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Found 135 results

  1. Hey everyone! I'm SEVA. I don't post regularly, but you might know me as the person who made Micro Emblem, and this Paper Mario fangame. So anyway, if you've been around the Fan Projects section, you probably know about FE6xna, a remake of Fire Emblem 6 using the FEXNA engine. Well, the remake has a sort of mixed reputation, so I'm going to be taking a look at the good and the bad of it, and I invite you to join me! This can be done by tuning in to my Twitch stream on Friday, 27th of January. (This is stream part 3.) You can find my Twitch channel here. The stream starts at 22:00 GMT. That's also 9:00 AM AEDT, 5:00 PM EST, 2:00 PM PST. Any other time zones, you can look up yourself. EDIT: second video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MRWjXuF6ZgQ
  2. And by "Balanced" I mean fix characters that are borderline unusable, like the Knights or give me a reason to use unit X when unit Y is 10 times better. Also, imma try make more weapons...you know... NOT HORRIBLE. So, I want some suggestions on fixes. It does make the game somewhat easier. Major changes I'm thinking of (Anything not specified has been left the same) [spoiler=Roy] Growths: 40->55% Str (+15) 40->55% Spd (+15) 25->35% Def (+10) Bases: Level 1 22 HP (+4) 7 Str (+2) 7 Skl (+2) 6 Def (+1) 3 Res (+3) Items: Starts with Iron Sword too I buffed him somewhat much because he will be useless for a while and he WILL cap his level without being able to promote. I also felt like it was unreasonable that he had less Def than Res AND buffed both HP and Res bases so that he won't be Bolting and Purge material in castle chapters. The Iron Sword is just so that he won't have to strip a Cavalier to save his Rapier uses. [spoiler=Bors] Knight movement is now 5. General is 6. Growths: 30 -> 45% Str and Skill (+15) 10 -> 15% Res (+5) Bases: 8 Str (+1) 6 Skl (+2) 5 Spd (+2) 6 Lck (+2) I tried making Bors the jack-of-all-trades Knight of the trio whose best feature is his superior availability and being well-rounded. Soon will be Barth the Knightliest Knight to have ever Knighted and Wendy, the FE6 incarnation of Effie. [spoiler=Barth] Growths: 110% HP (+10, so it is 10% chance to gain 2 HP and you are guaranteed to get 1) 70% Str (+10) 40% Skl (+15) 50 Def (+10) Bases: 10 level (+1, Insta-promotion) 12 Str (+2) 8 Skl (+2) 6 Lck (+4, though it's not growing...) 3 Res (+1 because lol 2% growth) Extreme much? His Knightly stats rise like there's no tomorrow. Lck, Spd and Res are for sissies so no serious Knightly Knight cares. [spoiler=Best unit in the game] Wendy's new growths: 50% Str (+10) 45% Skl (+5) 55% Spd (+15) Wendy's actually functional bases: Level 6 Knight: 23 HP (+4) 7 Str (+3) 7 Skl (+4) 7 Spd (+4) 10 Def (+2) C Lances (+1) Now Wendy has above average Str, Skl and Spd with respectable Lck, Def and bad Res. Her Def base is now high but she is less bulky than her comrades. She is the child of a Myrmidon and a Knight. I am thinking of lowering her Def to make her have less of an advantage than the other Knights, but I'm not sure. Anyways, I've got more ideas but I got tired of writing. So, any suggestions?
  3. So before I begin let me say im sorry for posting all this crap about binding blade in the wrong forum I was still new. I just recently beat it and I am now sure it is among my favorites, and you wont have to see anything else posted about it in this general forum since I know what to expect now that I have beaten it. Love how the storys connect and love Roy way more than eliwood. Guess thats all I have to say really.
  4. So the title says it all Im now going to speed run the game to make up for lost time. I didnt recruit zeiss and so all the work I put into the game is poof what are some of your screw ups?!
  5. So while playing Binding blade I have to say I am quite happy with Roys growths. So my question is who is better Eliwood or Roy? Im going with Roy because at ch 5 level 12 he is currently 11 str. If it were eliwood he'd be at least 9 or so and Id have to use an energy ring on him to even make him decent at this point. So who would you go with Eliwood or Roy.
  6. So Im at chapter 9 and I just need a few things cleared before I really get invested. 1. So Is there a difficulty for either route A or B, is one more difficult than the other? This question applies to the illia and sacae split to. 2. Are the gaiden chapters affected by whichever route chosen or does it not matter? What are the exact requirements for each gaiden chapter? I plan on going a route to illia and Im on normal mode l. If anyone can answer these Id be very happy.
  7. So, we all know Zephiel is the bad guy in Binding Blade/Sealed Sword. He is also the same person that you need to save in Blazing Sword/Rekka no Ken. If Jaffar and Nino killed Zephiel, FE6 WILL NOT EXIST and Roy wouldn't have to venture out Pherae. So, whose fault was it? The fault that made the FE6 storyline happen? Here is my observation: Jaffar and Nino was ordered to kill Zephiel right? And they didn't kill him. So, it's their fault. But, they are members of The Black Fang and the King of Bern, Desmond, had contact with the group, so, he sent out an order to kill his own son, so it's his fault right? No, it isn't. Desmond didn't treat Zephiel as his own "son" because they were "not alike". So, whose fault was it? Enough of that for now, let's move on to Eliwood and his army. The Queen of Bern, Helene, ordered Eliwood and his army to save Zephiel from the "assassination" attempt, so they saved him and blah blah blah, it's their fault because they intervened with Jaffar and Nino. No, it isn't Eliwood's fault either. Right now, there are a few suspects: Desmond Helene Black Fang as a whole Jaffar and his change of heart Nino for changing Jaffar's heart Eliwood's army And the tactician for ordering Serra/Priscilla to use that rescue staff on Zephiel. And IntSys for making FE7 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Short Note, Feel free to ignore: I've been really delighted of the people replying to my thread but there's a point when we have to stop, it's not right now since more points need more discussion. Short Note #2: Please respect each others opinions in this thread, I created this for discussion, not for disCUSSion (Bad pun, I know, I know.)
  8. So I'm not a big fan of the idea of randomizing the recruitment order and giving independent teams to each player, so let's try something different. Basically, everyone randomizes their rom before the drafting phase, and each character is draftable exactly one time. Mention the classes when picking your units. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 5 players. 2. Roy, Marcus and Merlinus are free for all to use. 3. One undrafted Dancer / Bard is free to use for each player. 4. One unit will remain undrafted. 5. The game will be played on Normal Mode. Randomizer options: Note: if a stat rolls more than +/- 3, I'll reduce the change to 3, and suggest you do it too. I'll leave that optional to keep things simple, though. Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit Shops and Armories, and dig up items in the desert. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, and opening Doors or Chests. 3. Use of the Warp staff is allowed. 4. All Gaiden chapters are required to be visited. Chapter 20x (either route) does not count towards the total turncount up to 20 turns taken. 5. NPCs may do as they please without penalty. 6. The game must be played out to the True Ending. 7. Dancers / Bards may not dance for each other. 8. If you promote Roy, you are free to hack his auto-demotion after chapter 21x away. 9. Glitches caused by the randomizer may not be made use of. These include non-Roy Lords being able to seize and the possibility of moving units on tiles they cannot normally pass by using the drop command or a Warp/Rescue staff. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units have a 4-turn penalty, per unit per chapter. 2. Dancers / Bards dancing for each other has a 15-turn penalty, per chapter. Exceptions: 1. Undrafted Thieves may be used to obtain necessary promotion items. Teams: Gradivus.: Mercenary!Roy, Druid!Marcus, Bard!Shin + Nomad!Lugh, Wyvern Rider!Noah, Fighter!Lance, Cleric!Wolt, Dancer!Zeiss, Lord!Saul, Thief!Barth, Sniper!Dayan, Sage!Karel, Berserker!Bartre fireemblemcai: Shaman!Roy, mManakete!Marcus, Bard!Bors + Nomad!Chad, Mage!Miledy, Wyvern Rider!Treck, Cavalier!Ward, Cleric!Gonzales, Bard!Astore, Cavalier!Hugh, General!Douglas, Nomad Trooper!Fa, Mercenary!Lalum TempestStorm: Knight!Roy, Nomad Trooper!Marcus, Bard!Ray + Wyvern Rider!Alan, Falcoknight!Zealot, Archer!Lot, Pegasus Knight!Dorothy, Hero!Igrene, Myrmidon!Wendy, Shaman!Clarine, Thief!Elphin, Druid!Yuno, Nomad!Cath Irysa: Shaman!Roy, Hero!Marcus, Troubadour!Alan + Cavalier!Dieck, Pegasus Knight!Ellen, Nomad!Shanna, Wyvern Rider!Ray, Druid!Percival, Pirate!Bors, Wyvern Rider!Fir, Falcoknight!Yodel, Valkyrie!Niime, Pirate!Tate Sniper Knight: Archer!Roy, Warrior!Marcus, Dancer!Ellen + Wyvern Rider!Oujay, Druid!Klein, Cavalier!Geese, Mage!Rutger, Falcoknight!Echidna, Wyvern Lord!Cecilia, Dancer!Lilina, Myrmidon!Sue, Nomad Trooper!Garret, Pegasus Knight!Sophia [spoiler=Remaining units]Shin The randomizer: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=55809
  9. Up front I'll go ahead and admit that my case for this theory is admittedly quite weak lol. That said, here's what I know: - Sophia is half-dragon and her dad is a human. Needless to say we know which parent the dragon part came from. - In their sprites, they both have the same (or at least a very similar) shade of lavender hair. By anime logictm, and the fact that no one else (correct me if I'm wrong) has the same shade of hair, this could point to them being related. That said, there are some problems with this theory as well, at least if we assume that Idenn is the mother: - Sophia's supports mention how most of the residents of Nabata village are part-dragon to some degree, so Sophia being a half-breed isn't exactly uncommon or 'special' - Idenn's hair color is more of a silver in her official art (and besides that her hair color could have come from her dad I guess? The purple seems like more of a dragon color though) - apparently it was Zephiel who released Idenn from the shrine of seals, right? (IDK the details that well but this is what it sounds like...?) So if that's the case, it's unlikely that she was out long enough for this to be a realistic possibility - Since Sophia looks hardly any different in Blazing Sword than she does in Binding Blade (about... between 10-20 years difference, IIRC), it's same to assume that she is at least a few hundred years old? So the only way this could be the case is if... uhh... Sophia's dad went to go give her a conjugal visit at the shrine or something, lol. Is it possible that Idenn could have a sister of the same hair color and possibly be like an aunt to Sophia or something? IDK it seems significant to me that Sophia is presented as what she is, and that Idenn appears similar... but hell, maybe it's just a design coincidence and I'm trying to make something out of nothing.
  10. Hello! I had been making good progress on a demo for my fe7 hack, but I've hit a roadblock and was wondering if there was any advice on how I can proceed with debugging this issue. I'm trying to import the overworld snow tileset from fe6 to fe7. I copied the data from the offsets for object, palette, and config over (I'm providing the offset hex values if that will help) and tried setting the chapter data dropdowns for chapter 1. I tried both editing the dropdowns with new pointers to the data (directly editing the .txt nightmare file) and repointing old ones (dragon's gate) and neither worked. I'm thinking maybe I'm copying the wrong data or missing something. I'm also wondering whether the fact that that tileset has two animation sets (frozen river #1 and frozen #2, which I don't plan to use right now) is a problem. I tried importing without the animations and turning them off, but I don't know if it even can work without them. When I load up the game after repointing the data for the map I made, the game goes black. I know it's not my event file, since I tested it without the new map and it worked fine. I've checked if I overwrote any data multiple times with several different backups and reinserting everything didn't change anything. The offsets of data from FE6 I copied were: Object Set- 1FEDB4 to 204418 Palette- 23BD00 to 23BE40 Config- 22F8D8 to 230F0C I pasted into free space at offsets: Object Set- DD0000 Palette- DD57C0 Config- DD5910 I increased the index of the dropdowns too, but I did try just repointing an old tileset to test, so that can't be the problem I don't think. Thank you for any advice in advance! If providing pictures would be of use, I will post those as well.
  11. Hello, this is my debut in the creative corner, and I thought I would start with an old relic of mine. The Fire Emblem fanfiction was made several years ago for the Fe100 contest on LiveJournal. I was originally intending to complete the contest, but was not able to. However, I plan taking it up again, and when I do, there will be a revamp of this fan fiction. I have decided to keep the original unposted places for people who want to read it and comment on it. This fan fiction is about Fire Emblem 6 (Binding Blade/Sealed Sword), and something that happens after the true ending of the game. Therefore, there is massive spoilers for the entire game. If anyone wants to read or comment on this fan fiction, feel free to do so either on this forum or on its original link. The link to it is here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/7740578/1/Out-of-the-Darkness Enjoy!
  12. 4 new videos for you all! In Part 6, we kill some bandits in the mountains for Chapter 5. Part 7 has us facing off against the traitorous Wagner in the easiest chapter yet. Parts 8, 9, and eventually 10 will have us going up against the dreaded Chapter 7. Man, I'm really starting to feel those increased growths, these Wyvern Knights are roided out and it's still so early in the campaign. [spoiler=All Videos] Part 1 - Raigh of Hope - Chapter 1 Part 2 - Raighdiant Dawn - Chapter 2 Part 3 - Raighzor's Edge - Chapter 3 Part 4 - Raighning Arrows [1] - Chapter 4 Part 5 - Raighning Arrows [2] - Chapter 4 Part 6 - Over the Mountain Raighnge - Chapter 5 Part 7 - Betraighal - Chapter 6 Part 8 - "Chapter 7" [1] - Chapter 7 Part 9 - "Chapter 7" [2] - Chapter 7 [spoiler=Our Elite Fighting Squad] Here's our crack team of randomized individuals FT. Dorothy the Pegasus Trash Lord Deke the Warrior Ellen the Thief Ogier the Archer Raigh the Man Mercenary Fir the Shaman Wendy the Archer Allen the Cleric Klain the Wyvern Rider Treck the Brigand Niime the Nomad Clarine the Mage (F) Tate the Myrmidon (F) Juno the Archer Lilina the Archer Bartre the Archer (F) Miledy the Thief Igrene the Mage Noah the Berserker Fae the Warrior Rutger the Mage
  13. I really like Fe6 and I've heard about these special trial maps that were part of a contest of something, is there anyway that I could play them because I cant seem to find them anywhere, ( even pointing be to a screen shot of one of them would be great). Thanks
  14. I remember reading somewhere that, in exchange for not receiving any terrain bonuses, flying units got some kind of passive bonus to Avoid at all times. Like, +10%~+20% or something. Is this true? I can't seem to find a source for it, but I distinctly remember having heard about it at one point.
  15. [spoiler=Turn Counts]Chapter 1 (4 turns) Chapter 2 (5 turns) Chapter 3 (5 turns) Chapter 4 (4 turns) Chapter 5 (3 turns) Hey, welcome to yet another playthrough that I've been working on for a little bit of time, an FE6 Hard Mode LTC that does not require full recruitment, but bars sacrificng units for death. Doing this with my usual reliability rules for arrow retracing in the GBA games is rather challenging, since most of your units have trouble even 2RKOing enemies for the early part of the game, and raising characters to have good levels is equally difficult. It also makes it quite fun! I did some preliminary work on this over the summer which resulted in clears of the first three chapters (links above); since then I have made a little bit more progress (with some help from Irysa on benchmarks and the like), which I will be recording soon. I'll provide some more detailed descriptions per chapter in the thread here like usual, and hopefully you'll enjoy! Chapter 1 For the opening chapter of the game, I used essentially the same strategy that Gradivus used in his (shelved?) SS rank run, with some minor modifications to get Wolt more EXP at minimal cost (like 1 EXP from Alan), which also saves on the number of RNs burned. Marcus has to Silver Lance crit the boss, Lance gets a very solid first level (he's more useful than Alan in this type of playthrough for reasons that will be elaborated upon later), and Roy and Alan get close to leveling up. Bors faces no combat but gets the 5000G village.
  16. Hello one and all to my randomized playthrough of Fire Emblem 6. I'll be going through the whole game on normal mode with 10% growths on enemies to make it more challenging. I will not be including the story in this run, mainly because I don't really care for it and the other reason being it's a randomized run and the dialogue wouldn't make much sense anyways. I have also randomized Recruitment and Classes which means our Roy could be anyone or even himself! Every character and boss will have randomized classes which could make the last boss a little interesting (unless the randomizer doesn't change the final boss). Anyways, let's get straight into this amazing game! [spoiler=The Characters!] Hp:85% S/M:45% Skl:40% Spd:45% Lck:40% Def:25% Res:10% Oh for crud sakes. Allen, the Troubadour who will be our Lord for this playthrough. Hp:90% S/M:40% Skl:40% Spd:30% Lck:35% Def:20% Res:15% Deke, the Manakete, I'm surprisingly okay with this. Hp:75% S/M:30% Skl:45% Spd:30% Lck:40% Def:30% Res:10% Noah, the Priest. I can see him being useful for a little while, but with our main lord being a healer I don't see the need for two. Hp:85% S/M:50% Skl:45% Spd:45% Lck:35% Def:15% Res:15% Speaking of unnecessary characters, Dorothy, the Soldier. Hp:60% S/M:40% Skl:45% Spd:45% Lck:15% Def:15% Res:50% Saul, the Wyvern Rider. Look at that speed! He'll most certainly be useful for now. Hp:60% S/M:55% Skl:40% Spd:30% Lck:20% Def:20% Res:55% For now also really applies to this character. Sophia, the Knight. [spoiler=The Battle] Turn 1: -Everyone huddles around Deke because none of my other troops can take down these axe wielders -Saul gets attacked for 5 damage, but Saul then crits and kills the bandit - Deke the Manakete everybody Turn 2: -Deke then kills another bandit -On Enemy Phase Deke kills another Bandit a Deke level tbh Turn 3: -Saul kills the Archer -Saul then kills the Brigand on Enemy Phase (I may have slightly underestimated Saul) Turn 4: -Dorothy gets the 5000 gold that was obviously never going to be needed by that village -Saul and Deke proceed to kill 3 Bandits Saul getting a pretty good level up Turn 5: -Allen and Company continue towards the boss Turn 6: -Saul kills another Bandit Defense! Turn 7: ​​-Deke kills the Boss Okay, this doesn't mean anything. He can still turn out good. -Allen Seizes Well then. I must say that I didn't expect some of those units to be there and I am quite pleased actually. Allen may just be the best Lord I could've gotten considering my horrible track record of killing healers. Hope enjoyed reading this first chapter and feel free to comment below telling me what I did wrong and what I should try to do next! (I'm not looking at this, but here is the changelog FE6 Changelog.html ) Death Counter: 2
  17. So, you may remember that I did the same thing with FE4 a couple of weeks ago. Well, now it's time to do this poll for Fire Emblem: the Binding Blade! I am doing this topic to have a overall opinion about this game, since it's the one of the few I've never even tried... Anyway, let's debate!
  18. Any tips? I cannot get past this chapter at all because of stupid Treck dying and BS wyvern riders.
  19. I'm taking the sacae route in fe6 and I wanted to know if I need to keep the Pegasus knights alive in order for jodel to be carrying the s ranked Lance?
  20. To facilitate discussion and information sharing, I've decided to put together a separate thread for Series 5. I aim to keep the OP updated with new information as it is shared. Enjoy! Fire Emblem Cipher Series 5 Release Date: June 23rd, 2016 Info section on the FECipher Official Website (Japanese) Booster Series - 相剋を越えて (Beyond Strife) Booster Pack Image Booster Boxes now available on AmiAmi Booster Pack Promo Sleeves - Radiant Dawn & Binding Blade Featured Games: Radiant Dawn (Green Cards) Binding Blade (Purple Cards) Structure Deck(s) - 封印動乱 (Binding Rebellion) Structure Deck Image Single ST Decks now available on AmiAmi (also available in 6 pack boxes) Featured Game(s): Binding Blade (Purple Cards)Miscellaneous Revealed Cards/Merch: S5 sleeves now available on AmiAmi: Roy, Lilina, Micaiah, and Soren 3DSXL Promos (9 and 10) Revealed Cards: The full, official S5 set list has now been posted up to the FE Cipher official site! You can see it here. It contains images of all cards including + varieties, except for the secret B07-002R+X Eliwood, which can be seen here. The deck list, including deck exclusive cards, can be viewed here. The promo section does not contain all promos yet, so I'm leaving all known promos in the spoiler below. [spoiler=September Marker Cards] [spoiler=Revealed Series 5 Promos] Sigurd Booster Box Promo Xander Booster Box Promo Merlinus Tournament Promo Ilyana Tournament Promo Tormud Tournament Promo Lilina Tournament Promo Micaiah Tournament Promo Sophia Tournament Promo M! & F!Corrin 3DSXL Promos Caravan Promos Dengeki Nintendo May Issue Roy Promo Nintendo Dream June Issue Lilina Promo Series 5 Guidebook Micaiah Promo [spoiler=August Marker Cards] Revealed Artworks: Pre-Release Artworks removed due to image cap. Updates: I believe the information shared in this thread should be all the known information we have up to the current date. Please post in this thread to share new information as it comes! I will keep this post updated with news and images at it arrives. I'm also open to suggestions for things that should be added to (or removed from) the OP, formatting changes, etc. Discussion & Speculation What remaining characters would you like to see included from Tellius that didn't make it into Series 3? Who are your predictions for SRs or signed cards? What colour do you think will be given to Elibe? Do you think we'll get 2 decks again or just 1, and which characters will be featured? Feel free to also use this thread to discuss and speculate what you think we'll see (or what you would like to see) in the new series.
  21. I need help determining which names are the most accurate in terms of the Binding Blade exclusive characters in my story. I've been seeing conflicting sources, and I'm not sure which sources are more 'true' than others. I don't exactly need all of them, just the ones below: Some of these characters are more clearly named than others, I'm just listing them for the sake of completeness. (hopefully I remembered them all)
  22. So, as you may or may not know, I made a Reverse Recruitment hack of FE8 where I included the CC characters into the recruitment reversing, leading to Lyon being the Lord, Fado being the Jagen, etc. Said hack can be found here if you're interested: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63349 Anyway, I got the idea to do a similar thing with FE6 using the Trial Map characters. Here's a list of who swaps with whom: In addition to reversing recruitment, I did make some gameplay edits as well, most of it involving buffing units since FE6 gives you a lot of shit units, but I did do a few other things as well, mainly to make the game less frustrating. I'll probably do a complete list once the patch is out, but I cba rn. Ideally the patch should be easier than vanilla FE6, but not excessively so. Now, one thing I'm doing, that most other RR hacks don't bother with, is actually editing the script so the game still has a coherent plot. Characters have the same role as the unit they replace, but for the most part retain their original personality, So for example, while Narcian may be a leader of a group of mercenaries now, he's still extremely narcissistic and smug. So far I have Chapter 1 and 2 and the tutorial done. I'll probably release a patch once I have the main plot done, with another one to follow once I get the rest of the text edited. Now, to fulfill the obligatory screenshot requirement, have some pics of Narcian's new dialogue: Feel free to leave any questions, suggestions, comments, etc.
  23. Don't worry, I'm not starting another playthrough or anything like that; I was just playing around with Binding Blade last night, and decided to write up a report of what I found out. I'm too lazy (and busy) to actually carry out any of the stuff I'm posting here, but hopefully someone else will do it. In case you aren't familiar with it, the first chapter of FE6 can be completed in 3 turns via the "rescue-death exploit," in which suiciding a unit carrying another unit (usually Roy) on the PP allows you to gain an extra turn for the rescued unit. A video of this clear can be found below: Since the map is pretty much the same in HM, it seems like it would be entirely straightforward to generalize the strategy used here to HM. However, the problem one runs into is that all of your characters suck Wolt and Roy are no longer capable of OHKOing enemies with critical hits, and Lance isn't able to either unless a fighter spawns with a very low Def, which is highly unlikely (and can't be rigged properly since this is the opening chapter of the game). Taking that into consideration, let's review what is necessary for the 3-turn clear: - First of all, someone needs to kill the boss. Marcus is the only person who can reach him in 3 turns, and fortunately still has the stats to whack him with a Silver Lance crit, so he has to do the deed. This requires him to full-move every turn, which means - someone (not Marcus) has to kill the closest fighter on the first turn PP - Marcus has to occupy the forest tile on turn 2 PP - We need to have someone perform the "rescue-death exploit." Bors and Wolt are out of the question for obvious reasons (too little mov or no short-range attack), and Marcus is killing the boss, so it has to be either Alan or Lance. Examining the map, one realizes the in order for one of them to get Roy close enough to seize on turn 3, they need to be on or beyond the forest the Marcus has to occupy, which means - they need to be rescue-dropped forward by Marcus, since Marcus is occupying the forest - the space west of Marcus has to be clear of enemies on turn 2; since the brigand on the village will inevitable occupy this spot on EP1, someone (not Marcus) has to kill him - again, since Marcus is occupying the spot, the brigand can't be attack from up close, so he has to be Javelin critted. - In fact, Alan needs to Javelin crit him, since Lance doesn't have the Str to OHKO him regardless of his stats. This means that Alan has to be the one who is sacrificed, unlike in NM, where you have a choice between Alan or Lance. It also means: - The brigand needs to spawn with 1 Luck so that Alan can crit him - The fighter east of the boss has to spawn with 1 Luck so that Alan can crit him on turn 2 EP (no one else can target him on turn 3 PP besides Marcus) - More importantly, Alan needs to not be rescued at the start of turn 2 PP. This means that in order for Marcus to rescue-drop him, Lance needs to be able to rescue him on turn 2. - Last but not least, we have to get Roy to Alan on turn 3. This means that someone needs to rescue Roy on turn 2 PP; the cavs are busy and Bors is too slow, so it has to be Wolt. - Since this means pretty much everyone is busy on turn 2, we have to make sure that no random enemies get in the way during this phase. In order to do that, it is convenient to have Roy rescue-dropped east of Marcus on turn 1. So putting all of that information together, here is what should be a turn by turn strat with screenshots (minus actually doing the RNG abuse): First of all, play through the entire introductions scene (you can mash B) to get the enemies to spawn with the right stats. In particular the 2 people get 1 Luck, and the closest fighter gets 2 Def so that Lance can kill him. Turn 1: Roy takes a step east and takes Lance's Javelin. Burn some RNs, then Lance crit-kills the fighter from below. Alan trades his Iron Sword for Roy's Javelin, rescues him, and goes around to convene with Lance, one space short of fullmoving. Wolt moves ahead of him and takes Roy, then Marcus does the same, and drops Roy east. Turn 1 EP: Roy will get attacked by 2 fighters and an archer, and Lance by a fighter. Neither of them can crit-kill anything, but I recommend having Roy crit the bandit to his east (since I think he will attack Lance on turn 2 EP, not sure) for EXP gain later on, and rigging a Lance dodge. Roy can afford to get hit (he won't be in any danger for the rest of the chapter) as long as he doesn't die. Turn 2 PP: Burn a lot of RNs. Alan Javelin crits the brigand (39% hit, 1% crit), Lance rescues him and takes his spot (taking the Javelin as well), Marcus moves onto the forest, takes Alan and drops him east. Alan should only have an Iron Lance if everything is done correctly. Roy moves 2 south of Lance, then Wolt moves above him and rescues him. Turn 2 EP: This is going to be a real nightmare to actually carry out. Wolt (weighed down by Roy) has to survive attacks from 2 fighters and an archer, all of whom double and 2HKO him. If that wasn't bad enough, Alan has to get hit by the fighter who charges him, and then (49% hit, 1% crit) kill him as well. Lance probably kills the guy who attacks him if Roy critted him earlier, and should be OK to survive otherwise. I don't have a screenshot for this because I didn't do it. Turn 3 PP: If you somehow manage to accomplish the above, things should be easy from here. Wolt moves forward and gives Roy to Alan, Alan suicides on the other fighter near the boss, and Marcus crit-kills the boss with his Silver Lance. Before Roy seizes, Lance can crit-kill someone in order to hit level 2 (pick someone who got injured by Lance/Roy on a previous turn). You might notice that I haven't mentioned Bors at all in this post. That's because he doesn't have to do anything in this strat! Which means that unlike the video posted above, he's free to head east and pick up the 5000G from the village (the fighters won't bother him)! Hopefully this inspires someone to carry this out.
  24. The 120 or whatever it is support point limit in FE6 is really annoying. Any way to disable it?
  25. Okay, first of all, guys seriously can we actually finish a run this time? The following units cannot be killed off at all and must be used as much as they possibly can: Sophia: Julian: Dual Dragons: John: Other units may only be used if: -They are forced, like Roy, or Fa(e), as she is needed for the final chapter. -There is room for filler. -A recruitment is needed to recruit a character later: Lalum/Elphin cannot die because they are needed to recruit Percival. -A gaiden is needed: Sophia cannot die in her recruitment chapter because she is needed to obtain 14x. I will start (again) either later today or early tomorrow, whatever works for me. HOPEFULLY WE CAN FINISH THIS TAG TEAM THIS TIME X(
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