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  1. IN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. ggs every1, i think this is sf's first perfect i guess? looks like the smogon -> sf crossover worked better than the sf -> smogon ones :p yea unfortunate mafia seemed to be busy but some of you slipped under my nose d1 so good job shoutouts to my d1 townbloc and @Duskfall98 and @hal for joining me on this off site escapade... SMOGOn... now we have to rock our invitational might stop by for future games, this was fun @Refahopefully now i am a real person xd
  3. first n1 kill in the small time i've been playing nocs wow!!!!! gl town
  4. well alright this is certainly happening
  5. conversely i also don't know refas meta so if someone wants to correct me there feel free.
  6. well if i die i don't need people who don't know their meta to push a lynch on them for :? reasons feel free to check out their games on Smogon but im fairly confident they're playing to their town games
  7. never lynch refa/hal/dusk over other slots I think
  8. nobody said that and at worst idt we can mobilize it
  9. im so upset you guys showed up now
  10. he didn't lose scumcred it's why my votes still on him though im just wondering if scum fenrir would try to defend this or not leaving it up to how I feel about this overall apathy i mean I've seen games where scum just stopped posting lmfao though
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