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Found 15 results

  1. I know it makes sense that you could talk to an allied unit to recruit them, but why exactly do you talk to enemies in the battlefield to recruit them? Wouldn't it be a little bit more realistic if you just capture them first as prisoners of war before having them defect at your side and use them in the next chapter or something? I know that some playable characters are probably related to those enemy units or some of those enemy units have probably been thrown in the battlefield against their own will, but they still need to lock them up, at least temporarily, just in case they are actually planning to kill the playable Lord or something. I don't know I just don't understand this. Can you guys tell me why?
  2. Hello! I've been working on some hacking of Fire Emblem 1. I'm currently struggling with how to modify which character can recruit another. There's nothing in the enemy data for it, and searching for CMP #$02 (Compare to Sheeda's character index, for recruiting Navarre), and looking some of the ASM code that's triggered when checking adjacent spaces to the moved unit, but to no avail. Anyone have any information on this? Is there a table somewhere with all recruit check indexes?
  3. For me : - Azure Moon for all paralogue , Crest relic, Sacred weapon and their battaillons. - Silver Snow for paired ending (28 character, 14 men (Byleth count) and 14 women). Can make 14 paired ending.
  4. Hi, So, my new obsession is trying to go through the game while swapping the units accessible (understand that I want to play Nohrians in Birthright and Hoshidans in Conquest). For people who still don't know how to do it without an emulator and an edited rom, I'll just expose you my way of doing it (although it takes a few hours to prepare): 1. Pick a really strong logbook unit who can solo the game (or look for one in My Castle, preferrably with galeforce although you can always teach it to that unit if it's not already lv 99 but what a waste of time it would be) and put the boots on it if it doesn't already have all stats capped (with statues for higher cap, like my logbook Keaton with 50 def 45 spd 47/8/9 str 38+ res with great knight as a friendship seal option, the great master lv 5 regen skill and gold/weapon drop farming skills (from blacksmith and merchant), this unit is very useful to solo the game but also to farm gold/ressources/hoshidan weapons in conquest, if you can find one I recommend you to use this kind of logbook unit) 2. Solo the game and recruit all characters you want 3. Build the einherjar (preferably to max rank it's faster) then go to the ball on the right of your throne (where you take the bonus items from paths, the pvp etc.), streetpass, change your defence, then put everyone on your defence team (there's a max, just repeat with the units you didn't select the 1st time so you get everyone in 2 rounds). When you have selected all your units to put into the logbook, go to the Einherjar and buy them (that's why you want a unit who can farm gold efficiently and fast), repeat with the 2nd row until you've got everyone in the logbook from the Einherjar bulding 4. DON'T FORGET TO SAVE, then reset the 3DS, go to another save file and check your logbook. Everyone from the other game should be there. Now save this file with the logbook full of the units you did all that for 5. Once you have saved your logbook in any other save file, you can delete the playthrough. You can now access all the Hoshidan/Nohrian units from any save file you want as long as you don't delete them from the logbook, you can also recruit them earlier than their join time in a same path case (let's say you want Odin in chapter 7 instead of 1X (very late) or whatever chapter he appears in in Rev, you can use him 6. You can also use this to transfer skills, secondary classes (I married Keaton to MU ninja to have the option to reclass Keaton to ninja and cumulate th fang skill with poison strike for -40% hp after a fight like these b*tch ennemy ninjas and faceless, so the Keaton I put into my logbook can access ninja from any save file even though he cannot support anyone) 7. Don't forget you can't make any logbook unit support another one, so you can't get marriages, children and buddies with your logbook units, if you want them, plan them before deleting the logbook filling playthrough 8. Conquest is practical for this since your units don't gain exp in DLC and non-cannon maps, so you can grind supports without modifying your units' level and stats/weapon ranks. Good recruitment swap playthroughs to you, I hope it helped! If you have other tips to add, please go on. I think "new players" or simply players who weren't familiar with the einherjar and logbook functionnalities can appreciate any information they can find. Good thing: you can do it legally (unlike having a copy of a rom if you don't have the game) and no one can forbid you from doing that.
  5. Attention all SF users, @AnonymousSpeed needs your help, to bring chaos and true freedom into the land of Serenia, and achieve that EPIC Victory Royale. Applicants must be willing to join an evil organisation and have some degree of combat experience. Apply at https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/89679-tears-of-serenia-character-recruitment/#comments to take part in the Chaos or if you want to stop Anons army.
  6. First I'll start off by stating, this games easy to learn. learning curve is so wide and in open book view that even a small child can get it. Now for GD(golden deer) path for recruitment, all but House leaders and retainers can be recruited. Duh! Flayn gets accepted after saving her, her brother(official stance)<--View spoiler for the real version) can be recruited after the war starts, he is automatically accepted in after declaring war on the empire(post war)(before learning about Rhea) see spoiler 2 to know what happened to her) Gilbert cannot be recruited in Golden deer. Alois can be recruited Just before the war starts.(see spoiler 3) Catherine & Shamir - lvl 20 to recruit them(not sure if its different for anyone else) to recruit Felix without butt kissing its Flat A rank sword and around 25-31 spd.(not sure what brand of crack the ppl were smoking when they made the recruitment page) Dorothea is the same but with authority and charm Golden deer Retainer(Nader) cannot be recruited.(may change via april 2020 DLC) Judith Cannot be recruited.(may change via april 2020 DLC) wartime Only ashe leaves your party(must beat him up) keep in mind you can spare him and re-recruit him mid fight) if you want to keep him you may not wanna click fast. if you manage to recruit all students and staff(the ones available), you'll gain access to ALL sacred beasts, meaning more special weapons to be had. when fighting sacred beasts always bring Flayn with you, have her attack the beast at least once(all of them) including the entities that are part of the side story, you may find some decent info and some hidden secrets. read spoiler 4 if you wanna know sooner than later.(perhaps more story will be given regarding this via DLC) Golden deer path --> golden saints(Flame emblem army) not sure if its the same if you choose to just look for rhea, but its not without bloodshed(spoiler 5) final boss is lvl 60 has 100+ HP best to level to 54-60 to beat the final boss. if all you do is grind anyways than this shouldn't be an issue. Spoiler 1 Spoiler 2 Spoiler 3 Spioler 4 Spoiler 5
  7. Hey Folks! So I've been running through Thracia for the first time using the Translation patch and have hit something of a roadblock on Chapter 23 Cyas is Recruited at the beginning of the chapter and every guide says if you don't choose Sety then Cyas joins you (if you choose Cety Cyas leaves at the end of the chapter). Sety Enters the map and kills the boss when someone from your army enters the green square; however, if you kill the boss guarding the castle before the NPC turn he doesn't appear at all. Heres what I tried, Killed boss on the first turn and seized the castle. Cyas left at the End of the chapter for the Tower of Blagi rather than joining my army signifying that I'd recruited Sety Instead (though I didn't). When that didn't work I baited the green square with a Dracoknight and Sety appeared. I brought him to the upper right corner with a Draco later on, but didn't recruit him. I finished the chapter without recruiting Sety and Cyas still left. Am I missing a detail to his recruitment here? Has anyone else had this problem? Is this perhaps a glitch?
  8. So I know that Kieran and the others have to escape to be recruited, but I don't have Oscar and he's the only one who can turn Kieran into an ally. I was wondering if there is somehow any other way to get him otherwise I'm extremely screwed.
  9. Hi, I've experienced something that seems like a bug. After boosting Haitaka (level 16 early promotion to lance master to reclass into fark flyer, get to level 5 and reclass to lance master for seal speed, given him the midori paralogue's herb for +1 everywhere and elite skill then updates Haitaka level 6 lance master in the logbook), I've loaded another save file and even with gold, I couldn't even try to recruit any einherjar/prisoner unit. I was at chapter 15 revelations (I also boosted Haitaka on rev chapter 10 so it was possible) and I tried to diminish my number of units by killing Sakura's sky knight, but I still couldn't recruit anyone. Is it normal or it a bug?
  10. Hello, I wanted to ask if Amelia appears in chapter 9 in case you didn't save her village from the bandits in chapter 5. Because I made a mod and none of my units could ORKO the soldier and fighter at the top of the chapter 5 map so one of the asshole bandits reached her village and destroyed it. I don't want to do it again but I want to get her. Knight>Wyvern Lord Amelia is tempting (so is Gilliam) (and my mercenary Ross has 14 str/7 spd at level 10/3 with a +2 spd promotion bonus, it's awful, and Joshua can't ORKO anyone as a mercenary with 8 str 10 spd even while he doubles with a steel sword).
  11. Hey, folks, how are you doing on the brink of summer? I have recently heard that you can recruit Faye and Kliff with Celica in Act 2 if you leave them at Ram with Alm and it got me wondering: Is there really a point to that? I mean, if you don't recruit Faye or Kliff you either really dislike them or you're doing a challenge run in which you only recruit the characters that are required, in which case you won't be recruiting them with Celica either. So I ask: Is there any tactical advantage to bring those two over to Celica's team? Or is it just to give you a second chance in case you missed them the first time?
  12. Heya folks! I'm having a bit of an issue changing character's recruitment around. Like say, for an example, imagine I want Isadora and Marcus to swap places, how would I go about it? I've tried to go to the individual chapters they join in as a test and simply changing the character number that is "loaded" but when I tried to go on Eliwood's route that way Marcus joined instead of Isadora and he "joined" as a green Unit. I've also tried to simply go on the character editor and changing Isadora's Character number to Marcus' and vice versa but the Isadora was the one to join as a Green Unit. Help?
  13. Hello, people of the roleplaying thread! Recently I and a few members have been holding an RP using Roll20, and because a few of them were disinterested after a while... They left. In their stead, we've decided to set up a recruitment thread! We're only accepting the best of the best, and for now, only 2 will be eligible to join us. This is... Sort of a mix between Warhammer: Fantasy and Fire Emblem: Awakening. If you require backstory on either, I will direct you to one of the people with us who is a buff on all of the lore of Warhammer. As for Awakening, you are free to message me. Fire Emblem: Ghosts of Altdorf currently has a liiiiiittle bit of plot so far. Here goes. Our story began with the adventures of a special few after the canonical events of Fire Emblem Awakening. During one of their own explorations they inadvertently brought the end of their own world as they bridged a connection to a land that knows only war. Their original timeline destroyed by the bane of all life marked by an 8 pointed star, chaos incarnate. They returned into the past of their own world by accident. Our heroes, done to one of the original group, must now try to save their own home's reflection before it suffers from the End of times. They are not alone in this task, as from the world they traveled to they have help from a land known simply as, The Empire, know for it's engineers, sorcerers, traders, and soldiers in the old world stands as a bastion of hope and courage in the trying times against Chaos, Greenskins, and vile dark gods. As the end of times draw nearer for both worlds, The Empire, and all of existence needs heroes like ever before, for the alternative is enslavement to the laughter of thirsting gods. Note that characters in this roleplay CAN AND WILL die. Our GM describes the enemy layout to be fitting for "Lunatic ++". Be wary. No, we won't reset, and no, we don't bring anybody back... Maybe. For your character application, we need information about the character, back story, class, and race. You will also need an account at roll20.net and, preferably, Skype. Your stats will be randomly calculated by dice once you are accepted. Our two people recruited will be decided by an anonymous user, decided by the quality of the character and their likelihood of fitting into the story. Don't be hurt if your character isn't chosen! Note: This is an RPG. We will actually be playing some mix between Fire Emblem and Warhammer Fantasy. The system leans more towards Fire Emblem. Other Note: Remember, any questions can be sent to me, and will be forwarded to the person deciding who gets in if necessary. EDIT: Whoops, almost forgot! The deadline for your character submission is Monday, August 24. EDIT 2: The deadline will be moved back if required and we are now accepting three characters. Good luck!
  14. Hello everyone :) I would like to ask you, which is your favourite conversation of recruitung a new unit in the whole Fire Emblem series. It´s hard to poll you, so I think it´s better to make your own suggestion(s) maybe with the reason(s) for your choice. For example: funny, story based, character based etc... I look forward to all your suggestions :)
  15. Hello, I have recently started a project with FEXP. I am making most of the resources, but looking for people who might be able to assist me with the technical side of things. I am being funded for this project, and am looking to pay people who can work on a 'professional level.' GOAL To complete a game with 8 to 12 chapters/levels, a cast of 5 to 9 characters, and 1-2 modified 'features.' I have until August 31st 2013 to complete this project. I will be posting updates once the website is completed, and releasing the game free-to-play. PAYMENT METHOD This can be elaborated in PMs, as payment methods for each individual may vary (direct transfer, PayPal, etc.). REQUIRED EXPERIENCE - Website design with HTML/Java or - Scripting with Ruby/FEXP or - A portfolio of digital artwork (backdrops, and menu screens are a must.). ___ If you have any questions, feel free to PM me for more details. MtlXMf - © Outcaster 2013
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