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    I play videogames, read books, watch anime, watch k-dramas, write stories, learn languages, practice Northern Eagle Claw Kung-fu, and am studying Psychology. Other than Fire Emblem, I am a HUGE fan of the Tales Series as well as many Nintendo games (Mario, Zelda, Pokemon, etc.), JRPGS, and Strategy games. These include the Atelier/Mana Khemia series, Nippon Ichi games (Disgaea, La Pucelle, Soul Nomad), Tri-ace/Tri-crescendo games (Radiata Stories, Valkyrie Profile, Eternal Sonata), Golden Sun Series, Level 5's Ni no Kuni, thatgamecompany's 3 award winning games (Flow, Flower, Journey), Dept. Heaven series, Spyro series, Kingdom Hearts series, Final Fantasy series (specifically 9, 10, 10-2, 13, and CC, though I'd like to play 7 and 8 someday), Harvest Moon series....and I'll add more when I remember/find more...
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  1. Hey Silva, I hope everything is going fine on your end. Hope you're doing well. ^^

  2. Ah good to hear. I'm still going to try to be a little cautious though and follow the USUM move lists on Serebii; I spent about an hour yesterday double checking all the lists for my pokemon that can evolve and evolved about 2/3 of them; the rest I decided to leave for another 10+ levels or so if there was a cool move or two I'd like to have available that are pre evolution only. For example, I never knew that Oddish could learn moonblast at lvl 40, but not upon evolution. It might have been tedious in any other PMD, but I must say the passive leveling for all inactive pokemon has been really nice! I hope they keep this moving forward~ Post game is just as scary as I remember it though. Getting one or two shot at just about every turn. I had just enough reviver seeds to get through howling forest for smeargle and solar cave for the friend bow, but I almost got my first wipe from a shiny aipom I foolishly thought I could overpower. I suppose anything lvl 40 or below is too under leveled; I wish the dungeon listings reported the level range for the dungeon as well. I'm getting frightened by even the most innocuous pokemon shooting deathrays across the room and through the halls lol
  3. Got a question if anyone happens to know so far. I beat sky tower last night and unlocked evolution; I was ready to start evolving everyone in my army but I then happened to notice that move tutor was now available with gulpin. Which then made me wonder if evolving everyone would lock me out of moves that only the pre evolution would learn like in the main games. Does anyone know if you can lock yourself out of that stuff or do I have to keep everyone from evolving until way later? I seem to remember Explorers encouraging this practice to learn OP stuff like earth power or heat wave that evolved pokemon would not learn if evolved too early.
  4. I'm at work for another 6 hours or so sadly, but if no one has rescued you by then I'd be happy to do it tonight. I haven't actually wiped yet at all, so what does the game allow you to do in the meantime? I'm curious to know.
  5. I got it on friday as a perfect birthday present for myself, and I've barely resurfaced since lol. It's been so much fun and nostalgic going through this game again and I'm surprised at how much I equally remember and misremember from the OG rescue games. Its definitely been way easier going through the game this time compared to when I was 13 and a total mystery dungeon nooblet. Adult me at least knows how to make use of my team instead of just my starter and prepare with actual varied and useful moves with different ranges and effects. Also, having knowledge of the nightmares of what monster houses would be this time around is invaluable; I just had a smooth and drama free first run of magma cavern due to being crazy prepared and experienced all these years later, compared to my multiple painful wipes long ago. It's nice feeling like I conquered those childhood nightmares, but Sky Tower and postgame bullshit awaits I suppose, so we'll see. I went with Cubone/Charmander for my first playthrough, and its been cool experimenting with all the different pokemon you get access to now with the expansion of the previously post game locked friend areas now available for main story use. And it seems I was correct in what I surmised in an earlier post, so I'm not crazy after all; all pokemon on the rescue team even when standing by in the camps get passive exp with each mission outing, so I dont feel like I'm stuck to only my main 2-3 and I can experiment with each and every pokemon. In light of that, this time I'm actually going to recruit and raise every single pokemon! Which is only made easier by the absolute bonkers ability of being able to recruit up to 8 pokemon in each dungeon. Its kinda hilarious how quickly you can build an army made up of randos you met in the dungeon to steamroll over anything and everything, even story bosses. You either die to the monster house or live long enough to see yourself become the monster house, indeed. XD I'm definitely having stupid amounts of fun with this game so far and I hope it sells well so we can have this in Explorers flavor. Perhaps even an entirely new PMD. I cant wait for more! Oh, and if anyone ever needs or wants rescuing, hit me up! I'd like to try and set up a PMD team registry and rescue topic for SF if there are enough people playing this game on here~
  6. So I've been away for awhile since I took a trip during February and was also avoiding Cindered Shadows spoilers, but I've managed to pull a bunch of new 5 stars in the meantime. I pulled Lucas as my anniversary seasonal freebie, which was ok since I didn't have him before. Nailah finally came home while summoning on the valentine's banner. I've been wanting her forever so this was great! I got pity broken while trying for Duo Alm at one point, but it was Hilda, so I was happy I finally got her! (I also got a resounding chorus of "Hilda! Hilda!" from the people around me at the FE party we were in a summoning circle with. Summon with other people when you can, it's good luck!) I got super lucky yet again on a skill banner and free summoned Igrene! I tried to get at least one unit from Dread Isle and got a Leila after 30 orbs~ I really had to stop myself from spending too many more orbs, but couldn't resist trying for L!Chrom at least once (he was my first husband in Awakening and I have a soft spot for him); thankfully I wasnt pity broken and got him within 40 orbs. So last night I thought I should stop while I was ahead and give up on Duo!Alm. I'd already been pity broken once but managed to pull an unexpected V!Faye. But I figured this being a seasonal meant that I wouldn't have another shot for a long time and this was the first Duo unit I actually cared about. So I try one more attempt to summon.....AND THEY CAME HOME ON THE FIRST GREEN PULL!!! I was sooo ecstatic, I didn't even care if the IVs were shit (+ spd - def, pretty ok I'd say)! I love their art so much! I own the official SoV soundtrack and I loved their designs on the cover; seeing it all the time in FEH now makes me even happier!!! 😄
  7. So I'm pretty sure there have been threads for this kind of thing before, but I couldn't find any that were current, especially with the new 3H characters being around now. Because I'm an unoriginal person who cant think of good original nicknames like I used to, I've decided to combine my two obsessions in pokemon and FE (which both coincidentally have loads and loads of characters) by theming my pokemon nicknames around FE characters. But outside of a handful I can think of, I'm not very good at matching and thinking about good combinations of pokemon and FE characters on my own. And I want to use as many names across the various games as much as possible. So throw me some suggestions if you have time! With particular emphasis on Gen 1-3 pokemon at the moment if possible, but I'll file away all suggestions for the future (no, this has nothing to do with the fact that Pokemon Mystery Dungeon DX came out today, whatever gave you that idea? >_>; ). It doesn't have to have a ton of reasoning behind the matchup, just imagine what pokemon this character would transform into if they woke up in a world of pokemon. Or just simply what kind of pokemon they would likely have as a trainer. Have fun! 🙂 Note: I have not played Gen 8/Sword and Shield at all and have no idea what 95% of those new pokemon are or even look like (which is by design to stay unspoiled until I play it) so while I'll take suggestions based on those pokemon it likely wont help me much right now. Also, I'm not sure if this is the correct forum section for this topic; if not, please move it as needed.
  8. So I'm sitting here at work and barely containing my hype for this game (I cant stand knowing I have to wait till tomorrow evening to play it!). Is anyone else super excited for tomorrow's release or is it just me? XD I'm hoping there will be an active PMD community here once its out. I really hope this game sells well!
  9. Yes I did lol. And yes, that most certainly wasn't a happy ending, but we all knew that going in. XP My point was more about the quality of the Torna DLC more than the ending, but yeah I wish this DLC was spanning more than just the depths of the Church's basement. Torna may have been small, but it was dense in content and rich in lore, so I'm hoping we get something approaching it in similarity for 3H. Ok, as long as Edelgard and Dimitri get equal parental custody of 6 year old Byleth. Claude can babysit. Good enough of a happy ending for me~ And since it seems the DLC has dropped, I'm off to avoid spoilers. Happy Abyss Times everyone!
  10. Welp, if its true that the DLC is dropping shortly then I'm happy I get to download it before I leave my wifi connection for the week; I'll be happy to play it all day on the bus tomorrow! Can't wait to soak up all that new lore and play with the new characters and classes~ Not so happy to hear about their stance on the lack of golden ending (although I'm glad at least one of the devs was really considering it); I'm a firm believer in having the ability to earn your happy endings, however hard they make it, and I was really hoping they learned their lessons from Fates and actually gave us a good golden route that would actually challenge the player to recruit or at least save everyone and have it actually matter. I would welcome it to be harder than the main routes in ways that aren't just gimmicks and if they really want to get creative maybe the story could expand to the rest of the known world instead of retreading the same ground all over just Fodlan. Or, y'know, at least Almyra. I wish they treated this DLC like Torna. And if people are going to screech about it detracting from the other routes like Revelations did, just lock it behind completion of all the other routes first, Visual Novel style. They should've done that with Fates in the first place, along with having better writing for a golden route in general. It just really sucks to me that they aren't using the golden route option on the game that would actually be interesting to write one for. I mean I love Azure Moon and I think its the happiest ending I can get in the game at present, but I do like Edelgard and wanted her to be happy too. Look, I just really want supports between the Lords. Is that too much to ask for? DX /rant over
  11. I'd like to be clear on this as well. I'm traveling on Thursday so I really hope it drops on the 12th or on midnight of 13th at the latest (I'm in the EST ofc). Also quick question, do we know if the Ashen Wolves can be made dancers? I've been sitting near the beginning of my SS playthrough and haven't moved since the DLC trailer hoping that I could try out a new dancer instead of recycling Dorothea yet again.
  12. So I just reached 400+ orbs last night and I realized I hadn't pulled yet on the legendary and anniversary banners (I have a bad habit of waiting until the last minute to summon, even free pull, most banners; I've missed out on some because I forgot it was the last day), so I figured I'd give it a shot. Needless to say I haven't been this lucky in awhile. I got a 5* on all of my free pulls; free L!Eliwood on the legendary, free Mia on the tempest trial (I have been trying for her since her debut, FINALLY!!!), and free regular 5* eliwood on the bound hero (not pictured). And it only took me 30-40 orbs to get Lif! I was so happy with my haul I decided to just get the winter orb deal which put me right back up to my previous orb count. I'm still on track for Dimitri! Now I just need to hope I dont get burned too hard by V!Alm/Celica later and I should be fine. I might've used up all my luck again tho... XD
  13. Ah, I was just wondering who to toss votes for, since I already voted for L!Celica and Duo!Ephraim and I wasnt sure if it was worth it. Sad that L!Celica isnt up there, I missed her, but I might try splitting my remaining vote for Duo!Ephraim and Sothis since I've wanted her since she came out months ago. Theres a mix of units I have and dont have on the top 8, so I'm just hoping the winner is either a new unit for me or good fodder. Hopefully theres a good chance of that, and not some meme unit like L!Lyn or something.
  14. Ah well, wolf daddy lost. I hoped there were enough people to cash in on that multiplier, but I guess it wasn't enough. I did get a good kick out of how much I got from a maximum potential score with a 12x multiplier/team leader bonus, that usually doesn't happen to me lol. Shot me all the way up 20000 army ranks~ Welp, I'm inclined to join Nailah next since shes cool and I tend to prefer promoting pre awakening VG winners when I can, but I have Selkie/dont have Nailah. Decisions....
  15. Eh, it doesn't really affect me much; I'm only in FEH for the collecting aspect, and having some fun where I can long the way with my subpar non-merged units (I only recently got my first 10+ ever and its on a very subpar grail unit). Sometimes they go a bit too far with stuffing every seasonal banner with a majority of waifus and maybe a couple husbandos here and there, but what tends to annoy me more than the content is just wanting actual game character banners instead of *insert next season banner full of nothing but fanservice* Really, what I consider to be fanservice for me is new OG characters from every game. I want to have at least every playable character available in the game in their OG form instead of just Ike with a Santa hat, or Lyn alt #72. But as far as the traditional definition of fanservice, I guess its not as bad as it could be, but if they have to put more in they could at least give us some more manservice to balance it out, seeing as that's my demographic.
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