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Found 12 results

  1. So, we all know Raven, right? Mercenary, redhead, kinda weird, but a really good unit. Well, I was playing recently, grinding arenas with him, and when he hit level 20 I thought his defense was rather low. Sitting at a 6 (see picture) and starting at a 5 at level 5, I thought he must surely have bad odds for gaining it, but never thought this bad. He has a 25% chance at a defense gain each level, and across 15 levels, that would be (1/4)^15 chance for only one point to be gained. That's a 0.0000000093% chance of happening! Literally lower odds than winning the lottery. Am I that unlucky or has anyone else gotten super stat screwed?
  2. Quick note: In the future I'll eventually move these topics to the fan-game discussion forum. But for now, the ideas are broad and general enough that I think it makes more sense to discuss them in the context of the FE games we already know. Once I get to discussing more specific ideas that are further divorced from the context of any previous FE game, I'll swap over to fan-game discussion. Last time, I floated an idea for making skill and luck more valuable by tying them to a meter system instead of an RNG chance of crits/misses. It wasn't popular. Let's try the opposite approach. Instead of a system that removes most RNG, what if we actually increased the random factor, but reduce the punishment factor? But first, why do I want to change these aspects at all? Here are a couple reasons: I think 3X damage crits are horrendous. There's strategic merit in needing to have a backup plan. But 300% damage crits don't create those sorts of situations. They're more likely to be instant resets. It's certainly not a common problem, but that doesn't make it good design. Skill and luck feel underwhelming. That isn't to say they aren't important stats, but most units have, in a word “enough”. Individually, each point into one of these stats feels less important. There are a series of changes here, feel free to voice your opinion on all of them, or just each individually: Change 1: Make luck, not speed, the primary factor in dodging attacks. The formula changes in most games, but speed is always more important than luck. Sometimes by a factor of 2, or 1.5, or even 3. I think this needs to be reversed, so that luck is 75% of your dodge rate, with speed being only 25%. I was also considering making speed 0% of the formula. I think this is totally fair balance-wise, as even with the changes to doubling I proposed in the other topic, speed is still an insanely useful stat on its ability to let you double, at all. I'm also admittedly drawn to the simplicity of binding each stat to one purpose, instead of having formulas become complicated blends of stats in various proportions. But despite all this, it would also make speed a totally worthless stat to gain for someone already fast enough to meet relevant doubling thresholds. Luck's role in evading crits and your own hit rate remains unchanged. Change 2: Reduce critical damage. I've got 2 separate ideas on how to do this: First, we could reduce the 300% damage rate to a flat 150%. The only problem I have with this is the potential for confusion on if that extra 50% rounds up or down on odd damage numbers. Second, we could change the formula entirely. Getting a crit now adds the unit's skill stat directly to their strength/magic. This will mean lower crit damage across the board in many cases, but will be more notable for enemies as they typically have lower skill stats anyway. However, enemies might also do more damage with crits under this system, too. An enemy that would've done 0X3 damage off a crit may now deal actual damage. If this change were implemented, I'd include a “Crit Damage” number in the battle preview, so that players could see at a glance how much total damage they could take in the worst-case scenario. Change 3: Double the effect of skill on the critical hit rate formula. This means that players and foes alike will now have a greater chance of scoring a critical hit. Seeing a crit rate won't be rare, even on an enemy with a good chance to miss. This makes skill more desirable, since each single point gain is basically worth twice as much now, in terms of crit chance. It will mean enemy crits will be something you see far more of, but due to the above changes, you're far less likely to instantly die to one. Perhaps counter-intuitively, I think this will also make luck more valuable, despite being comparatively less effective at reducing crit rate now. A point in luck will seem more valuable when it's reducing the crit rate of a dozen enemies from 4% to 3%, instead of the 0% to 0% “change” we usually see. The enemies with crit rates in FE games are usually the ones with Killer weapons, where oftentimes no amount of luck will reduce their crit rate by an appreciable margin. This isn't an entirely novel idea – Thracia 776 and Fates both halved the effect of luck in reducing crit rates. While not quite the same as doubling the effect of skill, changes have been made in the formula to increase crit rates before. Still, if this becomes too much, and it very well might scale too drastically for higher levels and lategame maps, here are a few simple tweaks: Make skill 1.5X as important for crit rate instead of 2X. Make luck 2X as important at stopping crit rate. So essentially, if the attacker's skill = the defender's luck, no change. But each point of excess skill now has twice the implications on crit rate. Again, I think this makes both crit and luck more valuable. TL;DR: Make luck, not speed, the primary stat in the evasion formula. Make critical hits more likely for both the player and the enemy, but reduce critical damage. As they say “Crit happens” but now an unplanned crit is more likely to put a player onto the back foot, forcing them to come up with an emergency strat, instead of outright killing a unit. More chaos, but also more control.
  3. Ideas for a FE-inspired game #2) Meter-based crits and dodges. NOTE: To be clear, when I say “dodge” I'm referring to avoiding attacks entirely. I think some FE games use “dodge” to represent your ability to avoid receiving a critical hit. Last time, we discussed changing the double-attack system so that players only double on their own phase. Let's discuss a more drastic change to stat functionality this time. What if, by default, all attacks hit their mark? Instead of skill and luck providing you with small percentage chance bonuses, they now fill two separate meters. When the critical meter is full, your next attack will automatically crit. When the dodge meter is full, you'll automatically avoid the next attack. The formula for filling these meters would look something like this: Crit meter gain = your skill – their luck. Dodge meter gain = your luck – their skill. Perhaps divide the end result by 2 or something, if this feels too “swingy”. So just like in FE games, the frequency of crits you'll perform is based on your skill vs. the enemy's luck. Same goes for dodging attacks. You just have more control over when it all happens now. Some further stipulations I'm currently imagining, but which are open to change: - The meters max out at around 20-30 points. - The meters only charge when you attack. - Your meter only charges once per round of combat, regardless of how many attacks occur on either side. - Both you and the opponent always gain at least 1 point for both meters, even if the above math says you'd get nothing, or even lose meter instead (IE, their luck > your skill). Here are my arguments for such a system: Skill and luck are often seen as “dump stats”. When people judge the quality of a level-up, it usually comes down to gains in your relevant attack/defense stats, and your speed. Very rarely is anyone truly happy to receive a level up of only skill and/or luck. Under this system, with proper balancing of the amount of points needed to fill the meters, skill and luck become incredibly useful stats. Every gain in one of those stats is a tangible and immediate boon to the frequency with which you gain the ability to crit or dodge, instead of a minute % chance. Maybe it's more a matter of psychology than fact, but I think those stats would just 'feel' better under this system. They're not useless stats by any means, but the vast majority of characters have “enough” to get by. Characters with seriously crippling accuracy, or those that are prone to being crit on all the time, are generally rare, and for a simple reason – they're not fun to play with. One or two can usually get by OK thanks to stat boosters to patch them up, but under this new system, a player-controlled unit with low skill or luck isn't a complete gamble to use, which allows for more diversity in viable stat spreads. No more complaints about 1% crits or 99% misses. These systems aren't entirely novel. Fates had a meter-based dual guard mechanic that was generally seen as a vast improvement to the random nature of the equivalent system from Awakening. And Heroes uses cooldown-based specials in place of crits. I'm basically just proposing that we tie skill and luck into these systems, to give them a more consistently-useful function. Speed now has nothing to do with dodging attacks. As an aside, enemies would likely be given smaller meters to fill, since any single enemy isn't expected to live long. An enemy with a “killer” weapon, might even start out with a full or nearly-full crit bar. Another solution would be to assign enemies to small squads that share critical and dodge meters. The enemies won't gain their shared crit bar if they don't get a chance to attack, so this change, like the one I proposed last time, would encourage player phase activity. Another implication of this system is that it would be impossible to dodge or crit consecutively. At most, you could only do so every other battle, if you're able to fill your meters up in a single round of combat. Oh, and crit damage may need to be adjusted too. The upside and downside of this system is that it removes almost all RNG from the game. Now the main source of RNG comes from level-up gains, and to some extent, enemy movements. If this becomes an issue, two possible solutions could be implemented: Add random variance to meter gains. The above formulas still apply, but you may gain a bit more or less than that. It could keep you on your toes around enemies with nearly-full crit bars. Add a bit of random variance to regular attack damage. No more than +- 3 points, but enough to keep you guessing. IMO, these solutions are a lot less frustrating than the random chance of missing entirely, or taking a massive 3X damage. It may screw up your damage thresholds on occasion, but that's better than a chance of doing no damage at all. Does this all make sense? If you think I've described anything poorly, please let me know. It's vital that players understand it, so if this sounds too complex I may have to reword some things or even re-think the entire system. What other benefits or flaws do you anticipate this theoretical change would entail?
  4. Was playing Path of Radiance. Decided to use Mia. Suddenly she starts getting defense growths. At this point she looks like this. The only stat-booster she's needed is an energy drop because she's a bit below average in strength. Despite all odds, she's easily one of my best units for tanking between vantage, the frequent crits (meaning one shotting enemies before they hit her), inability to be doubled the decent resistance, and the beautiful defense. This is the first time I ever used her, and it's easily been an experience I loved. Anyone else got similar stories of character you had turn out amazing in a stat they really should not have? Or multiple stats. Or in general. Hell even a bad unit turning out decent. https://imgur.com/a/i6aXEWZ
  5. So I found this Midori build searching for Kaze builds. It is so broken, that I'm actually in doubt that it's possible.https://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/114533-fire-emblem-fates-conquest/73430946The gist of it is that Midori can have a 100% chance to activate Miracle, with extremely high skill activation rates. She utilizes Vantage and Sol as well, so that makes her even more broken.The math makes total sense, but I'm wondering if it got patched or fixed or something. I'm trying to optimize every unit in my upcoming Lunatic-Classic Revelation run, and this Midori could be my MVP. If this is still possible, could someone please let me know? Thanks. On a side note, the build requires Basara Siegbert as a pair up bot. I don't want to sacrifice Siegbert, so is there another way to do that?
  6. Just did my Opening Draw on my 1st 20 orbs and got 2 5 star tiki's and 1 5 star Linde. Chances of that are 1 in 38000ish. You can hate me now :D. Was born in vegas too.
  7. Now I will say there have been plenty of times that luck has saved my skin or two when things get serious, but it's still sad to rely on it. Other than that it's the one thing I'll never love in games or in life. Persona is a series I've played through the years and there's never a skill stat..... just a luck stat. This never made sense to me as luck is something that shouldn't and probably will never trigger like any other stat. To me it feels so cheap since you can never plan for it or use it consistently to your advantage. This isn't a post saying what could replace it since I don't have an answer for that. I'm just complaining a little bit. I would like to know what stat in RPG's that you don't like so let me know! Like they say " the best ability is availability"....... and luck isn't one of those things
  8. So, there's a lot of discussion about this, so lets make it a game, shall we? The Aether Foundation is... mysterious, to say the least. A good portion of the fandom has latched onto them being evil and pretending to be good. Now, this is a very obvious conclusion, they follow some of the Evil Team standards, right down to the grunts. Do you think the fandom is on the right track? Or is this a "double red herring", they present something, people assume the opposite out of suspicion, but it's in fact genuine? Place your bets now folks!
  9. Well, I think this image is self-explainatory. Is this a mistake in the translation? Does Catria have 40 luck due to this? I'm so confused. But hey, It was a good laugh when I saw it. Man, if only it was 40 power... OK. Edit: I know why this happens. So I'll report myself to eliminate the topic I guess...
  10. People seem to see it be famous for 100% Miracle activation, but I see it as what it truly is: 100% chance to get 7 bullions, 7 stat tonics, and a Hoshido Iron weapon per every kill But I'd like to actually confirm if it really is the BEST Midori, as opposed to just giving her Miracle and trusting it'll activate a lot. Plus we can discuss it if need be. For reference... [spoiler=How to achieve 100% luck skill activation (assuming you are in Revelations)] Midori needs to be the daughter of a mother who gives her the highest Luck modifier. Only two mothers outside of Luck boon Avatar do this: Mozu and Elise, as they bring her luck to an even 0 modifier. Midori needs to be a Basara, Falcon Knight, or Great Lord, the classes tied for second-highest Luck cap in the game available to Female units. As it is, Basara is the easiest to get without much sacrifice since you only need to A+ with Selkie, while Falcon Knight requires marriage to Shigure or Male Avatar/Kana with Sky Knight talent, and Great Lord is currently limited in availability. Midori needs the Luck +4 skill, which can be bought from castles or via inheritance from Azura on a previous file. Midori needs a Luck Tonic, which increases Luck by 4 for one battle. Midori needs to be in a Guard Stance with a Basara, who offers +5 luck, the highest possible without utilizing Support bonuses. This means you can just go and capture Daichi, a generic Basara, or reclass a Diviner/Spear Fighter/Spear Master/certain Onmyoji into one as opposed to having a more valuable unit act as pair-up fodder. The players My Castle requires all 7 Luck statues in the game (Felicia, Hana, Setsuna, Charlotte, Anna, Mitama, Percy). At this point, Midori should have 55 total Luck. Conquest players will be short 3 Luck while Birthright players will be short 2 Luck, so at this point you might need to exploit support pair-up bonuses. Midori needs the Quixotic and Hoshidan Unity skills to boost skill activation by 15% and 10% respectively. Her personal will boost the activation rate of Luck-based skills by 20%, for a grand total of 45% luck-based skill activation. 55+45=100. At this point Midori just needs two of the three item-giving skills to take advantage of, those being Salvage Blow, Profiteer, and Witches Brew, then go into a map that is easy enough for max stat Midori to clear out, but hard enough that it won't take less than 7 turns, turn on Auto-Battle, and I dunno go to the bathroom, fire up that anime you've been putting off cause you can't read subtitles and Fire Emblem at the same time, read a book/news article. Optionally, if you come up short on BR/CQ, you can always use Lucktaker from Heirs of Fate 1, though this does limit the resources you can get per battle (unless you replace Luck +4 with Lucktaker) Salvage Blow rewards Hoshidan Iron weapons, the kind gotten depending on what the enemy was using upon death (Samurai give Iron Katana for instance). Ox Spirit cannot be obtained this way. Profiteer rewards a Gold Bar for the first 7 turns of battle. These are sold for 300 gold apiece, totaling 2100 gold per battle. Witches Brew claims to give medicine for the first 7 turns of battle, but I only ever get stat tonics, so I assume these are all that you can get. I personally would like confirmation if an Einherjar Midori will work alongside your current files Midori.
  11. Alright so there have been quite a few changes to how critical work in this game. I'll just list them out and then talk a little about how this affects gameplay. 1) Luck and HP no longer are equal for all classes. This makes it more likely to critical most classes, and even outright OHKO them for not having enough HP. 2) HP growths are much lower this game. Once again, criticals now are much more likely to OHKO in story mode due to this change. 3) Skill now affects critical chance by (Skill-4)/2 = critical stat bonus. This is a slight tweak from awakening, but even tho it seems like a nerf, the next difference changes things even further. 4) 1 Luck = .5 Critical Evade now. Technically... this makes luck both worse and more valuable. It's worse cause it doesn't do as much, but it's more valuable cause now if you don't have high enough luck(ie 4 less than the target's skill), then any weapon has the chance to critical unless you start pairing up. 5) Killing Weapons now do 4x critical damage. 6) While class skills have less options to get your critical up, some personal skills are very strong in the critical department. 7) S rank Classes all get bonuses to criticals except for Maids/Butlers. This makes all these classes very critical based or even anti crit in a couple cases. A couple interesting notes, A) Killing Weapons are extremely strong in story, they make it very likely to have 20%+ critical chance, 4x crits, and only have 5 less hit and 10 less avoid than normal iron weapons. This nearly makes them statistically better than iron, steel, silver, brave, and sometimes warrior weapons in story mode for most cases. B) Certain Builds in PvP are certainly strong, I'm not going to say they are overbearing as I can't comment on that yet, but Arthur is standing around with a 90% chance to crit most classes on player phase when built right. C) This can be pretty scary to some people who hate enemies getting criticals and they may stray away from low luck characters.
  12. Hello everyone, in this topic I would like to know, how agressive do you play in FE. Do you take the chance, if you can kill someone with a low hitrate? If you hit, there's a "problem" less on the map! If you miss, you're screwed! Or do you prefer to play more passive like a defense mission? You let the enemies attack first, so you can finish them off in the next player phase. I'm probably a mix of both. It also depends on the maps, units and Game Over conditions. In FE10 and 13 in some situations I just have to take the chance, because there's no other way to beat the map without any losses. If I missed, I was unlucky. In some FE parts you also could play agressively, because battlesave and/or causal mode exist. So you could try out in each turn.
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