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Found 101 results

  1. Hello, I wanted to make a thread for people to play with others on Skype. All you have to do is list your Skype name, and you can set up matches on here by adding them as friends! I've also gone ahead and made a skype group that you can join and help set up matches. You can also invite other players if you know them. If you want to be added to the Skype group, just add me. Skype Name: FKOCoopa Edit: I've found out you can auto join the skype group if you copy and paste this link into a skype chat then click the link. It auto joins you into the group. skype:?chat&blob=CEO_NNCCwpenNk-yB5dT5A-C0QvY2k9m3z-TYv53zQa4kjOoGURwj7Hy8nMYWfpae5RllJA-292-
  2. I was wondering how do you make unique weapons in FE6, 7, and 8. I wanted to know because I was thinking about giving these weapons to enemies to make FE6 and FE8 more harder (especially FE8).
  3. After hearing a good amount of the Fire Emblem Heroes cast's VAs, older characters now have new voices to represent them. But some aren't as fitting as others. For example I think they really nailed Cecilia's VA. Nice and Mature, mostly how I imagined it. But some, like Lilina, aren't how I pictured them at all. Lilina was supposed to have a kind soft voice, but in Heroes she has a high squeaky voice. Maybe I am the only one who feels this way... but if anyone does feel similarly, which character do you feel this about and why? Also, is it me, or is Travis Willingham doing a MUCH deeper voice for Lon'qu than he did in Awakening? Cause whatever he is doing I don't like it either. Same goes for Karen Strassmen and Olivia. She delivers her voice more like she did with Nanako in P4, which is a great voice, just not Olivia's semi maturish voice.
  4. So, after looking through the full results of the Fire Emblem Heroes poll results, I found of a lot of unique placements of the FE4(Ishtar scored more than most of the cast. Which is interesting.) and 5 characters(Carrion and Olwen scored absurdly high compared to the rest of the FE5 cast.). Also, some characters I thought would score higher than others didn't.(I think Dew scored higher than Lewyn.) SO I have decided to see where the cast lies since so many of the placements were surprising to me. Vote for your Favorite Male Characters in Fire Emblem 4! Fire Emblem 4 Popularity Poll(Female): https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/69152-fire-emblem-4-popularity-pollfemale/ At the moment, the poll is multiple choice, tell me if you think this should be changed in the comments.
  5. They have a map together!!!! Implied canonical relationship or just a coincidence? I would go with the prior.
  6. I made a magic Corrin and I want to have a good magic base kids, so I was wondering who is the better person to marry: Odin, Hayato, or Leo? Like who has higher magic based?
  7. Ok, so with the FE Heroes popularity poll going on, it's quite a mix of everyone from the series. Course(and not to be rude), some people's reason for voting for a character is much different from one another(for better or worse). After talking with others on the poll, then the idea to make a popularity poll for SF came to mind! Now, I'm not asking the staff/moderators to do it(because I rather not bother them will all that work), so I rather do it myself. Here's the issue, do you guys want that? To make a poll for both Males and Females would take ALOT of work(getting all the names, alphabetizing them, make the poll, etc)! I don't mind doing it, but I also want it to be worth it. So yeah...do you guys want a FE popularity poll here in the Serenes Forest (Forums)? (And If so, do you want it after the FE Heroes poll ends or is any time around now a good time?)
  8. Ok, before I say anything...this could possibly just be nothing or a coincidence, but I felt like this was something interesting to bring to others attention. (Would've done this much earlier, but you know...site update and all that...) Anywho, I was checking my Twitter feed the other day and came across a post that I found VERY interesting: (Sorry if the picture quality isn't too good. Hopefully you can still see it well enough. If not...Google Images might get you a better photo to compare...) I know the FE Direct is just tomorrow, but I wanted to see what others thought of it(and pray to God that that was intentionally put in there as one of those "hard to see" hints)!
  9. First, we got a crossover between Fire Emblem and SMT. Now Nintendo has announced FE Warriors for the Switch. I am not complaining; it is great to see FE crossovers. Of course jokes have been made of weird FE crossover ideas, and that gave me the idea for this thread, which is about posting ideas as potential crossovers (could be with another Nintendo series or otherwise), and saying why these might or might not be good ideas. To start, I'll list a few random ideas (these really are random): FE x Dragon Age FE x Tekken FE x Mystery Dungeon FE x Shovel Knight FE x Legend of Zelda
  10. Hello FE community, I am a fairly new member to Serenes Forest. Fire Emblem Recreation is a project I started independently last summer which I have worked on on my free time. Fire Emblem Recreation will be an open source java engine for Fire Emblem. The goal is to make it easier for the community to work together and add whatever they want to their fan games. Since you can play around with the source code, you can add anything to the games. Smarter AI, new victory conditions, new map elements, pair up, and so on. The only limiting factor is the ability of the programmer. The code is far from finished. Hell, there aren't even battle animations or dialogue. The reason I am sharing the engine at this stage is to allow others to use what I have made, because even though I plan on working more on it, I don't have much free time. Even at this early stage, modification is extremely easy. One can change the terrain of a map (but the appearance needs to be changed separately, lol), add enemies, classes, and items by simply changing a text file. Of course, new functionalities and mechanics need to be programmed in. Anyways, on to the good stuff. Here is a link to a google drive folder with the source code: FE_R_Google_Drive . Go wild. The to run the code simply run the class file, FE_R_Main.class . I use Eclipse to work on java, and Eclipse has a different way of organizing the files so I simply rearranged them to run normally on a separate folder. Feel free to ask questions on how it works, I will gladly respond. I will also try to make a list of instructions on the basics soon, but don't let that discourage you from asking a question. Of course, if you improve the code share your work in this topic. Happy coding.
  11. I am going to play blind/blindly! I excluded GBA games, because I want some fresh air. I am going to use Shin Patch on FE 4, 'cause I love challenge and some balance ^-^ I am going to post my playthrough on forum, or at least try. Feel free to vote! And also feel free to tell me, why'd you exactly choosed this game. Feel free to tell me the tips about the game you chosen! Thanks for voting and posting :D
  12. Okay so a while ago I started working on a Fire Emblem hack and I've discovered that making maps is a lot of fun. So since I'm new to this sort of thing I've decided I might as well post my maps here for critique and just general advice. [spoiler=Spooky Temple] This tileset was a pain to work with with all the edge tiles. I'm worried the bottom half looks a lot more bland compared the top half. [spoiler=Castle Courtyard] The first map I made. Really simple. The main prince character gets ambushed by some assassins here. [spoiler=Obligatory Bandit map] The river looks kinda awkward but otherwise I'm happy with this one. The good guys start on the hill in the top right. [spoiler=Forest Map] --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Decided to try something new and make this closed in pseudo indoors forest map. There's two versions here because I wasn't sure which I liked better, but I'm leaning towards the top one. I'm a bit worried about it being too chokepoint heavy though. [spoiler=Defense Map] So obviously this one isn't finished. Tried using FE Map Creator's random generation feature a bit for some parts. The mountain is super ugly but I don't really know how to do those. So yeah, please tell me if my maps suck or not. Edit: Fixed a height error on the temple map that slipped past me.
  13. Can anyone provide some sprites of dinosaur-mounted units? I was thinking of this: Brontosaurus Rider: Lance + Anima T-Rex Rider: Sword + Axe Raptor Rider: Sword + Bow All I need are some sprites and the animation script. Thanks!
  14. I need help with FE4 (Geneology of the Holy War). I was wondering if anyone could lend me aid? I know nothing about this game. And I NEED help with if I want to play it!
  15. FE14 introduced a new method of reclassing with the use of Heart Seals. What's interesting about this item is that the class that the unit becomes is based on their personality and if you include child units, the class that their parents pass on. For example, Charlotte, who's default class is Fighter, has a habit of acting frail and weak in the presence of men but ultimately fails most of the time, can reclass into a weak and frail troubadour as a nod to her character. Not only do I find this a fun and balanced way of reclassing in Fire Emblem, but this feature makes me wonder: if this feature appeared in the older games, what class could they have been? I have made a list of a few suggestions that I've come up with and you're more than welcome to post your own suggestions in this topic as well. 1. Renault from FE7 can reclass into a Hero. This is a hint at his past were he mentions that he was a ruthless killer and his strange growths for a Bishop. 2. Vanessa (FE8) can reclass into the mage promotion line due to her reserved nature and her ability to act calm under pressure. 3. Farina (FE7) can reclass into a mercenary due to her obsession with making a decent living from the right employer. 4. Roger (FE3) can reclass into a cavalier in a desperate attempt to impress a girl, like Shiida. 5. Finally, Nino can reclass into a myrmidon, as a reference to her idolizing her "brothers" growing up. So yeah, this is just a thread so folks can say what heart seal options unit could of had if they existed.
  16. I personally think Gaiden had tons of neat ideas that could be expanded on in the franchise today, sure we see stuff like Dreadfighter, Witch and such in Fates, and of course the country of Valm in Awakening, but how would you like to see a proper revisit? Like Gaiden's mechanics, such as shrines, dungeons, towns, its way of branched promotion for villagers etc, being used in either a remake or FE15. I personally think they could do some neat things with the system, however I doubt IS would do it, considering how much they hate taking risks currently. So discuss! I'd be glad to hear your ideas.
  17. Hello, people of Serenes Forest. I've lurked here for the absolute longest time, not usually much, but I do a lot of FE googling and it sometimes ends up taking me here. I finally figured I'd join. I'm not much of a forum junkie, but being an introvert, even with an eventful life I still end up with too much free time on my hands. About me, my name is Mikhail Naumov, I was born in Serbia in 1992 and lived there until 2005, upon which my family brought me to Tennessee in the US and essentially left my ass. I was adopted, then I left that family. Now I'm an electrical engineer by degree and profession and I work from home. I had a shit life for a long time, now I have a fairly great life. I'm a pretty neutral person and overall a recluse. That's about all I feel is worth sharing about me. As far as Fire Emblem goes, it's BY FAR my favorite series. I've always been a gamer, though I've never been one of those stereotypical gamers who stays up into the wee hours before morning (I do this anyway, but not because of gaming, because I'm not a huge day person and I work from home.) sweating and munching down Doritos while I call in my CoD killstreaks; screaming into a microphone about how useless my team is. I am PC Gamer when I do game, and even though I have a 4K gaming PC, I mostly use it for emulating older FE games. My love for the Fire Emblem series is borderline an obsession. It's the only gaming I do seriously for hours on end, usually every day. I recently bought an original Wii along with an $80 used copy of PoR and a $45 used copy of RD just to experience the games outside of emulators. That's all that Wii will EVER be used for, those two games. Dolphin is great, but it has plenty of problems. The only FE games I emulate at this point are the ones in Japanese. FE1-6 and FE12. FE7 and FE8 I play on an old Gamecube with a GBA addon for big screen action, FE9 and FE10 I play on the previously mentioned dedicated Wii console, FE11, FE13 and the FE14 titles I play on my 3DS. I do own a FEW games outside of the three Fates titles, the DS Shadow Dragon and Awakening for the 3DS, but I bought a N3DS XL JUST to play the newer Fire Emblems. Like I said, borderline obsession. I've never been a huge proponent of hacks and mods. Not that I have anything against them, I have played two, but overall I can get plenty of fun out of the original games themselves. I've also played and enjoyed emulated/translated versions of the TR Saga series. I've played (and beaten on all modes) every single FE game and FE spinoff to completion several times. My least favorites are probably Gaiden (Not sure why this one even exists, it's not a bad game but it's so unlike every other FE, and Celica's dual healing can be a bit game breaking at times.) and Thracia 776. The reason for 776 is because I had such high expectations built up for that game, everyone said it would be as hard as Lunatic mode is on Fates: Conquest and it wasn't. The entirety of the difficulty of 776 comes from the reinforcement spawns that attack you immediately, but by the time I played 776 I was already made used to this by the harder difficult modes on other FE's. 776 is very easy if you're not playing it blind or if you're used to reinforcement spawns. Also, fuck Leaf. Take away that Light sword and he's one of the worst Lords in FE (Though really this is only in the start.), though he by no means beats Roy in terms of uselessness. Conquest and Path of Radiance are my two favorite games. I like Conquest because unlike SO MANY of the newer Fire Emblem titles, it does not baby you and present umpteen billion opportunities to grind your ass into god mode and the harder difficulties are ACTUALLY hard. PoR is another because while the game itself is a fucking cake walk (though it's nothing compared to Sacred Stones or Awakening Normal mode in terms of easiness.) it had what I personally feel is the best story line in the series as well as some phenomenal world building. It really laid out a red carpet for Radiant Dawn, which I did enjoy but I feel a lot of the potential RD had story wise was wasted due to the way they executed it. It was sort of like Sacred Stones, a bit too ambitious for its own good. This of course is just my opinion. I was introduced to FE a long time ago with the first international release, FE7 on the GBA. Then FE8, then the GC/Wii titles, and it's been an obsession ever since. I know that's a rather long intro, but, I type fast and this honestly took about ten minutes. I don't see myself posting a ton, so, I felt like I might as well give a good greeting.
  18. Hello. So in my latest play through, after marrying everyone together, my kids for the most part turned out good, some very good (Selkie, Asugi, Velouria, Kana and Forrest) and some very bad (Hisame, cause Peri! Hisame was the leftovers) But ive been wondering... I have the DLC for Grandmaster, but I was contemplating if Forrest, could get Nohr Noble. In this Revelations run, Sakura! Forrest and Avatar! Velouria were done. My idea is... If I S rank Forrest and Velouria, will this give Forrest the access to the Noble Classes (Since hes Technically the son of Nohr Nobility and is a semi fitting class) Or would it just be better to get the Grandmaster seal and give it to him? Forrest Stats: Str 9, Mag 27, Skill 14, Spd 19, Lck 20, Def 13, Res 28 : Total 130, Strategist Level 2 Thanks for any advice you give and have a great day!
  19. Hello Serene Forest members! So im wondering what to do with Leos son Forrest. Hes so fabulous looking and his mother is Felicia, which is like the most optimal pairing to Leo in Conquest. But what class is best for this child? Id love to here your insight on how to make him a very good unit!
  20. Hey guys, I making a sprite gallery. I would like some feedback to see if they're any good. I'm going to be updating this over time.
  21. I just finished this game... and i'm laughing so hard right now! I wish I was kidding! besides the similar name the game also has wayyy too many similarities to fire emblem. you play as a "warlord" who controls a pokemon thingy in fields resembling fire emblem, along with your allies, who you happen to control. As the story goes on, you recruit unique characters with different pokemon and skills. You can change peoples default pokemon to ones they happen to have an affinity to (somewhat like emblem). The gameplay on the battlefield is fairly similar, only with one attack and no changeable weapons. there are some walkthroughs of it on youtube.
  22. Hello Serenes Forests users! So once again Im having troubles in my game. I followed optimizations guides, and everyone turned out good for now, and I got advice for one of my last uncertain pairings, and this was the leftover bracket.... I don't mind their story, its better than the Benny X Peri one imo, but they are pretty nice together I guess :P So Jakobs fine, its never been anything wrong with Jakob.. Its just Nyx.. What do I do with her? Her stats are ok I guess, but she keeps nearly dying or just dying and I have to restart. Any suggestions to make her and Dwyer better? Nyx stats: 10 str, 20 mag, 13 skill, 18 spd, 8 lck, 11 def, 15 res Thanks and have a great day to anyone who helps!
  23. Hello Serenes Forest users In my FE Conquest game I finished pairing everyone together in a optimal and story wise i liked fashion, people say Odin and Elise are a good pair together, and their conversations and age differences aren't weird compared to some but, I want to make them stronger. So heres my struggle: Since Elise married Odin, she can use a Partner seal to change her class to Dark Knight and Sorcerer, which both seem great but im not sure which too choose. Both are better than Strategist. Her rating is 2str 17mag 6skill 16spd 18lck 5def and 19res atm as a level 1 Strategist Odins a whole other story, he is one of my favorite characters and its my third Conquest playthorugh but his magic is very bad compared to the others. I dont know if i should make him a Sorcerer or keep him as a D.K.. Or maybe even Master of Arms or something like that. His rating is 18str 14mag 21skill 14spd 21lck 20def and 12 res as a level 3 DK And for the sake of a strong and high mag stat and continually blonde Ophelia, what would be best out of these options to optimize her? Thanks to anyone who reads this or helps me out, and have a great day!
  24. Today, I'm doing something I never would have done if not for peer pressure... GHEBFE! Okay, so, essentially, after FE8 came out in the US, some guy looked at it and said, "wow, this Gheb guy is cool". He went on the internet and found others who shared the same opinion. When they finally found enough people, they all said "let's all build a shrine to our lord and savior!"(Gheb was not originally regarded as a Savior, but the more followers Gheb has, the more convinced people became of his nonexistent beauty). So, they all snuck naked into the deep Canadian woods, and constructed a giant wooden shrine in the shape of Gheb. They were all convinced that if lightning struck it, it would come to life as a REAL GHEB. Finally, a thunderstorm came, and the shrine was hit by lightning... but all it did was catch fire and burn to the ground, because it was just shaped wood. And so, they all headed home and decided it would be easier to make this hack instead. Literally none of that was true, because I have no idea what the actual history of this hack is. It was made way before I joined these forums, like before 2010 even. This hack is positively ANCIENT by hack standards. I'm shocked the download is still working, but whatever. Normally I'd link you to it, but you know what? If for some reason you want to play this, you can find it yourself. I don't want to be a part of propagating this hack's legacy... more than I already am by doing this, at least.e Anyways. This is a blind LP, as I know little to nothing about the hack. So, let's get started! PRELUDE TO GHEBFE: GROWTHS:
  25. Hello! For as much as I like simple text-only roleplay, I really, really enjoy games that use a battle system of some sort. It adds a level of competition to the game and removes power play replacing it with min-maxing. Anyway, I made this system and I'm searching for someone to try it with. First of all, let's explain it! Mechanics: We can talk about stats and character sheets later, let's look at the important stuff first. The problem with roleplays by forum is the impossibility to roll dices (unless you create some intricate scripts or something), but I think I got this. Hitting and evading: By defauls, each attack with more than 0% chance to hit, hits. The chance of hitting is calculated with skill, weapon accuracy and all that stuff, more on that later. In order to avoid an attack, a player must spend a number of "evade points" equal to his opponent's hit chance, provided that this is lower than 100%. What are these evade points? Each character has a gauge for basically every thing that, in the games, involved randomness. The evade gauge starts at 30 + unit SPD*2 points and goes up by the same amount each turn, for a max of 150 (so that you can't have someone making almost-impossible evades one after another). Critical hits: Each character has a critical gauge and an anticritical gauge. The critical gauge starts at 20 + unit SKL*2 points and goes up by the same amount each turn, for a max of 150. The anticritical gauge starts at 10 + unit LCK points and goes up by the same amount each turn, for a max of 150. In order to make a critical hit, a player must spend 75 critical points. In order to negate a critical, a player must spend a number of anticritical points equal to twice his opponent's crit chance. A critical hit can still be normally avoided, but the hitrate is boosted by 20% (if the hitrate goes over 100% this way, it's still possible to avoid). Fighting skills: Each character has a skill gauge for every fighting skill he has. Every skill has a main stat and a secondary stat. Every skill gauge starts at 0 and goes up by main stat + secondary stat/2 (rounded up) each turn. In order to activate a skill, a player must spend 75 skill points. An offensive skill can still be normally avoided, but the hitrate is boosted by 20% (if the hitrate goes over 100% this way, it's still possible to avoid). Base sheet: Now that we covered the essential parts, let's see the stat-related part. Class and Skills: First of all, the player chooses a class for his unit. These are the classes currently aviable: [spoiler=Classes]Unpromoted: Sword Cavalier: C Swords, Canto. Promotes to Paladin, Great Knight, Dark Knight Lance Cavalier: C Lances, Canto. Promotes to Paladin, Great Knight, Mage Knight Lance Knight: C Lances, Armor. Promotes to General, Great Knight, Wyvern Master Axe Knight: C Axes, Armor. Promotes to General, Great Knight, Wyvern Lord Archer: B Bows, Marksman. Promotes to Sniper, Bow Knight, Assassin Myrmidon: B Swords, Way of the Warrior. Promotes to Swordmaster, Weapon Master, Hero Soldier: B Lances. Promotes to Spearmaster, Weapon Master, Paladin Mercenary: B Swords, Tough Body. Promotes to Hero, Bow Knight, General Cleric: C Staves, Enchanted Robe. Promotes to Bishop, Valkyrie, War Cleric Priest: C Staves, Enchanted Robe. Promotes to Bishop, Sage, War Priest Monk: C Light, Enchanted Robe. Promotes to Bishop, Sage, War Monk Bandit: B Axes, Unrestrainable. Promotes to Berserker, Warrior, Weapon Master Fighter: C Axes, Tough Body. Promotes to Warrior, Hero, War Monk Thief: Knives, Steal. Promotes to Rogue, Assassin, Trickster Mage: B Anima, Scholar. Promotes to Sage, Mage Knight, Mage Fighter Dark Mage: C Dark. Promotes to Druid, Dark Knight, Dark Flier Troubadour: C Staves. Promotes to Valkyrie, Mage Knight, Seraph Knight Pegasus Rider: C Lances, Fly. Promotes to Falcon Knight, Seraph Knight, Dark Flier Wyvern Rider: C Axes, Fly. Promotes to Wyvern Lord, Wyvern Master, Sky King/Queen Dancer: Knives, Dance, Civilian. Promotes to Blade Dancer, Entertainer, Trickster Bard: D Light, Rally, Civilian. Promotes to Entertainer, Charlatan, Sage Promoted: Paladin: B Swords, B Lances, +2. Canto, Sacrifice, Aegis. Low MAG. Great Knight: A Swords, A Lances, A Axes. Armor, Canto. High STR, Low MAG, DEF, RES. General: A Swords, A Lances, A Axes. Armor, Tough Body, Pavise. High STR, SKL, Low MAG, SPD, RES. Dark Knight: A Swords, A Dark, +1. Canto, Essence Stealer. Mage Knight: A Lances, A Anima, +1. Canto, Ignis. Bow Knight: A Bows, A Swords. Canto, Never Off-guard. High SKL, Low MAG, RES. Sniper: S Bows. Marksman, Crit+10. High SKL, SPD, Low MAG, RES. Wyvern Master: A Lances, A Axes, +1. Fly, Armor. High STR, Low MAG, RES. Wyvern Lord: A Axes, A Swords, +1. Fly, Armor, Luna. High STR, Low MAG, DEF, RES. Sky King/Queen: A Axes, A Bows, +1. Fly, Armor. High SPD Low MAG, DEF. Valkyrie: A Light, A Staves. Canto, Enchanted Robe, Miracle. Low STR. Seraph Knight: S Lances, A Staves. Fly, Enchanted Robe. High SKL, SPD, Low DEF. Falcon Knight: A Swords, A Lances. Fly, Enchanted Robe, Sacrifice. High SKL, SPD, Low MAG. Dark Flier: A Lances, A Dark +1 Fly, Enchanted Robe. High SKL, SPD. Sorcerer: S Dark, A Staves. Essence Stealer, Dark Arts. High MAG, RES, Low SPD. Assassin: A Bows, Knives. Shadow, Crit+10. High SKL, SPD, Low STR, MAG, RES. Swordmaster: S Swords. Way of the Warrior, Crit+15. High SKL, SPD, Low DEF. Hero: A Swords, A Axes, +1. Tough Body, Sol. High SKL, Low MAG, RES. Weapon Master: A Swords, A Lances, A Axes. Way of the Warrior, Focus. Low MAG. Spearmaster: S Lances. Way of the Warrior, Crit+15. High SKL, Low MAG, RES. Bishop: S Light, A Staves. Enchanted Robe, Exorcist. High RES, SKL, Low STR, DEF. War Cleric/Priest: A Axes, A Staves. Enchanted Robe, Renewal. War Monk: B Axes, B Light, +1. Enchanted Robe, Renewal. Berserker: S Axes. Unrestrainable, Crit+10, Wrath. High STR, Low RES. Warrior: A Axes, A Bows +1. Tough Body, Colossus. High STR, DEF, Low SPD, RES Rogue: A Swords, Knives. Steal, Shadow. High SPD, Low STR, MAG, RES. Trickster: A Staves, Knives. Steal, Miracle. High SPD, Low STR. Sage: A Anima, B Light, B Staves, +2. Scholar, Enchanted Robe. High MAG, Low STR. Mage Fighter: A Anima, Knives. Flare. High SPD. Blade Dancer: B Swords, Knives. Dance, Way of the Warrior. High SPD, Low STR, DEF. Entertainer: C Light, C Staves, Knives. Dance, Rally, Civilian. High SPD. Low DEF, RES. Charlatan: B Light. Rally, Steal. High SKL, Low MAG, RES. Unpromoted classes have fixed weapon ranks, some promoted classes have a base weapon rank, plus 1 or 2 ranks. High and Low stats refer to promoted caps: Low stats cap at 22, High stats cap at 28, other stats cap at 25. Promoted caps are affected by skills, while unpromoted caps are always 20, regardless of unit's skills. HP and LCK are exceptions, always capping at 60 and 30, respectively, regardles of unit's class. At this point, the player chooses one skill as the unit's personal skill. These are the skills currently aviable. [spoiler=Skills]Special skills (can't be selected as personal): Way of the Warrior: +1 SKL, +1 SPD, can use exotic weapons Marksman: +2 SKL, can use longbows and ballistas Tough Body: +5 HP, +2 CON Steal: +2 SPD, can steal items if faster than the enemy, can open locks Unrestrainable: +3 HP, +1 SPD, can cross mountains and water Armor: -2 SPD, +5 DEF, lower movement (weakness) Enchanted Robe: +2 RES (weakness) Canto: can change location and attack in the same turn, in any order, higher movement. (weakness) Fly: +1 SPD, gain Canto, ignore weaknesses caused by other skills (weakness) Shadow: +2 SPD, -1 DEF, -1 RES, can't be attacked until next turn Scholar: +2 MAG, -1 DEF Crit+15: enhances critical rate by 15% Crit+10: enhances critical rate by 10% Knives: can use knives Dark Arts: can't use healing staves, can use staves on enemies Essence Stealer: when defeating an enemy, heals equal to enemy's level/2 (rounded down) Dance: refresh up to 2 allies in your area. You can change area before refreshing. Rally: lowers damage received and boosts damage dealt for allies in your area by 2 until next turn Civilian: -2 Damage dealt Exorcist: effective damage against enemies with a Dark rank. Fighting skills: Luna - halves enemy DEF, ignores enemy RES. Main: STR, Secondary: SKL Flare - halves enemy RES, ignores enemy DEF. Main: MAG, Secondary: SKL Adept - attack twice, both attacks can miss or be critical. Main: SPD, Secondary: SKL Astra - attack 5 times for halved damage (rounded up), each attack can miss or be critical. Main: SKL, Secondary: SPD Sol - heals fol half the damage done (rounded up). Main: SKL, Secondary: HP/2 (rounded up) Ether - attack twice, the first attack heals for half the damage done (rounded down) and the second halves enemy DEF/RES. Both attacks can miss, but they can't be critical. Main: SKL, Secondary: LCK Ignis - adds half your MAG to your physical attack and half your STR to your magical attack. Main: SKL, Secondary: lower between STR and MAG Vengeance - adds half your damage to your attack. Main: HP/2 (rounded up), Secondary: SKL Aegis - halves magical damage received (rounded up). Main: RES, Secondary: LEVEL/2 (rounded down) Pavise - halves physical damage received (rounded up). Main: DEF, Secondary: LEVEL/2 (rounded down) Miracle - if the attack would kill you and you have more than 1 HP, it brings you to 1 HP. Main: LCK, Secondary: LEVEL/2 (rounded down) Other skills: Focus: unit gauges go up to 175, gain 5 more skill points for every skill gauge each turn Colossus: when your CON is higher than the enemy's, +1 damage, +15% hit rate Never off-guard: When attacked, switch to the first weapon in the inventory you can counterattack with Sacrifice: heal ally by sacrificing your HP by half the amount (rounded up), or heals poison for 5 HP Renewal: heals for HP/5 each turn Wrath: enhances critical rate by 10% when low on HP Awareness: negates the effect of enemy's active combat skills (the enemy can still use them for the 20% bonus hit) Parity: negates the effect of both yours and your enemy's active combat skills (they can still be used for the 20% bonus hit) and terrain bonus Elite: gains double exp, all growths over 10% are decreased by 5% Blossom: gains 2/3 exp (rounded down), all growths are increased by 10% Shadow gift: can use dark magic. Dark rank is equal to the higher rank between Anima and Light Vantage: always attacks first when low on HP Gamble: lowers hit rate by 20%, enhance critical rate by 10% Charisma: enhance hit and avoid rate for allies in your area by 10% Proximity Shot: can attack enemies at 1 range with a Bow (except longbows), but the attack can't be critical and fighting skills can't be activated. Stats: The player distributes 30* points in the various stats (HP, STR, MAG, SKL, SPD, LCK, DEF, RES, CON). You can't put more than 10 points in a stat. Note that classes have no bases of their own, but some classes have class skills that affect stats. After this, the unit has 1 bonus point for every 3 points spent in HP, LCK or CON. These points are to be distributed in those same stats. Then, 15 more points are added to HP and 5 more points are added to CON. *This assumes unit starts at level 1 unpromoted. Growths: The player distributer 300* points in the unit's growths, in multiples of 5. HP growth gets doubled and, if both STR and MAG growth are 25% or more, they get 5% bonus growths. *This assumes unit starts at level 1 unpromoted. Equipment: Each unit starts with an equippable weapon/staff and either a vulnerary or an usable E rank weapon. This is the list of current items and weapons: [spoiler=Items and weapons]Items: Delphi Shield: Negates enemy's effective bonus towards flying units. Iron Rune: Negates enemy critical attacks. 1x Universal key: Opens a door or chest. 5x Vulnerary: Restores 10 HP. 3x Potion: Restores 20 HP. 2x Elixir: Restores all HP. 3x Pure Water: Raises Resistance by 7. Effect decreases by 1 each turn. 1x Angelic Robe: Permanently increases HP by 7. 1x Energy Ring: Permanently increases STR by 2. 1x Spirit Dust: Permanently increases MAG by 2. 1x Secret Book: Permanently increases SKL by 2 1x Speedwing: Permanently increases SPD by 2. 1x Goddess Icon: Permanently increases LCK by 2. 1x Dracoshield: Permanently increases DEF by 2. 1x Talisman: Permanently increases RES by 2. 1x Body Ring: Permanently increases CON by 2. Swords: Name - Rank - Range - Weight - Might - Accuracy - Crit. Bonus - Uses - Worth - Special Iron sword D 1 5 5 90 0 46 460 Slim sword D 1 2 3 100 10 30 480 Poison sword D 1 6 4 75 0 40 480 Applies 5 turns of poison Steel sword D 1 10 8 75 0 30 600 Iron blade D 1 12 9 70 0 35 980 Armorslayer C 1 11 8 80 0 18 1260 Effective against classes with the "Armor" skill Longsword C 1 11 6 85 0 18 1260 Effective against classes with the "Canto" skill Wo dao C 1 5 8 75 40 20 1320 Only usable by classes with the "Way of the Warrior" skill Steel blade C 1 14 11 65 0 25 1250 Killing edge C 1 7 9 75 30 20 1300 Wing clipper sword C 1 5 7 75 0 20 1400 Effective against classes with the "Fly" skill Light brand C 1~2 9 9 70 5 30 1500 Casts Light magic "Divine"ù Lancereaver C 1 9 9 75 5 15 1800 Reverses the weapon triangleù Brave sword B 1 12 9 75 0 30 3000 Allows 2 consecutive hitsù Wind sword B 1~2 ]9 9 ]70 5 30 3000 Casts Anima magic "Wind" Silver sword A 1 8 13 80 0 20 1500 Silver blade A 1 13 14 60 0 15 1800 Rune sword A 1~2 9 9 70 5 30 4500 Casts Dark magic "Nosferatu" Regal Blade S 1 9 20 85 5 25 7500 I'm going to edit later, adding other weapons and talking about reclassing and status ailments. Anyway, what do you think? I'm honestly not sure about the critical hit system, maybe it should be exactly like normal hits instead?
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