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  1. Nisha's question brought Susan's mind back to the surface, but it wasn't really an easy one to answer. "You were... convenient, I guess? I wasn't really, but I think a part of me..." Following the other woman's lead, Susan let gravity slide her body down the wall until her butt hit the floor. Unlike the chaos of her thoughts, there was actually a bottom for her body here. "In an instant... I've lost pretty much all my goals and hopes. It's hard to say if there's anything left to live for, or if I would've been better off locked away asleep for another several hundred years... heh." Sniffing back tears after her derisive laugh, she rubbed her eyes and cheeks, then shook her head. "And here I am, in uncommon honest and open mood. I know better, I should just shut up and ride it out, and yet... haaa." Another deep sigh and Susan tilted her head back, suddenly a burning urge to examine the ceiling.
  2. Apparently her unconscious actions had laid an invitation, one not fully realized by Susan until the touch of hands on her body somewhat startlingly woke her to the realization. She could only guess at the exact sequence of events that had led two people trying to help, one of them taking her "offered" hand, and the other, presumably having aimed to do the same ending up shifting to a different supporting role, helping to stabilize with a hand on the opposite shoulder and a bit of a boost from below the armpit. A little embarrassed, but there was nothing to be done but lean into the help and push herself back to her feet, then thank each of the girls in turn, shaking the one's hand after the other released hers upon her having gained her feet. "Ah, um, thanks..." The fox Changed took her moment to interject here as well, which was also embarrassing. Susan certainly hadn't been expecting to have her hair stroked or her head pat or anything, and honestly was feeling rather overwhelmed and done with the whole situation. Her 'sister' was no doubt in the same boat. "I should, uh, let you get back to your boyfriend now... and I'm gonna need some time to think about all this. But, later, when I'm ready... expect another visit from me, and umm... well, whatever happens, you know," it ended with a bit of a trailing ramble that probably made no sense, but Susan had surely overstayed her welcome, so she turned to leave, and without really knowing why grabbed Nisha's hand again in the process and pulled her along after her as well. Maybe it was a fear of being left behind, the rest of the group somehow receiving Hecate's blessing, mystically departing this sunken tomb of a tower, and she didn't want to be passed over, wouldn't be with the proper company? Or maybe it was just nervous energy at work, with no higher purpose? The urge not to be alone in a time when she desperately wanted to be was paradoxical, but not unreasonable. And who else was there for her, really? Enough distance later, and a bit of wall to lean against found and engaged, Susan loudly sighed and covered her face with both hands. What was the next step here?
  3. Garmraid Blaze G: Ending up with the version that Hugo pilots is not as big an advantage as it might otherwise have been, since Aqua can get a solid 30 kills in her solo map, nearly getting her up to Ace. The problem then comes with how you've prioritized your skills between fighter and backpack. So it's nice that I didn't have to pilot swap, I think that would have dragged me down a little bit, but probably nothing insurmountable. I have no idea on comparison with the Cerberus as a machine, but Real Hugo swaps Zeal for Soul, which is basically a run ender, imo. So somehow despite drafting last, I got the best possible OG for my playstyle. The OG unit is strong, and while it's a bit held-back until the upgrade, giving it favored unit series boost for extra upgrade bars helps. Hugo was top ace for most of the run, until Akira really managed to get enough skills bought from PP to absolutely take off. Getter Robo G: A solid second pick, but with full hindsight I probably should have picked Raideen in this slot. There were several Getter plot maps were it being forced and levelled absolutely saved turns though, so still an invaluable pick and an absolute powerhouse. Juggling kills between Ryouma and Hayato was a bit of a balancing act. Ryouma only got his Ace at the final kill of the game, so I could maybe have done better there. I definitely misallocated a skill here or there as well, triple main pilots is always a bit of a puzzle robo. Raideen: God Voice MAP attack made so many things so much more managable. I should have prioritized Hit and Away sooner, but still managed it in a fairly timely fashion. It's held back by having a somewhat short movement range, needs that Infight to patch it up. Almost made it to a clean 400 melee stat by then end, only 19 off. EVA-01: Quite a bit of a disappointment, comparatively, to the headliners from other major series. The tether hurts a lot, and most of its attacks are quite weak, even at full upgrades. Amazing defensively, of course, but LTC doesn't jive with that all too well most times. That said, it packs a MAP attack, and there's always room for more of those in one's army. EVA-00: So much better than Shinji once she learns Zeal because hers is ridiculous cheap. The N2 Mine MAP on top of her other MAP? Stop, I can only get so excited. Biggest drawback is being forcibly removed from the roster due to plot, but she saved so many turns with the flexibility brought to the team in a game where Zeal is the only Enable. Dragon Gundam: Definitely the better of the two Gundam Fighters I drafted due to movement range, which enabled a huge influx of early PP which lead to more movement range via Infight, which spiralled it so far ahead of the heavier hitting Bolt. Basically benched during endgame though, due to no Zeal. Invaluable for the quasi-route split maps where I had awkward amounts of forced units, so still gets very high marks for that. Getter Q: While initially drafted at this position because I was eyeing the Combo Attack potential, she ended up being one of my weaker overall support spirit bots and not really stellar at combat. She did pull her weight, but, and I'd have to look at jointimes etc. to be completely certain, it does feel like Mari's spirit list overall outclasses her. Blueger: The cheapest Bless, Cheer, Hopes you could ask for. She does her thing and she does it well. Super Gundam: Gave me a place to train Judau early. I needed some UC coverage for quasi-route splits, and this was what fell in my lap. I initially drafted it because Elle had a Daunt, and she did end up getting cycled in, but in retrospect I could have grabbed just about any of the machines for this slot. Fuunsaiki: Drafted primarily for jointime and useful support spirits. Apologies to Domon's drafter, but I have no regrets. This horse has a lot of move, which also helped in certain maps. Galvar FX-II: Another support bot. I may have overloaded on them, but I still had enough combat capable units, so I guess that was the right call, as being able to rake in double money and double XP kept the gravy train rolling and financed a lot of important upgrades. Daimos: Held back by jointime and actual route splits. I could easily see it being a powerhouse with more PP and more investment, although the spirit list does hold it back somewhat compared to the top tier drafts. Bolt Gundam: See Dragon Gundam. Triple Jim: My only source of Renew. A crutch. Literally invaluable. Re-GZ: Surprisingly versatile, and an S rank in Space on its finisher gave it more punch than it probably deserves. A good home for Zeal UC pilots. Venus A: Sayaka and Jun are both fantastic supports, with slightly different focuses (lategame it's Rouse vs Hope, earlier it's Bless vs Cheer). Being able to mix and match is great. MP Great Mazinger: Being able to use both is even better. What an amazing bottom pick for me. If Boss's goon's spirits weren't locked to level 80 he'd have put up a good fight for this, but as it is Jun just does so well here.
  4. Chapter 54, Soul's Refrain , in 2+1?+2 turns: Chapter 55, Across Far Away Eternity, in 1 turn: Chapter 56, The Promised Land, in 2 turns: The Epilogue and the End Scroll. Thank you for reading. You get an Alloy Gren for clearing, all of the equipable parts you haven't used (rip expendables), and a chunk of $ on NG+. No kill counts and questionable levels of PP are retained. It didn't let me keep record of final kills/levels/etc. I'm too lazy to go through the final stats window for final upgrades etc. I FUB Eva01 because I needed to give it one more move (short on MBooster/Haros so I had to make due), and I gave some mobility and HP to Hugo IIRC. Finish 55 Total Turns: 205 Unit thoughts and draft musings to follow shortly,
  5. "Mmm, I suppose it counts for you, Tundyssa, though I wouldn't have counted it for me," Jade kept an upbeat and joking manner as the dragon relayed how her primary company had been the cursed sword that had made its curious journey from the demon king's family, through unknown numbers of hands until reaching the merchant's, and then back again to a royal member. "I'm surprised to hear it worked against the golems, to be honest. I thought it hungered life force, and that's why I never had much luck with it until I lent it out..." A shrug, a glance to Lavinia for her thoughts, and then the zombie considered the final matter raised. "No strange humans in our sector, but I'd say our find outranked yours, whoever she was. So you're not exactly wrong there. We were lucky she aimed her spell away from us," Jade's voice lowered in contemplation and she continued. "I may be hardier than most, but looking at the devastation it caused I wouldn't have wanted to be in its path. Magic is rather outside my wheelhouse, so I left her to the General to figure out. Focus on the things I can do instead, you know?" The Saint's name coming from Xalrei's--Tundyssa's lips--was a surprise ending there as well. Hadn't she just said she'd been alone? Jade found herself looking around for where the tall, cowardly-seeming woman had ended up. She hadn't really much in the way of personal interactions, an inescapable consequence as the ragtag militia group had continued to expand, often in completely unexpected ways. Perhaps a conversation was coming due... Altair meant nothing to Susan, and of course neither did Laranoa nor anything else this Lucille was saying. Enough was said to know she was not Cosette, but as far as what else any of it went to prove... And then something startling and shocking was said, causing Susan to freeze. She, Susan, looked like Lucille's mother, like someone else as well? But that, that would be impossible? Certainly they were sisters, but they weren't that kind of sisters. They all had different colors for names, they all had shown up at various times, they all... But the monks were proven liars. What if they also... Susan's skull pounded, her head throbbed, it hurt to think. And to make matters worse, here came the sibilant voices she knew too well, adding to the present confusion. Truth be damned we can alwayssss jussst, make her family. A nudge of Desssire and-- Shut up! Susan found herself mouthing the words to add force to her mental refutation. Initial outburst aside, she managed to regain enough presence to keep the next sentences to just pure thought. Family is family. It's not something you can fake! Sssaysss the one who Deceived the farmer, the other sneering voice teased. Enough! Sleep! These words again were silently mouthed, then Susan clasped her hands in front of her, took a deep breath, held it, and set about forcing the snakes to slumber. There was enough on her plate without them butting in, and active combat was over. She needed time alone, to think, to process, to decide. Susan made to stand, not quite sure where she planned to go, but certain she couldn't just stay slumped on the ground, that she had to move. But her legs betrayed her and she only managed a little lift before stumbling, barely saving herself from planting her face into the hard tiles of the floor by putting her good arm out in front of her and bracing against it. "Forgive me, I didn't mean to... I just... I should, I need some..." Offering scarcely coherent words, Susan raised her right arm absent any conscious thought, perhaps seeking aid from someone as she geared up for another go at standing. Final destination was still unsure, but one step at a time. Susan's harness was strong enough that even if the prosthetic were gripped hard and pulled by someone, it would stay attached. But anyone taking hold would be able to tell immediately, by both temperature and firmness, that there was not living flesh beneath her glove.
  6. Chapter 51, Elegy of the Victors, in 1 turns: Chapter 52, The final GEAR is Hope, in 3 turns: Chapter 53, W-Infinity, in 2 turns: Total Turns: 197
  7. Okay, the lifting hug was unexpected, prompting a few peals of joyous laughter. "Lavinia, love, I'm here. We're both here, safe, together." Jade squeezed back as soon as she was set down on the ground. At her partner's apology, she snickered a bit and countered. "You know it would take more than that to hurt me, it's fine." Then she listened to the account of current affairs and nodded. After a brief bit of back and forth with herself, the vampire had decided the pair of them should check in with Xalrei--with Tundyssa, Jade had to correct mentally the old habit. A smile on her face, she walked over to where the dragonewt had taken up--leaning against a wall, alone--leading Lavinia along behind her. "All by yourself, huh? You look well enough, at least, no real problems in whatever corner of the maze you landed in?"
  8. As Cosette began to rebut her, the facts didn't quite line up. It was surely possible that she had a younger sister. If the farmer and his wife had gone and expanded their family, it would simply be a matter of course, so that wasn't a strict contradiction. And it seemed she did remember the experiments--somewhat, at least, though her details of them were a little twisted. Susan cocked her head to the side and bit her lip, trying to figure out how to make her see the truth. Should she show her her scar, apologize for not having developed her powers quick enough to stop them from doing it again, for not being the big sister she deserved, the kind she so clearly imagined would have kept the younger ones safe? No, there were too many people around, that would only draw even more questions than she was already inviting, and honestly none of that would be comfortable. She can at least answer this bit about the church though... And a small opportunity arose when the girl seemed like she was having a mental break, wishing everything were just a bad dream. "I was too wrapped up in escaping the monastery with you to do much about the Order at the time, but going back and killing them was always part of the plan..." No headway on understanding here, this was met with another refusal, another threat, another ultimatum. "Cosette, I'm so sorry. I don't know what else to say." A pair of interlopers interrupted before anything actually turned violent though. A fox Changed, with a claim that made Susan's head spin. Seven hundred years? Susan brought her gloved hand to her forehead, squeezed it a bit and shook her head. That might... explain why nobody knew Isharia, and why the atmosphere didn't support magic very well. But that doesn't explain...? She sank to her knees as Nisha spoke up in her defense. An unexpected gesture, to be vouched for by someone she barely knew, but an appreciated one. And maybe her explanation was plausible? "I... sweet Myrreenthia, there's no way to really know then. Whether you... she kept the last name of Green or took up that of the farmer's, either would have been lost when she married and then from who knows how many generations thereafter. Ha. Haha." A couple short nervous catches of laughter. "What, what a cruel joke." She let her right hand fall to the floor leadenly, closed her eyes and tried not to cry. A rather successful effort, thanks to long years of practice.
  9. Jade having called out to both Ren and Ayane had had the side effect of both of the cousins being more interested in their reunion than in answering the zombie, so she was glad that Nisha, another from that group had stopped to answer her. She smiled in response and then pulled her wagon up along a wall and put it in park. As the group began centrally gathering, and the threats diminishing, it would be more awkward than not to keep manuevering as she had been without running someone over or blocking friends off from other friends. There was the fact that they had entered a more ornate room with a throne as well; it didn't feel right to keep driving around. Too impolite. Shortly after she had done so, she spotted Lavinia come into sight, on the heels of several of their winged warriors, and Jade's mood brightened considerably. It wasn't that she'd been afraid. Lavinia was a vampire, and as resilient as they came. She knew that, so she couldn't possibly have been worried. And yet, the difference between having her off somewhere, places unknown, compared with now, finally coming into view. Well, thankfully she didn't have to put her feelings into words, simply shambling over to reach out a hand. After the initial moments of reunion, she turned to look around, and pondered aloud. "Well, should we go to check up on the Hero, the king, or her sister?" Susan had to admit Cosette's initial reaction, her sister shrinking back in fear and anger, hurt her feelings more than she cared to show. She pursed her lips, tried to remind herself that it had been years, not to mention there was any number of reasons for wariness, some she knew about and others she could only speculate over. She'd just have to talk it out, and smooth things over. "It's Big Sis Susan? I, uh, well sure I don't look quite the same as a few years back, but it shouldn't be that..." Okay, no, in light of the clear and increasing panic now, focusing on matters of appearance was unlikely to find any traction. Raising her palms forward in a gesture of surrender and harmlessness she took a step back as well, in the hopes that some additional space might bring some calm to the situation. "You were in a coma, after the experiment, the surgeries? The farmer and his wife I left you with wouldn't know all the details, but they should have at least told you something when you woke...?" The magi's own confusion was starting to manifest as well, crinkles forming on her brow as she tried to process the situation. "Look, at the time I couldn't... There was just too much... I wanted nothing but the best for you, I still do. Please don't be upset."
  10. Susan winced as she felt the blowback from her attack on the construct. She'd known it was coming, but that hadn't make it hurt any less. The healer focusing on her dragon friend instead of the mysterious stranger wasn't unexpected either. The only one Susan could trust to have her interests at heart, was Susan herself. After that, there hadn't been any more interruptions by any further automatons. She followed along behind the group she'd ditched originally, wounded now and not willing to risk exploring too far afield looking for staircases up to the higher levels alone. That said, when she caught sight of the red devil and her pet, she did dip into a side room, though there wasn't any danger of it leading to uninhabited dead ends, as conversational voices could be heard bouncing off walls on the far side, and sure enough, slinking through that room she poked her head around the corner and saw that the room opened up into a large area beneath the foot of a throne, upon which was seated the doll-maker. Immediately disappearing back out of sight, pressing her back up against the bit of wall there, reminiscent of a doorframe without a door, she slid down to the ground and brought her fingers to her temple. Think, Susan, think. She wasn't on good terms with either devil or doll. But it was surprising that the latter hadn't just sealed the former once again, as unceremoniously as before. Surely that meant safety for herself as well then? At the very least, there were enough newcomers she stood a reasonable chance of not being noticed if she just blended in... A deep breath, standing tall and heading out with confidence, headed over toward a small congregation of folk on the other side of the room, the words 'You can take us out whenever ready, Hecate,' coming from her left caused a break in her stride. After a moment's hesitation, she decided the only natural response for any bystander would be to turn and look, and that had the added benefit of being able to react if she was indeed spotted and attacked. But when she pivoted that direction, "Hey Susan," seemingly out of nowhere, the same Nisha from before, the one who had freed her, showed her face for friendly conversation. Small mercies put the other woman between her and the throne, so not all was lost, and it wasn't likely random small-talk here would be enough to catch the attention of the parties she was worried about, so there was no point running from it. Listening to the rest of the other's concerns, and request for answers, Susan shook her head with a defeated looking twist of a smile. "I did warn you, didn't I?" the magi sighed, then followed up apologetically. "I probably should have been clearer about things, but if you were unfamiliar with the empire itself I didn't really expect naming her as Moth'Tudon Ilvales Zath'Tanaz Githon, Miss 'I am Ishtaria' herself to have made a difference. Such a mouthful... now you know why I just call her the red devil, yeah? Shorter and more descriptive." Her gaze swivelled from her conversation partner to check on the status of the topic being discussed. Still on the outskirts of the group a fair distance away. No longer actively embraced by retainer, but still as subdued looking as last Susan had seen her. "Anyway, she's evil, or if you think that a leap too far, allow for simply incredibly self-centered and tyrannical. Ishtaria's prosperity is a byproduct of her curiousity, experiments, and aptitude rather than any focused design. But she is without a doubt powerful, the first of the Changed, and there are many who would foolishly seek to emulate her. Of course, you're free to disbelieve me, this is purely from my perspective, how she's seen through the lens of the poor and the wretched. I'm sure if you asked a wealthy subject, you'd get quite the different answer. As for what business she had with Hecate, that reclusive scholar, researcher, and doll-maker, I can only speculate, but it certainly did not end as she had hoped." Her explanation having changed targets, so too did Susan's attention, but as she turned to look at the throne and its occupant again, something wholly unexpected jumped out at her from the periphery. It couldn't be, but yet it was. She had grown, obviously, and so her clothes were different as well. The ornament in her hair was similar in spirit only, but the hair itself, and the face it framed. Unmistakable. Her jaw dropped, a few moments of silence, and she managed a final half thought or two to Nisha, before pushing past the girl. "I'm... my sister? I have to..." Caution now disregarded, not quite breaking into a sprint, she bumped into and muscled past one, two? individuals before closing the distance. She almost threw herself at Cosette, hugging her firmly from her left side, before loosing her grasp and sliding around to the front. "Haha, I don't... I had hoped, but never expected to see you wake. It's been years, how are you?"
  11. Jade turned back to Seilan, a bit touched by the unexpected action. Unless she'd actually been hurt worse than she felt, maybe that's why... Sometimes it was hard to know. "Ah, thanks. Looks like nothing pressing here anymore," A smile and a laugh, trying to keep a positive outlook on things. "I am still concerned about how we have yet to find most of our group," though there was now a small trickle of them coming up from a door to the south that was no longer closed. "I think I'm going to push ahead, and see what I can find out." As the zombie was wheeling down toward the door, Ren broke to his right, her left, so she switched tack and followed, that was the direction the damage had been as well, so it was a classic case of two birds, one stone. "Ren, is it just the three of you from down there then," she called out as she passed by the oni. "Our end has myself, Seilan, the General, Ember, and Nashwa. So far at least, though, I think I caught a glimpse of someone I didn't recognize. Was a little distracted by these golems at the time." Jade moves to 14,29 Her nightmares kept her wagon rolling, and as she ended up passing Ren, she began to slow them down, to give the man a chance to catch up and converse, but as she came alongside a pillar and could see past it, another welcome sight came into view. "Ayane! How are you, are you alone?" The small red figure she had seen before was nearby, so she kept her custom pistol at the ready in case she needed it, but she was not training the sights unless and until an indication of hostility arose.
  12. The dragon finally took notice of her, and began to talk, as Susan and the pair trailed behind those who had foolishly rushed ahead. "I can only assume. The sunken tower was located within its borders when I entered, and barring some feat of unknown magicks I would assume that be where it remains." This answer segued in part to answer the other question directed her as well, though she got the feeling the redhaired woman desired a few more details that just that. "Yes, White. Susan White. I'm not entirely sure what business the ruler had here, but I had discreetly followed her and her retainer because I had there was something I needed to discuss with her, though when I caught up with them inside the labyrinth, that meeting didn't quite work out how I had hoped..." She frowned as wisps of memory surrounding the event swirled to the surface, and her words dried up and trailed off. The sound of gears whirring to life, and the sight of the golem she had helped the earlier group dispatch only just a short while earlier caught her attention, and provided more than adequate reason to change the subject. "That one reflects magic, we have to be careful, it would be best if we could defeat it from range with weapons, but," a glance at the dragon and her companion didn't indicate this was likely. In fact, she wasn't sure the dragon could deal with it alone, qne her friend seemed to be a healer and nothing more. Very worrisome. Clucking her tongue in irritation, Susan changed her mind. "No, we don't have a choice, I'll just have to deal with the pain, I guess. Follow my lead." What about usss... Not now, this shouldn't be too bad, and I'd rather keep you in reserve. Just the standard magic, nothing more. Thinking that, she reached for the most accurate, yet simplest of the spells she knew. It was barely more complicated than a Fireball, it shouldn't fail her. It shouldn't. Susan to 3,15 cast Elwind at Construct 9
  13. "There's absolutely massive devastation here," Jade called back behind her. "Forget messing with the runes on the ground and come back, there's much more important matters afoot now." She stared at the unfamiliar individual slumped against a wall, then turned an inquisitive look to Nessraya. The merchant's concentration was only brought back to her immediate vicinity by the unpleasant tugging sensation of the enemy's sword cutting across her flesh. Still, better she suffer the wounds than her companions. Clucking her tongue, she reloaded her gun, pointed the barrel, and discharged another shot. Jade to 6,35 fires Glacial Gun at Construct 10, keeping her body between it and the living members of the group. Was everyone here stupid, or just stubborn? As the redheaded girl made her way past Susan, in spite of her warning, she turned to see that none of the previous ones she'd been introduced too had taken her advice either. If either of the staircases here had been ascending ones she absolutely would have ditched these fools to make her escape, but she had no interest in climbing deeper into the bowels of this labyrinth on the off chance of finding a roundabout way back to an upward path. "Fuck." With the devil still at full power, her magic would just roll off of her like water off a duck's ass. Instinctively her right hand moved to draw her knife, and Susan had to stop and correct the motion. She was left-handed now, and her right wouldn't find a sheath on the side it was reaching for. But then oddly neither did her other. Frowning, she looked down. No knife in sight. "Merciful Myrreenthia what have I done to the deserve this," she cursed softly. In that case there literally wasn't any choice, she had to stay with these other people. Had to use them. Reversing course she moved back to her previous position, peering around the corner. Nisha and the others were clustered, no enemy in sight. The worst still ahead, if encountered at all. Small blessings here. Susan to 4,9
  14. "Miss White," Susan answered the tall red-haired human, who seemed to be inquiring her identity. The dragon didn't seem to pay her any attention, focused more on taking care of the dolls. Honestly, not a bad priority, however her musing aloud and her shouted instructions did warrant some comment. "In all likelihood that was the aftermath of someone unsealing the ruler of Ishtaria. And the red devil doesn't seem to be in a pleasant mood. Better to wait it out, or find a different way out of this place if you ask me."
  15. Jade had been focused on the approaching enemy from around the corner, and was on the way to back up Seilan as the human mage moved in to give assault. An unexpected event gave her pause for a moment though, as unfamiliar sensations resonated throughout her body. It was as if her bones were a tuning fork, and someone was hammering on them. Confused, she turned to look past the rear of the wagon, searching for any sign or clue to the cause, but saw nothing save for one of the downed constructs from before, now reanimated and on the chase. "Fiddlesticks," the merchant swore lightly. Drawing close enough to the axe-wielding golem to discharge her firearm, she wheeled her cart in an arc, turning around to try and cut off the new (old?) threat from catching them in a pincer. It pained Jade to leave Seilan behind, especially with him standing right next to the foe, but if her shot didn't finish the monster off she would simply have to hope the shotgun succubus could seal the deal while she tried to contain aggression from the other source. Jade moves to 6,41, fires Glacial Gun at Construct 12, Cantos to 6,34 Susan visibly winced at the discharge of magical energies coming from the direction the crew she'd found herself caught up in had been heading. "Oh. That's bad. She didn't lose her powers, but I'm down most of mine? Yeah, no... sorry, I'm finding a different route." Apologizing to her current companions, she made her position on the matter clear. Then with almost comically choreographed precision, Susan turned on her heel and swiftly moved past the door she'd just left with Nisha, the crumbled remains of her egglike entombment still staining the floor within. Deliberately striding along the wall until passing the bend and finding the labyrinth open up a bit to a room with no real promising leads. Just a dragonkin, a human, and a collapsed construct. "Well fuck me." She stopped to think, trying to place just where in the maze this could be, if she'd even made it to this part of it before she'd been sealed away. Susan moves to 12,7
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