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    Gaming needs more Ride Armors
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    Uhh in terms of video games: Fire Emblem, DOTA 2, Castlevania, Kingdom Hearts, Smash Bros, Mario & Luigi, Zelda, Final Fantasy, Golden Sun, Guilty Gear, Metroid

    TV: Gravity Falls, Futurama, Steven Universe

    Anime/Manga: Kaiji, One Piece, Jojo's, Berserk
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    Thracia 776

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These will tell you a bit about my personality. Some place high values in these, but I just find them entertaining. As far as who I'm a graduate in Chemical Engineering and a dumb goof that plays a bunch of games.

I got into Fire Emblem many many years ago when Blazing Sword came out and I almost broke my GBA over it cause I was bad. Anyway, I introduced the series to a friend, who got into it and showed me more games, and it took off from there. My Favorite FE is Thracia 776 due to its unique level design with really interesting situations and the high ratio of good units to useless units. My least favorite is FE1 because it hasn't aged well and you can just run Marth through every level and autowin.

Otherwise I generally like fighting games and RPGs, whether it be action RPG, JRPG or western RPG. My favorite game of all time is and will probably always be Mother 3. Just... play it, words don't do it justice at all.

Pokken Main: Mewtwo

Smash Mains (subject to change very often)

64: Fox

Melee: Falco

Brawl: Wolf

PM: Wario

Wii U/3DS: Mewtwo, Corrin

Guilty Gear Xrd -Revelator- Main: Venom

Tekken 7 Main: Kazuya

Duodecim Mains: Gilgamesh, Vaan

Steam: Batter the Beast

3DS FC: 2535 4902 3434

NNID: lolinternets

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