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  1. First batch of supports I said I'd do. Will post the rest later today. Xander x Nyx Leo x Felicia Arthur x Peri Odin x Elise Niles x Charlotte Laslow x Selena Keaton x Camilla
  2. Guess I'll make a list of the pairs I'm currently formatting so nobody doubles up. Hoshido: Nohr: I'm going to do way more than these, but I'm starting with the pairs I like.
  3. So should I post it here? I've got Corrin(M) x Soleil all done. Source: Text Transcript:
  4. Camilla is a good mother for anyone, really(except maybe Ophelia). The best one would be Velour because she's already really strong and you get Four Fangs + Deadly Breath. Belka works great for Benoit, since he gets more defense and mobility. Felicia!Foleo's also a good choice.
  5. Unless you're support grinding, you aren't going to get all the kids or even use most of them.
  6. Think I'll dump a support that's been lying on my desktop for the past month for revision.
  7. Personally I find them interchangable since Pieri's not desperate for Samurai because she can A+ Charlotte for Berserker and Hinoka doesn't care who her husband is.
  8. Only if they have the same base class. Example: Hinoka and Subaki are both Pegasus Warrior, so when they marry, Hinoka gets Subaki's secondary, which is Samurai, and Subaki gets Hinoka's secondary, Lance Fighter. I really don't want to factor in growths since most units in this game have good growths and they're mostly irrelevant for min-maxing(unless you do something obnoxious like make Midoriko a magic unit). Plus, I don't even know why Mitama wants to be a Basara when an S-rank class is much better(unless it's Sorcerer). Mitama can A+ Kanna(pick Fighter as your secondary) or marry her yourself(not a problem since Mitama has amazing modifiers).
  9. Well, Kisaragi doesn't need any classes so it's just a waste of Lance Fighter. The strength doesn't matter much because of Matoi's personal and Rinkah makes Ignis's HP low too so I don't get why it's a problem for only her. My list didn't really incorporate any in-game usage since stuff like IK Odin is impossible to use in a timely manner. Because General is a bad ending class unless you're a defensive powerhouse like Benoit. With Mitama's offensive prowess, she either wants Lance Fighter or Berserker.
  10. Ryoma x Azura is mostly for Azura/Shigure who need a good class, but Shin likes to be fast. Takumi x Oboro is redudant and wastes a Lance Fighter class. I say Subaki x Rinkah is better for the high defense modifier. Sure you get another Lance Fighter from Hinoka, but then Matoi can pair with Ignis for a powerful tank. I kind of disregard Jakob/Dia since they can get Bowman(a great class) through A+ options, but giving Azura to him screws her out of a good class. Camilla makes most kids great in general and Silas can eat up any scrap mom to get a great Sophie. Asama x Effie screws over class inheritance for Mitama/Effie(Asama's fine because of his A+ with Arthur). I consider it sub-optimal. I really think Benoit x Belka's going to be his default pairing since Ignis doesn't care about speed and it's the same as Rinkah anyway(you can always buy skills). Effie and Charlotte are about the same for Flannel, except Effie really wants Berserker to abuse her high strength. My say was based on postgame, since you won't even be making half the pairings I listed in IK or on either route without a bunch of grinding.
  11. It's just me spit-balling but I was thinking these pairs might be the most optimal in terms of modifiers and class allocation: Ryoma x Azura Takumi x Camilla Subaki x Rinkah Saizou x Orochi Asama x Oboro Tsukuyomi x Sakura/Felicia Hinata x Pieri Nishiki x Setsuna Xander x Charlotte Leo x Felicia/Sakura Arthur x Kagerou Odin x Elise Zero x Nyx Lazwald x Hana Benoit x Belka Flannel x Effie Jakob x Luna Kaze x Mozume Silas x Hinoka
  12. Saizou x Kagerou is pretty bland, to be honest. They were lovers once, and that's about it. I think they have better supports with other people. Odin x Luna disappoints me, while Lazwald x Luna was way better. Takumi x Oboro was surprising, since most crush supports usually fall flat. Arthur x Camilla is pretty dumb. I don't like supports that talk more about other people than the pair who should be talking together.
  13. Sakura. Elise pushes trying to be cute way too much for my taste because "she's a little girl!"
  14. To be honest, there should be more Saizou supports. The only ones I've seen translated are Charlotte and Kaze.
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