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    Along the shore the cloud waves break,
    The twin suns sink behind the lake,
    The shadows lengthen
    In Carcosa.
    Strange is the night where black stars rise,
    And strange moons circle through the skies,
    But stranger still is
    Lost Carcosa.
    Songs that the Hyades shall sing,
    Where flap the tatters of the King,
    Must die unheard in
    Dim Carcosa.
    Song of my soul, my voice is dead,
    Die thou, unsung, as tears unshed
    Shall dry and die in
    Lost Carcosa.

    —"Cassilda's Song" in The King in Yellow Act 1, Scene 2
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    Cathuria: The Abode of Gods or The Thousand-Columned Palace of Haon-Dor

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  1. Banned because I wish I could have some good German food right now.
  2. Started to wonder if he himself is the bad guy.
  3. Banned because one has to question if it is truely 'real' Italian food.
  4. Banned for not having ready access to Italy food.
  5. Hates dragons on their fire breath.
  6. Knows that referring to myself in the third person makes me a bad guy.
  7. Has no obsession with a certain Japanese RPG series dealing with the video game industry.
  8. Banned for having puddles.
  9. Doesn't know that Wraith meant eventually when everything settles down.
  10. My incredibly deep and nuanced relationship with some people on this forum put as elegantly as possible:
  11. Banned for not having poodles.
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