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  1. Why do people prefer Tiled over Mappy?
  2. Alright every time I try this I randomize the rom then I open nightmare open the fe8 modules and I get this. \\ https://www.dropbox.com/s/giq8nyvpr5h00gm/Screenshot%202015-03-22%2017.51.22.png?dl=0 No changes at all any suggestions?
  3. Is there anyway to fix the Weapon Level stuff between magic users turning into melee users? I've tried putting classes through nightmare and it hasn't worked
  4. What I want back: World map- I liked being able to buy from stores after that chapter in case you get someone who promotes and has such a low rank that the armories don't supply with what they can use. Monster classes- I kinda found the concept of risen boring to say the least. Monster classes from FE8 would make it amazing so it varies the playing field besides "Oh look, a hero risen" instead we get things like cyclopes and centaurs to fight. YES PLEASE! Support restrictions- One of the things I loved the most about the gba games, it made for alot of replayability when you wanted to get all the supports. Dismounting - It could have its advantages. Example: mounted units get half movement indoors (excludes fliers) The Magic Triangle- This makes magic combat and mages themselves more interesting at least in my opinion. The Summoner class- I loved being able to summon little troops to What I do not want back ever: Children(at least how awakening did them)- I found this kinda gimmicky and it took the fun out of supporting characters. Fatigue- Do I even need to explain this? Stuff that isn't in the game that I want in the game: More decisions- I loved the decisions in FE13 but only one really mattered much and I'm not gonna spoil it if you haven't played it. Large scale battles- most FE games have a decently sized cast close to around 30-40 so why not have us use 3/4ths of them and fight a battle against 100 troops
  5. Happy Birthday, sorry for being a weeks late!!!

  6. Happy birthday! :D

  7. Actually I kinda fell in love with this hack. I like the new style and absolute hilarity of some of the characters and scenes. The maps are amazing. Although, some are troubling (chapter 5 I'm looking at you). The sprites are pretty cool. (Though i'm excited for the custom sprites coming soon I hope.) Overall though its just amazing. Thanks for all the hard work to everyone who's worked on this and I hope the new patch comes out soon.
  8. Does roy ever promote i'm on chapter 14 already i'm aware you can't promote the fe7 lords till almost chapter 25 but still there is only one lord this time i need promotions (plus he keeps freaking dying >->)
  9. I finally spent 100 hours on my FE8 file and i still have 3 unpromoted units XD. So whats the longest time you have on any fire emblem file?
  10. Honestly Bronze swords are by far the coolest of all the swords, jk. All I want to know is WHY IN THE FREAKING WORLD ARE THEY BLUE? Seriously someone explain this
  11. probably Owain I'm decently insane and i someone spout out random things :P
  12. I thought this is a good topic for debate. Based on characterization and stats, I chose Joshua because he is always amazing. Keep in mind I've only played FE7, FE8, and FE13.
  13. I must now rewatch this video a hundred more times. For the lulz. Honestly I think Donny is closest to Amelia because he usually becomes a strength beast for me :P just like amelia did
  14. Personally for my hatred of tharja i prefer Lucina because aether is so helpful plus instead of getting her sol or luna you could get her counter or another skill
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