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  1. FE5 (Thracia 776) Randomizer by hexrobot I started this project in 2020 because of boredom and after furious keyboard mashing and long hours playtesting somehow managed to finish 🥳. Works with most roms. Read the code on Github. Features: Randomizes character and enemies bases, growths, classes, leadership stars, vigor stars, skills, etc. Randomizes weapon attributes (Might, Accuracy, Critical, etc.) and item rewards. Balance options (some of them to make the game easier). Shuffles character portrait palettes 🤩. Screenshots: Download Latest release: v1.2 [ Windows | Mac os | Linux (deb) ]
  2. Hey 🙂, i'm just shamelessly self-promoting but on my youtube channel (TerraTheHamster) i'm doing my own randomized ironman on Birthright! I'm a very small channel and would love some subscribers or advice or whatever so check it out if you want. Even if you go there just for a look i'd love you TerraTheHamster - YouTube
  3. I said I was going to make this thread like a year ago, but it had completely slipped my mind, and I had set out on looking into FE9, getting burned out, and then getting everything back together again to actually make things happen. In any case, here's the link to the repo for Yune. Link Latest Release: 0.9.3 The downloads can be found in the releases section. The readme also goes over how all of the options work and what they do. As the randomizer is written in Java, the only requirement is that you need a somewhat recent JRE installed to be able to run the randomizer. It has been compiled for Windows (32-bit or 64-bit), MacOS, and Linux (GTK). Supported titles: Fire Emblem 4: Genealogy of the Holy War - Requires JP ROM (headered or unheadered) or Pre-patched ROM with Project Naga translation patch. Fire Emblem 6: Binding Blade - Requires JP ROM or Pre-patched ROM with the Redux translation patch. Fire Emblem 7: Blazing Sword - Requires US ROM Fire Emblem 8: Sacred Stones - Requires US ROM Fire Emblem 9: Path of Radiance - Requires US ISO (Note that there is a good chance of an out of memory error when using a 32-bit JRE for FE9 randomization). I trust FE4 and the GBAFEs to be fairly stable, but FE9 is a bit shaky (and likely quite buggy, if you enable too many options that I haven't had the chance to test simultaneously), because it's not quite up to the standard I would have liked for it to be. I'm still trying to figure a lot of things out for how FE9 actually works and the next step is one that will likely take a long time because it involves chapter scripting. Rather than hold it for that long, I'd rather have people able to test it and start finding bugs that need to be addressed, as well as solicit information if anybody has anything that might help with FE9 quirks. Those bugs could also help give me other ideas on how FE9 might actually work under the covers. Please file any bugs you find in the GitHub repository directly in the Issues section so that I can track them, alongside any suggestions that could help me improve Yune. EDIT: 0.9.1 is now available. Changelog: EDIT: 0.9.2 is now available! Changelog: EDIT: 0.9.3 is now available! Changelog:
  4. Hello! After a (absurd) amount of time, the first version of the FE3 randomizer is finally here! Download of the lasted version: https://github.com/theonlywilll/XaneRandomizer The randomizer supports randomization for playable units including class, stats, items and supports! For enemies you can randomize their classes, have a chance to them drop a random item, increase their level and stats. Also some other nice options like shop randomization and 0% growth. Of course, you can choose to the randomizer create a log to keep track of the changes. What ROM to use? And what translation patch? When using the randomizer, you will need to choose a ROM. In fact, it can be (almost) any ROM! IMPORTANT: You need a headered version of the ROM! If you can't find a headered version anywhere, you can simply just download a software like TUSH and add a header easily. This is compatible with a totally clean japanese FE3 ROM, both version 1.0 and 1.1. Also, it works with translations patches. The randomizer will use whatever ROM you choose, so to use a translated ROM you need to have one first. Same thing if you want to play with a clean ROM in japanese. Compatible translations patches: Updated translation patch v1.3 by Quirino Bugfix update by Robert of Normandy (recommended) For more in-depth information, you can read the readme.txt that is included with the download or go here! If you want to suggest features, feel free to do so. Oh, also please report bugs! It can be here or the github page. Credits to the people that made the original FE3 nightmare modules, updated them and made even new ones, and the japanese community for making a immense documentation on the game. A big thank you to these people, and a sorry for them for sufferring through the spaghetti FE3 code.
  5. I have been playing Path of Radiance Randomized via Yune recently, and got a really good Sothe that randomized into Mia with stupidly great growths and put a Blossom on him for a near perfect level up every time. He capped Strength, Skill, Speed, Defense and Resistance at Lvl20 unpromoted, and now he's my main damage dealer and best candidate for that Resolve + Wrath to beat Ashnard. Except, every time I try to promote him, the game crashes. Give the Bonus EXP, the Class Change text pops up, screen fades to black and the FPS counter freezes. Nothing happens and I can't even soft reset after that. My guess is that, since Sothe can't promote in the base game, the game doesn't know what to do when the promotion happens for him in the randomizer, thus the crash. Has anyone had a similar experience with randomized Sothe? If so, did you manage to fix it somehow?
  6. Link to UPS Patch (FE8U) What's self-randomizing? This is a rom that randomizes itself - meaning that no two playthroughs will be alike! Features Options screen on New Game start Tactician name as randomizer seed Random classes for players and enemies Random growths and bases Random personal skills Random weapon stats Random chest and event items Palettes that might be janky because that's part of the charm v1.3 changelog: Additions - Random Class Skills option: Shuffles all learned skills per class! (innate skills e.g. Canto/Shove not shuffled) - Skill Scrolls (learn a random skill) added to drop list and prep screen shop - Amnesia Scrolls (forget a learned skill) also added - Thracia Mode! Put "776" somewhere in your seed to give everyone Capture, set Hit to 1RN and between 1-99! Tweaks - Stats no longer overflow/underflow (e.g. demon king HP) - Dancers and Bards animations don't crash if they double - Flashy mode now works in vanilla! (all boss kill attacks show the critical animation) - All items can be sold or discarded - Debuffs now clear properly between chapters - Scripted battles end correctly when one character dies - Nosferatu and Devil Axe fixed in Vanilla Mode Skills - Skills learned per class redistributed to reflect the new skills available - Wary fighter removed from dancers/bards since it doesn't crash any more - When forgetting a skill, you can press R to see the skill description - Fixed various Capture glitches ------ Other useful things: - Press Select at the stats menu to view stats/growths - You can buy a lot of useful things at the prep screen armory - Hold L to toggle battle animations on/off - Hold A to speed up battle animations (and B to pause them) - Press Select to view Danger Zone - You can shove/drop/etc onto most terrain, useful if you're stuck - Use the Konami code if you're really stuck - If you plant the right seed you may find it sprouts into a secret game mode - Press R on the Donate to Circles screen to find out how to donate Known Issues - Trying to back out of the unit menu after doing a Talk/Support can show the conversation again
  7. Hello people! I hope you can humor me and my obsession with hacking Shadow Light and the Dragon of Blade or whatever! I've decided to merge my three different "projects", pure translation, improvement/modding, and a randomizer into a single project I'm calling "Fire Emblem - War of Darkness". The goal here is to add improvements to Blade of Light to bring it up-to-speed with its remakes. I also thought I'd open it up to the public for ideas and testing. Currently the script is as bug-free as it's ever been. Here's a list of all the things I've added as "enhancements" so far: - Camus is recruitable by Astria - Mages use their Strength/Magic to attack - Stat window shows MAGIC for Mages instead of STRENGTH - Crossbows are short-range only weapons for Archers - Thunder/Tron tomes deal bonus damage to Dragon Knights - Nyna replaces Biraku in Chapter 5 - Generals can wield Swords, Lances, and Bows - Gradius, Parthia, and the Miracle Rapier are unbreakable - Mars starts with a Vulnerary - Vulenaries are 3 uses instead of 5 - Some units have Resistance now (based on Monshou). - All units promote using Master Seals now - Knights promote to Generals - Hunters promote to Horsemen - Iron Lances have 6 Might instead of 5 - New Usability table - Added Steel Lance - Enemies use Steel Lances like in Monshou - Added Killer Lance - Added Killer Bow - Added Slim Lance - Added the Nothung (randomizer only) - Miracle Rapier is no longer Mars-exclusive - Added Intro - Added different song for some chapter intros Here's my planned additions: - Healers get EXP from healing - Map compression (better support for map changes) - Fake Maph tomes / redesign of Chapter 23 based on Shadow Dragon - Conversion of Commando class into Starlord (Mars can promote, just need to change animations) - Shaver tome (again, need to handle animation bug with Mages for this to work) - Randomized chests/village items I'm open to feedback from you guys on things to improve or whatever you may want modded in. The program I'm using to make these changes and randomize the game is not at a point where I could release it, unfortunately. Nevertheless, if you want more randomized seeds let me know. I threw in some randomized patches as an example with the "just-improvements" patch with randomly named seeds. I also tried to have the randomizer balance everything so you shouldn't get screwed over. There's still a very rare chance of getting a Thief with the Falchion or a Bishop with the Maph, though! 😄 If you happen to get any item in a randomized patch with a name like ???, don't use it. This can happen as since enemies have a rare chance to drop anything in the game. These ??? items may be turned into working things later. Test it out here: Latest Patch: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1C2K7SsLOMksapd6CR4Z0fRUmlBoRomsM/view?usp=sharing Latest Randomizer: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1F-cBeiVcHY4ZJAjJQ6m6MbQJRU2o_Qx7/view?usp=sharing
  8. I have both a decrypted .3DS and a cia of Awakening, but I have not been able to get the game to be randomized. I have tried extracting, modding, and then repacking the romfs folder back into both the .3ds and .cia but neither seems to have the randomization, as if nothing changed. I followed the steps for the randomizer best I could but I can't wrap my head around why it isn't working. Does anyone have any clue? All forums I've looked at having given me any help and have been dormant for a while.
  9. Hello Forest Dwellers. Here's a FE8Randomizer playthrough. The one by Circles: the gold standard of randomizers. Much work went in to doing it justice. Without further ado, let's bring on this baptism by fire:
  10. I know there is already the fe8 self randomizer, that includes skills, but i really would rather use the universal randomizer. It has several options that I like, the most important one being that you can keep enemy classes the same. Unless there is a way to do that with fe8, I really would rather use the universal randomizer. When I've initially tried this though, it seems like they aren't compatible, at least simply.
  11. 1 year later note: YUNE does FE4 randomizing better these days. Don't go using this one. Over Christmas, i decided I wanted to make a proper FE4 randomizer as opposed to the crappy one I had made and posted to Reddit last summer. Now I have completed a playthrough of it to find and fix all the bugs I could find, and then fixed some more bugs with the help of some people on Reddit, I thought people over here would like it as well. So here we have it: Jespoke's FE4 Randomizer 2.1! And here is a link to the source code: https://github.com/jespoketheepic/JespokesFE4randomizer Randomize options: Classes Promotions Base Stats Growth Rates Skills Holy Blood Holy Blood Growth Bonuses Holy Weapon Bonuses Weapons: Might, Hit, Weight Other things: Various weapons are shuffled around and edited to match the randomized classes. Sword skills can be used and inherited by anyone, and holy weapons can be sold and bought. There is an option to nerf your own units' growth rates, in case you want to go ham on the OP options. There is an option to slightly rebalance weapons A few small things are edited to stop anything from breaking. If you run into anything weird, please tell me so I can try to fix it. The randomizer is made to work with both headered and unheadered roms, with or without the Project Naga translation patch. I want to thank the people in Lamia's FE4 stuff for finding/compiling a lot of the locations in the rom to edit to get everything to work, as well as the FE Binary people who made the Sword Skills patch. Please leave any feedback, suggestions, and fun results you may have ~ Updates: Update 2.1.2: Fixed an issue that came up when using high difficulty settings without randomizing growths. Added 2 new options for Holy Blood allocation: 33% Major 66% Minor, and 4 Minors. Update 2.1.3: Closed the loop created by 2.1.2 Update 2.1.4: Fixed the 2.1.2 problem (hopefully completely this time) The option to have Holy Blood not give growths is now actually considered a valid input. Added some stuff to make issues that get the randomizer stuck easier to pinpoint. Update 2.1.5: Fixed Pursuit rates not being as advertised. Added option to give you a guaranteed Troubadour if you want. Update 2.1.6: Kids and their substitutes now have the same classes, which means substitutes will no longer join with weapons they can't use. The guaranteed healer option now also gives you a guaranteed cleric in the second generation. Fixed the Seliph Holy Blood randomizing function doing exactly the opposite of what it was intended to, which could freeze the randomizer. Update 2.1.7: Tine, Lene, and Nanna now match with their own substitutes, instead of those of each other. That also fixes another problem introduced by the switcheroo, that caused saves to not load and the boss of the prologue to act weird.
  12. If you're here looking for a Randomizer, please use Yune! I'll put up a full post later with the details, but here's the link for now: https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-FE-Randomizer Latest Version: v1.1.0 Link: https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-GBA-FE-Randomizer-Windows/releases/tag/v1.1.0 Changelog: v1.1.0 Added the ability to generate a changelog when randomizing. It always generates a file called Changelog.html in a directory you specify. The changelog includes your settings and the updated characters/classes/items tables. Mostly for convenience so that you don't have to open up Nightmare if you're curious as to what everything changed to. Note that all strings are pulled directly from the game data, so in theory this will display ROM hacks properly. (But the current logic doesn't look in the right place for chapter units, so don't try that yet. That will happen later.) The downside is that IS decided to not use the Female flag for classes, so figuring out which class is the female variant is slightly odd. Know that if two classes with the same name show up, the first one is usually the male variant and the second is usually the female variant. They look something like this: Updated weapon rank logic to attempt to transfer a character's highest rank when changing classes as opposed to randomly upping weapon ranks based on appearance. This fixes the issue where everybody starts with A rank because I didn't realize that characters would appear multiple times throughout chapters, so they got bumped several times, which almost guarantees them to be A rank by the end of it. v1.0.1 Added logic to make sure legendary weapons don't show up prematurely. Updated logic for movement costs to only update them for classes of units that need them (FE6: Miledy and Gale, FE7: Fiora and Farina, FE8: Glen and Valter). Removed Enemy Buff: At least Amount. Added Cross Gender option when randomizing classes. Fixed an issue where FE8 monster weapons were getting 1-2 range causing crashes. Fixed an issue where FE8 wasn't determining an appropriate promoted class for trainees (should only affect random recruitment). v1.0.0 Initial Release. So a few weeks back, after talking about randomizers and other things we could potentially randomize, I decided to start a project to roll all of the possible randomizers into one easy-to-use package. The most well known randomizer is probably the class randomizer, for which there exists apps/scripts to randomize FE7 and FE8, I believe (not sure about FE6). I think there's a weapon stat randomizer somewhere as well for FE7, though I'm not sure about the other ones. Finally, one of my buddies on /r/fireemblem came up with an idea to randomize growths for a character as well, which I thought was a neat idea, though at the time, one person had to randomly generate it by hand. The purpose of this project was to give the user as much control as they wanted to randomize their game in the most accessible way possible. In any case, the fruits of that project were recently borne with the v1.0 release that I put up on /r/fireemblem and would like to share here as well. The project is open source on github and is written in Visual Basic for the Windows platforms. I have plans to do a mac one at some point in Cocoa right after I get my new macbook, so in the meantime, this is Windows only. (Somebody suggested an Android version as well, which might be a reality if I can remember how to do android programming (did it a couple of years back, but my forte is in iOS development.) Github link: https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-GBA-FE-Randomizer-Windows Link to Randomizer: https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-GBA-FE-Randomizer-Windows/blob/master/GBA%20FE%20Stat%20Randomizer/GBA%20FE%20Stat%20Randomizer/bin/Release/GBA%20FE%20Randomizer.zip The zip file includes the executable as well as Arch's Tutorial Slayer patch, which is necessary for FE7. Run the executable and you'll be greeted with a scroll that looks like this. Everything is grayed out initially until you select a valid file using the Browse... button. Assuming you fed it a valid file (determined by the header, assuming it's a GBA header and has either game code AFEJ (FE6 JP), AE7E (FE7 NA), or BE8E (FE8 NA), all of the options will re-enable themselves and the game you fed it should show up properly underneath. Feeding it something invalid will let you know the game code it detected. Most options are self explanatory, but if you need help on any of them, a tooltip will show up if you hover your mouse over the checkboxes or numeric controls. As a reference, here's a quick rundown: Randomize Growths: For every important character (i.e. has a character entry), it takes the total amount of growths that unit has and redistributes it across all growth areas. For example, FE7 Eliwood has 80% + 45% + 50% + 40% + 45% + 30% + 35% = 325%. This option will take that 325% and randomly assign growths so that it still totals up to 325%. Maybe you'll get an Eliwood that's 100% HP, 50% STR, 25% SKL, 25% SPD, 100% LCK, 15% DEF, and 10% RES. Or you may get an Eliwood that's 10% HP, 10% STR, 10% SKL, 150% SPD, 45% DEF, and 100% RES. Growth variance adds or subtracts a random amount up to the specified number to their totals. So if you set a variance of 20, then Eliwood could start with anywhere between 305% and 345% to distribute. Force minimum growths will ensure that every growth has at least 5%. Without it, 0% growths are a (very real) possibility. Use weighted HP growths tries to lean more heavily on HP (since that's true most of the time). Randomize Bases: Same as growths, except with your personal bases. You may know this, but a character's base stats are determined by the sum of their personal base and their class base. This option only redistributes their personal bases. Base Variance is the same as above. It adds or subtracts a random amount up to the specified base from the total bases a character has before redistributing. Randomize CON: Exactly as it sounds like, but this works differently than above. There is no redistribution here, just a random number up to the variance specified that is added or subtracted from a character's personal CON. For example, FE7 Eliwood starts with 7 CON. With a variance of 1, he could start with 6 - 8 CON. With a variance of 2, he could start with 5 - 9 CON. With a variance of 3, he could start with 4 - 10 CON. And so on. A minimum CON value is also an option in case you really don't want to deal with anything lower than 3 CON, for example. Any CON that ends up less than this value is brought up to this value. Randomize MOV: Unlike the above, this operates on a class level, and is strictly determined by the range given. Note that male and female variants of a class are considered different classes. The range is determined by the minimum and maximum specified. Randomize Affinity: So straightforward it doesn't even have any options. It just assigns a random affinity to every major character (bosses included, though I don't think that matters much unless you're one of the desert bandits). Randomize Items: So many options... This gives you the ability to make random tweaks to weapons. They mostly operate with the same pattern. The variance is the amount of change you want to allow for a weapon's stat. For example, let's say you have an FE7 Iron Sword. It has 5 MT by default. If you set the Might variance to 5, then it could end up anywhere between 0 and 10 MT. If you don't want any low might weapons, you can set the Minimum Might to a desirable value and it will make sure weapons never go below that value. Every other stat works the same. Weight also allows you to set a maximum in case you don't want anything weighing more than 20 WT, for example. The final, and in my opinion, most interesting option is the ability to randomize traits. What this does is give every weapon in the game an additional random trait on top of it's normal version. The potential traits include Brave Effect, Unbreakable, Devil, Poison, Reverse weapon triangle, Eclipse effect, Magical Damage, Negates Defense (in supported games only), effectiveness to a group of classes (limited to the existing ones), or a random stat bonus (limited to the existing ones). So, for example, maybe all Iron Swords become brave in your game, or all iron axes are actually good against swords, or all iron bows halve your HP (this one is particularly annoying). Randomize Classes: The meat of it all. Takes all characters and gives them a random class. The options here are straightforward, but without any additional options, Lords, Thieves, and Bosses are not randomized. This is mostly so that the game is more stable (i.e. less issues with lords getting force promoted, or lacking a thief when you need one, etc.). The options re-enable them as desired. Allow Unique Classes will add more exotic classes to the pool. This includes Dancers, Soldiers, and Manaketes (in supported games). In FE8, this also adds monster classes to the pool. Buff Enemy Growths: You may know that most basic enemies get their stats from an autoleveling routine in the game based on class growths. This allows you to increase those values for a harder game. The options do exactly as they sound like: Up To Amount is 0 up to X, Exactly amount is exactly X, and At Least Amount is X up to 255. I recommend not doing that last one. I may just remove it because it's not really practical, IMO. Also Buff Bosses will give every boss character a somewhat matching buff so that they don't end up significantly weaker than the regular enemies on the map. Recruitment: This is probably the buggiest piece of the entire thing. You know those Reverse Recruitment patches that are floating around out there? This attempts to do it programmatically, with varying degrees of success. If you want to play reverse recruitment, you should probably just use one of the patches. Randomized recruitment might still have some use though if you want to experiment around with it. It does exactly as it sounds: re-arrange when each character joins the party. Does not affect scenes though, so there's some disconnect, story-wise. Some Screenshots: Additional Notes: Soldiers can actually promote if you randomize classes. I added logic to allow Soldiers to promote with the use of a Knight's Crest. In FE6 and FE7, they promote to General, while in FE8, they get the choice of General or Paladin. Lords can also promote with less exotic items, in case you're stuck with 5 Eliwood Lords. Most use a Knight's Crest, but Lyn Lord uses a Hero Crest instead. Monsters in FE8 are also given promotions if you randomize classes. They use the item you'd expect them to, that is: Mogalls use Guiding Rings, Revenant, Mauthe doogs, and Bonewalkers use Hero Crest, Baels and Tarvos use Knight's Crest, Bow Bonewalkers use Orion's Bolt, and Gargoyles use Elysian Whips. Note that random item effects are additive. Brave Bow will always be Brave, but may also get, say, magical damage. Magical weapons (except axes) will automatically get 1-2 range if they weren't already (this is the only reason why Magic Weapons are a thing in FE6). In addition, Magic Swords and Lances will be assigned a random spell animation if they do not already have one. Some item effects are mutually exclusive. Namely, Devil, Eclipse Effect, and Poison, because they cannot be combined with each other from a technical standpoint. Some characters are always exempt from class randomization. Mostly final bosses and some big name NPCs. The randomizer *potentially* works with other hacks/patches, depending on how involved they are. Repointed tables are ok, but obviously, the number of items or characters the randomizer thinks there are will be off, not to mention, it no longer knows who's a boss and who's a playable character. Patches that don't modify the game too much should be ok, but full on hacks probably won't work. For FE6, please use the translation patch here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=41095 before feeding it to the randomizer. I may do this automatically in the future for you (like Arch's tutorial slayer patch), but it doesn't do it right now. There are some other things, but you'll find them as you play around with it. I make no guarantees about this being bugfree. It went through v0.33, v0.66, and v0.99 before finally being good enough for a v1.0 release, so most major issues should be ironed out. However, there can still be other issues nobody has found yet. Please report them so that I can get them fixed.
  13. So here is a thing I made just for kicks and giggles: a randomizer for the class "skill trees" (learnsets) in Fire Emblem Fates! How to use it: Pick your desired settings and hit the "Shuffle!" button, and the program will output a table mapping each class's skill-learning level milestone to a random skill in the game! Whenever one of your characters learns a new skill, replace it with the corresponding skill from the table. (A save editor or ROM hacking capabilities are necessary.) Detailed instructions: The table that shows the results of the shuffle looks something like this: ...and so on. To see how it works, let's look at the Oni Savage class. Normally they'd learn Seal Resistance at level 1 and Shove at level 10, but according to the shuffle, they now learn Life and Death at level 1 and Rally Magic at level 10. So if you get a Level 8 Oni Savage added to your party, replace Seal Resistance with Life and Death at the first opportunity. When the Oni Savage reaches level 10 and learns Shove, replace Shove with Rally Magic at the first opportunity. If you reclass a unit and they start to learn skills from the new class, replace them according to this table. Child units keep whatever skills they inherited from their parents; replace the rest according to this table. If you capture a unit, modify their current-class and base-class skills according to this table, but leave their other skills the same. If the unit had an enemy-only skill that was eligible to appear in the table based on the settings you chose, you may put that skill back on after the game takes it off. If you earn "Gentilhomme/Demoiselle", apply the skill that matches your character's gender. So males get Gentilhomme and females get Demoiselle. If you want to de-equip a skill from a unit, that's fine, just remember that you'll need to use your save editor to re-apply it. Note that Powersaves can only edit the skills of the first character in the top-left save file, so to edit a character other than Corrin, you have to enter a battle where deploying Corrin is not mandatory, then on Select Units de-select all except the one you want to edit, then save the game without starting the battle. The most reliable way to do this--which works at any time on any route starting at Chapter 7--is to go to your castle's crystal ball and choose StreetPass Team -> Check Defenses. (You do not need to, and shouldn't, enable StreetPass before doing this.) If you selected Surprise Mode, you'll see a table like this: All skills will be hidden at first, but you can reveal a skill by clicking the checkbox next to it. The "skill tree key" keeps track of which skills are revealed and updates automatically, so after you earn and reveal some skills, copy the key string and it will remember that you revealed those skills when you load from that string! Some more details: If you have any feedback (you found a bug, or I put your favorite skill in the "weak" category, or you believe I horribly mis-tiered the enemy skills, or you have any other suggestions), please let me know! And finally a friendly reminder: Modifying your characters this way is playing according to an alternate set of rules. Fine when you're offline, but using these characters against other people online would be cheating. So if you do a randomized run, don't put any of these characters on your wireless battle teams, and on that particular save file, make sure NOT to activate StreetPass or update data using your castle's crystal ball.
  14. I know that at this point the FE15 modding/hacking community is basically dead after the no reinforcement patches were released. Regardless, this game has a huge soft spot in my heart. It got me through a miserable summer job as a camp counselor, and I'll always be grateful for that. One thing that I'm in the stages of starting to code out is a randomizer for the game. There's still a lot to figure out in terms of writing something to patch the romfs, but at the early stages of this, I just wanted to make something that generates random classes so that I can play the game with random classes. I figured that the fastest way to do this run without writing a full-blown C++ application (which I still want to do if there's interest), is to make use of cheat codes as well as write some JavaScript to make a web-based tool so that everyone else could take advantage of! Spoiler alert, JavaScript and web development is outside of my standard programming expertise, so I apologize if my code doesn't run well on some browsers. With the JS that I wrote as well as some exploration and discovery of in-game mechanics, I've done a pretty good job of figuring out the rules for a randomized Echoes run, and some of the possible issues that a run would present. Here are my four big takeaways from discovering some game mechanics: 1. A lot of the enemy/Amiibo classes work WAY better than expected and a decent number actually look pretty natural. I also tested the Amiibo, and all of their classes look akin to the playable legacy classes in Fates (eg. Great Lord, Vanguard, etc.) where it was like your character is wearing Marth's/Robin's/Lucina's/Ike's outfit. 2. The sprite system for this game is so cool! The game seems to use this head-and-socket system for classes where your character's head is put onto the class body (the "socket") to genericize the process instead of making custom sprites and throwing a generic sprite when you can't pull one. So that means characters who you would never expect to see specific sprites for (ex. Sonya as a Baron, Python as an Arcanist, Deen as a Hero) still generate sprites due to how the head-and-socket system works. 3. Spell lists stay the same for the most part. Some classes suffer some minor compatibility issues (ex. Can't learn White Magic as a Balor), but for the most part spells stays the same. 4. Alm is not compatible with randomization. For some reason, Alm basically loses all playability when he classes into something other than Unknown, Fighter, Hero, and Conqueror. He is unable to break boxes and as a result he can't navigate most dungeons. So, for most runs, you should opt to keep Alm in his normal class progression. It sucks, but luckily Celica doesn't have that problem. Anyway, here's a link to the tool: Click Here! You can also find a full writeup with the prereqs and some suggested runs here. (CFW and NTR cheats are required to randomize it with the method I'm using. The specific NTR Cheat is the "All Class Selectable by Class Change" option that will allow you to class people into their appropriate random class) I still have yet to do a full playthrough to confirm that the game doesn't crash during any story events. I've started a run, and as of now, nothing has crashed, so I think that's a pretty good sign, but I'll update you if anything happens. I imagine that the probability the game itself crashes is minimal, since all the randomized classes exist within the game, but it's certainly possible. Only thing I could imagine happening is that something weird might happen with cutscenes with Alm and Celica. I'll definitely post an update when I make it to that point! Anyway, when I get closer to actually making something to randomize the system, I'll post it. Hopefully some people will make use of this tool! Either way, really happy to be a part of this community and feel like I'm contributing something.
  15. This is a program that will generate a text document with randomized class changes for all of the characters in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon. Fe 11 Randomizer.zip instructions 1. Unzip the file 2. Open the dist folder 3. Run the ShadowDragonRandomizer.exe 4. Your randomized list will be Characters.txt in the same folder Post any feedback in the comments below
  16. Hello everyone! After having lots and lots of fun playing circleseverywhere's self-randomizing FE8, I decided to finally make this run. The rules are simple : 1- Let's have fun - The run must be played on hard mode, with the default settings for a randomization. 2- Time loop rule : no man down - If a unit dies, the run is reset. The seed will be named after the dead unit. 3 - No cheating - If I'm stuck against the Demon King because I have no legendary weapons, that's life. I have to redo the whole run in order to get a chance to get a legendary weapon. However, this case should be extremely rare and if I ever reach the Demon King, I should have a weapon at my disposal. 4 - Playing for fun - I'll try to turtle as less as I could in order to make the run entertaining. That means for example that I shouldn't grind bards/dancers just to make it easier for me. Everything is fair game as long as it's efficient. With that in mind, let's begin! Prologue and Chapter 1 I have no clue if I'll ever be able to finish this, but expect a wild ride.
  17. Hey everyone, Kobazco (just call me Kobe tho) here, bringing you my first screenshot lp! I've always really liked reading these, but never had a good excuse to start one of my own. I'm gonna keep commentary and such basic I think though, I don't see much of a reason to do anything over the top. Somethings to establish about this run/lp. Yes, this is Shadows of Valentia randomized. I randomize above level 1 units via a save editor. I randomize level 1 units by reclassing them via cheats. All randomization choices are done via a list randomizer including all classes. Sadly, I can't use the arcanist/cantor class as much as I want to due to magic lists not working (units won't learn spells) Additionally, the only gender specific class that I will abide to is the Cleric, as male Clerics will not learn heal/nosferatu for the above reason. All villager characters will be randomized upon their class change from villager, as there is no villager equivalent to random to. To make things.... interesting, no mila gear is allowed and this is an ironman run. I assume if you're reading this, you've already seen/played SoV, so I'll be skipping all story elements. Without further ado, let's begin.
  18. This is Red Randomizer Nuzlocke. What's interesting about this particular one is that it includes all the Pokémon up to and including the sixth generation [spoiler=PICK MY GOON] Furret is the stuff of nightmares LET'S GO Nuzlocke demands a set battle style ahh that nice familiar face [: Why would my name be anything else? He looks like a bully and an asshole Perfect MUH POTION All non-key items are randomized! Or they should be, anyway I have a terrible foreboding feeling all of a sudden... And girls don't? Televisions are sexist I... need an adult? yo YO YO Pick for me, fellow denizens of the forest! Pokémon Silver Randomizer Nuzlocke starts here QUOTES:
  19. I'm used the Universal GBA FE Randomizer to do an FE8 run, and my Tana spawned as a soldier. I was curious what would happen so I threw a master seal at her at level 10, and she turned into a recruit. I thought soldiers were supposed to be able to become Generals or Paladins? Is she doomed to be a Recruit? And what level of Recruit would this be anyway?
  20. I've recently started tweaking the GBA Fire emblem randomizer (https://github.com/lushen124/Universal-GBA-FE-Randomizer-Windows/releases/tag/v1.1.0) to try and fix some of the common issues that occur for me such as: Heavily lopsided growths Weird weapons (poison weapons etc) etc Wanted to know if there was any interest in these changes and if so, I can make them public. Also if anyone has any ideas, I can try and fix those too!
  21. I have enough general programming know-how to come up with a randomizer, but I need to know how lots of things are stored/handled by the game. If people have already datamined FE10 to death and have well-documented notes on it, then I'd be very grateful to have those to use. Wishlist of information needed for a "full" randomizer: characters: names, portraits, stats, growths, affinities, skills, starting items classes: stats, growths, skills, promotion paths, promotion gains items: stats, special traits chapters: recruitment special promotions: Micaiah's, Sothe's, and Ike's and also possibly (to prevent crashes): models & textures: for characters and classes both in battle and on the map Finally, I'd need to know how the game stores who can seize. If it's tied to character, then no problem, but if it's by class, that would be problematic.
  22. Can I ask a Question? How we can recolor in Fire Emblem 8 Randomizer? I have mixed my FE8 with GBA.FE.Randomizer and I got some new random Class... With tutorial From Gasht Station on Youtube I know how to re-color Character in Fe Randomizer, but It Does not Work in Fire Emblem 8. All of my characters keep their Default color (blue clothes with Green hair and brow hair sometimes...). So Does Anyone know how to recolor in Fire emblem 8? Thanks a lot If you can help me this and sorry for my bad English...
  23. HELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO AAAAAALLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!! sorry I would love so much if anyone could provide me with a randomized ROM of FE 6, 7 or 8... but is HAS to be a .gba file as the only GBA emulator I will use is gba4ios on my iPad. If any one could do this i'd be ever in your debt. I won't be licking any toes though ;)
  24. And, I'm back with a new randomizer because my old one's save stopped working. I'm not going to bother with a long intro, so I'm just going to start again right away. Also the format for the spoiler tags is: top-screenshots/commentary middle-new units/unit ratings bottom-level ups And here's the settings I used. The growth randomization was a bit more extreme
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