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  1. Thank you everyone :'D That is really interesting because I really really wanted Dorothea and Sylvain to work out. Maybe yeah, how did you build your Dorothea and Sylvain? In my case Dorothea I took her down the Mage route. She ended up with only 19 speed, and kinda middling for both Mag and Str. I wonder if I should have passed through something like Assassin. For Sylvain, he was a complete tragedy T_T, by CF endgame as Dark Knight his str was still at like 28? I ended up reclassing back to Paladin for Lancefaire. With Bow Knights I did really liked Leonie, and Ignatz in that class, and I think Cyril has potential in it too (I put him in WL, but his stat spread seems workable for Bow Knight). It's just on that AM run, I tried putting Byleth in it and it was a bit of a disaster. So I just kinda ended up being more cautious when considering which unit I wanted to take into that class. Initially I wanted to try it for Felix and Ferdinand, but kept it to characters with higher Dex. You can 1000% do it! Keep going at it x) Once it's done, I find subsequent playthroughs easier cause you know what to expect (and there's the NG+ option) Have fun with that! ❤️ I usually use Renown to early to take the edge off White Clouds and help with recruiting. Max Prof rank I think 100% makes a lot of difference, thanks to the extra activity points. Other things I find nice are Authority ranks, and Class mastery skills when available. I quite like renown on NG+ because it kinda lets you customise to a certain extent how you want your run to be to like. Haha yeah, I copied a save file. Replaying White Clouds can be such a chore. So it kinda depends for me, for Byleth absolutely. For Prof ranks, weapon ranks skills.. everything. Having hit Prof rank early definitely made things much easier, thanks to the extra activity points. It was also really fun giving Male Byleth Darting Blow for instance, Female Byleth Quick Riposte, and trying hybrid builds. Sadly for students, since I mainly used in house students they rarely had anything to interit 😞 . Ones that did I recruit for multiple routes I tried to build them differently, just to switch things up, so I couldn't use as much renown for them.
  2. Think this took just under a year, I started AM last June, and played AM on NG and the rest on NG+. Used male Byleth on VW, female Byleth on the others. I usually pick explore, and do battle on the final weekend of every month. The only exception was for SS where I did do a fair bit of grinding for Intermediate Classes/Masteries on Church units. I used DLC classes, but no online or use of Chalice. I think the easiest route overall was VW, because you get a lot of archers early on, there's no worries about recruiting Lythesia or Lorenz and there wasn't much of a difficulty spike on the second half. AM is probably still a little easier during White Clouds (I got through it while messing about), because of Annette's rallies and Dedue, but the second part can be a pain if unprepared. CF has a harder first half, but I don't think the difficulty spikes as bad on the second half except the final few maps. The only real issue I found was how short it was, so there was less time to enjoy completed builds, and can be a bit tight if chasing S+ ranks for weapons. Hardest boss for me was Rhea in SS. She has a huge range, lots of HP, and there's the need to beat the white beasts. Overall, even though you don't get a "Lord" character on that route, Seteth is pretty good. I tried to use mostly in house characters on each run. The only ones I didn't give a fair chance to were: the retrainers (Dedue, Hilda, Hubert) - I chose to adjunct to their lords for support bonuses Hapi (sorry) - I like her but didn't get a chance at all T_T Yuri - mostly adjunct to Byleth for bonuses Constance - Dancer (kinda hilariously over qualified) Raphael - Adjunct to Ignatz to make space for Balthus Casper - Tried to use him, but eventually adjunct to Bernadetta. I think he's useable, but there's just better options. Fun surprises: Dark Flier Byleth - Having magic was fun, probably not as good as Falcon Knight, but one of the better hybrid options for her Valkyrie Annette - She's such a bomb Sniper Hanneman - Hilariously effective. Totally recommend. War Master/Grappler Alois - Out of the box ready to go. Good weapon levels. Falcon Knight Catherine - It took effort to get her there, but no regrets; she has amazing growths in strength Disappointments: Mortal Savant Dorothea - I didn't realise how average all of her growths were. Dark Knight Sylvain - I wanted to try a build where he could have access to Swift Strikes, Physic and Seraphim. It didn't work out as good as it sounded on paper. I also think he got quite strength screwed too (even though I took him through mostly physical classes) which didn't help Bow knights - No Hunter Volley and the hit penalty at the furthest range make this less worthwhile unless on a character with Point Blank Volley like Leonie or Cyril (but then you still can't take full advantage of that crazy range). I think the only other character liked it on was Ignatz who has that +20 Hit Personal.
  3. Well if a case for lancebreaker to easily ruin her is to be made, then a case that she can easily switch out weapons to avoid it can also be made. Personally no, because I don't find the situation where there's enough lancebreaker enemies for her carrying lances to become a problem on AM. I also find Ingrid's strength problem to be vastly overblown. Like yeah I agree it's not great, but it's not tragic. The Lancefaire from FK helps, you can get her Death Blow, and she can also get a second Lancefaire from lance skills. I mean it more in terms of on a turn, if I had to choose between positioning a Warmaster to bait something on one area or to punch out some other threat in a different area, rather than builds. I don't think Wrath for crit is a must, plus it's for enemy phase. For player phase it's definitely possible for a crit orientated war master. A War Master's innate Crit + 20, Killer Knuckles+ +30, Fraldarius Soldiers +20, Brawl Crit +10, Crit Ring +5. That's +85 crit off the bat, without counting the unit. If we're putting that kit on a powerhouse like Felix who will usually punch 4 times. It's enough consistent on player phase, maybe a tad overkill. You're pretty much guaranteed for either his crest, a crit or both to go off at least once or twice during a round of player phase combat.
  4. I don't see how any potential flying dodgetank need "massive amounts of investment". For C in Faith for War monk seems more out of way, they can't use any of the Faith Magic, and again Sauna for Alert Stance for B Flying when he's not going to fly. Whereas on Ingrid, the most out of the way thing I'd get would be with C+ in Axes. With that I can comfortably get a Death Blow and a scum for a shift in Wyvern Rider as an advanced class. With Adjuncts, I believe it's like having permanent link support on them. So for example if you give Ingrid, Sylvain she'll reap the special link support benefits (+3mt, +10 hit and the +10 avo), the bonus not something special for grounded units. Sure making a flier adjunct can be annoying, but the requirements aren't' that awful if planned from the get go. For what it's worth, I've thrown Hubert on a Wyvern for Edelgard lol. And that's why we check what weapon an enemy is holding, if they have a breaker skill equipped or not, and carry multiple weapons. Can't speak for everyone, but in most cases we're not going to throw her (or any other dodgetank) into a room like that, but bait out groups. I don't want to choose if I want my War Master to delete something or to bait something. For me it's just more convenient to have a character whose only role is to mainly to bait. For a character like Felix I'd rather focus on making him as good at deleting stuff, him being able to dodge stuff while in enemy range or attacking is a great bonus. Also if I remember right, the only grounded battalions that give great Avo bonuses are Brigid Hunters, Gautier Knights and Aegir Astral Knights ones (all give +20 avo) while they're great, for a war master, I'd rather stack crit with something like Goneril Valkyries, Fraldarius Soldiers or King of Lions, which provide no bonuses to avo. In the case of AM, they're also great for sharing with Dimitri at low health. Eh.. I think we're still gonnae have to agree to disagree there with movement. imho There's no point on having all of that good stuff on a unit if you can't get them to where you need them to be.
  5. Gauntlet users don't have the mobility of a flier, and it also requires the DLC for Brawl Avoid +20.
  6. Ahh That makes sense, yeah I think for a support role Dancer would fit Ingrid really well. As other have said, she would also make for a really good Dancer. Your team looks really good, regardless of who you pick for dancer. Yay for Axe Annette! I don't think it's worth it going down Peg Knight for Annette at all. She is slow. I had pretty good results taking her down the cavalry route with Valkyrie and Dark Knight. It'll give her access to Uncanny Blow, and battalions with higher magic and hit bonuses. Windsweep is good on Dimitri, it does come in handy now and again. For Battalion Vantage/Wrath shenanigans Hit+20 is great, and having Curved Shot from Bows on Dimitri is also pretty nice. imho if you want to bring his Authority up to A, Ashe as is a pretty good carrier for Retribution as a Sniper from Indech's battalion. He'll likely not see enemy phase much and it patches him up a bit with Mt, Hit and Crit bonuses.
  7. I also recommend Ashe if you’re after one from the Blue Lions. Especially if it’s only for dancing. He gets Physic if that’s something. Ingrid shines late game when Ashe starts dropping off imho. Just a heads up that the Blue Lions Dancers battalion has one use and gives very little bonuses, even less than the Opera battalion, I think. It kinda screws the unit that has it equipped. Imho on longer maps, or if you’re like me, precious about saving battalion uses for the ‘right moment’ then end up never using them, it can be a bit finicky. Pulling out a successful set up is super satisfying though!
  8. Don't have much to say about Leonie apart from that she's pretty awesome 8/10. Her personal is really good early game. Point-Blank Volley is reliable, and she can use it whether as Bow or Falcon Knight (or both!). Her dex is high enough to get a lot out of Bow Knight, and she'll be fast af. Bows are just really good in general on Maddening. To top it off she has pretty decent def as well. I found her str a little lacking, and ended up keeping her in Bow Knight for Bowfaire over Falcon.
  9. Thoron, Physic and Silence is great. She offers some decent offensive options for turns where I don't need her to heal. I like to have her as a Dark Knight, packing the Healing Staff so she gets both the faire, and the +10 healing boost. I also like her Riding proficiency, as it's quite reliable to get her Move +1 in good time. It's a just pity with the neutral Reason. Soulblade is a little questionable, even though she has good res and decent Magic, it usually comes shy of a ohko for me with it. I could see it working better in a class with swordfaire, or some boosters 6.5/10
  10. Imho it’s more about on if the player wants the Aegis shield. It’s ok to miss paralogues and compete the game. If doing it later, it’s possible with fliers and Stride to two turn it for all the rewards. It’s just so much easier with Warp. Same with Lorenz’s paralogue. It’s doable by striding across the bridge or just normally, but like... Warp across the water is just too convenient xD.
  11. It falls to Warp on Maddening for me, and I have very mixed feelings. Warp at B, with Mastermind she gets it fairly early, and usable which is great. I like it for a handful of maps (Felix’s paralogue come to mind) for convenience but it’s not something essential for every single map. Late game thanks to her good magic growth it has a huge range, again very nice, but I don’t find myself using it as much as I think I would. So she gets carried around a lot for “just in case“ moments. Thrysus can also be given to anyone. It gives the false impression she always has crazy range, because she generally gets given it by default thanks to her major crest.. If I’m not taking Warp or Thrysus into consideration, I’m not the biggest fan of her Spell List. It’s centred around damage. On Maddening she’s not the nuke that she’s notorious for, not fast enough to double late game. I think she’s like a 8/10 for when the Warp utility is beneficial, but -1 for times when I never use it and she’s just there making big chips. So 7/10
  12. @Agro @Shanty Pete's 1st Mate That’s fantastic, thanks for the tips about skill levels. Ngl, their skill levels might suck 🙈. Will see what can be done as I get closer to Ch11. Didn’t expect to do another all routes play through so didn’t pay that much attention to them at all.
  13. Hm... I’ve only used Ignatz as Bow Knight on Maddening. It works pretty well as his personal (+20 hit) cancels out a some of the range hit penalties, making him capable of taking full advantage of a bow knight’s full range with accuracy. He had good enough dex and luck growth to be reliable at crits. And if using Raphael as an adjunct gets a free small boost to his attack, accuracy and avoid. Early game he can chip damage as an archer. I don’t value him for rallying, because while Rally Speed and Dex is nice, he doesn’t get Rally Str until much later with S authority. By that point in game, rallying isn’t all that great. 5.5/10 for me
  14. Aw, seems like they're saving the murder hobo version for Fallen. Not complaining, glad they got Chinatsu for him
  15. @Dark Holy Elf @Anathaco Ok, Assassin it is for Manuela, Sniper for Hanneman, and Flayn down the Dark Flier path. Yeah, I'll have Alois certify for both Grappler and War master in that case. @Shanty Pete's 1st Mate Ahh def stacking, I've always avoided armour classes, and def stacking in favour of dodgetanking so it'll be cool to try it for a run. I'll take Balthus in that case, I'm be running a couple of the wolves on CF, so adding him feels pretty natural. As for Ch13. I've checked out cheese strats for it, but I"m not sure. I'm leaning to making the split at Ch11 as suggested by Anathaco to save replaying. So trying to fight it with the students might be ok, it's only a chapter away. I'm likely going to hold on to Petra and Doro. Petra's known to be pretty good, and Doro I could keep her as the Dancer for both routes. But maybe it's better to just cheese it this time, to be safe.
  16. I'm doing the final VW map tonight :D, and will move on to CF/SS soon. It'll be on NG+ Maddening too. I doing CF first, but I plan to switch to using all the church/staff units for SS. When would it be best to make the split file during White Clouds? I'm thinking either right before the Ch 11 decision or earlier when Byleth hits Lv 15. Or I could just make the switch post-timeskip so the students are Ch13 ready, and not do a skip strat. Really depends on if it's worth the extra few chapters for the church/staff units. Buying back some proficiencies via Renown is an option, but it might be a bit limited as I've never actively invested in any of them on previous runs, a lot was just left on default. And then for the units, at the moment something like: Catherine - Falcon Knight? Shamir - Sniper (/Bow Knight) Alois - Grappler/War Master Manuela - ?? (Trickster, Gemory, Assassin??) Hauneman - ?? (Dark Knight?) Cyril - Bow Knight or Wyvern? Seteth - Wyvern Lord Flayn - Dancer (or Dark Flier?) Not too sure about them in general, and I find Hauneman and Manuela trickiest. I'm tempted to train Manuela through the Reason Bane, but I'm not sure if Bolting would be worth it. Hauneman seems to want to be Dark Knight but the Bow proficiency makes me want to try bows on him. That makes 8 units in total. I can take on another 4. 2 for the core team, and 2 extras for 12 unit chapters. Could hold back some of the Beagles or any recommendations/PMUs for the 2 core units? Thank you guys as always, for going through this!
  17. Poor Lorenz, his growths do him no favours. On my most recent NG+ VW Maddening run, I wanted to give him a chance. Is he really as bad as I thought he was? Even let him have Thrysus for once to see if it makes any difference. He's like a 6/10 unit with Thrysus for me. That is sad. His stats are so balanced, late game everything becomes kinda questionable. I find he can't take advantage of the relic's passive Aegis/Pavise going down as mage. Thrysus doesn't offer a defensive bonus like the Aegis Shield, and his own defences are kinda "eh". They're not good or bad, but the mediocre speed on top hurts. As a magic unit early Ragnarok and Agnea's Arrow is kinda nice.... There's no extra range and they just don't do much else for him beyond some heavy chip damage. His Faith list is also sad. Ward isn't great (can always use Pure Waters for same effect), Recover can be ok. Doesn't offer much for utility or healing overall. He gets Frozen Lance pretty early on, it's kinda nice mid game, but later on no so much. Using it with Horseslayer to give his an anti-cav option is ok. But I find that even with effectiveness damage he still can't okho. Overall I think about 3/10. He's one of the worst units in my books. If he was the only mage who can use Thrysus then it would give him something unique. But since Thrysus can be given to anyone for the extra range, it doesn't offer him anything over other units.
  18. 8.75/10 He's not crazy busted in the way Dimitri and Edgelgard can be built to be. Super fast Claude eludes me on runs. I don't think he's fast enough to double on Maddening without a Brave Bow. I also wish for him to have Darting Blow. On the other hand he comes with so many good things. Encloser is a fantastic skills on a flier. Excellent proficiencies in Riding, Flying, Axes and Bows. His personal Battalion is one of the best. Free access to a flying class without the need to train for it. Barbarossa is just great class, hard to go wrong with it.
  19. See, I would ignore the flier/Wyvern hype. On a no-DLC run there isn't a good flying magic Battalion at all. I've tried Dark Flier Annette and found that really underwhelming (there's no bonus magic growth with the class. Speed is nice, but Annette is already slow with 35% growth). Also the DLC flying magic battalion doesn't give a decent bonus for Hit. I like staying in a magic class, then goes Dark Knight with her. It keeps her magic growth, and offer the advantages of canto. If you're in BL, glue Gilbert to her, if not glue Mercedes. That's a free +3 mt, +10 hit/avo when their support builds. Then a Spirit Dust or two if needed. And it should be reliable enough. I'm surprised that there isn't more people who have used Dark Knight Annette.
  20. She has struggles with low str early game, then absolutely makes up for it once she gets going. Very easy to path into Falcon Knight. She does enjoy a dip into Wyvern Rider imho, to preserve str, if you're willing to invest a little into axes and scum for it. On hard she can pretty much no sell the mages with her res on the last few maps on AM. On Maddening, not so much, but still a very reliable dodgetank. 7.5/10
  21. If I'm using Lightning Axe then yeah, I want to focus heavily on axes. I already need a C+, so by that point, I'm committed. In Annette's case I think it's fine to drop Reason after hitting A, or even earlier like B+, if you don't care for Excalibur. Faith is totally ok to drop. I tend to just finish at C for Recover, but honestly I think it's ok to drop it at D for Heal.
  22. I don't find her having as bad hit issues as you'd think she would. Axe Prowess 5 gives +20 hit, and a lot of magic battalions have great hit bonuses. Add linked attacks to the equation, if anything, she has surprisingly good accuracy with axes.
  23. I'll stick my head out and simp for Annette 8/10. Admittedly I've only used her in-house and I do think she's a character who's more relevant in house, and on Maddening. Rallies aren't that necessary on Hard. There's no special support with Gilbert or Crusher out of house. She does get the special support with Mercedes too, so it is an idea if you want an adjunct, to have Mercedes out of house. I don't think it's necessary to go for Wyvern, if anything I think she's better grounded at as Dark Knight, for battalions like Macuil (+7mag attack +30 hit). Early game she gets default Rally Attack, which is good by itself, and Rally Res at Authority D and Rally Speed at Authority C+. That's fantastic, as thanks to her Authority boon, you'll get both Rally Attack+Speed quick, and get a lot use out of it. Her spell list might not seem the best, but they're very accurate spells. For early game I value their ability to hit. The Authority boon works well with her. It gives earlier access to good A rank magic battalions. In-house there's also the option of using Blue Lion Dancers straight out from Part 2, for double dancing shenanigans. (One use gambit that lets you dance 4 characters including your dancer). I don't think it's necessary to go for Rally Move though. With stuff like Stride, and how late you get it, it's not as relevant imho. Late part one/Part two is also a good time to get her going on Riding/Axes. She transitions very well from a support unit to a nuke. It keeps her relevant and flexible throughout the game. She's arguably one of the better nukes in the game thanks to Lightning Axe. Axes have very good mt. There's Crusher on her own route. The forged 21mt Devil Axe+, was my go to weapon for her. It is very nice, and very pink. It only requires 2 Agarithium to repair. On non-CF runs that is totally fine to spam. She can also use Bolt Axe for a 3 ranged option which out classes her spells late game. Gilbert is a great out of box def adjunct for her, they have the special support bonus (+3 mt, hit/avo +10). All in all, I had a good time using her in house, and find her pretty underrated.
  24. Hmmm... 6/10. This makes me sad. She's such a sweet character, but I'm not a huge fan of dedicated healers in this game. She's more focused on healing over utility or offense compared to some of the other mages. I like her massive Physic range and Restore to recover from enemy gambits. Fortify, can be situational. Doing a run without her, I don't find it essential.
  25. Hm.. hard one. I have a friend who swears by Sylvain, but I find him kinda just ok, like he's a solid 7/10 I think. He has good proficiencies for Paladin, Wyvern Lord and Dark Knight. The bow bane is annoying. He's a character who would prefer to have Hit +20 on Maddening because of his low Dex. Swift Strikes is fantastic. Wyvern Lord is good, but I don't think he makes the most of what the class has to offer. He's not fast enough to safely act like a pseudo dodgetank with Alert Stance+. It's really just the mobility that's great. On my fresh NG Maddening run, I did choose downgrade him to Paladin from WL for Battalions. On a fresh run where good flying battalions are more limited (esp. on BL where there's really only Galatea and Cichol, I think) I'd rather give them to other people who would get more out of them. I've tried Dark Knight on Hard, and I think it was good too. It's fun, you get more utility out of him. He can carry his personal battalion for Stride. I like how he gets access to Physic, and he still gets enough strength to spam Swift Strikes if taken down a physical route. I want to try him as Dark Knight on Maddening at some point to see if I like it better.
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