Hey everybody, I'm playing through FE3 for my first time, starting with book 1 and then going to book 2. I'm on chapter 16 of book 1 at the moment, and I'm considering using my dragon whip on Shiida (she's lvl 12 rn). Is it worth promoting her, or is she really better off as an unpromoted falcon knight? Also, once I get to book 2, when should I start thinking of promoting units? Immediately, or should I wait until they're lvl 15-20?
  9. gotcha. just let me know what you settle on. also, you can delete my first question on file conversion, since i ended up finding a solution to the problem.
  10. Oh okay, thanks - for my future reference, where are you moving them? I'm new to Serenes Forest, so I'm still getting familiar with where each topic is.
  11. Hey hi, So I found a rom for Radiant Dawn that opens successfully with Dolphin, but I've run into another problem. I don't know which controls to configure (I'm using the keyboard on my mac). What set up do you all use for RD? I hear you can use the gamecube controls for it, and I'd like to do that if possible, though I'd also be okay with the sideways wii remote, but I don't know how to set either of those up on a keyboard. Does anyone know how to set this up, or should I just cave and buy a dolphin sensor bar and connect a real wii remote? Any ideas/suggestions are appreciated.
  12. [PLEASE SKIP TO MY SECOND QUESTION BELOW THIS ONE. I FOUND A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM IN THIS POST] Hi everyone, I'm trying to emulate Radiant Dawn on Dolphin (5.0), and I'm having trouble finding a way to play it. I think dolphin only plays ISO files, but the one rom of RD I found was an nkit.iso file. How do you convert it to ISO? The only NKit converter with Wii partitions I could find is nearly 4 GB, and I wasn't sure if it there was another way to convert without taking up so much storage space. Also, if I were to download it, is there a way to covert it without needing to open a .exe file? I'm new to emulation, and I've been told to stay away from .exe. If there's anything else I need to know about emulating RD, please tell me. Again, I'm fairly new to this and I'm feeling kinda lost. I'm using Mac OS, if that helps.
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