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Found 131 results

  1. Which Object is the best Fire Emblem. With that I personally mean: Which Object has the best Justification for giving the Game its Title? But if you've a definition for the "best" Fire Emblem, that you like more, you can use it, to answer this question.
  2. Since we've Polls for Fates and Awakening, I thought one for the Tellius-Games would be fun! Sadly, I couldn't add enough Options for the male Characters.
  3. So... Ephraim died of overexposition on ch 15, from an unlucky javelin (he had around 15~20% chance of death on the whole turn). Well, bad RNG is no excuse, and moments like this happen in every run I guess. But what should I do with my save now? When starting my run, I planned to do no resets at all (which I didnt do), and to delete my save should a game over occur. Now the thing is... I really dont wanna delete my save and start all over. On the one hand, the point of my run was to do something a little more realistic and dramatic than your everyday "reset-whenever-someone-dies" run, and to spare myself the task of restarting some maps because of silly mistakes. On the other, resetting from the beginning would be exactly that : doing the same maps all over again, just because of one blunder (and bad luck) . To be honest, I'd keep playing without Ephraim if I could, but you gotta respect plot armor, amirite? So there it is. What would you do in my situation? What do you guys think I should do? Its my first time getting a game over in ironman, so i'd be interested to know what's your opinion on this. EDIT : after careful consideration, I decided to delete my save and restart completely. I didnt want to restart ch 15 just to bench Ephraim.After all, its only 14 chapters to redo, and it fits better the spirit of ironman imo ; thats what "game over" means originally, right?
  4. Concerning three bit features present in both Awakening and Fates, but left out in Echoes, what path do you think FE Switch should follow. Should they go full on Waifu, continue the hardcore experience, or do something in-Between. I believe I covered all marks in my poll. Tell me if I've missed any, and I'll see about adding them.
  5. And another Poll for the Series overall. I know, that there are definitely some Characters, that should be here but aren't, but I hope the selection is big enough for most.
  6. I often try to defeat Bosses with Characters, who's Victory against that Boss would feel the most meaningfull. So I thought, I would make a Poll about that in RD, since there are so many Characters, that have Dialogue with the Bosses there. The Herons are included, because of Spectre Cards.
  7. I'm personally leaning towards Lianna and unless some new information is revealed she'll be my main character pick.
  8. Who do you think would be a good character for Heroes. UPDATE: I added more options to the post.
  9. So, I am very curious if people like Corrin or not. I have my own opinion on the matter, but I will express it later since I want this OP to be as impartial as possible. It might not spark much of a discussion, but who knows.
  10. Azura - Felicia - Mozume- Elise - Camilla - Sakura - Hinoka - Belka - Charlotte - Elfie - Hana - Kagerou - Luna - Nyx - Oboro - Orochi - Pieri - Rinkah - Setsuna -
  11. Welp, the hype's starting to get to me. After having seen all five of the Villagers, what are my fellow denizens of the forest planning to promote them into? I'll probably roll "canon classes" (which seem to be the optimal ones for most of them anyway), so Tobin = Archer, Gray = Mercenary, Kliff = Mage, Faye = Pegasus Knight, and Atlus = Mercenary (this'll probably fluctuate; he just looks like he'd be swinging around a giant sword). Note: Due to the forum redesign, you can not delete/edit your votes. EDIT: Due to recent reveals, Faye's section has been restructured. If you voted for soldier, archer, or mercenary, I'm sorry-- her class set is Pegasus Knight, Cavalier, Mage, and Cleric.
  12. Hello! I'm currently working on a hack of FE6 that's still is VERY early in development. I have a story outlined and some characters already implemented. I plan on having the cast be a mixture of fan favorites and fan hated characters. (It would fit it in with the story, but I don't want to release that quite yet). It would be really great if this poll I created could be filled out so I can start fleshing out my story and implement these characters. (You can take it as many times as you want to) Also, the characters must be playable, ( battle sprites, ect). Villains can be used. Thanks!~~ Poll is here! UPDATE Characters Already (or now) Confirmed Roy Eliwood Hector Lyn Erika Ephraim Lute Lugh Lilina Nino Kishuna Lucius Wendy Florina *And some surprise guests*
  13. Pretty much what it says in the title, I know I talk about Gaiden gameplay/story on here but I've actually never played it myself. NES graphics/music is just a bit too archaic for me to put up with. So I'm curious if most of you are like me that only has experience with the original through second hand accounts and how many actually have finished the game.
  14. Pretty much everybody agrees that the promotion cost from 4* to 5* is steep. After a month, most people have barely enough Feathers to promote a single unit. Nintendo seemed to have partly heard out pleas, with the 10K feather giveaway and the Arena quests last month, but the giveaway was not a viable long term source of Feathers, and the Arena Quests have strangely not returned this month. To put that into perspective, if you get max Offense and Defense scores in the Arena for a week, as well as Rank in the top 100,000, it would take you over 7 weeks just to promote one unit from 4* to 5*. Almost two months for one unit seems way too long. Sure, you might eek out a few more Feathers by ranking higher, but that's not a sure thing, and getting any Defense Wins at all isn't either, so it might take even longer to accumulate 20K. Dropping the cost down to 5K seems a lot more fair, since that would mean a couple decent weeks in the Arena could give you enough Feathers to raise a character to 5*. What are other people's thoughts?
  15. So, after looking through the full results of the Fire Emblem Heroes poll results, I found of a lot of unique placements of the FE4(Ishtar scored more than most of the cast. Which is interesting.) and 5 characters(Carrion and Olwen scored absurdly high compared to the rest of the FE5 cast.). Also, some characters I thought would score higher than others didn't.(I think Dew scored higher than Lewyn.) SO I have decided to see where the cast lies since so many of the placements were surprising to me. Vote for your Favorite Female Characters in Fire Emblem 4! Fire Emblem Popularity Poll(Male): https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/69149-fire-emblem-4-popularity-pollmale/ At the moment, the poll is multiple choice, tell me if you think this should be changed in the comments.
  16. So, after looking through the full results of the Fire Emblem Heroes poll results, I found of a lot of unique placements of the FE4(Ishtar scored more than most of the cast. Which is interesting.) and 5 characters(Carrion and Olwen scored absurdly high compared to the rest of the FE5 cast.). Also, some characters I thought would score higher than others didn't.(I think Dew scored higher than Lewyn.) SO I have decided to see where the cast lies since so many of the placements were surprising to me. Vote for your Favorite Male Characters in Fire Emblem 4! Fire Emblem 4 Popularity Poll(Female): https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/69152-fire-emblem-4-popularity-pollfemale/ At the moment, the poll is multiple choice, tell me if you think this should be changed in the comments.
  17. Hi guys! Voting for Chapter 1 is over. And since the gaiden chapter requirement was achieved, DRUM ROLLS MIA WILL JOIN THE COMPETITION! YAY! Anyway the characters who got in Chapter 2 where the ones with the most votes in Chapter 1. Eliminated: Katarina, Geese, Myrrh, Knoll. So please continue voting! <3 Voting ends Monday night (European time) without a defined hour, votes after that will not be counted. Gaiden Chapter Requirement: Before Monday Night, This poll receives 6 replies from 6 different users. (0/6)
  18. So I decided to do this random contest to see who is the BEST Purple Headed FE unit. The ones who got in where the ones who at least got a vote in my "Favourite Purple headed unit poll". You can rate a unit both in personality and in game usefullness, whatever you want! The least voted units will not pass to Chapter 2. Comment who you votes for! The voting will end this Friday night (european time), without a defined hour, votes after that will not be counted. Gaiden Chapter Requirement: In total, before Friday night, this poll receives a minimum of 23 votes. (23/23)
  19. Sure they all have flaws but I was wondering if there's any titles you guys consider to be nearly flawless? I'm sure you guys can all guess what titles I'd say are masterpieces ;) but anyways, part of the reason I'm making this poll is to see if fire emblem was liked more in the past (in which case the older games would be commented the most) or vice versa for the modern games. As part of the poll's purpose, it'd be cool if anyone could say what their favorite fire emblem games are so I can see if people here truly prefer the old over the new ones.
  20. My favourite color is Purple (duh), so I wanted to know who is your favourite purple headed unit and why! Mine is Sophia.
  21. Ok, so with the FE Heroes popularity poll going on, it's quite a mix of everyone from the series. Course(and not to be rude), some people's reason for voting for a character is much different from one another(for better or worse). After talking with others on the poll, then the idea to make a popularity poll for SF came to mind! Now, I'm not asking the staff/moderators to do it(because I rather not bother them will all that work), so I rather do it myself. Here's the issue, do you guys want that? To make a poll for both Males and Females would take ALOT of work(getting all the names, alphabetizing them, make the poll, etc)! I don't mind doing it, but I also want it to be worth it. So yeah...do you guys want a FE popularity poll here in the Serenes Forest (Forums)? (And If so, do you want it after the FE Heroes poll ends or is any time around now a good time?)
  22. SO! In the interest of consolidating votes for characters that people want, I wanted to make this poll/topic to figure out which version of characters with multiple iterations people will vote for-- Tiki, Ike, the Awakening trio in Fates/Conquest, etc. Ideally, to give these characters the best chance of success, I think it only makes sense to ensure that we're voting for the SAME version of a character, instead of splitting their votes between the two different versions. By polling early, ideally we can find out which version of each character is more popular, and vote accordingly to give them the best possible chance! Let's make it happen, folks! Please vote for the characters at the following URLs: Tiki Ike Owain / Odin Severa / Selena Inigo / Laslow Anna Misc Archanea characters (comment who) Misc Jugdral characters (comment who) Misc Tellius characters (comment who) NOTE: Please only vote/comment on characters that you plan to vote for! If you are NOT planning to vote for the character, then consolidation among people who ARE going to vote for that character will be skewed by irrelevant data. Thanks for understanding. Note that you can also vote for both versions if you plan to do so in the poll. If anyone wants to help get the word out and get us more results, here are other social media links that you can spread it on: Tumblr Twitter
  23. I'm really excited for Echoes. It's a sign that IS hasn't forgotten about the older fans of the series and want to give the black sheep of the franchise a chance.I have never played Gaiden but now Echoes is coming in just 4 months. Feel free to discuss which is the better game to play first.
  24. This is a mini rant on Gen VII, but it's more a discussion of the Generations in general, so I didn't want to go too off topic elsewhere. I'm still not finished with Sun, but I honestly think it's a step down from Gen 6. Playing XY, the bottom screen features made Pokemon feel like you were really interacting with everyone else playing out there. You could pass O-Powers and engage in battles with friends and random people. In Sun/Moon you feel much more isolated. That dumb tent thing is something you have to go out of your way to really use and I've only interacted with one other person playing Pokemon: my spouse to do some trade evolutions, and I had to figure out how to trade. XY was much more intuitive. Gen VI really competes for my title of favorite gen. It did so many things right, but still had many head scratchers, like the absolute lack of post-game. I was hoping Gen VII could swoop in and fix everything, but really, I think it was a step back in quality. Everything Gen VII does well, Gen VI did better, to be honest. I guess Gen III will keep being my favorite, for now, with the GameCube games giving it that push to come out on top.
  25. One stormy night in August of this year, I was going through my first play through of FE4. I was at Chapter 4, healing grinding with Raquesis with the paragon ring that she somehow manage to afford, I had little interest in using her in my main squad and only gave her some level ups for the sake of making another healer stronger and for her and Azel's children to get better stat bonuses. She reached level 20 before I got to reclaim Silesia, I though to myself "meh, might as well promote her, I mean she had bad level ups so this may help her catch up, plus a couple of rings." I had no knowledge of what she promotes to at the time: when I hit that class change icon, skipped Oifeys dialogue and watch what she becomes, my jaw fell to the floor. A mounted unit with 9 movement, rank A in all weapons except light/dark magic, insane promotion gains and access to pursuit. This was like watching your Magikarp evolve into Gyarados for the first time. The fact that this frail unit becomes a goddess on promotions just messes with my head and I'm surprised that this class only existed in this game. Sorry for the long story, I just really wanted to say thestory about how shocked I was when I witnessed that moment. The point of this topic is to ask if the Master Knight class should make a comeback in the newer games with added skill sets, bonuses and other bells n whistles or should it not return and remain in the land on Jugdral?
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