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  1. Good voice acting: What is this ominous light that threatens to engulf us? Bad voice acting: I'm nervous, what if I hit her?
  2. ToS happens to be my favorite game of all time. Will definitely be interested to hear your thoughts on it. Perhaps you can make one of those topics and update us every few hours as to where you are, impressions, etc.? As for Berseria, it was a great game. I've played and beaten 7 of the Tales games. Berseria is practically tied for 2nd for me. So, hopefully the rest aren't a downgrade for you! The person above me is dissuading you from playing Graces. -shakes head- Graces, admittedly, has a bottom tier story. But, it has amazing skits, a great cast of characters (my avatar happens to be one of them), and a pretty solid gameplay. People tend to either love the combat for Graces, or hate it. It's fairly similar to how Berseria is set up though, so I think you'd be on the side that likes it. It's great, fast, over-the-top action.
  3. I started with Ophilia, and of the 3 bosses I've fought so far, I thought hers was the most difficult. I had assumed it was because I was fighting alone and I was new to the game, but perhaps that boss battle is a difficult one in general. Of the three units I have, I'd say Therion>Ophilia>H'annit in terms of how interesting they are.
  4. I've been enjoying the game so far. Only 3 hours in, and so far I've beaten the first chapter for Ophilia and H'annit. I just got to the town that I believe Therion is in.
  5. Switch: BOTW and beginning tomorrow, Octopath Traveler. PS4: Fortnite, Super Bomberman R, Shikhondo Soul Eater 3DS: Fates (all paths)
  6. @Ertrick36 so that we do not derail my own thread, I suppose we can resume discussion here. :P
  7. I've only heard goof things about the series, but I don't know much about it other than it seems to have a military theme, specifically tanks? Other than that, I don't know much. Is it an RPG where you level up, what type of game is it? How long are they typically?
  8. Guess I'll clean up my list a bit and format it similar to the other lists posted. Have some things to add, too. Smash Bros Ultimate (day 1 buy) Octopath Traveler (Wayfarer's Edition preordered) Shikhondo Soul Eater (preordered) Va-11 Hall-A (preordered the CE) Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition (day 1 buy) FE3H (next year, but everyone else is listing it so I may as well. Will be a day 1 buy) Metroid Prime 4 (day 1 buy for sure) Super Mario Party (interested, but will probably hold off on a bit due to backlog reasons) SCVI (interested, waiting to see how the roster/DLC ends up) Cyberpunk 2077 (too far out, but I am interested) VC4 (don't know much about the game, so I need to look into it more) Elder Scrolls VI (didn't even know about this until this topic, so I need to look into it but Skyrim was cool) Code Vein (my initial hype has died down, so I will wait and see how the game turns out)
  9. If you have an older model Wii, you can play PoR on there. As for SacAnime, no. My sister goes every year, but I haven't been.
  10. Has that been confirmed to be in the works?
  11. Welcome to the forums, dude. I'm from Sac as well. Any chance that you'll get to play PoR or RD in the near future? Asking because those are my personal favorites from the series.
  12. I haven't. But, I have forgotten my age on a few occasions.
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