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  1. Quick stupid question: After using the convoy is it possible to then use a staff? Thank you @KamuiSama, saved a reset. Gotta love those 94% misses.
  2. What does the "obtain card" option do for streetpass avatars and can you still visit/ battle them after selecting it?
  3. I guess a more direct question I should ask is what items am I missing from the two rightmost villages in that chapter. I was a bit slow in getting to them but a few of my units have gotten great 6-7 stat increases already; so I'm wondering if anything there is important enough to soft reset. I did get the Snake Spirit from chapter 11, it's from a single reinforcement in the lower left side of the map around turn 9-ish.
  4. Which maps have villages or reinforcements with rare/powerful items (and where at)? I can't seem to find information on this anywhere and I'd very much not like to repeat my mistake of missing Boots on my first FE:A playthrough. If it helps I'm currently on chapter 13 of Hoshido.
  5. For those who have played the game, which chapters of the DLC are more story-oriented and which are more gameplay-oriented? Thanks for answering my last question NekoKnight, I've actually found out the answer to that myself by going through the general info section under DLC, so I changed my question. Not fast enough though, it seems, haha.
  6. I don't edit this very often...

  7. I've looked through the non spoiler stuff and couldn't find an answer to this question so: Without spoilers, what am I missing out on if I play Conquest and Birthright, but not Revelations (the third storyline)?
  8. I'd love to see the Summoner class make a return. Now that they have a better engine (and presumably better AI) I feel like summoning phantoms could give a new dynamic to fights much like Galeforce did in FEA. I don't expect many new classes in this game, since I doubt they'd want to change what already works, but I had so much fun messing with the enemy AI in Lagdou Ruins that I wish they could reimagine the class.
  9. FE14, tackling the west vs. east debate. I'm in.

  10. I laced Fredrick's meal with bear meat for the past week, you know, as an experiment. So far he hasn't noticed.

  11. Here's what I got. A Levin Sword In Time On a colorful and glass morning, Anna sat on the table. It was Valentine's Day and she was all alone. Her ear ached in sorrow for the secret love that she could never share. How could she expect Money to love someone with an enterprising hand? Improbably, she began to recite a poem she had composed. "Ah, my love is like a fascinating boiling Silver Card, all on a summer's day. I wish my Money would sell me, in his own ingenious way..." "Do you?" Money sat down beside Anna and put his hand on Anna's elbow. "I think that could be arranged." Anna gasped quickly. "But what about my enterprising hand?" "I like it," Money said carefully. "I think it's shiny." They came together and their kiss was like the dark entrails of an entombed. "I love you," Anna said slyly. "I love you too," Money replied and sold her. They bought a risen, moved in together, and lived haltingly ever after.
  12. My apologies, I forgot to look if the characters who know Shadowgift can learn Tomefaire. Corrected.
  13. If you can choose any two skills that work well together for a unit what would your favorite combination be? If you can, describe what unit would make the best use of those skills and what enemies the combination would be most effective against. Assume that the other three skills are All Stats+2, Discipline, and Limit Break. (Yes, I realize not all units can get them) Please don't use Rightful King as one of the skills....:( If you would like, take a look at the Skill Combinations suggested by others in the Your Recommended Skill Combinations section at the bottom of this post! (it's fairly lengthy as of now) Here are some examples of Two Skill Combinations: Lifetaker-Galeforce: Useful for any unit with high Attack and a good weapon; restores up to 100% HP Pavise-Aegis: Useful for any unit with high skill (particularly those with poor defenses); gives extra durability Aegis-Counter: Good for units with high Defense, Skill and HP; weakens effect of magic, bow, and dragonstone, while dealing back damage to (rng 1) sword, lance, axe, beaststone users. Sol-Vengeance: Good for hard-hitting, but fragile, units (ie: Cordelia as Sorcerer); if Sol doesn't activate to heal, Vengeance should prevent an enemy counterattack from felling the unit at low HP. I am particularly fond of the last one. So, anyone have any ideas or strategies involving a pair of skills? Edit: Your Recommended Skill Combinations (Anyone think ranking them is a good idea?) I put links to the posts where there are reasons for using the skill combinations. If the skill pair was listed in a post but not explained, there won't be a link to a post. explanation: #2 recommended for: explanation: #1 recommended for: explanation: #13 recommended for: explanation: #5 recommended for: explanation: #1 #6 recommended for: explanation: recommended for: explanation: #24 recommended for: Streetpass team characters (by #24) explanation: recommended for: explanation: recommended for: explanation: recommended for: Stahl (by #12) explanation: #14 recommended for: explanation: recommended for: wielders of (by #14) explanation: recommended for: Donnel and his children explanation: recommended for: Gerome (by #14) explanation: recommended for: explanation: recommended for: explanation: #18 recommended for: explanation: #20 recommended for: explanation: #20 recommended for: explanation: recommended for: / / explanation: #20 recommended for: explanation: #20 recommended for: explanation: #20 recommended for: explanation: #20 recommended for: Aversa!Morgan, DLC Micaiah and DLC Katarina (by #20) explanation: #20 recommended for: &/ explanation: #20 recommended for: dragons and bunnies manaketes and taguels explanation: #20 recommended for: Inigo with (by #20) explanation: recommended for: Cavalry Classes (by #25) explanation: #25 recommended for: explanation: #25 recommended for: explanation: #25 recommended for: explanation: recommended for: explanation: #25 recommended for: Wyvern Lords (by #25) explanation: #25 recommended for: Swordmaster with (by #25) explanation: #25 recommended for: explanation: recommended for: explanation: recommended for: &/ explanation: pros: #28 #40 cons: #42 recommended for: explanation: #33 recommended for:
  14. If a specific archer unit has Counter and Pavise, would enemies with 1-2 range weapons (ie Tomahawk) attack from nearby as to avoid counterattack, or from 2 tiles away to avoid Counter and to cause more damage?
  15. The problem I have with Axefaire is that only two out of the fifteen of Severa's reclass options use axes (one of which I will probably avoid reclassing her into. Arguably, both Lancefaire and Swordfaire would be more useful to Severa. Unfortunately, Severa is not able to receive Lancefaire through male inheritance and she cannot get Swordfaire at all. This is why I see the other skills (Gamble, Counter,Wrath) as more useful to inherit. My apologies for under-explaining
  16. Studious as always! Or will be once Lissa returns my books.

  17. I was wondering which male-only skill to give to Henry!Severa. I plan to switch her classes around quite a bit (so axefaire will be completely useless) and I do not need her for a streetpass team. That leaves Gamble, Wrath, and Counter as viable skills for her. I have the Dread Fighter DLC too, although I'm not sure if those skills can be inherited (so Res+10 and Aggressor if they can be). Right now I'm leaning toward Gamble, as it is effective in all offensive classes and can stack Crit. with forged killer weapons/ruin, although it does decrease hit. What do you think? Does Gamble sound like as good choice, or would other skills, like Counter or Wrath, work better? Unique Skills Severa can receive Barbarian Despoil Gamble Berserker Wrath Axefaire Warrior Rally Strength Counter Possible classes Mercenary Armsthrift Patience Hero Sol Axebreaker Bow Knight Rally Skill Bowbreaker Pegasus Knight Speed +2 Relief Falcon Knight Rally Speed Lancefaire Dark Flier Rally Movement Galeforce Dark Mage Hex Anathema Sorcerer Vengeance Tomebreaker Dark Knight Slow Burn :( Lifetaker Thief Locktouch Movement +1 Assassin Lethality Pass Trickster Lucky Seven Acrobat Troubadour :( Resistance +2 Demoiselle Valkyrie Rally Resistance Dual Support+ War Cleric Rally Luck Renewal Stat mods for Henry!Severa Str +3 Mag +1 Skl +5 Spd +3 Lck -2 Def +2 Res -1 ^Fairly decent, I believe. source: http://serenesforest.net/fe13/children/selena.html
  18. The characters have a small description tacked on to the end of their profile (ie: fastest/largest/best "insert characteristic here" in the army) Many of these aren't represented in the story. If IS went one step further and made these descriptions slightly affect stats to support the individuality theme and made a new mechanic out of it (I'd call the mechanic "Trait"), then they would extend the interest and nuance of the game without having to overhaul the current combat. The traits would not be inheritable and be specifically for one character (these are not skills and would be more closely related to modifiers). Here's an example: Chrom's description states that he "breaks the most things during practice", so why not lower his weapon rank by 1 and increase his strength by 4 during the challenge (risen) battles. Ricken is "the most popular with animals" so maybe his trait would increase his avoid in a mounted class (ie: dark knight) Gregor is "the slowest to feel muscular pain" so he could start with a +16Def/-16Res modifier which would halve every turn until +1Def/-1Res. Even someone like Tiki who's "infamous for being a terrible riser" can get +10Atk/-20Hit on her first turn. Maybe Brady "most likely to be mistaken for a bandit", will not be attacked by the barbarian/warrior/berserker/thief classes on the first enemy turn. Say'ri "best diver in the army" could gain +10 max HP when fighting in/ above water and -10 max HP when fighting in the desert. Some traits would be more difficult to correlate to stat changes (such as Cordelia's ), but overall it would truly give the characters more... well, character!
  19. Just to try to keep people from listing 4 of these skills and limit breaker, to see how you can enhance ordinary skill sets with these. Not as if I expected it to work...
  20. Slipped a red book cover on my Celicia's Gale. Those pegasus knights still don't understand how I OHKO their allies!

  21. It's hard to deny that enemy skills would be very useful if you could place them on your characters. How would you use these these skills if they were available to you (in both the endgame and in streetpass)? What characters would you give them to? What skill combinations (with both enemy and regular skills) would you use? What strategies would these skills allow you to do? Let's also be realistic here and assume that these skills wouldn't be easy to obtain (with dragonskin being the most difficult). Here's a reference for the enemy skills, the full version can be found at the bottom of the skills link in the Awakening section. http://serenesforest.net/fe13/skills.html Icon Skill Name Effect Dragonskin Halves damage, negates Counter and Lethality Hit Rate +10 Hit rate +10 Rightful God Adds 30% to Skill activation rates Vantage+ Always attack first during the enemy's Turn Luna+ Every attack has a Luna effect Hawkeye Attacks always strike the enemy Pavise+ Halves damage from swords, lances, axes (includes magical variants) and beaststones * Aegis+ Halves damage from bows, tomes and dragonstones * Let the thought experiment begin!!!
  22. That's the reason why you can check multiple, but generally people use one more than another.
  23. Just want to see how the people here on S.F. play the game. :)
  24. If there weren't any, what would be the point of the challenge? :)
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