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Found 17 results

  1. Blazing Blade : - Ninian (Leader) - Lyn - Serra - Fiora - Florina - Farina (Substitute) Sacred Stones : - Eirika (Leader) - Tana - Vanessa - Syrene - Tethys - Lute (Substitute) Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn : - Leanne (Leader) - Elincia - Sigrun - Tanith - Marcia - Astrid (Substitute) Shadow Dragon : - Caeda (Leader) - Palla - Catria - Est - Linde - Norne (Substitute) Awakening : - Tiki (Leader) - Olivia - Sumia - Cordelia - Maribelle - Tharja (Substitute) Fates : - Azura (Leader) - Camilla - Hinoka - Charlotte - Hana - Selena (Substitute) Three Houses : - Dorothea (Leader) - Annette - Hilda - Anna - Constance - Petra (Substitute)
  2. Having prepared my OC future character. Warning, Golden Route !! Reference : - Awakening : The Future Past - Fates : Heirs of Fate My list of OC character by crest and their path : - Ernest : Anna (Silver Snow character) - Macuil : Harry (Verdant Wind character) - Seiros : Elle von Hresvelg (Crimson Flower character) - Dominic : Mike von Dominic (Azure Moon character) - Fraldarius : Aika von Fraldarius (Azure Moon character) - Noa : Lisa von Nuvelle (Silver Snow character) - Cethlean : Blair von Hevring (Crimson Flower character) - Daphnel : Wendy von Galatea (Azure Moon character) - Blaiddyd : Alice von Blaiddyd (Azure Moon character) - Gloucester : Leo von Gloucester (Verdant Wind character) - Goneril : Cheria von Goneril (Verdant Wind character) - Cichol : Saria von Aegir (Crimson Flower character) - Aubin : Soji Leclerc (Silver Snow character) - Gautier : Rose von Gautier (Azure Moon character) - Indech : Sophie von Varley (Crimson Flower character) - The Beast : Lucas von Edmund (Verdant Wind character) - Charon : Richard von Charon (Silver Snow character) - Timotheos : Vladimir (Silver Snow character) - Riegan : Thiago von Riegan (Verdant Wind character) - Chevalier : Max von Albrecht (Silver Snow character) - Lamine : Volkswagen von Martritz (Azure Moon character) - Flames : Jayden Eisner (Silver Snow character) Recap my OC character and class (Intermediate and Advanced) in each 4 route Silver Snow (7 character) : - Anna (Dancer) - Lisa von Nuvelle (Mage/Dark Flier) - Soji Leclerc (Theif/Trickster) - Richard von Charon (Mercenary/Hero) - Vladimir (Dark Mage/Dark Bishop) - Max von Albrecht (Brawler/Grappler) - Jayden Eisner (Lord) Azure Moon (6 character) : - Mike von Dominic (Brigand/Warrior) - Aika von Fraldarius (Mercenary/Swordmaster) - Wendy von Galatea (Pegasus Knight) - Alice von Blaiddyd (Lord) - Rose von Gautier (Cavalier/Paladin) - Volkswagen von Martritz (Priest/Bishop) Verdant Wind (5 character) : - Harry (Mage/Warlock) - Leo von Gloucester (Brigand/War Monk) - Cheria von Goneril (Brigand/Wyvern Rider) - Lucas von Edmund (Thief/Assassin) - Thiago von Riegan (Lord) Crimson Flower (4 character) : - Elle von Hresvelg (Lord) - Blair von Hevring (Priest/Bishop) - Saria von Aegir (Cavalier/Paladin) - Sophie von Varley (Archer/Sniper) OK now my OC story : - Chapter 1 : Silver Snow - Chapter 2 : Azure Moon - Chapter 3 : Verdant Wind - Chapter 4 : Crimson Flower - Chapter 5 : Reunion at Dusk (Golden route !!) - Chapter 6 : Final Battle (Golden route !!) How do you feeling about my OC story and character ? If good I develop more my OC story in those Chapter.
  3. Since Master Class is good or no good why not go a class more stronger ? Rules : - Ultimate Seal - Level 40 or higher - Professor rank (Optional) - Class XP (Optinal)
  4. Hi. This is my first time posting anything of substance on SF in years, and it comes in the form of a story that I've been rolling around in my head for a while now; a Fire Emblem-inspired story with characters based on the tarot, and more specifically, the minor arcana, which I feel is under-represented in fiction that has tarot motifs. I plan to make a game based on this story. Check out the prologue here. Character bios: (the links contain character art, made in Dreamself)
  5. Can anybody help me make a good name for my oc? It's a girl Name: help me Age:??? Gender:female Class: assassin Teacher Personality: energetic, Likes wyverns, dislikes horses, a little bit of a trickster Likes: petting Seteth's wyvern, Reptiles, spring days, conversations with linhardt and hanneman, talking to Claude and petting his albino wyvern Dislikes: Edelgard, the empire, those who slither in the dark, Horses, Dimitri falling in battle, and people trying to mess with seteth. Strength: Swords, flying, reason Weakness: riding, bows, armor House: blue lions Relatives: Seteth, flayn, rhea, linhardt, (anyone else I don't know related to seteth) Other: Seteth's brother, you can learn more about her when I roleplay, or by simply messaging me! Please help me find a suitable name! Thanks to Ertrick36 for helping me, the part about the names having origin from Irish was extremely useful!
  6. Guten Tag, It's your friendly neighborhood Zeonth here, along with my always amazing co-host, Lil Bean, bringing you a holiday EIMM miracle. Allow me to present to you: Everyone is Mafia Mafia: Edge of the Lord Edition Rules: To join the game, please do the following: Type a post in this thread declaring your intention to join (a simple /me in is fine). PM either me or Lil Bean on SF forums or on Discord with an alias you wish to play under and a character you wish to play as. Include both of us in your messages for our convenience. Winners (4): Aliases: The Dead (No need to fear them) Contact info for hosts: EIMM official discord server (lots of players, new and old here already): https://discord.gg/DNB3Qn5 Zeo: Zeonth#7293 @Zeonth Kat: Lil Bean ?#4320 @Lil Bean Sign-Ups will close on December 22nd, 2017 at 12:00 PM EST Game Start will be December 28th, 2017 at 3:00 PM EST
  7. Wait!! This contains spoilers, for Awakening! Anyways, I decided to make a forum for some good old Fire Emblem OC development, specifically ones meant to be in Awakening. This doesn't even have to be an OC, either! As long as you can write for a character in their personality, it's all good. This is a very long process, and I want people to write a lot of good quotes, so be prepared to take some time on this. Examples can be found here, in the playable characters section, on that character's page, in the quotes section. http://fireemblem.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_characters_in_Fire_Emblem:_Awakening I'll post mine, later. Good luck! EDIT: Another rule, there's no rule against editing your quotes. Have fun! ;w;
  8. Clearly the best way to enjoy your holiday season is to take out the anger and frustration built up on your family, on your friends online, so let's get to it!! [spoiler=Stolen from Paperblade's FAE, stolen from Refa's game stolen from Paperblade's first game] 1. Don't edit in thread posts. 2. You can either post in thread or communicate via OC (please send all OC logs to me via your Role PM, thanks), just don't spam the thread. 3. Don't be a jerk outside of the usual confines of the game. 4. Night 1 is 48 hours, Night 2 and onwards are 24 hours. This is negotiable before the game starts but not after. 5. Once I receive all actions and publicly declare that, said actions are considered locked and the phase ends. If you don't submit any actions or announce your intent to idle, consequences may be dire. 6. Everyone will have one Bullet Proof Vest (BPV) to start. All users have a base factional kill. You will be notified if your BPV has been hit. A BPV will only protect against one hit. If you are targeted by more killing actions than vests that you have during a night, you will still die. 7. You can't target yourself unless your role specifically states that you can. 8. You can target the dead, but I can't guarantee that will do anything. 9. Should your action fail for any reason, it will count as never having been done. Please ask me for clarification if you're not sure about this. 10. Every player is on the player list (see a list of them below). 11. This game uses aliases (see a list of them below). 12. Wincons and/or roles may be related to the characters, so I take no responsibility for that. Remember to send your character and alias choices to me. If I don't know much about the character I may make up some BS based on what I read about from the first google result. Game probably starts on December the 15th, try to send in your character and alias as soon as you can and bring in your friends [spoiler=Players] 1 Einto 2 Zeonth 3 Elieson 4 Paperblade 5 Sylveon 6 Kirsche 7 Irony 8 Euklyd 9 Clarinets 10 Dragonflare7 11 Proto 12 Polydeuces 13 Darros 14 Marth 15 Reiyson 16 SB. 17 Chen 18 Makaze 19 Kinumi 20 Regret 21 General Ciraxis 22 Voltrash 23 DrumBeats 24 Prims 25 Rssp1 26 Jiac 27 Lord Gaius 28 Mancer 29 j00 [spoiler=Winners] Elieson DragonFlare7 Drumbeats [spoiler=alias list] 1 Jolly 2 Mechanic 3 Prior [spoiler=the dead] N-1 April-Lord Gaius Kelepsi-Zeonth MachSticksFur-SB. Phylo-Kirsche Tana-Makaze TEAMMASTERROWLETRACE-SylveonZoroark Yuan-Marth N-2 a fat weenie dog - Poly Boss Rush - Prims FantasticBeasts - MancerNecro idk - j00 Leo Tolstoy - Chen Miracle - Kinumi Nutmeg - Einto Sparkle - Jiac Toast - Clarinets N-3 Brave - rssp1 Desparado - Paperblade DJ Octavio - Euklyd Shepard - Reiyson Sloth - Proto N-4 Captain Marvel - Voltrash Next - Regret Pancakes - Irony ThePriesthoodRising - Ciraxis Volcano - Darros
  9. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12034499/1/As-Fate-Decrees Summary: Anankos was defeated a century ago. Hoshido, Nohr, Valla, and the rest of the continent enjoyed a long lasting peace under the reigns of their hero kings and queens. As fate decrees, however, peace is destined to be undone. Now their descendants must struggle not only to maintain order against an ever increasingly chaotic world, but to survive. - Artorias Growing up in Valla, one grew accustomed to the cold. The country was a combination of Hoshido and Nohr's northern lands, gifted to King Corrin a century ago by the hero kings Ryoma and Xander. The Hoshidan half was bountiful and fertile, and the vast majority of Valla's harvests were grown on it. The Nohrian half was rich in ores and minerals, and as such many Vallites made a living through either farming or mining. Summer and Autumn had good harvests, more often than not but the winters were always bitter and harsh. Even inside the relative warmth of Valla's "Hall of Kings and Queens", Artorias could feel winter's bite. Fitting for such a grim day. The young man was kneeling before the largest statue in the stoney hall, built in it's center and ever so carefully maintained. It was a statue built in the likeness of the first king of Valla. The new Valla, at least. His golden eyes were set not on the features of the statue, but on the name engraved upon it's base. "King Corrin-Kamui Arianites I..." Artorias read aloud, his voice heavy and somber. "I wonder what you would make of this. During your good years you were considered an excellent ruler. During your best years, a hero." Even behind the stone doors that sealed the Hall, Artorias could not shut out the fevered cries of his people. "But then there were your later years. I suppose even the greatest of heroes cannot remain as such, whether through their own will or cruel circumstance." Artorias had never been able to relate to his great-grandfather. Many tales were told to him, but from what Artorias could gather he was a very different man from Corrin. He would likely be a very different King, as well. Gazing at the statue's features then, Artorias noted that he only scarce resembled the First King. Queen Azura Arianites' blood ran stronger through him, by his grandfather King Shigure-Socrates Arianites. Artorias stood tall, as he did, and was built strong yet agile as well. He bore the same aqua blue hair as his grandfather and great-grandmother, and shared his fair complexion with many Vallites. The Northern country had many sun-less days and long winters, after all. "Brother..." Yes, many traits of Azura's blood indeed. However he did not have the red eyes of Corrin or Kana. He was not born a dragon first, for only Corrin himself and Kana were born as such, and thus his dragonstone unleashed significantly less power compared to them. The gift the two shared came with a deadly curse, however, and they had bore to their end. "Brother. It's time." He could not even awaken the sacred sword of their house through his will, like his great aunt Kana-Korrinus could. Yet, as Artorias rose to his feet and turned his gaze on his twin sister, their golden eyes meeting each other in the dimly lit hall...he knew he must wield it all the same. The Yato lay flat along Astraia's palms, safe within it's golden sheath. Artorias took the blade with a nod and strode towards the doors of the Hall, leaving his musings on the First King behind him. The sound of his and Astraia's boots echoed throughout the stoney hall. "Brother, must it really be you that does this? Sir Drusus volunteered the moment of the sentencing. This is not-" "I must do this, sister." Artorias interrupted her, his voice blunt. "It is my duty as Valla's King." Just before he reached the stone doors he felt Astraia's hand clasp his left shoulder. Once again their golden eyes met, but this time the empathy and fear in his twin's gaze rang true for him. They, too, were very different people, but they were siblings all the same. Astraia had the kindness and empathy their ancestors were so well known for. "Astraia." Artorias' voice was softer now, as he gently moved Astraia's hand. "It is the duty of a Vallite Royal. I'd...not have it fall to you." Perhaps, in a way, Artorias had these traits as well. "You need not bear this burden alone!" Astraia tried to put anger in her voice, but she could find none. There was only sorrow and pain in it, pain that Artorias felt as well. All he could do was try to reassure his sister. "It's just...it's not right that this be your first act as King. This should not be a mark for what your reign will entail." "I know, and I do not." He stroked her arm gently before turning to the doors one last time. "But it does matter whether it is right or not. It is simply my duty, and I must carry it out." For one such as Artorias, this was a far more emotional display than normal. He could not afford to have such emotion make itself present outside of the Hall. He did not do this out of emotion, but of duty. They were right at the doors now, and the voices were louder than ever. The emotionally charged cries of their people. They called for blood. They called for peace. They called for revolution, and they called for order. Artorias would not be able to give them either. "The prisoner is in position, your majesty." The moment Artorias opened the stone doors he was met with the dutiful Edelfelt siblings. Edric was Astraia's caretaker, and Eris was his own. The silver-haired Edric had been the first to speak, and he fell right in line with Astraia as the two walked the stone path towards the city square. "Sir Drusus remains on stand-by. If you ever choose to change your mind, simply-" "Give the word. I know, Edric. Astraia informed me, and I must thank sir Drusus for his kind offer." Artorias needed to focus now, even if those closest to him wished otherwise. Ashen haired Eris was not so quick to speak as her older brother, as she often was, but she gave her liege a look similar to the one Astraia had, back in the Hall. The quarter was amongst the people now. Lined up against the houses and buildings that were so prevalent in the city of Valla. Not all of them could fit into the city square, but all the same they wanted to witness the events that were about to unfold. This was the first execution held in Valla since the earliest days of the First King. Artorias supposed he could not blame them for their eagerness. It was also...a heavily controversial event. Artorias was genuinely surprised, and relieved, that the common-folk had not stormed the wooden platform set up in the square. It was guarded by Sir Drusus and his men, armoured and armed for any possible threats. No doubt he had other soldiers set up throughout the city, scouting to make sure nothing would make this day bloodier than it was already bound to be. Artorias appreciated it, more than he could ever show. The King ascended up the steps of the platform, his sister and retainers behind him, with the mumblings and cries of his people soaking into the back of his mind. They were not what was important right now. All he needed to do was perform this duty, and get to work on restoring Valla's peace. Once atop the platform Artorias set his golden eyes on the prisoner. He was forced onto his knees, feet and hands bound tight, and he did not even look up to his King. Instead he rested his neck on the block of wood provided. He already accepted his fate, it seemed. Sir Drusus, of course, stood just behind the prisoner, halberd in hand. He was clad in the silver and black Valla's finest near always wore. The golden Vallite star was painted onto his breastplate, that all who faced such a warrior knew which country he hailed from. With his short, soft lilac hair, but hardened face, Sir Drusus was the very picture of a fine general. Artorias gave the older man a meaningful look, and with but a word he raised his halberd and banged it's base against the wooden platform. Once, twice, and on the third bang the common-folk quieted. "High Priest Thasus Quent." Artorias' voice carried throughout the square as he spoke. "You have been charged with Treason, Sacrilege, Murder, and Queenslaying." He paused, letting the last and greatest crime hang in the air to compose himself. "You have been found guilty of these crimes by the Court of Valla. Crimes punishable by death." Artorias unsheathed the golden Yato from it's sheath, the blade gleaming beneath the Vallite sun. In his hand rested the sword of a hero. The "Crux of Fate". The "Seal of Flames". It was said that it was only to be wielded by the greatest hero of a given era. Artorias could not help but note that he did not feel much a hero, especially with that blade in hand. "Do you have any last words?" "We are a godless nation!" Thasus cried out. "Heathens and damned, the lot of us! Valla had true king. A true god! And your ancestor slayed him!" Artorias said nothing. He would not interrupt the man's last words, regardless of how much he wished to. Again, though, his sister Astraia was not the same person as he. "You speak of the Silent Dragon? He was no King, and scarce a god. He was mad man! A dragon perhaps, great and powerful indeed, but degenerated beyond all hope." Astraia spoke with fire in her voice. "A pitiable soul, one that needed to be put to rest. Our ancestors are no god-slayers. Our people are not heathens. We live only because they chose to act." "God-slayers we are! Descendants of god-slayers and worshipers of god-slayers, and damned we shall remain! For it is a crime far, far worse than Queenslaying!" Thasus retorted, looking not to Astraia but to the crowd before him. Artorias felt his eye twitch at the statement. The rage that swelled in his chest at the condemned's words was such he needed to bite his lip to keep his silence. "Without the Silent Dragon who do we worship? To whom to we look to in prayer? We have no Dusk Dragon of Nohr. We have no Dawn Dragon of Hoshido. No god cares for Valla! No god cares for us!" He raised his head off the block, and even such a subtle movement was enough to have Sir Drusus ready his halberd. Artorias raised his hand, however, giving the knight the command to stand down. Thasus would have his last words. And then he would die. "I implore you, my good people. With no gods to care for us we are at the mercy of our mortal rulers. Each and every one of us is on a platform. A block! With royal blade hanging above our heads. How long before you find yourself speaking your final words? How long before you find yourselves in my position?" Thasus laid his head back along the block, and he closed his dark eyes. "What I have done, I did for the Silent Dragon. For our True King and our God." He took a calming breath, and he sighed. "What I have done, I did for Valla." What were the words of his grandfather, Shigure-Socrates? "From my experience, it is the maddest of men that oft give the greatest of speeches". Artorias believed his words then, and he believed them now. Gripping the Yato's hilt with both hands, King Artorias-Akihiko Arianites I took his position alongside the condemned. Artorias raised the Yato above his head and, with but a moment's hesitation, he let out a single whisper. "This is for Mother." The Yato cut clean, and the traitor's head rolled.
  10. Hello everyone, I will post stuff I draw about FE and random stuff, from doodles to actually finished stuff. I decided to change my art thread into a full art thread instead of a FE fanart thread, so prepare yourselves for a lot of random stuff. Ah, some of the pictures are really big :P and some are actual photos, other are just scans. Lucina: Lyn (Awakening Style): Anna (Awakening): Cordelia: Eirika and Tana: Eirika looks weird for some reason Emblem Warriors (because I had to do it): Random Awakening stylized mage: Original Characters: Marceus, the ''Tome Raider'': Nameless Pegasus Knight: Random OC ''party'' (Assassin, Paladin, Knight and a Mage): Random Chibi units: The paladin looks weird I guess xD
  11. The sun sets after an eventful evening. It has become clear this is no ordinary fight: this is a fight to determine dozens of lives. What shall be their fate? Who shall emerge victorious? Even I, the commentator, am curious. [spoiler=Da Rulez of the game:] 0. Any form of outside contact is allowed, but logs must be sent to the host regularly so they can monitor activity. 1. Each night and each day lasts 48 hours. Game starts on N0 and there are no kills on N0. N0 will only last 24 hours. 2. The player with the most votes on them at the end of a phase is lynched. You may vote to no lynch. Don't tie. 3. Lylo is unusually unsafe. 4. Night feedback may be tampered with. 5. There are items in this game. If you have an item, you may respond to your role pm with "##Give <user> my <item>" during the day to give said user that item. 6. There are no hiddens in this game because they suck. 7. Play to win, but have fun. 8. No screenshots. No editing. No full role pm posting. No quoting the host. No loophole abuse. 9. I reserve the right to sub you out or modkill you in response to a lack of activity. I will prod you first though. 10. If you have a question, ask me. I will respond accordingly. 11. Town Win condition is "You are allied with the Reformed. You win when you eliminate all threats to your faction." 12. Breaking any of these rules may result in a modkill. If you are modkilled your win condition changes to "You win if you escape the Rightful" and spoiler alert: you won't. 13. If a player has been voted a number of times greater than half of the remaining living players then the day will end early and that player will be lynched. Reminder that you may discuss mafia in any medium and that we have an iRC channel on the Dark Myst server called #sforestmafia if you want to use it. Signups: 1. Izhuark 2. SB - Self-Aligned Blackmailer, Lynched D2 3. StrawmanMagnificence Incarnate 4. King Gilgamesh - Reformed Goon, Lynched D4 5. Refa - Reformed Arsonist, Killed N2 6. Faerie Knight 7. PB - Unrepentant Inventor, Lynched D3 8. Junko 9. BBM - Reformed Goon, Killed N5 10. Rein 11. Blitz - Reformed Kidnapper, Killed N1 12. Gaius - Reformed Corrupt Cop, Killed N3 13. Darrman - Reformed Graverobber, Lynched D5 14. Elieson 15. Mitsuki - Reformed Goon, Killed N4 Subs: 1. Marth 2. Poly 3. eclipse N0 has begun and lasts for 24 hours 30ish minutes, aka 9pm GMT 28/08/2015. Online countdown here. If you haven't received a role pm or you think there's a mistake in yours, just say the word and I'll fix it. If you could respond to your role pm to confirm that you've seen it that would also be helpful. Other than that... have at it! Glhf.
  12. Checked by Kaoz. That's right, THE Kaoz. Whoa. He should play mafia sometime. [spoiler=Leave me here] Leave me here so I'd rather Run to the heaven that regathers All the lost of the unmerciful All the stayers of the endful Who knew the feared of the fearful Would only turn out to be so beautiful And all the previous thought to be serious Temporarily stayed to be so disgraceful They fell into a deep hole Sponsored by a malicious soul Those who ran their breath as a disgrace All the venomous will face "The Rightful are coming... god save us all." "Should we fight them, defend our positions, be unrepentant?" "Do we beg for mercy, or flee into the night?"[/size] The shack erupted into noise at the news, the greatest crime lords of the town caring not for subtlety. Some stormed out, either refusing to reform or to prepare to flee. The rest were silenced in one swoop: "Aye" one Captain Hook said, standing atop the table as if it were his crows nest, "we must offer our heads atop our plates, and pray they lose their appetite." And so the town's crime lords were split into two: The Reformed and the Unrepentant. [spoiler=Da Rulez of the game:] 0. Any form of outside contact is allowed, but logs must be sent to the host regularly so they can monitor activity. 1. Each night and each day lasts 48 hours. Game starts on N0 and there are no kills on N0. N0 will only last 24 hours. 2. The player with the most votes on them at the end of a phase is lynched. You may vote to no lynch. Don't tie. 3. Lylo is unusually unsafe. 4. Night feedback may be tampered with. 5. There are items in this game. If you have an item, you may respond to your role pm with "##Give <user> my <item>" during the day to give said user that item. 6. There are no hiddens in this game because they suck. 7. Play to win, but have fun. 8. No screenshots. No editing. No full role pm posting. No quoting the host. No loophole abuse. 9. I reserve the right to sub you out or modkill you in response to a lack of activity. I will prod you first though. 10. If you have a question, ask me. I will respond accordingly. 11. Town Win condition is "You are allied with the Reformed. You win when you eliminate all threats to your faction." 12. Breaking any of these rules may result in a modkill. If you are modkilled your win condition changes to "You win if you escape the Rightful" and spoiler alert: you won't. Welcome to Criminal OC mafia. Man it's nice to put up a game that I'm actually happy with! All the roles are just criminals, both famous and obscure, from all kinds of fiction so don't worry you should recognise at least few of them (probably most of them)! I won't accept IOs until the game fills at least and even then I'd prefer it if you just sub. OC is very manageable even with busy schedules because you're free to talk for only the 5 to 10 minutes you're around at any one time if that's all it is, when it's hard to make good NOC posts when all you have are 5-10 minutes intervals. I recommend Skype/IRC for talking, check out our IRC channel at #sforestmafia over on the dark myst server if you don't know about it. Full details are in the info dump on the mafia forum. Remember: Mirc is basically free. Signups: 1. Izhuark 2. SB 3. Strawman 4. King Gilgamesh 5. Refa 6. Faerie Knight 7. PB 8. Junko 9. BBM 10. Rein 11. Blitz 12. Gaius 13. Darrman 14. Elieson 15. Mitsuki Subs: 1. Marth 2. Poly 3. eclipse Game probably won't start until after/late into EiMM (Would like to start Sat 29th August) so don't worry about clashing with that. If this is a problem though do give feedback on whether this will affect you joining or not and depending on the feedback I may delay the game. Erm... I think that's everything, so have at it! =)
  13. If you were to become a playable character in Fire Emblem Awakening, what would you be like? What gimmicks would you have? You can go as in-depth or as casual as you want. I, personally, are going to go HAM, but, please, DO NOT feel as if you have to go as in depth as I am about to go. I will post mine in a minute. Unit Name: Jael Recruited: Paralogue 4.5: Considering Oblivion Starting Class: Mage Starting Level: 12 Starting Skills: Magic+2, Focus, Shadowgift Starting Inventory: Superior Jolt, Nosferatu (The reason this unit has Shadowgift is supposed to be a reference to my IRL pseudo-pessimistic thinking and general cynicism. I think my soul is dark enough to handle Dark Magic even when not specifically trained for it. Magic+2 and Focus are standard Mage skills. The reason for Mage as a class is because I, IRL, have always felt especially connected with books and literature, so magical tomes would be a perfect weapon for me.) Critical Quotes: "Speak your last words!" "I'm sorry, what did you say?!" "Go to seek a Great Perhaps!" "I'll write this on your tombstone!" Jael, just as I am, is obsessed with last words and memorizes them almost compulsively. He's also very morbid, but also very accepting, casually referencing that all humans are fated for death. This does make others in the army uncomfortable, however, he either doesn't notice or doesn't care. Support Options: Cordelia, Sumia, Miriel, Lissa, Maribelle, Sully, Olivia, Cherche, Panne, FeMU (up to S-Support) Tiki, Nowi, MaMU (up to A-Support) His supports with Tiki would be him trying to help her remember Marth's last words, as they have been lost to history. However, he feels as if they are somewhere deep within her memory. His supports with Nowi would be him envious of her having a body that can never die of natural causes, while his supports with either MU would be them trying to convince him to stop being to morbid, while he tries to get them to accept the inevitability of death. Confession Quote: "While we only have a short time on this Earth, I'm glad I get to spend it with you." Reclass Options: Thief, Archer Jael prefers classes that serve uses outside of straight combat, or at least are not directly involved. The primary goal of a thief is to get the loot and get out, while an archer can stand far away and just shoot at their foes, both sticking with his "Limit physical combat as much as possible" mentality. Modifiers: -1 STR/+1 MAG/+3 SKL/0 SPD/0 LCK/-1 DEF/+2 RES
  14. So while playing Awakening (and with the information coming from Fates) I found myself thinking: What if the main male Awakening characters had children? What would they look like, and what would their personalities be? Given the huge variety and popularity of the official child characters, there are literally thousands of possibilities as to what they could have been. As a result, I decided to take to the Internet. I thought it would be fun to get the ideas and points of view of other fans, so I took to the internet, and here I am. Basically, the premise of this thread is the following: once a week (or maybe shorter depending on participation) we'll choose a major male character (excluding Chrom and Male MU for obvious reasons) and come up with concepts, ideas, and maybe even art for what we think their child would be like. Any one who wants to participate is invited to post, and at the end of the week, we'll nominate our favorites and vote for what we think would make the most interesting and realistic character. The winner then gets their character posted on this OP, as well as the choice as to who we'll design the following week. I am definitely open to modifying that system; perhaps we could do two at a time, or do 4 per month and vote en masse at the end of the month. Either way, I hope this will serve as a fun way to pass the time while we wait for Fates to make its way to the west. Just leave your input below! :) Here is the suggested format for character concept submissions. Submissions can be as complex or simplistic as you want. [NAME] - Son/Daughter of [PARENT] Starting Class - While all child characters in Awakening start in unpromoted/special classes, for the sake of creativity I think promoted classes should be allowed. Also, you can mention any particular strengths and weaknesses in stat caps and growths that they have. Physical Appearance- use any words, comparisons, or even images for those artistically talented to portray an accurate representation of what you imagine them to look like. Remember, their hair color is determined by their mother. Backstory- please keep in mind, in canon, most of the male characters die pretty soon in the future, so take this in to account. Personality - Ideally, tie in their backstory in some way. Probably the most interesting and important part of designing a character. Miscellaneous - any other additional facts or details that you find necessary, fun, or interesting. Supports, endings, etc. We'll kick off the challenge with Frederick's child, for no specific reason other than the fact that he's the first recruited unit not to have a child. Whoever receives the most votes will choose where we go from there. Let the entries begin! (Mine will go up sometime later today) P.S. Hi P.P.S. If this is in the wrong forum, or if it's been done before, just let me know. I'm new, so please understand... XD
  15. It's showtime. [spoiler=Game rules]1. This game is OC, or Outside Contact, which means that you can talk to whoever you want whenever you want as long as you're both alive. Invite me to any SF PMs and Skype conversations (skype name is reinflechezero), and give me any logs from discussions elsewhere, like IRC (also if you make a channel/need help making a channel tell me because I know what I'm doing). I'm Reinfleche on the SF mafia IRC, check the mafia HQ opening post if you need help joining IRC. 2. Don't quote anything in your role PM, if you want to claim paraphrase. If you want to quote other things I say to you, you're free to, and I can help fake logs if you'd like. 3. No inviting people to conversations they weren't in from the start, with the exception of subs. 4. Don't share any screenshots, if you want to screenshot something for future reference put it in your role PM only. 5. Don't talk if you're dead, don't say anything to anyone if you're dead. 6. Modkilling yourself wont help you or your team, don't do it! Contrary to popular belief I don't actually like modkilling people every game I host ever. Rules are guidelines to follow, not things to try and push and see what you can get away with. 7. Editing is allowed. Don't edit votes for any reason except a typo. If you edit something out of a post tell me what it was in PM/ give me a screenshot. Don't edit after you die. 8. Ask me if you aren't sure about something. 9. Don't be an asshole. This is a game meant to be fun for the players and the hosts, so doing stuff to detract from peoples enjoyment of the game is generally not a formula for success. [spoiler=Setup information]1. There are two known factions in this game. There may be more. Town is The Valiant, mafia is The United. Their win conditions are "You are aligned with [The Valiant/The United] and win if you eliminate all threats to your faction, or this is in some way inevitable." for all of these factions. 2. This game doesn't have any items. So don't claim thief. 3. There are no hidden players. 4. There are no fools, lynchers, or any variant of said roles in this game. 5. Death may or may not be the end for you. 6. If your role PM contradicts the rules or setup info, your role PM is correct, except for rules 3 and 4. 7. You may not self target (unless your role PM says you can). 8. Inspection results are not guaranteed to be accurate. 9. This game starts on Day 1. Days phases are 60 hours, night phases 36 hours (this may be adjusted if I have to because of schedule). I'll end night phases early if all actions are in and everyone alive has been online since the night phase start. 10. Whoever has the most votes as determined by me at day deadline will be lynched. There are no minimum requirements for voting to lynch someone. If two people are tied for most votes, the day will end in a no lynch. If someone has over 2/3rds of all votes as determined by me, I'll end the day phase early. Vote in the format ##Vote: USER. 11. It'll be announced if The Valiant is in MYLO or LYLO at the start of any given day phase. This will only take a single opposing faction into account, however- The Valiant may be in trouble or even entirely outnumbered before this announcement. 12. I am not perfect and may make mistakes in wording- role PM phrasing is not necessarily consistent, but I did try my best. This game actually has the same problem Badass Mafia did in that I wrote role PMs on Google Drive, and thus quotation marks and apostrophes do not copy correctly, so those alone will probably account for several errors. This game is for 18 players. If I get more than 18 players, I will randomize the playerlist, which I do every game but everyone (Proto) seems to ask me about this anyway. No you cannot be an IO, if you care that much just join. This game will not start until AMPM2 Mafia is completed, I'm just putting up signups now. Dead: 6) Euklyd- Magneto, The United Mastermind (hijack/1x eagle eye). Lynched Day 2 11) Elieson- Alucard, The Valiant Dhampir Guardian (delayed roleblocker). Killed Night 2 3) Crysta- Akuma, The United Master of the Fist (ninja/1x hitman/ numbers). Lynched Day 3 15) Proto- Horatio Caine, The Valiant Investigator (cop). Killed Night 3 18) Kay- Solid Snake, The Valiant Stealth Master (safeguard). Killed Night 3 5) Paperblade- Tony Montana, The United Kingpin (godfather/tracker). Killed Night 3 12) Lord Gaius BBM- Ganondorf, The United Dark Lord (doctor/2x persuader). Lynched Day 4 8) Blitz- Meta Knight, The Valiant Masked Warrior (watcher). Killed Night 4 17) Shinori- Leonidas I, The Valiant Spartan King (motivator). Killed Night 4 4) Snike- Chane Laforet, The United Silent Slayer (jailer/tailor). Lynched Day 5 14) Green Poet- Tal'Set, The Valiant Dinosaur Hunter (dino comics announcer). Killed Night 5 7) scorri- Zed, Solo Master of Shadows (wolf). Killed Night 6 Survivors: 1) SB- Koth of the Hammer, The Valiant Planeswalker (1x night divider) 2) Polydeuces- Balthier, The Valiant Leading Man (BPV mayor) 9) Junko- Thrall, The Valiant World Shaman (jack) 10) Excellen- Captain Falcon, The Valiant Leading Man (macho martyr) 13) Mancer- Tifa Lockhart, The Valiant Passionate Brawler (alt night parity cop) 16) Eurykins- Charizard, The Valiant Dragon (arsonist)
  16. Since it's my turn, let's get this finally rolling! This is a Multi-faction Mafia, but not everything is at it seems. While there will be Four teams of Five people each, in fact, there are spies amongst you all. Will you be rooting the spies out as a common threat? Or are the others a bigger threat? This is up to you to decide... RULES: Signups: - Railgun - Kay - Infinite Zero - Euklyd - キノコ - Pascal - Blitz - Kirsche - BBM - Fear The Pika - - - - - - - - - - Substitutes: - Elieson - Polydeuces - - - Keep in mind that I'm in a GMT+7 Timezone, and as such, game will start once we have enough people and I get online.
  17. Yeah I was going to have flavour and then I was too lazy. Whoops. Anyways, as a warning beforehand! I do not promise balance in this setup. Hopefully it shouldn't be too terrible, but this is my first OC hosting experience, and I've only played in like three OC games, two of which were hosted by Psych. So... yeah. Rules! Those things we all love. Still Oinking: 3. Serious Bananas - Third Little Pig, Brick House Pigs Recruiter, Survived 4. Bearclaw Elieson - Awapara Island Pig, Federation of Pigs Vanilla, Survived 9. Refa - Swedish Landrace, Federation of Pigs Vanilla, Survived Dead: 5. Polydeuces - American Yorkshire, Federation of Pigs Vanilla, Lynched Day 1 7. Paperblade - Choctaw Hog, Federation of Pigs Jack of all Trades, Killed Night 1 1. Kay - Duroc, Federation of Pigs Vanilla, Lynched Day 2 2. Life Admiral Eclipse Life Admiral - Jeju Black Pig, Brick House Pigs Vanilla, Killed Night 2 12. Shinori - Angeln Saddleback, Federation of Pigs Hooker, Killed Night 2 6. Blitz - Prims, Independent Ninja Serial Killer, Lynched Day 3 11. Baldrick - American Ninja Piggy, Federation of Pigs Tracker, Killed Night 3 8. Eurykins - Lincolnshire Curly-Coated Pig, Federation of Pigs Vanilla, Lynched Day 4 10. Kirsche - Big Bad Wolf, Independent Strongwilled Serial Killer, Lynched Day 5 Subs: 1. Psych 2. Vhaltz IOs: 1. Kaoz 2. Prims 3. Boron 4. Bizz The people who asked to signed up in advance should confirm. The rest of you, go nuts. If I get a lot of signups I'll probably RNG who gets in.
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