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  1. Unfortunately not. I do live in New York State (upstate though, so NYC is a few hours away) so I may be able to arrange a trip or two down to the city. If not, I'll try using Taobao. Thanks!
  2. Prom is coming up soon and as I have an interest in traditional asian fashion, I'd would like to wear a qipao from China. I've browsed various online retailers for one and while I've found many that I like, I can't seem to find them on any sites that aren't extremely shady. I've browsed various scam reporting websites but the vast majority of them with positive reviews are coming from accounts with only 1 review. Has anyone on here ordered from an asian retail site with good results and if so, can you please direct me to it?
  3. Good luck with this. I've beaten the hack 3 or 4 times on the normal modes and attempted a 5th playthrough for a let's play but I got burnt out fast. The hack is pretty shitty but for some reason it managed to draw me in and keep me around for quite some time.
  4. Happy Burfday ^^

  5. I used to always use the full animations but I've since lost the patience for it so I now only do so while fighting bosses.
  6. The RNG itself doesn't really, it's more the hit% of items, character growths and the fact that the enemies don't have completely lulzy stats like in fe7 (lol 0 luck morphs.)
  7. The archer idea is honestly pointless and giving shamans/druids 1 range heavy tomes completely cripples them to the point of near uselessness since they'll be utterly raped on enemy phase.
  8. I don't feel like arguing with people here because I'm already doing that on tumblr but i'll just say this: If your sexlife is interfering with the journalistic process and thereby affecting a billion dollar industry, it is no longer a private affair.
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