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  1. Yeah--from the player end, equipping the right sort of weapon is key to avoiding this situation. You may sometimes find you don't have a weapon weak or heavy enough to keep enemies alive, though, and it's kind of absurd that the game incentivizes you unequipping your character entirely in these situations. From the developer end, IS could easily limit the number of counterattacks a character can launch in a turn--both Disgaea and Telepath Tactics do this, and it's quite effective at avoiding this problem.
  2. Hey folks! I've just released an alpha demo of Together in Battle for the Steam Game Festival--you can try it for free right here: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1267210/Together_in_Battle/
  3. Hey folks! Remember that time about one zillion years ago when I told you all about the strategy RPG Telepath Tactics? Well, now I'm developing a follow-up game! (Sorry in advance if this seems spammy, by the way--this just seems like the sort of game that folks here would enjoy!) What is Together in Battle? Together in Battle is basically a team management game crossed with a Fire Emblem randomizer. Every time you play, your characters are totally different. But it's not just class and skills that get randomized: it's every last thing about your characters, from their names to their appearance to their personality and backstory! The Premise You’ve arrived in the island kingdom of Dese with a sack of coins and a secret mission to enter the gladiatorial games to find loyal fighters under the guise of competing. Recruit and manage charming characters with their own distinct personalities, interests, and histories. Each day, you’ll have the chance to field them in glorious turn-based tactical battles; and each night, they’ll build relationships with each other, face personal crises, and come to you for advice. You must manage your group’s resources. Stay stocked on food, maintain enough money to make payroll, and ensure that your characters practice regularly to continue improving. But beware: they have feelings! Allow their friends to fall in battle, and they may become depressed. Fail to address their needs, and you’ll risk resentment and desertion. Keep them happy, however, and they will grow close to one another, form fond memories, give each other nicknames–even share their special combat skills! With skill and patience, you will emerge victorious…together in battle. Combat With a deterministic core that never wastes your time, combat in Together in Battle nonetheless features dizzying tactical depth. Shove enemies into environmental hazards, off of cliffs, or into each other; take up defensive positions in tall grass, or hack it down to deny that same advantage to the enemy; set traps and detonate explosives; build bridges and barricades; freeze water; burn down trees. The battlefield environment is yours to command! Content Together in Battle features dozens of random events and side quests; six different playable species; two dozen base classes with branching promotion options for a total of 72 distinct character classes; more than 150 different character skills; and hundreds of thousands of possible procedurally generated weapons and pieces of armor. Characters Every character has a distinct personality, appearance, stat line, skill progression, personal history, named family members, religious beliefs, life skills, hobbies, physical traits, romantic preferences, preferred gifts, hidden secrets–even non-verbal tics and ways of laughing! These details are not just for flavor: they also have consequences for how characters behave in their free time. A baker may use up some of your food to produce cookies and cakes you can eat or sell; a jokester may do funny impressions to boost morale; a blacksmith may repair the group’s weapons. Dancers are nimble; sailors are superior swimmers. Some characters will even undertake long-term projects like growing food, making dolls, or writing a novel! Campaign Creator Together in Battle comes with a capable campaign creation suite to let you build your own full-fledged campaigns! Build characters in the character creator; place them in cut scenes using the cut scene editor; add branching dialogue trees using the dialogue editor; sculpt battlefields and place armies in the map editor; create skills for your characters to learn in the skill editor, and items for them to loot in the item editor. Want to get really fancy? Construct your own scripts, then assign them to items and skills for whatever custom effects you can dream up! The game is planned to release next year. Until then, I'll be here to answer any questions you might have! Curious about something? Ask away! (Of, also: if any of you are planning to be at PAX East at the end of the month, swing by Booth 18066 and you can play the game for yourself!)
  4. My castle: 09359-17328 31100-34126 North America, currently a Conquest castle. Pretty sure that my defenders include Corrin (reclassed to Hero), Effie, Selena, Jakob, Niles, Silas, and Beruka.
  5. Oh, good call on those! These things bugged me about male Corrin as well, but since I've refused to play male Corrin on any playthrough since my first one, I forgot about those things. Pretend I mentioned them in my own answer as well. :)
  6. Niles and Selena for me--they both strike the right balance of being amusing, enjoyable characters while also being exceptionally useful. Niles is just hilarious, but not too over-the-top (I'm looking at you, Arthur). Selena rubbed me the wrong way at first, but then I realized that i was basically commanding a character out of Mean Girls, and suddenly it all clicked for me. :D (Runners-up: I love Odin, but Niles ends up being the far more useful unit in most situations; and while Effie is a beast and a mainstay of my army, her personality is a little dull and one-note.) Female Corrin, simply because male Corrin's voice acting makes me want to curl up into a ball and die. (I like both Felicia and Jakob about equally, so there's no tilt factor there for me.) Even though Conquest's campaign is better-tuned for my difficulty preferences, I picked Revelation instead simply because Conquest's story is so utterly abysmal. ("Den of Betrayal," especially, makes me want to grab the writers by the shoulders and shake them until they explain what on earth they were even thinking.) In Revelations, the fact that the world and its politics are horribly under-developed matters far less, so I have an easier time stomaching it.
  7. That's the sort of thing I like to hear. :D
  8. Hey folks, just a quick heads-up: this game is now on sale for 35% off on Steam! It's less than $10 until Monday; I just thought I'd give you all a heads-up, for those of you who've been waiting for it to be super-cheap. :)
  9. Just FYI, for those of you who like modding: there is an ongoing tutorial series explaining how to make your own campaigns in Telepath Tactics. We're now up to part 19 out of who-even-knows-how-many. Here are the topics covered so far! Part 1 - Creating a new campaign, writing an introduction Part 2 - Creating characters Part 3 - Editing character leveling schemes Part 4 - Making a new army roster, creating your first battle Part 5 - Linking scenes, intro to battle conditions Part 6 - Editing characters and objects with items and tags Part 7 - Intro to dialogue trees Part 8 - Intro to scripting Part 9 - Changing battle conditions, advanced dialogue triggers Part 10 - Advanced character tags Part 11 - Recruiting and dismissing characters Part 12 - Making battles with more than 2 armies Part 13 - Intro to variables, Creating and altering variables Part 14 - Using variables to impact dialogue Part 15 - Altering character stats, Using stats to impact dialogue Part 16 - Creating items Part 17 - Creating scripts, tying scripts to items Part 18 - Creating destructible objects Part 19 - Putting script triggers on destructible objects There's more to come, too. :)
  10. Thanks Ayra! I'm glad you're liking it. :)
  11. I'm obviously biased, but I would recommend Telepath Tactics. It's similar to Fire Emblem, but it has destructible battlefields, engineers who can build bridges and barricades, and you can shove enemies off cliffs and into water or lava. (Plus, it has mod support and a local multiplayer mode.) The demo just came out today, so you can try it out for free. :)
  12. Quick update: the game now has a free demo, so you can try it out before buying! Grab it here. :)
  13. Hello everyone! It is my pleasure to announce that Telepath Tactics has now been released. It is available on GOG.com (Windows and Mac) and Steam (Windows only), as well as direct from me. It costs $14.99, though GOG and Steam are selling it for 10% off during its release week. In addition, the map editor has been released for free to anyone who wants to use it. There's an ongoing tutorial series teaching you how to make your own Telepath Tactics campaigns starting here. I hope you guys like the game!
  14. Whoa, that's awesome. Congrats, guys! :D
  15. A new monthly update is up! Release is coming really soon, guys; like, we're talking a little more than a month from today.
  16. Greetings, folks! In case you haven't been keeping track, here's the latest on Telepath Tactics: The main campaign is finished! It currently weighs in at 24 battles and 26 unique recruitable characters. The game is getting released in March. That's, like, less than 2 months from now! (I'm spending the intervening time adding little things here and there, polishing, and fixing bugs.) My last few monthly updates are here, here, here, and here if you want more details. I'm really excited, and can't wait for you all to give it a try!
  17. Hey guys! It's been a couple of months since I last posted, and there have been a couple of months' worth of progress on the game. The list of changes is long, but here are a few tidbits: --class promotions are now in-game and working! The August update has a full, detailed list of what characters promote to what, and what changes they undergo in the process. --the game now supports both normal (permadeath) mode and casual (characters don't die, but get a permanent -1 to max health if they fall in battle) mode. --new characters! --new battles! --new cut scenes! --new items! --new attacks! --AI improvements! --map editor improvements, and new scripting capabilities! Go here and here for more!
  18. Update! I created a silly little mini-campaign where your hero character is a llama. It's actually pretty fun, and includes a procedurally generated battle. Anyone who's purchased early access to the game can play it right now. Just thought I'd give you all a heads-up. :)
  19. Hey guys! I'm just dropping in to say hello and offer another update on Telepath Tactics. I'm going full steam ahead with the single player campaign. I just finished up a battle where you can talk to, recruit, and save the lives of a couple of NPC characters, and I'm now working on getting a shop system set up where you can buy weapons, armor and equipment. I just released a new trailer today--this is the first trailer to go out with 100% finished in-game graphics and animations, and I'm really proud of how it turned out. (Also, it features some really awesome original music from the game's composer.) Check it out!
  20. Hey guys! I just wanted to pop in and say hello. The game has improved a lot over the past couple of months--we have lots of new animations, attack effects, and other goodies. I'm really really looking forward to finishing it up and releasing it this year! Here's a little video showing how things look now: I've written in some detail about everything that's new, so check out these posts for more: http://sinisterdesign.net/telepath-tactics-january-2014-update/ http://sinisterdesign.net/telepath-tactics-december-2013-update/ I hope you guys like it!
  21. I've played about an hour into it--I'm really enjoying it so far! (You can see it here if you're curious.)
  22. Thanks guys! Vincent, don't worry about missing the second Kickstarter--that battle is won. The current fight is to get on Steam! Here's the place to go if you wanna help out: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=111308792 :D
  23. Hey guys! I haven't been here in a few months, but I thought I'd drop by to let you guys know about how the game is coming along. There are close to a half-dozen monthly updates to recap, so I won't try to do all of that here (you can read through them individually here if you like), but here are some highlights: We now have dozens of awesome character portraits! Here, for instance, are a lizardman matriarch and lizardman child: Loads of new attack animations. We now have unique attack animations for 19 of the 22 base character classes! Here's the Stone Golem's grab-and-throw animation, and the Spriggat's claw dive animation: The engine features I needed to program in are now done, and we're making great progress on getting all the art assets we need done, so I've started hunkering down to work on the main campaign. In short, I'm feeling very good about progress on the game. Interested in helping out Telepath Tactics? The best thing you can do right now is upvote the game on Steam Greenlight. (Getting onto Steam is really important to ensuring this game's success!) Thanks for reading--and as always, I'm eager to hear thoughts and feedback. Until next time!
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