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  1. This is inaccurate, but it's fine as you hadn't played it. The reason why Byleth has no heartbeat
  2. That's stranger though considering the Church has more connection with the Kingdom than with the Empire, so they should've known about Edelgard on the downlow unless they were deliberately kept secret by Lambert.
  3. Edelgard told you that her siblings would either go crazy or die as result of the experiment, so those who went insane are probably still alive but in an asylum. Or they were later killed.
  4. She has an indirect responsibility. She didn't want Jeralt to die because she doesn't know Jeralt's stance, and she would potentially wants him in the future because Byleth is in her PoV a monster fighter, so daddy has to be something of a monster too right, but TWSITD is twisted hehe
  5. I started Edelgard as dancer because why not, and surprisingly, the stats made her stomp the game with sword and axe. Plus it'd be amusing to see an emperor rallying her force by giving the hand flickers and some hip shakes.
  6. Without trying to sound like one of THOSE guys. Edelgard is a rather complex character as several people above have said. She's villainous, emotionally cold, and bullheaded about her goal are the aspects one could describe her... if you plays the other routes. According to my mild research, outside of her route, only two other routes show her as a somewhat sympathetic villain at her end where the last other route outright shows her as absolute evil. Regarding Edelgard herself. As far as I'm concerned, she's a well-meaning person who simply chose a path that she had no choice in taking. Her path was forcibly laid out in front of her by her past and the scheming conspiracy hidden beneath it. If Sothis was capable of rewinding even further back before the game's start, I believe an alternate route would be possible that leads to her happiness proper without the bloodstained path being present, but alas, Sothis isn't that almighty. However I am glad that Edelgard is the character they chose for this role.
  7. You're going to have to proceed the story. If it cannot be viewed at the time, it means you need to do story for the context of the said event to make sense.
  8. I don't particularly hate Dimitri and I did Edelgard's route first, all I have to say he's more of an unlikable individual after the time skip. In fact Edelgard is REALLY likeable in that route for a first impression. Edelgard Route spoiler, don't read if you want to learn it yourself. In particular I'm actually avoiding Blue Lions till it's only one left because I don't want to see the events surrounding Edelgard in that.
  9. More precisely, we play as the villains.
  10. Rather than any of these. How about we are the villain?
  11. did no one notice Xander has no butt armor in the first panel?
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