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    I play videogames, read books, watch anime, watch k-dramas, write stories, learn languages, practice Northern Eagle Claw Kung-fu, and am studying Psychology. Other than Fire Emblem, I am a HUGE fan of the Tales Series as well as many Nintendo games (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, etc.), JRPGS, and Strategy games. These include the Atelier/Mana Khemia series, Nippon Ichi games (Disgaea, La Pucelle, Soul Nomad), Tri-ace/Tri-crescendo games (Radiata Stories, Valkyrie Profile, Eternal Sonata), Golden Sun Series, Level 5's Ni no Kuni, thatgamecompany's 3 award winning games (Flow, Flower, Journey), Dept. Heaven series, Spyro series, Kingdom Hearts series, Final Fantasy series (specifically 9, 10, 10-2, 13, and CC, though I'd like to play 7 and 8 someday), Harvest Moon series....and I'll add more when I remember/find more...
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    Currently out fighting for Valentia as a member of YoRHa wielding the Aegis

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  1. Hey, welcome back, friend.

  2. Hehe, sounds like a fun person to have discussions with~ Well then, I welcome you to the Forest as well! And good for you for playing FE4 (I'm totally biased); Yeah, Chapter 3 was hard, its the first chapter I started losing collectibles when after countless attempts to keep Lachesis's knights alive I just gave up and kept going. I feel like the early chapters of FE4 is the harder portion, so keep going, its a very unique FE experience worth playing to the end. Hah, I've never forgotten my home thread in the Forest~ And I recognize you! Its good to see you again as well! Maybe? If you were around then a few years ago. XD Thanks! I'm sure it does. XD Please do play Xenoblade 2, it's one of the 3 defining games of 2017 for me, which is the best year of gaming I've had in recent memory. The music alone is worth it~ Of course I remember you! And you're an Editor? Is that a thing now? Awesome! :D Thanks! Funny, I don't remember you either but you sure sound familiar even so. Its hard for me now especially since usernames have probably changed from what I've known them to be as well. Glad to meet you now then~ Thank you! I do remember your name. And thanks! Haha, has HHH faded into obscurity now or something? I feel old all of a sudden. XD
  3. I'm a friend of Shadows. He would log on but it's been so long he doesn't remember his log in. But he wants to know if you have a discord?

  4. Thanks, its good to be back! Yessir, that would be correct! I love Xenoblade 2, and the World Tree against the backdrop of an evening sky in particular has always awed me. Its so pretty!
  5. Greetings! (Hello, Hi, Hey!) Its been so very long since I've posted here. Too long. For those who don't know/remember me, I'm Silva; I used to be more active around these parts from 2013 to 2016 before life decided to hit me like a ton of bricks and I've had to work more and be more of an adult. Its taken me over 2 years to really put my life together and feel comfortable enough to return here and be at least semi active again. But I've missed this place very much. As an FE fan, I've been with the series since I first laid eyes on FE7 for the first time at a game store when it made it over to North America all those years ago. Since then I've played every Western release as they came out and have continued to fall ever deeper in love with this series. I loved it so much I even dipped into the JP only games via emulator to experience FE6 and FE4 and enjoyed the latter especially. Despite being a veteran, I still enjoy playing the newer games and hope that Intelligent Systems can continue to find a way to balance old and new Fire Emblem experiences as the series continues (my biggest wish right now is for an echoes style uncensored FE4 remake; other than new FE games in general, its what I'm most excited for!). As for other hobbies, I enjoy an eclectic mix of other video game genres, reading good books when I get the time, and love watching anime and k-dramas. I just love stories in general, whether they be in game, book, anime or drama form. I also happen to go to a few anime/video game conventions and cosplay every year when I can afford it, so if you don't mind me online and hopefully wouldn't mind me in person let me know if you go to any conventions that I do. That's me in a relative nutshell tho. Feel free to chat with me over just about anything and I'll try not to talk your ear off. I can't promise I'll be on nearly as much as I used to when I was a student and wasn't working full time, but I'll make an effort. Especially with FE16 on the horizon~ For anyone who does happen to recognize me, don't be a stranger. I'd love to reconnect with as many people as possible. I hope the Forest is still as great as I remember it being~ See ya around! :3
  6. Finally got around to properly appreciating all the entries and casting my votes. I tried to limit my voting this time around, which was hard especially for the draws (so many pretty sights!) and the miscs since I don't have the proper critical knowledge for those mediums. It makes me a little sad only 30 something people voted for writes compared to the higher counts for the visual arts, but I suppose it's just easier to appreciate those in a shorter time compared to spending more time reading stories. Still, even I can see the amount of love and passion put into them, so they deserve all the attention they've gotten for sure! It's been a blast looking at all the entries and discovering what a talented community we have in SF; enjoying all these dedicated fan works is the real prize of the event that everyone gets to share. I hope we have many, many more events like this in the future! :D
  7. Wow, I'm amazed that I actually won something! I haven't won anything since the raffle for the class hamster way back in 3rd grade......yeah, it's been a while. XD Question about voting cutoff: does it end tonight or the end of tomorrow? I've been so busy and exhausted with work lately that I haven't finished all the writes and only given cursory glances to the draws and misc that all surely deserve more consideration. I want to know when I have to vote so I can set some time to go through all these properly.
  8. Dear goodness - I came here to say congrats for the Amiibo victory, and ended up reading ALL of that About Me page. Don't do things in half measures, or did you just have a LOT of time on your hands? In all seriousness, though, it's astonishing how much detail you've put into all the fanfic stuff(also, slight applause for the Zelda names I saw sprinkled in), not bad!

  9. Eyy
    Congrats on the amiibo

  10. Been such a busy work week, I've barely had time to do much, but I'm happy to see the gallery up now. Thanks for the efforts of all involved, hopefully Jyosua feels better soon! Now to look through all these wonderful submissions~! Btw, I did send in a description for my piece but it doesn't seem to have made it in. Nor did the italics....but its not absolutely necessary. I'm just happy to see my story up there despite submitting it literally a minute before the cut off time. XD
  11. I......I don't even know if I made it on time. I just submitted a few minutes ago, after typing for several hours straight. I did have to cut some extra things out since I ran out of time. Sadly, I barely had time to proofread and I know its not formatted to my taste, but if I could at least submit it, I'm happy. Now, please excuse me, I'm going to grab a midnight snack. I haven't eaten in 12+ hours. DX
  12. Same here. I just remembered that we did this last year around this time and was expecting to make something half crap at the last minute; good to know we have more time. And welcome back! I'm happy to be back on the forums too~!
  13. I happened to see your message on the ColossalCon page, and I'm just letting you know that I'm here at colossal again this year and I'll be Lucina on Saturday; if you have time, please come to the Fire Emblem photoshoot at 3pm at the bridge outside. Hope to see you and maybe even Ace! :D

    1. Kaze


      Alright. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to the photoshoot tomorrow. I'm usually the one who runs Fire Emblem stuff at Colossal, but since I WASN'T planning on attending this year, that didn't happen. XD I'll probably get there around noon-ish, so barring any issues with the registration lines, I should make it to the photoshoot as Stefan.

  14. Hey Ace! Are you gonna be at colossal con this year??? We're on our way there now! :D

    1. Ace Tactician

      Ace Tactician

      Oh crap. I didn't go this year, I'm sorry ;_;

      If I had read this sooner, I would have come out Saturday. Dammit!

  15. Forrest/Rhajat seemed decent to me; pretty quirky friendship without her being too creepy. I haven't read many of her other ones yet to see if she does it often, but if it helps she never mentions Corrin once, which is something I disliked about most of Tharja's supports and Robin. Although she maaaybe mentions Soleil or possibly Nina...??? Wonder if this was a reference since I can't imagine anyone else: Rhajat: Hey, Forrest. Sorry for being weird the other day. And thank you for the clothes. Forrest: Oh, you're welcome. I'm relieved to hear you say that. How did the clothes fit? Rhajat: They fit perfectly. Almost as if you had been spying on me. But I know that you weren't. Because I caught the person who actually WAS spying on me. Heh. Heh. Let's just say...she won't make that mistake again...
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