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  1. 1. Path of Radiance 2. Binding Blade 3. Mystery of the Emblem 4. Conquest 5. Blazing Sword 6. Sacred Stones 7. Birthright 8. Awakening 9. Revelation I think that's all I've played
  2. I don't know, +20 Luck or +20 Hit sounds kind of worthless when compared to +20% crit. I think a good way to balance it out is to just give crit bonuses to classes that are locked to one weapon, like Fates did, like Swordmasters, Halberdiers/Spear Masters, Berserkers and Snipers, because otherwise they're at a pretty huge disadvantage. For example, you can use a Hero for 1-2 range access, or you can use a Swordmaster for the crit boost.
  3. I don't mind the insane crit bonus in FE6, there needs to be at least some reason to use Swordmasters over Heroes, but as Cornguy said, I think 20% would be a bit more balanced than 15%, which is too low, and 30% which is a bit too insane.
  4. Paladin Laslow (A-Rank Xander, or S-Rank Peri)
  5. Mozu isn't a great unit, but if you're hell-bent on using her, I suggest Dread Fighter, it helps her overcome her slow start very quickly, and she will quickly become one of your strongest units. Having access to shurikens is great too. Keep in mind you'll be stuck in E-rank weapon hell though. No, Mozu is worse because she has a ridiculously slow start, requires a Heart Seal, needs to go through E-rank hell, while Takumi, as you said is chilling with his Fujin Yumi, and her stat advantages over Takumi are marginal at best. Takumi is the far superior Sniper.
  6. Percival- He looks good, has a good personality, and is an amazing unit. Klein- He's the son of Pent and Louise, he's a good unit, has a cool design, and I like his personality. Shin- Besides Takumi, he was probably the best archer I've ever used in Fire Emblem,and has an okay design. Can't say much for personality. Bors- I'm mostly indifferent to all of them (or hate in Wendy's case), but at least Bors has a fabulous chin. Raigh- He's one of my favourites in the entire series. I love his smug face, his personality and he performed well as a unit. I like Sophia too, but she's never been a useful unit for me. and I prefer Raigh. Lugh- Easily the best mage in FE6. He's also Raigh's brother and has a really cool personality. I like Lilina too, but she was a worse unit gameplaywise then Lugh Clarine- Clarine,because she's the daughter of Pent and Louise, has a cute design and was probably my best healer. I like mounted healers. Astore- He is such an underrated character. His supports with Igrene are so good. He's also the best thief as a unit. Karel- Rutger and Fir are far better units, but as characters, Rutger is just Coldsteel the Swordsman and Fir is bland, while Karel gets really interesting development from the Sword Demon to the Sword Saint. Geese- Geese is definitely the best looking and has fabulous hair, and has a good personality as well. Deke- Deke is just great, unit wise and personality wise. Milady- I absolutely love Milady. She's a really cool character, excellent unit and has one of my favourite designs in the series. She should have been named Melody though. Shanna- Shanna, but I'm probably biased because I had a super strength blessed Shanna with better strength than Milady. Elphin- I prefer Elphin as a character, but sadly you get Lalum in the better route. Thoughts on Merlinus?- He's alright. I like the idea of having a convoy unit. Thoughts on Fae?- Never used her. Thoughts on Roy?- Meh.
  7. Kinshi Knight Oboro (S-Support Subaki or Takumi)
  8. Casual mode is there for the casuals who need it. As long as Classic mode is still an option, I think having Casual mode is fine. Though, I feel Phoenix mode is going a bit too far, since it's almost impossible to lose on it.
  9. I put more emphasis on personality when picking a team, but if a unit is really bad, no matter how good their personality is, they are probably getting the bench. I just don't have the patience to train bad units like Nino, Amelia or Sophia, even though I really like their personalities.
  10. The monster classes make randomising FE8 a lot of fun.
  11. I'd want to be a Pegasus Knight, because most of my favourite units are pegasus knights, and riding a winged horse sounds really cool. Then I would promote to Dark Flier because I like mages a lot too, and Dark Flier provides a good middle ground.
  12. I like the names the way they are, I don't see much of a reason to change them. It may just be because I'm used to them though.
  13. Radiant Dawn's animations are amazing. Fates does give it a run for its money though, it has some pretty great ones too.
  14. This is an older post, but this is not actually true. Upon starting FE3, it gives you a choice between playing Book 1 or Book 2.
  15. I much prefer FE6 to FE7. It had better difficulty, map design, story, soundtrack and an underrated cast.
  16. Yes! The Tellius games were my favourite games, mechanically wise and story wise, and they feel like the Fire Emblem games that had the most effort put into them. I would definitely play another Tellius-style game.
  17. I prefer Priscilla because she's a mounted staffbot, and Lucius is just yet another mage unit.
  18. No Black Knight option? I'll vote for Zephiel then, his motivations are insane and he's a total asshole, yet his backstory is so tragic you still feel sympathy for him. Lyon is not too far behind.
  19. Fimbulvetr in the GBA games has the coolest animation. A shame Fates ruined it.
  20. Path of Radiance has fun gameplay, but I like being challenged once in a while, which Path of Radiance doesn't really do, even on Hard mode. I didn't like the magic being split into different weapon ranks, because they level up way too slowly and Soren ended up being only up to the El- type magic by endgame. I didn't like the Biorhythm mechanic in general, especially with Boyd's Tempest skill. The Laguz were too weak, and I never ended up using any of them except Reyson and the royal in endgame. Shinon and Stefan are way too cryptic to recruit.
  21. Path of Radiance has an amazing cast of characters, one of the best plots in the series, with a strong lord and strong villains, and some good world-building, tons of innovative and new mechanics like BEXP and Base Conversations, and simple, and easy but still very fun gameplay. I haven't played Radiant Dawn yet, but I'm very excited to try it out because it seems to further improve on Path of Radiance.
  22. FE1- Wendell, because of his base speed and magic generally being powerful in this game due to enemies having no resistance. FE6- Shanna holds a special place in my heart because in my playthrough I had an insanely strength blessed Shanna who ended up stronger than Milady and was overall a winged goddess. I also liked Niime, she's a fun utility unit and her supports with Hugh were pure gold. FE7- Pent for his amazing base stats, high weapon ranks, including the ability to use physic staves at join and generally kicks ass with even a basic thunder tome. He also has a nice personality and he and his wife have some amazing genes. FE8- I would say Seth but that would be too easy, so I'll say Cormag. One of my favourites across the entire series. He has clear motivations, he has some amazing quotes against Valter, and I tend to like the revenge-seeking character type. He also has a soft spot for kittens. What's not to love? Gameplay-wise he's amazing too, especially as a Wyvern Knight. FE9- Marcia, who's also my favourite in the entire series, if you couldn't tell from my profile picture. Her interactions with Makalov are hilarious, and her "insults" like sponge-brain and clambake are funny too. She also has a nice design too, especially in Radiant Dawn. Not to mention she's one of the best units in the game if you invest bonus experience into her. Shout outs to Titania and Soren too for being great characters and units. FE10- Same as FE9, but minus the BEXP part. FE13- Virion and Maribelle, because I feel they are some of the few Awakening characters to have real flaws, and it takes a long time to warm up to them, but once you read their supports you find they are great characters. They are mediocre as units however. FE14- Arthur! He's like a light in a country filled with darkness and gloominess, and I really appriciate how caring he is as a character. A lot of his lines from the Beruka support were great too. He also has some of the most glorious voice acting in the game. "BEWARE MY FISTS OF JUSTICE!"
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