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  1. So if the Wolves join you on whatever path you are currently playing and have time skip designs, is there any indication that they'll still have any relevance in the story or are they just like recruits from other houses who only show up for supports? I suspect the latter, which kind of sucks if the only story you'll ever get for them is only in the side story. Also, quick question, does anyone know when exactly most Nintendo dlc starts downloading the day of release? I will unfortunately have to be traveling on 2/13 so I'd like to have it downloaded before I go. I remember Torna was around midnight at the start of the release day, but will this be similar?
  2. I thought it was implied to be a much longer time together in the original Gaiden (years, not months), but even so regardless of how unrealistic it might be IRL that time spent together as children was incredibly precious and meaningful enough to both of them that they each made a promise to find the other again someday. They weren't raised as brother and sister; the opening lines of the game made an effort to discredit them being raised even as cousins (Kliff being quick to correct Faye's statement in saying she is just Mycen's ward. And even if they were, Westermarcke effect would take waaay longer to set in if we're going to assume it was only months, especially at the age they already are). Clearly they remember everything about that past since its shown that in all of their private moments they are thinking about the other and wanting to reunite. They don't even immediately fight upon reuniting; its just as magical and heartwarming as either of them expected it would be, all until the topic of current events and what to do about them came up, and then with the tensions running high on both ends with the war needing to be fought but Celica fearing for Alm's safety, they had a spat (which is common in normal relationships and I find to be more realistic than most FE couples never fighting honestly) and went off to fix things in their own way. When they meet again with cooler heads (remember, they are both still teenagers, not true adults), they're able to make up and start approaching their issues together and their arc culminates by the end very satisfactorily. That's way more onscreen development of a canon relationship than you get in an average Fire Emblem game, and I fully acknowledge that it can be done even better, hence why I hope they try in the future. I agree that its not the most realistic love story in the world, but I don't necessarily always have to have only fully realistic couples in my stories and they were presented in a far more enjoyable manner than the average main Fire Emblem couple. I respect your opinion to disagree, but I do think its a bit much to call them 'a terrible couple' based on Fire Emblem standards, which are the only standards I was applying here. With as many "lord" characters as there were in Fates, I'm beginning to wonder if there was even a traditional main character/lord at all; its like it was spread out across multiple characters like Corrin, Azura, Xander/Ryoma, and some of the other siblings too. Very strange. But I'll stop rambling now since I've been very off topic for a bit.
  3. This is mostly my experience as well, having played none of the games these characters were from (no, not even Banjo, the most exposure I ever had to him was Diddy Kong Racing; I was amazed growing up later to find out he had his own series). Being a Smash fan isn't easy, but being a Smash and Fire Emblem fan is even harder.
  4. Does Azura count as a lord? Considering the family aspect and despite technically being able to marry them, I don't feel like Corrin was especially implied to be love interests with the lords or at least Xander and Ryoma who are the main lords respectively. Whereas Azura I feel kinda was implied, at least with a male avatar. But yeah, it would be nice to have non lord implied love interests, but then at that point being implied love interest usually means they are a main character, which typically translates to lord character, sooo.... Honestly I'd rather have a break from avatar romance games in general and get a new game with a well written canon main couple. Something that the story is guaranteed to get me invested in since that's going to be what is happening regardless of supports; they don't have to be coy with implying things here and there, it just is. Alm and Celica are one of my favorite FE couples because of it. The only way they could have been even better is if they had gone through the whole game together, but the strength of their backstory and clashing ideas was enough for it to work. I want to see more of this nuanced relationship writing in future FEs, not just the older ones. Avatar pairings just aren't the same, despite the avatar x lord pairings being typically more fleshed out than the rest.
  5. Can you imagine the salt if they had added in YeT aNoThEr FiRe EmBlEm ChArAcTeR, regardless of how unique they are as seen demonstrated recently? Of course I love that Chrom is in despite everything, and I'm all for delicious salt from people who seem to irrationally hate FE just because of smash, but I like to think of other people too lol
  6. I do like Edeleth, for much the same reason I like all main character with lord ships: you actually get onscreen relationship development that isn't only stuck in the supports convos like most relationships with supporting characters. The character arcs tend to tie in with them rather well, and even in ordinary non romantic scenes and dialogue you still get to see them interacting and engaging with each other throughout the story. By the end, it doesn't feel like that much of a jump at all for the relationship to become romantic, unlike a lot of the others where it still feels like after only 3 or so conversations....BAM! Your married without much fanfare in comparison. This is also a major reason, in particular to this game. I feel like even in the other Avatar related FE games you still have some kind of denouement moment with your lord character where you talk about what happened in the ending and what they intend to do in their world moving forward, regardless of whether you marry them or not; 3 Houses for some reason only put all of that extra 'main story related talk' with the lord S support endings and not with most of the other endings, which make the other endings feel lacking imo. I don't know why they did this, since I don't remember this being an issue in the previous games. Even among the lord supports for this game though (I'm not going to count Rhea since I technically haven't seen it, but even then you dont get to be onscreen with her as much as the other 3 throughout the story), after marrying all three, in my opinion I think Claudleth feels the least romantic (I felt way more of a best friends/bros vibe from him compared to the others, he leaves you in the S Support, and the ending card didn't say anything else about the relationship), Edeleth is in the middle (since it did establish more of a romantic vibe outside of just the supports and the ending implies a relationship, but it was hampered due to the route being so short in comparison to the others and Edelgard not really showing much development as a character throughout it since she's mostly the same from start to finish; Claude had the same issue), and Dimileth is the most romantic (has all the juicy development in both character and relationship, Dimitri himself has the most character driven narrative which lends itself well to the rollercoaster of emotions that comes from his evolving relationship with Byleth, so much so that I felt the story scenes between them were more romantic that his supports at times, and he is the only Lord to explicitly marry you in the ending card). Since Byleth is mostly emotionless by design, its falls to the strength of their support partner's character to really sell the romance, so I do appreciate the added relationship investment to the story all three present when on their respective routes. But considering how much I obviously love Dimitri in general, I suppose I'm a bit biased haha XD
  7. Haven't been able to log on recently and I know you said you were done talking about it but as this was partly addressed to me I wanted to have a chance to respond: Yes, I acknowledge that in comparison to XCX, XC2 has gotten much more love in general with the Torna dlc pack and a bit more representation so far in smash (though until Rex/Pyra get in I dont really consider it THAT much more representation since both games have about the same number of spirits and music tracks afaik). Of course imo considering how well XC2 did I still think it deserves all the love it's gotten. My point was that for a game that had everything going for it, knowing that it had every reason to be in (relevancy, high selling, popular, very unique potential moveset and playstyle, one of the few new characters that would represent a best selling game that debuted and is exclusive on the Switch), the fact that it didn't make it in by only barely missing the original cut is a very special kind of disappointment for me. It's not the same kind I would feel for a character or game that I had next to no expectations to get in, and therefore wouldn't be overly hyped for. And the mii costume only made me feel worse since at the time since I felt that it kind of soft confirmed that he wouldn't be getting into this iteration of smash, which would then put him into the same situation as Elma come next XC and smash game, as I explained before. Still, despite my preference for XC2, I do recognize that XCX has been unfairly forgotten and underrepresented in Nintendo stuff in general. I'd say it's more because it was unfortunately released exclusively on an unpopular console that not as many owned. While I'm hyped for XC1 remake, I feel XCX should've gotten a port first to help with its obscurity issue. Sorry for rambling though, just my 2 cents. On topic: I havent played much of smash since release due to life and just not feeling like I found a main in ultimate (they changed the play style of what I used to main, and no other character really clicked for me). But since I already have the fighters pass, and (no joke) this is the first DLC character that actually interests me from both moveset and connection with source game, how hard does it look like for a relative casual player to pick up and main Byleth for anyone that knows this stuff? I knew I wasnt going to be interested in smash again until they released a character I wanted to play, and while there still are more hype choices on my wishlist, she's the first one I actually feel like picking up smash again for.
  8. Much as I'm happy with today's announcement (if not necessarily having to be stuck with byleth, but whatever) I would have been over the moon if they had announced Rex/Pyra. Recency bias at its finest I guess, but I dont believe it isnt deserved since FE3H has sold so well. I'm still salty over what they did to us XC2 fans, but I'm very hopeful that the extra dlc slots will include people that sakurai wanted to include but didn't think would have time to complete. I believe the extra slots weren't planned on before ultimate sold well enough to merit it, so I would expect Rex to be a safe bet. My only worry, is if he doesnt make the cut and they push him back into the next smash game that he would have to compete with recency bias if the next Xenoblade game is out by then. Still, I have faith he and pyra will be in eventually.
  9. Ironically enough I was just thinking about when we would get a 3H rep; I was of course fantasizing about who it would be and imagined a pokemon trainer situation as mentioned if byleth had to be included and they wouldn't just straight up give me Dimitri (consistently voted most popular character, is a lance user, interesting possibilities for moveset like the crit animation of him just sending the lance FLYING into the ground, isnt a female rep yes but I'm willing to make an exception for him, etc). But I'm happy to see us have a rep at all, even if byleth was the most expected and boring choice. Cant be showing too much favoritism to any house I guess, but any of the three would've made for a more interesting pick; I suppose I'll have to be happy with the weapons in the moveset. Also, can we please for once show the female version of the avatar as being the main default pick? Just a thought. Still though, I'm happy to have a dlc character I finally care something about; let the haters eat salt, 3H deserves a rep for selling amazingly well and doing much to bring the divided FE community together. Or as I like to call it, the anti SwSh. 😛
  10. Oh no.....dont get me wrong, I'm super excited and happy to see the story dlc and would normally be excited to see it come out so early......but I'm so strapped for time as it is right now and I have too much hype. I haven't finished my last run yet (Silver Snow), patch 8.3 of WoW just dropped, I just got super excited for the Pokemon Mystery Remake in March among other games coming soon....how can I contain this hype?! I'm still shaking with excitement from all the reveals today alone, I dont know what to be hyped for first! I wasn't expecting this until April, so I'm not sure what to do with myself right now haha. Especially since I'll be at a convention for the weekend this comes out, I'll be fighting the urge to play nonstop lol Can someone please explain to me how this works though? Is this a whole new path? Because they only have 4 students and that doesnt equal the 8 of the other houses. How in the world do they figure into the story either? Did no one else know about a secret house randomly chilling in the catacombs? Also, is it really possible to have multiple house leaders join you in whatever this is?!?! I don't care if you have to spoiler the explanation, I just want to know and not get my hopes up for a full length route if its not. Hmm, I also remember thinking that giant wolf in the logo for the dlc content when it was revealed months ago looked too distinctly important to ignore. I thought it might just be a reference to the giant wolves, but I guess I was right to be intrigued. Also eager to see the new classes!
  11. ^ Thanks for the reminder, I dont know how that system slipped my mind after the hundreds of gummies I shoved down my throat just to get some decent IQ skills. Though yeah, I do now remember the standard follower iq skill being default which is probably why I confused it as being built in to the game as normal. Hopefully it's just a demo oversight, because I'd rather not play the game like that until I can get it; gummies as far as I remember were uncommon, weren't cheap, and rarely come in the color you want. On another note, can anyone confirm something for me, just so I know if I'm crazy or not? (Former is probs true tho) I remember at some point during the demo I saw some tutorial or item description seemingly insinuating that pokemon recruits in the new rescue team camps may be able to gain xp or some type of growth while standing by outside of the team. I'm probably wrong in this interpretation and I'll probably boot up another run of the demo tonight just to see where I got this insinuation (I've been pouring over so much hype and info this weekend that I may have misinterpreted something at some point) but has anyone come across or remember reading something similar? I havent been able to look through all the datamined/ keyword searches stuff yet. And if this likely isnt the case, any general tips on leveling pokemon that arent consistently able to join your team? One of the more annoying things for me was never being able to have too many pokemon in circulation for my team due to level constraints; I usually have to plan out long in advance who my 4 main team members will be for endgame. I can rarely add and experiment with freshly recruited pokemon since my starters are always too high level in comparison and generally doing high level things that restricts messing with team composition. The extra levels you have to get during the leader/partner only "on the run" sequences dont help either. Maybe I was always missing some method, but grinding levels on other pokemon in these games seemed way too hard and tedious without expecting to not progress in the story for a good long while. And as a last thought, any hope we might be able to evolve before post game? Never understood the point of that either. Sorry for all my rambling, I'm just too excited to play these again! 😄
  12. I havent been excited for anything related to pokemon since the epic hype deflation that was the infamous E3 national dex announcement (since then I have not felt an iota of interest for SwSh and have cut myself off of most any news for it; I still have no idea what 95% of the new pokemon are or look like) so imagine my elation upon learning of this remake. This is freaking fantastic and if the main games continue to decline this is all I'll need from pokemon for now. I got to play the demo last night and I'm happy to see this game lovingly remade with all the things I liked about the original with QoL updates to smooth out the edges. Only thing I'm a little disappointed on is losing the generic attack, but I suppose I'll get used to it. Also, I haven't played this game in forever or as many times as PMD2, but is there anyway to change partner behavior in dungeons? Its annoying to have him moving and attacking things without my input; I distinctly remember there being a menu to change behavior to an option that makes it so that the partner will follow you step for step and only attack things he's next to. I had one too many instances where he's stepping out of line to pick up items I dont want or attacking things further away that I dont want to engage. It was rather frustrating in an otherwise nostalgically great experience. I really hope this sells well so they can remake all the games or at least PMD2, my absolute favorite! Definitely picking this up (it comes out on my birthday no less!) and I think this will be enough to keep me busy until I can see if gamefreak is serious about eventually bringing all pokemon to galar, which is my minimum requirement to play SwSh.
  13. Ha, I caught it just in time to hear the donation read. Was happy to be a part of it; just sent in a personal donation as well~ Ahhh, so THIS is why Golden Deer was shooting up so high in record numbers. I thought it was weird that they were donating so much but if it meant that Joe Zieja would join the couch I can see why lol. I'm still sad Blue Lions had such a poor showing, but this makes me feel a bit better knowing it was for a voice actor to appear. This will be fun!
  14. I'm interested! I haven't had time this week yet to tune in for anything, but if there is indeed a Fire Emblem run, especially 3H, I'm in. I'll put in a personal donation alongside it too during the run~ Who is running it and are there any donation wars, out of curiosity?
  15. FGHDSJAKFGADSJKGHFSAJLDGHFSKLDAGHYEEESSSSSSSSS GENEALOGY GEN 2!!!!! 8D FREAKING SHANNAN FINALLY!!!!!! He was one of my best units in Gen 2 and he's so cooool!!!! Larcei too, and Altena and Ced look great! Argh, I was saving for PTSDimitri whenever and however he gets in, but damn this is going to eat into my orb hoard. I'll have to be careful not to lose too much, but I'm still hyped~ Maybe this is another hint of a possible Genealogy Echoes remake announcement soon...? ^^
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