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  1. Lamia

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    isn't this unrelated to FE4? maybe you should make your own topic or find a thracia one in the future in any case, it's likely you didn't change the same portraits as referenced by the dialogue script item list sorting by name just sorts by japanese symbols... obviously since the translations mucks with that it won't work properly, and it seems meaningless to devote time to adjusting it haven't discovered the location of those tiles yet
  2. Lamia

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    my additional tools post has what you're looking for (weaponweightpatches) be sure to read the topic thoroughly I think it might be at $001E83 (close by to the menu text) but it's compressed, so use the (de)compressor exes
  3. Lamia

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    using the extra two item slots in the nightmare modules are fine, as are the two items that ended up unused in the data in my testing and trying to find the sources of those items I just couldn't find them if I recall in any case, all of the items can be toyed with pretty freely if you know what you're doing, what with starting equipment and events, though there are quirks when it comes to details like inheritance and droppables
  4. not dead... just, you know, not being worked on as much as I'd like small tidbits, corrections here and there over the past two years, not much 'real' progress I do want to finish it SOMEday, but you know, life stuff and all that at the least I intend to release a patch once part 1 is done, whenever that may be
  5. ah sorry a bit inactive here I posted a new link https://pastebin.com/h06s0XTE
  6. Lamia

    Fe4 modding

    the world map uses efficient tiling like playable maps and unlike some other games where it was just a full 'image' so unfortunately it's not easy to change retaking castles instead of destroying could be done if one looks at the code for NPCs and copies it for enemies... not that I know how to do that
  7. I only use a workaround for third tier classes by cleaning up the class list and adding separate third tier-level classes tier 1 has stat caps of 20 max, tier 2 has ~25, and 3 has ~30 the 'second gen' in my project is simply a 'Part 2' which uses the same characters, so I can get away with having them start at tier 2 and promote to tier 3, and that's how I handle it for player usage; a small amount of third-tier units also appear in Part 1 as the base game goes, the promotion entry for each character in both gens only allows 1 class the unit can promote to, so you'd have to figure out how to manage anything more yourself
  8. Lamia

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    can't say, not familiar with the codes enough to make additional entries
  9. Lamia

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    yeah looks like just a random bug it's probably nothing, never seen that though, probably different OS than me (windows 8.1) nightmare won't do anything unless you enter info properly, that thing won't do anything
  10. Lamia

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    there was some special codes in one of the many textfiles of notes in the binary collection I think it required inserting the codes someplace and pointing to them by adjusting the staff effect data in a few different places (been a while) but it wasn't simple that's for sure, took a bit
  11. Lamia

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    afraid it's not that easy, the animations that are coded for staff use are not compatible with using normal magic, lockups will occur it's a matter of animation coding which is not simple battle sprites are simply a large image of tiles, and the animation codes are what direct the tiles to display a certain way, along with what to do at what point in battle... something that staff animations don't have all of the information for, so it causes faults your best bet is to give them different sprites and animations entirely, of a class that can already use both
  12. Lamia

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    more detailed info in my post
  13. Lamia

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    there's a chance it doesn't work at all as a ring, I think I attempted to have it before but it didn't work out
  14. Lamia

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    you cannot make indestructible weapons in FE4 without some kind of ASM the thing about the ring editor is that rings have a different length of data compared to other items... you can make regular items into rings, but not vice versa additionally, while rings can be given all kinds of skills, not all skills work on rings... I haven't tested them entirely, but I believe some of them don't work if you use the weapon list instead of the ring list critical for example only works if you use the original ring list I believe, but say, sol/luna/astra still work in the weapon list... I think like I said I still need to do deliberate testing
  15. Lamia

    Lamia's FE4 stuff

    I don't know that the inventory list can be extended, but there are seriously a ton of items in the list, if you can't make room for something new I would suggest downsizing your plans or arranging the items more accordingly FE4 Player Equipment.txt contains a mostly complete list of where each item is located so it is easier to arrange the inventory list as needed also you can't just add more entries past the end of the pre-arranged modules, they have an end point for a reason; going further crosses into other data which can corrupt your save file and/or crash the game if you play with it the class list can probably be extended, but classes have so much other data connected to them (names, battle animation data, map sprites, character classes, exp tables, the list goes on) that it is extremely inconvenient to do such a thing... like I said with items, downsize your plans and/or arrange the classes better, I was able to make room for tier 3 classes for my project with some extra class numbers to spare, you don't need to keep the original list something to note though: I haven't found the data for weapon effectiveness yet, so be sure that armors, horses, and fliers stay on the same numbers if you replace them
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