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  1. I've been reading up on supports recently (mainly 3DS and GBA supports), and I've never really noticed how bad some of them are, like Frederick and Cordelia, Sumia and Chrom, a lot of Fates supports, etc etc. but I've never really seen what the general FE community thinks about this topic, usually people praise supports due to most of them being decent or pretty great. So I want to know what you guys think.
  2. So, I have finally done it. After going back to finish the dlc chapters on my 4th run, I unlocked every support in the game. (all supports over 4 files I mean.) I cannot believe how heart warming Zelkov is as a person. I truly enjoyed his supports so much. Specifically him and Jean was my favorite. What were your favorite supports?
  3. Carrying over from the "hypothetical FE4 remake" thread, as well as several conversations I've had with people around these forums and elsewhere, I pose a question! ...And if you read the title of the thread, you know what that question is already. Note that this thread is about the impact of supports on Story, not really gameplay. Anyways, something I hear very often when people talk about enjoyment of FE and what they hope to see in future FE games is supports, namely hoping that there are more of them. However, I do not really understand WHY this is. To me, Supports are extremely limiting in a variety of ways, are overly formulaic and cause a host of problems that are largely just products of the way they function. In exchange for that, I find that supports provide very little in terms of characterization over other methods. To shamelessly quote myself from the FE4 remake thread: (Spoiled for size, apologies about formatting...) If you didn't want to read that unnecessarily long tirade about supports, or it was more incoherent than I am aware of, I am essentially complaining about how they restrict characterization of NPCs, require massive amounts of supports to fully flesh out a cast of 30+ characters and how they frequently appear at...awkward times, as well as characters being largely unable to actually have a full character arc due to how supports reset development at each C support. I am aware that Three Houses did try to move away from the whole "supports arriving at a time that makes more sense", but that kinda proves that the system is fundamentally off-kilter and that non-support systems function better. Even looking at other series that take great pride in story and characters, they don't require supports to function. But a conversation with oneself on a topic you agree on isn't very helpful! So, from the perspective of folks who do prefer supports as a method of characterization over events and whatnot, why is that? Or, if you don't like supports or my suggested replacement for characterization, what sort of system would you implement?
  4. I am trying to follow this guide here, and when I am trying to do supports with Corrin, it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong? Also, I have found some inconsistencies with the supports I am trying to make. Take a look at this picture of a vanilla conversation with Shiro and Male MU: Compare it with this, a custom support with Male MU and Kotaro: Could it be the reason my supports aren't showing up for Corrin? Because any other characters work. I have the EU special edition and edited the support options with Paragon (occasionally, the tool the guide told me to) btw.
  5. Reportedly there's some unused text in the game -such as Shigure's sibling supports with Male Kana, and the "don't give up!" lines for the Birthright/Conquest final chapters from unavailable characters of said routes- which has never really been corroborated anywhere, so I've tried looking for a text dump of the game that might shed some light on these. Long story short, I have been unable to find such data online and the mega/dropbox links which once hosted some text dumps appear to have died a long time ago. Still, if anyone hsppens to know where else I could find the evidence I seek I would very much appreciate it.
  6. The following is what I expect is the vast majority of changes that Supports undergo based on the circumstances in which you view them- time-based, route-based, progress elsewhere, etc. The source was https://fedatamine.com/en-us/, and as I recall when I compiled this, they're missing at least one example that I know of from other sources, which is why I believe there might be more. They also don't know some of the triggers, and some Supports have triggers listed but no actual changes listed- I suspect the latter is not the case in other languages. "Minor student references" are moments where a character talks about school mechanics like exams or studying that is replaced with a war mechanic post-timeskip. "Timeline references" are when characters date things and correctly add five years if the timeskip's five years have passed. "Social position references" are when characters will correctly change the titles a person uses if they change over the story. Marianne will use a different expression based on Part when referring to Dorte and other animals that make her feel comfortable. Edelgard: Dimitri Claude Black Eagles with Byleth/Black Eagles Blue Lions and Byleth/Blue Lions Golden Deer and Byleth/Golden Deer Black Eagles and Blue Lions Black Eagles and Golden Deer Blue Lions and Golden Deer Students and Church Church Ashen Wolves
  7. Hello everyone! I'm currently on chapter 17 of the Blue Lions/Azure Moon route. Since I have the tendency to be a perfectionist, and wanting to complete every single support on one playthrough, I'm hurt to admit that this won't happen this time. Therefore I'm looking to finish at least the most important supports, ones that add to the story and character's backstories and the world of Fรณdlan more. So, which ones do you think are the most interesting? No spoilers, please! Note that I've finished all the supports amongst the original Blue Lions students. Thanks!
  8. I just started a playthrough of Fire Emblem 6 and I already got a few supports. I was wondering can you view supports like in 7 and 8 in Extras? Or do I have to beat the game first to see the ones I got? I remember 8 letting me see the supports right after beating the chapter I saw them in, but its been a while.
  9. I remember someone somewhere once telling me that in Japanese it's "made clear" that Dorothea slept with, or kissed or something, a Noble to be enrolled at the Monastery. And I am curious if anyone knows more. It would be in the B supports between Linhardt and Dorothea. In English it's a vague notion of getting a favor, which is how it's described in her C support with Manuela as well. Using connections. The claim feels odd as the ultimate point of said chain (w/ Lin) was how Dorothea doesn't actually have anything to be ashamed of. And feels incongruous with how she's upset people know she's an orphan and really doesn't belong (in her view). Also just seems wrong for the character who is supposed to know better than trust some pervert's word he'll do right by her if she just gives up what he wants first. She's able to get gifts and favors just for existing after all so desperation shouldn't be an option either. As you can tell I'm skeptical. Largely because the one claiming this never elaborated when I asked for proof and my experience in fandoms is when someone says "I'm right in Japanese" they're making it up; but also it never fit tonally which I don't think translation can change too much. Not to mention how it seems every other translation inaccuracy is well reported but this one is not (despite being a bigger deal than if Manuela discovered her talent or not). But I figure I'd see if anyone knows better. Leif of Leinster on tumblr is taking a break and they've done the translations I've referenced in the past so I'm broadening the net. If anyone can answer or tell me where I can look I'd very much appreciate it.
  10. Hi, What team compositions do you use and why (easy-normal modes, not hard which is a different game)? For me it'd be: Act 1: a) Nolan+Fiona (BEXP+energy drop if needed, you have 4k BEXP when you get her anyway and no one else needs the energy drop since...), Zihark+Volug (1 level up of BEXP for str or def when I get him+dragonshield, now he shits on act 1 and goes through act 3 easily, if you can give him a 2nd BEXP level up for the one that didn't go up it's nuts but that would be at the start of p3 since Fiona needs the BEXP left from p1 after he takes 1 level up from it), Sothe (no dedicated support sorry). b) Aran+Edward (I save scum his level ups so that he gains def nearly every level up in early game, then he can tank 2 tiger hits in 1-3 and 2 steel axe/lance hits in 1-4 on top of ORKOing everything, now he's Aran with speed, I give Aran the first robe and Edward the 2nd one when he's in t2 if needed, otherwise I can save it for someone else like GMs or p2 people joining the GMs since GMs have very high HP across the board) (+3 def, +8 hit, +8 avo, Caladbolg +8 avo/crit avo, Aran can now get to 28 def in t2 instead of 25, which goes a long way to help him fulfill his role), Sothe/Fiona+Volug (choose which one you prefer, better affinity that needs early help or better earlygame that falls of a cliff in p3 and of the Himalaya in p4 and endgame). c) Jill, Nolan+whoever (say Leonardo for +2 atk/def), Zihark+Volug (still the same investment in Volug since he becomes twice better with the early help and tanks 5x better with +3/+5 def in halfshift, +4/+6 in full form, going from 13 to 16/18 def and from 18 to 22/24 is pretty...beastly), Sothe. Act 2: a) Haar, Brom (kinda forced anyway since Nephenee can't take 3 hits for all of p2)+Heather (water/fire helps both, more level ups for Heather means more strength to steal heavier things and more avoid not to die in the process, I've had her dodgetank 2-E in easy once, she barely got hit without any support and ended it in t3, OFC never happening in normal), Mordecai-whoever you can support him with (he'll get +1 atk/def just from his own affinity anyway, but Brom has to be his best option even though keeping them together isn't the best tactical choice since they fill the same role and if Mordecai is shifted ennemies will only attack Brom, rendering tiger useless), Lucia when she's around (if I can give her a miraculous level up and savescum it for actual stats she may even see use in p4...or not, but I like her, too sad she sucks so much availability-wise since everything is fixable with p3-4 BEXP fountain), Lethe if I'm in the mood to use her (rarely use her past p2 anyway, her sister actually grows some speed and energy drop is all she needs to get better than Lethe with the flourish scroll you get and her better availability in p3, also not dealing much damage actually helps her grind her claw rank, while OHKOing would hardly get it up for later, and she has actual res for a Laguz which is appreciable, also caps early enough to BEXP non spd/skl/res stats, or Ranulf is simply forced and better anyway, I would've loved for Lethe or Lyre to have innate 0 cost flourish, that would give them a real purpose other than filler #25). Kieran+Geoffrey. 1-turning 2-E. b) Brom+Heather, Mordecai+X, Lucia, Marcia+Danved (both can go up ledges in p3 CK chapter, which is more than any paladin can achieve, Kieran and Geoffrey can handle the middle houses fine at base), Haar (no extensive use this time since Marcia is gonna replace Nephenee later without even hurting GM exp pool or gold, better res cap, good enough str/spd, canto better than +2 str no canto shitty start). Not 1-turning 2E since now I want the dragonshield and nullify, and Danved and Marcia need CEXP more than BEXP and Laguz won't get any BEXP from 2-E anyway. Act 3: a) Gatrie, Shinon, Titania, anyone from GM I want to field, Mordecai, healers, Janaff/Ulki (or both if I have enough room), Heather when thief is needed. b) Rolf (with 3 str/spd level ups he starts doubling and dealing damage, then he reaches 23-24 speed and doubles everything but swordmasters, dealing more damage than Shinon against anything he doubles, just be sure he levels str+spd 3x in a row and everything will be fine since his strength will inevitably follow without any BEXP abuse), Mist+Brom, Heather for thief jobs, Mordecai + water/fire/thunder affinity partner (might be Lyre for thunder), Kyza, Lyre, Sigrun/Tanith, Ranulf (, Lethe). Ike is mandatory so I don't need to mention him. Helps a lot with cats' avoid with his earth affinity. Don't find Mia good enough to use her above easy, she doubles but her damage is craptastic before she reaches Vague Katti/Alondite anyway and ranged swords are both weak and inaccurate. Facing wyverns as soon as chapter 2 doesn't help her either (unless she can use a wyvernslayer, even then 17 str only goes so far and she still tinks on generals, meanwhile Zihark has earth affinity + easy BEXP abuse and faces Laguz, and Edward has more strength than both in t2 and 3 and has bonus def from support in case he doesn't dodge, neither Mia nor Edward have avo from affinity but Adward has more HP + Caldbolg bonus luck if needed, so he dodges better than her and he has easier access to earth affinity since he has 3 of the same movement range as soon as p1, Volug being too far to help him, also DB has more gold to spare in buying good weaponry than GM so Mia is doomed by lack of funds, vantage is crap if you can't OHKO and in RD it's not even guaranteed to proc like in Awakening/Fates when you're <50% HP, also early access to Paragon and resolve vs crap personal skill, no access to resolve 'til ch2 when things start getting easier, and Mia has competition with much better units than herself, while DB is all ests or mediocre prepromotes, what with Haar taking half of every map by himself for all the time he's around and cutting everyone else's exp because no one matches his mobility and stats before the hawks come to play, he's legit Ike on steroids flying on a dragon with an eyepatch and killing everything while sleeping, imagine if he was awake -_-). Act 4 is just the same as before but spreading your units depending on the maps you want them in (Marcia Haar or Tanith Haar can now get a support together for more avoid, not for Haar but for the seraph knight, going to Micaiah's army, I don't remember if Tanith can go there or if she's forced into GMs DB, same for Sigrun). Endgame is not even the game anymore, just throw all of your cheats together and ROLFstomp it since it' the least fun part of the game and completely unbalanced with speed caps and co, you have enough OP units by then not to care for who you raised.
  11. (((Starting note, please ignore any typos that require a capital "o". Please and thank you )) Hello and welcome to this project that I've been working on for a while. I'm not too good with intros, but here we go. You can read the hub here; https://imgur.com/gallery/EtN9dFQ Twitter mommnent: https://twitter.com/i/moments/1059121332959539200 *New!* Feedback room: I am still fine with you in posting in this thread and somewhat would prefer it. But ill just give a basic run down of what this thing is. This project is a continuation of my FE11 image LP that I originally started to document for a friend of mine who does not play videogames. And soon it spiraled into a Visual Novel inspired reinterpretation of FE12's plot. The continuity of the story follows the FE11 LP, but I write with the intention that reading the first LP Is not a requirement. My goal of this project is two things; Firstly; Remixing elements to make the fan translation of FE12 to be more coherent, focused on Marth, add more character interactions, and I add new twists along Marth's journey through the War of Heroes, and to start there is a new MU. Replacing Kris is a traveler named Pearl, a sailor who has a knack for dark magic. They plot to get into the knighting academy to retrieve the Falchion for their own ritual to bring someone they love dear. Secondly; is to analyze and commentate on the player interactions within the game universe. By treating the actions I take to always be "canon" you see then the ripple effect of how my actions impact the characters in the world psychologically and physically. This can be as direct as evidence of this being an "iron man" run, and when friends die โ€“ characters take time to lament over my own player incompetence. Yet, on the other hand, the impact of this player controlling characters relationship can be taken to its logical extreme; some questioning the fact of "is Naga the true god here"?, characters with cannon "future sight" abilities horrified that things are not / will not go "by the in-game script", "save stating" and then "reloading" makes characters feel as if they're taken out of their own bodies or violated mentally, to something as little as our own spotless "goodie two-shoes Prince Marth being aware of how easy it is for any character to kill their friends they know canonically if and when the own gameplay allows for it. And not only knowing that he can but having the baseline motivation to do so in the first place, because the gameplay allows both him and you the player to shank your friends. In short; every deviation from "the sparse canon script" is to be heavily noted for it was done intentionally because of player interaction with the stories fate itself. It is called a "rewrite". It's this balance between both "bumping up" the script and bringing in meta-commentary which has made it somewhat difficult to find a platform to showcase this work, but I think you guys would quite enjoy this. Here are the links to the individual chapters, all hosted on Imgur due to the visual style format. If this list is not updated check the hub URL at the top of the post 1) Prologue 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/3H7ZiyQ [gameplay] 2) Prologue 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/ordtlxb [gameplay] [Cover found on the hub] 3) Prologue 3: https://imgur.com/gallery/hQUrMfa [gameplay] [Cover found on the hub] 4) Prologue 4: https://imgur.com/gallery/jEXEO8f [gameplay] [Cover found on the hub] 5) Prologue 4 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/rqMJy7t [Cover found on the hub] 6) Prologue 4 . 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/iQeGwxu 7) Prologue 4 . 3 https://imgur.com/gallery/ZFbCiQU ๐Ÿ˜Ž Prologue 5: https://imgur.com/gallery/metxz5T [gameplay] 9) Prologue 5 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/i8jKK8E 10) Prologue 5 . 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/YzFrOd0 11) Prologue 6 . 0: https://imgur.com/gallery/MUUGCNx 12) Prologue 6 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/TODyeLc 13) Prologue 6 . 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/XW7JgpP 14) Prologue 6 . 3: https://imgur.com/gallery/S5OC6BN 15) Prologue 6 . 4: https://imgur.com/gallery/t0jxpZz [gameplay] 16) Prologue 7: https://imgur.com/gallery/03zFsJX 17) Prologue 7 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/qDPocr0 18) Prologue 7 . 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/NXPWZeH [gameplay] 19) Prologue 8 . 0: https://imgur.com/gallery/1NfhpoL [+4 illustrations] [gameplay] 20) Prologue 8 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/W4au1BO 21) Prologue 8 . 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/YohbGuU 22) Prologue 8 . 3: https://imgur.com/gallery/FI6kglZ 23) Chapter 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/LlsEL6o 24) Chapter 1 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/1G2gd3R 25) Chapter 1 . 2 https://imgur.com/gallery/FGoA2Qf [4 illustrations] 26) Chapter 1 . 3: https://imgur.com/gallery/OkgQRms 27) Chapter 2: https://imgur.com/gallery/NAeK66K [Gameplay] 28) Chapter 2 . 1: https://imgur.com/gallery/MfhVzY5 29) Chapter 2 . 2 https://imgur.com/gallery/2pbs5Fh 30) Chapter 2 . 3: https://imgur.com/gallery/2pbs5Fh [many illistrations] I would absolutely adore feedback, both just comments/reactions/ to raw criticism. This is my first time seriously writing, and I'm considering making this more than just a hobby at the end of this project. But I would much rather have the feedback be in the main thread. I love the conversations! Additionally, shout outs to any of the editors who translated the original FE12 script and put it up on the our wiki. Seriously, this couldn't have been made without you.
  12. What is the most efficient way to complete the support log in fe7? Iโ€™m just talking the set of 3 chapters that allows for the easiest support grinding, even if you canโ€™t get every support then (For example, I know Iโ€™m gonna have to replay the final three chapters specifically a million times for Renault and Karlaโ€™s supports). Or other than that, those of you who have completed the support log, how did you do it? Thanks in advance!
  13. I am creating this thread in an effort to compile all known support conversations that have some sort of notable time-lock on them. By this, I mean particularly: 1) Support conversations that can be missed completely because they are only available pre-skip (i.e. before the end of Chapter 12). If you do not get one of these supports when it is available, you cannot continue the support chain past that point 2) Notable support conversations (like Byleth B-supports for recruiting purposes) that are locked until after the time-skip There are three general rules that apply across the board: 1) With the notable exceptions of Alois and Gilbert, every character's C-support with Byleth is only available pre-skip 2) In addition, all A-supports are locked until after the post-skip, with the exception of Byleth x Rhea, which MUST be obtained pre-skip 3) To obtain an S-support between Byleth and another character, you must obtain the wedding ring from Jeralt's room when prompted by the game during Chapter 10. If you do so, on the very final day of your route, before the final level, you will have the option of choosing which character to S-support from a list of all compatible characters you have an existing A-support with. Here are all the other support conversations that have some sort of time-lock that I have noticed (list is hidden due to length):
  14. So I tried to find some info on this, but haven't found it yet. Is there a max support chance that units can have? More specifically, is it three as the unit screen implies? For an example: Eliwood has enough support points for Lyn, Hector and Ninian to rank up their support. If I got enough points for Fiora in the same map (or even a different map), could I raise the support rank with that unit?
  15. Hello and welcome to a part fanfiction, part headcanon for FEH. The following Supports are of course completely fictional and nonsensical to a fault because these supports will never happen in game and only make some sense as they are based on The Crazy Summoner on A03, so feel free to follow it up in the link in my signature, which will lead to all of my Fanfic stuff. Feedback will be linked in the spoiler below: The supports will follow the following Format: C Support B Support A Support (And for pairings only) S Support The Supports are naturally going to follow the heroes I have summoned, so spoilers for The Crazy Summoner if you haven't already read it yet. Without futher ado here's the first support: Father/Child Conversation Grima & Morgan M Support C Morgan: Hya! Ha! Tsa! Phew, that's enough for now, I gotta keep up with Mum and Dad, and that means training and studying. Grima: ... Morgan: I have get better! Grima: ... Morgan: Ah damn it! Every time! How did Mum get through this! Grima: Though the same process of trail and error the same way anyone learns. Morgan: Dad! Herm...I need to work on my obser- Grima (rolls eyes): You work on enough. Your Mother bids you to join us for the midday meal, insisted actually. Morgan (eyes widen): What?! Midday already! But I only just got started my studies! Grima: Humph. You need awareness of time. Morgan (sighs): I guess I do...still I... ~*~ Father/Child Conversation Grima & Morgan M Support B Morgan: I don't get it. I mean I remember some things about Mum but not Dad...I wonder why? I know we were all happy, Mum used to smile so much. She still does, even more than I remember. So how could I have forgot Dad? Grima (watches Morgan): ... Morgan: Herm. I can't figure it out. Maybe if I studied more I might figure it out. But... Grima: Perhaps it would be wisest to focus on the here and now and not the past. Morgan: Dad! I guess that means I can get started on the get memories of Dad back! Grima: Did you not hear a word I just said? Morgan: I did but this is important to me. I don't like having lost- Grima (rolls eyes): We all lose something as we travel though life and other worlds. But we also gain new things in their place. If we dwell on the past we lose sight of what is before us. Morgan: I never thought of it that way... Grima: With time you will learn. Now, your mother has called for the midday meal and wants us all there. Morgan : Really? I guess she loves having us all together as a family huh? Grima (mutters): Of course she does. It's a thing of hers she won't budge on. Still...I suppose it is...nice to have time spent with our offspring... ~*~ Father/Child Conversation Grima & Morgan M Support A Morgan (looks at the stars in the sky): It sure is nice tonight. I wonder if Mum ever looked at the stars...heh, maybe that's how she came up with some great strategies- Grima: No. She does like the stars I must admit, but not as a time to think up strategies. She does more than that. Morgan: Dad?! Grima: She often times said that the stars give her peace, that they are what connect her to her world, if nothing else. Morgan: ... Grima: It's true she loves her family dearly, and she would hate for you to think otherwise. Sometimes even the wisest thing is to learn to let go of the past. Only then can you look to the future with new eyes. Heh, your mother is a wise woman. But she did not be that way on speculation alone. She observed the world around her and drew her own conclusions, even if they were wrong. Morgan: Is that really how Mum works? Grima (sighs): Somehow. Even I find it difficult to keep up with her. She works on as much gut instinct as she does careful thought, a dangerous combination if you ask me. But a combination that...is far more powerful than even Chrom could ever hope to be. Your mother helps people to see the good within themselves and make the choices they choose as themself. Food for thought I suppose. Morgan (looks surprised): Did Mum really? Grima (softly): She did for me. And perhaps proved Zephiel wrong about humanity as a whole... Morgan: Did you say something Dad? Grima: No, now come, it's late and you should be in bed. Morgan (tries to plead): Aww five more minutes? Grima (sternly): No. Morgan (tries to look extra cute): Please Dad... Grima (growls): No. Your sister tired that trick yesterday, it is already late. Bed Morgan. Morgan (deflates and sighs): Yes Dad. Grima (watches as Morgan leaves to go to bed, then quietly): I wonder if he's actually going to bed this time... ~*~
  16. What are your favorite support conversations from across the series, and why? Can be just one conversation or an entire chain.
  17. Delete if not allowed, sorry I've complied all of Byleth's supports here: https://pastebin.com/iGGYsmdd There are also a few stray ones here and there If I missed any please tell me Edit: Support s-support pictures have been leaked too: https://imgur.com/a/XAMme9T
  18. So a common complaint I've heard against Ricken is that the majority of his character revolved around being annoyed that people were treating him as a kid. While not my favorite character, I was surprised to hear that this sentiment was so common, especially when his "war is hell" supports personally tended to come to mind firs. Out of curiosity, I decided to read Ricken's supports to find out how much of them focus on this supposed "gimmick". Note that I won't be covering the child characters, given how those only have minor differences between the fathers, and I'm taking the S-supports with a grain of salt since those vary wildly in quality for every character. Robin: Ricken is struggling with something to write to his parents, and is adamant towards Robins suggestions to write about his close brushes with death or exaggerating how he tore Risen apart limb to limb. Ricken mentions that won't go home until he restores his family name as a war hero in their B support. Ricken finally writes the letter in the A support telling his parents he misses them and hopes to see them again, with no mention of honor or glamour. He does angrily tell Robin not to treat him as a kid, but this is understandable after Robin just gave him a noggie right after telling him they gave a mature and thoughtful response. The S-support does largely joke about him being treated as a child, after Robin worries for him after Ricken went to the Ghouls teeth (Shadow Dragon reference!) to get them a precious stone as a proposal gift. Lissa: Lissa thinks that Ricken looks sick before being told that he's not fighting at 100%. When she suggest practicing to get past the block, Ricken snaps about how their enemies are out to kill them, and they survive by killing them first, although he apologizes for the outburst. In the B support, Lissa takes up combat training. Ricken lightly protests, but drops it quickly. At the A support, Ricken reveals he hopes to be an advisor for Chrom someday and explains why the lord is his hero; Chrom fended off kids who were bullying Ricken. While Ricken initially though there was a catch and Chrom was only doing it to show off, his attitude changed when Chrom fended off a wolf attack twice. He was barely able to stand by the end of it, showing that he was still human, making his bravery more admirable. S-support has Lissa complimenting Ricken for his bravery and saving her neck several times, to which Ricken proposes. Sully: Sully talks Ricken out of using a potion to age faster by telling him it takes time and effort to grow strong. In the next support, Ricken offers Sully a potion that could turn a woman into a man, while Sully tells him she hates people who are small minded about her abilities because she's a woman, not that she wants to become a man. Ricken apologizes, and Sully knows he means well, while mentioning if anyone else had offered her that potion, she would have made them eat their own guts. A support states that Ricken is done with potions and has a joke about him growing taller. Their S-support has Sully states that Ricken is a full-fledged shepherd, Ricken proposes, mentioning that he's a grown man once, and Sully accepts because she trusts him. Miriel: First two supports have Miriel doing experiments while Ricken watches the first time and helps with the second. Ricken asks both times if Miriel's experiments have a practical application, to which she says there is none. Another experiment in their A support, with Miriel mentioning that her researched is based primarily on the observations of her mother, and Ricken brings up that his family has fallen on hard times and he's planning on becoming a war hero to rebuild their reputation. He states that they aren't that different, as they both fight for their families in a sense (Miriel's mother was thought to be a madwoman by some). S-support has Ricken proposing to Miriel so they can keep working on experiments together. Maribelle: Maribelle thanks Ricken for rescuing her during Chapter 5. Ricken is surprised to hear Maribelle call him a peer, since his house is dead broke. Maribelle states that a persons character is more important than their purse, so to her, their houses are of equal standing. Their B support has a nice back and forth, with Maribelle noticing an injury Ricken was hiding. While Ricken tries to pass it off as a "flesh wound", Maribelle chastises him for taking unnecessary risks and wonders if she should talk Chrom into finding a way to spare Ricken from combat. Ricken shuts that idea down pretty quickly, stating that he is not a boy, he can handle himself in a fight, and he won't sit by while his friends, his family, and his countrymen are in danger. Maribelle accepts his decision while also telling him not to hide his wounds, so that she can use her abilities as well. The A support has Maribelle apologizing to Ricken for her what she said in the previous conversation, and Ricken acknowledges that she was right about him being young and how he hid an injury. Their S support has them humorously realize that they planned on proposing to each other, with Maribelle hoping to help restore Rickens family honor while also marrying for love. Panne: Ricken tries to ask Panne questions, while the latter is trying to ignore him and transforms into a beast to get him to go away. Their next conversation, has Panne try to dissuade Ricken from following her by telling him that humans change when the latter tried to ask to be her friend. Ricken talks about how he was bullied after his house fell on hard times, yet his father told him to keep his pride or else the bullies win, while acknowledging the taguel had it worse than he ever did. Panne allows him to follow her around, but quietly, to which Ricken jumps right into asking questions. Ricken asks if taguel could transform into other beasts in their A support. Panne tells him that she's met taguel who could transform into lions or wolves, and that her mother told her of a tribal leader back when the taguel ruled the world lived in an earthly paradise before their way of life was wiped out. Ricken cries upon hearing this, surprising Panne, who had never seen a human cry for their sake. Panne calls Ricken by his name for the first time in their S-support, and tells him that they should stop spending time together, as one day he would loose his innocence, and one of them may get hurt when that time comes (she calls him a young man here. She called him a whelp twice in earlier supports, but Ricken didn't seem to notice). Ricken then proposes marriage, saying they'll be friends forever, to which Panne accepts. Cordelia: Probably the one that has the most mentions about Ricken being a child. Their first support has Cordelia worrying about Ricken being tired from all the marching, to which Ricken replies that he's not a child and that Cordelia isn't tired. Cordelia replies that it would take a lot more to wear her out, and that his legs are quivering. She orders him to get some rest, and under protest Ricken obeys. Their next support starts with Ricken thanking Cordelia for the break after realizing he was being stubborn earlier. Cordelia reveals that she used to try to do too much at once and got in trouble for it, before Chrom stepped in to help her out. Ricken takes her "older and wiser" statement to apply to himself, and believes it is now his responsibility to tell people to stop being pigheaded, before Cordelia shuts that down. Their A support has Cordelia compliment Ricken on working hard and becoming a reliable young man. Ricken notes that this is the first time she's called him a man, and correctly guesses that she's flattering him. Cordelia regardless tells him that respect is earned and that his determination to improve is half the battle. The S-support has Ricken propose to Cordelia. He mentions that he knows that Cordelia is smitten with Chrom, and but that he loves her more. Cordelia says that she sees Ricken as more of a kid brother, to which Ricken replies that he is a grown man that is in love with her. Cordelia sees a young man now, and an equal in the future, so she accepts, but states that there will be no ceremony until he has come of age. Unfortunate implications galore! and I am not a fan of this support chain. Gregor: Ricken asks Gregor what happened during the last battle, since he was in the back and didn't see what happened on the front lines. Gregor correctly guesses that Ricken is recording the battles, but when he is about to explain what he did, Ricken interrupts by stating he's only recording what he and Chrom did. Ricken believes that if he keeps track of what the two of them did on the battlefield, Chrom will start treating him like a full fledged Shephard instead of a child, to Gregors disappointment. Ricken takes an interest in Gregor after seeing the "old man" fight. Gregor mentions "enjoying brutal honesty of small children..." at the last statement, prompting Ricken to quickly state that he's a grown man before getting back on topic. Ricken is compiling the book in their A support, aiming to become Chrom's right hand man, and noticed that he's starting to get a better idea of what goes on in the front lines, which Gregor compliments him for. Nowi: Ricken covers for Nowi burning down some tents in their C support, as the latter fell asleep while holding a dragonstone. In the B support, Ricken lost his temper at some townspeople sometime earlier, as they were saying bad things about Chrom. Nowi says that they're similar in how they want to protect people, and now they both have a secret to keep. At the A support, they get back from a wedding, which was busy enough that Ricken compared it to a harvest festival. Nowi reveals that she loves festivals, and when she was really young, she was so lonely she thought she was the only person in the world at points. She tries to join every party that she can, and while she loves the Shephards company, they'll all go their separate ways at some point, leaving her alone again. Upon hearing this, Ricken offers that, after the war is over, they'll tour around the world to visit every festival they can. In their S-support, Ricken plays a guessing game with Nowi by asking her what's in a bag that she's allowed to put her hand inside but can't peek in. Her third guess is a wedding ring, and asks if he wants to marry her. When asked about how she'll age slower, Ricken replies that looks don't matter and that it's what's in their hearts that counts. Tharja: Ricken tries to ask Tharja to teach him hexes, but she refuses, saying it's not a simple matter. It turns out that Ricken studies fencing, wyvern riding and butter sculpting, and he never gives up. Tharja tells Ricken that she can't teach him yet because she's still learning about hexes in their B support, although she likes Ricken's idea to just do something and see what happens instead of being cautious with her curses. In their A support Ricken casts his first curse on Tharja, who was close by and willing to be a test subject. It turns out that he cursed her with a happiness-contagion hex. Ricken is pleasantly surprised that there are nice curses, though Tharja warns that curses are like dreams, and whether they are joyful or horrific depends on the victim. Ricken says that Tharja is nicer than she looks, while Thaja requests that Ricken to keep this meeting a secret. They work together to get stronger at casting hexes in their S Support, when Ricken proposes to Tharja, who never actually directly says yes. Olivia: Olivia is interested in a book Ricken is reading, and after scaring him when he was so engrossed in the book, they decide to read together. When reading a scary story in their B support, Ricken is frightened while Olvia is bored (side note, Shanty Pete left his hook on the side of a carriage, which is oft overlooked lore). While Olivia loves reading, she says it's impractical to carry them around when she travels a lot, so she remembers spoken tales. This impresses Ricken, who walks right into getting her to tell him the scariest story she knows, which leads to the A support, where she shows that she's a pretty good performer and storyteller. Predictably, he proposes after she is done telling a story in their S-support, finding her cute, funny, and a great storyteller, while Olivia accepts because Ricken enjoys her stories and screams like a little girl. I wish I was making that up. Cherche: Ricken asks Cherche if he is allowed to pet Minerva in their A support. Calling himself a "monster-whisperer" due to how animals love him, Ricken believes he has the markings of a wyvern rider(Cherche private reply is " ah, the arrogance at youth..."). While it seems to be that Minerva and Ricken become fast friends at the start of the B support, it turns out that the only reason Ricken is still alive is because Cherche was there. When asked why he wants to become a wyvern rider, Ricken responds that he feels useless as a mage. Cherche tells him that, because he loves studying magic, he should put his focus on becoming the greatest mage he can be. In their A support Ricken become friends with Minerva, haven taken Cherche's advice. Ricken mentions his goal to become Chrom's right-hand man and that his family has fallen on hard times financially. Their S support starts with Cherche giving him a hat, after which Ricken proposes, mentioning that he knows he'll have to help take care of Minerva. Cherche takes the proposal seriously and accepts, mentioning that Ricken has grown into a fine young man. Henry: The support starts with Ricken thanking Henry for rescuing him in the previous battle, who mentioned they were previously part of the Plegian army but never went into battle due to Grangrel's defeat. Henry is curious what a battle against the Shepherds would have turned out like, much to Ricken's distress. Their B support is pretty well-known, with Ricken asking Henry about some of the people he served under, thus giving us some tidbits about several of the bosses fought in the first part of the game, ending with Ricken being reminded that his enemies have friends and families and aren't just faceless blobs. In their final support, Ricken asks Henry if he resents the Shepherds for cutting down his comrades, to which Henry replies no, but if Ricken were cut down, Henry would seek vengence, since he considers Ricken a friend. After reading through these... quite honestly, I'd say that Ricken's family is a more prominent point of discussion that him being treated as a child. Even then, his supposed "gimmick" is really only the focus in his support with Cordelia. Every other time, it is either not brought up at all, only mentioned as a quick joke, or relevant to the conversation to ranging degrees. I still think Ricken is an average character, but like most of Awakenings cast, I did gain a new appreciation when I started to see more sides of him. Also, Ricken has some really short S-Supports. I know they're infamous in general for happening really quickly, and I could be mis-remembering how long most of them are, but still. It's very noticeable with this guy. These are summaries, of course, so some details may have been missed or glossed over. I also haven't looked at any barrack quotes or level up dialogue or anything like that yet, but I've spent enough time on the topic as is. Formatting suggestions are welcome, since I admit this is a bit crunched. I'll fix any spelling errors later and maybe add some more thoughts later, since I got tired near the end.
  19. Hey guys, I think this is my first topic in the forum. I commented something a few days ago in the General Discussion and Links thread. The idea is that, since the game doesn't have support conversations, we could create them in this topic. It would be more interesting if those conversations weren't between two characters of the same game (unless they are incompatible during the game, i.e. M!Corrin with F!Corrin). Those conversations could be pointed in many different directions: friendship, a bad relationship between two characters, comedy, your own shippings between characters... I'll leave here an example, my C-Support between Masked "Marth" and Wrys. Masked "Marth" - Wrys C-Support (Javi Blizz) Tobin - Setsuna C-Support (Perkilator) Sigurd - Seliph C-Support (Corrobin) Azama - Jakob C-Support (Perkilator) Camilla - Ayra C-Support (Poimagic) Clarine - Clair C-Support (Perkilator) Tharja - Lyon(FE8) C support (The_antithesis) Tharja - Lyon(FE8) B support (The_antithesis) Tharja - Lyon(FE8) A support (The_antithesis) Tharja - Lyon(FE8) S support (The_antithesis) Nino - Kagero C Support (Simpsons138) I hope you enjoy this topic guys, and start writtng too! It doesn't matter if it's too elaborated, too improvised...what matters is to have fun writting/reading this :3
  20. If you could add a support for sain who would it be between? Sain is my 2nd favourite fe7 character after canas and is the reason why I decided to carry on playing the game as he was really ridiculous which i found funny however his supports suck and gets paired endings with his worst options(not even a bromance with Kent!) Anyway, I was wondering if I could add a support and paired ending who would it be between? Personally, if I had the power I would pair him with Florina as I would imagine their supports would be super funny with them being the complete opposite when it comes to interacting with the opposite sex. As for a paired ending either Florina, Isadora or Kent. who would you pair him with if given the choice? i may do more of these on Reddit or on here if it's successful Ps. a 2nd option i would add would be Marcus and Sain.
  21. So far I really enjoyed the support conversations for Ferdinand and Dorothea as well as their ending epilogue, and the development of their relationship throughout was really touching to see. What supports between the different characters are your favorite and why?
  22. Note: Feel free to move this topic if itโ€™s in a bad place. Sometimes, (mostly in the newer games) you read a support conversation and think, โ€œthat was bad.โ€ Whether itโ€™s a P/C that doesnโ€™t take the Non-Determinate parent into account enough, an S-Support that comes off as awkward or loveless *cough*FredrickxCordelia*cough*, or just a support that had incredible potential, but eschews interesting character development for the purposes of being โ€œfunny.โ€ Well, as an aspiring author who has been thinking about these supports for a while, now, I thought Iโ€™d take a stab at being better than IntSys. List: (Requests accepted) Henry and Noire P/C C-A Corrin and Camilla C-A Hinata and Oboro S
  23. Hi Everyone, I just beat this game for the first time on Normal mode, and I can not find a "Support Room" in the Extras section. I think in some of the GBA FE games and Awakening there is an option to rewatch supports. I would like to unlock every support possible, but in order to do that I have to keep track of what I have so far. I was hoping the game does that for you through a "Support Room" or something similar, but maybe I am wrong. Or maybe it needs to be unlocked in a specific way. Additionally, is there any bonus for unlocking every single support convo in the game through multiple play throughs? Thank you so much!
  24. So I love Fire Emblem of course and I love sacred stones so what' your guy's favorite supports based on story and character development
  25. So I'm 8 chapters in and I still haven't been able to access support convos, I know this hack has them, just try as I might i can't view them threw regular means
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