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  1. More precisely, we play as the villains.
  2. Rather than any of these. How about we are the villain?
  3. did no one notice Xander has no butt armor in the first panel?
  4. To be fair, for all the hates on Grima is somewhat undeserving, his character isn't even developed, all we know about him is that he just wanna destroy the damn world and that the First Exalt sealed him. That's literally it. What drove him to desire the world's destruction? What defined him? How did the First Exalt gain victory over this being of absolute destruction? Why is Naga's power the exact same level as Grima's power? Why is he a Earth Dragon when he's clearly more than that? In my own opinion tho Grima wins. Anankos can be slayed by anyone if they tried hard enough. Grima has power to resurrect himself every time as long as he's not slain by his own host (or his mirror), as long as evil exist, he exist. Anankos was driven mad because of him being a dragon, that caused his power to be somewhat weaker as result because a mad dog is easier to put down. While Grima is extremely calculating and devious. Grima nearly destroyed the world at the time of First Exalt's era. Anankos did rat ass. Anankos's downfall was result of his own child. Grima's downfall was result of his own carelessness. (Travelling back to the past caused Robin to lose memories and gained vague memories of the timeline Alt Grima came from. That alone was fatal for Grima.) Naga could not kill Grima because doing so would result Naga's death as well. Anankos has no equal to counteract himself. I'm just pulling random things at this point, but majority of these Grima wins.
  5. Odin's a special case. With magic, he's obviously not A rank, he'd just learned how to use, mainly because he's obsessive over "8th grader syndrome" habit. I'd have to say he's B rank with Magic. But A Rank if he's given a sword again.
  6. You should put Awakening Trio up to A rank at the very less, Laslow was able to match or at very least best Xander in a match to see if Laslow was worthy of being his retainer, it should be assumed that the other two are capable of such strength.
  7. Harem Kingdom = Garon incident. Totally good idea!
  8. That's just a generic dark mage Edit: Nevermind. wrong scene.
  9. Kyle doesn't have weapons on the map you recruit him in Eirika path. You may also want to fix Ephraim's spawn on eirika map (Cormag slot) Foot unit can't climb mountain ;)
  10. I'm safe then. Had to enter skirmish on chapter 9 to make a shop run, but left the map immediately for world shop.
  11. Ah right. [spoiler=Chapter 5] 9 turns Myrrh got some training here thankfully. Caellach enjoyed a few hits here and there while Valter wiped out majority of the map. Rescued all villages and wiped out bandits, Recruited Rennac and Caellach kills boss. [spoiler=Chapter 5x] 20 turns Wasn't investing on this chapter to train Cormag when I had two undrafted and a traitor, so I decided to hurry it off. Grabbed both chests and immediately ferried Orsen over with Cormag, managed to let Cormag get the finishing blows for some of the units to get 3 levels, Killed boss, traded over a couple essential items from Orsen and seized. [spoiler=Chapter 6] 3 turns. Sum of the map, Valter in front, flies him over to a mountan tile with javelin equipped first turn. Rest above village to draw fires. Valter moves closer to boss turn 2. Rest heads to fort location. Valter "!"'d into boss location on a forest tile third turn. EP boss suicides after other units fed my units a few more levels.
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