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Found 22 results

  1. Hi there I've been getting back into FE7 lately and want to balance the game a bit better. I messed around with Nightmare2 for the first time yesterday with some success, but I figured there is no reason to spend several days trying to reinvent the wheel, if people in this community have already done something similar. The FE7 Gameplay Reversion Hack is a good start including 3X weapon damage effectiveness, but I had some more ideas for balance changes: Buffing Lyn and Eliwood, their prf weapons, and preferably making Eliwood a lance wielder. There is a patch for this, but it also makes Lyn a bow wielder which I dislike. I managed to change Eliwoods weapon ranks and Rapiers type, but I failed my attempt to give him the Soldier lance animations. Also couldn't make the Mani Katti a magic 1-2 sword without overwriting effectiveness. Buffing Fighters, Warriors, Archers, Snipers, Generals, and Swordmasters. I wanted to give the Sniper class the crit ability, but it takes the slot of Ballista, which would screw with several maps. My fix was to give the Archer/Sniper characters the ability, but then it is also active when pre-promoted. Nerfing Paladins, removing their Axe ranks like FE8. Nerfing Hand Axes and Javelins. Buffing unpromoted enemies in the mid game, increasing their level. Base/Growth rebalancing, including nerfing some pre-promotes including Marcus, Pent, Harken, and Athos. Earlier/more promotion items for Thieves, Pirates, (and Lords). My thought was to make the Ocean seal and Fel Contract into Earth Seals, and have the latter be usable by all classes. Would appreciate links to any good balance patches, or info on which of my suggestions aren't feasible to implement, before I break my head over them.
  2. [spoiler=Screenshots] [spoiler=Wait what are these showing?]1) Seth's base stats are reduced, especially in HP, STR, SPD and DEF. Seth received a few very needed nerfs - lower bases, reduced growths, and a tweak to the EXP formula in the earlygame, which although an indirect nerf, hinders Seth's early EXP gain far more than any other character is affected. 2) An example of a chapter 9 Eirika Shaman, showcasing their new defensive slant. Slightly higher offensive stats but much stronger defensively. Most enemies didn't gain much or any DEF/RES in this patch, instead I opted to raise HP to maintain balance of lower strength, high SPD units. 3) Marisa is significantly buffed in terms of bases. This is her in chapter 10 Eirika route. Marisa didn't receive any other buffs, so this is all she gets. How do you think she compares to Joshua (who was unchanged)? 4) Trainee 1st tier promotions are buffed significantly as well, especially Amelia (who is generally considered the weakest character in the game). Also, notice the CON gain. Trainees are no longer stuck on useless CON! Oh, and those are more or less average stats for Amelia before promotion as a level 10 Recruit. If you do the comparison, it might not look like she got buffed much (before promotion gains, at least!), but she does have a number of small buffs in a few areas of gameplay, as does Ewan and to a lesser degree, Ross. 5) Late game bosses are strong, but not ridiculously strong. Lyon is heavily buffed but still has fairly low AS - much higher than his usual ~5 AS though - so even though he's sporting 55 mt like usual, and now 29/30 defences with a whopping 88 HP, he's not too hard to gang up on and take down if you're careful. 6) Most dark magic tomes have been buffed, since they did sorta suck before. Luna with it's terrible hit but 10% crit was particularly notorious for usually being completely non-threatening, except the fact it often had maybe a 2% chance to simply kill you. FESS Difficulty & Balance 1.1.zip (Alternate download: Google Drive) I uh uploaded here first, then later realised I could just attach the file on the forums directly. Doesn't hurt having two versions in case one goes down I suppose. This is a patch that I've been working on for the last month, give or take, mainly for my own entertainment, but since it's done, it felt like a shame to not release it in case more people would be interested. As the name suggests, this patch aims to do two things - 1) Increase the game's difficulty and 2) Address some various balance issues in a number of places, at least as I perceive them. As many people would agree, The Sacred Stones is one of the easier FE games - even if you don't just have Seth demolish his way through the game, there are few seriously challenging chapters, and plenty of other characters who can be trained up quickly and destroy the later parts of the game. Many of those characters, and especially Seth, needed a bit of a tone down. Similarly, many characters are close to worthless if played in a traditional (no grinding) style, due to joining very low levelled, late, and often not being noticably better than similar units when trained. Those characters needed some kind of buff and/or niche to make them more worthwhile. Thus, this patch comes in. This patch is for anyone who wants to play FE8 again, but feels the original game is too easy, and wants something more comparable to recent FE games higher (not top) difficulties. In terms of difficulty, my goal was somewhere around perhaps HHM in FE7, or maybe F4 in FE11 - so I didn't want to make a super challenge for FE vets, just something where the enemies have a little more bite to them. In terms of balance, I wanted to make every character at least viable, and no character feel almost mandatory, for simply completing the game (LTC, speedrun or anything like that wasn't a goal or particular consideration). I was not trying to make every character equally good - such goals are almost impossible, and somewhat subjective. But I wanted even the weakest characters in vanilla to feel worthwhile and rewarding to train, and the strongest to not be overbearing. I feel (and hope!) that I succeeded. This is not a massive redesign of the game or a huge project. Don't expect things like new characters, sprites or ASM hacking. Everything I did was done with Nightmare, and all but one thing with publicly available modules (one module I made myself). This patch is simply doing the things I said it would - rebalancing the game and increasing the difficulty. I'd like to thank two people, who helped make this patch - one directly, and one indirectly. Kaoz/Chaosmaster helped a lot, suggesting various ways to rebalance characters, as well as other things I might want to adjust. I spent a lot of time talking to him about things I could tweak and how to do it. Vennobennu also helped indirectly, well over a year ago, since he told me how to remove the "mode coefficent" part of the EXP formula (and this is what my nightmare module I made as a result is for). Now that's out of the way, here's a changelog for those interested. [spoiler=Summary Changelog]Difficulty: Increased enemy stats (HP majorly, STR/SKL/SPD/LUK slightly). "Mode Coefficient" EXP removed (this basically means you gain less EXP for high level units until chapter 8) Strong units nerfed slightly Balance: Strong units weakened slightly by reducing bases, reducing growths, altering base level, etc. This includes Seth, Franz, Gerik, Duessel and others. Weak units buffed slightly by increasing bases, increasing growths, altering base level etc. Trainees have had their 1st promotion buffed. This includes Ross, Neimi, Amelia, Ewan, Marisa, Knoll and others. Shaman/Druid has slightly more defensively oriented stats, inspired by FE13, to give them both a more distinct feel from other magic users. A few other miscellanious changes. [spoiler=Detailed changelog]All enemy and NPC units unpromoted/promoted base stats increased: HP +4/+6; STR, SKL & SPD +1/+2; DEF & RES +0/+1 All enemy units growths increased: HP +30%; STR, SKL, SPD & LUK +10% Unpromoted Monsters gain 1 less base HP, 10% less HP growth and 5% less STR, SKL, SPD & LUK growth (mostly because Ghost Ship is too much of a difficulty spike otherwise) "Mode Coefficient" EXP removed (see bottom of page for info) Base stat & level changes (note: X>Y means the character is autolevelled from X to Y. All unlisted stats are unchanged): Seth: 26 HP (-4), 12 STR (-2), 10 SPD (-2), 10 DEF (-1), 7 RES (-1), C Swords (-2) Franz: 19 HP (-1), 6 STR (-1), 4 SKL (-1) Moulder: 8 SPD (-1) Vanessa: 10 SPD (-1), 5 DEF (-1) Ephraim: Level 7 (+3) Orson: 33 HP (-1), 14 STR (-1), 10 SPD (-1), 12 DEF (-1) Gerik: Level 8 Eir (-2), Level 8>10 Eph (was 10), 29 HP (-3), 12 STR (-2), 11 SKL (-2), 11 SPD (-2), 7 LUK (-1), 8 DEF (-2), 3 RES (-1), 12 CON (-1) Tethys: Level 1>3 Eph (was 1), 11 SPD (-1), 4 DEF (-1), 3 RES (-1) Saleh: Level 1>4 Eph (was 2>4), 17 SKL (-1), 7 DEF (-1). Cormag: 29 HP (-1), 9 SPD (-1) Duessel: Level 8>11 Eir (was 8>10), 39 HP (-2), 16 STR (-1), 11 SKL (-1), 11 SPD (-1), 16 DEF (-1) Neimi: Level 3 (+2), 18 HP (+1), 6 STR (+2), 7 SKL (+2), 8 SPD (+2), 5 LUK (+1), 3 RES (+1) Natasha: Level 2 (+1), 19 HP (+1), 3 MAG (+1), 9 SPD (+1) Amelia: Level 4 (+3), Level 4>7 Ch. 13 Eir (was 1>4), 18 HP (+2), 5 STR (+1), 4 SKL (+1), 5 SPD (+1), 7 LUK (+1), 3 DEF (+1), 4 RES (+1) Marisa: Level 10 Eir (+5), Level 10>12 Eph (was 5), 27 HP (+4), 9 STR (+2), 15 SKL (+3), 16 SPD (+3), 12 LUK (+3), 5 DEF (+1), 6 RES (+3), C Swords (+1) L'Arachel: Level 7 (+4), 20 HP (+2), 8 MAG (+2), 8 SKL (+2), 12 SPD (+2), 14 LUK (+2), 6 DEF (+1), 10 RES (+2) Dozla: 12 SKL (+1), 10 SPD (+1) Ewan: Level 6 (+5), 18 HP (+3), 5 MAG (+2), 4 SKL (+2), 7 SPD (+2), 8 LUK (+3), 1 DEF (+1), 5 RES (+2) Rennac: 30 HP (+2), 11 STR (+1), 17 SPD (+1) Knoll: Level 10 (was 9>10), 23 HP (+2), 13 MAG (+1), 2 LUK (+2), 5 DEF (+3), 11 RES (+1) Syrene: Level 6 (+5) 31 HP (+4), 14 STR (+2), 16 SKL (+3), 20 SPD (+5), 13 LUK (+1), 11 DEF (+1), 15 RES (+3), B Swords (+1) The Creature Campaign bonus characters all have the same bonuses as enemy units do (+6 HP, +2 STR, SKL & SPD, +1 DEF & RES) because well they're bonus characters anyway, they need all the help they can get (and it's less editing to leave like that) Lyon's Phantoms are stronger (+15% STR, SKL, SPD, LUK growths) because I felt like it. Growths changes: Seth: 80% HP (-10%), 45% STR (-5%), 40% SKL (-5%), 40% SPD (-5%), 20% LUK (-5%), 30% DEF (-10%), 20% RES (-10%) Amelia: 70% HP (+10%), 40% STR (+5%) Ewan: 55% HP (+5%), 55% MAG (+10%), 40% SPD (+5%) Knoll: 80% HP (+10%), 25% DEF (+15%) Promotion bonus changes: Journeyman > Fighter: +3 HP, +3 STR, +1 SKL, +1 RES, +3 CON (was: +2 HP, +2 STR, +1 SKL, +1 RES, +3 CON) Journeyman > Pirate: +4 HP, +2 STR, +1 SPD, +1 DEF, +2 CON (was: +2 HP, +2 STR, +1 SPD, +1 DEF, +2 CON) Journeyman > Journeyman (2): +3 HP, +1 STR, +2 SKL, +2 DEF, +2 RES, +1 CON (was: +2 HP, +2 SKL, +2 DEF, +2 RES) Journeyman (2) > Journeyman (3) +5 HP, +1 STR, +1 SPD, +3 DEF, +3 RES, +2 CON (was: +4 HP, +1 STR, +2 SPD, +2 DEF, +2 RES) Journeyman (2) > Hero Now gives +2 CON (was +3 CON), no other changes Recruit > Cavalier: +2 HP, +2 SKL, +3 SPD, +2 RES, +3 CON (was: +1 HP, +2 SKL, +2 SPD, +2 RES, +3 CON) Recruit > Knight: +3 HP, +3 STR, +1 SKL, +4 DEF, +1 RES, +4 CON (was: +2 HP, +1 STR, +1 SKL, +1 SPD, +2 DEF, +4 CON) Recruit > Recruit (2): +3 HP, +2 STR, +3 SKL, +2 SPD, +2 DEF, +2 RES, +1 CON (was: +2 HP, +1 STR, +1 SKL, +1 SPD, +2 DEF, +1 RES) Recruit (2) > Recruit (3): +3 HP, +3 STR, +1 SKL, +1 SPD, +2 DEF, +2 CON (was: +2 HP, +2 STR, +1 SKL, +1 SPD, +2 DEF, +1 RES) Recruit (2) > Paladin: Now gives +2 CON (was +3 CON), no other changes Pupil > Mage: +2 HP, +2 MAG, +1 SKL, +3 SPD, +1 DEF, +2 RES, +1 CON (was: +1 HP, +1 SKL, +2 SPD, +1 DEF, +2 RES, +1 CON) Pupil > Shaman: +4 HP, +1 MAG, +1 SPD, +3 DEF, +2 RES, +2 CON (was: +1 HP, +2 MAG, +1 SPD, +1 DEF, +2 RES, +2 CON) Pupil > Pupil (2): +3 HP, +3 MAG, +2 SKL, +2 DEF, +3 RES, +1 CON (was: +2 HP, +1 MAG, +1 SKL, +2 DEF, +2 RES) Pupil (2) > Pupil (3): Now gives +1 CON (was +0 CON), no other changes Pupil (2) > Sage: Now gives +1 CON (was +2 CON), no other changes Stat cap changes: All Trainee (1): 15 STR, SKL, SPD, DEF, RES & CON (Was 20 in all) Journeyman (3): 30 STR, 28 SKL, 26 SPD, 30 DEF, 24 RES (Was: 26 STR, 29 SKL, 28 SPD, 23 DEF, 23 RES) Recruit (3): 28 STR, 30 SKL, 29 SPD, 27 DEF, 27 RES (Was: 23 STR, 30 SKL, 29 SPD, 22 DEF, 26 RES) Pupil (3): 29 MAG, 29 SKL, 26 SPD, 24 DEF, 30 RES (Was: 29 MAG, 28 SKL, 27 SPD, 21 DEF, 30 RES) n.b. These 3rd tier stat caps are the ones in the Japanese version. Some are a bit odd like Journeyman's 30 DEF, but overall they seemed more appropriate to use. The 1st tier ones are just for effect, they're almost unreachable caps still (Ross has a 0.2% chance of reaching 16 Strength... if you give him the ch. 7 Energy Ring.) Weapon changes: Luna now has 75% hit, 0% crit and 11 wt (was 50% hit, 10% crit and 12 wt) Nosferatu now has 13 wt (was 14 wt) Fenrir now has 15 wt (was 18 wt) Gleipnir now has 21 mt, 16 wt, effective vs. monsters (was 23 mt, 20 wt, no effective bonus) All 1-2 ranged Lances (Javelin, Short Spear, Spear) and Axes (Hatchet, Hand Axe, Tomahawk) have -1 mt Other misc. changes: Shaman & Druid base stats: +1 HP, +1 DEF, -1 MAG, -1 SKL Shaman & Druid growths: +15% HP, +10% DEF, +5% RES, -10% MAG, -10% SKL, -5% SPD Including the universal growth & base stat buffs this gives: Bases: +5/+7 HP, +0/+1 MAG & SKL, +1/2 SPD, +1/+2 DEF, +0/+1 RES (for Shaman/Druid resp.) Growths: +45% HP, +5% SPD, +10% LUK, +10% DEF, +5% RES This makes Shamans & Druids slightly more defensively oriented, similar to FE13. Boss stats increased. Excluding HM bonuses (which are slightly larger now due to higher growths): Prologue-ch. 3 & ch. 5x have 4 HP, 1 STR, SKL & SPD Ch. 4-7 gain 6 HP, 2 STR, SKL & SPD Ch. 8-11 gain 6 HP, 2 STR, SKL & SPD, 1 LUK, DEF & RES Ch. 12-14 gain 8 HP, 3 STR, SKL & SPD, 1 LUK, DEF & RES Ch. 15-18 gain 10 HP, 3 STR, SKL & SPD, 2 LUK, DEF & RES Ch. 19-20 gain 12 HP, 4 STR, SKL & SPD, 2 LUK, DEF & RES. Riev also gains 2 CON Lyon (end) gains 12 HP, 1 MAG, 4 SKL, 4 SPD, 4 LUK, 2 DEF & 6 CON Formotiis gains 5 STR, 10 SKL, 2 SPD, 6 DEF & 6 RES, but stat caps have been lowered to 31 to avoid a stat overflow bug while suspending (in effect this means 30 or 31 MAG/SKL/DEF/RES and about 21 SPD/LUK) Note: "Mode coefficient": Normally, until the end of chapter 8, the game does something a bit weird with EXP. If your level is at least the same as an enemies level when you kill them, then the bonus EXP you get for killing them treats your level as though it's half of what it actually is. If that sounds confusing then here's some example numbers: A level 6 fighting a level 8 enemy gets 11 EXP for hitting and an additional kill bonus of 6 (+ a fixed 20 EXP) for killing, making 37 EXP total. A level 8 fighting the same enemy would get 10 EXP for hitting, but here's the weird part: Because their level is equal, it's treated as being level 4 for the kill bonus, so they actually get a kill bonus of 12 EXP (+ the fixed 20 EXP), making 42 EXP for killing. So a higher level character is getting more EXP, what. The main reason I've disabled this isn't because it's weird though - it's because it makes things harder, and especially makes Seth less able to get tons of EXP early on (it's not unusual for Seth to be level 6-8 at the end of chapter 8, in this patch, he probably won't be higher than 3). For reference, with the mode coefficient disabled, now our level 8 unit gets 10 EXP for hitting and an additional 0 + 20 for killing, making 30 total. The patch is currently complete - however, there is a chance I will make some more changes, likely minor ones, especially if people feel there is a character or perhaps other aspect of the game I have not sensibly balanced yet. If there are any questions, perhaps about why I did something a certain way or anything else, feel free to ask.
  3. Hi, I've done a quick patch for TSS. This includes: - Bow range changes and longbow is a semi-siege weapon - Bows are not anti-air except short bow, renamed Anti-air Bow - Staff range changes - Weapon stats and price changes for better balance - Swords are called Blades and blades are replaced with knives/daggers with stats equivalent to javelin/short spear/spear for the sword line - Better class distinction without altering the way they work - Nerf to mounted units (caps and fliers get 6-7 movement instead of 7-8), most of them can't double the final boss except Eirika/Ephraim (late promo), max def/res nerfed too (+5 from unpromoted class with tweaks due to branched promotions - Great Knight 8 movement, paladin is more like silver knight (lance) while GK is gold knight (axe) - Seth's bases untouched but he falls off towards the end of midgame even at level 20 - Promo gains drastically improved (more like Fates promo bonuses, some are Awakening level like trainees into t1 and knight into general, although the base used is closer to Radiant Dawn t3 promo gains) - Trainees have 5 base move and usable bases (Ewan's bases untouched but he gains better stats on promo to make up for that) - Mage Knight is now a frontline class - Most units got base stats changes due to their class bases improving and some got personally buffed (pegasi mostly) - Lgd weapons give +3 instead of +5, bow gains str instead of luck, Vidofnir is now correctly between Audumla and Garm, Wt is similar to iron/E rank, no monster effectiveness - Naglfar weighs 6, so Lyon doesn't lose spd anymore - Spd capped general with Garm can still double endgame boss (from 19 spd with Garm's +3) - Enemy growths are more balanced, following their class theme (expect promoted enemies to be closer to Fates proportionally to the stat caps of TSS) - Monsters have better bases and follow the same growth pattern as humans (beware of fog maps) - Rogues have 7 movement since thieves have 6 - Everyone is usable, some units fall off (Seth, Forde is what the womanizer cav from FE6 should have been, Garcia but he has a longer lifespan) - Changed the dragonstone a little, now Myrrh is better for the time it lasts - Soldier is now more like Radiant Dawn soldiers, bases and growths (don't put weaklings in their range) - Formortiis has -5 def/res since you don't have effective weapons anymore (except...TA-DAAA! Myrrh's dragonstone! And now she can even double him) - Try different promotions, mounted promotions give less stats than unmounted to classes that don't have a mount in t1, making up for the advantage in mobility and they fall off anyway Link for download (patch US clean ROM with an UPS patcher): https://www.dropbox.com/s/20snosffcvdbek6/FE8%20simple%20patch_full%20balance%20patch.ups?dl=0
  4. I'm hoping to not just hear interesting ideas, but also spark some discussion on FE's weapon balance. Including things like weapon effectiveness or the weapon triangle. Including on my own idea! Especially since I'm kinda weird in that, I personally believe that carefully restricting options makes for a more strategic experience. (I add "carefully restricted options." I hated how FE11-12's idea of difficulty felt like it amounted to removing tools. Similar to early game Radiant Dawn's hard mode.) Ahem. if I was put in charge of determining the weapon balance of the next FE. Here's what I would do/push for. Now as for the magic weapon triangle. Of course I know I did dip into "character balancing" a bit with talk of divine or personal (or both) weapons. But I believe there IS an overlap worth discussing to a smaller extent. (As long as you keep to 'A character's specific thing is having this specific weapon' personally one of my biggest gripes with 3H weapon balancing was that it was TOO inclusive. Making Thunderbrand Catherine's weapon and nobody else's allows you to make Thunderbrand more interesting and in turn make Catherine more interesting.) Regardless. What is your ideal weapon balance system? Or maybe just the magic balance. Do you have anything to add to what me or others have thought up? (Also if I misunderstood the rules of the general FE and this belongs elsewhere. My apologies.)
  5. Hi, I've seen a big topic about hex editing for Radiant Dawn that I've barely started reading, and I was wondering if the same could be done for Path of Radiance. I have downloaded HxD (I don't know if it's the easiest to use), I'm totally lost in how to make it work, the Data file seems to not be compressed, but all I see is a list of Aid per class and some skill names with capacity, I don't understand the rest and the hex code lines look like Chinese to me, I know they're multiples of 16 (from 0 to 15) but I can't find the value that is linked to the capacity taken by the skills for examples, all I see is 40s and 50s on one line, there aren't any numbers corresponding to 10-30 capacity. I'd also like to be able to edit the class stats and such. I've been looking for Nightmare editors for years since they're much easier to use than learning to use a hex editor when you're no programmer, but never found any (I've Dld a randomizer/editor but it never launched for some reason). The items would also be a good thing to be able to edit, so that early game weapons weigh less (giving them the same Wt as in TSS would mostly fix the problem with early game snails, and giving tomes the same Wt as in FE6 which has the most usable magic of all the GBA titles unless FE7 is the same, all I know for sure is that TSS has wonky tome Wt, if their tomes weigh more than axes how are these book wanderers supposed to carry them? Gleipnir is 5 or 7 Wt more than the axe Garm that also gives +5 spd!). I think mages would appreciate not having to reach high levels of str to carry their final tomes. I'd also buff Laguz weapons of course, I love Laguz.
  6. Hi, Like I wrote in the last Laguz topic I've opened, I've worked on a Laguz rebalance patch with nightmare modules (can only mod class and unit stats/growths). Every non royal Laguz in this mod has the same stats in human form he/she would have in halfshift, since halfshift is so rare and I can't edit unit skills or their items/level. This means they have nearly their full form stats in halfshift and they have more in full form. Basically, they're close to capping several stats in full form while some of these stats are overcapped in human form (mostly speed). Human form has higher caps, especially in speed and defenses to follow the stats expected in halfshift. Link to the Dropbox file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4nyth7hd8ba0m4h/FE10Data.cms.decompressed.compressed?dl=0 DL wiiscrubber, lauch the program, select a Radiant Dawn game file (keep a backup), part 1 (there are part 0 and part 1), Data, Data.cms, right click, replace, wait until wiiscrubber confirms the patch has been applied, close, play on Dolphin. By class: Tigers have 32 max speed in full form, don't remember the value in human form but it's higher than 16 (probably between 17 and 20). Cats have higher def/res, 4 def lead for males, 4 res lead for females. Probably gave them higher max speed in human form, unchanged in full form. higher def/res caps in human form. Wolves are the middle ground between cats and tigers, 36 or 38 max speed, 38 max str, better max stats in human form. got Volug in p1 he's bonkers with nearly his full form bases in halfshift. I'll keep wildheart on him for p3 I think so he doesn't become too hax. Still outdoing any DB unit before long. Ravens are like cats, the nine tails of the skies (with canto on top), bumped thair human form move from 6 to 7 because they were the only non dragons to have 6 movemet in human form and 8 in Laguz form. Better caps both in full form and human form (34 strength in full form, Vika will be usable). Hawks are like wolves, the middle ground between tigers and ravens. Basically you'll never need to use them in full form before the tower. Why give that to Laguz? Since their only tool to fight all the time is halfshift and it's locked to DB and late GMs, I gave them their wildheart stats in human form. You'll be able to experience what a laguz would be if it had wildheart from the get go and then they won't need any level up to be tower-worthy, 24 base def Mordecai in human form with 13 speed, 48 def (overcapped) and 26 speed in full form, 21 base str = 42 in full form. Royal Laguz without formshift. Wildheart is their formshift. Actually except a few things (like tiger speed vs lions), they have better stats than the royals at some point. I buffed Nailah because of her availability (+1 base speed and +1 or 2 base strength, +1 base def), and Naesala because he's inferior to all other royals on top of having S strike instead of SS. I nerfed Tibarn (-1 movement because why did he have the highest in the game? lower speed I think, lower strength maybe). I also modified a few things on Beorcs. Meg and Fiona have t3 stats very different from other classes of the same tree (since Fiona has 50 max HP, I bumped her def/res over 30, while Meg has more speed, more res and less def than generals). Generals all have the same caps, better than what they used to (40 def instead of 36-38, 32 or 33 speed instead of 30-31 for Brom, etc), Paladins also have better stat caps in t2 and 3 (basically paladin caps from gba in t2 with 24/20 def/res instead of 25/25, 1 less in offensive stats in t3 than in t2, 25/26/24 in t2, 34/35/33 in t3). Jill's t2 and 3 caps are modified (she far closer to Haar instead of being a completely different class, she's a female wyvern lord instead of female wyvern knight basically), better bases so you don't have to dump 3 stat boosters on her just to make her slightly better than "barely usable" and then you can give stat boosters to whoever you want. Astrid basically gained +2-+3 in every base stat, +5% speed growth. Rolf got +2 in almost every base stat. Gatrie got better stats but not incredibly more. Shinon has less def I think, more attack (since he's an archer, not a knight, and he faces many ennemies he can't kill without a crit in the first maps). Titania has different caps so she will not be the same. Falcons all have been buffed, their caps adapted, and Seraph knights are better than female sentinel (not higher caps but high enough where it matters unlike OG and more balanced, better offense). Sigrun is usable, Marcia too, Tanith is good. Nephenee was buffed in a non gamebreaking manner: +2 base speed (doesn't change her damage, only she can double more what she should already double if her weapon wasn't 3 Wt too heavy for her) and better hp/def (she has -6 or -8 hp compared with class base in OG, why even put class base stats for 1 unit and put negative numbers in unit base stats? Just like Mist and Volke). Brom has better bases, especially skl (since he needs some in order to disarm). Heather can actually steal heavy stuff (19 strength instead of 15, don't worry she's still using knives so she won't become better than Nephenee long term but she could be better short term). Swordies and thieves have better strength caps, Zihark has less shitty bulk, Mia has bases more fitting to her base level, Lucia is more usable in p4 and more Jaegen in p2, Aran has slightly better bases, Meg has instantly usable bases and has better stats than Nolan with 5 less levels than him (promoted her at 15 and she was better than Nolan 20/1). CKs are overall more worthy of investment, Makalov is about on par with Kieran and Geoffrey, Danved has slightly better bases and 5% more growths to stay relevant. No one should die in 1 hit in their recruitment chapter I hope, at least not one hit from mooks, including Rhys and Mist, and Laura. Micaiah is actually funny to use, don't get tricked by her bases, her growths are worth it (twisted Myrrh's growth rates a little), magic classes stat caps are more GBA-level good (not as much insane def as in GBA games but the rest is approximately on par). Ilyana is biffy mage (not ultra biffy but more able to take a hit than any non-Micaiah mage), Soren is faster at base (he can hope to double some day), Beautiful lady fire sage is good, Tromod got like +4 everywhere to make up for shitty availability. Bastian is more usable, basically 0 investment for a t3 Soren. Tauroneo is bulkier at base. Nolan has good base speed and 10 base def. etc. I don't spoil everything, basically everyone's usable. Have fun!
  7. Hi, So, now that I've taken the time to think of the origin of the problem rather than the problem itself, which is units having trouble with ennemies in early game in a FE game with PU and attack stance available, I'll explain myself. You have access to a limited number of units, and in CQ OG you can't grind. You units at the moment they join have LOWER stats than several of the ennemies although they outnumber your troops. You may have 50% growth rate or even 70%, it ain't gonna save you if you have to play against seal speed ennemies who nearly double you before they even activate seal speed (looking at Effie with burning eyes), or against ennemies who can take 6 def away from your units. I know what you'll say: "But if you know how to play the damn game, you know can kill them without being sealed, thresholds" nanani nanana. I don't think having to rely on insane level ups for Corrin in the first 6-7 chapters of the game is a good way to balance a game, neither is the fact that all your units need several hundreds of gold worth of TEMPORARY stat boosters just to not die in 1 attack stance +1 normal attack at the beginning of the game. Look at Radiant Dawn part 3: the GMs all have a role they can play well enough from the get go. Gatrie is a General, Effie is a knight. Gatrie can take several hits of very powerful ennemies at base, Effie can take 2 hits and die at base. Gatrie's speed is busted to the point he can double some ennemies, while Effie's 55% spd growth allows to get to an average of...yeah, 12.7 speed at level 20, which is lower than Keaton's level 15 base speed and he's not particularly fast. Fast knight you said? Actually Effie can get doubled quite a lot and even take damage from the ennemies who double her, unlike Gilliam who can gain 1 point of speed and sit there for the whole game and not care at all since it's all he needs to break the speed threshold to not get doubled by any axeman in the early game while his def slowly grows into the amazing steel wall it becomes. Effie's speed lets her get doubled, Effie's def lets her get hurt (and not by paper balls, but rather by trucks of overstatted ennemies overloaded with skills giving them the edge on your already shitty units with non OP skills yet and who barely ever double anything aside from Niles who can't hurt anything but mages and pegasi, barely better than Kaze who can only hurt mages). And add to that the fact the ennemies also use attack or guard stance to inflate their damage or prevent you from ORKOing them, and that's what I call shitty game balance. The level design would be fine if stat debuffs didn't exist at all and ennemy damage could be calculated easier (if you could know beforehand who would attack stance with who, in which order they would attack so you know how to prevent them from doing so, for example), but with these "OMG so flashy I want to play as a full ninja with poison, debuffs and OP stuff" ways to push naruto and ninjago fans into finally buying the game (just for them to get deceived because they'll manage to game over in chapter 1 in phoenix mode at any rate since they come from the most casual appealing part of kikooland) to make more cash and not to actually give the player a satisfying experience. Look, most Faceless have 11-12 def from chapter 7 onwards in HARD, 24+ HP, 9-ish speed and nearly as much res as def, so you can't even burst them with a magic unit (reclassed Corrin/Felicia). Your own tanks have less HP than any ennemy on the map except Arthur who badly wants a bronze weapon to have actual accuracy and 0% crit chance against him. But Arthur, although he's a tanky juggernaut, lacks the defence to really do this job, and he lacks the speed to be a killer (sadly since he's probably the highest damage unit at base and his accuracy means that he wouldn't be OP if he was able to double). On top of shitty retainers' base stats compared with ennemies, look at your units' levels, except Mozu, everyone is already past level 5 (Effie Silas 6, Arthur 7), which means...that they won't have many levels to actually benefit from high growth rates since exp gains are garbage as soon as you get 2-3 levels ahead. Which means they'll get like 2 points of each stat or something like that before stagnating for 2 chapters. And become shit again. Now you have Camilla who joins just at the same time as her vastly inferior retainers (who I'd really have loved to be available in chapter 7 or 8 instead of 3rd turn of chapter 10 so they could actually be levelled up at that point, especially Beruka who starts with Arthur's speed but 2 levels higher, with lower growth and also 3 chapters later, in a chapter with ninja spamming and archers and defend the 4 escape points against 7 move fast pegasi she's 1 or 2 damage short of OHKOing anytime even with support, although they come by 3 at some point so you can't put 2 units to kill each one of them while being rushed by 24 damage onis on 2 sides, by ninja+spear fighters from another side and by Oboro and Hinata ll at the same time). Camilla has stats your best units would get by level 18-20 or even after promotion. But she's already promoted. If you use her, she steals exp from your growth units who need it to be even relevant at all. If you don't let her get kills, she will become irrelevant once she can finally gain decent exp per kill. Unlike Seth, she's vulnerable to 25% of the ennemy units in the game since they love spamming bow wielders to put their arrows far in your butt. And they move in groups so she can't even kill the 1 archer in the formation and call it a day, because there's still 1 or even 2 of them around. Xander has OP sword, but I'd prefer him having a lance in order to not be laughed at by ninjas who will enjoy debuffing the hell out of him and spamming poison strike so any shitty leftover ennemy can pick up Xander's life. Duessel is so much better at the same job it's not even funny (and actually Duessel takes more frontal damage than Xander since his defence isn't as high compared with ennemy damage and his level is also too high to gain substancial exp even from bosses, while Seth had all the chapter 1-8 to benefit from increased exp per kill to overlevelled units and that's the only reason he is so OP, because of the coded bonus exp to promoted units in early game, there's even a patch to disable it on FEBuilderGBA, but unlike Xander, Duessel doesn't face stat reductions, entrap, hex rods, freeze although sleep is even more annoying but still it's curable unlike freeze and hex, and Duessel doesn't suffer from poison strike shenanigans playing Awakening counter shenanigans but better without needing to die to apply their braindead tactics). Actually, since his stats are totaly those of a GK, I'd love him to be a GK and have a PERSONAL AXE, just like his dad (because 3 of his classes use an axe and he was birthed by an axe wielding overstatted king and his sister also wields an axe, even the little healer sister can wield a goddamn axe, why does Xander use a damn sword of all things in the game where swords really are at a disadvantage even with OP stats, range and 1-2 normal weapons can't double anymore?)! It would at least make sense from a story perspective (LOL story having sense in Fates). So yeah, you start with some garbage units, with shitty stats, you have to face ennemies with higher stats than your units although they already outnumber you, and your only way to make up for it is to use attack stance against single ennemies to hope to kill them before you get killed (with very unequal accuracy) or dual guard and hope it doesn't get you killed. You also have to waste a ton of gold into temporary stat boosters just to not be cannon fodder for 8 chapters instead of having directly the base stats allowing your units to do their job. Add to all that the fact that you have to buy nearly every single healing item you need or want since they give you nearly none from the beginning of the game, that weapons above iron are about as useful as your fingers instead of toilet paper after you took a shit, and instead of these shitty weapons they give you for free because they know most won't even use them more than 3x in a playthrough due to how gimmicky they are (instead of letting durability, availability and price balance them), you'll have to buy or find tons of iron weapons you'll have to forge in order to have actual weapons and not even more stat debuffs on your already mediocre units (especially non royals). And shurikens give 2 speed for free while daggers have +5 accuracy, nice joke IS, next time try to think and playtest before selling the final product. I've seen many people on these boards explain thresholds, strategies to kill this or that. I think I shouldn't need to follow an LTC guide just to enjoy the game in hard if there are only 2 non lunatic difficulties since normal should be called easy and phoenix mode is complete disrespect of the series. Or they could let you play phoenix on any difficulty if that's what we want to just take revenge on these * annoying ennemies on the hardest difficulty. It's a single player game, not an online MMO or MOBA where you have to ensure the player isn't OP from the get go facing handicapped ennemies (which is actually common in PVP MMO or MOBA since they release OP heroes or classes to sell skins and cosmetics or payable classes etc., thanks microtransactions for ruining gaming experience in general). I don't want my game to be a puzzle game in hard, I don't care if it is in lunatic since it's a mode for experts. Hard is for people who want non poop-made ennemies and actual ennemy density, not for masochists who like to play puzzle in a tactical RPG (and an RPG should always let you do things in the way you want, not trying to force you into doing specific things to cheese it, that is for LTC/speedrunning, not for casual play). That's it, what are your thoughts?
  8. Hi, I typed the base stats from the main site for you to see things clearly: Great master: 19 hp 8 str 6 mag 6 skl 8 spd 5 lck 6 def 7 res 65 total Butler/maid: 18 hp 4 str 5 mag 9 skl 8 spd 4 lck 5 def 4 res 57 total Game balance? is that what butlers/maids get for being able to use shuriken? There are 8 base stats points of difference between 2 promoted classes while both are hybrid physical weapon/staff and great master has early access to a passive healing skill while butler/maid has to heal someone (so not attacking for that turn) to get heal back from the same level skill. Shuriken and daggers already hit like wet noodles. Then why this much difference in stats and why is great master as fast as butler while hitting way harder with more powerful weapons and being much bulkier, with countermagic as an anti magic skill vs tomebreaker that doesn't even break magic weapons (while countermagic counters so many weapon types) for what lv 35 skills are worth. I was wondering if I'd switch my Jakob to great master, but now I don't doubt anymore. Great master spits even more on butlers by having better growth rates (+10% hp, +5% str, +5% def) while keeping the same spd growth and loosing only to magic (5%) and skill (10%) (it means even total growths are 5% higher than butler). Why even create classes if there's absolutely no intent to balance them in the first place? I don't know, filler hurts a lot I think. Like how blacksmith and master of arms are replicates of hero with slightly different (should I say slightly worse?) stat/growth spread and different weapons (at least master of arms gets full WTC, which isn't blacksmith's case).
  9. Couldn't make sense of the poll option. Anyway, just beat GD NG Maddening and was wondering what some impressions people had were. I liked it better than hard being too easy, but I would very much agree with people calling it lazy difficulty. Pump stats, add enemies, give certain classes certain skills, same turn reinforcements, and basically call it a day. The bad: Some of the paralogues don't feel like they were play tested at all. Catherine / Ashe comes down to memorizing Pegasus spawns. Alois / Shamir spawns a million STRs that are pass units and wyverns, making forward progress without warp a nightmare. I could name some more (Hilda ugh) but you get the point. There's an over reliance on avoid tanking late game. With attack numbers into the 60s and AS into the 50s it's pointless trying to take any hits, and much easier to just alert stance + (or impregnable wall + seal defense) all your problems away. The good: The enemies absolutely needed the stat buff. Even paladins could double most things on hard, and early game was your entire team one shoting everything it came across. They finally made the church units not pointless. Catherine / Shamir / Alois / Seteth are fantastic replacements for RNG screwed people, Catherine in particular is a monster if you recruit her quickly. I thought most (ugh ch 13) of the main line missions were pretty well done. Challenging but fair. Stray thoughts I didn't want this to be a bash rant so I intentionally put more positives than negatives. Most maddening missions can still be cheesed with stride / goddess dance / warp / retribution etc and are a reminder that there is no way to balance OP gambits workout fundamentally changing the game. Swords suck even more, bows still insane. Fliers are even better, but high difficulty fire emblem always widens the class gap so that's not new. That was all over the place, more importantly what do you think?
  10. We all know canto, the skill innately possessed by(or exclusive to in the case of TearRing Saga) by all mounted units, but has anyone ever thought about what kind of skills armored classes should have as their base and exclusive skill? Let's face it, armored units need help alot of the time with armored status providing nothing but loss of movement, an extra weakness and often terrain disadvantages. Given how Armored Knights and Cavaliers are frequently shown as counterparts to eachother, it only makes for Knights and Generals to have a powerful base skill of their own, but what? The closest we've had to this is Generals, Barons and Emperor, but not the armored knights, having pavise in Genealogy of the Holy War. But that was exclusive to that game, came in too late for the playable units and might be too powerful for generic enemies to have. I'm thinking something like Vestaria Saga's adjacent guard skill or some sort of skill that provides armored units extra defense when they are attacked on enemy phase. I don't think either of those would be too powerful for enemy units. Any opinions on this subject? EDIT: Adjacent Guard is a skill in Vestaria Saga. It gives +3 defense and resistance to adjacent units and upgrades to +5 defense and resistance upon promotion.
  11. Hi, I think something is really wrong with FE13. Not something like durability, gold costs, shops upgrading far too slowly compared with the ennemies' weapons (like when you have access to steel while the ennemies get silvers and you get silver or killer when they get braves...), beast stones being a myth before chapter 10/12 and dragonstone being barely enough before beating Gangrel (just before getting access to the shop that sells them...a shop selling transformation stones...for real?). That's certainly a stupid design but Awakening wasn't a game for logic, coherence. It was a game for fans and new comers to enjoy and play with adaptive difficulty (with really high gaps between each difficulty and the return of FE6 stupid EP reinforcements). No, what I'm addressing here and now is...THE most awfully balanced stat. I mean, RESISTANCE. You know, a stat very useful for late game, mid game and not deniable for early game when ennemies power creep each chapter before staying still for 5 consecutive chapter just before the mid game power creep. When you take damage from physical ennemies while magical attackers take out 1/2 of your HP in one attack. With D ranks. Cordelia, your bulky offensive pegasus, has 90% in HP, 60% in str, skl and spd, 45% in luck and def and...35% in res, starting with 8 res level 7. Level 20 she'll have on average 12.55 res. Level 20/20 Falcon knight she'll have 17.1 res not counting promotion bonus. Magical ennemies in late game deal 35-40 damage easily, even the ones who use 10 range tomes hit more 30-35 without difficulty. A pegasus, class made to tank magic damage and kill mages before they slaughter your whole team, takes 20 damage on average from each of those mages who manages to hit her. Sumia starts at 7 res level 1 and has 40% res. Level 20/20 she has an average of 22 res without promotion bonuses. Still taking 15 damage per hit on average in late game. Maribelle has 6+2 level 3 and 55% growth, average of 25.8+2 as a troubadour/walkyrie level 20/20 without promo bonus, and 24.whatever+2 as a war cleric. A unit whose only defensive stat is res still takes 12 damage on average in late game, and her 18 base HP and 65% growth don't let her the pleasure to face tank magic while any physical ennemy can come in and finish her at 60% HP (15% def growth as a valkyrie and 20 as a war cleric, 75% hp as a war cleric). Lissa is even worse: starting at 4 res, with 50% growth as a cleric and downgrading to 45% after promotion, she has 22 res on average without promotion bonuses, with 70% hp growth as a cleric/sage and 80% as a war cleric. She's a healer with the same res as a physical unit (Sumia) in end game, starting with less res than said unit. Nowi has 2+9 res with dragonstone and starts at 18 HP, with 50% res growth. On average level 30 she has 16.5+9 res (25.5), the same as Maribelle before res +2. She doesn't get any promotion bonus. Even your hybrid hyper tank has only 60% magic damage reduction without abusing seals. This game was completely balanced around multi-reclassing instead of being balanced to be enjoyable with base classes and normal gameplay. You can't even choose to de-activate the attack stance mechanic, so if you wanna play old school, you loose your support bonuses. Avoid has been severely cut, with spd *1.5 instead of 2 and luck *.05 instead of 1. So in a normal game you have your highest dodge/res magical tank/mage killers who take 40-55% of the damage magic attackers deal and they have 37+2 spd 30 luck (Sumia), 39*1.5= 58.5; 30*0.5=15; 58+15=73 avoid. The ennemies who target Sumia have ~140% hit rate, they are higher than 60% hit rate. Awakening has craptastic res levels even on the highest res units, and res growth per class is incredibly low: 10% for pegasus, 5% for mercenary, like pegasi and mercenaries were supposed to have nearly the same res...seriously? Nowi at 50% res! Myrrh had 7 base res +20 in FE8with 30% growth at level 1! Fae had 6 base res +20 with 50% growth in FE6! Nowi is pure trash compared to these! Not only on the res part, but also on the def with 2+15 base for Fae with 30% growth and 2+15 base for Myrrh with 150% growth! These manaketes barely took any damage from unpromoted ennemies in their joining map (at least Myrrh since I didn't go so far in FE6, too boring, maps are too big you spend entire turns just walking), while Nowi get 2 shot in her joining map with Gregor backpack increasing her def and more base HP! Her only good point is having more uses of dragonstone and getting dragonstone + by the end of the game, not salvaging her awful start and unability to do anything once she inevitably breaks her first dragonstone while levelling up to get on par with your other units without getting any kind of bonus exp (no paragon, no exp *1.5 or other kinds of bonuses from GBA games), unlike the GBA manaketes who could reach level 20 in 19-30 fights and keep 20 uses at max level to kill the most dangerous ennemies, while having no 2 range allowed them to tank ranged attacks without loosing durability; Nowi hits at 2 range, and thus looses durability so she breaks her dragonstone much faster than the other 2). Even Tiki, with 12+9 base (normal dragonstone, not counting dragonstone +), only reached 18+9 (27) res while having the highest res growth of all of Awakening's cast, simply she joins already at level 20, not helping much, and her recruitment chapter on anything above normal is really annoying, with late game level ennemies, every one of them flying, packing on your weakest units with 40+ damage each while you had to maintain a turtle-like formation to take the incoming ennemies out and then go kill the next ones before coming back to turtle again and again for like 10+ turns before you can finally end that pain by rushing the boss with your best units and torture them to make them pay for this awful level design they have nothing to do with (thanks Intelligent Systems/Nintendo devs for this game so purely made of brute force and suicide, it feels like playing The Lord of the Rings instead of watching it, but you don't have many parts where you can kill the boss to end the chapter). This game is a pain for these reasons, and I miss my magic nullifying units each time I play awakening without playing dread fighter. Oh man, why did they put so much damage AND accuracy on every single magic ennemy in the game? The prologue already sends you to hospital with it's mages. If you have tips on how to get a mage killer invulnerable to magic without using second seals like 3x in a row or having 10+ levels more than the ennemies (well it's the same since you have 10+ levels more than them at that point) with the rare anti magic units. And without nosferatu involved because it breaks the game by existing and being buyable from chapter 4 onward as long as you have gold... For me it's like, let your mage killer behind and send them kill the mages, until you get to Valm and the mages become dark knights who tank all damage better than your units tank theirs... and you've got to risk your more physical oriented units to finish them off cuz your mage killer left them at 40-50% HP... So in the end, I say "F*** off, this game is not a T-RPG, it's a hack n'slash, just grind your way through the 50 ennemies who deal 70% of your damage each and come 5 by 5 on each of your units". It always ends like that. I'm not into puzzles. At least I finished this game twice. I didn't even get to the 2/3rd of Fates because it has no story to keep me in and gameplay also becomes boring or map design annoying at certain points, and I quit because I'm bored. I did FE8 like...15 times from the beginning to the end, 10x creature campaign, completed lagdou ruins so many times I don't even recall (I was into min-maxing my units), stopped more than 50 playthrough during mid game and hundreds around chapter 6-12 but I can't even get to chapter 19/20 of Fates and Awakening becomes boring during the Valm arc, and ends up completely boring after the Valm arc, when you don't even feel like there's a point in continuing to play, because any random encounter is harder than the main game anyway, DLC are harder, and unit balance is just about who get the most second seals and the best skills. I feel like Fire Emblem has gone out of it's genre, Awakening being the one at fault for taking a 180° bend from Fire Emblem, downgrading everything introduced in the Tellius series (rabbit is worse than anything in Tellius games, I even preferred the herons although I hate dancer-like units outside Fates), the height/balcony bonus/malus has vanished, the indoor movement malus to mounted units has vanished, allowing mounts to return to their all around domination in rushing tactics and in Fates cavaliers even benefit from elbow room, one of the most OP free damage skills in the game, and they have it from level 1. Transformation takes no management again, has no drawbacks unless weapon durability is a drawback (more for Taguel than Manakete who can buy dragonstone + anyway from the beginning), so manaketes can freely attack/counter at 1/2 range, I feel like this game just wants you to play the same way as in a hack n'slash: maximize your sustain and damage, and go slaughter waves of ennemies after waves of ennemies. Team building is limited by open maps with a mix of flying ennemies, cavalry and foot units, meaning you can barely use squishy supports from the Valm arc onward, you have nothing to answer the 10 sages/sorcerers with 10 range tomes too far for you to reach, while they can eat half of your units' HP in one attack or 2 while being virtually invulnerable until they have used all their durability and become useless. So, now I'll literally play Awakening like I play Diablo 2 and 3, grind and slaughter waves of ennemies who now can't scratch you anymore cuz the game allows and encourages you to be 20+ levels above your ennemies. And forge like your life depends on it, because 1RKO means less possibility to be RNG-screwed. End of...is it even a rant?
  12. This should be a much shorter post; partly because there are much fewer master classes, partly because the skills are pretty terrible across the board. In theory the skills should also probably have their cost cut in half, most master classes aren't even achieve Mastery without grinding. Don't know how good this list will be, having to come up with so many replacements is tough. Instead of tiers, I'm just gonna go down the list. Warmaster: Quick Riposte is the one good skill in master to me. It fits thematically and lets fists be good on EP. You can't use it over and over, but that's how it should be. Falcon Knight: Defiant Avoid certainly has a place in an evasion build, but is pointless if you aren't building for that. Instead I would give them air superiority. Although technically niche itself, it skill works against the only classes that can actually catch a falcon knight. Wyvern Lord: Vantage + Wrath + Defiant Crit is literal guaranteed crits, so that's cool. I used trample last time, but upon thinking about it I think it makes more sense here, and then give wyvern rider lunge. Motalr Savant: What a weird class to give warding blow. I can't think of a snazzy name, but give it a skill that allows the class to use physical attack strength for the magic damage calc so it can actually the hybrid class it claims to be. Great Knight: Give it Luna like we all know it should have had. Activation = Dex% Dark Knight: Tbh I would just axe the kind of pointless dark bishop and just give this class lifetaker. Holy Knight: I got stuck on this one for awhile, probably because the class itself is pointless. Dark Knight is better at offense, bishop is better at healing. Heck, give it galeforce just so there's some reason to go into this class. Gremory: I actually think warding blow makes a lot more sense here. Mages generally only engage other mages late game, at least in terms of things that actually counterattack them. Bow Knight: Give it a skill that triples super effective damage, make it a true flying / monster killer. Not sure how well this little mini series came out, but I had fun with it.
  13. You know, I didn't realize how many advanced classes there were, had to make a cheat sheet with 12! classes going on. Sorry if this post runs long as a result. I also remembered that not every class gives you skills when you master it, hence the title change. Anyway, I had a lot of trouble with this one. Not only are there a lot of things, but some of them are simultaneously great sometimes and useless other times. And in thinking of replacements, it was hard to decide what to use here and what to save for master classes. I'm only taking class Mastery things into account, not the classes themselves unless it directly applies to mastery critique. I added tiers since there are so many more items than intermediate. As always, the below is simply my opinion. Great tier: Pavise, Aegis Classic skills, solid results. The activation rate is a little bit lower than recent games but they are still skills that pretty much any unit doesn't mind having. I actually think their biggest weakness is the fact that you aren't getting these skills together without excessive grinding since fort knight and paladin have no skill rank synergy. (FWIW, I would have loved to see obstruct on fortress knights. Or wary fighter. Fort knight has a lot of potential) Almost great tier: Astra, Hunter's Volley, Lifetaker Hunter's Volley is one of the best combat arts in the game, but it's stuck on sniper when every bow user wants bow knight (or Wyvern Lord). Astra would be incredible but that -9 durability penalty means you're only using cheap weapons; it's over a third of a silver sword in one use. Lifetaker is great in a vacuum but essentially locked to mages, who typically aren't taking damage anyway. It would be a high level skill if physical had reasonable access. And of course, male only for some reason. Niche tier: Wrath Pair it with Vantage and it's straight up unfair. Otherwise you probably aren't getting much from it. 50%+ flat boost is comical and is one of the few skills I think straight up needs a nerf. Meh tier: Bowbreaker, Lethality Bows are the one thing that can regularly counter magic, so it's not useless. But bow classes also have low avoid and high hit, so you don't get a lot of practical use out of it. Maybe odd, but I actually think savage blow would be a good fit for warlock mastery. Go look at the animation for Bolganone or Ragnarok and tell me splash damage makes less sense than swinging a sword causing splash damage. Lethality working on any damage check is a neat idea, but with dex/4 its activation will almost always be in the single digits. I think dex/3 would have been better, keep below 20% but have it activate more than the paltry rate it does it now. Bad tier: Defiant Strength, Assassinate, Seal Defense, Tomebreaker, Renewal Tomebreaker being locked to fists puts it all the way down here. Something is pretty off if you don't already have sky high hit and the ability to one shot a mage with fists. Instead I think grappler could have used a skill allowing them to counter at 2 range. If bows get to easily counter at 1, I think it's fair to allow fist to give up a skill slot to get 2 range on EP. There's no reason to use assassinate over other sword skills, and I would just cut it since the class already gets a mastery skill. The seal skills took big hits in this game, and there's little reason to run seal defense on any class. Give them trample instead and have it do +5 to all Non mounted / flying. I think most of the defiant skills suck, and strength is no exception. Have less than 15 HP and die to a slight breeze in exchange for a strength boost? Just give hero sol like it deserves. It's crazy to me to put renewal so low, but 20% is nothing when the skill is basically mage locked. Getting 8ish HP per turn isn't accomplishing anything, mages in 3H can generally take one hit at full health and not much else. To top it off, it's very easy for most mages to nosferatu a 60 HP enemy fort knight and heal to full. Since all bishop can do is throw out physic (and warp and whatnot), give it live to serve in that spot (Sorry Mercedes). That took almost 30 minutes to write up! But if I'm not coming up with replacements / balances, then it's just a tier list as opposed to a balance discussion, and those are boring. Maybe if almost half the advanced class skills weren't bad, this wouldn't be a problem!
  14. Game has been out a couple weeks, long enough I think you can have meaningful discussion on it. We all know the balance is all over the place, so I thought it'd be fun to talk about what you would change to help that. If it catches on, I'd love to keep it going. Starting with one I think isn't too bad for day 1. I'm separating classes from skills i this entry to focus the discussion. The rest is my opinion. Great skills: Death blow, darting blow, fiendish blow, hit +20 This is a player phase focused game, and those are great PP focused skills.+6 is huge at the beginning and good all the way to the end. And more hit is always nice and allows archers to mitigate their range penalty. Niche skills: Vantage, Desperation These aren't bad per se, but have limited use in this game. You need to have a plan with these skills. Just slapping them on a unit isn't going to accomplish much, but they can be really good with the right builds. Meh skills Armored blow, poison strike Poison strike is less good because the 3H is all about burst damage, only in the very early game are you hitting things you don't kill outright. I can't figure out what to do with this class to differentiate it from mage. Armored blow giving defense on player phase is just weird, I would instead have a new skill similar to Dedue's personal but higher; Defensive Stance: +5 def on wait. Bad skills: Unarmed Combat, Miracle There is never a reason to get these. You're doing something wrong if miracle is proccing in 3H, and +10 crit isn't a reason to give up a skill slot over just using gauntlets. However, I think +10 crit with fists would be a good replacement. Incentivize using fists, and +10 is meaningful when it's guaranteed two hits. For priest, give it +10 heal as an equipable skill. I know bishop has it innately, let them stack; it's not like Bishop can do much besides physic and warp with its lol 4 move. Misc: Steal This would be such an incredible skill to learn permanently in so many other entries, but there's nothing worth stealing in this game outside of a couple very specific items. That's not the skill's fault though. Long post but if nothing else I had fun with it. Tomorrow I was thinking advanced class skills if anyone is interested.
  15. So the plan is to get everyone to C in Axes > Brigand for deathblow > Pegasus/Wyvern rider > Falcon Knight/Wyvern Lord? These three classes have insane growths and movement, why even bother with other classes besides one or two supportive mages? You can shift to Pegasus if low on Spd growths and Wyvern if low on Str. There is almost no penalty for doing this other than the early low hit rates of units with no Axe experience. It's fun to play but I think I'll be waiting on lunatic before I start another playthrough.
  16. Hi, I was wondering what the Serenes community was thinking of each class's role. So I made this topic so everyone can give his/her opinion on classes/roles. What do you think the traditional FE classes are supposed to do? PT (physical tank), MT (magical tank), HT (hybrid tank), ORKO, OS (one punch man), wear down ennemies (giving exp to lowies), staffbot, planebot (carry things from point X to point Y), complete destroyer (most stats are sky high with good caps), dodgetank (sky high avoid), mobile, unmovable (defend units), melee oriented, range oriented (specify range from X to Y tiles away), jack of all trades (very even stats). This topic could be the starting point of a FE mod if there are enough answers. Please respect each other and everyone's opinion, everyone has his/her own view of the game and this is what makes such topic interesting. PS: by traditional classes, I mean classes that existed from the GBA games, and classes that can be made into GBA games classes from 3DS games (like dark knight/mage knight). Don't hesitate to suggest weapons available for classes you want to change. Edit: Seeing nobody answers, I'll begin: Archer would be a class with very high skill and high strength instead of speed, higher str cap but lower spd cap, with maybe 2-3 base range and 2-4 or 3-4 for long bows. Sniper follows the archer path while bow knight/ranger is faster, tankier and has less str and a little less skl. 6 move sniper/8 move ranger. Mages have no more 1-2 range, but 2 range only and more long range spells varying in power and accuracy. They're more siege-oriented, like archers. We could make mage knights awakening's dark knights or on the contrary let them squishy and make them more oriented to kill low hp targets while sages are more suited for the battlefield, what do you think of it? Maybe a few books could deal physical damage and have 1 range for the battle mages, so they can answer 1 range weapons?
  17. So, It seems like they nerfed most legendary weapons, so the lords don't overshadow other characters. But the balance bitween them is completely off. Roy's Sword of Seals, one of the most OP legendary weapons ever, got nerfed badly. It Lost a lot of the protection buffs( DEF and RES in smaller values and limited use), but more importantly, It Lost the iconic ranged flame atack. Ryoma got a ranged counter at the same power, but of course, doesn't have any buffs. Are you kidding me that small +2 DEF/RES is a Fair trade off for the lack of a ranged counter? Takumi has both close and ranged counters, and his weapon has the same power, with an added colorless advantage( although the Double ranged counter is from his skill). That only shows how completely off their balance is. I can only imagine the disapointment when Ike and his Ragnel comes with the lost ranged atack. Do you think they will rebalance this stuff? Takumi needs an emergency nerf, like seriously.
  18. I've played many titles of fire emblem. :) Here is a list of things that I've made(that are my opinion of course) to improve future titles. A majority is based off of things in fire emblem fates since that is the most recent title a future fire emblem game would most likely derive content from this version. [spoiler=Skills] -When using warp you automatically "wait" after teleporting. It's not even an option since this could activate a personal skill such as Kiragi's personal skill. Still provides little restriction to movement without overpowering opponents. -skills such as aether, sol, luna, astra, etc. are unable to activate criticals. -if aether/astra activates when attacking shield gauge only goes up for the first attack(prevents the individual from potentially gaining a full shield bar, etc. in 1 battle. -the return of nihil(only allowed on 1 unit, perhaps endgame content only 1 rewarded per file and only 1 unit with this skill is allowed over wifi): negates skills on enemy unit in combat with this unit and the unit with the skill nihil, basically if you put nihil on a unit there's no point in putting other skills on it since they'd be useless including something like +5 hitpoints. -When "replicate" is used the replica has no items in its inventory. -miracle activates at 100% only if an enemy's lethality activates otherwise it has regular activation in all other conditions. (essentially these 2 negate each other, miracle's sole purpose to prevent lethality's bypassing of damage infliction to win). -Cancel returns-ability to completely negate a move(boss only obviously but still annoying to face, dragonskin was underpowered compared to this). -Regression-new ability that would cause dual guard shield bars to drain rather than increase when in combat with this unit. -Immunity-new ability that would negate status effects on this unit [spoiler=Weapons] -there needs to be a weapon that targets each specific class such as "vowbreaker" bonus damage to priestess/monk, currently restricted to hammers, dragon-based weapons, and a bow that targets tome wielders -weapons that grant bonus damage to all weapon types: currently missing shurkien, bow, lance, etc. -new weapon that gives renewal ability(monk/priest restricted) -Return of the Runesword(heals damage dealt), with other weapon equivalents such as a Rune lance, Rune bow, etc. (all placed with the same restrictions as Nosferatu) -Buffer sword, buffer bow, buffer lance, buffer shuriken, buffer axe, etc. : weapon that grants the skill "nihil". The weapon must be wielded for it to take effect. I see this as "overpowered", so perhaps endgame you're given an option to choose only 1 weapon the bow, shuriken, lance, sword, etc. -Return of Venin weapons for usage -weapons that grant "breaker skills" return(from fire emblem awakening) [spoiler=Stances] -guard stance change: if pair up users switch, shield bars drain completely. If the enemy's attack misses or deals 0 damage the shield gauge is not drained when full -attack stance change: nearby ally does regular damage but cannot follow up, critical or activate skills [spoiler=Status effects] -debuffs(not self-inflicted) such as those caused by shuriken, setsuna's yumi, drain defense, draconic curse, etc only take effect if damage was dealt. -abilities such as poison strike, savage blow, etc. only take effect if damage was dealt -self-inflicted status caused by things such as dragonstone(+), silver yumi, etc. only lower stats when the user initiates battle -freeze-double accuracy halve usage -rescue staff and hexing rod having the same range as freeze -rescue staff: can only be used on a unit that has already moved, is within range of an enemy unit, and can no longer move hence the name "rescue" -ward staff(returns): doubles a unit's resistance(wears off over time); -20% every turn until normal in 5 turns -critical ward staff(new): protects an ally from criticals wears off after several turns. -poison: reintroduced via reintroduced venin weapons from past games with standard effect -sleep staff: reintroduced via sleep staff from past games -paralysis: reintroduced via new weapon/skill exclusive to character such as MU or late game unit or caused on maps by pitfalls, by enemies, etc. -restore(staff): reintroduced to heal status [spoiler=Classes] -shuriken users such as dread fighter/master ninjas deal half damage from a distance and deal regular damage up close when using shuriken - bow users such as snipers/ballistician/bow knight utilizing the skill point blank deal half damage up close, and regular damage from afar. [spoiler=My Castle] -Once you have beaten the game(post game)weapons provided to you via allies in MyCastle now are from +1(most common) to +7(rarest) -You have the option to decide whether or not you want your characters to be "recruited/purchased" that have no shield if your team loses, etc. -You are only allowed to acquire skills through actual battles being completed with enemy units using weapons equipped(game won't allow you place units such as singer Azura with a bow in the inventory if she has no wieldable weapon equipped. -The throne is the only place where you can restrict movement to your unit. -You have the option to decide whether or not to allow your team to be "taken" to an enemy's castle if they visit your MyCastle. -You have the option to decide whether to allow enemy units with DLC skills/units to combat your MyCastle. -losing or forfeiting a battle grants 0 battle points. -Only one bond unit is produced for each card(1 per person you "visit") with multiple options appearing where you select the one you want. [spoiler=DLC] -experience DLC should be easy for any character to level up(a lvl 1 archer can gain a lot of experience by killing a level 1 monster rather than being forced to wield a "blessed weapon" that deals 1 damage thereby making it nearly impossible for them to get a kill at their current level. -experience DLC monsters run only not retaliate with ridiculous abilities that restrict movement(defeats the purpose of the DLC by slowing you down), etc. -DLC like museum melee would grant higher level weapons such as +3 - +7 very often compared to getting them in MyCastle by reward from NPCs. [spoiler=Gameplay/Other] -the ability to capture any enemy boss unit(aside from plot restricted ones such as endgame boss, etc.) to use on your team. These units should have their own critical quotes, images in battle, unique stat growths, etc. -if future remakes are made of past titles such as sacred stones there should be no massive changes such as "a customizable unit", excessive relationship focus with children, etc. Just stick to the original game primarily with bonus content such as MyCastle returning. -allow DLC music to be played in MyCastle and added to options under change music. I'm looking at you Vanguard Dawn... -playing on classic mode provides x 2 reward chance post game. For example, you gain double battle/visit points from MyCastle battles when people battle/visit you or vise versa. You recieve an increased chance for rarer items +3 - +7 weapons etc. from NPCs in MyCastle. Units obtain double experience from battles(unless difficulty is changed or the option is changed by the player, option appears before battles). -ability to save several wifi matches(like in the recent pokemon games, super smash, etc.) -And please bring back the following recruitment theme...: D
  19. So, in your opinion, which arena in the series was the best? Yeah, some allowed you to grind to your heart's content, but it gave you money. Plus, risk vs reward is a great way to have players really consider whether or not grinding is good for them. In other words, which Fire Emblem arena is the best, and which alteration would you like to see return to the series? For example, consider the GBA ones giving you X ammount of money back after you won, or the first one giving you back your money X10 as alterations, or something like that. Fates's my castle arena is included in the discussion as well. Thanks!
  20. Basically, a fun topic where we give ideas on how to balance the cast of the DS games. We'll begin with FE11's Marth and FE12's Avatar. FE11 Marth is notable for being one of the worst lords in Fire Emblem games. Being swordlocked, low damage output and usually moving fully to get to the throne, he doesnt get lots of chances to get experience. How do you think he could be fixed/rebalanced? As for FE12 Avatar, we all know he/she's the best combat unit in FE12. Having a plethora of class options to choose from at the beginning. Having 8 mini chapters where he/she excels and having above average growths, opportunity to get experience and nice customizable bases. Some of his class choices need some help, while others could definetely be toned down...
  21. Can anyone weigh in one what the Lunatic difficulty scaling is like? a) Increased numbers of enemies? b) Are the stat increases overkill or fair-ish? c) Are there a few really tougher-than-average enemies, or are all the enemies very tough? d) Forged weapons on enemies? e) What are enemy skills like? Are there any enemy-exclusive skills? f) Do we see a lot of 1-2 range weaponry [The enemy-only Throwing Swords and stuff I've seen listed on the serenes page for Fates?] g) Do map conditions change? Fog of War?
  22. I'd like to know what sort of stat bonuses guard stance confers to lead units. Is it as extreme as FE13? If not, can it get as extreme as Awakening's pair up bonuses? I probably won't use them much if you get something like +5's to important stats along with a +1 mov or something, Awakening's Pair Up system always made me feel skeevy. [i found the game a lot more fun without using it.] Love the Attack Stance mechanics though. I'm probably looking to utilize a player-phase oriented strategy, so I really love the extra damage capabilities this unlocks.
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