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  1. "Sure, hop aboard. Should be plenty of room on the roof, your favorite spot if I remember right. You don't have any competition this time around!" Jade rescue Gabby, canto to 3,10
  2. The zombie didn't even try to hide the warm smile that easily slipped across her face as her passenger climbed aboard. "We ride, then." Jade rescue Lavinia, move to 11,4
  3. "Side entrance, huh..." Lavinia's logic was undeniable, and if successful, such a pincer would be a powerful tactic for their forces to leverage. It was possible the entrance would be barred and they'd have to force it open, but the same could be said about the gates the others were rallying toward right now. While the vampire's call had come only after the pegasus knight had begun her charge, it shouldn't be too late for her to correct course. Most of the progress she'd made was still in a useful direction. As the zombie pondered, she saw Gabriela too fly off in the direction the royal knight had suggested. The siren's flight would certainly be handy for clearing the abundant trees, but even so, Jade wondered whether she'd be able to keep pace with either her nightmares or with Vilkiss, as they travelled along the full length of the keep, circling around for the side entrance. And that was assuming this Lucille even came around to the idea. But assuming she did, it would be doubtful whether she'd offer a tired companion a lift, especially given how that pair's initial meeting had gone. Well, if worst came to worst, Gabriela could probably alight atop her wagon for a spell to rest up every now and again. However for the merchant's primary passenger, there was already another name etched clearly in her mind: "Lavinia?" The zombie asked quietly. There was no need to shout, they were still very near to each other, and far from any clashing on the battlefield. "You know, it would be helpful to have a healer along," for Gabriela and the human, at least. Jade would be most likely all right on her own, unless she were swarmed... though given the mission here, that couldn't be ruled out. "...And there's no need for this expedition to be just the mounts, right? A single passenger each shouldn't slow us down any, and well..." She inclined her head in the direction of the siren, to further illustrate the point. "I think I'd be a lot more at ease if you were leading this smaller task force. It should be okay let the General keep command of the main assault, yes? You're not desperately needed to command them, are you?"
  4. So, apologies for the break in posting. A couple of reasons for it. One was work was a little busier than normal, and the other was after I did a first draft of chapter 11 I noticed Beecha was ending that mission having accumulated 70pp, which is a helluva lot. That's one Hit & Away's worth, and I'd been planning on benching him late-game once enemy levels were suitable enough that trying to get Elle up to Bless and eventual Daunt wouldn't be too bad. So I sat down, and took a good long look at things and asked myself: Judau has a Luck, it's not as cheap as Beecha's but as a main character of his series his stats are a lot better. In fact, he has the sort of staying power that I'd been thinking of just using him in the ReGZ when Kamille brings it along, so why not just start using him from the beginning? I did some calculations, found that overall I probably wouldn't lose more than 7.5k on the levels I'd already done, which didn't break any of the damage thresholds my upgrades needed. Further, only a couple of levels would need any real rerouting of strategy, due to lack of Accel/swapping Support Attack for Assist Attack. So I went back to Chapter 3 and worked my way back up. As mentioned, the strats for most of these were exactly the same, barring some lack of Luck casts before Judau hit 12, and then before he got enough SP to cast it twice (level 18 is the magic threshold). The biggest reroute I needed to do was on Chapter 8, which had multiple bosses, and initially I thought I would have to forgo getting money from one of them entirely, but I had overlooked in the initial run that Aqua levelled up enough after one kill to be able to afford a second cast. So they ended up grabbing the Satan and Phenomenon kills, while Judau got Diondora, and Getter got Altair like previously. I'm including a possibly impenetrable screenshot of my planning for the stage, as not being able to toggle turns' layers to see exact positioning loses some of the detail. The second major reroute was on Chapter 9, since Judau couldn't support Raideen on the initial spawn turn. I had to let Rei do it instead, which meant she couldn't move as far, and with her not as far forward that meant Chibodee targetted someone on my Argo-fighting team instead (I still don't know why he doesn't want to fight Hugo), and trying to fix one small thing led to another small thing breaking and eventually it became a bit of a mess. In the end I did almost a complete reroute, and since it had come this far I decided to let Judau take the Chibodee kill to boost him to level 18 and get that second Luck cast secured, drastically reducing any future money loss compared to a Beecha playthrough. Since I still need Hugo to be on track for level goals, however (despite Aqua not getting Valor, Hugo still is probably my best shot for an early user, plus my Medius kill on ch11 that I mathed out needed him keeping up with where he had been), so the kill that had previously gone to Getter couldn't go to them, and they ended slightly behind. This meant slightly less xp on some of my repairs, but that should be so minor as to come out in the wash and I am unconcerned. Now we can get to the meat of the new content. Chapter "11", do justice to, in 5 turns: Chapter "12", Inflamed Inundation, Frozen Foxfire, in 5 turns: Chapter 13, in 3 turns: Chapter 14, in 3 turns: Total Turns: 62
  5. "You.. can't just," Jade pushed farther away after having been separated from resting against the dullahan, almost recoiling from the offered flesh. She did grab the forearm in her face firmly though, pulling it away from eye-level, then the zombie turned and began dragging Aithlin along by the wrist as she made for one of the convenient new holes in the city walls. "If you're that... determined, maybe you _can_ help." She was not asking. "Maybe I'll bite you in the end, even... But, if I do it will not... cannot be while I am me... You could be right... I could need a hunt, a kill. And maybe after finding and tearing a deer or the like limb from limb I'll still be going apeshit. But maybe I won't. Watch me. Make sure no-one else gets caught up in it."
  6. Jade had spat her hand out from her mouth after a couple dozen seconds had passed. She hadn't been followed. Good. That meant not needing to try a last resort... which probably would have backfired, thinking on it a touch more soberly. Unlike when she was alive, biting her finger off wouldn't have even brought the sense of pain to maybe jolt her out of a frenzy. In fact, it probably would have made matters worse, what with the taste of blood and all. Not to mention the hassle it would cause. Just sewing a finger back on was enough trouble, but who was to say she wouldn't have swallowed it or something. She liked that finger. She needed that finger. The zombie's frantic shamble now slowed to a more pedestrian shuffle, as she stared down at her hand, lost in thought. A grasping touch on her shoulder prompted a snarl in response. She should have expected it, there'd been a low background buzz of voices in her ears, but it had seemed farther away. The potent scent of living flesh and blood certainly was, which meant...? This? Cool calm hand... was another like her. Undead. The ebbing urge did not swell again, hot and fierce, or if it did at least it was not by much. Still... unwanted. Shrugging off the touch, she stumbled to rest against the nearby wall. Unwanted? Was it? Could she be sure? Maybe...? At the very least, it was one who would help... keep things from the worst? But who? Dull, flat eyes focused slightly, a spark of life returning to them. She perceived her pursuer. Ah, right. The elf who had been with them, this made sense. Not, Lavinia... but... "Ai, I'm... Ai, I'm hungry... so hungry. I shouldn't... it was never this bad when I travelled alone... or if it was, I don't remember... there was nobody to bother... but now?" Jade sighed and shuddered. Half-consciously she reached out, took the hand that had been on her and roughly pulled. Her mouth opened wide a moment, and then shut. She pressed her forehead hard against the dullahan's collarbone, now right before her face. "I'm... scared. Silly... as that might sound." Her brain was in too much fog to figure out anything else to say.
  7. Good heavens. Was Ren even aware how... delicious he smelled right now? The scent of fresh wounds, barely held back from the loose bandages, tantalizingly close beneath that casual, lightly-fitting garment. If he wasn't dating Gabriela, she could just eat him right--- Wait.... What. Oh... Oh no. Jade raised one hand to her face in horror, pressing it tight up against her nose, one eye blazing out a bit between splayed fingers as she reached with her other hand to the shoulder of siren beside her for support. Then she almost, no, the zombie did stumble, and she ended up squeezing down a bit painfully. Probably. She was beyond knowing. "I should... go," Jade croaked hoarsely. "I am... not well... right now." She pulled her hand down, slipping it across her face, and brought her index finger into her mouth horizontally, biting down on it, trying to take the edge off as she turned and pushed away from Gabriela roughly. Staggering, she shambled away from the oni as fast as she could manage. The next words were muffled almost beyond recognition, but the zombie tried to speak past the blockage in her mouth a very simple, "Don't... follow... please." She had to get to her room, she had to calm down. At this point the elf no longer even registered to her, her apologies were the furthest thing from relevant.
  8. Someone was calling her name, curious. It wasn't Gabriela, they were side by side already, having been together for awhile, chatting about this and that. Lavinia and the others she could think of were in a meeting. Turning to the voice revealed a fit elf in shorts and a light shirt, with knee-high boots. Oh... and by the neck. There, that answered everything. "Oh, it wasn't much," the merchant answered a bit flippantly. "Ithraxl's men decided to have a little play with siege weaponry, but they got interrupted when some of Coteon's holy goons showed up. Really nothing to lose one's head over, right Gabriela?" Unfortunately, the siren had different ideas about how to handle things, and just as quickly ruined Jade's joke. Ah well, it had been worth a shot.
  9. It was oddly cursed, that the removal of the immediate threat occasionally--who was she kidding, frequently--caused a bit of a descent into disorganized chaos. If the enemy were smart, now would be their best time to strike. Those were the thoughts Jade had as she watched various squabbles breaking out across the group. The zombie sighed, turning to one nearby companion with a good, steady head on her shoulders. "Things did get a little worrisome there for a moment. You're good in a fight, no doubt about it, and it wasn't that you over-extended... Just, they really pierced deep into the town, didn't they? I'm glad enough of us were able to rally together, and nobody was badly hurt." Jade shrugged and continued, "And at times like these, it's an odd feeling of not knowing what to do for me. I can't heal anyone, am probably better off staying away from the wounded, actually. I don't have enough familiarity with strategy or tactics to be of any use in planning retaliations or to properly fortify defenses either. It's... uncomfortable, not knowing what to do after a battle. I'm sure there's something I should be doing, you know? Can't always just go, take a bath, get changed, pretend it didn't happen..." A small light came to her eyes, as a bit of realization hit the zombie. "Actually, I should feed my 'mares. They worked hard for me, and did a good job." Fishing out a pair of silver apples from her pouch, she turned to the siren. "I forget, have I ever had you help me with this before? I kind of think I haven't? Do you want to?"
  10. "Yeah, you better run!" Jade scowled as the cavaliers beat a quick retreat. She had no doubt her nightmares could keep pace, but the chance of running into an ambush was too great, it was better to stay back and better assess their situation. It was almost amusing to her though, that she had to wonder if Suki had done more damage to her than any of the actual enemy had managed. It was really hard to tell, with what a zombie's "pain" sensation could provide. She was feeling well enough, at any rate, and no sign of hunger. Chalk that up as the victory it was. Lavinia hadn't called for her, so whatever had gone down in the center must've proceeded smoothly. They were all probably going to gather and discuss options. The important people anyway: the Generals, the Heros, the Captains of the Guard, the Royal Knights. Probably not the time for the Transportation to poke her head in. You're her girlfriend, you can at least be excused to show your face, a small voice whispered in the back of her head. Yeah, her girlfriend with no name, family, or status, she argued back to herself, conflicted. The urge to sigh won out and her gaze sunk to her lap. ...You also have the Holy Sword. The merchant had to admit, when she'd bargained with Marina for a chance to look at it, this had not been what she'd expected. When she'd asked in the middle of battle to relieve her of anything she wasn't planning on using, when she was just trying to help out and be useful... she really couldn't have been expected to foresee this outcome, could she? There was a potent curiosity regarding Myrithali, to be sure, but now was not the time or place. In a private room, alone, perhaps, but not in the middle of a ruined town, walls literally collapsing around her. And also that warning burning in the back of her mind, tossed in nonchalantly as the exchange for the Wind Edge had happened. The scabbard is safe, but don't touch the blade, huh... Well, she couldn't just sit here all day. Bet those human ballisticians wished she would get a move on already too, didn't they? No. Stop. That's the insecurities talking. That bit of racist self-hate just now, and honestly all of the self-indulgent crap before it. Jades doubts were nagging louder than ever, and why? The whole reason she'd initially taken the leap of faith, signed on to the mission in the first place--abandoning her destination and turning her trip around--was to get that foothold. To work her way up. Yes, things had taken some unexpected turns in the meantime, sure, and for the better, but why would that be any cause for her to grow cold feet? Her reasons now were different than before, profit no longer topped the list, but that shouldn't matter, right? Shaking her head and slapping her cheeks--which did absolutely nothing by the way, just an old carryover from the days she was alive--she rode back around the corner, toward the center square. Yes, look, even that half-wraith, that new girl, uh... her name would come to Jade in time, certainly. If she didn't have any troubles congregating with the group, why should the zombie be any different? If nothing else it should be fine to be seen and not heard. To speak when spoken to... unless there were something pressing and important to say. Which at the moment, no, not really. She could be patient and wait.
  11. Chapter 8, in 1+4 turns: Chapter 9, in 3 turns: Chapter "10", Manipulated Majin, in 1+5 turns: Total Cash: 119392 Total Turns: 46
  12. Good, the ballisticians listened. But they were slow as everything. She still had work to do. "Lavinia, I'm going to go plug the hole we forgot about on the left side, holler if you need me back here for anything." Jade to 6,31 shoot Cav 1 with Glacial Gun, canto to 6,30
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