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Found 11 results

  1. So, what was the most notable thing any of you have witnessed in Far from the Forest? Whether it be mafia, other forum games, or just in miscellaneous conversations like the FE4 thread or Touhou thread, give some historical events from this far from the Forest here.
  2. like most dorms mine also has thin walls, so you can hear people talking from the living room from my bedroom. its a problem when its 4 at night and my suitemates arent asleep. sometimes i go out, since if i cant beat them, i might as well join them. they are not as tired as i am since they have afternoon classes. couldnt join them for too long as i was super tired so i come into my room plug in my charger, plug my headphones to my phones and slept with this in my ear. woke up with it still playing
  3. You know pals, we need to discuss an important matter. Shopping is a hard task. There are many good sales, but which store has the best prices? This is where you guys come in. By sharing your experiences, you can help everybody save money and live better. I'll start: I discovered at Walmart, everything is 3 cents cheaper.
  4. Pretty nice price there. Unfortunately the only one of those games that I'd play for a while and don't already own is FF1. So... yeah, probably not getting it unless more games are added. Like DQ.
  5. Yo it's your friendly mcdoga here. Time for a fun survey. Fill out the survey, and you may win a prize! That prize is you get a pm from me saying Congratulations
  6. Courtesy of Raven, here is an image source you can use as a Temp!replacement. So SF won't let me change the image in my sig. I know the new image is within site rules, I've used it before. Every time I try, SF says it can't fetch the dimensions of the image. So... Is it just me? Or are there others sharing this struggle? While I'm at it, I don't think we can upload Avis from image rule atm, or at least, we couldn't. Not sure if that's still the case. [spoiler=BTW, here's the image.]
  7. Or topic. Whatever you kids want to call it. This is a thread... This is a thread. A new addition to the other 43,000 something threads. I only have one favour to ask of you, and that would be to let this thread die in peace when the time comes. This thread has no purpose of being here, though I brought it into existence. This is not a very good thread, and I did not intend to make it so. So thinking back on it, Serenes Forest was, and still is here through the last 6 years and 194 days. That's quite some time... What if Serenes Forest did not come into existence? Most of us probably would never have met, and we'd all be doing something else. It might not be something productive, but it's something else. How many people did you befriend in this forum, and how many people do you think dislike you? Are there people you'd like to meet in person that you met in this forum? Who in this forum do you like the most? How about the least? Many questions could be asked, but little would be answered. I'm not very sure on what I'm trying to talk about here. Maybe I just want to rant, maybe there's a purpose to this. Maybe I'm bored and have nothing better to do so I'm typing whatever comes to mind. The answer is unknown. Well, whatever. I have nothing more to say here, now I shall go and post on other threads that have more importance than this one. This is a thread.
  8. Exactly one year ago, I joined this wonderful community called Serenes Forest. Its been a long year since then, and lots of things changed for me, but SF has managed to remain a constant anchor for me in my turbulent life. I have so much pent up gratitude for the people I have met and gotten to know here looking back these 12 months, and I feel that I should pay my dues; it's the season of gratitude, after all. I have lots of people to thank for my amazing first year: I want to thank Kaze_Ninja17 and Ace Tactician for being my first friends here. We had all joined pretty recently, and I was still trying to find my way around here, but you guys were so kind and I think fondly on the conversations we had about Awakening, cosplay, other games, life, and just about anything we felt like talking about. Stay awesome, guys! Kaze, I really miss you, so please come back someday! I want to thank shadowofchaos for his LP of Japanese Awakening before the NA release. Even if it was just for fun, it really tided me and I'm sure many more people over until the the English release and was very thankful whenever I saw and watched the occasional update for the short time I had been here. And seeing all of your funny jokes and videos, as well as the sage advice, was great too. :) I want to thank all the people who helped me on my first run of FE4 (especially PKLucas531, Guy Starwind, Ranger Jack Walker, Soledai, Tables, and Baldrick). You guys gave me so many hints and tips; I'm not sure I would have ever gotten through or at least as smoothly as I did without your help. Glad you guys stuck with me even during all of my bumbling in the early game. Thank you so much for helping me experience one of the most interesting Fire Emblem games. I want to thank the Pokemon sub-forum crew for being all around awesome people; so many friend safaris, so many trades, so many battles. I think I've spent most of my time on SF there after the X/Y release, and I've gotten to know some of you a lot better because of it. Thanks for helping me improve as a breeder and battler; and thank you Richard for putting up with my inexperience in competitive battling and for being my partner in the Doubles Tournament. Don't worry guys, I'm sure we'll get it up and running soon. Hang in there! I want to thank the Mod team for being the cool and excellent people who I've done my best to follow in example. You guys make this place a wonderful forum to spend my time in! And I really appreciate the willingness to help people feel comfortable here. You are all my role models. And more recently, thank you again Balcerzak for the Steins;Gate and anime recommendations. :D I want to thank the people who have been kind enough to add me as a friend. It makes me feel delighted that people actually like me a little and aren't scared off by what I think is my dormant insanity (I'll admit that I am a shipper fangirl at heart, and for some reason you all still accept me in spite of it; but at least you appreciate this part of me, Anacybele XD). I'm happy to know that there are people who share in my interests and love for many of the things I struggle to talk about with the people I know IRL. Thank you all! <3 And a very special thanks to LuxSpes. You have been my amazing PM pal for almost 2 months, and its hard to believe it all started from a simple Pokemon Battle. I want you to know how much I have enjoyed talking to you about almost anything and I really appreciate every message you send. Thank you so much for being an awesome online friend! :3 But most of all, thank you everyone on SF that I have ever had the pleasure to talk to, even if it was only a greeting or quote here and there. Thank you everyone who has ever had a kind thought or comment for me. I haven't bothered to join any other forum because of how fantastic this one has been. I may not be in the best part of life right now, but SF has been my home on the internet this year, and I hope to share many more years with you guys. Thank you again and I wish you all the happiness in the world. ^_^ TL;DR version: OMG YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME AND I WANT YOU ALL TO KNOW HOW THANKFUL I AM THAT YOU GUYS AND THIS PLACE EXISTS! HERE'S TO ANOTHER YEAR!!!!!!! 8D
  9. ...why do so many people hate the DS games? Is it a bandwagon? Is it because they blame Shadow Dragon for almost making the series die? Is it because of the sales? is it because they're remakes? I honestly don't understand the hate. I personally enjoy both DS games so much. Mostly because their gameplay and difficulty are top-notch. The interface of it all is so sleek and awesome, with the top screen showing your character's stats and can be switched to a mini-map on the press of a button. The OST of both games is amazing. The multiple difficulties make them pretty challenging and replayable. Is lack of supports really that big of a deal when the rest of the game is so good, gameplay-wise?
  10. Started playing Shining Force for the GBA. Wanted some tips and info on the characters.
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