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  1. Just got a little ways past chapter 3 and I'm loving it so far, especially the jobs. Had to take off the encounter rate, though the bosses and enemies aren't posing that great of a threat like the beginning so I feel I over leveled. And... jap voices > english voices, especially for Ringabel. If anyone wants to add me, my fc is 4768-7899-1803
  2. Bravely Default Smash Bros WiiU/3DS Final Fantasy X/X-2 HD Final Fantasy XV Harvest Moon: Connect to a New Land Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Kingdom Hearts 3 (might come out later this year if it's really being developed along with 2.5) Tales of Xillia 2 Dragon Age 3 That's all I can think of from the top of my head.
  3. 64: Luigi Melee: Luigi, Marth, Mr. Game & Watch, Pichu, Kirby, Ness Brawl: Luigi and Lucas
  4. February feels likes it's a long way from now...but this game will be a great birthday gift to myself! I've managed to keep myself from YouTube for the most part, the the temptation to watch playthroughs is strong.
  5. End game with Delphox and I'm confused to why she is bottom tier for you, Doof. She's not much slower than Greninja and beats him in specials, on that note she walls pretty well most specials that she's not weak against. Set her up with Calm Mind, Fire Blast, Shadow Ball, and Psyshock and you've a decent threat, still needing to avoid the water and some dark types (coughGreninjacoughTyranitarcough). But you could switch one of those for Grass Knot or Solarbeam for better coverage against her weakness, preferable the former. I wouldn't suggest removing calm mind, even with really high SpA, as she needs that boost to OHKO. She would really really really benefit from a good fairy type move. I would give her mid or low tier, but not bottom. Pangoro, I'd give low tier. He's crazy with attack and eh with speed. EV train in speed could...might....ummm...may be possible to help but I'm not too sure. Quick Claw with Power-up Punch sounds good, haven't tested it online against others though. Dragalge...I love and hate him...great type combo, okay type coverage with attacks, special wall and attacker, but that speed...He'd be amazing on a trick room team and probably also mid-low tier too. He's a good counter to go against fairy types, but it stopped by both Mawile and Klefki. The types he's weak against are also generally faster than him and he has decent defense to hold up against some but most of the time it's a OHKO.
  6. So far I've added Shelie, Philip, Konnor, and Ryunan. I'll be adding more later, till I eventually have everyone (cause why not). My FC is 4768-7899-1803. Let me know if you add me.
  7. +1. Those three have permanent spots on my team! (Even if I lose a water type)
  8. I'm kinda sold on this. Now I must make sure not mention it to my friend because she will go nuts (as she usually does when games have some form of Hinduism in them).
  9. Does this mean Gallade will use the dread scroll? xD
  10. Zygarde wasn't so disappointing to me, they really based him off the story the dragon from underneath the Yggdrasil, Níðhöggr.
  11. From time to time I've been working on a hack I call Fire Emblem: Rebirth. At the moment it is just concepts and ideas with some work on the actual ROM, though nothing graphical yet. There cast of playable characters is limited, no more than 20 at the moment, and the plot is divided into 4 (or 5) parts, each around 5-8 chapters long. The main overview of the story has been planned as well as the direction of the parts within. Interesting things planned: - Bow Lord - No Jaigen - Story Routes - Hidden Chapters Other things eventually coming to fruition: - 4-5 new classes - Redesigned classes As of right now I have thought out the first 7 chapters (not including hidden ones) which will be part 1. Eventually I'll get to map making/growths/portraits, once I've finished fleshing out the countries and politics. If I gave an estimated of a real preview (including graphics), I'd say around December for Part 1.
  12. By our counting over at Pokecommunity we have passed the 70 count mark. However, it seems that only 70 Gen VI Pokemon are available pre-E4.
  13. Apparently there's only 18 more new Pokemon to go, according to the instigram leaker who claims there are only 70 new Pokemon. The 18 include Niovern's pre-evo, Clauncher and Skrelp's evos (this is assuming they only evolve once), possibly doublade's evo if it evolves again, the legendary trio, the Z legendary, the 'mew' of gen 6 and 9 others. So we're not going into this a blind as we think.
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