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  1. The title of this topic is a whole mood XD I always choose whoever feels right or which relationship would be most relevant to the story. Among the characters that you listed...I would probably go with Flayn. Like others have said, it's not too important gameplay speaking. It just depends on who you like best 😉
  2. LOL y'all, why Alfonse and Sharena look like they stepped in a ring of mushrooms in the forest? For real though, this is an interesting new direction for Book 4. I look forward to the story, but remember I was disappointed with how Book 3 played out. It had so much potential, so I'll reserve judgement on the new story for now.
  3. I appreciated having multiple 'support conversations' required in order to unlock the next Support level, for certain characters/supports. It's a clever way to add more interaction btwn characters and flesh out the relationship more. It was a great call, writing wise.
  4. Hmmm...I'm curious as to how they chose these particular characters for the first 'student banner' for Three Houses. I thought Dorothea or Felix would be in the list. Either way, think I'll skip this one...not really interested. Also I have no orbs and too many other Heroes to summon.
  5. I got Claude a few days ago, still trying for Dimitri ❤️*wiggle wiggle* Come to mama....
  6. Ah yes, quite right! Thank you for clarifying. I still expected Chrom or Marth to show up for the men, so I suspect we'll see them...soon? Maybe next year? Lol.
  7. I know I'm really lame, but I get unreasonably excited for Feh Channels. I'm a grown woman, and I love how Feh interacts with us Summoners. It's so cute and fun...I think I'm regressing back to childhood under all the stress from school. Someone please send help. Eliwood as #2 men's choice? Alm as #1? What is even going on???? Lol. I love them both, but I'm shocked. Women's results aren't surprising, though I thought Lucina was going to be a strong contender. Disappointing that Camilla is a staff user, but ah well...
  8. I made my final decisions in my playthrough order: 1) Blue Lions, Byleth x Dimitri 2) Golden Deer, Byleth x Claude 3) Black Eagles Edelgard route, Byleth x Ferdinand 4) Black Eagles Church route, Byleth x Sylvain
  9. I'd heard rumors, wasn't sure if it was confirmed! Tbh I haven't spoiled myself enough to know about the Death Knight's story, only the Flame Emperor. I'm scared y'all 😨
  10. I'm highly impressed with how well Dorothea's supports are written.
  11. I haven't seen anything definitive about Jeritza, so can I humbly ask if anyone knows if he's recruitable/playable? 😮
  12. *blessed* x 83792309234094258 AIGHT INTSYS, I SEE YOU FLEXING
  13. It turns out that I was right to wait for the S support content F!Byleth x Claude S support: I had a tiny inkling something like this was going to happen when I saw the ending. Now we wait for the others. F!Byleth x Dimitri has also been posted, FYI.
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