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  1. I couldn't clear one of the Zofia Seaway maps in chapter 1 so I just resorted to grinding. I wouldn't say I ruined the game for myself because the game was still difficult even after grinding on Alm's route as well.
  2. I want to recruit all the kids in Conquest (or as many as I can). Trouble is, I've made it to Chapter 18, and the only paralogues I've unlocked are Fight or Flight (Dwyer), Dragon Blood (Kana), and Great Heroism (Percy), so I still have ten kids left and about a third of the game left to get them. I still haven't done Kana or Percy's paralogues since I want to save them for later for the purposes of grinding supports. The only reason I recruited Dwyer early was so I could have him to heal in Chapter 12 while keeping Jakob a Wyvern Lord. So, is it feasible to pair up my remaining couples in two paralogues and approximately ten main story chapters? Also, how do I build supports? I know you can do it by healing, attacking while in Pair Up or Tag Team, or having Azura sing, but can you also build supports just by standing next to each other like in the GBA Fire Emblem games? I also know that the Before Awakening DLC map is infinitely repeatable and can be used to grind supports, but that's not an option since I have no money. I could use other people's castles, but I want to keep my first playthrough as isolated as possible, so I'll only do that if I have no other options. I appreciate your guidance.
  3. Many people have asked me how I pulled off reaching level 99 on higher difficulties, so I made this guide. This works not only for Flayn, but certain other characters too. Give it a try if you're mindlessly devoted to one, like me. 😜
  4. What is the most efficient way to complete the support log in fe7? I’m just talking the set of 3 chapters that allows for the easiest support grinding, even if you can’t get every support then (For example, I know I’m gonna have to replay the final three chapters specifically a million times for Renault and Karla’s supports). Or other than that, those of you who have completed the support log, how did you do it? Thanks in advance!
  5. I didn't see a topic, so forgive me if there is one. We'll be having our second Forging Bonds event. I like earning accessories, and I'm still waiting for sunglasses to make my Titania complete, but the new ones we have coming look nice, with what looks to be two tiaras and two helmets. The accessories from the last forging bonds look to be bonus accessories, at least the upgraded versions of them. Remember to do at least one map the first week for your two daily orbs.
  6. I already know (and did) the Before Awakening DLC, but are there many other options out of there? I had a lot of random encounters available to me on Birthright, but since I don't have as many grinding options on Conquest, how else do I gain experience other than the going through the main story?
  7. I like the ability to grind in FE games, And since FE10 is hard, Maybe the tower of Guidance could fix that a little?
  8. Man, I'm in such a "share my opinions" mood lately! Anywho, this is my personal thoughts on reclassing and grinding. Now let me get the lesser of the two out of the way...grinding. At first I wasn't too fond of it, especially with Awakening and Fates, but after a while...I realized, I...actually don't have too much of an issue with it. It's been in the series since, well, the arena was introduced. Not only that, I enjoy grinding the arena in the GBA games, and for Sacred Stones, while I personally try to keep it to minimum, I never found it too much of an issue. Sure you have more freedom to do so in Awakening and Fates, but it's just as part of series as a lot of other things(it has RPG in SRPG for goodness sake, it can't help it )! Thinking about it, the issue really came from the other main topic...Reclassing. Ok, I'm gonna be blunt here. Reclassing is kinda broken in my eyes. Even though Fates tried to fine tune things, it's still kinda a broken system as a whole. It allows you to grind and grind and grind till you get all the stats and skills you want. It kinda breaks the game...but not in "fun" kind of way. Especially since some skills are kinda broken all on their own. For example(and I know Awakening wasn't as fine tuned and was experimenting with this new thing), Counter was BROKEN since ALL physical attacks deal back the damage dealt to a unit. All you need to do is reclass a unit multiple times to raise their resistance to a high degree, stick a bow on them, and you have a unit that's pretty much untouchable in almost every sense of the word! Galeforce lets you move again if you kill another unit(it's pretty much the #1 skill in Awakening because almost EVERYONE goes for that skill)! I don't need to say more on that. Nuff said. In Fates, Replicate lets you make 1 copy of yourself, pretty much making another unit to control...another skill I probably don't to elaborate how broken that can get. The seal skills, all of them can make your foes so feeble. Lethality, for both games, seeing it's possible for a one hit kill...hopefully I've made a point here. Now to be fair, the skills aren't the main issue, it's that it's pretty easy for most units to access these skills! To bring up Sacred Stones again for a second, while you could grind to your hearts content, you could only grind till level 20/20 and then you were done since you could go any higher then that and you couldn't change your class and start again from level 01 or Level 20/01 with most of your previous stats intact. Sure it made the game easier to break, but not to the levels of Awakening and Fates. So...why do I care? Its optional, so it shouldn't be such a big deal, right? Well, like I said, it breaks the game to no end. That and, I know it's an extra feature but, facing others in MyCastle and Wireless battles(or Streetpass battles from Awakening) means I have to deal with that almost all the time! I'm the kind of guy that prefers to keep everyone in their main classes and keep their main skills. However, everyone online has such powerful skills that I either have to pray for a miracle or hope that I fight someone who stuck to the original character classes and skills like me in order to win/stand a chance! I mean, why use tactics when having the best skills on almost every character can get the job done all on it's own! And that's another issue...originality. Reclassing kinda makes some characters lose some of the uniqueness they may have had. It also kind of in turns makes them more like numbers then relateable people(although that's kinda more prominent in Awakening honestly. It's still in Fates, but maybe not as much). I don't hate reclassing, but it's quite unbalanced. Even with Fates, it's pretty bad. I know it can help some characters to do better(because some characters like Felicia can kinda lose steam halfway through the game), but that isn't the most likely reason people like(or use) reclassing. If they have something like streetpass or Mycastle or wireless battles in FE15, my enthusiastic drops when I consider how little chances I have when everyone can grind stats and skills to be the best...again. That's just how I feel about it though... ...so, any thoughts? Agree, disagree, do my opinions suck ? Tell me your thoughts(if you want). I'm curious to see what others think!
  9. So I'm almost done with Birthright (Chapter 23 to be exact) and I want to try PVP soon. I don't have access to the DLC but I want to boost everybody's relevant stats to the max. Sadly I've yet to find any current chapters with good stat item enemies. In Awakening I could get them almost guaranteed from Fighters / Beserker risen battles. Was I just really lucky in Awakening or has anyone found a good chapter to grind them on (Reminder I'm on chapter 23). Any good feedback would be appreciated!!
  10. So I was thinking of a new idea to help with grinding. So you have two units, an elderly pair of twins who are basically Jeigans with even less growths and bases. However, each one has a personal skill with regards to training other units. Veteran Teacher: When this unit is the support unit in Guard Stance, the lead unit gains 1.3x their normal Exp Veteran Trainer: When this unit is the support unit in Guard Stance, the lead unit growth rates are increased by 5% Thoughts?
  11. Ok so it's obviously impossible to grind exp in Conquest. But what if you abuse the DLC? Does it help even a little? I need to promote a few characters and a few units need to be a higher level because the final chapters 2nd part is where I really have trouble and at least one unit dies because they didn't have good enough stats. Can anyone help?
  12. Hey all, Just thought I'd share this with you since gold seems to be pretty scarce in Fates. This obviously works best in Birthright where you can do Challenge battles, but it's perfectly viable in Conquest as well if you're willing to sacrifice a slot or two in battles here and there. To farm easy gold, all you have to do is take in as many characters with Profiteer skill and high luck levels. This may seem obvious, but by recruiting various Corrins/Midoris from other players in Castle battles, you can pick up 5 or so characters with it in a single sitting since Profiteer is a fairly common skill to see popping up. Then take a character with Rally luck and park them in a corner of the map. Keep having each player use the "Wait" command each turn following a rally luck. Repeat for all 7 initial turns, then clear the map. Edit: Midori is ideally the best possible character for this, as she has access to Luck+4 and Lucky Charm, which increases the trigger rate of her luck-based skills by 20%. I only started collecting Profiteer people yesterday when I had this idea, and I'm already generating roughly 20 gold bars per battle, which ends up yielding around 8k gold per challenge once you add in the 2k from enemy drops. If you want to share your own or other people's Castle Codes that have good candidates to recruit for profiteer and are easy to seize, feel free to share them here in the comments! Hope that helps! Happy hunting. Edit: Here are the most useful castle codes I've found thus far. My own: 09343-05913-47899-23746 (I have several units that you can recruit with profiteer) Senah: 16356-36359-36400-78610 Hilda: 07467-49523-42179-31153 Amaranth: 06505-44628-75865-51526 Corrin: 06510-44516-86659-54393 Sariya: 09811-12883-80662-36129
  13. What DLC has been confirmed for the NA release of Fates? Does anyone know the release schedule for them? Is anyone planning on buying the DLC? The only DLC I got in Awakening were the Scrambles, but this time I'm thinking about getting a more combat oriented pack for the Nohr route. I rely on grinding a lot because I don't usually play for optimum pairings or classes or children. I just like to play how I want the story to be or whatever matching I want based on character personalities. Which is the best map for grinding? Is the DLC map pack a good value or should I just buy 1 or 2? Suggestions?
  14. Hi guys! I was looking into the reclassing mechanic in Fates and noticed that your level doesn't reset this time around. How are supposed to grind skills then? Can someone give me an explanation, because that confuses me to no end. Also, is skill/stat inheritance still a thing with the children or do they function differently from Awakening?
  15. So I am trying to grind my units up since some of them are falling behind, particularly units from paralouges whom I left to do till the end of the game for reasons I don't even know.I was just wandering is there any way to grind Paragon easily. Thanks in advance.
  16. I have seen playthroughs which either uses her or bench her. Players tend to guard stance her and it takes too many turns for her to score a kill. I saw a few who uses attack stance and she score kills faster.
  17. So, I have this problem where I will use any character I like, regardless of how bad they are. It really is unfortunate, but I can't help it. Which made chapter 8 of FE6 quite the experience. What happened, you may ask? A travesty. So, I decided I wanted to use Wendy. You all know thew one. now Wendy, for lack of beter words, is about as capable as a wet piece of toilet paper upon recruitment. And I'll say, I spent many a retry to keep her alive, I really did. Not to mention general problems [Cath stealing precious weapons]. Wendy entered the map as a level 1 unit. She left a level one unit. A general. After an hour and a half of grinding, I made her usable. Not good; usable.
  18. Hello, everyone I am currently trying to grind some parents on Lunatic mode and I wanted to see if their was a faster way to proceed with this. Right now I am using the DLC map "EXPonetial Growth" however I am at the point where some of the EXP is getting low.( I am also grinding for all best skills for that character). The reason why i am doing this is becasue I plan on using the children to finish the rest of the game. (storywise I am on Chapter 15) So is there a better why to grind? If so please post your ideas below.
  19. So there are no arenas and I don't know where I should be grinding to gain the greatest amount of XP. I'm at Geyses Fortress and my Pegasus Sisters have not been promoted yet along with the bearded armor knight. Leo, Saber and Kamui have been promoted.
  20. An independent gaming journalism site that I frequent just published a comprehensive breakdown of the use of skills throughout the history of the Fire Emblem series, from "Holy War" to "Awakening", the latter of which the writer is very critical of, and it was very fascinating to read. Be sure to check it out if you're interested in the mechanics the series: http://www.gatheryou...-emblem-series/
  21. Does anyone have an especially time-efficient method to repeatedly grind Golden Gaffe? I'd like to streamline my Renown grinding as much as I can.
  22. Basically, how long does it take for you to grind a character from lowly levels in base class to the awesomeness of max stats?
  23. Okay, I don't have the time or the patience to do this, but some people out there might. I want to know what happens when you rout the "overpowered" knights in the prologue when you're supposed to sacrifice one of your units. You may say to yourself "That's impossible!", but I assure you, it's not. You just need to grind a lot, or use an emulator. Here's how you do it:
  24. In the next week, I plan on restarting my lunatic playthrough and replacing it with a new lunatic file. I just made it past the fort chapter, seventeen I believe. Any suggestions? Any special way of dealing with the +10 hit chance people? I could use some help.
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