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  1. I just beat FE7 today!! I ended up poorly leveling all of the lords, so the last chapter became weakening all the enemies with my spirit animal; Florina; and then feeding kills last minute for Eliwood. I was wondering how easy it was for everyone else to level their lords, and if one of them turned out way stronger than the other two. (also hihi I am new to serenes forest and forums in general :>)
  2. So I read in more than one place that in Hector mode, if he has an A support with Lyn, they can have special conversations. But I never got them, and can't find anywhere exactly in which chapters they can be acessed. I know there is one in "Battle preparations", and other in the final chapter (along with other conversations between Eliwood and lyn, and hector with eliwood, oswin and lyn), but I think they're all like those Pent and Louise special conversations (that are the only ones I could find exactly in which chapters to acess, it is said in the "support" page of FE7 here in serenes forest, but the rest I cant find), the problem is: To acess each of these Pent and Lousie conversations, you have to acess the previous one, so if you you miss one of them you can't have the rest. With them is fine, since I had concrete information of in each chapters to have them. But what about Lyn and Hector's? Does anyone know in each chapters they occur? and if I have do acess the previous conversations to have the following ones like with Pent and Louise? Also, if anyone know if there are more of of these special conversations (can be between other characters too), please say it here too. And Im NOT talking about the conversations with the tactician that happen in the begining of the map when you deploy a specific character in a specific chapter neither special boss conversations with certain characters (since in the FEwiki we have acess to all of them and to which character we have to deploy in each chapter/which character we have to attack the bosses in order to acess them) I only wanna know about those mid-maps conversations between two actual characters, when the option "talk" shows up (except recruitment conversations)
  3. I've been writing on and off for a while, but between a relatively recent replay of Echoes and a less-recent replaying of GotHW, I came up with a Crossover story centered around Sigurd surviving Belhalla in a modern AU where he finds himself barred from contacting anyone he ever knew. While I'll try to update it here first from here on, here's the first chapter of Little Chalphy (link leads to AO3, so warning if your Job/School forbids access to it). Any feedback is welcome here. While I've been translating documentation and whatnot for a long time, it was only up until a few years ago that I gained enough confidence to start writing fiction in English, so any daft bits you find that sound odd/goofy/out of place to you, do not hesitate to let me know. Good day to you all and thanks in advance.
  4. I've been working on a FE6 RR hack, seen here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63618 I decided after playtesting a bit on Normal and determining the difficulty was where I wanted it, I should probably playtest hard mode and make sure that it is where I want it in terms of difficulty. Hopefully, it will be a bit easier than FE6 hard mode, but still hard. And I've decided to make the playtest a bit more fun, by straight up LPing it! This will allow me to show off the features of this hack and get some feedback and suggestions. I won't be showing off the edited script though, mainly because it isn't finished yet. As far as route splits go, I'm doing Ilia because it's easier and has a better character(though getting it is harder, since you have to make sure your peg knights get more exp than the ever so useful Elphin and Fae). For the chapter 9 split, I'll be doing both routes and then letting you guys vote which one is canon. Now, without further adieu, here's Chapter 1! And that's chapter 1 done! It's actually harder than I expected. It was still pretty easy for the most part, but it had a few toughish parts. I doubt I could make it through vanilla FE6 hard mode. I can't wait until I get a healer next chapter.
  5. I keep pairing the lords, every time I play Blazing Sword, because I wanted to, I pair Hector with Florina, Lyn with Rath, and just like the other people I still pair Eliwood with Ninian.
  6. I can't decide :/ They all seem so good for me, I kinda want Epharim but I already have Legendary Hector who is probably better than him, I want Hector but at the same I'd prefer a blue unit with more res and I'd want Veronica but already have a few 5* staff users. Can you help me out on this one?
  7. Most people including myself prefer Lloyd over Linus. Simultaneously, most people including myself prefer Hector over Eliwood. Considering how Lloyd is supposed to be like Eliwood and Linus is supposed to be like Hector, don't you guys find this odd? I think it has to do with how perfect a character is compared to how flawed they are. Of these four, Eliwood is the most "perfect" and Linus is the most flawed. Both Hector and Lloyd are the middle ground and hence resonate more with the audience. All in all, I think balance is the most important thing when writing characters. Also, FE seems to have over competent protagonists in comparison to antagonists. Lloyd is one of the rare antagonists who's shown to be very competent and that's a breath of fresh air. Likewise, since Hector isn't as perfect as most male FE lords, as a result, he too is a breath of fresh air. What are your thoughts on this paradox?
  8. Last night I had a weird dream. On the way between chapters 12 and 13, Dorcas has a dream about Zephiel becoming a madman and taking over the world (cough, fe6, cough), so he tells Hector. The two wonder about it, and ask Hannah when she joins the company, eventually realizing it's a vision and that Zephiel must die; however, that wouldn't fly with Eliwood, hence the name of the topic. The dream ended before Hector and Dorcas actually killed Zephiel, but all I remember for sure was that Serra kept trying to figure out their Ultimate, Top-Secret Plan to Kill Zephiel so she could blab to Eliwood or whatever...
  9. I did beaten the Valentine Paralogue called Love Abounds that was released two weeks ago. I noticed that there is a new memo that was added to the Love Abounds dialogue when Hector was talking to Eliwood. I noticed that Hector did said to Eliwood when Hector was wondering about that gift (which it's a gift that Lilina giving it to Hector) from her own daughter, Lilina. He did said that he's ok with Eliwood's son, Roy, but Hector doesn't want Lilina marry it to Roy or anyone in Eliwood's family. I did obtained the Valentine Eliwood from the Tempest Trial, he did said that he was happy to see Roy and Lilina still becoming good friends, but he was worried about Hector won't like it if they become engaged. I kinda think about it, was this conversation was used in The Binding Blade and possibly used in The Blazing Blade, I don't exactly remember that was mentioned about Hector doesn't want Lilina to marry Roy in any of the game's dialogue nor the support conversations either? I do remembered that Hector did said he wanted a son so that he can use the Armads before Lilina was born during at The Blazing Blade's story, but I totally think the script writers from Heroes could have added about Hector's worrying about Lilina's love and Roy's trust as well.
  10. We don't have a specific thread for this yet and since we got the first Brave Heroes' unit types almost spot on (the only thing we missed was Lyn and Roy being on horseback, which is a FEH-original addition), I thought it would be interesting to speculate what our new Overlords will end up being. Discuss away!
  11. Base Stats HP: 49/52/55 ATK: 33/36/39 SPD: 21/24/28 DEF: 34/37/40 RES: 16/19/22 Recomemded IVs: SPD boon raises BST for those interested. However Hector has build options regardless of IVs (especially if well supported by other units), with ATK bane being somewhat lackluster Unit stat explanation: Comparison to other Axe Armors: vs Amelia: Great Wall vs Blooming Potential vs Sheena: Defense Lord vs Resistance Royal vs Winter Chrom: Balanced Year-long vs Brash Festivities vs Winter Lissa: Ostian Summer vs Royal Winter vs Valentine Hector: Wary Armards vs Wharthful Armads vs Halloween Henry: Muscles vs Tomes vs Fallen Robin (M): Human experienced against sticks vs GOD OF VENGANCE vs Legendary Hector: The old unsung hero vs The Legend of the Ominibreaker vs Brave Ephraim: OG Hector 2.0 Hector's 5* Vanilla Skills: Commom Builds- Normal Armads: "Leaving Ostia set" (Budget Armads) "Wary General" (Armads + Wary Fighter + Quick Riposte) Expensive builds- Normal Armads: "Slaying-flavored Vengance" (Slaying Axe + Vengeful Figther)- Not recommended "Multi-flavored Vengance" (Refined Axes + Vengeful Figther) Other options: "Strong, Tough and Green" (Brave+ Brash assault) "Mixed Tatics" (Distant Coutner+ Bold Figther) Commom Builds- Berserk Armads: "Returning to Ostia set" (Budget Berserk Armads) Exepnsive Builds- Berserk Armads: "Oswin's Lesson" (Vengeful fighter + Berserk Armads) "Just here to fight" (Bold fighter + Berserk Armads) "Warth of Durban" (Dual Warth Armads Special Galore) Other information: Alternative skills: Counters: Supportive units: Contributions:
  12. I believe the best lord in my opinion is Lucina, and Kris is the worst. (I counted the avatars as Lords, because they are relevant to the story and they can't die, or you lose.) Image Below indicates my favorite and least favorite lords.
  13. Hello everyone! I'm new to this site so sorry if I mess anything up in advance. Anyways I've been playing a lot of Heroes recently and I've noticed that in later challenges like hard/infernal hero battles, squad assault, higher level chain battles and etc I've been not doing so well. I have a lot of five stars with competitive skills but I didn't have the sp to get them all the skills so I've been grinding for xp. I was hoping that some of you could help me with a team comp based off of My units listed below. Thank you all so much. -M Eldigan, Xander, Camus, Priscilla, Caeda, Tharja, Cordelia, Nowi, Hecor, Sonya, Merric, Nino, Faye and Bridal Cordelia are all five stars. Also please recommend other units that I should summon for to go with these units. Anywhere from 1 to 3 teams would be greatly appreciated for squad assault and chain challenges. Thanks
  14. Hi all! Just finished a fic earlier today that I posted on AO3 and so I thought I'd provide a link if anyone wants to check it out: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10962279/chapters/24403257 It's a four-parter, which is my take on the C, B, A, and S support conversations that Hector and Tharja would have in the Heroes mobile game if supports were a thing. I'm hoping to do a ton more of these fics down the road with different crack pairs, but went with my fave Heroes crack pairing first because I wanted to start off strong. Would love to hear any feedback on content, writing style, etc., or any other thoughts that y'all have. It's been ages since I've done any actual fanfiction so the help would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  15. Since I made a FE6 thread yesterday, figured maybe it'd be fun to go through the games with supports and do different polls for their lords. So, today we have FE7. Eliwood, Hector, and Lyndis. I'm normally for Eliwood and Fiora or Ninian, Hector with Lyn or Florina, and Lyn with Hector.
  16. I have not seen anyone posting a relatively consistent method of reaching 3,001+ scores, or at least not recently, so I want to post mine out. I was super lucky and got Hector without spending money, but I did spend about $120 later trying to get Camilla, Ryoma, and Takumi. I only got a Camilla 4* from that $120.00. I did get other good units, but nothing overpowered. — — — — — — — My team currently consists of: Narcian [N/A, Lancebreaker 2, Savage Blow — Steel Axe, N/A, Retribution] 3* Lv. 20 HP 28 Atk 24 Spd 15 Def 16 Res 14 Julia [N/A, N/A, N/A — Naga, N/A, Dragon Gaze] 5* Lv. 01 HP 15 Atk 23 Spd 07 Def 05 Res 08 Hector [Distant Counter, N/A, Spur Atk 2 — Armads, N/A, Pavise] 5* Lv. 40 HP 49 Atk 52 Spd 24 Def 40 Res19 Serra [N/A, N/A, Hone Atk 2 — Absorb, Recover, Imbue] 4* Lv. 40 HP 31 Atk 28 Spd 29 Def 19 Res 34 Based on my experience it is important to place Hector in the third or fourth slot on the team, because he is an armored unit and he is very, very slow to get into position. The third and fourth slot will land him closer to the middle of the map usually. I personally prefer the third slot since it is easier for other units to hide behind him. The enemies in the arena will come after you right from the start rather than wait for you to get into their attack range. Hector should get into enemy range as soon as possible, preferably with only one or two enemies being able to reach him per turn, and preferably at a choke point. Hector is not invincible, so he can get swarmed. This strategy may or may not work using other units with counter, because Armads allows him to make "...a guaranteed follow-up attack when attacked at HP ≥ 80%" which is metaphorically insane. Make sure your healer is close behind to keep Hector's health as high as possible. Any healer will work, but I prefer one that has both Recover and Imbue for a large amount of healing. Narcian and Julia are just there to keep my rating low and boost my score. I tried using four high-level units before, but the risk of losing to a stronger team and losing the chain bonus is not worth the meager increase in score. Hector is overpowered, but not invincible. — — — — — — — So what does this mean? When you go into the Arena and face my team, my team will mindlessly rush you. The double attack from Armads will only work if Hector is being attacked, so you do not have to worry about my Hector doubling your Hector as long as you do not initiate the attack. Basically, if everyone has just one Hector, one healer, and two weak bonus heroes, everyone will have an easy time earning the maximum amount of feathers. However, if you want to ruin my life, put adult Tiki from Awakening on your team. She alone can and will slaughter Hector and massacre my team. I feel pretty lucky because I do not see her very often. I tried countering Tiki with Kagero, Oboro, Peri, and Robin, but all that did was increase my rating and Tiki still manages to kill my Hector. This team is also vulnerable to a combination of dancer/singer and certain red units that can take a double whammy from Armads. However, they are usually not a big problem because the dancer/singer is often out of position, or they choose the wrong unit to dance/sing to. I hope this helps everyone with Hector out there who did not know about this. I do already see a lot of Hector players with similar setups, so that is perfect. If you have Ryoma, Takumi, or any other units with counter, what are your strategies? Is my strategy similar to yours? What about people who do not have units with counter, how do you manage to get the max score?
  17. So as many of you might have heard, a large amount of people want Hector for the upcoming game Fire Emblem Heroes (AKA Fire Emblem Mobile). The question is, will you vote for Hector? And if not, why?
  18. I am going to be starting a Fire Emblem 7 Randomized Run on Hector Normal Mode with 15% increased growth rates. I wanted you guys and anyone who comes across this trend and poll to vote for my randomized characters. This will make my run more harder and more fun for me. I will be checking the poll and trend after a certain amount of time. I will be keeping you all updated on how the run goes, what level the top characters are, and if/who died on what chapter. I thank you all for voting on this poll and I very excited to start this next run!
  19. I was going to start a Hector Normal Mode run, but I was kinda bored with playing the game standardly. So i thought I might start a random draft, with people replying with what characters they want me to use. Please leave your favourite in the comments! Thx.
  20. So, as you may or may not know, I made a Reverse Recruitment hack of FE8 where I included the CC characters into the recruitment reversing, leading to Lyon being the Lord, Fado being the Jagen, etc. Said hack can be found here if you're interested: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=63349 Anyway, I got the idea to do a similar thing with FE6 using the Trial Map characters. Here's a list of who swaps with whom: In addition to reversing recruitment, I did make some gameplay edits as well, most of it involving buffing units since FE6 gives you a lot of shit units, but I did do a few other things as well, mainly to make the game less frustrating. I'll probably do a complete list once the patch is out, but I cba rn. Ideally the patch should be easier than vanilla FE6, but not excessively so. Now, one thing I'm doing, that most other RR hacks don't bother with, is actually editing the script so the game still has a coherent plot. Characters have the same role as the unit they replace, but for the most part retain their original personality, So for example, while Narcian may be a leader of a group of mercenaries now, he's still extremely narcissistic and smug. So far I have Chapter 1 and 2 and the tutorial done. I'll probably release a patch once I have the main plot done, with another one to follow once I get the rest of the text edited. Now, to fulfill the obligatory screenshot requirement, have some pics of Narcian's new dialogue: Feel free to leave any questions, suggestions, comments, etc.
  21. Hello everyone! As the title says I am doing a Hector Harem run of Blazing Sword on hard mode, using this hack: http://feshrine.b1.jcink.com/index.php?showtopic=6173 This is so I have access to a thief. I welcome you all to take a look. The link to my Let's Play channel is in my signature. Have a radical day. :) Gryphon
  22. So Mary Jo Wood (Lyn from my fandub series) and I put together a quick dub for a comic we found on tumblr. Enjoy!
  23. THAT'S RIGHT, IT'S HERE. THE SEQUEL-PREQUEL THING OF A GAME. THE MANLY TEAM IS BACK. You know the drill, the MANLIEST OF MEN only. The difference is, this run will be played on HHM. I have never played HHM before (except for the first two chapters), so there is going to be a small exception to the rule. Serra can be used very occasionally if necessary, because this run is more for entertainment, and it can't really be that if I can't complete the levels (Dusk probably can with his eyes closed, but I suck at FE, so...). Yeah. Once Canas or Lucius promote, Serra will no longer be permitted, yada yada. Let's just play the game! [spoiler=This level reminded me why I stopped playing HHM] THE PREQUEL-SEQUEL YEAH THIS TIME WE AREN'T PUSSIES SORTA Accurate ELIDAD NO MANLY friends *implying he isn't already* That's right, it is another journey Now we're playing a game with hit rates OsTHWOMP doesn't like it as rough as Hector OH SHIT THWOMP BROTHER but love and adventure PLOT HECTOR HIS EYES ARE UP THERE DUN DUN DUNNNNN 'rendezvous' kinky 'Move out of the way or I'll penetrate you!' Wait that didn't come out right Yeah No Yeah your strength sucks Point proven THWOMP I like you already I like money I am already getting owned, awesome HECTOR COME ON IT'S THE FIRST CHAPTER THWOMP SO GOOD OH IT'S ON NOW BRO This went on for a couple turns until Hector got there God dammit Hector too THWOMP for you Wow some boss *gestures towards Matthew* Nah, Hector loves to make a mess Kinky Oh shit If I were that knight, I'd waddle away as fast as I could Why is this guy easier to take out than half the enemies in this level HEY SPOILER ALERT MAN HECTOR STOP SUCKING Hector doesn't have enough speed for that And so it begins SHUT IT GENERIC SOLDIER FIGHT ME Having back problems there, old man? OSTHWOMP, the MANLIEST OF THWOMPS, joins us Next time, we meet up with some of the MANLY MEN and fight crime together!
  24. Some friends and I have started a fandub of the first localised Fire emblem game. Below is a fandub of the opening history narrated by yours truly, along with the first official episode of the fandub, where Lyn encounters Sain and Kent. All footage was recorded via the Wii U's virtual console service and all the audio was edited by me. Feel free to give them a watch! My voice cast has exceptionally hard on this project, so any support you can give them is also appreciated. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fJOG7XMYL0o https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zrAFFqSEaO4 Disclaimer: This is my first time directing a fandub. This is not a full fandub, just a highlight series, and will also include supports later down the line. Also it uses the PAL version of the script, so some phrases will be different.
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