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Found 6 results

  1. Perhaps you are lost regarding how you should spend your lazy afternoon? Or perchance, you are merely curious as to how your personality compares to those of fictional characters? Regardless, this topic is based upon "personality quizzes" of the internet. If one must know, I am referring to those of websites such as Playbuzz and Quotev contrary to the well-known Myers-Briggs personality test. These quizzes are often generated by users and thus, their quality most certainly varies from that of a shameful state to a most impressively devised test. This thread is dedicated to the users of Serenes Forest to recommending and posting these quizzes here for other users to discuss and answer together. As such, this post shall record the results underneath this section. If you ever wish to share your multiple results or those your score is close to, you may also have these included. Mind you, commenting on the result of others is strongly encouraged and supported—especially if one is to be surprised by another individual's result. If I may add, you may simply retake a quiz if you disagree with your result. As to what you are permitted post here, I would advise to keeping recommended quizzes to that of acceptable quality. As such, the quiz should be presentable and include comprehensive results so the users may easily understand just what their result truly means. Of course, there are no restrictions as to what the theme of the quiz may be—whether it may be one based upon a video game, a trope-based quiz or perhaps one based upon a film. The only exception are those containing overly inappropriate content, of course. But I must say, do refrain from recommending quizzes requiring an extensive amount of knowledge regarding the subject. To commence this thread, you may answer this mildly casual quiz regarding the classes of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It may require mild knowledge of the video game but this one is overly simple. As for my result, mine happens to be a Mage with a close score to a Cleric. May you be entertained. Needless to say, one ought to be honest with these quizzes. Otherwise, there simply is no true reason for answering them. Your may also submit a personality quiz recommendation here. Results Database:
  2. In this thread your general knowledge is tested with relevant and also trivial questions. Each day I ask you four questions, I'll give the answer one day later. How to answer? Select your answer in the poll. It's annonymous so one can be blamed. The purpose of this thread is the fun factor and maybe to learn the one or other thing. Of course you can submit questions too by sending me a PM. Each question shall have four answer possibilites to make it similar to quiz shows like Who wants to be a Millionair. Day 1 Question 1: How is the phenomenon called when the moon sets between sun and earth? a: new moon b: full moon c: solar eclipse d: lunar eclipse Question 2: The Dutchman Max Verstappen is the youngest... a: student on Oxford University b: winner of a Formula 1 race c: Noble Peace Price Winner d: daddy on earth Question 3: The distance of the mainland of which countries amounts less than 100 km? a: Iceland + North Pole b: Argentina + South Pole c: USA + Russia d: Japan + North Corea Question 4: The current Prime Minister of the UK is... a: March b: April c: May d: June
  3. How about a quiz? Quizzes are always fun, right?! ...No? Wait, don't close the topic yet! The Political Compass is a pretty well-known test that basically examines your opinions on a variety of topics and then places you somewhere on a two-axis graph based on your positions. The two axes are left-to-right (assessing your economic opinions) and libertarian-to-authoritarian (assessing your social positions). Of course, it's not a perfect test, as political opinions are often complicated and involve a lot more than just these two factors, but it's better than the typical left-to-right labels that just throw everything into one big one-dimensional pot. Similar tests include the World's Smallest Political Quiz and the Nolan Chart, but I think this one is best since it's the most comprehensive that I've seen. The test is here (and also linked above :I) if you want to try it out and post your results, though it is a little lengthy. Here are my results. I'm suppose I'm just interested to see the variety of views that exist here on the forum.
  4. Pretty basic stuff here. 1. Who is my favorite Fire Emblem Lord? A. Lyn B. Ike C. Roy D. Eliwood 2. My favorite game of all time is.. A. Super Mario Brothers 3 B. Sonic The Hedgehog 3 & Knuckles C. Ogre Battle 64 D. Final Fantasy 4 3. Which of these do I say the most often A. I'm sorry B. Justice will always triumph! C. -Insert Stahl related pun here- D. All of the above 4. What is my favorite Manga Series? A. Rurouni Kenshin B. Dragon Ball C. Yu Yu Hakusho D. Mahou Sensei Negima 5. You all know that Sonic is my favorite video game character of all time. But who is my 2nd favorite? A. Richter Belmont [Castlevania] B. Zero [Megaman X] C. Aeris/Aerith [Final Fantasy 7] D. Kratos Aurion [Tales of Symphonia] 6. What Fire Emblem related weapons have I actually used/trained with in real life? A. Bows B. Swords C. Axes D. All of the above 7. Who in my Fire Emblem headcanon do I pair Briggid with? A. Ardan B. Holyn C. Finn D. Lewyn 8. Who in Binding Blade did I decide to oddly get to Armads level axe use one run? A. Wendy B. Zealot C. Bors D. Dieck 9. Which Ninja Turtle am I assigned as when I play Arcade online with Shin, Darros, Refa, Xinny, Horace etc A. Leonardo B. Raphael C. Michelangelo D. Donatello 10. What is my favorite drink? A. Milk B. Lemonade C. Coca Cola D. Red Wine
  5. How well do you know the honourable knight? Here's a quiz to find out. (I may or may not have mentioned all of this) 1. What country am I from? A USA B Canada C UK D Sealand 2. Below are my favourite game series, what's number one? A Metroid B Metal Gear Solid C Legend of Zelda D Fire Emblem 3. Which of these toys am I most passionate about? A Transformers B G.I. Joe C Lego D Train sets 4. My favourite Fire Emblem lord is? A Ike B Eliwood C Lucina D Sigurd 5. I write a fantasy story on my spare time, it's called? A Red Warrior B Dark Legends C Magic of the Dead D The Blue One (all the other ones I made up on the spot) 6. How many countries do you think I've been to apart from my own? A 1 B 2 C 3 D 4 7. My favourite Pokemon is? A Alakazam B Blaziken C Charizard D Deoxys 8. I own a cart of what Japanese Fire Emblem game? A FE4 B FE5 C FE6 D FE2 9. Who's the best honourable Dictator A Kim Jong Un B Knight C Fuhrer Adolf D Stalin
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