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Found 17 results

  1. i decided to work again on some old and new stuff regarding sprites, so here's the results after a couple of hours spent messing around with photoshop: 𝑭𝑰𝑹𝑬 𝑬𝑴𝑩𝑳𝑬𝑴 𝐅𝐈𝐍𝐀𝐋 𝐅𝐀𝐍𝐓𝐀𝐒𝐘 𝔽𝕒𝕥𝕖/𝕤𝕥𝕒𝕪 𝕟𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕥 𝑪𝒖𝒔𝒕𝒐𝒎 »» the gallery will be updated whenever there will be new material available ««
  2. 1. Osmose: Absorbs an enemy's weapon durability 2. Ultima: 20 Might, Ignores defense but has a measly 40 hit 3. Reraise: Automatically revives a unit the next time they die 4. Libra: Reveals the enemy growths of an enemy unit And the most important one: 5. Banish: Dark Magic that banishes an enemy to the Outrealms, preventing them from being revived
  3. Both have the exact same plot (But KongQuest watered it down HEAVILY), Both have a main protagonist named after a thing responsible for a real life disaster, Both have an evil king, Both have a magical entity manipulating everything from an alternate dimension, And if you replace the G in Garon with a B then you get Baron!
  4. This Terra alt is amazing. Some sick new costumes have been shown since last time, as well as since my last thread, Kefka, Kain and Garland were revealed. Discuss the game we still continue to hope for to get localized eventually once its outside of Arcades. All these alts look so sweet, so many references to art and such like Ramza's. We know that the dev team still plans to have around 50 characters eventually, but we are still unsure when its coming to the PS4 and eventually the west.
  5. Don't know how many of you here are into PC gaming but Square just released their system requirements and benchmark utility for Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition. Needless to say it brings most systems to their knees especially at 4K. I ran it on my system with 32GB of DDR4 2400, GTX 1080, and a AMD 1800X and got respectable results. Luckily 1080p looks really manageable and quite gorgeous for most PCs with a discrete GPU. Not surprising given that it was already a gorgeous game to begin with. Here is the utility if you wanna give it a go yourself. (It is over 3GB though so you know) http://benchmark.finalfantasyxv.com/na/
  6. Thyme was enjoying one of the few, rare, peaceful moments of her life that she had now a days. Being the Warrior of Light she was often being whisked away to get involved in some major conflict. Be it helping to resolve the war between the Elezen and dragons, aiding a girl who claimed to be from a world called 'Vana'diel', expunging demons and vampires from haunted houses, ensuring the moogle mail was properly delivered, or whatever else, her life had become a huge bustle of late. Which was why now, sitting beside a small pond she had made herself in the back of her home in the Lavender Beds with her chocobo companion, Floofy Birdy, at her side was a very relaxing moment. She had met Floofy several years ago now and he had become the closest thing she had to a reliable companion in battle. Sure, she had allies, friends, but they had only recently started assisting her directly when the going got tough. So as she reached up to pet Floofy's feathers and stroke his beak she gave a happy sigh as her feet dabbled in the pond. "You know Floofy, when was the last time we really got some time off?" she asked him before stroking his beak. "I mean, really some time off? A few weeks ago it was telling stories to orphans and that should have been our time off." "Wark!" She smiled a bit as he quickly brought his beak up to peck her through her red hair in an affectionate manner. "Hey! Not too hard, remember? I'm only half your size!" she said with a giggle before getting up and heading back to her home, her soak in the pond lacking something... important. Her home was a 'modest' one in that it was just a basic home layout without excess size, but she had gone to town in regards to filling it up. Just inside the door was a nice and heavy table with lace tablecloths and beautiful silverware and portraits lining the wall, all of which had been made by her or gifts. A counter behind which a stove rested? Handmade. A series of wind-chimes and emblems from the various armies? Gifts for her deeds. As she walked down the hall she caught a glimpse of two portraits, one of a white-haired Elezen woman dressed in blue, Ysayle. She stopped for a moment looking at it. The woman was a heroine, like herself, though considered a heretic. Chosen by the mother crystal Hydaelyn to hold her echo Ysayle had become capable of transforming into the powerful primal of ice, Shiva. They had first met as enemies with Thyme seeking to root out heretics worshiping dragons and slay primals and Ysayle leading a group of heretics and being able to become one; but things had changed. In her heart Ysayle had wished for peace between dragons and all races and that had been the source of her power ultimately, at least in Thyme's eyes, and thusly, once the war finally reached a point where peace could be achieved, both women had quickly put aside their differences and had even become companions; one of the few Thyme felt truly trust-worthy. The second was a young hyur girl, much like herself, except with brown hair instead of red, freckles, and the look of a small farm girl dressed in the linen robes of a novice healer. Quickly Thyme moved her hand away from the portrait as she moved on deeper into the home. Passing by she moved on deeper into the home until she reached a small oven. Changing her clothes and attire into that of a chef's she slowly started to work, making herself a bowl of ice cream. Once done she started to head back out to the pond when a knock on the door came. "Who is it?" she asked as she put the bowel down and headed towards the door. No response. Then another knock. "If you're here about the Triple Triad tournament I told you I withdrew due to lack of time." she said as she reached the door. She grabbed the latch and pulled it open just in time to feel something hard, long, and cold slide into her stomach as the door opened. --- Thyme was enjoying one of the few, rare, peaceful moments of her life that she had now a days. Being the Warrior of Light she was often being whisked away to get involved in some major conflict. Be it helping to resolve the war between the Elezen and dragons, aiding a girl who claimed to be from a world called 'Vana'diel', expunging demons and vampires from haunted houses, ensuring the moogle mail was properly delivered, or whatever else, her life had become a huge bustle of late. Which was why now, sitting beside a small pond she had made herself in the back of her home in the Lavender Beds with her chocobo companion, Floofy Birdy, at her side was a very relaxing moment. She had met Floofy several years ago now and he had become the closest thing she had to a reliable companion in battle. Sure, she had allies, friends, but they had only recently started assisting her directly when the going got tough. So as she reached up to pet Floofy's feathers and stroke his beak she gave a happy sigh as her feet dabbled in the pond. "You know Floofy, when was the last time we really got some time off?" she asked him before stroking his beak. "I mean, really some time off? A few weeks ago it was telling stories to orphans and that should have been our time off." "Wark!" She smiled a bit as he quickly brought his beak up to peck her through her red hair in an affectionate manner. "Hey! Not too hard, remember? I'm only half your size!" she said with a giggle before getting up and heading back to her home, her soak in the pond lacking something... important. Her home was a 'modest' one in that it was just a basic home layout without excess size, but she had gone to town in regards to filling it up. Just inside the door was a nice and heavy table with lace tablecloths and beautiful silverware and portraits lining the wall, all of which had been made by her or gifts. A counter behind which a stove rested? Handmade. A series of wind-chimes and emblems from the various armies? Gifts for her deeds. As she walked down the hall she caught a glimpse of two portraits, one of a white-haired Elezen woman dressed in blue, Ysayle. She stopped for a moment looking at it. The woman was a heroine, like herself, though considered a heretic. Chosen by the mother crystal Hydaelyn to hold her echo Ysayle had become... ... Something was wrong. She had just had these thoughts. Quickly she darted forwards to the kitchen noting that it was empty, exactly as it should be. Floofy was outside, just as he should be, and everything seemed normal, but something was wrong. She could feel it ever so faintly. There had been no knock, there wouldn't be for several more minutes, there SHOULDN'T be one, but she wasn't going to risk it. If she was wrong, no harm no foul. If she was right... Carefully she approached the door before reached forwards to touch the knob, almost as if it were covered in slime, before she quickly flung it open! Standing just outside was a young hyur girl, dressed in the linens of a novice conjurer, with long brown hair and freckles on her face. "You're early." remarked the girl as she looked up at her with a broad, huge, unnatural smile on her face. "All the better though. Hello Warrior of Light. Now is the time to DIE!" cried out the girl as magical water formed up around her hands before blasting it forwards sending Thyme flying back down her hallway, knocking aside a multitude of things. Quickly Thyme sprung up to her feet as she jumped away, getting some distance, before she started to focus on the primal ether. "Edda? What the hell are you doing here? I saw you fall off the edge into the... Damnit! Why are the bards always right?" she cursed as fire formed up around her hands. Edda raised up a staff as huge pieces of earth came to her side and shot down the hall, once, twice, thrice, as Thyme answered in kind with blasts of flame, once, twice, and thrice! Wind shot down the way, launched from Edda, but Thyme knew it well to be no natural wind but the slicing blades of an Aero spell. Green wind burst forth surrounding her as her arms came up to protect herself, feeling the lacerating cuts all over her body; but she wasn't some frail being. "Cure!" she called out as she felt the regenerative energy flow through her body, knitting together the cuts as the restorative energy of the land answered her call. Quickly she held out her arms to her side. "OL BOLAPE A NOCO DE HYDAELYN" Fire and ice in kind formed up around her hands, coursing over them as flames started to lick up her arms and ice freeze over her wrists. "EN DOOAIN BOLAPE PAGE OD VICTORY" Sparks of thunder joined the twins of flame and frost, darting too and fro over her body as golden circles formed around her wrists and above her head. "Yesss... Come Servant of Hydaelyn! Show me what you have! Let it be wondrous!" called out Edda as she spread her own arms wide and the smile growing beyond what any mortal could attain. "OLAPIRETA PI BOLAPE TURBS MAY PI SHINE THROUGH OL!" Thyme's eyes shot wide open as she raised both her hands up high into the air. "ASTRAL FIRE!" she cried out at the top of her lungs as a mighty plume of flame, as if reaped from the stars themselves, bellowed down the hallway towards Edda! --- Thyme gasped for air. She could feel the knife in her belly and see the blood on the ground, her blood, slowly pooling. "Come now Warrior of Light, are you so frail as to be defeated in one blow?" came a female voice. Thyme didn't need to look up to know who it was. "Edda. No... Whatever the hell you are... GET AWAY FROM ME!" she cried out as she reached into a small satchel at her side, searching for a small gem into which her power as a black mage was stored, yet her fingers could not find it. No matter. She grabbed the next best thing. "Class change: Summoner!" she cried out as the smock and chef's knife seemed to melt into liquid light as the gem in her fingers glowed a brilliant white light. It hovered before her as light suddenly burst forth from Thyme's own body and seemed to lace up around her, forming into the garb and weapon of a summoner. "A summoner now?" asked Edda. "You wish to dash this girls dreams?" --- "Hey! Miss!" Thyme looked over towards the entrance to the local inn, still nursing a bad wound or two from clearing the dungeon. A young girl dressed in the linens of a novice conjurer came rushing forwards, waving her hands. Thyme remembered her as the healer of the unlucky group she had seen right outside of the dungeon. Things... had not gone well. She had been lacking in skill, their party having to fall back on potions, and their warrior... Thyme had not seen the full scene but the group had been short one member and this girl had been hunched over, carrying something the same size as a human head, and had been bawling her eyes out when Thyme had arrived. "Hey! I... I've heard of what you did back there in the dungeon. How... How... you managed to beat those things. I just wanted to let you know, I messed up big time in there. It cost me something dear to me that I can never reclaim. But after hearing what you did, I've decided. I'm going back to the basics, working and training harder to become a better conjurer. Who knows? If I get good enough I can heal you one day!" "Ummm... Okay? What's your name girl?" "Edda." --- "I don't care what you think fiend! I know full-well what you are!" hissed Thyme as she cast a cure spell on herself before reaching out with her mind. The primal forces of the world were dangerous. Even to those, like Ysalye, who knew their touch it was far too easy to be swept up in their flow, but it was possible to tap into their power in only small amounts. She knew which power she needed. She knew its name. Garuda. The mistress of wind. She called upon it, forming it up into a small being beside her, an effigy. "What am I then?" said Edda as she raised her hand up. "Voidsent. A monster that inhabits the bodies of others, twisting and warping them to its whim. Your kind tried to take my master. You shall now feel my wrath! Garuda, get some contagion's on her. Time for some poison!" commanded Thyme as she focused on conjuring up the sickening, destructive, miasma's to sap away at the voidsent's strength. "Fire!" called out Edda as a blast of flame shot forth from her staff, slamming hard into Thyme's body. "What the hell?" cried out Thyme as the flames struck her, but she quickly patted them off. She had felt fire plenty of times before, but the sudden follow-up of both ice and thunder impacting her sent her flying back into a wall. Conjurer's couldn't tap into that kind of magic! "Now you're really ****ing me off!" cried out Thyme as she jumped upright, her mind reaching well past the 'normal' safe limits as she watched her effigy attack Edda, only for the latter to laugh it off. Thyme wanted more power. She wanted this thing to be DEAD! She tapped into that might that had sundered the land itself. She felt the primal energy flowing through her, might beyond what was safe, as she raised her hands up to point to Edda. "Flare!" --- Thyme collapsed on the ground, clad in nothing but her undergarb, as Edda stood at the opposite end of the hallway, two gems in her hand. Thyme remembered having just cast Astral Fire, but also having just cast Mega-Flare, and she could even see the tiny effigy of Garuda hovering off on the side, casting furiously away but to seemingly no effect. "How did you... That's not possible." "Black Mage, Summoner, which shall you offer to me next? Scholar? Paladin? Monk? Wail on this body all you want all that you'll do to me..." Edda's face suddenly changed and shifted, becoming pale, almost deathly, and far more human in appearence before letting out a painful wail. A wail Thyme knew well as being set on fire and blasted with the primal forces. Then, suddenly, she hushed up. "Is hurt her more." Okay. Time to think. This thing had taken two gems from her. It seemed that calling upon power was what it desired, but that wasn't the problem. She could call on force all she wanted and could even bring down the most powerful thing possible, but then things would instantly change. It was almost certainly an illusion, one meant to keep her off balance, but what was going on? Soul Gems couldn't just be taken. Only certain people could even touch them and they were often attuned to one person. Yet why hadn't this thing killed her when it had the chance back at the start? In between the illusions? A cheap shot, yes, but it would get the whole satchel. Unless... Wait. Garuda was still here and attacking Edda? That wasn't possible. It should have vanished the moment she lost the gem. Thyme knew exactly what she needed. Her hand darted into her pouch to grab a smooth white gem in the shape of an egg as she transformed again. She didn't say anything, there was no need to do something so extravagant as that, as the soft white robes with a triangle red trim and a smooth white staff with a marbled head formed up. Light flowed into the staff as she calmly raised it overhead, sending it flying upwards. "Holy." --- Brilliant light flared forwards as Edda stumbled backwards, a twisted and warped, demonic, form coming forth from her backside, stumbling backwards, clutching its eyes in pain, as the pure light wounded it. Both had been illusions. She wasn't sure when, she suspected when she had first opened the door, but the voidsent had tried to manipulate her mind. "You foul girl! I'll strip the flesh from your bone!" hissed out the voidsent as it raised its hands up, sending fire and ice her way. Thyme stood still, not trying to dodge, as she raised the staff up and life flowed through her body, pulsating through her, renewing her. "You're just a white mage! A WHITE MAGE! Pitiful! Weak! I hold both of your most powerful gems now! You can't stand against me!" it screamed out before trying to call up upon the power of the primals in the form of shadowy flame. The ground turned a sickly black underfoot. Like lightning Thyme sprinted away as she made a small circle with her staff and earth formed up around her before shooting forwards to impact into the voidsent. "I am the White Mage. I don't use this gem much because it's not my style but..." The voidsent shot a spear of ice towards Thyme. Quickly Thyme focused on her body, hardening it, petrifying pieces of it, turning them to stone before she grabbed the spear out of midair and flung it aside, sending it clattering to the ground. A move like that was draining, but the voidsent didn't need to know that. "My spells are mostly healing. My power is mostly in tune with nature. Yet, in this form, I have stood up to Nidhogg himself. And won. With nothing more than pebbles, hot air, and my own tears as weapons. No flames, no primal power, just healing. And won. There will be only one outcome." Thyme quickly spun around as light pulsated from her staff, keeping it low to the ground, as a powerful wave of energy shot forth causing the ground to burst into flowering life while scourging the unclean from this world. --- Thyme rushed down to the final area of the deepcroft. The wedding invite had been as bad as she had feared. A wedding between a girl and a dead man, with only three invites sent out? Two to Edda's former companions and the third to herself, and in such a foul and twisted place? The outcome was blatant. She knew what lay ahead, but she didn't come in her Black Mage form or her Summoner form or any other. Instead... "Edda. Please. Stop this." said Thyme. She hadn't seen the girl since that day so long ago, but the girl was clearly different. Warped. She suspected that she had not studied to become a conjurer and, instead, been seized by the void. So she had come as a White Mage, the pinnacle of the conjurer, hoping to break through to her. The girl turned to her, her body clearly moving in an unnatural manner. "What you're dealing with, bringing back the dead, it can't be done. Not really. Whatever it offered you, look! You're husband isn't some natural being but a giant! His head is almost as big as you are! It doesn't care about you. It just wants to use you to accomplish its ends in this world! Please, Edda, listen..." --- "Please, Edda, listen." said Thyme, extending her hand towards the girl and voidsent. "Hear my voice, I am Thyme. I am the Warrior of Light. The woman who inspired you to keep going." "Thyme?" said Edda quickly before, suddenly, a massive blast of flame, came forth from her hands. Edda rose up, her hands spread wide, as it tried to focus. "OL BOLAPE A NOCO DE HYDAELYN! KYAAAAAAA!!!" it screeched outas the fire and ice tried for form up only to suddenly shatter and be burst apart. "You are no servant of Hydaelyn. Her will is not yours." said Thyme as she calmly walked forwards towards the screaming girl. "Those words... they weren't words of magic?" hissed the voidsent. "No matter! Garuda! Heed my call and come to me!" it cried out as it raised its hands up high... and nothing happened at all. "She will not come. It was I who bested her and not you. Not that it matters. The primal forces of this world are beyond those whom come from the void." said Thyme as she placed her hand on Edda's shoulder. A long, sharp, cold pain filled Thyme's belly as Edda pulled the knife and stabbed it into Thyme's gut, but it did not seem to matter as healing energy filled the air, knitting together the wound and healing her faster than it could call form damage. "If only you had paid attention to Edda and her abilities as a conjurer, you would have know that, facing a White Mage at the pinnacle of her power... You were ****ed." The forces of nature flowed through her body as spell after spell came forth from Thyme in rapid succession. The winds headed her call and tore into the voidsent as the earth pummeled it and the waters of the world sought to drown it out. Holy light pulsated forwards again and, no matter how many times it tried to cast a spell to hurt Thyme, a quick heal was all she needed. A few moments later Edda slumped down as the voidsent dispursed. Thyme could finally feel the girl in her non-possessed form, and knew the truth. There was no pulse. "I... I'm so sorry." said Edda, her body surviving only off the ambient healing magic. "I tried to become better and it promised me it would do that. If I just let it help, I could become strong, like you. I'm so sorry Thyme. I... didn't even know... what I was doing. I was such a fool." Thyme said nothing. She didn't know what to say. She wasn't some sage of wisdom or reassurance. "If... Maybe... we're not all... capable of... being heroes." muttered out Edda as the life started to flicker from her eyes. "I bet you... didn't... even... remember me." With that the ambient healing magic was spent and Edda's body slumped to the ground, lifeless. "I did."
  7. is up, where we meet an old friend and kill our second Zodiac Demon. My editor also decided to really mess up the sound of my voice, as well as drop about 5 seconds of video, but that's life. [spoiler=Videos] Chapter 1 Part 1- Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Chapter 2 Part 9 - Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Chapter 3 Part 16 - Part 17 - Part 18 - Extra 1 - Part 19 - [spoiler=OP] What's going on guys, I wanted to share with you guys over on the FE side of things a playthrough of what is in all honesty my favorite game of all time. FE is my current lover, but at heart, I know she'll never be as good to me as my first. Which brings us to this game. Masterful gameplay, masterful storytelling, and a masterful soundtrack all blended together to form the closest thing to a perfect game as it gets in my eyes. But some hardcore fans over at the Insane Difficulty forums added an extra ingredient to this concoction; Insane...dificulty. . .it sounded better in my head. Here are some before and after images to illustrate my point. [spoiler=Before] Nothing out of the ordinary. Now if we apply the patch: [spoiler=After] It's subtle, but upon careful observation the differences become apparent. So if strategy games are your thing, but FE isn't quite doing it for you or you just want something different, I highly encourage you to check this out! But be warned, this game makes Conquest Lunatic look like a lil' bitch. It eats Thracia for breakfast and Lunatic Reverse calls 1.3 its daddy. If you're a fan of the FFT series and you consider yourself an expert then you owe to yourself to give this a go. But as it says in the description for the mod, you'd better check your ego at the door. I attempted this patch many years ago, but was never able to finish it to completion. Now, many years and several versions later my pride has finally healed and I'm ready to get back on that horse again. And fear not! If you have no clue about Final Fantasy Tactics and how it works, I can answer any questions you may have. Although I totally skipped out on this during part one. If it's requested though I can throw together a video on the mechanics, because it's absolutely essential if you're going to play along or on your own. For the vets, I'll throw a list of notable changes in the spoilers tag below, as well as a link to the mod. EDIT: There is also a version of the mod that strictly adds in the modified content without the overpowering difficulty. It's called FFT 1.3 Content. Can't believe I forgot to mention that. I imagine it's still a good bit harder thanks to the rebalancing, but should be good in case you want something in between Vanilla and controller-through-screen rage inducing. [spoiler=Changes + Patch Download]Download Here Dark Knight & Onion Knight playable without WOTL Marche from FFTA is playable 200+ New Random Battles 50+ Arena 5 VS 5 VS 5 Free For All battles 40+ New Deep Dungeon Battles Rebalanced / nerfed overpowered elements that trivialized the game Completely redesigned storyline battles, boss encounters, and sidequests Thousands of individual balance changes White Chocobos and Green Chocobos Archaic Demon event Vormav 1 vs 1 duel event Cactuars Tonberries Sage Job Marksman Job JP Scroll / Level Up / Down / Degenerator Glitches removed from the game Jobs rebalanced Items and Poaching rebalanced Brave and Faith are no longer alterable All storyline enemies are now the player's level in strength or higher Enemies now use every single item the player can use except rares Enemies now have alot more JP to learn strong abilities with Anyways, without further ado, here's . Nothing too spectacular, it's the intro battle, what did you expect? The quality will be better in the next part as well, I'm pretty sure I've sorted out my emulator issues. Also, I was thinking about making this a one off, but since I'm actually going to play through this I'll attempt to slow down for the story next time, promise I stand by my version though. Can't very well skip through everything if I'm calling it masterful though, can I?
  8. OK, After waiting like FOREVER, I finally can make official this LP: WELCOME TO FINAL FANTASY VI: BRAVE NEW WORLD 1.6.0 So, How this LP is going to catch my attention? It has something special? Final Fantasy series, are know for being one of the most valuable franchises around the world, almost every console have AT least one game of this series All of them are awesome (Yes, even Final Fantasy XIII Trilogy) But even among them are titles that stand up, being Final Fantasy VI one of the most memorable. This game have been replayed so many times that one day, two players have the wild idea of change things to make it more viable and challenging, those two are BTB ans Synchysi Yeah,so.... what are the changes in general? • Character-based esper restrictions & new stat boosts that promote greater diversity and allow for customized development This is the feature that make BNW (brave new world) worthy: FFVI was know to be the first on the series to have a logical way to learn magic, taking away the nonsensical "hey, everybody that have money can go to the magic store and buy magic to wreck everything", but of course it also VERY easy to break and trivialize almost all bosses, boring the player even before getting to the half of it. BNW makes sure that all 14 characters not end up being the same and support the player to get a hold of the game mechanics and every character advantages and flaws • New and reworked formulas which rescue everything that isn't magic or magic evasion from the dump-stat heap Normally, the only stats that matters were hp,mp,strength and magic, making look the others like trash. Now you want to cover all the stat spreed in order to survive and make this game go more smooth • Rebalanced equipment, items, spells, and skills that aim to remove dead weight and give players more (and better) choices Now it`s not simple as "this armor give me more defense, I just gonna sell the one I have and buy it", neither "Holy/Flare/Ultima all the way to the end tactics" you MUST use every skill, piece of equipment and accessory to sort the obstacles that the game offer you • A complete overhaul of enemies from their stats to their behavior to better challenge veteran players and newcomers alike The vanilla game wasn't know for its difficulty, now the creators make sure that enemies get harder, in order to teach both newcomers and veterans to play with more mind and less muscles • Tons of bugfixes, as well as remedies to many of the game's more annoying aspects (such as rage hunting taking a lifetime) • A new script that restores much of what was lost in translation and builds on existing plotlines and characterization So now this is version 1.6.0, why the long wait? ​because now shynchysi create a new and wonderful system call "esper experience" that eliminate play the game almost like a LLG challenge, having a different formula to the espers bonuses, letting me enjoy and play like I want to. with that out, this LP will start tomorrow, have a good night Note: BTW, the name is Ronlyn and I have some time watching some lp and play some mods, This is my first LP here, hope you like it
  9. http://www.polygon.com/2015/4/10/8383317/dissidia-final-fantasy-arcade-ps4-team-ninja https://www.youtube.com/watch?t=63&v=Vm_ZcdhHrdk https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6L8vyWPkuZY Well this is going to be in Japan for a YEAR, but eventually it may get a port over here via the PS4, apparently the machine is using the PS4 engine. Team Ninja is co-developing the game (get ready for jiggle physics). It's going to be 3 v 3 not unlike Dragon Ball Z Xenoverse is. Quite interesting if you ask me, as a HUGE Final Fantasy fan and a person who originally got the PSP for Dissidia (along with its sequel), I can't wait to see, (maybe this will finally get me interested in a PS4).
  10. I need help with custom animations. Can anyone make Mage Knight with Sword please? I would appreciate it if you have pre-made sprites and a pre-made script.
  11. Petition to replace Cloud with Black Mage https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-square-enix-sora-petition-to-remove-cloud-from-smash-and-put-in-black-mage-instead?recruiter=425021782&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=copylink [spoiler=Letter of resignation]On another note I would like to thank Serenes Forest for teaching me so much about Fire Emblem and introducing me to the other games (which I find to be way better than Awakening). I've was able to play through FE1, FE3 Book 1, FE4, FE6, FE7, and FE8 thanks to translation patches provided by this community. At first I was an annoying troll, but I realized this was a cool place and changed somewhat, but most still disliked me. I've come here to say thank you to this community and I will now resign from my position as an SF member. Enjoy the petition.
  12. While I may be a fan of Final Fantasy, I haven't really had touched the Ps1 (big) titles yet (I've played: FF1 I got 3/4 of the way through recently, after putting it down constantly, but I put it down again. FF2 I got to the ice caverns(i think that's what it's called) which is 1/4 of the way through, haven't played the game since (which was like...5 or so years ago) FF3 (DS) I'm near the end. Just need to go through the mirror. FF5 (I really like this one) I got half-way through (after Galuf saves you from Exdeath) FF6 I got to the part where you meet Edgar and leave on chocobos and stopped (years ago. I should really re-vist this one in the future). FF10 Near the end as well. I'm about to fight Sin(outside of him). FF12 I got 3/6 the way through, got to a boss that uses fire bursts of the sorts and stopped because he kept killing me. (I'm sure this is some point after fighting the Death Wall or whatever it's called.) ...Yeah, I need to work on beating one of the games before tackling the others, which I will! ) I really want to play the Ps1 games, and even more so after watching playthroughs of them (not all the way through though, no more than half. Actually, I watched less than half). I don't know much about either one except: FF7: It's very praised (and called "Overrated", but I don't care. I'll make my own opinion of that game) , Cloud Strife before Advent. Children, and Sephiroth used "Jump" on Aerith. FF8: It's a bit harder to pick up than the other games, you can break the game if you know how, and Squall isn't very likable near the beginning (as far as I am concerned). FF9: Trance, the friendly animals, a little bit about Vivi, "Steal" works a bit differently( and is a bit harder to pull off...at least for rare stuff anyway) and the super extra boss (or as I call it, "The great ball of death") that is HARD AS CRACKERS (...probably not the best example...:3)! I've seen videos of that fight a year or so ago after a friend of mine told me about it and...dear lord...so much death... So yeah, let me know which I should get first? I'm not getting them now, but I will later. Who knows, I may ask for one or two of them for Christmas! Anyway, Thanks in advance! :3 (P.S.: Tips are also helpful! Thanks again! ) (P.S.S: [This may not matter much, but...] Just for reference, on Youtube I watched the playthroughs [partly] of: Somecalllmejohnny (he streamed FF7) BrainScratchComms SuperJeenius ...Just throwing it out there.)
  13. We've done this to death for Fire Emblem, why not do it with Final Fantasy for once. FF1: Temple of Fiends FF2: Battle Theme FF3: Dark Cloud Battle FF4: The Red Wings. (Theme of Cecil) FF5: Clash on the Big Bridge (Theme of Gilgamesh) FF6: The Mines of Narshe FF7: Crazy Motorcycle Chase FF7CC: Those Who Accept The Protection of the Stars FF7DoC: Ninja Girl of Wutai FF8: Force Your Way FF9: You're Not Alone FF10: Calm Silence Before The Storm FF10-2: Zanarkand Ruins FF13: Saber's Edge Final Fantasy Dissidia and 012: Chaos Last Battle and The Dreadful Fight remix (FF4) Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Moving Clouds on the Rivers Surface Final Fantasy Tactics: Run Past Through The Plain Favorite Black Mages rendition: Zeromus (Final Boss Theme of FF4)
  14. The Courage to Disobey: Intro: Square Enix disappointed their Final Fantasy fans since the release of Final Fantasy 13 and 14 (Which from what I hear was fixed in a Realm Reborn, well done!) but then we got to 2014 and Square collaborated with Silicon Studio to bring us Bravely Default for the 3DS, a final fantasy spinoff. Has it revived the hope for Square JRPG fans? I’m here to answer this question. Story: The story of Bravely Default revolves around four different protagonists. Agnes Oblege, Tiz Arrior, Edea Lee and Ringabell. There’s an AR (Augmented Reality) intro that gives you a sense of urgency of what’s happening. And then a 5 minute intro cinematic does a fantastic job of introducing the characters well before you meet them. Agnes is the vestal of wind, one of the vestals who live with an organization called the Crystal Orthodoxy. The vestal’s jobs are to maintain the crystals and awaken them should the worst comes to pass. Her mission is to awaken the crystal which have now become consumed in darkness. Ringabel is a mysterious charmer who suffers from amnesia but has a journal that somehow has future events recorded on it. Edea is an 18 year old who has just graduated from learning swordsmanship by her master and has now become a sky knight, so she’s one of the people who hunt down the orthodoxy. Tiz is a farmer who lives with his younger brother, Til in a small village called Norende. The game starts once Norende village gets swallowed up by the great chasm, which not only kills his younger brother, but is also the source of darkness that affected the crystals Agnes and the orthodoxy were trying to protect. Tiz wakes up in the kingdom of Caldisla by the friendly innkeeper called Karl. Then he meets Agnes and joins her on her journey. After defeating two formidable sky knights (Holly Whyte and Barras Lehr) They afterwards regroup in Caldisla where they encounter Ringabel who offers joining them and Agnes reluctantly agrees. They then encounter Black Mage Ominas Crowe, whose actions were so despicable, that Edea herself rebelled against him and joined the group. These four colorful characters’ goal now is to restore power to the four crystals of the elements and close the great chasm before the world is consumed by darkness. The story is at least interesting enough to keep you going to the end, and it even has some really dark moments such as the aforementioned death of a child character. And has some interesting symbolic sub-plots such as the fact that there’s a faction of Shieldbearers fighting against Swordbearers, I find it to be symbolic because of how it represents the event with the Swordbearers being the attackers and the Shieldbearers being the defenders. While the main plot itself is quite cliche and not all that great, it makes up for it by having some of the best characters and side quests I’ve ever seen in an RPG in quite a long while. There are Party Chats, which flesh out the characters even more. Think like Fire Emblem’s support system or Xenoblade’s Heart to Hearts. Party Chats are basically little event scenes that provide some character development. The main cast itself is superb, with Edea and Ringabel stealing the spotlight, Ringabel is my personal favorite because of how awesome, charming and mysterious he is. But the other characters all have their own admirable qualities and little personality quirks revealed in Party Chats and quite a bit of cutscenes, too. I mean, Tiz is a very light sleeper, Agnes has a terrible sense of direction, and Edea is VERY quick to anger. As for the Asterisk bosses and side quest characters, the villains all have deep characters with motivations for their actions rather than just being a bad person. They usually have their characters explored in a 4-6 minute cutscene with a bit of dialogue, and even some actions that take place to build up tension before the confrontation. I also like how some villains get their own cutscenes to show the story from their perspective. It’s pretty cool. Some special guests appear in Party Chats. Such as Zats, Datz, Airy and Egil which gives what are otherwise minor characters some more exposure. Overall, the story is there it’s good; but it’s the characters and asterisk bosses are what make this game’s story special. Graphics and Presentation: The art is really good in this game. I mean, what can I say about it? Just like Wind Waker, this is another game where I was really skeptical about the graphics until I actually played it and found out that it adds a lot of personality to the game. The game’s art looks a bit like a chibi anime but I think it adds to it because it makes the characters pop out even more than they otherwise would, and it would just not be the same as a regular JRPG anime art style. I instantly noticed from the get go that the reason why they did it is not just because of the creator’s artistic vision, but also because of technical limitations to make it look clean. Which is completely fine because it’s a 3DS game and I understand how limited you can be here. What it does well on a technical level is that it has some nice looking particle effects. The spells are satisfying to cast because of that reason. And the animations look pretty solid. I always get a kick out of watching the special attacks for their cool animations. The sound is good, every sound effect fits the attack or ability you use for it. But it’s quite bizzare how abilities like Stomp, Shell Split, etc, have a blade slashing sound effect even if you have your fists equipped. The soundtrack is superb, some of the best music I’ve heard in any JRPG ever, which is a huge achievement, I’d say. The voice acting is mostly solid. The lines are overall well written, but some voice actors have more believable line delivery than others. But it’s for the most part solid, and the game itself is mostly voiced, cutscenes, dialogue sequences and all. Minus at least Party Chats and NPC dialogue. So overall, on the presentation side, it’s very good. Gameplay: The gameplay of Bravely Default is easily the best part of the game. First of all, let’s talk about the game’s overworld exploration, the exploration part is mostly isometric. During exploration of cities, you’ll find shops that sell you different types of gear and spells, and some interior areas have hidden secrets where you don’t expect to find. Dungeons however don’t encourage you to do the same, instead having treasure chests as the only method of finding items during exploration, which makes sense giving that if you make it harder than that, it makes you have a random encounter while trying to gain an item which is quite annoying. The open world exploration is really fun and addicting to do because you always encounter new areas and enemies, and your boundaries are smaller since you have an airship that can take you anywhere. But sadly, some side quests feel the need to lock exploration of some areas because you still didn’t accept that side quest, so guess what? There’s no reason to go here, turn back. But why? Allow me to go and explore this cave and if I made a mistake and it’s too hard, let me live with my consequences. Otherwise, the exploration experience is just about peerless. The game’s dungeon design is decent, there weren’t a lot of ones that stood out, but exploring them, avoiding traps and opening treasure chests was all very fun. I also liked the party chats initiated by some of the traps triggered, they were funny. The game’s battle system is where the game truly shines. What sets it apart from classic turn based RPGs like Final Fantasy 5 is the Brave and Default mechanics which is one of many reasons why the game has the name Bravely Default, I’ll let you discover the other reasons, you’ll feel rewarded once you do. Any way, combat! Default allows you to block attacks and bank your turns while Brave allows you to execute multiple turns in a row by using BP (Brave Points, otherwise referred to as Battle Points) You can still brave without brave points but that puts your BP count in minus, which means you’ll remain idle for the specific number of turns because you braved without BP. A lot of people pointed fingers at it for being not that significant but oh, hell no! It adds a lot of depth to the game’s battle system because of how much risk vs reward it has, you can attack four times from the very beginning of the fight but do you want to risk that? If you succeed, you are greatly rewarded by victory bonuses such as a bonus for one turn victories, unscathed victories, winning streak, so on and so forth. That help encourage the player to take these risks and earn their pay. There’s nothing as satisfying as having your healer being idle actually paying off since you can now cast heal multiple times. Same applies for other support abilities and even DPS. The combat system is absolutely phenomenal in this game, as you can tell. It’s also quite challenging. I was playing on Hard mode and Normal mode pretty much 50-50 of the time. I changed based on how challenged I wanted myself to be. I have a few minor issues with the combat and one is that I personally feel that random encounters are kinda outdated in comparison to enemies you actually find in front of you in the overworld like in Ni No Kuni, Xenoblade Chronicles and as much as I hate to praise it, Final Fantasy 13. Random encounters are kind of a no no for me unless I’m playing Pokemon as in those games, you mostly encounter enemies in specific encounter zones such as bush and such. Another issue I have is that some of the bosses have unfair difficulty spikes, such as Rusalka, who has a clear pattern to his most deadly attack but you can’t avoid it’s enormous damage output unless you have a Templar or a Spirit Master, which are both unlocked much farther along the line. Another thing is that some enemies have quite the annoying abilities that can only be avoided by trial and error such as abilities that inflict mean status ailments/instant death if you don’t do a specific thing about it. But this one is more of a nitpick because such is the nature of old school JRPGs. But if you’re not a fan of that kind of trial and error is too much for you, you can always turn down the random encounter rate or remove them entirely if you so wish. Which is quite useful for players new to the genre, or players who are too overleveled and just wanna get to the boss, etc. One more nitpick, the developers should cut some of the RNG bullshit, I’m not a fan of getting a crit from an enemy in any RPG, it’s random high damage to a party member while the enemy has much more health so they can afford to get critted, but that’s mostly me. Another thing about RNG is that I don’t like how occasionally, allies or enemies get +1 BP or get free first attacks. And I think the game should allow me to prioritize some of my actions, such as Ironclad being cast after Stomp to cure the effect but maybe that was for balancing the game, I suppose. And sleep points before bosses would help instead of backtracking back to a city to heal up because I’m beaten to a pulp. Another thing is that your healer uses a healing spell on a different ally if the original cast target is dead. But what if I changed my mind and don’t wanna cast it anymore since he/she is dead? But the AI is smart enough to automatically give it to the one who needs it most. But all of the aforementioned flaws are more minor nitpicks to an otherwise peerless turn based battle system. The game’s job system pulls a little bit of Final Fantasy 5 out of its pockets by allowing you to mix and combine two different job classes at will. Making it a big room for tons of different builds and synergy that the player can achieve. There’s a lot of different combos that you can do and some jobs can combo surprisingly well with others. Like for example, the Dark Knight. You’d think that as a secondary job, it would be a terrible option for any other job for it’s kamikaze abilities, but the Monks have very high HP, so it synergises well. And the salve maker synergizes excellently with the White Mage since they have the Healing Lore specialty which doubles the effectiveness of healing abilities and spells. I have a knack for job systems in RPG, I absolutely love experimenting with them no matter what. You can also experiment with your special attacks, customize their dialogue and special effects, which is quite nice. And get many different upgrades from Norende Village, which is a side quest built in as a mechanic, it allows you to use players you streetpass as citizens and hire them to build shops, open roads and even upgrade existing shops. Every extra worker cuts down construction time by half, so if you have many, you should finish quite quick. These shops will give you some quite powerful items that are admittedly super expensive to keep things balanced and encourage you to get less dramatic upgrades from the town shops. The game’s pacing is mostly solid, but the bard’s side quest felt very backtrack heavy. And the side quest markers in that quest only change after you leave the area which can be quite confusing for some players. And that one objective of rescuing 18 canary boys in the Mythril Mines was kinda immersion breaking for me, it made me feel like I was playing a game and just constantly rescuing similar looking NPCs that had mostly similar dialogue and maybe that’s a bit unrealistic and game-like. Now speaking of pacing, I’m gonna harp a little bit about the second half of the game. It’s boring! I dunno what other word is perfect for describing it. It’s tedious and mediocre at best. Without spoiling it, basically, chapter 5-8 is you doing everything you did all over again. Trust me, it’s not as bad as it sounds since you have an upgraded airship to cut down on backtracking, but the backtracking inside the dungeons still exists. And fighting the same bosses over, and over, and over, and over again is just boring! If there’s one positive about it is that it fits well within the context of the plot, I won’t spoil why that is. But frankly, I don’t care how well done your story is. This is a game, I play games to have fun, I’m an independent game designer myself. But trust me, even way before I became one, I would’ve realized that this is a massive game design error that even I would avoid. It’s not only a lazy way to pad out game length but it’s a terrible reward for the hard working player who got that far. You can’t just slap him or her in the face and expect to get away with it, you know? But there are some cool things about it. Some things happen differently in Chapter 6 such as getting a brand new side quest for one of the most powerful jobs in the game. And Chapter 8 has every villain from each region conspiring with the Eternian Knights to fight together and repel your party. Those differences are cool, but they’re just not big enough to excuse the fact that the developers did what they did. On a brighter note, you can actually finish the game as early as Chapter 5 if you do a certain thing I won’t spoil. But the true ending is achievable once you finish all of the chapters, so essentially finish the game four times again to get the true ending. But the final boss was truly marvelous. It’s so epic, grand and climactic that it kinda redeemed the BS behind the last four chapters. I won’t spoil anything about it, but make sure to have friends playing the game if you want the ending and final boss to affect you to a greater degree. The game lasted me about 90 hours to complete. Longest game I ever played. And with all of that said and done, what’s the final verdict on this baby? Final Verdict: Bravely Default is overall a stupendous game. I can’t believe me saying this, but since there were some notable differences to freshen things up a little bit in the second half, and the final hours were beyond masterful. I’m actually now kinda willing to give it a less than harsh final verdict. I have gotten tons of hours of enjoyment out of this title and consider it to be one of the better JRPGs I played on the 3DS, second to Fire Emblem: Awakening, I’d say. Yes, the second half was very poorly thought out, but the game as a whole was incredibly fun regardless. I think Square Enix created one of the better Final Fantasy games in over a decade. Now if only it fixes its second half to make the jump between chapters as dramatic as from 5 to 8, or hell, maybe even take out 3 unnecessary chapters, then it would be a classic. But now it stands as a great game that could be even better. Which is what I’m hoping to find in Bravely Second. Speaking of which, you get a cutscene teaser of the sequel after finishing this game and it looks quite good. I hope Bravely Second expands on what the first game offered and never deviates into any unnecessary padding. In the end, Bravely Default is still one of the best 3DS games I’ve ever played. Without the second half taken into account, I would’ve given it a 9, but I can’t do it now in good faith. Final Score: 8/10 Very Good Update on upcoming reviews: Well, this was quite the adventure that I went through. It had it’s ups and downs, but nothing can stop me from enjoying it. I put 90 hours in. I put over 400 hours in other games but in terms of pure story mode, this is the longest it took me. The next game for me to review will be either Sin and Punishment: Star Successor or Mario and Luigi: Dream Team. Whichever one I choose first, I will still do them both. If you haven't read my review of the Metroid Prime Trilogy, go here for Prime 1 http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=52669#entry3664154 Here for Prime 2 http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=53553#entry3749129 Here for Prime 3 http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=53553#entry3749129 If you're looking for another educated opinion on Bravely Default, try Zera's review of it http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=53866
  15. I was wondering how many people do all the extra things that always are in JRPG's but don't have anything to do with the story. Like the stupidly large amount of side quests in Final Fantasy or the Tales series? When ever I play these games I never bother because I prefer story over actually game play. I just skip them and kind of rush through the games on the simplest difficulty to get the story moving. Am I the only one who does this?
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