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  1. I just want Gaius to be Viable, is that so wrong?
  2. And I'm one of them. Justice for the small farmer girl, and candy theif!!!
  3. Anyone else mad that we have Rharjat and Caeldori, but not Asugi? And we got Kiragi instead? No?
  4. Nice, Nice. For Nino, I run def/res boons to ensure she doesn't die to a sneeze, but I see your point, and yeah, I prefer plegian compared to his refine. He was supposed to be a bulky cav, and IS screwed 'em over. Also, lucky you, AR is a b!tch.
  5. Ah, thanks for telling me, but that's still a +12 to atk/def, plus +8 to all stats around the board. Still pretty good. Also, Regarding the Builds, holy crap, you must like Mia a lot to invest in her that much, Vital astra, Godlike reflexes, You completely reworked her entire kit! Finish and Oath work incredibly well together in sync. I'm very impressed. One thing I would note is that pulse smoke can screw you over pretty quickly, and I can tell she's not build to be an enemy phase unit. Be sure to have a physical or magic wall or two to stand behind. Bulwark and Detailed Report are really good for this, in my experience. Got any other tips for my other builds?
  6. Exactly what the title says: Show Off your builds, and Rate the builds of others. I'll go first. Builds explained: Arval: Arval's base kit, but with added C feud to give advantage against colorless units, with his usual C skill as a seal. Joshua: Originally, I was just going to copy paste DC Code's Joshua build, but I made a couple changes. His refine gives a +4 to all stats, as does fury 4, during combat. Originally, I thought that bonus doubler makes the +8 into +16 to all stats across the board, but then I learned it only affects field buffs. Bulwark heals most of the Fury chip dmg, and menace, for a +12 to atk/def instead of only +6. (Technically a +18, due to the -6 atk/def bulwark inflicts) Python: The bulky cav archer got even bulkier! Close reversal gives him +5 def during combat, A/D far trace enables canto, and inflicts -3 on atk and def, and menace bc menace is a nice tie in with the plegian bow+. Bracing stance also makes him a little more bulkier, and enemy phase proficient alongside close reversal. Nino: This build is designed to stack tons of Spd onto Flying Nino. Stacking huge amounts of Spd is very important for her if she is carrying the Special Effect Refine for Giga Excalibur. Atk/Spd Push's self-inflicted damage makes it easier for her to fall into Desperation range and when she is there, she can easily take out lots of foes without taking a hit. If a flier ally is carrying flier buffs, it will improve her performance and also trigger the buffs on her weapon. Yuri: Yuri's build idea is quick and simple: Kill with lethality as quick as possible. Special spiral, Time's pulse, and his PRF weapon decrease the cool down, Atk/Spd solo for buffs, and null follow up seal, cuz nfu is busted. Yune (If all else fails): Yune is a last ditch effort, to let loose if I'm on a losing streak. Yes this build was taken from ZeShado. She's here mainly to complement Nino, due to also being a flying unit, so she gets the buffs. She screws other mages over with her refine and far trace, and by being close to Nino, she also gets unity boosts. Any questions?
  7. Teabox Gremlin VA


    Idk what the plots going 2b, guess we'll find that out along the way, kinda like DnD. RULES: -OCs are allowed -If you have to break character, (use these thingys) -Try not to swear -Absolutely NO SLURS -Pls try to say if your going to leave (I think there's a limit on posts you can make per day?) -State any info that may be nessesary for the RP -Have fun!
  8. Thanks for the welcome! Regarding my voice acting, I mainly just post random VA-related content on my Channel. More than anything, I'd love to be part of a FE project of somekind.

  9. Heya, I'm Teabox Gremlin VA, and I'm a Voice actor with a love for the FE series. I started at Fe3h, then went back and played Awakening and Fates (conquest). I supported Sothis in Fe3h, Beruka for Fates, and Tiki for Awakening. I like to make random builds for units, so I'll be mainly posting Feh posts. I'm also free to rp, so, if you want to do that, give me a holler.
  10. Ngl, I'm kinda hyped for Ascendant Tiki. Rearmed Ganglot is probably going to be great fodder for a Beruka or Shez build of sorts, staff units are meh, and I already have B! Chrom, I don't need anymore Cavs.
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