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  1. is 3.671 enough to stay in T20? Its close but I feel its not enough...
  2. Some of these are pretty good actually! Im not sure if these types of skills are mentioned before, but here we go: C Phantom Fliers C Phantom Cavalry C Phantom Armor Basically, a unit with any of these in their C slot will be able to receive all the buffs the unit would receive as if they are of that movement type. I'm thinking this could just be for infantry units. Could work on others as long as the effects don't stack.
  3. First of all, I was trying to save. I lost almost 200 orbs on the previous legendary banner just for 1 NY! Camilla (shes new at least). one month later and I saved back up to 450~ orbs. Hero Fest and legendary banner comes along and the results are: Brave Roy: +speed -atk NEW (wanted him for ages!) Male Morgan: +def -speed Brave Hector: +atk -hp NEW 200~ orbs used Legendary Marth: +hp -speed NEW LA Hector: -atk something, not new. Legendary Grima: -def +hp, not new. Gunnthra: -atk +def NEW 60~ orbs used chose veronica as my freebie, but Ephraim has been tempting me. a few weeks pass and I've been randomly trying for Ephraim or Lene. both banners had their pity rate up a tiny bit at this point. saved back up to almost 300 orbs and just before the legendary banner ends I break and start summoning. Brave banner: Dorcas: +def -speed NEW Brave Ephraim!!: +atk -hp NEW Legendary banner: Fjorm: Neutral Lene!!: +speed -def NEW 150~ orbs used both banners. so all in all I'm pretty happy. I really need to get back to saving now...
  4. https://imgur.com/sqhBOil Building this Roy, im not sure if Vantage is the way to go. Would Renewal be better? Also, he's +atk -def now but ill probably change it upon merging him. What IV would be best?
  5. I'm in the list twice already. So one can be removed/edited. My lead unit has changed too and has been +10 Nino for a while now. Anyone feel free to add me! Chelone - 7378554018
  6. +atk -speed summer tiki. I'd like to use her still, where can I go from here? I was thinking QR3 but i could just use the seal.
  7. saved up 120 orbs, planning to do my usual free/15 orb summon on the legendary banner. Ended up using them all because I wanted a pity breaker... hello summer tiki. my girlfriend on the other hand used 60 orbs to get F!Robin, Lute, summer tiki and fjorm.
  8. Still in need for another Archer, my only good one is a +speed Brave build B!Lyn. I dont have much available but this is what I have. +atk -hp Gordin Neutral Klein +hp -def Leon empty vessel Takumi.
  9. used about 50 orbs total if I remember correctly really wanted summer Corrin, kinda want Ephraim and Gunthra. First 15 orb circle: Ephraim: +def -Res Summer Leo: -atk +Hp two more tries later that night, sniped a blue, got out, then a green and left. didnt want to spend too much because I promised myself to save orbs, "next will be my last full circle, no sniping I need to save". Summer Corrin! :+speed -Hp Brave Ike: +hp -Def (not sure if I will merge on my neutral or save for SI). 170 orbs left and kinda want to jump back in for Gunthra... but I really promised myself to save.. also want Grima... and Zephiel.
  10. -atk +speed Legendary Ike. Can I fix him somehow? would he still be ok? Was thinking of something with quick reposte, or fury to fix his low atk. He would lose his breath though.
  11. After 40ish orbs... Legendary Ike! but... he's -atk +speed 90% of my 5* lately are -atk... why...
  12. Pulled a -atk +def NY!Azura, gave her fury 3 which brings her to 44/38 should I refine her weapon with the standard atk one or add more speed?
  13. Havent posted in a while. Managed to get Winter Tharja and Robin (both -atk) using over 100 orbs. Legendary bannerI really wanted Brave Roy but ended up getting Sigurd 2 times... Today... Azura was my free summon (another -atk) while Takumi is +atk -res.
  14. sadly I dont. One of the reasons I wanted her was because of the Hone. never pulled Hinoka haha.
  15. I've spend almost 200 orbs (almost got up to 5%) and finally got Halloween Henry (-atk/+speed) was a bit annoyed about the pity rate though. my very next round a few days later... Halloween Nowi! (-atk/+def)... still happy to have them! and I never pulled Hinoka or Amelia so happy with their skills too!
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