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  1. Hello, I wanted to see if I could either get certain pages translated or get access to certain pages to get them translated. I posted this same question on a older post but since im new to the site wasn't sure if you would have seen it.

    Specifically all support conversations for Ikexranulf ikexSoren and ikexelincia and ikexlethe. I want to verify information about the changes the localization team decided to make.

    Also Vol. 1 p. 192 and Vol. 2 p.102 if possible so I can verify information on that regard as well. Wouldn't mind seeing the support conversations for jillxmist and ziharkxmaurim as well. I would prefer to be able to see them in Japanese even if you wish to translate them just cause I'm going to have a someone go over all the possible ways it can be translated for certain conversations.

  2. Sorry for the late reply. Was her artwork not released? If nobody else has posted it yet, I'll get it scanned right away. EDIT: Added to the gallery!
  3. Hi everyone~ I'm really pressed for time, and I have not butchered the book as I usually do. it is a little underwhelming overall for both artwork and trivia, but oh well. I'm uploading the RAWs to an imgur gallery as we speak. Apologies that some of the sides of the scans are blurry, but it can't be helped with the spine in the way. I plan to get a few of the new character official works up, and maybe a few interesting concept pages. The rest will be done by request. I am not doing a translation project for this book, but just select pages. @VincentASM I prioritized scanning the few lore pages there are for you. Chronicle seems the most promising! EDIT: Okay done uploading for now! Anyone who is missing I had assumed already had their artworks shown, but if I'm mistaken please let me know and I will scan them when I can. You will notice a scan of Soleil's concept art that shows her full body, this was a request, and not all the bodies in concept art have the full body. It's a little inconsistent, actually.
  4. Time flies... It's been several months since my last update! And nearly a year since this started! x_x But I am alive! And have some good news! Lots of pages done for this update! Profiles: 110 Desaix, Barth, and Garth 112 Blake, Zakson, Lawson, and Gazelle Enemy Units: 130 | 131 | 132 | 133 | NPCs: 134 | 135 | Concept Art: 146-147 Alm and Celica 148-149 Celica, Mycen, and Gray 150-151 Tobin, Kliff, Silque, Faye, and Clive 152-153 Clair, Python, Forsyth, Mae, Zeke, Tatiana 154-155 Mathilda, Boey, Genny, Jesse, Leon, Luthier, Delthea, and Atlas 158-159 Conrad, Berkut, and Rinea 160-161 Fernand, Jedah, Rudolf, and Mila The only pages left are a few more profiles (9), and four pages of "Overclass" concepts! Then there are two pages of staff comments that I want to translate, but then I can finally wrap this up! So sorry for the delay everyone, but I'll need a bit more time..been so busy! (Also please ignore some minor terminology errors, when going over some I realize sometimes Zofia became Zophia or Sofia/Sophia, due to the variety of translators and which versions of the game we played and such...I only realized after the typesetting was done, and already spent several hours on all this...so I'm willing to let it slide. Forgive me!)
  5. At the end of chapter 2-3, Geoffrey's charge, Lucia discusses her plans with Haar. Is there any elaboration in the Japanese version that explains it better. 


    “…Well, look at that. Someone’s launched a flare… And from Felirae, of all places.”

    “The emergency signal from Geoffrey! As I suspected… The rebels were just a decoy. Sir Haar, thank you for your assistance.”

    “Hey, wait… Are you telling me that you knew about this all along?”

    “We knew the duke was up to no good. But if we had known about the decoys, we wouldn’t have sent the Royal Knights to Castle Felirae. I suppose I’m just surprised that Lord Ludveck, the supposed epitome of nobility, would so willingly sacrifice his followers.”

    “You know…you play a pretty deep game, woman.”

    “We all do, wouldn’t you say? Her Majesty is at Fort Alpea. We’re due to hear from her at any moment. I’ll go check on that.”

    “Sharp as a tack, aren’t we? I think I’ll excuse myself, then…”

    “Actually, there’s one more thing… I want you to wait here a little longer. If all goes as planned, I’ll be back shortly with your payment. Then you may do as you wish.”

    “And if all doesn’t go as planned?”

    “Then set out for Fort Alpea and alert the queen. I’ll also send a messenger to Geoffrey. Thank you.”

    From this it shows Lucia thought that if she gets captured, reinforcements should be sent to warn Elincia at Fort Alpea as her capture would imply Ludveck has infiltrated her informant network, compromising Elincia's secret hiding place. 

    Is my interpretation valid in the extended script as well? 

  6. Hi everyone! Me again with another JPN vs ENG post (does anyone remember me? xD) A user on the FE reddit had pinged me to look into something on Hector and Eliwood's A support. Namely, what was going on with Erik Laus, and how the conversation reads in Japanese. I looked into it and it is indeed very likely a mistranslation --revolving around some pronoun mishaps. The conversation ends up reading quite differently in the two languages as a result. Please read my in-depth post about it on my blog to see the details! I now want to go check every support conversation between characters in the game... as the mistranslations are starting to pile up...
  7. You are correct, from the few things I've looked into, this would appear to be the case. But of course I've only looked at a few scenes (notably the Sothe's children line). So not something I can really make a general assumption from. One day I would love to look into the way characters are portrayed between the languages more in-depth! But alas, time is a fleeting thing... I've barely been on SF as well : ( hence why I saw your message and thread so late.
  8. Hello!

    I wrote and Micaiah Personality Analysis and Eclipse pondered on whether Micaiah's personality was changed in the localization. I don't ask you to go through the entire script but from what you've read and remember of it, do you think my analysis holds? 

  9. Apologies for the wait everyone! A lot of life changes went on (some really good but keep me really busy too~) I especially apologize to Valbar and Kamui fans, but here are their profiles (finally!) 102 Valbar and Kamui That is all the playable characters done. Now some bosses/other characters remain, and some bits of concept art. I still plan to see this through before the end of the year!
  10. @Interdimensional Observer Thanks for the write up on things about the poll! When it comes to FE9's localization, I often think of this article on the matter. The communication between NoA and NoJ to express intent across properly means they probably reached an agreement on the title that became "The Four Riders." At the same time they did leave a lot to the localization. Really, I would've just abandoned the image of steadfast horses entirely and gone with something more boring like "The Four Knights of Daein" or "Four Pillars of Daein" (or some variants thereof) and such. : ) Or to get more culturally relevant, would've tried to relate them to something like the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse.
  11. Hi everyone! Remember that character poll for FE6 and FE7 ? The same ones that were also in the Character Book? While we had the poll results themselves and have known them for a long time, I present them all in one place with every single Japanese fan comment translated. I thought it would be a fun way to see how Japanese fans thought of these characters back then as part of my long-term goal of getting the two fandoms to be closer together. Other things include comparing their placements in their games on this poll to their Fire Emblem Heroes Choose Your Legend (first one, specifically) ranking in their respective games and such. That, and some of them were pretty amusing, anyway. It took several weeks and 49 pages in MS Word, but I hope you all enjoy the fruits of this labor and that it serves as a helpful resource for future references. All the poll results and fan comments can be seen here!
  12. Hello, hope you're doing well! I have a question related to Radiant Dawn, again. 

    There's some peculiar line in the Japanese extended script that I find troublesome. In chapter 3-12, Tauroneo comments on how the terrain isn't ideal.


    “Are the rocks ready?”

    “Yes. They’re in position. However, the terrain conditions are not ideal, so I cannot promise they’ll be much use.”

    “Well, we don’t necessarily need to hit anybody. Our aim is to prevent the enemy from advancing forward.”

    Given that the Daein Army has the high ground and has prepared boulders, I don't see how the terrain conditions weren't ideal. I guess Tauroneo could be referring to how rocks will be relatively ineffective which is addressed in the gameplay due to there being so few rocks in comparison to the horde of enemies you fight but this is just my interpretation. 

    Also, is Tauroneo more harsher on Micaiah in the Japanese version? 

    The English script has Tauroneo criticize Micaiah passively. While in the extended script he's a lot more direct in his criticism. 


    “But, Micaiah… Is this really necessary? Can’t we avoid all of this fighting and somehow pretend to obey the senate?”

    “Micaiah, it was you more than anyone else who used to hate plans like this…”

    “The apostle’s army has incredible numbers. We wouldn’t stand a chance taking them head-on. They would march right through us. We need to give Pelleas more time, but if we hold back, the senate will know we’re up to something. For now…let’s just try to draw this out a bit and stop the apostle’s army.”

    “Lady Micaiah. Your strength moves me. I shall not falter.”


    “No, we don’t have enough time. If we let the apostle pass through here, it’ll be too late and her army will cross into Begnion. That will surely anger the senate, and the senate will move to destroy Daein.”

    “Lady Micaiah, please calm yourself. I know that the one who hates this plan more than anyone else is you.”

    “We must fight with everything we have so that Daein may live on!”


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    2. Kirokan


      Happy to be of help : ) Yes, it was also to show she's not just all bent on killing if she can avoid it. But at the same time, may not mind casualties for the greater good kind of thing.

    3. Icelerate


      Well she planned to light them up so I don't think that's correct. If she didn't go all out, then the remaining forces would join up with Ike's army and decimate the Daein Army. 

    4. Kirokan


      Indeed, that's why I wrote "if she can avoid it." : ) We know she couldn't in that case for the reasons you listed.

  13. Yes, still alive! Today's update: 103 Leon and Atlas 096 Python and Forsyth + Enemy Units 126 | 127 | 128 | 129 | Python's profile had some new stuff I believe! We finally got Leon and Atlas up there too. Whoever thought Valbar and Kamui would be the last of the playable characters people wanted to translate? xD After those two, there are some NPCs/bosses to complete, and then just a few more generic class pages. Then a few pages of concept art!
  14. Great analysis : ) You went much more in-depth than the concepts I covered, especially when it comes to the poem. One thing that may be of note is the color correspondence that comes about which matches the characters (and thus we can attach a character to a season). Said color coding applies to the three in the order they're presented (also note that sans wind, they are in the order as given in the title too). Edelgard von Hraesvelgr (Pink/Spring) Dimitri Alexander Blaiddyd (Blue/Winter) Claude von Regan (Yellow/Autumn) I found that interesting! As for wind, for now, I simply assume you, the player, will serve as the wild card to complete the four seasons (and the title convention) that didn't exist in the original poem. : )
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