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  1. I want to play RD soon, but want to play it on NG+ for the new characters and because I already beat it on different hardware. Is there a way to do so with a code or something? Speedrunning it doesn't appeal to me.
  2. I'm on Chapter 1 (not prologue) and I'm using my save transfer from my second playthrough of Path of Radiance. Actually off topic, is that even useful? I have no POR characters in my army yet, how much stronger does it actually make them? Okay circle back. Right now I have Micaiah, Nolan, Edward and Leonardo. I want to use Micaiah obviously even if she isn't worth training but the others I will drop if they lack anything useful. I'm playing on Normal mode if it helps.
  3. [Prelude:] Since it's been a while I haven't updated the topic a lot. Important to note that the Discord has evolved significantly and now features info and access to not only FE10 RR, but also a lot of other mods such as PvP and information on the FE10 support for the twitch crowdcontrol extension! If you're interested in all that, join the discord! [Discord] https://discord.gg/THaauc8QJm [Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn - Reverse Recruitment] Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn has always been my favorite game from a gameplay perspective. And since I didn't really mind the faults/inconsistencies with the story, it is a game I keep coming back to. However, the balancing of the game is quite strange, and at some point I'll want to start a balancing patch. RD is not the most hacked game and since there's not as much in the form of resources compared to FE7 etc, I thought I'd start this by learning the hex editting one step at a time. So that's where this patch comes in. The premise of the Reverse Recruitment is rather simple, and also fun for the drafting community, since there probably hasn't been one of those yet. It's also a great way for me to learn the inner workings of RD one step at a time, since you have to apply the same basic action to pretty much every character; swapping them with another. However, script dialogue, base convo's that recruit people, talk conversations te get people to join and other events all pop up sooner or later and complicate the process of inserting a new character. It's always one thing at a time though, which gives me a great way of easing myself into the depths of the game's code. And thus we arrive at this topic, where I'll be posting updates sporadically since I have a job and busy life (and the weather is just too good to stay inside atm). I would really appreciate it if people would give me feedback on what can be done better, point out bugs and tell if characters need buffs or nerfs. I hope you all enjoy, and thank you for playing! [Patches] Patch 1.3 for the entirety of Part 3 is here! You can download the patch file here: Patches - Google Drive Just go into the folder labeled "Patches" and download the patch file, xdelta is very easy to use. *IMPORTANT: There are still some bugs here and there, which are being worked on. the game is altered up to 3-E, though you can continue playing beyond that. be sure to check the "Known issues" file to see what is known to be wrong and please do notify me in the appropriate discord channel of in this topic of any new issues. [How to patch] The patch is made through xdelta, and patches can be applied to ISO files with it's patche program, which can easily be found through a quick google search or in the drive. The only thing you'll need besides the patch file is a RFEP file, which is the European Radiant Dawn ISO. I cannot provide it here [Discord] If you want to discuss the game on other platforms, a Discord link can be clicked here: https://discord.gg/EyPv9py The Discord also has channels for suggestions, bug reports etc so please do come on over! [Excel character swap sheet] You can find the link with the character excel sheet below, you can also find some notes about the excel sheet below, which go into the thought process of making the sheet. https://drive.google.com/file/d/18dYBbU1PJIsWkgLBgw23kt9oQxH52wTM/view?usp=sharing *Small Note, the game has had some minor tweaks compared to the Excel sheet. So not everything is 100% accurate. [Notes] 1] Ok, so there are some things that had to happen to make this a workable Reverse Recruitment. Mostly because there are three herons in this game and if you at some point get two in the same army, the game turns into a one-turn curbstomp. To work around this you'll notice that sometimes units that join at the same time are in a different order than the "recruitment page" on the main site. For example, Nasir and Gareth join at the same time, so you could swap Leonardo with Gareth and Edward with Nasir or vice versa. 2] The Black Knight is not a unit that is allied for the entire game, so he also does not partake in the list and is regarded as a free unit as long as he is part of your army. He is however sporting a new set of armor. 3] When you remove the herons and the Black Knight from the list, you are left with 69 playable characters. So unit number 35 does not switch places since that unit is smack dab in the middle. The units who is exactly in the middle is, in this case, Ike! Having Ike stay as the main character makes it a lot easier since this does not require me to alter seizing ability and things like godslaying skills. 4] Regarding the herons, they swap with each other. Leanne takes Rafiel's Place. Rafiel takes Reyson's place and Reyson takes Leanne's place. Good luck with new positioning and vigor strategies! 5] The Light mage and Light Sage classes now promote into Chancellor, since Micaiah arrives in Tier 3. They all keep the chancellor model and as seen in the excel sheet Lehran has altered growths and promotion gains. The same goes for Sanaki. Sanaki starts as a Thundersage, almost ready to promote. She turns into her regular Empress class. 5] The worst unit in the game swaps with the best one, Lyre swaps with Haar. Which is rather amusing. Fiona swaps with Tibarn, both have saviour which is nice. There are some fun things to find out. 6] Elincia arrives later, so she has altered growths and bases, since she does not have a Tier two model and all falcoknights are already in use so I can't immediately throw her model over them. [FAQ] Q: "How exactly do I play this?" A: You'll need a working emulator (dolphin is recommended), a fresh FE10 (EU) ISO, and a program used to patch the file (to the ISO) I have provided. xDelta works fine. Patch the ISO file using that program.* Q: "What are you trying to accomplish with this hack?" A: Mostly this Hack is a challenge to myself. I have thought about impproving Radiant dawn for years and now I'm finally taking the steps to learn how to do that. Besides this, a Reverse Recruitment hack would be a nice new way to play the game for casual gamers, but also for drafters. This is possible with most Fire Emlem games at the moment, but not with the GC/Wii games. Q: "The game offers almost the exact same items as before, why do I get a Brave Sword when i need laguz items?!" A: Adjusting items to suit your new units is something that has been added. Currently units get some items that will benefit them directly, like laguz stones, but also some more indirect advantages. Expect the Cards to be valuable in the early stages of the game when you need to be able to attack without taking a counterattack. I welcome any and all feedback regarding items. I do not want to bombard the player with laguz stones, so things like shine barriers and pure waters are items i would like to play around with. Q: "What difficulty should I play?" A: Normal mode. Q: "Why are the cutscenes so weird?" A: The game wants to load the normal characters, but can't so a lot of weird movements happen and it's like ghosts are talking. It has no gameplay impact and cannot be changed. Q: "Any general tips?" A: You will be getting only a few Olivi Grasses and Stones in the beginning of the game at the moment, but you will also be getting two blood tides, night tide and white tide, so positioning is key! Q: "I will be getting Royals in part one, this game will be a cakewalk!" A: I would not count on it, most laguz are balanced in such a way that while they may be strong and have high Hp, their defenses are lowered quite a bit. This also means growths are adjusted, which means BEXP might be more useful for them now, instead of just giving HP, Skill and Luck. High level early laguz hardly gain exp however, so be sure to not overly rely on them.
  4. I'm gonna start a FE10 run sometime in July. This will be played on hard mode. Ten units can be picked for the tower. The requirement is that all SS weapons are wielded. If I count right, you can pick two other units (Laguz) who don't fulfill this requirement. Ragnell: Ike Vague Katti: Mia Alondite: Meg Wishblade: Aran Urvan: Brom Double Bow: Rolf Rexcalibur: Soren Rexflame: Sanaki Rexbolt: Ilyana Balberith: Pelleas Rexaura: Micaiah Baselard: Sothe Laguz: Ena, Kurthnaga Others #1: Zihark (wyrmslayer) Others #2: Danved (poison lance if i can get it)
  5. During a recent replay of Conquest I noticed a familiar line from King Garon in chapter 14 after corrin had quelled to rebellion in Cheve... Garon: When I heard that your group destroyed Cheve, I couldn't have been prouder. Rebellions are like seeds. One must salt the earth before they sprout. There is a moment with similar context in the end of part 2 of Radiant Dawn with this exchange of lines Both of these actions are morally grey, and both involve eradicating a group of people to establish order and control over each said kingdom, the main difference between these events is the light each game portrays the event in. Now I'm not here just to bash Corrin and fates story because those are two very dead horses but I wanted to discuss what ways this scene could of had a better impact. After reading the script of the event in both games the purpose of the Fates version is to establish how evil and merciless Garon is compared to Corrin, and how confused and disgusted he is with Garon's method of ruling. This is further assisted by the game beforehand showing Hans enjoying the job far to much and with the annoyingly transparent dialogue from Garon immediately after the quote. It went something along the lines of "I heard you enjoyed watching the light fade from their eyes" and how such an act was "very befitting of Nohr royalty" and all that junk. While in contrast Queen Elincia's event showed her making a grey decision, she was willing to make that choice despite the involvement of killing her countrymen because she was up to task of ruling and had already displayed the ability to make those hard decisions before, like when she sacrificed Lucia and didn't release Ludveck (of course the greil mercs save her anyway). Both of those events were good for her character because despite her being a good person who hates violence and abhors death she was able to make decisions that went against what she wants. Garon on the other hand doesn't have that luxury... Given what decisions he has already made and enforced in this game up to this point telling Corrin to kill his rebelling countrymen is no surprise at all, and even with that being a thing there is still a lot of ways this scene could of been better handled. I for one don't mind Corrin's bases as a character, my only complaint is that all opposing views are treated as either wrong or just plain evil, if this scene was handled as way to show Corrin a different point of view and show the flaws in his ideals, the game would of benefited immensely from it, giving corrin the option to accept of deny that decision while either seeing his own way thinking being to flawed to continue, or to accept the flaws in his ideals and keep striving for them regardless. The tldr of this is that Elincia made an interesting decision, one that contrasted with her character, while Garon under the same context made a forgettable one. One situation is morally grey, while the other is black and white. So my last question is how would scenes differ in Fates if it were handled in the grey area rather than black and white. What scenes would have a different impact?
  6. Hi, me again (it's been a while though) Today the topic is Laguz, but not about their tiering in their respective games. It's about how they were affected by the changes between POR and RD. First, what I love in RD: transformation gauge management was a damn good improvement! In POR you could only watch the gauges go down and up passively without any active control of them, in Radiant Dawn you can revert and retransform at will (when it's full), get more exp for countering in human form, thus level up faster than tier 2 average units (opposite to their transformed state which levels up like a tier 3 or even slower), the possibility to counter in human form itself (especially for tigers and hawks, since cats barely deal any damage in human form, sucks to deal less damage as a supposedly stronger race than Astrid's RD weakling version), well, in general Laguz MECHANICS have improved. Second, what I love in POR: good base stats even in human form, since Lethe and Mordecai barely gained stats from their first encounter in POR and their first encounter in RD although RD's ennemies have like twice their POR counterparts (sure double stats, but cats loose like 6 points or so per fight, which means they're usable only if you manage their gauge like a boss, plus their base strength and claw damage really suck, basically they deal T1 units damage untransformed and just promoted t2 damage transformed with an iron lance, which is really ass, barely scratches a general for 3-4 damage in the first chapter where you can play Lethe in normal, not even talking of hard mode's stat inflation that looked like lunatic awakening to me when I started it, with early game mymidons doubling or nearly doubling everyone on my team WTF IS please playtest your games before selling them). So in POR, human form couldn't counterattack sadly, but at least they weren't cannon fodder for ennemies (I'm glad Mordecai is tanky even in human form, can't say the same about RD Lethe who gets doubled by nearly everything as a speedy class/race and dies in 5 weak hits although she has very high HP...her base speed is inferior to Volug's although her class has higher average speed). POR had amazing items called laguzguard and beorcguard. Where did they end up in RD, where they were 10x more needed due to transformation mechanics? In the unused data, as skills. They could've been given to units (Lethe with beorcguard in P2 would've been 5x better at least, especially since she could've levelled up in human form without fearing every ennemy on her joining map where you don't see anything because of annoying FOW, and really ennemy units shouldn't be able to see you in FOW, if you don't see them hw can they see you? they're not magic creatures FFS). With the growth bands, Laguz could've had bonuses to their weak growths in RD, with blossom accessible from part 2 they could've gained good level ups as soon as chapters 2-3, with BEXP to make them close to level up. But no, instead laguzguard and beorcguard are hidden in the data file with no way to get them in the game (not even with Dolphin cheats since they don't work due to weird changing code, even the unit exp gauges don't stay at the same number for the whole game, if you change them too often they just move to another number location), part 2 skills are unmovable because why would you want to move skills from one unit to another in the hardest chapters of part 2? It's not like there are 80% of the units in p2 that would benefit a lot from skills being movable (paragon, terrain nullifying skill mainly), and they didn't even give anyone wildheart before the late part 3 (how much better would Mordecai be if he had wildheart? at least 5x better in my book, with 3 more base def than Brom and 20-ish more HP, 3 more movement, and the ability to revert and transform at will...OMG I want it! he wouldn't loose 2 turns just to fill his garbage base gauge level, or be forced to waste a laguz stone for something Lethe can do from the start of every chapter IIRC). Finally, something really bothers me. Base stats/stat caps: Tigers: POR: 28 hp, 8>15 str, 2 mag, 6>10 skl, 7>10 spd, 7>10 def, 2>5 res, 75 hp, 30>37 str, 20 mag, 33>37 skl, 34>37 spd, 40 lck, 30>35 def, 24>27 res. RD: 36 HP, 6>12 str, 0 mag, 6>12 skl, 5>10 spd, 4>8 def, 1>2res, 75 hp, 23>46 str, 5>10 mag, 18>36 skl, 15>30 spd, 30 lck, 22>44 def, 10>20 res. If their caps were just as high as in POR, tigers would be infinitely better for endgame. What about their base strength, def and res all being lower than POR's? at least they have more HP but their strength is really bad. They could use higher magic cap to be decent imbue users for better performance as tanks, but not only have they less cap, their base is also 0 vs 2, loosing magic from the previous game. Kiza would've made a wonderful tiger if he was really the weird tiger he's supposed to be (which he isn't at the end of the day because he's just a worse Muarim in every way but availability). Kiza could've been the tiger who tanks magic in endgame, the tiger who doubles late game bosses, the tiger who can use imbue better than the garbage skill named renewal, useless after part 1 and even then only Volug can get anything out of that ****. Kiza could've been the Fiona of tigers (with more usable bases than hers even if he's weak at start). But instead you have 3 tigers, the tank with amazing availability but really lackking even in strength and who doesn't even have access to wildheart before 3-8 or something like that (even then, I bet hawks make better use of it at that point), and Muarim and Kiza being clones or not far from it but Kiza having a shitty start and not even good availability. Female cats (because Ranulf is a whole other class): POR: 26 hp, 6>12 str, 4 mag, 6>10 skl, 8>11 spd, 3>8 def, 3>6 res, 70 hp, 26>32 str, 20 mag, 34>38 skl, 36>39 spd, 40 lck, 27>32 def, 27>30 res. RD: 47 hp, 7>14 str, 6>12 mag, 11>22 skl, 11>22 spd, 7>14 def, 8>16 res, 65 hp, 18>36 str, 10>20 mag, 20>40 skl, 20>40 spd, 30 lck, 14>28 def, 16>32 res. Radiant Dawn cats have less max stats compared with Radiant Dawn in all decisive areas except strength, where they make up for lower comparative cap by having S and SS ranks with +5 and +10 damage. they loose 13-4 def with stats capping up to 10 points higher than in POR, which means they loose 5 hp, 24-8 real skl cap, 26-9 real spd cap, 20 real luck cap (highest luck cap is 50), 23-14 real def cap and 21-8 real res cap. There isn't a single stat cats are as good in in RD as in POR! Cat (Ranulf): POR: lv 9: 46 hp, 19>25 str, 4 mag, 17>21 skl, 17>20 spd, 13 lck, 17>22 def, 6>9 res, 70 hp, 29>35 str, 20 mag, 34-38 skl, 35>38 spd, 40 lck, 30>35 def, 24>27 res. RD: lv 26 (=6): 55 hp, 14>28 str, 6>12 mag, 16>32 skl, 15>30 spd, 23 lck, 13>26 def, 10>20 res, 65 hp, 18>36 str, 10>20mag, 20>40 skl, 20>40 spd, 30 lck, 16>32 def, 14>28 res. Base RD Ranulf is 3 comparative levels lower than POR Ranulf, has decent availability for a prepromote-like unit, good base stats in cat form, but in human form he gets doubled by early every ennemy in his joining map, has inexistent offense (just like Lethe 1 whole part earlier), less defense/hp than Mordecai one whole part earlier, his only saving grace being res. In POR, he's a bit slow for a cat but I guess he should double fine for the most part since POR scales reeeeeeeeaaaaaalllllyyyyyyyyy sloooooooowwwwwwwwwwwwwlllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy even in hard mode, to the point you barely need more than 20/3 on your units to get the job done for most of the game except endgame where, according to forums, ennemy stats suddenly jump from the underground to the roof (never got past the chapters in Beignion, don't remember which one, I've recruited Shinon, Beaten Muarim but I don't recall in what order it is, even recruited Danved and done the next chapter, but the game is so sluggish that I got bored at that point). What's even worse, with 14 levels up left he only has 30% str growth, 35% speed, 55% lck that will absorb most of the first 7 BEXP levels alongside the 70% hp, 15% def and 10 res% that are unlikely to get better at all although they're already BAD in p3! And about his caps, much like females cats, all defensive caps are obvious downgrades from POR, on top of his growths being 40 to 50% lower than in POR except in skl, spd and luck (-10, -20 and +20 respectively). Meaning his 9 level ups left in POR are 40% or so more effective than in RD, and if he only gains 4 levels in POR then I don't even imagine how many he'll gain in RD with even lower exp gains although more chapters to achieve it, still with his massively sucking growths totally unadapted to his game, he won't do anything better than in POR past a few chapters after recruitment. Even worse, Janaff has better base stats in everything but res, with only -4 res in bird form, nearly capped lck for better BEXP levels, Marksman's spd cap as his base value, higher skl base than most beorc classes, more hp base than many beorc classes and good offensive/defensive growths (40% str, 45% skl, 25% spd, 35% def) even though his bases already trivialize endgame as a full form falcon. So, Ranulf, councellor to the next king of Gallia, Giffca's future replacement, is inferior to a young falcon general for their whole availability in bases, growths and utility (hawks have both shove + super canto) on top of having a worse transform gauge and Janaff having wildheart from join. Hawks: useless to say hawks are far better than in POR at base since Janaff's bases are quite similar to Stephan, who's tower ready from the get-go, only their strike rank is less than desirable, so I'll only go for caps here: POR: 65 hp, 26>32 str, 20 mag, 34>40 skl, 36>39 spd, 40 lck, 26>30 def, 26>30 res. RD: 65 hp, 19>38 str, 5>10 mag, 23>46 skl, 21>42 spd, 35 lck, 16>32 def, 12>24 res. Although much better than tigers and cats put together, hawks still have the same magic cap issue as tigers (unable to use imbue at max potential), overkill speed to double but still 25-7 less comparative spd cap (which highly affects their avoid), 15 comparative luck cap (again highly dents their avoid as 15 is a full earth affinity avoid boost), 20-8 less comparative def and 24-16 less comparative res in a game where endgame is filled with magical threats! I think you see what I mean, when Laguz loose this much in stat caps, even if they weren't reaching them on average, the difference between having more def than a general, more speed than a swordmaster, equal res than a bishop and more hp than a general and on the other side better speed/skill than a swordmaster by little, same strength as a wyvern master and same def/res as a swordmaster...means they just lost half of what made them good in POR, namely durability difference with Beorcs in late game. Even the skill deficit is affecting their crit rate since their weapons have 0 naturel crit rate (not even 5 at SS sadly) and their skill activation rate. As for tigers it's the differece between doubling most non-Ashnard to every non-Ashnard ennemies vs not doubling any fast/boss unit in endgame, it's like tigers speed cap is in a permanent wildheart state... On top of that, add the fact that demi band was movable at all times from one laguz to another and didn't take a skill slot, demi form still had full unit's base stats so you barely lost any stat from half to full form (well, I think actually half transformation was better handled stats-wise in RD than in POR but the availability of wildheart and the human form base stats were the real problem on top of the class caps I already criticized earlier). Add to it the beorcguard or laguzguard and Laguz had much more potential in POR than in RD, they just needed better endgame weapons (like double damage on blessed weapons for endgame or something like that). If IS just combined POR stats with RD mechanics and let the guard items available in game, while fixing character availability and growth rates of Laguz forcing BEXP or blossom abuse...we'd have the most satisfying experience of Laguz units we could according to me. What do YOU guys think of this?
  7. Project Daybreak: Welcome to Project Daybreak, an ambitious undertaking that aims to provide a new, challenging, expansive and most of all interesting new take on Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn. Daybreak will feature changes to gameplay, story and core game mechanics. Gameplay will feature more clarity, give fair changes to all units and feature unique roles for characters that share the same class. All of this to deepen gameplay and provide a different experience from Vanilla Radiant Dawn. Story alterations will be made to remove loopholes and inconsistencies from the game, not alter the story in massive ways. The game will, in the far future, feature a revamped fully functional support system akin to that of Path of Radiance. All this to give players a fresh take on Radiant Dawn, increase replayability and offer an engaging game that feel like Fire Emblem, but is still vastly different from the original Wii title. Patches: Currently there is an alpha release. This patch is playable up to 1-7 and features quite a few changes to units, enemies, skills, shops and other basic game elements, though the core mechanics are unchanged. The patch is released to increase player feedback, have more playtesting possible than me just playing through the game over and over. I wish to incorporate feedback from as many people as I can. When playing, please realise that even these first few chapters are far from finished and that many ideas and suggestions might already be planned, but not yet included. Pre-alpha patch 1.00, among other utilities and mods, can be found here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1BIVVhXL-v8p-orRJt8BRU-NWvMBkooJu?usp=sharing How to install: In the link above you will be able to find the program xdelta, which is able to apply the patch file to a clean PAL ISO (iso not provided, search it yourself). Open xdelta and follow the instructions. Apply the patch to your clean rom and you should be good to go. What is also included is a save file with clear data on it. If you do not own a clear data save file you can use that one to be able to recruit Pelleas and Lehran on your playthrough when possible. Instructions for applying these save data files are found on google, or in the Gritnea Tower discord. (See below) Discord: https://discord.gg/N2fvzzSGZu This discord link leads to my Discord server where you can find most updates regarding Daybreak. You may also find acces and info to my other Radiant Dawn projects. These include Reverse Recruitment, 0% growths and negative growths. These mods can also be combined. The discord the primary place to follow updates, talk about the game, give feedback and report bugs. The discord is named after Chapter 28 of PoR, Gritnea Tower. Where laguz were warped beyond recognition. Although the name is based on a negative way of warping subjects, please do keep a nice and positive attitude in this discord! Screenshots: Game changes: Info and screenshots coming soon! F.A.Q.: Q: "How exactly do I play this?" A: You'll need a working emulator (dolphin is recommended), a clean FE10 (EU) ISO, and a program used to patch the file (to the ISO) I have provided. xDelta works fine. Patch the ISO file using that program. See above for more info, or join the Discord to ask for help. Q: "How long have you been working on this??" A: I have had the idea since 2016 and have had an excel sheet with all kinds of changes since that time. I started learning FE10 hacking by trying to make a Reverse Recruitment hack. this is now functionally completed. Since Reverse is pretty much done, I felt confident enough to start this way larger and more ambitious project. But the groundworks have ben in place for around 5 years. Q: "What are you trying to accomplish with this hack?" A: Radiant dawn is an amazing game, but is has some serious flaws. Supports are stripped down, unit availability is weird, plot loopholes, magic is rather bad. Etc etc. This hack aims to change the base game and alter it so that it becomes a new playing experience. In the end, it would also be a tool to flesh out the world of Tellius by giving characters more support conversations and thus creating more backstory and a better connection with units. It's a passion project for my favourite Fire Emblem game. Q: "What difficulty should I play?" A: Normal mode, now called DayBrk. Q: "Any general tips?" A: Throw what you know about RD out the window. Pre-established notions won't translate well to this new game. Try to judge it for what it is trying to be, not what it came from. Q: What about the difficulty? A: The game will be harder. Not every unit will be able to become a dodge tank, though some may be able to lean into that form of survivability. Expect to have to make trade offs. Hp is higher, but defense is lower. too high defense/resistance just meant the enemy would start doing 0 damage to your units. A unit with 10 Hp but 40 Def/Res has less interesting gameplay than a unit with 50 Hp but 15 Def/Res. Manage your inventory, look at unit strengths, factor in weapon weight and use lower might weapons if you need the hit rate. Don't expect Hand axe go BRRR anymore. 1-2 range is changed to no longer be the best form of combat all the time. Q: What difficulty do you recommend? A: Normal mode. Easy and Hard have zero support as of now. Q: What about unit X? A: Every unit will be buffed/nerfed/changed. You'll have to see for yourself, see what kind of weapons suit certain characters and think about things like weapon triangle and biorhythm. Q: What do you mean by "more fair"? A: As an example, certain units will now have skills that show if they are aggressive if you enter their range or not. This provides gameplay clarity and less reliance on trial and error. Those are not the fun parts of fire emblem. Ambush spawns very rarely offer an engaging gameplay factor. The game is trying to give you all the info and tools to be able to succeed, but not hold your hand. Not every unit will be able to have these skills, but if a mini boss is surrounded by a platoon, expect them to behave the same. Q: How can I make sure my feedback is taken into consideration? A: You can engage more by joining the discord! It's the primary place for updates and taking in feedback. I will read these topics, but that is the hotspot for this project and any others.
  8. Does anyone know of a Radiant Dawn patch to fix the transfer glitch? People say that it works as long as you play on hard mode but when I transfer my hard mode it still crashes the second an animation starts. I can get up to Michaiah's promotion with animations off, but then I'm softlocked because her promotion is a forced animation. I know its supposed to be patched on newer roms but they be hard to find, so looking for a patch hopefully. Just want to replay my favorite FE with a few hommie bonuses on my MVPS! (proof that its a hard mode save and there is no easy mode saves)
  9. Trying to get Radiant Dawn to work on a Dolphin Emulator. I only get a black screen when trying to start the rom, And I have have idea why. Could anyone please help with this? I can however get a 3DS emulator to work with a Awakening Rom. So I have no idea why Dolphin isn't working. Edit: I hope this question is okay to ask here. I was not entirely certain. If asking this is against forum rules, please delete this.
  10. Hi, What team compositions do you use and why (easy-normal modes, not hard which is a different game)? For me it'd be: Act 1: a) Nolan+Fiona (BEXP+energy drop if needed, you have 4k BEXP when you get her anyway and no one else needs the energy drop since...), Zihark+Volug (1 level up of BEXP for str or def when I get him+dragonshield, now he shits on act 1 and goes through act 3 easily, if you can give him a 2nd BEXP level up for the one that didn't go up it's nuts but that would be at the start of p3 since Fiona needs the BEXP left from p1 after he takes 1 level up from it), Sothe (no dedicated support sorry). b) Aran+Edward (I save scum his level ups so that he gains def nearly every level up in early game, then he can tank 2 tiger hits in 1-3 and 2 steel axe/lance hits in 1-4 on top of ORKOing everything, now he's Aran with speed, I give Aran the first robe and Edward the 2nd one when he's in t2 if needed, otherwise I can save it for someone else like GMs or p2 people joining the GMs since GMs have very high HP across the board) (+3 def, +8 hit, +8 avo, Caladbolg +8 avo/crit avo, Aran can now get to 28 def in t2 instead of 25, which goes a long way to help him fulfill his role), Sothe/Fiona+Volug (choose which one you prefer, better affinity that needs early help or better earlygame that falls of a cliff in p3 and of the Himalaya in p4 and endgame). c) Jill, Nolan+whoever (say Leonardo for +2 atk/def), Zihark+Volug (still the same investment in Volug since he becomes twice better with the early help and tanks 5x better with +3/+5 def in halfshift, +4/+6 in full form, going from 13 to 16/18 def and from 18 to 22/24 is pretty...beastly), Sothe. Act 2: a) Haar, Brom (kinda forced anyway since Nephenee can't take 3 hits for all of p2)+Heather (water/fire helps both, more level ups for Heather means more strength to steal heavier things and more avoid not to die in the process, I've had her dodgetank 2-E in easy once, she barely got hit without any support and ended it in t3, OFC never happening in normal), Mordecai-whoever you can support him with (he'll get +1 atk/def just from his own affinity anyway, but Brom has to be his best option even though keeping them together isn't the best tactical choice since they fill the same role and if Mordecai is shifted ennemies will only attack Brom, rendering tiger useless), Lucia when she's around (if I can give her a miraculous level up and savescum it for actual stats she may even see use in p4...or not, but I like her, too sad she sucks so much availability-wise since everything is fixable with p3-4 BEXP fountain), Lethe if I'm in the mood to use her (rarely use her past p2 anyway, her sister actually grows some speed and energy drop is all she needs to get better than Lethe with the flourish scroll you get and her better availability in p3, also not dealing much damage actually helps her grind her claw rank, while OHKOing would hardly get it up for later, and she has actual res for a Laguz which is appreciable, also caps early enough to BEXP non spd/skl/res stats, or Ranulf is simply forced and better anyway, I would've loved for Lethe or Lyre to have innate 0 cost flourish, that would give them a real purpose other than filler #25). Kieran+Geoffrey. 1-turning 2-E. b) Brom+Heather, Mordecai+X, Lucia, Marcia+Danved (both can go up ledges in p3 CK chapter, which is more than any paladin can achieve, Kieran and Geoffrey can handle the middle houses fine at base), Haar (no extensive use this time since Marcia is gonna replace Nephenee later without even hurting GM exp pool or gold, better res cap, good enough str/spd, canto better than +2 str no canto shitty start). Not 1-turning 2E since now I want the dragonshield and nullify, and Danved and Marcia need CEXP more than BEXP and Laguz won't get any BEXP from 2-E anyway. Act 3: a) Gatrie, Shinon, Titania, anyone from GM I want to field, Mordecai, healers, Janaff/Ulki (or both if I have enough room), Heather when thief is needed. b) Rolf (with 3 str/spd level ups he starts doubling and dealing damage, then he reaches 23-24 speed and doubles everything but swordmasters, dealing more damage than Shinon against anything he doubles, just be sure he levels str+spd 3x in a row and everything will be fine since his strength will inevitably follow without any BEXP abuse), Mist+Brom, Heather for thief jobs, Mordecai + water/fire/thunder affinity partner (might be Lyre for thunder), Kyza, Lyre, Sigrun/Tanith, Ranulf (, Lethe). Ike is mandatory so I don't need to mention him. Helps a lot with cats' avoid with his earth affinity. Don't find Mia good enough to use her above easy, she doubles but her damage is craptastic before she reaches Vague Katti/Alondite anyway and ranged swords are both weak and inaccurate. Facing wyverns as soon as chapter 2 doesn't help her either (unless she can use a wyvernslayer, even then 17 str only goes so far and she still tinks on generals, meanwhile Zihark has earth affinity + easy BEXP abuse and faces Laguz, and Edward has more strength than both in t2 and 3 and has bonus def from support in case he doesn't dodge, neither Mia nor Edward have avo from affinity but Adward has more HP + Caldbolg bonus luck if needed, so he dodges better than her and he has easier access to earth affinity since he has 3 of the same movement range as soon as p1, Volug being too far to help him, also DB has more gold to spare in buying good weaponry than GM so Mia is doomed by lack of funds, vantage is crap if you can't OHKO and in RD it's not even guaranteed to proc like in Awakening/Fates when you're <50% HP, also early access to Paragon and resolve vs crap personal skill, no access to resolve 'til ch2 when things start getting easier, and Mia has competition with much better units than herself, while DB is all ests or mediocre prepromotes, what with Haar taking half of every map by himself for all the time he's around and cutting everyone else's exp because no one matches his mobility and stats before the hawks come to play, he's legit Ike on steroids flying on a dragon with an eyepatch and killing everything while sleeping, imagine if he was awake -_-). Act 4 is just the same as before but spreading your units depending on the maps you want them in (Marcia Haar or Tanith Haar can now get a support together for more avoid, not for Haar but for the seraph knight, going to Micaiah's army, I don't remember if Tanith can go there or if she's forced into GMs DB, same for Sigrun). Endgame is not even the game anymore, just throw all of your cheats together and ROLFstomp it since it' the least fun part of the game and completely unbalanced with speed caps and co, you have enough OP units by then not to care for who you raised.
  11. Hi, Like I wrote in the last Laguz topic I've opened, I've worked on a Laguz rebalance patch with nightmare modules (can only mod class and unit stats/growths). Every non royal Laguz in this mod has the same stats in human form he/she would have in halfshift, since halfshift is so rare and I can't edit unit skills or their items/level. This means they have nearly their full form stats in halfshift and they have more in full form. Basically, they're close to capping several stats in full form while some of these stats are overcapped in human form (mostly speed). Human form has higher caps, especially in speed and defenses to follow the stats expected in halfshift. Link to the Dropbox file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4nyth7hd8ba0m4h/FE10Data.cms.decompressed.compressed?dl=0 DL wiiscrubber, lauch the program, select a Radiant Dawn game file (keep a backup), part 1 (there are part 0 and part 1), Data, Data.cms, right click, replace, wait until wiiscrubber confirms the patch has been applied, close, play on Dolphin. By class: Tigers have 32 max speed in full form, don't remember the value in human form but it's higher than 16 (probably between 17 and 20). Cats have higher def/res, 4 def lead for males, 4 res lead for females. Probably gave them higher max speed in human form, unchanged in full form. higher def/res caps in human form. Wolves are the middle ground between cats and tigers, 36 or 38 max speed, 38 max str, better max stats in human form. got Volug in p1 he's bonkers with nearly his full form bases in halfshift. I'll keep wildheart on him for p3 I think so he doesn't become too hax. Still outdoing any DB unit before long. Ravens are like cats, the nine tails of the skies (with canto on top), bumped thair human form move from 6 to 7 because they were the only non dragons to have 6 movemet in human form and 8 in Laguz form. Better caps both in full form and human form (34 strength in full form, Vika will be usable). Hawks are like wolves, the middle ground between tigers and ravens. Basically you'll never need to use them in full form before the tower. Why give that to Laguz? Since their only tool to fight all the time is halfshift and it's locked to DB and late GMs, I gave them their wildheart stats in human form. You'll be able to experience what a laguz would be if it had wildheart from the get go and then they won't need any level up to be tower-worthy, 24 base def Mordecai in human form with 13 speed, 48 def (overcapped) and 26 speed in full form, 21 base str = 42 in full form. Royal Laguz without formshift. Wildheart is their formshift. Actually except a few things (like tiger speed vs lions), they have better stats than the royals at some point. I buffed Nailah because of her availability (+1 base speed and +1 or 2 base strength, +1 base def), and Naesala because he's inferior to all other royals on top of having S strike instead of SS. I nerfed Tibarn (-1 movement because why did he have the highest in the game? lower speed I think, lower strength maybe). I also modified a few things on Beorcs. Meg and Fiona have t3 stats very different from other classes of the same tree (since Fiona has 50 max HP, I bumped her def/res over 30, while Meg has more speed, more res and less def than generals). Generals all have the same caps, better than what they used to (40 def instead of 36-38, 32 or 33 speed instead of 30-31 for Brom, etc), Paladins also have better stat caps in t2 and 3 (basically paladin caps from gba in t2 with 24/20 def/res instead of 25/25, 1 less in offensive stats in t3 than in t2, 25/26/24 in t2, 34/35/33 in t3). Jill's t2 and 3 caps are modified (she far closer to Haar instead of being a completely different class, she's a female wyvern lord instead of female wyvern knight basically), better bases so you don't have to dump 3 stat boosters on her just to make her slightly better than "barely usable" and then you can give stat boosters to whoever you want. Astrid basically gained +2-+3 in every base stat, +5% speed growth. Rolf got +2 in almost every base stat. Gatrie got better stats but not incredibly more. Shinon has less def I think, more attack (since he's an archer, not a knight, and he faces many ennemies he can't kill without a crit in the first maps). Titania has different caps so she will not be the same. Falcons all have been buffed, their caps adapted, and Seraph knights are better than female sentinel (not higher caps but high enough where it matters unlike OG and more balanced, better offense). Sigrun is usable, Marcia too, Tanith is good. Nephenee was buffed in a non gamebreaking manner: +2 base speed (doesn't change her damage, only she can double more what she should already double if her weapon wasn't 3 Wt too heavy for her) and better hp/def (she has -6 or -8 hp compared with class base in OG, why even put class base stats for 1 unit and put negative numbers in unit base stats? Just like Mist and Volke). Brom has better bases, especially skl (since he needs some in order to disarm). Heather can actually steal heavy stuff (19 strength instead of 15, don't worry she's still using knives so she won't become better than Nephenee long term but she could be better short term). Swordies and thieves have better strength caps, Zihark has less shitty bulk, Mia has bases more fitting to her base level, Lucia is more usable in p4 and more Jaegen in p2, Aran has slightly better bases, Meg has instantly usable bases and has better stats than Nolan with 5 less levels than him (promoted her at 15 and she was better than Nolan 20/1). CKs are overall more worthy of investment, Makalov is about on par with Kieran and Geoffrey, Danved has slightly better bases and 5% more growths to stay relevant. No one should die in 1 hit in their recruitment chapter I hope, at least not one hit from mooks, including Rhys and Mist, and Laura. Micaiah is actually funny to use, don't get tricked by her bases, her growths are worth it (twisted Myrrh's growth rates a little), magic classes stat caps are more GBA-level good (not as much insane def as in GBA games but the rest is approximately on par). Ilyana is biffy mage (not ultra biffy but more able to take a hit than any non-Micaiah mage), Soren is faster at base (he can hope to double some day), Beautiful lady fire sage is good, Tromod got like +4 everywhere to make up for shitty availability. Bastian is more usable, basically 0 investment for a t3 Soren. Tauroneo is bulkier at base. Nolan has good base speed and 10 base def. etc. I don't spoil everything, basically everyone's usable. Have fun!
  12. Mario Kart Ultimate Racing - Tellius Tours The race continues at Tellius Tours. Who will take 1st place? If you like what you see consider subscribing for more animations.
  13. Hello! I am rather new to FE series as a whole, with my first game being Path of Radiance. I’m rounding out the game now, I’m at chapter 25 as I type this up. When I complete PoR (which should be tonight if I have time), I am without a doubt going to be continuing the story and jumping right into Radiant Dawn.. as I am absolutely in-love with the world, story, lore, characters and everything else related to PoR (seriously this is one of the few video game stories that actually has me very intrigued and I love all the twists and turns!). Now with that said, and with me being incredibly new to the series, I have a handful of questions in regards to Radiant Dawn. I apologize in advance if these are all well known, or I could’ve found this information (I did try googling and searching through here for answers) elsewhere. Well, onto my questions: 1) First is difficulty. I found Path of Radiance incredibly easy (played on hard mode), and I really hope Radiant Dawn presents more of a challenge. I am the type of person who does a lot of thinking/strategizing each turn and takes my time to make sure my units will be protected/not die (I inspect enemy units and compared AS to see if I’m going to get doubled among other stats, check enemy attack ranges to see how many enemies will be able to hit me and so on), as if I lose even one unit, no matter who it is, I reset. So how does Radiant Dawn difficulty compare to PoR, in regards to someone who found PoR hard mode incredibly easy (like really easy as I’m sure most people did). Plus I really enjoy difficult games, as long as the difficulty is “fair” and not nonsensical and headache inducing. What is a good starting difficulty for RD? 2) Next is how stats work. Like I said, I’m rather new to the FE series, and it took me sometime to figure out what each stat does and how they affect my units and the battle. More or less what I want to know is, do stats function the same from one FE game to the next, and more importantly from PoR to RD? For example; Is it always 4 or more attack speed to double? Does Luck/Skill have the same function as providing avoid/hit and bonus critical stats? And so on and so forth. 3) Now I’ve been doing some looking into Radiant Dawn, and I’m a little confused as to how the game plays out. From my understanding, there is 4 separate “parts” or sections, and each section only has specific units that are playable? If that’s so; - How does BEXP, money, weapons, stat boosters, and other items work when going from part to part? Is it ideal to just use everything up before going to the next part or do the items/BEXP carry over? - Is it even worth getting attached/investing into certain units? Meaning do you get full access to all the units by the end of the game, and if not does the game let you know beforehand that you won’t have access to the certain units later on.. so you don’t waste resources on them? 4) Lastly, and I’m sorry if this isn’t the place to ask for this, but does anyone have a working iso/wtsb (or whatever else works for dolphin) of FE: Radiant Dawn? I’ve been looking literally everywhere (vimmrs lab, reddit, other forum posts, and so on) for a functional copy of the game. Every copy I find does not work with Dolphin, as I got error messages that pop that say I’m missing files, and when I open the game it just stays on a pure black screen. Also in the emulator itself, no artwork image appears and I have just a giant X for the artwork image instead. If anybody knows any work around in the settings to get the game to work that I can try, I would truly appreciate it, same goes for a functional iso download as well. So yeah.. I’m pretty sure that’s it. My main concern is honestly getting Radiant Dawn to work in the first-place, but if anyone can answers my other questions I’d really appreciate it. Also any general advice for Radiant Dawn would be awesome as well, such as good units, skills to use, good supports, and/or any tips and tricks would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help with the above! Really regret skipping past FE over the years, and I’m really looking forward to catching up and playing all of them eventually!
  14. Hello, I'm pretty new to editing/exploring the files of games and mainly wanted to get acces to the fonts used in fe10(though I'm also pretty interested in getting some other assets) . After some messing around I managed to decompress the .cms files of the fonts into .tpl files but that's where I've hit a roadblock. All the tools people in old fe threads used for .tpl files either do nothing, give an error message or the links to those programs are expired. I've tried to use some tools the mario kart wii community uses like CTools tpl editor, wiimms tools and Brawlbox but none of them seem to work with my files either. Does anyone have any tips for me?
  15. Now that three houses has come out, I think it would be cool to see some Tellius remakes for the new generation. Here are a few Ideas I'm hoping IS adds if they ever make any remakes. 1. Give the dawn brigade more chapters, I'd really like to see how they met in the first place and how they bonded as a group. 2. Supports are a must, especially for the dawn brigade and new characters like Kyza. 3. No Astrid X Makalov PLEASE 4. Give my boy Sothe a more important role in part 4, it seems like they kinda dragged him along in the original and they gave him a back seat to Ike and Micaiah (oh, i'm sorry, Yune). I may be biased because he's my fav, but Sothe is a truly unique main character for fire emblem and he still has a lot of potential. 5. Make Sothe more viable for part 4 as well. Make sure he doesn't fall behind. 6. Tormod definitely needs more screen time. he shows up in part 1 for, like 3 missions, and then joins again before the endgame during which time he is seriously underleveled (but good if you bother to train him). 7. I would love it if all the dialogue including the supports was fully voiced like it is in Three houses. 8. It would be cool if they gave us more lore on Tellius 9. I really hope they address the unequal lifespans between Laguz and Beorc more. IT rarely gets talked about. I really hope they address it because it is definitely could be a major theme with much potential. It could play a huge role in the rift between the beorc and laguz as well as how characters see themselves or each other. Seriously, they could do a lot with this and it deserves more than just passing mentions in dialogue. This is BIG (although it might be a better theme for a 3rd tellius game, if we ever get one). 10. More info on the Crimean rebellion and how it relates to the overall story. Maybe make the Campaign longer. 11. Give Volug more dialogue, if you read his translated quotes you will realize he has the potential to be a truly hilarious and well written character. 12. it'd be cool to see what Hatari looks like (again, might be sequel material though). 13. Buff Leonardo and make Meg not bad. 14. I think the characters and the world would look gorgeous with Three houses' art style or an improved version of it, but maybe that's just me. I definitely think Tellius deserves a few remakes or maybe a sequel, probably, perhaps, maybe.
  16. One element I have seen in the tellius games that I believe needs to be further addressed is the the unequal lifespans between Beorc and Laguz. I believe that this is an absolutely HUGE plot detail which has a lot of thematic potential. As the games make somewhat clear, Beorc have a lifespan similar to that of humans as we know them. For Laguz and Branded it is less clear, but what we do know is that they live considerably longer than Beorc, with individuals like Janaff looking like teenagers despite being over a century old. The oldest we know of is Dheginsea, who is over a thousand years old but looks to be about 60 and Lehran, who is also over a thousand but looks in his 20s. I believe that this issue is far more important to Tellius and it's people than the games give them credit for and I believe a lot more can be done to address it. I think that the games do an inadequate job at addressing the impact that this problem would have on the beorc and laguz, as it only seems to get passing references like "oh yeah, as a branded I age slower than a normal beorc and that's how they can tell i'm a branded and discriminate against me" or "you're only 20? Why are the Beorc sending babies into battle?" I believe that this issue has massive consequences for the relationship between the Beorc and the Laguz as a whole as well as how the characters see themselves and others. Consider this, how would you feel if you only lived to be about 80 years old, but yet there is another race of humans that lives to be over a thousand? how would you feel? Cheated? Envious? It honestly seems like the Beorc were screwed over by the Goddess, and they likely hate the Laguz because of it, seeing them as a favorite sibling blessed with greater strength and a longer lifespan. Then we arrive at the Laguz. How would you feel if you were among the race that lived to be a thousand years old? How would you see the people who only lived to be 80? you would see them be born, grow old, and die while you remained young for decades? How would you see them? How would you value their lives? Indeed, I believe the Lifespan issue to be one of the core reasons behind the rift between the Beorc and Laguz, and one that is rarely talked about in the games. Next we arrive to how it affects the story and the characters we know. Frankly, I find the Idea of Muarim outliving tormod by decades to be absolutely heartbreaking, as well as Soren outliving Ike. This is a truly terrible situation to be stuck in for a Laguz or a Branded, as they have to watch as the ones they love grow old and die while they remain young. How would this issue affect the relationships between these characters? How would the Beorc characters we know come to terms with their accelerated mortality? From a biological standpoint, this lifespan inequality makes no sense. As explained in Radiant Dawn, Beorc and Laguz share a common ancestor, the primordial Zunanma race. The game does not describe how long the Zunanma live, but I would assume that they live about as long as modern Laguz. So where did this inequality come from? As is well known in the Scientific community, Chimpanzees and Humans share a common ancestor. In captivity, chimpanzees can live up to 60 years, not quite as long as humans, but only about 20-30 years off. Applying Beorc-Laguz biology to this issue brings us something absolutely ludicrous. Considering that the average dragon laguz would live around a thousand years give or take, and a Beorc living at a max of 100, this would make it so dragon laguz live at least 10 times as long as a normal human. If we applied this to primate biology, this would mean that while a human would live to be 100, a chimpanzee would live to be at most 10 years old! As old as a damn sheep! The only thing that could give this lifespan inequality any semblance of sense is magic. If so, then what? What kind of magic is keeping the Laguz alive this long? Why does it exist for the Laguz and not for the Beorc? Do the Laguz have some kind of divine blessing that the Beorc don't have? Are the Beorc cursed? If so, what did they do to deserve it? So why don't the Beorc live as long as the Laguz? What impact does this have on Tellius? How exactly does Laguz aging work? How can this issue be addressed? Is there any way to extend the lifespan of the Beorc (without making it look like a bad fanfiction)? Could this be a theme that could be expanded upon in a sequel?
  17. So this is something I've been hoping for a very long time now. Radiant Dawn is one of my favorite games but of course I know it has it's issues, like everything else, so if the game was to be remade what are some changes you would make? I'm interested to know what you would change or what you already really like about the game!
  18. So as most of us know. Radiant Dawn was divided into 4 parts which served to split the game up into arcs of sorts. Part 1 was the Dawn Brigade and I feel this part is pretty solid, introduces our new protagonist and how Daein is liberated Part 2 was Crimea, which serves as a capstone and book ends to FE9 in general (Which I feel is where the writing is strongest in the entire game) Part 3 was the beginning of the War. Ike comes in with his badass crew and wrecks things, we see things from the Daein and Crimea POV every now and again but Ike takes center stage (Story wise I feel its both one of the stronger at first but then becomes one of the weakest as we continue through it to the Blood Pacts) Part 4 was the coming together and defeating the true evil. Basically Autobots roll out. (Thematically interesting but the writing could have used the longer Japanese script as could the rest of the game) My personal favorite would be either 2 or 3 thematically. From a gameplay perspective however 3 is the most yeah we are back baby Part 1 reminds me semi of Thracia starting off because Miccy is just plain out gunned for the first half or so. All n all I like this game and its various parts. The game has weaknesses yes but I want to here what your favorite part is and why?
  19. Hello everyone, I'm currently working on hacking Radiant Dawn to make it more in line with PoR's mechanics. Here are some of the things that I have been able to accomplish: Characters have higher base stats similar to what they would if they were that level in PoR. For example, a Level 5 promoted Marcia in PoR would (on average) have 2 more points of Str, Skl, and Spd. Similarly, any character growths that were lowered in RD have been restored to their PoR growths. For example, Nephenee's Str growth is now 40%, just like it was in FE9. Gave the same stat caps to tier 1 and 2 classes as they have in PoR. (For tier 1 units, it's mostly the Res stat) For example, Soren now has the same stat caps that he had in FE9 (as a Sage) Renamed classes for consistency. (Lance Armor ---> Knight) (Wind/Thunder/Fire Sage ---> Sage) (Lance General ---> General) (Dragonmaster ---> Wyvern Lord) Made Jill and Ilyana pre-promotes, making every playable PoR character promoted. Brom is now a Lance General. All Thunder tomes are more powerful and accurate. Their stats are a mix of FE9 and 10's. Bolting has the same weight as in PoR. Light has 1 more might. (Like in the GBA games) Certain characters have different stats in their initial chapters. For example, Nephenee now has a Steel Lance in 2-1, which doesn't weigh her down. Meg is now a Lance Knight and comes with an iron and steel lance in her joining inventory. I have attached some screencaps to exemplify. What I need help on is: Modifying Ilyana and Jill's levels in their joining chapters (1-3 and 1-6, respectively, as they now join as pre-promotes) Giving Lance Generals Swords instead of Axes (like in PoR) Modifying the starting gauge of several laguz. For example, I want Lethe and Jannaff to start every chapter with full gague like PoR. Modify gauge decrements so it decreases slower for cats, hawks and ravens. Fitting some names properly. (Dracoknight ---> Wyvern Rider) I changed Dracoknight to WyvernRider (without the space) because otherwise that would add bytes to the file and crash the game. Give Paladins access to a second weapon. (Geoffrey Bows, Titania Lances) (Possibly) Making Tormod an Archsage in 4-4 (Possibly) Make every enemy Armor and General a Lance Armor/General. Basically tier 1 uses Lances and tier 2 uses Lances + Swords. If anyone is interested in collaborating with me on this project, please let me know. I appreciate any help.
  20. Hi, I wanted to talk about challenge runs, but any of them in any FE game. I had the idea of GBA/3DS FE without using supply and trading only during the chapters (no battle prep trading), maybe even no armory in battle preps (completely skip prep), maybe no supports along that (I never really used supports in FE and never needed them so far before FE 13 and the pair up mechanic showed up, only to buff Colm/Neimi and sometimes Eirika, most of the time I didn't even click "support"). I think a run with the weakest available (repairable/buyable) weapons would be funny depending on the game (well that's basically how I play FE8 most of the time ^^ with iron, fire, light and flux except for endgame bosses with high def/res and hp who hit like a crashing plane in your face with 120-150 accuracy ouch). Swapping roles (physical units with magic and magical weapons, magical unit with physical weapons). No mobility (playing with 4 movement on everyone like you have an army of knights). No 1-2 range weapon (or use it like you use a 1 range or 2 range, no javelin/throwing axe ennemy phase army). Swords/Bows/Magic only run (Laguz/shapeshifters only run with only the necessary non shapeshifter stuff like Ike to defeat Burger King's terrible plan to raise obesity in the whole world, and you play some Amazonian tribe resisting the empire of Burger King and its' fat church leaders wth their panther transformation XD). Only the less accurate weapons run. Devil axe run (might need to hack an unbreakable devil axe though). This would be a hardcore Nuzlock challenge. Only poison weapons. Only effective weapons. Only the lowest level units available, maintain an average level (lol you can't even promote then). Only lowest speed/luck/strength/def/res/mag/hp...units. (funny to see a team of Arthur-like units get (nuz)locked out of the PT by a random crit: "Hi Knoll how's it goin'?" "Got crit killed by the first ennemy I fought, I should have instantly promoted to summoner and spam summons till I hit 20..." "Sad story bro, see you in the next PMU since no one plays you without farming"). Your ideas?
  21. how exactly would you go about editing a radiant dawn save?
  22. So I’ve long felt that Ike is, IMO one of the greatest video game protagonists of all time and Path of Radiance remains my favorite FE Title. Each Chapter in the game gives some plot elements that can be reduced so avoid redundancy Have to include whole cast in some capacity. Not everyone in the game has to have a major role though some will have more focus obviously. For the reasons of her character development in game, my thought is to ship Jill and Ike. Her initial offset of hating laguz and his initial rejection of her because of it make for a good intersecting of values that would be compelling. Chapter Prolguue-3 (Bandits) In a precursor scene, Renning announces with clashing swords and war noise in the background that the King and Queen have fallen and ushers a grieving Elincia to flee with her escort of Geoffrey, Lucia, Bastian, Kieran, Bron and Nephenee. As she leaves, Elincia screams out Lord Renning’s name as he is struck down by a gleeful Ashanard. Elimcia’s horse is spooked by a stray arrow and she takes a detour by mistake nearly colliding with a startled Soren who is on his way back to Greil’s Mercenary bass. Boyd, Oscar, Titania and Ike are sent to dispatch some bandits in a nearby village. It’s Ike’s first mission and he’s being counseled on how to engage with the enemy. Bandits and being cautioned to pick the right time to strike. Ike disobeys orders when he sees the bandits trying to steal Marcia’s Pegasus Knight while she asks angrily where her brother is. She thanks Ike and flies away leaving Ike and company to stave off the bandits. They are interrupted when a bandit produces two child hostages in Mist and Rolf who have snuck out on Rhys to help the villagers acting like younger siblings who want to tag along and are saved by Shinjon and Gatrie. Chapter 4-7: Fleeing Daein pursuit At the base, Greil berates Ike, Rolf and Mist for disobeying orders but Titaniia defends Ike telling Greil that, in her opinion, Greil himself would have acted no differently. Rhys tells Greil he takes full responsibility for losing Mist and Rolf. Greil laughs and decides to be lenient with Ike and challenges him to 10 rounds of training matches to Ike’s chagrin. In a shes next to main base, Rolf is seen meeting Shinon and apologizing profusely but Shinon cuts him off and curtly instructs him to fire 1000 arrows at the target he has set up and while Rolf is doing it, gives Rolf a lecture about discipline and focus and how he shouldn’t have hesitated when the bandits grabbed Mist telling Rolf he taught him better (“One clean motion, no hesitation.”) but praises him for not being seen with a bow reminding Rolf to keep his secret. Soren comes into the camp at night knocking on Ike’s chambers. Ike, stiff and sore from his sparring, hobbled down the stairs and Soren tells him he needs to the Commander right away. While Elincia explains her plight, they hear a loud knock on the door and find out the “knock” is a flaming arrow which leads to Greil issuing an evacuation order and accepting Elincia’s contract because of the circumstances. After relentless pursuit, Greil instructs then to split up and he leads a diversionary force with Gatrie and Shinon. Ike and the rest of the Greil Meecenaries sneak through the Gallia forest and overhearing the Daein soldiers talk about how terrified of the laguz they are, Soren uses his wind magic and amplifies Oscar’s strange talent for making animal noises (creative license here: The running joke being Oscar can do something you wouldn’t expect him to do given his quiet and calm demeanor) which spooks the guards. As the guards flee, Ike can see Gallia in the distance and instructs Elincia, Rolf, And Mist to head to safety . Rolf and Mist refuse to leave their siblings behind and Ike reluctantly agrees to let them come along to find Greil. Remainder plays out very much like the game, Ike comes across a tower, is ambushed by Daein soldiers led by Petrine Mia introduces herself with a bombastic entrance where she strikes down an arrow aimed at Rhys. The skirmish is interrupted when Greil shows up and challenges Petrine to a duel who happily accepts but is instructed by the Black Knight to stand down before challenging Greil himself to single combat at sunset which Greil accepts. Petrine objects but is assured by the Black Knight she will not be punished for cowardice and tells her that there are more important tasks at hand than killing off some sellswords. Under this guise, well, we know what happens to Greil... As you can see, I pull bits and pieces from the first 8 chapters here. Trying to stay as faithful to the original as possible but have thought about making Jill a love interest for Ike, Soren and his broody branded business, and Stefan teaching Ike about channeling the “spirits of the Zunanma” AKA Sol, Luna, Astra, Colossus, Aether, etc. Replacing Shinon’s convoluted recruiting method is Rolf challenging him to a one on one winner take all shooting competition to minimize casualties. Bryce gets beheaded by Ashnard in a war room conference when Bryce voices an objection. Petrine fears him. I think this sets the tone as to why and Bryce’s character is very limited in exposure and I feel kind of bad leaving a loyal soldier with the bag of honoring a corrupt king so... put him out of his misery. Thats the foundation of what I have so far. Many thoughts on what i should do? Ive got a lot of cameos to cover.
  23. This thread is a concept. I will introduce each character of this game and explain how to use them properly in normal and hard mode. The difficulty spike is quite big for some units which change their usefulness and role. This is not going to be a rating thread although of course one character is more usable than the other one, but this thread shall serve for new people to this game and people who like certain characters, but could not figure out and exploit the best possible of them. Some characters who are more arguable like Edward or Fiona will get more explanation than the OP units like Tibarn and Caineghis who have a simple as clear role and purpose. The order of the unit's presentation will be in the chronological order of appearance time, so I will start with Micaiah and end with Lehran.
  24. SPOILERS LAY AHEAD! (Used to explain idea process) Hey there everyone, so to sum things up I'm a little new to Fire Emblem. I've played some of the games in the past and have just started getting into the lore but I enjoy the role playing aspect as well. My specific question is based on looking into the creation of an OC who is descended from a Laguz line of dragons or a Wolf Laguz. I wasn't sure how to go about this and was wondering if it could fit into the timeline of Awakening or if I should base my OC on something else. I kind of wanted the OC to be a descendant of Rajaion and/or Ena's line since they were the only canon Laguz dragons to have an Unnamed Child which could lead to a Descendant but the likelihood of any of them surviving to Awakening's point is slim to none (As shown with Panne's supports and the persecution of Taguel) at the same time the Dragon Laguz bear enough resemblance to humans/Beorc to pass as one in a human/Beorc form so I believe there could be a slim, if somewhat far fetch'd, possibility of this working out. Priam was another source I looked at since he is a descendant from Ike, a character from Rajaion and Ena's time, as well. This isn't really based on game play mechanics (As I don't believe Robin can class into a Taguel or Manakeet form) but rather on the idea of creating a fun OC to play as in Fire Emblem Awakening Role Plays. I'm willing to make a different character of course which is more human/Beorc based but I enjoyed poking at this idea and was wondering what you guys thought :3 Would it work out? Why or why not? How would I manage such a character to fit into Awakening's story and lore without making it a Mary Sue or Gary Sue? Other questions I worried about was whether or not Laguz could be considered as the ancestor of Taguel and if the character should be a Taguel instead. Manakeets and Dragon Laguz aren't related as far as I know so I didn't see that idea working out to well. But again, I'm open to all sorts of ideas and or interpretations of this :3
  25. small time streamer. I will post when I am live from this from here on. link is in my signature now. (Edit: changed title and edited this to make more sense. apologies if I'm slow)
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