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Found 13 results

  1. So basically, thanks to the pandemic, the job opportunities for a university student were really scarce, but my friend managed to get his father to hire me for administration at his firm. I got placed into one of the places where they put together the devices the company sells. Now, I don't get a lot of money for this job, but it's still more than nothing, and almost the same as what the people earn who I work with - who are not only working here in the summer. The difference is, they are like 20 years older than me, and, well, aren't the brightest ones out there. This is only my second week, but I start to wish I was deaf (we are allowed to use only one "ear" of headphones, to hear if they are calling for us) because of the constant stupidity I hear here. They talk about everything, including politics, law, economics - all the while they pretend they actually know what they are talking about, and while I'm not someone who has much knowledge in law, I'm studying economics, and I actively take part in political stuff, so I know that they are factually wrong in like 90% of what they talk about, which I wouldn't mind if they could stop being such racists and "know-alls". I don't know, I just wanted to get my thoughts out here, because I won't go against all my coworkers, as I still have 5 weeks of working left here, but I start to already have enough. What's your go-to tactic to ignore stuff around you if you can't just listen to music to not even hear them?
  2. So I don't know if this is even possible, but I'm fairly certain it's not, thus why the title is the way it is. I have a player in my Plaza on Revelations, his name is Brandon, a lv. 45 Lodestar, with Evenhanded, Odd Shaped, Even Better, Better Odds, and Grisly Wound. At first , I fell for it, and spent good time being friends with Kaden(cause I personally like the Kitsune and Nine-Tails better than the Wolfskin and the Wolfskin with unicorn horns) to see if I could have a Nine-Tails Avatar even though I know those classes, like Nohr Prince/ess, is unplayable to other characters. Low and behold, when Kaden and my avatar are at the A-bond, I used a Friendship Seal on my avatar, and saw Kaden's secondary class option,s but not Nine-Tails!!! This guy is a hacker, and probably has done this with all his other units(most of which are other players' recruited avatars and/or bond units), and I recommend you do not do this!! Sure, it's fun to have exotic skills, but it's not okay to have those skills through hacking. Now, since I found a hacker, even though I'm pissed off at him for doing what he did, I'm also excited, because he made HIS avatar have those skills. Therefore, you just have to beat him in a Castle Battle to gain those skills by first buying one of those skills off him. The problem is, as mentioned before, his other units are also Avatar characters from other players, each with overwhelming skill sets, and if you battle in his castle, he has his avatar holding the throne down with a Swordmaster recruited avatar supporting him(all the recruits are also at least over lv. 40, to give you a picture of the difficulty level). As my characters are right now, I cannot beat this asshole outright, but I do have an idea to still win. As most of you know, if you battle in another player's castle, it's far easier to win due to the Seize win condition coupled with the Rout win condition. Therefore, all you need to do is get the asshole's personal avatar off the throne and have another unit(preferably a flyer for mobility reasons) get to the throne and end the battle. Now, as you've already guessed, this guy has already tried thinking of that, and has a Swordmaster recruit avatar supporting him, giving his already high speed an even better boost, as well as weilding Omega Yato, in total giving him a +10 to his Spd, making almost anything impossible to hit him. This has one problem: staves. Staves(and rods) give you the best chances of non-direct win conditions thanks to their versatility in the field. Hexing Rod, Enfeeble, Entrap, and Freeze to mention a few(unless I just mentioned all of the offensive staves/rods...oops) are the best weapons to combat hackers. These weapons might have a hard time affecting their targets, but once they do, everything goes more in your favor(as long as you have the suitable wielders to use them). Now, the best staves/rods for this particular situation need to be filtered out. Hexing Rod: halves the total Life of the target. Decent, but unless your units have the best accuracy possible, they will have a very difficult time dealing with this asshole. Afterall, the Life total doesn't matter if your opponent can't be hit. Enfeeble: lowers all the target's stats by 4 Out of all of the staves, this is the most important, probably only seconded by Freeze. It lowers the asshole's stats, making it easier to target him with other staves/rods. Freeze: Reduces target's Mov to 0 and lowers their Avo by 20. Another good option, but only for the Avo -20. The asshole is immobile already by holding the point, so the main affect of Freeze is not that effective. However, it does also make him more susceptible to other staff/rod effects. Entrap: Warps a target in range to a square adjacent to the wielder. THIS is what you want to use as the last staff to end the fight. Get the asshole off his Throne and then swoop in and steal the win. After all of this, all these are good options, except maybe Hexing Rod, since you don't really want to win through combat. Start out with either Enfeeble or Freeze, or both if you're feeling it!! Then, Entrap him off the Throne, and take the win!! After that, you get to take one of his hacked skills. I know you might all wonder how or why a rant turned into a battle plan to beat this hacker, and the answer is simple: hackers don;t know crap when it comes to strategy. They only know "Hey, if I have the best skills on my characters, I can never lose!!!" They think that skills alone are what make them better than everyone else, but they only do this because they can't deal with the hand they were given by the developers of the game, which already give us almost complete free reign over our character development. All these hackers are are just sissy brats that can't take the fact that the game makers made the game the way they did for a reason, to give the players the most fun possible. If they want to try and make themselves feel better by breaking the game balance out of spite and anger, they don't need to be a part of this community and try living in the real world. Those of us that enjoy the game the way it is, and play within the well-written rules, we are the better players because we need to find solutions to these "unbeatable" My Castle teams, and that is the best that can come of hackers. They make us better and they never get out of the hole of depression and hate for us for beating them even when they broke the rules. Anyone that feels horrible because they can't beat hackers, PLEASE READ THIS, AND REALIZE YOU'RE NOT ALONE! We support all of you and will not take the bullshit these low-lifes throw at us, because we are better, we are smarter, we are true gamers and humans!! Hackers can't get it out of their heads that this is just a game, not life, and if they use this game only to make themselves feel like unbeatable gods by having characters near-impossible to directly beat, then they are the weakest people alive and deserve to leave this existence, because they are just wasting space that can be filled and replaced with better people. Sorry for my long rant/strategy/rally whatever this ended up being, but I feel it needed to be said. Keep playing the game, those of you who enjoy the game. And hackers, THANKS FOR THE SKILLS!!!!!
  3. Fuck that punk ass bitch with the lame ass pony tail. I have been trying to get through this motherfucking chapter 5 mother fucking times now and that son of whore can eat a DICK! Choke on the bitch for all I care. Hating ass bitch mad I keep trying to kidnap rally man not once, not twice, but 4 motherfucking times now due to his cheating lunging ass units. He don't even know what the fuck to do with rally man except be a bitch. And for what? I'm trying to save the world and shit and this motherfucker wants to sit on his wall and be a hater. "oh look at me, I'm fucking takumi and I'm mad because you killed my mom." fuck you takumi, that wasn't even your mother, that was corrin's mom motherfucker. Didn't even like her and he sure as hell didn't like corrin but now he want to be humpty dumpty with a mother fucking attitude. Once I get past his cheating ass army, Imma make him like the real humpty and knock his ass off so he can splatter his hating ass all over the wall. Fuck that piece of shit. and you know what? fuck his bitch oboro too, that bitch needs to get off my nuts with all that nohrian hate bullshit. making me solo with corrin wasting precious already limited experience. Also, this slow ass hinata. Don't think I forgot your stupid ass. sitting there trying to turtle me using rallies and shit. you lucky I want to steal your rally boyz otherwise I would just leave your ass there. Fuck Intelligent Systems too, misleading with false advertising and not letting me start a real conquest because I want to burn hoshido to the motherfucking ground just to send takumi a message! Sorry for the rant and swear words but I am so fucking mad right now. phew. Ok I feel better. time to get back and DO THIS!
  4. I just wanted to share this with you guys. But I am gonna rant in here so leave now if you don't like that. I was waiting in chapter 15 of revelation for Nyx to appear, I stood in place and didn't move. Then I wanted to moved again after I recruited Nyx, but I could only move 2 spaces instead of 6, I tapped on the movement button which indeed said I have 2 movement. I Clicked on it and it said -4 Move More Now this is a bullcrap thing they pulled! Was this in earlier fire emblem games? And exactly WHY did they implement this?
  5. Note: This thread was originally called "Characters I Like That Most Other People Don't (please tell me why)." but its current name is "Your Favorite Unpopular Units", because I want to make this thread a place where other people can tell the world which unpopular characters they like and why, as well as receive the opinions of their fellow users. My original post can be found below. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- RANT TIME! (Please don't hate me for this. It's just my opinion, and I want to know your thoughts.) So I was looking at some of the current results for a Fire Emblem Fates popularity poll here on Serenes Forest (Check it out here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=64072)and I felt as though there were many characters who were being horribly misrepresented. Why is it that almost every single one of the characters that had a higher "dislike" score than "like" score are characters that I actually like? Here are some examples. If at all possible, if there is a character on here that you don't like, please tell me why. I would really appreciate the input. - Hayato I find Hayoto's over-confidence endearing. His characterization does well to remind me of one of my personal favorite units, since I really liked Ricken back in Awakening. - Yukimura My favorite of the CorrinSexuals, aside from Izana. He works really hard to protect Hoshido and I think people need to give him a little more credit. - Nyx I gave her the Excaliber tome at the end of my Conquest play-through and she destroyed EVERYTHING. I also really like her character design and I S-supported her on a whim. No regrets. - Asugi I didn't like Gaius back in Awakening, because he was worthless in a fight if you didn't put in the time to train him up or reclass him. Asugi is different. The superiority of the Ninja class and his ability to inherit skills allows him to be a powerful force on the battlefield. - Hisame The big one. The one that I just cannot comprehend. There are so many reasons to like him. He's great in battle with his high defense inheritance, he has good supports with many of the other units, he has good voice-acting, he is the ONLY character Shigure can gain a class from in an A+ support, and his quotes are HILARIOUS. In case you didn't know, his pickle obsession wasn't something that was added onto his characterization in the localization. The Japanese version had plenty of it: http://pastebin.com/a9FZt8aD I just don't get it. Show Hisame some love, people. And while I'm not overly fond of Rhajat, I definitely like her WAY more than I liked Tharja. I DESPISED Tharja, but Rhajat isn't as bad, imo. The lesbian S-support really helps her case, too. Most people don't agree at all, and I have no idea why. If Niles is so loved, then why can't Rhajat just be given a little bit of that credit? I'm just saying. And also, why is Male Corrin always ranked lower than Female Corrin? They are literally THE EXACT SAME CHARACTER. They have NO DIFFERENCES WHATSOEVER. Please explain. Seriously. (And thank you for taking the time to read this.)
  6. So, my birthday was during the past week. Some of my family came to visit me, as I live in Canada while they live in the United States. They know how much I love Nintendo so they decided to buy me an EShop gift card to buy whatever I wanted. I was so excited, as since Fire Emblem Fates: Revelation came out, I was going to use the card to buy that path. Now my family visited, gave me the EShop card. It was worth $35, so just enough to buy the game. I enter the code. I get the message "The card you are using cannot be used with the current region settings". Well, this is a setback. I go to the system settings and change my region. Ok. Problem solved. I go to buy the path. "Your system region settings do not match up with your NNID's settings". Ok. No problem. I'll just go change the region for my NNID. Oh wait. I CAN'T. Now the money is probably going to waste. I guess I'll give it to some friends I know in the states. *Sigh*, this sucks. Sorry, I just needed to vent. Thank you for taking the time to read my post.
  7. My brother got Skylanders Trap Team for Christmas and is excited about it. He needed the light and dark traps though so I took a look at how much they're going for. Looking around and the lowest price I can seem to find them for is $40. The regular retail price of the trap figures is $6. I made jokes about "scalplanders" before but... ;>__>
  8. I'm writing this mainly cos of a fiasco on Gamefaqs. Let's start. Lots of Fire Emblem fans are scared. When they see all the face rubbing and S Supports, they are scared that Fire Emblem will becone a Waifu Sim. They feel that gameplay is ignored in favor of pandering and that kind of garbage. But that's not the case. IS know that this is a strategy sim, and that their 'pandering' is a fun lil add on. Want proof? Let's take a look at If. In favor of gameplay: 1. New weapon triangle made just for the no durability system 2. You can set the AI of your streetpass team. 3. Pair Up has been neatened into Attack and Guard stance. Enemies can also use pair up too. 4. Personal skills give you reasons to use one unit over another, promoting diversity in your team and strategy too. 5. Reclassing mechanics have been changed, and so have crit mechanics. Pandering: 1. FE Amie 2. Hot Springs 3. My Castle 4. Maids/Butlers as a class If the lists are missing something, tell me and I'll add it. They have been pandering to gameplay and otakus equally. Each thing has been given thought and consideration and one side is NOT favored over the other. I guess since they have been showing the pandering more, people only see that and forget the work they have done on gameplay. They've worked on BOTH people! Thank you for reading; I sure hope you a) rest easy over the future of FE and b) have at least taken something from this... NOTE ITS OK IF YOU DONT LIKE PANDERING OR GAMEPLAY IM NOT TRYING TO FORCE YOU TO LIKE IT
  9. I just don't find any of the actors or characters compelling. Except for the dwarf guy, and lady with the fucking dragons, I'm not drawn to it. And my entire peer group is saying I have no cinematic taste despite me being the only one in the group to have seen Citizen Kane, Vertigo, etc. I mean geezus dice, can't I like what I like without getting insulted for it. I read stuff like Dumas and Hemingway instead of fucking Stephanie Meyer or Hunger Games. And just because I only enjoy softcore doesn't mean I'm impotent. fucking people
  10. So I just wandered over to check out the official YuGiOh banlist to see if the new one was up. I was figuring Trishula would break free from it's ban eventually, and was relieved to see it was still banned and therefore would continue to be affordable for me to get. Wandering down the list, I saw something that basically shook apart my concept of the game. Raigeki is now not banned anymore. For 10 years, since the very first banlist, this card has not been allowed to be used. This card was the reason the banlist was put into place in the first place. The card was too ridiculous. You could topdeck it at any moment and save yourself from almost any situation, or you can use it to get rid of whatever monsters your opponent has guarding them to go in for an easy OTK. I do not understand...
  11. ... When I found out that a large chunk of characters from previous games were going to make an appearance in Awakening's downloadable content (DLC), I was actually pretty excited. I have a number of characters that I have labelled as my favorites in the past (Particularly in 6 through 8), so if I ever got the game, I could also purchase some DLC on the side to revisit them. What they did with them, in my opinion, is one of the most borderline unforgivable things you could possibly do with these characters, EVER. To be more specific, I'm talking about how in certain levels of the DLC, you actually have to fight AGAINST the legacy units. Yes, that is actually a thing now. Because I SO want to beat down on characters I connected with in the past. Lugh and Raigh from Binding Blade, my all-time favorite duo? I'm supposed to kill them. Other favorites (Sophia, Nino, Jaffar, etc.) from previous games? I'm also supposed to kill them. FUN, RIGHT?! Oh, and they also have their own heart-breaking death quotes when you defeat them. It's not like "Ah, darn it, you beat me," it really looks like they actually die on the pavement while your unit revels in triumph. FUN, RIGHT?! I would say that this is more of a personal problem than a true detriment in that regard, but I strongly feel like if you grew attached to ANY of these characters in the previous games, then chances are you won't have a good time having to kill them off as if they were generic enemy soldiers on a normal battle-field. Now, I understand that these levels are mere downloadable content, and they canonically never happened (Obviously), so I am willing to think I'm overreacting to this since they're completely optional and have nothing to do with Awakening's story, nor that of previous games. But why on Earth would the developers go out of their way to take arguably the most popular characters in their respective games and reduce them to nothing but a bunch of props? What were they thinking when they did this? Did they not at any point think that this would be incredibly distracting and somewhat heart-wrenching? Did they honestly not stop for a moment and think to themselves, "Hey, maybe simplifying fan favorites into a bunch of drones that the player is supposed to exterminate for some prize might not be the brightest idea?" Because that's what I'm thinking right now. TL;DR: The characters you get from previous games, especially with any of them that you've connected with in the past, are insultingly used as mere obstacles for you to sweep away for some kind of bonus item or skill or whatever. ... Yaaaay.
  12. So, just a while ago I decided to recruit inigo (Chrom!Inigo) (This is my 4th playthrough only made so I can try out new child pairings) I usually did a sumia and chrom pairing, so I decided to see what olivia could do for chrom and I wasn't disappointed, Inigo seemed incredible and lucina had a lot of better classes to pick from. I failed the first 2 times on the level because of getting the 5 kills for inigo and I forgot to save in the prep menu each time causing me to have to reclass Chrom (I had him as a great knight) and switch around Olivia's abilities to get galeforce at the end. The last time I did it I was kind of rushing, and in my haste forgot to switch Olivia's abilities and by the time I realized I had already saved and went through the support conversations... Therefore causing me to feel a substantial amount of anger. So I just wanted to ask you if you have ever forgotten to pass down a vital skill to a child character?
  13. This is just a rant about some web series called The Lizzie Bennet Diaries. You know, Pride and Prejudice except with all the shenanigans of the 21st century? Some of the names have been modified but it was enjoyable to watch. What is making me want to jump off a cliff is the fact that I will never get over Mr.Darcy. The most intolerable, Mr. know-it-all-and-do-whatever-the-fuck-I-want-because-I-am-rich and you're-not and saldkjhasflkhasl character Jane Austen has ever created. I hate Jane Austen. Now my standards are ridiculously high because of a fictional character and its one of those reasons why I am perpetually single. I will never get to meet someone as him because, fictional characters don't exist (sadly, i know.) A dead Lady just trolled me from her grave. sigh. now you can move on with your lives, I am done. TL;DR I AM HAVING FEELS FOR MR.DARCY. GODDAMMIT
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