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  1. It might be support-points related after A-rank. The pairing with the most support points takes precedent.
  2. This forum is dead so I'll just reply here since I'm interested. First: I enjoy the game heavily and I put hundreds of hours into it because I speedrun the game. Gameplay is great. Story, not so much, but story doesn't matter when you're skipping everything. The reason why TMS#FE is disliked is because it's not really a crossover game. It's a Persona game with Fire Emblem references in it, and for Fire Emblem fans it's a major sting to see something some foreign done to their characters. The reviews don't really matter, because at it's base it's a good game that hits all the marks, very well even. But if no one is interested in the pitch the marketing team makes for the game then it's bound to fail. When you think of Fire Emblem and SMT melding together, very few would think J-Pop Idols. And I can't stress just how un-Fire Emblem it is. I personally love TMS, and I would like to see a port so I can finally retire my Wii U, but it's not going to happen. The game sold horribly bad and I don't see a reason why they would try to market it again.
  3. Finished Golden Deers today (Hard/Classic). Difficulty is fine. Pre-Skip was a snorefest, but Post-Skip had a good difficulty spike and I had to play more carefully. I wasn't efficient at all on my school days and I more or less just played the game at a brisk pace. Barely fed kills, etc., and lacked any gameplay knowledge specific to Three Houses. If you know what to do you can more or less break this game in half. But if you're just a casual FE fan the difficulty curve is nice and no one should feel overwhelmed. Personally waiting for the new difficulty mode before I start really abusing stuff.
  4. We made the donation goal! Thanks to everyone who particpated and donated. I truly appreciate it from the bottom of my heart.
  5. It's never been about power. It's been about who can carry the weight of everyone's hopes and dreams and still get the job done. Ike is this in a nutshell from PoR to RD. Gameplay-wise, yeah it's annoying that you can't just outright kill her, especially on Hard Mode.
  6. No love for HectorxFarina? They have the best banter, and unlike many supports, Hector helps Farina grow as a character a lot.
  7. Also have to keep in mind that Japan is much more into mobile gaming than home consoles. That was probably the biggest factor.
  8. Thesis: All of Awakening, including DLC, is possible on Lunatic without pair-up. Lets have some fun, shall we? Along with this I have self-imposed rules to make it slightly more interesting: No Reeking Boxes/DLC Grinding No DLC until after the completion of Endgame. No Spotpass/Einherjar/etc. No Deaths. I haven't decided on Second Seal usage for the main story, though I feel they'll be required for the harder DLC chapters to get better skills (or if it comes down to it, maxing out stats). Right now I'm thinking to horde all second seals until after the completion of Endgame to see how I feel about it then. I've already finished Chapter 2 before posting this. Frankly, if any playthrough can get past Chapter 2, then the run isn't impossible. Chapter 2 is just that crazy of a hill to climb for any challenge run. I'll be posting my progress and linking the posts in the OP. ---- Prologue Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3
  9. You're probably thinking of Boyd, and his armor design doesn't bother me. It's padded leather pads ontop of leather and cloth. Good enough for me. A better example is Hawkeye, but again his doesn't bother me, especially when taking into account he lives in a desert and therefore has logical conclusions to the lack of a chestplate. If you make a side-by-side comparison to Vaike and Boyd (or even Hawkeye), the synergy of his armor doesn't make sense for Vaike. He visibly looks like he forgot his chestplate at home while I don't have any thoughts about that with Boyd.
  10. I don't care about her boobs. I care about how terrible that (lack of) armor looks. I have the same complaint with Vaike and Basilio. If they were 100% armorless (Like Brigands in previous titles), I wouldn't care as much because it's obviously a preference. But with the way how Fighters are designed from Awakening onwards it looks like they forgot their chestplate at home and it's extremely bothersome for a series that at least kept armor sensible enough to keep suspension of disbelief.
  11. At the very least, learn the story of PoR before going into RD. You're going to be very lost if you don't.
  12. This is probably because the terms "Design" and "Balance" are often mixed up. The game is designed with grinding in mind, yes. If you're having trouble with a map you can definitely grind until you feel you can beat it. But the game isn't balanced around it until you get to the DLC maps where you have to grind in order to get the correct skills/stats in order to beat them. I will agree with you though that "I've done no grind runs" doesn't exactly debunk your argument. DD151's 0% Growth Runs is an excellent example of this. Lunatic+ is a whole other ballpark since not only enemy stats are strongly inflated, but they got completely overpowered skills as well. Grinding with Robin is the only consistent way to get past Chapter 2 and 3. After that it's basically just a more extreme version of lowmanning Lunatic.
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