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  1. I appreciated having multiple 'support conversations' required in order to unlock the next Support level, for certain characters/supports. It's a clever way to add more interaction btwn characters and flesh out the relationship more. It was a great call, writing wise.
  2. Hmmm...I'm curious as to how they chose these particular characters for the first 'student banner' for Three Houses. I thought Dorothea or Felix would be in the list. Either way, think I'll skip this one...not really interested. Also I have no orbs and too many other Heroes to summon.
  3. I got Claude a few days ago, still trying for Dimitri ❤️*wiggle wiggle* Come to mama....
  4. Ah yes, quite right! Thank you for clarifying. I still expected Chrom or Marth to show up for the men, so I suspect we'll see them...soon? Maybe next year? Lol.
  5. I know I'm really lame, but I get unreasonably excited for Feh Channels. I'm a grown woman, and I love how Feh interacts with us Summoners. It's so cute and fun...I think I'm regressing back to childhood under all the stress from school. Someone please send help. Eliwood as #2 men's choice? Alm as #1? What is even going on???? Lol. I love them both, but I'm shocked. Women's results aren't surprising, though I thought Lucina was going to be a strong contender. Disappointing that Camilla is a staff user, but ah well...
  6. I made my final decisions in my playthrough order: 1) Blue Lions, Byleth x Dimitri 2) Golden Deer, Byleth x Claude 3) Black Eagles Edelgard route, Byleth x Ferdinand 4) Black Eagles Church route, Byleth x Sylvain
  7. I'd heard rumors, wasn't sure if it was confirmed! Tbh I haven't spoiled myself enough to know about the Death Knight's story, only the Flame Emperor. I'm scared y'all 😨
  8. I'm highly impressed with how well Dorothea's supports are written.
  9. I haven't seen anything definitive about Jeritza, so can I humbly ask if anyone knows if he's recruitable/playable? 😮
  10. *blessed* x 83792309234094258 AIGHT INTSYS, I SEE YOU FLEXING
  11. It turns out that I was right to wait for the S support content F!Byleth x Claude S support: I had a tiny inkling something like this was going to happen when I saw the ending. Now we wait for the others. F!Byleth x Dimitri has also been posted, FYI.
  12. I don't understand reading code, so I can't say for sure myself 😛
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