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  1. That's an awful comparison. Not only are those games completely unrelated to one another, they're by different developers. For a singular series like Fire Emblem, Tales of, Final Fantasy and so on... You absolutely wouldn't want the same voice actor doing multiple main characters. Doing two main characters is fine (eg. Yuri Lowenthal doing Marth and Eliwood, Buckland doing Eirika and Katarina), but anymore than that is really pushing it and would definitely not be preferable.
  2. More like Sword/Shield taking not only the premise, but also the exact same presentation as Dragalia Lost.
  3. The 'Forward now' sounds nothing like Kira Buckland. It's pretty unlikely they'd give Buckland another heroine, she already does Eirika and to a lesser extent Katarina (who is the main rep for FE12 over Kris). Whilst these two characters wouldn't have a similar tone to Edelgard, one of her most renown roles, 2B, would, and I can't see a resemblance from the trailer to 2B.
  4. Uh... @The DanMan, nothing you said really disproves anything... And the fact she managed to leak Rhea's name (unintentionally, hence why she removed the name from her original comment despite the following comment showing her original post proving that she initially leaked the name) two weeks early is at least indicative that her sources aren't making up complete BS.
  5. She got vote brigaded by a Youtuber in CYL3, so her position is inaccurate to her actual popularity. Male Robin did beat the female version by a reasonable amount (16th vs. 24th) in CYL1, which is the only CYL that should be taken remotely seriously considering how the motivations of voting changed with CYL2 and beyond. But I do agree the popularity difference between the Robin's is not to a large degree. Especially compared to the Corrin's (9th vs. 41st).
  6. I actually wonder which ones better... Tbh, I thought Flying Nino couldn't be outclassed, but +4 to all stats is preeeetty good.
  7. But why not ugly-looking bandit women? I don't really see an issue with portraying a barbaric, ugly chick who slaughters others for a living.
  8. It's more about the poor design of the event. A characters starting point should never be such an influential factor in determining the results. Heck, it shouldn't be a factor at all and characer positions should be totally randomized. All because people were too lazy, or didn't even know that you could scroll down, in an event. The fact that the top 12/20 of the characters were coincidentally the units shown at the starting screen, of which includes 3* Robin and Chrom, kind of goes to show how crazy and bad the design of this event was.
  9. It's coz Nina was on the front page of colourless voting block. Same reason Robin/Chrom got top 30.
  10. Such a poorly designed event... I can't believe starting positions was such an influential factor into a character winning a poll or not. Whilst I'm disappointed in the fans, IS needs to never do an event like this again.
  11. I feel like that example is disingenuous. Both artworks were made in the 90's and have essentially been retconned for the modernized design. It just seems strange to distinguish canonity in this particular narrative. Hypothetically, if Heroes did confirm Ike and Soren to be gay, I'm almost certain that they'd never retcon this as the backlash would be monumental from fans who felt betrayed with misinformation, even if the precedent was set by a Gacha spin-off. Similarly, if IS actually went out of their way to design Anri as a Mythical Hero... I don't see how you could just say "that's not Anri's official appearance because it's from Heroes". It's not like they're going to commission a completely new design in a hypothetical Archanea spin-off when they've already provided fans a modernized design of the character.
  12. Should we really be entirely dismissing Heroes, though? At this rate, if we end up getting an Anri Mythical Hero, are we just going to say his appearance isn't canon despite the fact that IS is likely to reuse whatever they design they'd make for his Heroes iteration?
  13. So do we need to switch to the Jp version to fill out the survey? I know you sent a link, but I've seen images of the survey and the laytout is different than what I'm getting on that link.
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