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  1. As I lay the final blow on Takumi and progress further in my quest to complete all games on Lunatic/Maddening/whatever, I thought I'd write some things down about Conquest Lunatic. I decided to tackle this playthrough like the others, so with no DLC, and not giving a rat's ass about turn counts. I was pleasantly surprised to find a game considered so hard to actually be quite fair for the most part. Whenever I had to reset a map, it mostly felt like the mistake was on me, and not on cheap map design. HOWEVER, every chapter past the great wall of Takumi can go straight to hell. Inevitable end, 12 mov fliers, and above all else, the infinite Staff Savant Maids in CH26 are absolutely insufferable. I was fairly optimistic about the notorious endgame map, as I had accumulated quite a few good skills on the most valuable characters (Sol and Axefaire on Xander, Some Berserker and WL skills on Camilla, Bowbreaker on Leo,...) and I miraculously made it through in Only 2 attempts, with Ophelia!Elise (bless her heart) delivering the killing blow. Overall, this was a quite positive experience, minus the sour taste of the lategame. Among my favorite maps are probably CH10, 22 and 23, with most of the others being decent to pretty good. Off to the next game! (Revelations) P.S. Kids were not included in the tier list template, but Velouria!Camilla and Ophelia!Elise were absolute monsters through the lategame. Nina!Mozu and Forrest!Felicia were decent for supporting roles and chip damage, and I didn't really bother using the others
  2. Hey 🙂, i'm just shamelessly self-promoting but on my youtube channel (TerraTheHamster) i'm doing my own randomized ironman on Birthright! I'm a very small channel and would love some subscribers or advice or whatever so check it out if you want. Even if you go there just for a look i'd love you TerraTheHamster - YouTube
  3. Hi! I like to talk about Fates more than I like to play the games, blame map gimmicks and incentive to pair up, bad forging system and weird high rank weapons (oh, and underleveled units who keep joining with underwhelming base stats in a game where you can't grind). But I still like to discuss units and all that. Today, I wonder what the community of Serenes Forest thinks about this game's (natural) cavaliers. Class set, skill access, base stats, growths, archetype, if they're overall good, excellent, okay, passable, mediocre, really bad. My PoV: Silas: early joining, serviceable, bases are nothing special, not amazing offense, not amazing defense, not amazing weapon ranks. In Conquest, the hardest game, Silas was sent to you at his lowest (in Birthright, he at least had good weapon ranks). His growths are quite good, but they're suited for a character with good base stats and Silas has 2 more base speed as a cavalier than Effie as a knight, which I take insult for in a game where defense isn't magic and where most generics have middling to good speed. With a seal speed that some of the hard/lunatic faceless carry, Silas falls down to a wonderful...2 speed. In his join map. Applaud the greatness of cavalry! Silas' 50% growths in speed and defense mean that he will never excell at anything, his strength growth of 60% is good but far from Effie's 80% (which means 4 points of strength more for every 20 levels). You could marry Silas and Effie, promote her to GK until level 5, get her all the cavalier skills plus luna and reclass her to paladin and she would blow Silas to another dimension (her personal skill is also 10x more practical to use than Silas' and combines well with elbow room and they have the same personal base speed with Effie having +10% str AND spd growths). Silas is ultimately replaced with Xander who does everything Silas does but better, costs less than Silas (if you focus on OHKO, Xander doesn't even need speedwings). Silas' best part is that when you stop using him, you're probably close to an S rank support, which grants you Sophie, a more mercenary-like cavalier. Sophie can be recruited early for good experience on her map and totally amazing captures that put all of your team other than Camilla to shame for most of the game (amazing wyvern lords, a slightly worse Camilla in the boss of the paralogue, Nichol), or late to give her the offspring seal and get a free lv 10 promoted unit for low effort. Peri: join time isn't amazing, but her chapter has boosting pots which can be used to bring her up to the standards of this map. She also comes with a free backpack (Laslow) who helps her a lot (especially if you promote him to hero). On Reddit most people seem to somehow not like Peri as an unit despite praising other similar cavaliers in other games for being exactly like Peri unit-wise. She has the best speed of the 3 cavaliers who don't need marriage to exist and her growth makes sure to keep it that way. Her skill is not amazing, but she can spend one level in Dark Knight to get heartseeker if you're so desperate about it (or take a skill tome that will make it around the same as Effie's). Peri comes at level 10 with 13 speed in a map where it is usable, has a ready pair up partner who gives speed and skill and lots of mechanics to make her competent. Her growths make sure her offense never falls off (unless heavily RNG screwed, 65% str and 60% speed in cavalier/paladin is pretty good with a base of 13 at level 10 and elbow room). Her issue, defense, is a promotion to GK/a tonic/a rally def away from being on par with a level 14 Silas' (rally def = lv 14 Silas average def of 14). There are lots of ways to use her in her join map without needing to turtle (like you'd need to in order to make Charlotte do anything other than get herself killed). Peri has decent weapon ranks unlike Silas, making her able to use all of the good lances at base and at least iron swords at base (no bronze hell). Pairing her with Laslow gives her access to a class that Silas has in his set, bow knight, that make all of her good points even better while avoiding to address her worst one (defense, thanks to bows), so if she gets def screwed you can always send her to a ranged class in which she has at least one weapon rank. Silas vs Peri (availability vs competence): Stats-wise, a level 10 Silas has 24 HP/13-14 str/11-12 skl/10 spd/12 def/6 res. That's...that's serious crap especially in a game where it's hard to gain 2 levels per map past your recruitment chapter unless you're underleveled. Let's say he's level 14: 26 HP/16 str/14 skl/12 spd/14 def/8 res. He's 4 levels higher than Peri, which is possible due to availability and not absurd like it would be to expect him being anywhere higher than 16 (which would give him 1 more point everywhere but in res). He's still inferior to base Peri by 1 speed and 2 res, has just passed her in HP by 1, has more str (3) and def (4). If we're being super generous to Silas and manage to reach level 20/20 with him by endgame, he has 40 HP/32-33 str (capped?)/28-29 skl/26-27 spd/28-29 def/18-19 res. The bulk part is...average. Serious lack of HP for a tank, res lagging behind, def is nothing special. Offensively good strength but speed is on the low side, probably can't double anything but the slowest Hoshidan classes and none of the bosses. In range of being doubled by the fastest Hoshidan classes. Speed pair ups are harder to find than def pair ups in Conquest. With the same generosity let's see Peri after such an exp investment in paladin: 38-39 HP/33-34 str (capped?)/22-23 skl/32-33 spd (capped?)/22-23 def/28-29 res. The bulk part is unimpressive, but as you can see their HP is nearly the same. The offense part is a gigantic win for Peri to the point where she doubles Silas in endgame if her spd cap allows it (or if you improved your spd statues). Their strength is virtually the same but her speed is just grossly superior to his. Her skill is certainly not amazing but you could reclass for 1 level to dark knight to grab heartseeker without hurting her speed (5% growth for one level won't change anything, make sure to raise her sword rank to C so that she can at least use decent weapons for this single level) and remove 20 to enemy avoid in melee range. Their bulk: She's better in defense than he is in res (by 4 points no less) and defense pair ups are the easiest to find in Conquest. Hero gives 3 skl/spd/2 def and Laslow even gives 2 str at S support. Personal skills put Peri even higher as now she's a simple tonic away from doubling the slowest enemies able to double Silas (without pair up). Generic knights/wyverns/great knights/generals fix Peri's biggest problem, defense, if her speed is high enough not to need a speed pair up to double. Peri allows you to use your offensive rally bot on someone else while Silas asks for a dedicated rally speed just to be in the same tier as Paeri without her personal, rally def is the easiest good rally to get as all of your wyvern lords learn it at level 5 and Peri is a much better offensive unit than Beruka so when your Beruka gets rally def she can become a support and stop stealing resources from competent units who start out with double digit speed or have a weapon that allows them to double at 1-2 range. If you choose GK, Silas goes down to 24-25 spd while Peri goes down to 30-31, which is still capped (or overcapped). Silas' res sinks to 13-14 which is what you'd expect from a res screwed Xander, while Peri gets down to 23-24 res, 10 points higher. Silas' HP goes up to 44-45/str 35-36/spd down 24-25/def 32-33/res 13-14. It kills Silas' speed and res and makes him Xander bis, without Siegfried. Silas has no reason to stay GK long term, he's desperate for speed and res and his def is not good enough to be a conventional tank. Peri gets 42-43/str 36-37/30-31/def 26/res 23-24. Peri gains a lot of HP/def that help her, doubling with that strength and potentially activating luna is good. She's still faster than paladin Silas but now she's also bulkier than him with better HP/res and not enough def to make a big difference. Is Silas more likely to reach 20/20 stats? Probably, but let me remind you that for the whole game he has less than or equal to Peri's speed without her personal skill active and that with her personal she always has superior offense to Silas to the point that she can take the slow promotion and still double enemies paladin Silas can't. She starts 3 points higher than him at the same level and in the same class ends 5 points higher than him, making it 1-2 points for early-midgame, she claims an unwanted support partner (Laslow) who can pass down sol to Soleil while making her a bow knight, a much better class than hero (bows>axes when you're not a high skill juggernaut, 2 extra movement is good, bow knight is faster than hero, the ultimate offense) and Peri gets a free self rally by killing one unit each turn (which cumulates with tonics and Azura's dance but not with rallies). More speed=easier to reach killing thresholds=more exp to Peri=catches up during midgame (especially since overleveled exp is garbage). Xander: GK Silas with better HP/res and Siegfried, 8 movement, better defense forever. Lv 20 stats as a paladin: 46-47 HP/33-34 str/26 skl/22-23 spd/31+4 def/15 res. If Xander didn't have Siegfried he'd be worse than Silas (his speed is beyond garbage without heavy investment). His personal is obviously better than Silas' since it's super easy to use in any situation and doesn't need set up (on the contrary it's automatic, just slam your metal chunk into fresh enemies' heads to profit). Xander's reclass into wyvern lord lets him clap Kitsune hell low effort with a beastslayer and to fly over map skip #XYZ). Xander has the best weapon in Conquest by far and thus is a better unit than both Peri and Silas can ever hope to be. He has natural access to rally def, savage blow, swordbreaker and trample, 10 dodge just by using his sword (bye bye random crits, screw luck stat nerfs into oblivion) and never has to use inaccurate weapons. His favorite pair ups give him hero and two of them give him bow knight, which gives him +2 spd, +5% spd growth and shurikenbreaker. The other one gives him HP +5. All of them give him axebreaker, the bane of berserkers. Sophie: the only easy to get 2nd gen cavalier. Basically cavalier Mozu but you don't need to train her at all if you use the offspring seal, get free good weapon ranks and good stats at no cost, she benefits from her parent's skills on top of that. A nice filler unit that is competent without being gamebreaking. Much more useful than Silas beyond earlygame when you have no choice anyway, better stat distribution unless you ruin her with a crappy mother.
  4. Hi! This is my first post on Serenes Forest and my re-introduction into Fire Emblem Fates. The Fates cast has some of my favorite characters of all the games and I've been wanting to revisit the game and attempt a Lunatic play through of Conquest. I've lurked on some topics to try to get a better understanding of how to plan out my run, but, if I am to be completely honest, I feel a little bit lost. So, I came here hoping to ask for a little bit of help and guidance for a first time Lunatic Conquest gamer. My favorite character is Selena (with Laslow as a close second) and I'd like to utilize her to her utmost ability, so I am mainly looking for a way to build her. Hero seems like a fairly straightforward pick in terms of her classes, but does anyone else have any other skill recommendations? What my post boils down to is the following: I'm attempting Lunatic Conquest for the first time and I would love some tips for planning characters with a focus on Selena. I hope anyone who sees this has a wonderful day! ❤️
  5. Hello, I wanted to start a Fire Emblem Fates Conquest Pick my Units, With your Units as replacement for the standard cast. How this works is, If you want you send me your Own Character in a Comment following the Template here: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Name: Description(optional): Class/Reclass and Pomotion: Army: (Nohr,Valla,Unown,Hoshido) Birthday: Which Unit to Overwrite/ You will join in that Chapter and get this units Bases (Taken Characters will be named in the Comment Section) Growths/300 Points per Character to divide in these Substats: HP: STR: MAG: SKILL: SPD: LCK: DEF: RES: Personal Skill: (can be an original/new idea or an exisiting one, Every skill in the game is possible) Portrait: (which Character or Enemy Portrait) PERSONAL WEAPON: (be creative) ( also optional 😄 ) Hair Color. (just a color or a color code) Also optional: A Child Unit. If a Child unit is wanted then just use the same Template and post it after the Parent. Supports will be available between every playable unit. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I think thats about it. I will try editing all of your Ideas and will post the chapters and character if finished. I hope you can help me and my playtrough. Extra Information: New Classes are very difficult to create, I tried but there were always some errors, Difficulty will be Lunatic and if its too hard, Hard Child units are optional, Also Twins will be accepted too.
  6. So I recently completed a Conquest draft that we will be playing on Hard/Classic mode, and aiming for a low turn count, as usual. Typical drafting rules are applied, namely that undrafted units cannot engage in combat or with drafted units whatsoever, exceptions being everyone before chapter 7, and Camilla in chapter 10, with two additional units. Some extra rules are no DLC, and I will also be excluding all Castle features besides the stores, smithy, and mess hall. Additionally, Jakob cannot be a mounted class until after chapter 15, and Corrin cannot reclass into a mounted class. My units are as follows: Corrin (F) Jakob Azura Xander + Siegbert Kaze + Midori Gunter Shura Effie Peri Shigure As I have never done anything like this, is there anyone who could offer some tips and advice? Maybe discuss not only individual clears but also long term strategy and resource allotment along with pairings and the like? If not, maybe someone could lead me to someone else or give me another place to post this? Any help and/or discussion is much appreciated! Also I can go Male Corrin, but I realistically see no reason not to. Lmk if that isn’t the case. Thanks.
  7. Hey everyone, I recently came across the idea of a corrinquest which I feel like could be a fun way to play lunatic conquest since I’ve never done it. If you would like to help out, please create a Corrin in a unique class and add 2 skills you would like to add I would be happy to use them since it doesn’t seem like too many people play anymore. If anyone would like to put their castle names/addresses below I would really appreciate it!
  8. This is my first time doing an Ironman run! Difficulty: Normal Classic Avatar Name: Celestin Gender: Male Boon: + Resistance Bane: - Luck Talent: Sky Knight Here are some of the specifications: -I will not restart any map unless Celestin dies. Each time he dies, I will randomly select a character to permanently bench. -Buying skills and using any of the My Castle features are perfectly fine. -I am not starting at Branch of Fate, since I don’t want to lose valuable experience gathered. -All characters that will be used for combat will be immediately reclassed at the first opportunity. The female characters who will not be Falcon Knights will be Witches. The male characters who will not be Falcon Knights will be Ballisticians. -Characters who are not these three classes can be used to produce children, but can have minimal to no exposure to combat. -Given the nature of this Ironman, DLC can and will be used. However, deaths will not count in DLC maps that do not yield EXP. -Anna will be used, as well as any second-gen units I see fit. No captured units are allowed. Screenshots are coming soon!
  9. Just looking for some advice on doing an ironman run of Conquest on Hard mode. (In case you didn't know, ironman means no resetting under any circumstances, and if I get a game over due to my avatar dying or me failing a specific map objective, the run is over.) Examples of things I'm looking for: -Avatar builds -Which characters are worth using and investing into -How to deal with death/permanent injury -Utilizing DLC items (only the free stuff like the Exalt and Hero Brands and the gifts from Anna) -General strategy -Good couples -Building support -When to recruit children -Best generic units to capture and where to find them -Forging
  10. I'm looking for NA Corrins at level 10 or Below with a unique from outside the Corrin's secondary class, and reclassed into that second class. I kinda wanted to do this challenge for a while now.
  11. Fire Emblem Fates: Good Guy Garon Edition TRAILER & RECORDED CHAPTERS HERE HEAD HERE FOR THE LATEST PATCH AND UPDATE NOTES: MAIN THREAD To use this modification you will need to either have CFW and Luma3DS installed, or another method to modify the game's core files. Information: Chapter Videos: Overview of Changes (Mild Spoilers Within): Download (Updated 1/02/18): Installation: (via Luma LayeredFS) Special Thanks: SecretiveCactus for their Fire Emblem Conversation Editor thane98 for their Fire Emblem Fate’s Editor DeathChaos25 for their Fates ROM Hacking General Thread
  12. I want to recruit all the kids in Conquest (or as many as I can). Trouble is, I've made it to Chapter 18, and the only paralogues I've unlocked are Fight or Flight (Dwyer), Dragon Blood (Kana), and Great Heroism (Percy), so I still have ten kids left and about a third of the game left to get them. I still haven't done Kana or Percy's paralogues since I want to save them for later for the purposes of grinding supports. The only reason I recruited Dwyer early was so I could have him to heal in Chapter 12 while keeping Jakob a Wyvern Lord. So, is it feasible to pair up my remaining couples in two paralogues and approximately ten main story chapters? Also, how do I build supports? I know you can do it by healing, attacking while in Pair Up or Tag Team, or having Azura sing, but can you also build supports just by standing next to each other like in the GBA Fire Emblem games? I also know that the Before Awakening DLC map is infinitely repeatable and can be used to grind supports, but that's not an option since I have no money. I could use other people's castles, but I want to keep my first playthrough as isolated as possible, so I'll only do that if I have no other options. I appreciate your guidance.
  13. So, my mom gave me a physical copy of Conquest for Easter, and I'm having a bit of trouble thinking of the optimal build for my avatar. I'm playing semi-blind since I got up to Chapter 10 on my emulated version before and I've heard a lot about how hard this game is, so I have some idea of what to expect from particularly nasty chapters such as Unhappy Reunion, Bitter Intrigue, Den of Betrayal, Kitsune Lair, Winds of Change, Ryoma, and Night Breaks Through, but I don't know the best way to deal with most of them. Let me share my thoughts on how I'm gonna build my avatar, and tell me what you think the best choice is. I know female is probably the best gender, since I want to recruit as many children as possible and have them be relevant for as long as possible and the only female Corrinsexuals in Conquest are Flora (late recruitment) and Anna (paid DLC), and also because Jakob is so much better than Felicia early on, but boon, bane, and talent are a bit more complicated. I'm not sure how important optimization is because I'm gonna play on Normal instead of Hard or Lunatic, but I've heard Conquest Normal is still pretty challenging, especially compared to Birthright and Awakening, so I want to play at least semi-optimally. I'm leaning more towards Quick/Unlucky for my boon and bane because extra speed is useful no matter what class I go into, and luck is one of the least important stats unless your name is Midori or Arthur, so there's not too much harm in reducing it, especially because you can just use Luck Tonics and Pair Up to raise your luck to the point where most enemies have a 0% crit chance against you. You also get a Goddess Icon in Chapter 4, which should give the avatar just enough luck to avoid dying to low-percentage critical hits without having to chug Luck Tonics constantly. I also have my talent almost figured out, but it's a bit harder to choose than boon and bane. Cavalier and Dragon (i.e. Wyvern Rider) seem like the best choices because of their good mobility and because they allow you to beat Chapter 8 without spawning any reinforcements, but I'm not sure which is better overall. On the one hand, Cav has Yato access, a level 1 skill that gives +3 damage under most circumstances, can learn Shelter, which is just nice to have in case you make a mistake in positioning a fragile unit and don't want to restart the entire chapter, and can promote to either Paladin or Great Knight, both of which are really good classes, but since I'm probably gonna marry Jakob, who gives Cav access to his wife via Partner Seals, a Cavalier talent may end up being redundant. Also, being weak to both Beast Killers and Wyrmslayers doesn't sound too appetizing. On the other hand, Wyvern Rider ignores terrain penalties, gets Strength +2 for more damage and Lunge for repositioning, and can eventually learn Swordbreaker to help Corrin cheese the Ryoma fight in Chapter 25, but it can't use the Yato, is stuck with E-rank weapons for a while after reclassing from Nohr Princess, has god-awful resistance that makes enemy magic users especially dangerous, and its weakness to bows and yumi may be problematic when going up against Takumi and the enemy archers that I assume are abundant in this route. I kinda wanna go Wyvern, since I'll probably have Cav access anyway from marrying Jakob, and I also want Jakob to have Swordbreaker to deal with Ryoma in Chapter 12. So, what do you think? Is Dragon the best talent? Should I change my boon and/or bane? I appreciate any guidance you give me!
  14. So, I just beat Chapter 9 of Conquest Normal, and I've heard Chapter 10 is a real doozy. I only have one Heart Seal and two good choices to use it. On the one hand, reclassing Jakob to Paladin will make fighting Takumi easier, but on the other hand, making Mozu an Archer will make dealing with the enemy Sky Knights a lot easier and help provide extra chip damage with the ballista. So, who should get it? Jakob, Mozu, or someone else entirely? For a bit more context, this is my current party: Ryan (Level 1 Wyvern Lord; +Speed/-Luck) Jakob (Level 8 Butler) Elise (Level 8 Troubadour) Silas (Level 11 Cavalier) Arthur (Level 8 Fighter) Effie (Level 10 Armour Knight) Odin (Level 8 Dark Mage) Niles (Level 9 Outlaw) Azura (Level 12 Songstress) Nyx (Level 9 Dark Mage) Mozu (Level 7 Dread Fighter) Haitaka (Level 10 Spear Fighter)
  15. Greetings all you Conquest fans! I would greet Birthright and Revelation fans as well, but their game is not the focus of this topic. I have recently had a fun idea, and was pleased to see that there were many before me several years ago with a similar idea. Of course, the idea is to do a playthrough of conquest reclassing every character with a heart seal. My own ruleset was as follows: - Use the Ghastly Gold DLC to get as much gold as necessary for heart seals (obtained primarily through online castle visit sprees) and weapons - Reclass everyone as soon as is reasonable with a heart seal. For some units that join halfway through a chapter (i.e. chapter 10 Camilla's squad), reclass them as soon as the chapter concludes. - Yes, that means Azura, too - Corrinsexuals can be reclassed to whatever I want as long as it does not belong to their original class tree (i.e. no reclassing Shura to bow knight) - Corrin must reclass to the alt class chosen by me. In my case it was fighter since Berserkers are my jam. - No child characters can be deployed after their starting battle. This was mostly a rule I self-imposed because I was sick of using Elise!Ophelia and Effie!Percy in every playthrough Difficulty is Normal Classic. I first did this during a spree of Conquest playthroughs all on normal classic, so this ended up being as such as well. I imagine it is doable on hard, but I am not sure about lunatic. This playthrough has given me some new appreciation for some aspects of Conquest, such as the value of character weapon rank bases (since most characters need to start with bronzes), as well as how every character works with heart sealing on a base level. I will say conquest feels much more like a gba fire emblem with this ruleset; some characters (Arthur, Peri, Benny) are just terrible, and other characters (Leo, Elise, Silas, Niles) end up overperforming compared to what I am used to since the competition is less fierce. Leo especially is a lot of fun to use. So go ahead: try the playthough out for yourself! You don't need to follow my rules exactly; if you want to skip reclassing Azura or use child Characters you absolutely can. If you have already done a playthrough like this, share your experience! I know that I ended up using some bad units to see how they would work, and I would love to hear other people's success stories with some units I didn't end up using, like Arthur, Peri, Mozu, and Kaze.
  16. So I am trying to learn how to randomize fire emblem conquest, I haven't set up the homebrew or anything so it is basically from scratch. I would appreciate help like maybe a tutorial that is up to date or just instructions that I could get here. I have the latest update on my 3ds I don't know if that stops me from randomizing the game. I would like to experience it randomized as a fun challenge and change of pace so anything helps. I would greatly appreciate it.
  17. Basically what happens when the likes of Mortis Ghost and Claude Higgins get their hands on Fire Emblem Fates. So this is a fangame, done in RPG Maker XP, so it will not have the same mechanics as Fire Emblem Fates. In fact, it will have very similar mechanics to OFF by Mortis Ghost (along with its own fangames, including UNKNOWN). But it is based off Fire Emblem Fates and pretty well 99% of the content is Fire Emblem Fates, even if portrayed differently (e.g. not the official resources). Okay so what happens is there is a Revelation timeline, created over a Conquest timeline but then Conquest tries to take over (hence the creepypasta-esque name Conquest.exe) and a huge struggle ensues. Like UNKNOWN, there will be multiple endings, based on the player's actions and the methods to get them will be secret (meaning the game itself won't give you hints, you'll have to find out for yourself or ask others how to get all the endings). It's going to be incredibly dark and stuff. It centres around the Avatar and her (headcanon) married family - Ryoma, Kana and Shiro and their determination to keep the timeline stable and protect it from characters from the Conquest timeline (but of course the other characters from the Rev. timeline will be assisting). Then along comes a Puppeteer... The Puppeteer decides to help the Rev!Characters out (if you don't want to help them out, then don't play at all, it's that simple) but evil ensues. So yeah, take care out there, my friends, and- YXZvaWQgc2VwcHVrdQ==
  18. So does anybody remember a fake leak going around before fates was released. Basically after Caeldori, Asugi, and Rhajat were all revealed somebody made an image claiming that to compensate for that on Nohr there would be child units based off of Lon’qu, Nowi, and Gregor. (Although I might be misremembering I’m pretty sure it was them). I’m just curious if anybody can find the image because I know I’ve tried and failed
  19. Hi, So, now that I've taken the time to think of the origin of the problem rather than the problem itself, which is units having trouble with ennemies in early game in a FE game with PU and attack stance available, I'll explain myself. You have access to a limited number of units, and in CQ OG you can't grind. You units at the moment they join have LOWER stats than several of the ennemies although they outnumber your troops. You may have 50% growth rate or even 70%, it ain't gonna save you if you have to play against seal speed ennemies who nearly double you before they even activate seal speed (looking at Effie with burning eyes), or against ennemies who can take 6 def away from your units. I know what you'll say: "But if you know how to play the damn game, you know can kill them without being sealed, thresholds" nanani nanana. I don't think having to rely on insane level ups for Corrin in the first 6-7 chapters of the game is a good way to balance a game, neither is the fact that all your units need several hundreds of gold worth of TEMPORARY stat boosters just to not die in 1 attack stance +1 normal attack at the beginning of the game. Look at Radiant Dawn part 3: the GMs all have a role they can play well enough from the get go. Gatrie is a General, Effie is a knight. Gatrie can take several hits of very powerful ennemies at base, Effie can take 2 hits and die at base. Gatrie's speed is busted to the point he can double some ennemies, while Effie's 55% spd growth allows to get to an average of...yeah, 12.7 speed at level 20, which is lower than Keaton's level 15 base speed and he's not particularly fast. Fast knight you said? Actually Effie can get doubled quite a lot and even take damage from the ennemies who double her, unlike Gilliam who can gain 1 point of speed and sit there for the whole game and not care at all since it's all he needs to break the speed threshold to not get doubled by any axeman in the early game while his def slowly grows into the amazing steel wall it becomes. Effie's speed lets her get doubled, Effie's def lets her get hurt (and not by paper balls, but rather by trucks of overstatted ennemies overloaded with skills giving them the edge on your already shitty units with non OP skills yet and who barely ever double anything aside from Niles who can't hurt anything but mages and pegasi, barely better than Kaze who can only hurt mages). And add to that the fact the ennemies also use attack or guard stance to inflate their damage or prevent you from ORKOing them, and that's what I call shitty game balance. The level design would be fine if stat debuffs didn't exist at all and ennemy damage could be calculated easier (if you could know beforehand who would attack stance with who, in which order they would attack so you know how to prevent them from doing so, for example), but with these "OMG so flashy I want to play as a full ninja with poison, debuffs and OP stuff" ways to push naruto and ninjago fans into finally buying the game (just for them to get deceived because they'll manage to game over in chapter 1 in phoenix mode at any rate since they come from the most casual appealing part of kikooland) to make more cash and not to actually give the player a satisfying experience. Look, most Faceless have 11-12 def from chapter 7 onwards in HARD, 24+ HP, 9-ish speed and nearly as much res as def, so you can't even burst them with a magic unit (reclassed Corrin/Felicia). Your own tanks have less HP than any ennemy on the map except Arthur who badly wants a bronze weapon to have actual accuracy and 0% crit chance against him. But Arthur, although he's a tanky juggernaut, lacks the defence to really do this job, and he lacks the speed to be a killer (sadly since he's probably the highest damage unit at base and his accuracy means that he wouldn't be OP if he was able to double). On top of shitty retainers' base stats compared with ennemies, look at your units' levels, except Mozu, everyone is already past level 5 (Effie Silas 6, Arthur 7), which means...that they won't have many levels to actually benefit from high growth rates since exp gains are garbage as soon as you get 2-3 levels ahead. Which means they'll get like 2 points of each stat or something like that before stagnating for 2 chapters. And become shit again. Now you have Camilla who joins just at the same time as her vastly inferior retainers (who I'd really have loved to be available in chapter 7 or 8 instead of 3rd turn of chapter 10 so they could actually be levelled up at that point, especially Beruka who starts with Arthur's speed but 2 levels higher, with lower growth and also 3 chapters later, in a chapter with ninja spamming and archers and defend the 4 escape points against 7 move fast pegasi she's 1 or 2 damage short of OHKOing anytime even with support, although they come by 3 at some point so you can't put 2 units to kill each one of them while being rushed by 24 damage onis on 2 sides, by ninja+spear fighters from another side and by Oboro and Hinata ll at the same time). Camilla has stats your best units would get by level 18-20 or even after promotion. But she's already promoted. If you use her, she steals exp from your growth units who need it to be even relevant at all. If you don't let her get kills, she will become irrelevant once she can finally gain decent exp per kill. Unlike Seth, she's vulnerable to 25% of the ennemy units in the game since they love spamming bow wielders to put their arrows far in your butt. And they move in groups so she can't even kill the 1 archer in the formation and call it a day, because there's still 1 or even 2 of them around. Xander has OP sword, but I'd prefer him having a lance in order to not be laughed at by ninjas who will enjoy debuffing the hell out of him and spamming poison strike so any shitty leftover ennemy can pick up Xander's life. Duessel is so much better at the same job it's not even funny (and actually Duessel takes more frontal damage than Xander since his defence isn't as high compared with ennemy damage and his level is also too high to gain substancial exp even from bosses, while Seth had all the chapter 1-8 to benefit from increased exp per kill to overlevelled units and that's the only reason he is so OP, because of the coded bonus exp to promoted units in early game, there's even a patch to disable it on FEBuilderGBA, but unlike Xander, Duessel doesn't face stat reductions, entrap, hex rods, freeze although sleep is even more annoying but still it's curable unlike freeze and hex, and Duessel doesn't suffer from poison strike shenanigans playing Awakening counter shenanigans but better without needing to die to apply their braindead tactics). Actually, since his stats are totaly those of a GK, I'd love him to be a GK and have a PERSONAL AXE, just like his dad (because 3 of his classes use an axe and he was birthed by an axe wielding overstatted king and his sister also wields an axe, even the little healer sister can wield a goddamn axe, why does Xander use a damn sword of all things in the game where swords really are at a disadvantage even with OP stats, range and 1-2 normal weapons can't double anymore?)! It would at least make sense from a story perspective (LOL story having sense in Fates). So yeah, you start with some garbage units, with shitty stats, you have to face ennemies with higher stats than your units although they already outnumber you, and your only way to make up for it is to use attack stance against single ennemies to hope to kill them before you get killed (with very unequal accuracy) or dual guard and hope it doesn't get you killed. You also have to waste a ton of gold into temporary stat boosters just to not be cannon fodder for 8 chapters instead of having directly the base stats allowing your units to do their job. Add to all that the fact that you have to buy nearly every single healing item you need or want since they give you nearly none from the beginning of the game, that weapons above iron are about as useful as your fingers instead of toilet paper after you took a shit, and instead of these shitty weapons they give you for free because they know most won't even use them more than 3x in a playthrough due to how gimmicky they are (instead of letting durability, availability and price balance them), you'll have to buy or find tons of iron weapons you'll have to forge in order to have actual weapons and not even more stat debuffs on your already mediocre units (especially non royals). And shurikens give 2 speed for free while daggers have +5 accuracy, nice joke IS, next time try to think and playtest before selling the final product. I've seen many people on these boards explain thresholds, strategies to kill this or that. I think I shouldn't need to follow an LTC guide just to enjoy the game in hard if there are only 2 non lunatic difficulties since normal should be called easy and phoenix mode is complete disrespect of the series. Or they could let you play phoenix on any difficulty if that's what we want to just take revenge on these * annoying ennemies on the hardest difficulty. It's a single player game, not an online MMO or MOBA where you have to ensure the player isn't OP from the get go facing handicapped ennemies (which is actually common in PVP MMO or MOBA since they release OP heroes or classes to sell skins and cosmetics or payable classes etc., thanks microtransactions for ruining gaming experience in general). I don't want my game to be a puzzle game in hard, I don't care if it is in lunatic since it's a mode for experts. Hard is for people who want non poop-made ennemies and actual ennemy density, not for masochists who like to play puzzle in a tactical RPG (and an RPG should always let you do things in the way you want, not trying to force you into doing specific things to cheese it, that is for LTC/speedrunning, not for casual play). That's it, what are your thoughts?
  20. Hi all, A little while back (can't really remember how long since time has lost all meaning thanks to this pandemic haha) I posted here mentioning that I had just finished my first ironman run on birthright lunatic. I said then that I wanted to take a quick break before really diving into the monster that is conquest. I lied. Sorta. You see I decided to give the first couple chapters a go since I was in the mood for more and wanted to gauge juts how much I was dealing with. I lost track of how many failed runs I had, but eventually I got burned out and realized some time away would be best. Fast forward to today when I decided that it was about time to give it another go. The first couple chapters went by pretty smoothly, I ended up reclassing Odin as a joke to samurai, even got through chapter nine with only like 6 uses on my heal staff. Then comes chapter 10. now I tend to go for Takumi with corrin/camilla when I played in easier difficulties and since this was seeming to be a bit of a joke run I ended up going for it again. to my surprise I actually managed to down him, but not before he took my corrin to 1 hp! The rest of the map was still rather tense but I did manage to get all the houses and only lost beruka early do to missing a 95% hit, but hey that's fates for ya! All this to say this run is looking to be a lot of fun. I know I got a lot worse ahead of me, but I'm at least glad this run has proven to be more entertaining and exciting than it has frustrating. Wish me luck!
  21. Hi, I've felt like Fates dumps everything on skills instead of stats and for me that's part of what makes its' gameplay so annoying. Either you have an awesome class with good skills or you have a class with bad skills and all you can do is get out ASAP otherwise you're making the game harder on yourself (like oni skills are quite niche, have very little utility, and even though I used it often in RD, I feel like the movement-related skills like shove are not really useful in this one, maybe because all I can put on the frontlines is the bulkiest units since everyone dies in 2 hits except them, which means I don't really need to move people around and shelter is there if needed). So I've thought of trying to play the game with absolutely no skills (sadly it's impossible to get rid of personal skills, so 0 skills outside personals since we can't do anything about them...). If anyone is interested in this, don't hesitate to post here your thoughts about it (is it funny? challenging? does it change several units' viability? I already think of archers who are simply mediocre without quick draw and Setsuna would greatly suffer from that for sure). Also, do you find it funnier with- or without skills? I'm gonna try it in BR, I don't think it would be funny at all in CQ where it's already annoying with skills. *RANT AHEAD DON'T READ IF YOU DON'T WANT TO KNOW MY THOUGHTS ABOUT DEBUFFS, THE GENERAL DIRECTION OF THE FE FRANCHISE SINCE 3DS AND MY BROKEN 3DS: Ennemies spamming poison strike, seal def/spd and steel shurikens is really unfun (for me at least), I'd rather give ninjas and myrmidons a little more damage and delete seals and stat debuffs if I were allowed to. On paper it was a good idea...in game it's awful when your Effie who's supposed to be a tank shows single digit def because of a gimmick they added like "hahaha that's so funny to have no defense left in a game where ennemies hit like trucks, have 3-10x more units deloyed than you each chapter and don't even hit your unit if they can't damage it, making the only real tanks in the game nearly useless just because we could do it! hahaha have fun with this troll game!"... Please kill Intelligent systems and replace them with actual humans. And then we have ennemies with freeze, entrap and hex rods... Yeah, fire Intelligent systems, please... they're complete trolls... I don't even want to play 3H with the directions taken in the 3DS games and the whole Hogwarts bullshit. If I want that I go play Harry Potter and that's it. On top of that it means I don't have to buy the Switch, since my 3DS broke in half and the screen can separate from the main part at any moment if I don't hold it tight (FML), which means I'll have to buy a New 3ds to also be able to play Xenoblade...cash cow, here you are! END OF RANT* So, I really want to play like the old days before everyone had 2-6 skills and before you had to check every ennemy skill and your own to calculate how much damage you'd take, and forget to count attack stance ennemies, their skills and you don't even know who they will attack with...yeah, this game went too far for me, tooooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar, so faaaaaaaaaar that I usually take a strong champion from another castle and spam gold DLC to buy the skill build I want to use as much as I can. I'm probably bad at this game, but I don't want to play in normal mode, it is so much easier that some chapters feel like a Pet Shop game.
  22. My Birthright cartridge will just give me an error message whenever I try to progress through a map at random moments. I've already eliminated other things that could cause an error (different SD card didn't help, different 3DS didn't, other games work just fine, cleaning cartridge didn't work, praying, slamming it, stomping it, and cursing it have all failed). If I buy a new cartridge, will the games I've purchased through the "Explore Fates" option still be accessible with the new cartridge or am I just fucked out of more money?
  23. Hi, I think it would be interesting to tier female units in Conquest for a females only run. The rules are the same as usual (not based on LTC, more on efficiency, the role they play, are they needed, strongly recommended, how they contribute to make the game easier), except here it's a little special: no servant (no Felicia abuse) and no Corrin (Corrin will be male and only be pair up bot in defensive pair up as soon as posible, when Effie arrives for example). Pair up should be reduced to the minimum (outside Corrin who has to hide on someone's back, the rest should be used as independent units most of the time. Attack stance is allowed since ennemies already abuse it to the point where it's purely disgusting with their seal def/steel shuriken attack stance shenanigans. Kana is the only allowed child and will be discussed as well in this list. Let's put 3 lists: 1 with reclassing/DLC classes authorized and the other where only the main class tree is allowed. MU can reclass freely since his usefulness entirely depends on the stats he gives to his partner. Kana will be the only one to be discussed in the 3rd list, and won't be tiered with other females since she depends on her mother and inheritance to be anything (though you must also specify if you reclass her or let her in her original class). Don't forget to specify Kana's recruitment time (since she will be different if you get her at a time you can kid seal her or during the beginning chapters). This would help players who go for such challenge to immediately identify good units, units they should train until a certain point before ditching them and units who they should avoid. Units who will be tiered: Camilla, Effie, Elise, Peri, Selena, Beruka, Nyx, Charlotte, Flora (Kana in the exclusive Kana tier list as stated above). Mozu is excluded since she appears in every route like the servants, Silas and Kaze and has been discussed thousands times already. Many units will be tiered very differently between reclass allowed tier list and no reclass I suppose. How I guess the tiers will look like: S- Necessary A- Very helpful B- Can be used since you've got room anyway C- Use it if you really want to, but it's like shooting yourself in the foot Let's go!
  24. Hi, Yesterday I began a Conquest run with BR cast. The first thing that I did (even before knowing my +skl Corrin with decent bases in +res -mag from The Choice would be massively speed screwed) was to marry Corrin to Jakob and make him a spear master. Well, Jakob with seal def AND speed trivializes the game so much I have to disarm him in order to let other units do something. He's lv 12 and so awesome even though he can't double shit, it's insane. I'm playing normal classic for once (not ready to step up in hard classic, and the classic mode is mostly to kill any nohrian I recruit in order to keep most of the Hoshidan cast since unit number is limited. I think in hard I'd have to place more carefully (even if Jakob has 14 spd and 15 def with Corrin backpack not even counting Corrin's personal skill making it 17, and 9 or 10 res becoming 11 or 12), but seriously def and speed seals are completely broken, and Jakob still hasn't learnt lancefaire + elbow room (or shelter). My myrmidon Takumi is really good although he's being outclassed defensively by...Setsuna, of all people XD. My Oboro hasn't gained one level without proccing speed which is quite rare (usually she doesn't level speed in 3 levels and ends up as slow as Silas), but she didn't gain a sngle point of def at level 14. Kagero hits like a truck but I use a +1 bronze dagger (the run is a bronze only run, without forges except the dagger since it has garbage MT forever and the ninja class has garbage strength), but in her 1st 2 level ups she didn't level speed at all, I hope for a good speed level up 12>13 with spd+res. Of all of them, Jakob is really the best thanks to the seal combo and benefitting from Corrin support bonuses+skill, I dropped Silas at lv 10 (13 str 12 speed 11 def, not enough to take a spot, and I already field ninja rinkah to pick locks when Kagero is fighting for exp), I play Hinoka (if it was hard mode she would 3RKO the ennemies...12 str at level 14 is really hard to salvage (thank you for making mages squishy in normal mode, in hard she wouldn't even 1RKO them with bronze/iron). So, now I think you guys should really try and adopt Jakob spear master, who renders defense perfectly useless and nerfs ninjas into oblivion (also samurai Takumi since he's faster than his archer self and has enough accuracy + bulk to hit things with WTD and live after taking 1 or 2 hits just like Hinata while having more strength than him). Tell me when you've tried it and seen the results if the awesomeness of spear master skills in CQ, where tanks aren't tanky anymore. You can reclass him to pally then for better res and movement.
  25. Hi, I wanted to talk about challenge runs, but any of them in any FE game. I had the idea of GBA/3DS FE without using supply and trading only during the chapters (no battle prep trading), maybe even no armory in battle preps (completely skip prep), maybe no supports along that (I never really used supports in FE and never needed them so far before FE 13 and the pair up mechanic showed up, only to buff Colm/Neimi and sometimes Eirika, most of the time I didn't even click "support"). I think a run with the weakest available (repairable/buyable) weapons would be funny depending on the game (well that's basically how I play FE8 most of the time ^^ with iron, fire, light and flux except for endgame bosses with high def/res and hp who hit like a crashing plane in your face with 120-150 accuracy ouch). Swapping roles (physical units with magic and magical weapons, magical unit with physical weapons). No mobility (playing with 4 movement on everyone like you have an army of knights). No 1-2 range weapon (or use it like you use a 1 range or 2 range, no javelin/throwing axe ennemy phase army). Swords/Bows/Magic only run (Laguz/shapeshifters only run with only the necessary non shapeshifter stuff like Ike to defeat Burger King's terrible plan to raise obesity in the whole world, and you play some Amazonian tribe resisting the empire of Burger King and its' fat church leaders wth their panther transformation XD). Only the less accurate weapons run. Devil axe run (might need to hack an unbreakable devil axe though). This would be a hardcore Nuzlock challenge. Only poison weapons. Only effective weapons. Only the lowest level units available, maintain an average level (lol you can't even promote then). Only lowest speed/luck/strength/def/res/mag/hp...units. (funny to see a team of Arthur-like units get (nuz)locked out of the PT by a random crit: "Hi Knoll how's it goin'?" "Got crit killed by the first ennemy I fought, I should have instantly promoted to summoner and spam summons till I hit 20..." "Sad story bro, see you in the next PMU since no one plays you without farming"). Your ideas?
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