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  1. Salve a tutti! Probabilmente avrete sentito parlare della traduzione inglese di Fire Emblem: Thracia 776, Lil’ Manster. Anni fa, un gruppo di fan molto dedicati di Fire Emblem si sono riuniti per tradurre questa patch (all’epoca Project Exile) in italiano. Purtroppo, a causa di una serie di problemi organizzativi, questo progetto non poté continuare, e sembrò sparire nell’oscurità… fino ad ora! Riprendendo da dove erano stati sospesi i lavori nel 2020, e con l’aiuto di alcuni di questi fan, la traduzione italiana di Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 è tornata in fase di sviluppo, con tutti i miglioramenti portati da Lil’ Manster! In questo momento, tutti i menu e i capitoli fino al 18 (inclusi i capitoli secondari) sono stati tradotti e inseriti nel gioco. Se volete seguire lo sviluppo del progetto o aiutarci provando la traduzione, potete unirvi al server Discord di Lil’ Manster, "FE5 Hacking Hel," dove abbiamo un canale dedicato al progetto. Download (v.0.8.18) Riconoscimenti: EnDavio - Capo progetto, programmatore, editor VittorioFGC - Capo editor, traduttore Ringraziamenti speciali: Miacis e il team di sviluppo di Lil’ Manster, su cui si basa questa traduzione Il team di sviluppo di Project Exile, su cui si basava originariamente questa traduzione Xylonphone, l’amministratore del server Discord "FE5 Hacking Hel" Il server Discord "I Genealogisti di Roy," per il supporto
  2. Fire Emblem If Fan Translation version 4.3 (released 04/2023) Hey everyone! It's been five long years since our last update. We're still here, and we're more determined than ever to deliver a finished translation. From now on, all patch releases and files can be found on our GitHub. This makes it easier for us to host patches, push updates more quickly, and track issues in a more organized manner. GitHub Repository: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation Current Release: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation/releases/latest Instructions and Other Tutorials: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation/wiki The plan is to update the repository on a monthly basis while assembling ready-to-use patch releases once certain milestones have been reached. If you find any issues while playing with the patch, please let us know! We're using GitHub's issue tracker to keep track of typos and other potential problems. Issue Tracker: https://github.com/TeamIf/FireEmblemIf-FanTranslation/issues Current Progress (updated 2/7/2017) Credits: As always, we're on the lookout for new team members! If you'd like to lend a hand and either know Japanese or have a firm grasp of English grammar, we'd be happy to have you. For more information, just shoot me a PM.
  3. https://gamebanana.com/wips/62238 I’ve been working on this project for almost three years now, and I realized I’ve never actually posted it anywhere outside of discord servers and the mod site. I would love to hear what you all think of the work, and where it can ultimately be improved.
  4. Current Progress: Complete! Patch Download: Link Here (Release v2.3) Or, to upgrade from Release Candidate v1.0 (the previous version, released February 2020) to the newest release, you can use this patch. To download the script files for this patch (and also the Japanese script), see this link and the enclosed XLS spreadsheet. If you'd like a copy of all of the face files used in the game, I've ripped them here. About the Patch As some of you may know, after redoing the TearRing Saga: Champions of Yutona translation, I decided to continue on to the next game in the series, Berwick Saga: Lazberia Chronicle, Chapter 174, which was released in 2005 for the PlayStation 2. I decided to take up the project in December 2016, though I wasn't able to actually do any work until February 2017 when the programmer Lightgazer volunteered to repogram the Chinese fan translation's tools into a more convenient format. It's thanks to his programming prowess that I've been able to translate and insert the text at all. Now, I'm happy to say that the translation is complete! Please see the link (in pink) above to download the current version of the patch. Videos Of and About the Patch Several people have done Let's Plays using the patch: this recorded stream for Extra Life 2018 with LordRaven, Aggro Incarnate, and myself commentating this Let's Play by Deltre (not yet complete) this recorded stream of LordRaven playing the various early releases (with me co-commentating); continuations can be found at the end of this YouTube playlist In addition, I did an interview with FED about my work on the translation. Story Primer (and World Map) For nearly five hundred years, the alliance of the Berwick League has waged on-and-off wars against their ancient enemy, the Raze Empire. These conflicts have dominated history on the continent, with times of peace as ephemeral as smoke. At the head of the Berwick League is the Kingdom of Veria, ruled by a King who is spiritually guided by the Apostle, the voice of the Goddess. Fourteen years ago, while the Berwick League was embroiled in a bloody civil war, the Apostle and all her kin were brutally murdered by assassins. When the Raze Empire was revealed to be the culprit, King Mordias of Veria declared a holy war against the Empire. The civil war was quickly brought to a close as the Berwick League united against their common enemy, but Raze was not to be so easily defeated. Under Imperial General Zephyrus, the Raze Empire pushed the Berwick League's forces back to Fort Sakiria, a border fortress between them. Now, as the tides of war slowly turn against the League, even the states who had supported King Mordias during the civil war now consider the tempting option to side with the Raze Empire... TearRing Saga Series Timeline (Backstory Spoilers): Screenshots: Frequently Asked Questions: Patching Instructions: Known Errors/Bugs/Issues: If you encounter a typo, misaligned text, inconsistency, or a visual glitch that isn't present in the original version, please PM a screenshot or verbatim description of the error to me--but please check this list first! Other Notes for Players: About the Script Files:
  5. So, I've worked on a Fire Emblem: Dark Dragon and the Sword of Light translation patch using the old translation patch as a base. I know the first game is "inferior" to its remakes, but I still enjoy the retro feel of the game. For this patch I'm using the North American Shadow Dragon character and weapon names (e.i. Caeda, Jagen, Draug), I also changed the font to the font used in Earthbound Beginnings. Here's the current patch Beta 4
  6. The full version of the translation has been released! (Current Version: 1.04, released February 2, 2018) Japanese → Version 1.04: Download Here Version 1.03 → Version 1.04: Download Here For those interested, I've also figured out how to access the entirety of the beta version of the game (in Japanese). See this thread for details. Map of the continent of Lieberia: link Character Relations (spoilers!): link Screenshots: Patching & Playing Instructions: Acquire a Japanese-version TearRing Saga BIN file. Ripping the game from the disk, you may end up with an ECM file, which is a compressed BIN. Use a tool like UnECM to decompress it. The patch is in xDelta format, so you'll need an xDelta patcher; I'd recommend xDeltaUI, available here on Romhacking.net. Just to be safe, apply the patch to a copy of your TearRing Saga BIN file. Use the patcher to patch the BIN file with the xDelta file found above. Load the patched BIN using whatever PS1 emulator you like. I've always used pSX v1.13 with no problems. Note: If you use ePSXe 2.0.5, please follow these instructions, or else the emulator will not run correctly. Failing that, try version 1.9.4. Note that because this is a Japanese game, circle is "yes" and X is "no." While we're on the topic, triangle is the "more info" button, like the R-button in the GBA games. L1/R1 go to the previous/next available unit (or previous/next page on the stats screen). If you're ever curious what controls are available to you at any time, you can press square to view them. To all players: If you notice anything strange in the patch, such as: a typo or misaligned text a glitch or bug (besides the Krishna duplication glitch) a particularly drunk-sounding conversation a name inconsistency (e.g., Liza vs. Leeza) Please let me know here or via PM! Peculiarities of TRS Gameplay:
  7. So, I recently got my hands on the Invisible Kingdom/Revelation side manga released for Fates. I’ve been translating it with online translators so I can read it, as I cannot read or speak Japanese, but there’s a few lines of dialogue that either the AI cannot detect the characters used or the translation comes out borderline nonsensical. Can anyone help translate these? Just a quick note—for the first two, the lines I need translated are the ones in black with a white border, in a font that resembles messy/quick handwriting.
  8. -------------------------------------- Link to translation on tumblr Link to translation on Google Docs: Google Doc, Book 1 - Google Doc, Book 2 - Google Doc, Book 3 - Images and Art -------------------------------------- EVEN IF YOU HAVE PLAYED THE GAMES AND DO NOT WANT TO READ THIS ENTIRE THING: I still highly recommend reading from the prologue, to Chapter 3. These early parts address backstory that was not fully fleshed out in the games, including: 1) Loptous' meeting with Galle, 2) the story of the 12 Crusaders, 3) Arvis' childhood, and 4) the attack on Darna. Follow me on tumblr, or twitter, for new translations the moment I finish them! I also do FE game localization vs. Japanese translations and analysis posts, so follow if you are interested in those as well! -------------------------------------- Links to FE5 novel translation, for those who haven't found it yet: Book 1 - Book 2 - Images and Art -------------------------------------- Howdy, everyone! Now that I have finished my translation of one of the FE5 novels (aside from minor edits, like updating to fit the new Project Exile naming standards), and the results of my "which should I translate next" poll are out, I have started work on one of the FE4 novels! It claimed 1/4 of the votes, even with other FE4 book options on the poll! Whoa! We as a fandom are really into Jugdral right now! FE4 is my favorite video game of all time, and I could not be more excited to translate this novel and share this retelling of the story with you all. Be sure to follow me at the links above for immediate updates! Of course I'll post here as well, but I mostly use tumblr and the Google Docs/Folders, so those will get updated first. ***Final Update: This project is now COMPLETE!! 😄 Look forward to the FE8 novel translation, starting Jan 2021!!
  9. I recently stumbled upon Kaga's blog, and while going through it found some interesting entries about Berwick Saga. At a glance it didn't seem as though translation already existed, so I decided to do it and share here. Surely I can't be the only one interested in reading what Kaga got to say about his last official game. Here's the link to original post: http://zeeksweb.blog120.fc2.com/blog-entry-30.html?sp Translation follows: >> Regarding the concept, there's a lot to be said, but putting it simply I strove to create an ultimate SLG, one to shatter the conventional state of consumer games)) I feel that being too focused on storyline and characters in my previous work (Yutona), I sacrificed the strategic part and the game balance, the things which should be the most important to begin with. Reflecting on that fact I have made drastic changes to the system to ensure the balance being kept until the very end, to maintain certain degree of tension throughout it, and have thoroughly balanced and designed every stage. TS (Tearing Saga) turned out to be extremely easy once the player got (raised) a couple super units, but BS (Berwick Saga) demands that the player himself possesses "qualities of a commander", demands him to possess abilities close to those of Caesar or Napoleon in order to beat it. And thus, though people wouldn't appreciate me saying such things, this one might not be suited for people who aren't that good (keen) with strategic SLGs. >> I think it's natural for hexes to be more suitable since it's a war SLG. Due to problems with resolution and control it was too hard to implement hexagonal field but it finally became possible with PS2. I'm sure you will understand why hexes are better by playing BS. As for simultaneous (mixed) turn system, I went after reality and to deal with problem of tempo. In the usual alternating turn system there's no escaping the fixation of tactics. The ones called "landmine" and "baiting", no matter how complex you make the CP thought process, player will always have the advantage. But with the simultaneous turn system, since computer also chooses a unit to move as you move one of yours, the standard tactic of "keep the distance, bait them out and gang up with overwhelming numbers" cannot be used, and player is forced to adapt to each situation. There's also no waiting time. As you're unable to look away from the screen the tension never eases up and is quite speedy, in return it's 10 times as draining compared to TS)) You can save every 5 turns so I suggest you take a short break after each save. >> The reasons I increased the difficulty compared to the previous one include the ones I already mentioned, but there's also my own kind of commitment to turn-based SLGs. In the recent years we see real-time SLGs being at height of popularity throughout the world, and the reasons behind it are that turn-based SLGs happen to be "too bothersome", "forced to perform monotonous tasks", "takes too much time" etc. On the other hand, the merits of turn-based SLGs are that the player can utilize their intelligence to ascertain the situation, analyze the options and take time to strategically proceed with the plans, and these things are impossible in real-time SLGs. So then, doesn't that mean that a turn-based SLG with meager strategic elements have no reasons to exist? (SRPGs are a different story. If they have a brilliant plot allowing to get emotionally attached to characters, then I think even ones with low difficulty are actually fine...) I deliberately chose turn-based system for BS in order to have players think things thoroughly. Unless one gives up, there's always a way out of any situation. The harder the obstacles, the greater the joy of overcoming them, wouldn't you say? >> As for the world, there's no direct connection to the previous one. That is due to difference in vectors of the games. (TS was a heroic fantasy with focus on plot, BS is a historical war account with focus on tactics) There are tons of characters and mechanics we discarded. If we feel something might be off during the test-play we just redesign the whole thing. >> I can't give any specifics, but they all have their own reasons for being mercenaries. Perhaps one day they'll quit being mercenaries and join the Sinon Knights. In any case, a leader of an army needs to be paying attention to things. Try to get them to like you. >> If there was a unit with 100% evasion rate, then they'll become the so-called "landmine (immortal)" unit, and player will be able to win without using their head. Appearance of such units break apart the game balance. I have thoroughly adjusted everything to ensure that won't happen in BS. That said, there is good enough potential to achieve the hit rate of 100%. Raise the weapon skills (no need to defeat enemies) and obtain first-class weapons. >> Yes, the 0 range attacks step into the tile enemy is on. If they have a melee weapon equipped there's a chance for retaliation, but ranged weapons have no such worries. In this case both units receive the panel bonuses of the opponent's tile. Range 1 attacks stay in the spot and perform attacks with ranged weapons. That would be crossbows and throwing spears, throwing axes, etc., and if the opponent has a melee weapon equipped, these attacks won't be countered. (As an exception units with combat speed higher than 11 may perform charging counters) In other words, even with same positioning advantage changes depending on different weapon type being used. For example, think about the situation where you got a spear and a throwing spear on a forest tile and there's an enemy armed with crossbow on a plain type tile next to you. If it was me I'd use throwing spear (if the two had same characteristics) without a single doubt. Because if there's a chance for getting retaliated, it's far more advantageous to throw the spear from the forest as it boosts your own evasion. (With the forest bonuses and application of ranged evasion it gives close to 20% advantage) >> Characteristic of this story is that main character doesn't have any "complicated blood relations". Reese's father was just another knight who was bestowed the title of Duke through his valor and achievements. He is technically the lord of Sinon, but to other lords he's of a lower status and gets talked about as a "country bumpkin who got entrusted with a small remote country" behind his back. Reese joined the royal army under orders of the king as the representative for his father with only a 100 men. Narvian people do not even know the name Sinon, other lords are making fun of him, king dislikes him, and as the result poor Reese has no time to chill. The first part consists of modest (trivial?) story revolving around Reese, but the second half will show a rapid development tied into the grand scheme of things in the world. >> Reese is not the typical protagonist (hero), and you might think of him as being plain, but I created him in my attempt to draw a young man who lived through time of turmoil. As I already mentioned, BS is not a heroic fantasy, it's a human drama taking place on the stage consisting of history and war, so those of you who came after playing TS might feel it to be a bit boring. >> Oh, and the story of the people surrounding Reese progresses simultaneously. You can watch the endings for everyone in a single playthrough, but that would be difficult as there's a lot of them. I'd say completing about a third on your first playthrough would be enough. >> The protagonist of BS is Reese, but Ward and Tianna are important characters who become player's eyes and ears. Ward on the battlefield, Tianna inside the castle are the facilitators of the story progression. Especially Tianna is an important lady with potential to be the image character for BS, and if one was to say "isn't Ward enough?" I'm sure she would feel blue. >> Equipping shields is of utmost importance in BS. The "tanking" is impossible to perform without equipping a shield. There sure is a technique of increasing the evasion by unequipping a shield, but I recommend always equipping it unless it negatively impacts activation of skills (combat speed). That said, with low proficiency in shields there will be many instances of missing, so try to increase the shield proficiency by equipping the cheap leather shields. Skill proficiency in shields will not grow unless you equip one. In addition there's the "Shield Proficiency Skill”. It is possible to achieve activation rate of 100% by raising the skill mastery of characters who possess it. They will be able to shine as excellent shield tanks. That said, shields are expensive and wear out quickly, so I recommend always having two kinds and alternating between them. >> I think the best weapons to use depend on what the player prefers, but I like cheap and durable ones. If you want to stash some cash it's most efficient to take away enemy's equipment and using it. Especially the Kingdom Issue series are quite good, so try using them till they break rather than selling them. Their sub par accuracy can be covered by unit's abilities and tactics. >> One might deem axes to be at their strongest in BS. Variations are abundant and easy to procure, and the cost efficiency is extremely high in comparison to other units. BS has 4 axe users and all of them are nice guys with distinct personalities. >> Experience points are limited in BS. They cannot be obtained through simply dealing damage, so you need to be efficient in getting them. We have conducted extensive testing so no exploitable glitches will be found (I think). Also, the units who are not assigned to missions do their own training back at base so though not a lot, they do receive some experience points. >> The furniture should be looked forward to as something to indulge in on your second playthroughs or even later. Game is balanced so that there's no need for them. Furniture was placed as something to play with for expert players. Use any means and just keep stacking that cash. There are no ways of obtaining them other than through purchasing. >> Collecting and processing materials (craftsman workshop) is a very common idea in RPGs. This time we decided to implement it to give more range to strategies in terms of maps. Think of it as a sort of jigsaw puzzle, it should really show individuality of each player through decisions on what to craft and when. >> The collector Eltzheimer is a noble who fled the royal capital, and though source of it is unknown he looks to be quite a wealthy man. Clara the maid... she doesn't talk much and I myself don't really know her. As for capturing, making sure it succeeds can be aimed for through usage of different skills and items. Of course, it does require precise calculations... >> Time an average player might take to see the ending? ... I do not know what is "average", but the volume should be roughly equal to that of TS. That said, you can ignore sortie requests so depending on how you do it you could cut it in half. I wouldn't recommend that for anyone who's not a master level player though... >>> These look like some sort of notes from an interview but I'm not sure exactly what they are. I sound a bit condescending due to the high tension right after finishing the project, and (you know how it goes). Just look at these as some sort of reference. I don't think I said anything wrong. (Translator note: this part too is translated)
  10. Ced: Through modification, this video will show off events you usually wouldn't be able to see in normal gameplay. Fee: If you don't like hacking or spoilers, you have been warned! Ced: By the way, these events I'm talking about... Fee: They exist in the data, but they're impossible to trigger. Ced: Fee, why are you stealing my lines? Fee: Oh, sorry, bro. I couldn't help myself... But who cares about that! It's the same no matter who provides exposition... Ced: I hardly appear in the game as it is... Fee: Well then, let's get this started. ❤️ Ced: Fee, that was supposed to be my line too! Quan: Sigurd, I'm glad to see you're alive! Sigurd: Quan? What are you doing here...? Quan: I heard about your battle with Verdane, and just couldn’t sit still. Let me join your cause. Sigurd: Are you sure you can leave Leonster unattended? I heard Thracia had its sights on it. Quan: You heard right. That’s why I only took Finn with me. I’ve entrusted the rest of my Lance Ritter with father. Sigurd: I see... Sorry Quan, I didn’t mean to drag you into this. Quan: What are you talking about, Sigurd? This is our oath. Sigurd: Huh...? Quan: Remember? When we were kids? You, me, and Eldigan. We met in Belhalla’s military academy. Then, we got to know one another, talked about our dreams, and swore an oath to help one another out of any predicament we might find ourselves in. Sigurd: That’s right... I haven’t forgotten... Quan: If it's me and you, those Verdane Barbarians don't stand a chance. We'll make short work of them. Sigurd, don’t forget it. I swore an oath, and I will never let you throw down your life in this paltry war. ____________________________________________ Quan: Haha, and I guess it is a request from Ethlyn. I love her. I can't stand to be away from her. Sigurd: Fufu, I see, so that's the real reason. Ethlyn's a pretty lucky gal. You don't come across a man like you every day. Quan: Don't tease me, Sigurd. C'mon, let's get going. The real battle's only just begun. Midir: Lord Azelle... Azelle: Oh, Midir, it's been so long. Midir: I'm so sorry about what happened to Lady Edain. I was with her, and yet... Azelle: It's not your fault. You don't have to hang yourself up on it. Midir: But Lady Edain was so dear to you, and I... Azelle: She was important to you too, wasn't she? Midir: What!? Azelle: I know it's hard, for both of us... But Midir, for now, we need to work together to get her back. Midir: As you wish, Lord Azelle. Alec: Lady Ethlyn, please, let's stop fighting. Once we enter Verdane, the fighting will only get worse. Ethlyn: Oh, Alec, it's been so long. Thank you for worrying about me. I'll be just fine. I mean, I used to be such a tomboy even your father was concerned about me. Alec: But... Ethlyn: I've been good friends with Edain since I was a child. I worry for her just as you worry for me. If she's going through hard times, I must rush to her side as fast as I can. Alec: ...You really take after Lord Sigurd. Especially how you never back down on your word. Fine, we'll do our best to protect you. But please don't do anything too unreasonable. Ethlyn: Thank you. I'll be careful, Alec. Naoise: We'll be fighting in Verdane from here on. Be on your guard, Alec. Alec: Hey now, don't be so stiff. I mean, look at you. You're always way too serious in everything you do. Naoise: A knight should always serve his lord, resolved for death at every passing moment. Alec: Oh, enough of that! Look here, Lord Sigurd doesn't want us to die for his cause. You know that as well as I do. If you seriously want to be loyal to him, you have to survive no matter what. Naoise: ...I didn't need you to tell me that! Quit worrying about me, or else you'll be the one dropping dead, Alec. Jamke: Why! Why did it have to be like this Edain!? Edain: Oh no. Jamke!? I'm so sorry! Jamke: No, no Edain! Don't get any closer to me! Alec: It's finally time, Naoise. Naoise: Yeah. Alec: You've done a lot for me, you know that? Naoise: That goes both ways... Alec: It was fun. Naoise: It was... Alec: You take care, okay? Naoise: You too. Leif: Hmm... That woman over there... She's a Thracian Dracoknight! But, her eyes look so sad... Arvis: Seliph... Julia is in your hands... please... forg... (TL note: He doesn't get to finish saying 'forgive me.') Finn: Lene, were you waiting for me? Lene: Fufu, of course I was. ❤️ Welcome back, dear... Lene: Oh, Finn. Were you waiting for me to come back? You sure know how to make a girl happy. Finn: Yeah, I worry about you when you're away... please stay with me. Hannibal: Patty, you were waiting for this old man? Patty: Yep, course I was! Glad to see you sweetums! ❤️ Patty: Hi honey, I'm home! Wait. Hannibal? You were waiting for me? Well whaddaya know! Hannibal: Please, don't push yourself too hard. I don't want to lose you. Coirpre: Hey, I'm back Altena. Were you waiting for me? Altena: Yes, I grow anxious when you're not around... Altena: Coirpre!? You were seriously waiting for me? Coirpre: Yeah, glad to see you too Altena. All things aside, I'm glad you're safe. Ced: So, how was it? Fee: There weren't many of them, but I'm pretty sure I've never seen them before. Ced: Why was Naoise and Alec's conversation removed, I wonder. Fee: Right, right, Naoise barely has any conversations anyway. But I was pretty surprised that Hannibal and Altena had lovers' dialogue. They're not supposed to be able to form those relationships... Ced: Precisely. Fee: By the way, bro. Ced: Hm? What's wrong, Fee? Fee: We used hacks to force supports with Hannibal, but aren't you curious to see if they effect the ending? Ced: That definitely bugs me. Fee: Let me be blunt. There are no endings where Altena, Finn, or Hannibal return home with their lovers. Their ending will always be the same—saying they returned to Thracia. It makes no mention of their lover. Ced: I see. That's a shame. Fee: Well, even for the characters that do have romance options, when the female character is the one succeeding a country or dukedom, the male character's ending make no mention of lovers either. I think we should have been expecting Hannibal's and Finn's bios to follow suit. Just like Julia, Altena is set to return to her motherland regardless of who she does or doesn't end up with. Ced: I see. But Fee, there's something else that's bothering me. Fee: What's up? Ced: Do the endings of the people you pair them up with change at all? Fee: In this experiment, we paired Altena with Coirpre, and as we've said with male characters, his ending was unchanged. Ced: I guess that makes sense. Fee: However, not for Patty and Lene. Ced: What? Fee: You should probably take a look at them yourself. Ced: R-right. Then play the— Fee: Clip. ❤️ Ced: (She did it again.) Seliph: Patty? Are you crying? Patty: Yeah, I'm crying. *Sob* *Sob* Seliph: You liked Hannibal that much? Patty: I did. I really loved him, Lord Seliph. What should I do? Seliph: I... don't have an answer. But you know, Patty, you've got to live strong. Life has its share of sorrows, but you can't lose to them. Patty: Yeah... I'll try. There's just one thing I want to ask you. Could you lend me your chest for a bit? For now, I need somewhere to cry my eyes out. Seliph: Patty... Seliph: You're going to Velthomer, aren't you Lene. Please take care. Lene: Yeah. But if I ever get lonely, could I drop by Belhalla to play? Seliph: Of course you can, anytime you want. Lene: I've been feeling pretty down ever since Finn died. (The red text at the top says, "Hold up, he ain't dead!!") Seliph: I get how you feel. But we need to move forward. Velthomer depends on us. We both have to do our best. Lene: Yeah, leave it to me. Ced: Fee... remind me. When did Finn die? Fee: He's perfectly healthy. Finn: Did you need me for something? Ced: F-Finn!? No, it's nothing. Finn: I see... pardon me then. Ced: That one got me. Fee: Yes, where did he come from? Now, getting this back on track, it looks like even if Finn or Hannibal have a lover, those lovers will be mourning them in the ending. That's kinda sad... Ced: Patty's can be taken a few ways. They danced around the subject. But Lene's, on the other hand... Fee: He's dead. End of story. Ced: Well, we got it through hacking, after all. Let's just be happy the game didn't bug out on us. Fee: Yep! You're right! Took the words straight out of my mouth! Ced: T-then, it's about time to say goodbye. Fee: Thank you for sticking with us for so long! Ced: Thank you, and good— Fee: Good bye!
  11. I loaded an old save I had at the endgame and my plan was to get a lot of people killed and see if the dialogue is different. After killing some of my units and Killing Julius Seliph's sprite bugged out. I seized anyways because I just thought it was a graphical error. However after I seize the screen goes black and it stays that way. Is this because certain ending variations aren't translated or something else? I tried a couple more combinations with deaths and I keep getting a black screen. I don't think its my rom since I beat the game before with the same file. On said file I saw the ending on it when no one died. I don't know if this could be the problem but I did the Seliph x Julia glitch to get an early pairing on the file in question and in this latest attempt I killed berserk Julia to see the ending for her death. If anyone has anyway to help or knows the answer I would appreciate it. I just want to see some alternate endings. Thanks for your time. Translation used : https://forums.serenesforest.net/index.php?/topic/63676-fe4-translation-patch-open-beta-v7/
  12. BS Fire Emblem: Akaneia Saga Complete Translation In 2006, Fire Emblem 6 got fully translated. In 2008, Fire Emblem 3 got fully translated. In 2009, Fire Emblem 2 got fully translated. In 2011, Fire Emblem 1 got fully translated. In 2012, Fire Emblem 12 got fully translated. In 2016, Fire Emblem 4 got fully translated. In 2019, Fire Emblem 5 got fully translated. And now, in 2020, BS Fire Emblem has been fully translated. This is a complete translation patch for BS Fire Emblem, the Satellaview spinoff of Mystery of the Emblem. The patches translate all elements of all four episodes. Please be aware that the CG images and the voice acting from the original broadcasts cannot be found inside of the BSFE rom. Patching instructions are within the readme. Ensure your BSFE ROMs lack headers. DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/69j6r5c6u4064zj/BSFEEng.zip?dl=0 Source: https://github.com/Darrman/BSFETranslation/ Please ask for permission before using any source material. Screenshots:
  13. * UPDATE 8/3/2014 * Last version I have: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvl2vue65syyx85/fe4.ips Source TGZ: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vhuw0xs137yn86/fe4-gharnef-improved-patch.tgz * UPDATE 5/19/2014 * Holy crap it's been a while... I haven't checked this in ages. I also know the location of the patch below is inaccessible, I don't own that webspace any more. I'm going to see what I still have left from this project (I built it in a special Virtual Machine with all kinds of hackery) and I'll find somewhere to dump it all on the web. * PATCH UPDATED 5/31/2013 1:54 PM EST * * Official changelist started! * Improved FE4 Translation Patch Using Twilkitri's work as a basis, I've started undertaking the task of further improving the Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War English Translation patch. But Gharnef, why? The current patch is awesome! There are many things now officially translated by NoA in the Fire Emblem mythology which weren't when the existing patch was created. There are also a few other things the community thinks could be improved upon judging by the conversations we've had so far so we can address those too. It's cool if you don't like my patch and don't want to use it - we can still be friends! Cool! So what changes have you already made, and what's planned? Can I try it out? Sure! Here's a link to the latest work. This is ALPHA, I haven't seen any issues in playtesting so far but if you do, please PLEASE let me know - provide screenshots, save states, etc. Just use a CLEAN Japanese ROM and Snes9x, save your current .ips file off somewhere safe and drop this file in the same directory as your ROM. Then, reload the game (not reset, that's not enough!) and enjoy. DOWNLOAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vvl2vue65syyx85/fe4.ips Source TGZ: https://www.dropbox.com/s/6vhuw0xs137yn86/fe4-gharnef-improved-patch.tgz
  14. Anyone remember the old Fire Emblem bootleg? Well I decided to go and make a translation patch for it. This patch is only a menu patch and does not translate the story. In case of issues, please post in the thread... and don't forget to read the readme. It probably mentions the untranslated item you've spotted. The rom is called Super SLG (Unl) [C].gbc, so it mightn't work if it's called something different for you. Don't rule things out though. And before anyone asks, no. I won't link the rom. Bootleg roms are still roms. Now go and watch Leaf and friends have a rather strange journey. Here's some (Chinese) gameplay for those who don't know what this is. EDIT: https://www.dropbox.com/s/otbmtda9msdf2n4/Bootleg Emblem Translation.zip?dl=0 I am an idiot.
  15. Apologies if this has already been asked somewhat recently. If I recall correctly, bookofholsety gave a rough estimate some months ago that the updated translation patch for Genealogy of the Holy War would be completed by the end of this year. I understand that real life can get in the way of fan projects such as these, especially college and work. Nonetheless, has anyone heard any recent news from him or others involved on the patch?
  16. Hello everyone, I want to work on a French Translation of Fire Emblem 6 : The Binding Blade, but letters use in French don't exist in the english ROM, like "é" "â".... Is it possible to add them with FEBuilder? Then I could work on my translation. Thank you very much and have a good day !
  17. Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War, Binary Translation Patch FEBinary is a Japanese romhack of FE4, which seeks to enhance the gameplay by giving the player more options in how to go about things. It adds things such as branched promotions, new weapons and classes, dismount, and fixes some of the worst of the imbalances: Pursuit is no longer mandatory to double, and everyone can critical. The only problem? It was in Japanese, and the translation patch didn't work for it. Until now. I decided to go and translate the menus of Binary, so now non-Japanese speakers now know what they're actually doing. And beware; new games default the player to hard mode. Read the readme! Patching instructions included! The standard patch demands a headered Japanese ROM. This is a menu patch first and foremost, though there is now placeholder dialogue through the prologue. Beyond that, all dialogue is gibberish. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/1tvna8uksp0tmj4/Binary Translation v07.zip?dl=0
  18. 'Ello everyone! So, a while back I made a post explaining that I had beaten every single Fire Emblem except for Fire Emblem Thracia 776 by now. I've really wanted to play this game, but I haven't been able to properly get it working. Lemme explain... So I use the following: - SNES9x version 1.54. - This base-game ROM: (snip) - This menu patch: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/80126-fe5-unified-thracia-prototype-menu-and-script-translation-through-ch-3/ - Not relevant, but I will be using an online script from SF as well... Okay... so here's my issue. The ROM works fine, I can run it perfectly after downloading it. When I apply the patch, I am informed that it was successfully patched. Then I go to run the patched ROM on SNES9x and it simply does not open. It gives me the yellow error message... something along the lines of "bad_checksum." If anyone can please help me on this matter I would greatly appreciate it. Please just allow for another crazed Fire Emblem fan to finally beat the series... It's all I want.
  19. Hi Milanor here, I'm new to the rom hacking community and I'm trying to figure out how to create a completely new ups patch file from a clean rom and an hex editor. My first mini project would be to create an easy mode of fe6, from the original vanilla version of the game. I have the original fresh copy of FE6, and I plan to use the nightmare editor to modify all the character's bases and growths (essentially buff them), and then creating a patch on that. The program that I'm using is NUPS which should create ups files, however, when I go to create a patch, it asks for the original file, edited file, and then the New UPS file. I'm confused about what it means since I've already have a fresh copy. Does this mean that I would first have two fresh copies of FE6 (respectively A and B where B is the edited file), then edit the B file with nightmare, then after making the changes to B, create a patch from both files A and B? Then the next issue I have is that since the game is only released in Japan and no English version of the game exists (except for fan translation patches), I have to find a way to get the translate the text and menu items. I'm thinking of either two choices: A) Use an old translation patch that already exists from 2006 or whenever (I will make sure to have permission from them as well as credit them), then apply it to my newly created patch? In other words, I don't know if I can tack on a existing patch to another existing patch together? Or what about applying two different patches to the same rom? (One is a translation patch and the other one is the modified base/growth rates patch.) B) Rewrite the entire game script (which includes the menu items, item descriptions, character texts, and all of that) which is A LOT of work for just a mini project. Let me know how I should go about doing these things and I hope this isn't too much for someone who is still a newbie in the world of rom hacking. I also hope I did not sound too confusing as my wording can be awkward at times. -Milanor
  20. I had already posted this in the if Fan-Translation thread, but someone from gbatemp recommended I just make a dedicated thread on here. The title says it all. This Fan-Translation is dedicated to translating the Nohrian and Hoshidan Festival of Bonds DLC. This project is dedicated to the U.S. releases of the game but a port to the European versions is also very possible. The DLCs have their own slots, titles, and icons and do not replace any pre-existing DLC. The translation are based off of young-il-long-kiyoshi's and mariethe crocheter's translations which can be found here and localized where necessary. So far this is mainly a solo project in terms of getting the text into Fates script format and getting it into the game. I don't have much else to say at the moment but I'll leave the necessary info and links if you want more information. I'm also looking for help if anyone else is interested in helping turn the translation into script format. I'm not even asking for you to rebuild the DLC or test it as I can do that all myself. Just someone else who's willing to help put it into script would greatly speed things along. So if you're interested, shoot me a message. As of 9/8/2017 I've been focused on finishing the "Spring Scramble" before working on "Fall Scramble" as the Spring Scramble contains more content. The intro, pre-battle dialogue,, all kimono conversations, Shiro_parent, Kiragi_parent, and Asugi_parent conversations are complete. Links: GBAtemp thread (Has more info/Screenshots) Github page (Contains project files. I update it after every translation session so it's always up to date) Screenshots:
  21. At First, There Is an Earth Dragon, The Falchion Blade, And What is this? This is a Complete, made from scratch Fire Emblem 1 Translation. It aims at Having a better writing than the other translations, by taking inspiration from Fire Emblem 3 and Fire Emblem 11. Want some screenshots? Sure! Features The stuff you care about: - Complete Translation of the script/menu of FE1 , with some adjustement to the script to make it feel more modern. - New font, to replace the boring old one. - New shiny title screen!(see the beggining of the post for it) The boring technical stuff: - Made the font arrangement accurate to ascii standards, thus making it compatible with ea's(event assembler) String command, making it buildfile compatible, which makes space management/error debugging a million time easier Credit list: Darrman and Celice, For their amazing notes, and help from darr, Nintenlord/CrazyColorz5, For making/updating Event Assembler, Kabocha/Kabby/Kabochigo/Stopchangingnamepls For some graphical help with the fonts. Other Stuff: I plan to release this for FEE3 or before if i manage to get chapte 1-6 completed in time. Chapter 5 and 6 will be showcased at fee3.
  22. Hi everyone! Me again! (And hi for the first time if you're new here and don't know me xD) I spent my free time over the last week translating an interview about Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It was featured in the July 2017 issue of Nintendo Dream (released May 20th, 2017). Topics include a lot of fun trivia (from Batman to why there are so many oranges) as well as information on how the April Fools' game came to be. @VincentASM let me know it hadn't actually been translated (I assumed it had), so here it is in full translation. I had to buy the magazine for myself as I could find no scans, and spent a lot of valuable time on it... so I hope you enjoy reading it. It's rather lengthy! I recommend reading a previous interview about this game as some things the developers said in it are referenced. Please note the third section has spoilers. The section has a clearly marked spoiler warning from the magazine and me, so please be weary. UPDATE: I added a translation of Hidari's commentary, found a few pages after. See blog post here, or in the second set of spoiler tags below. Lastly, if you're feeling generous, please feel free to leave a donation! Any amount, no matter how small, really helps me out and supports my passion to bring these never-translated things to you all : ) Enjoy! Either read the interview below or on my blog! If you share the interview, please share the blog version! It's always the most recently updated one. Thanks! : ) Follow up commentary from Hidari (character designer)
  23. Hello everyone, I am a french Fire Emblem Fan and I want to make a French Translation of Fire Emblem The Binding Blade from the already existing English Fan Trad (English to French) Can someone help me with the tools needed and where to begin? Thank you very much
  24. So after listening to SOV soundtracks various times I've realized that all the lyrics are probably in Latin, and I really want to know what the translations are (and what the original lyrics, in Latin, are too). Does anybody know of any undertakings regarding the transcribing and translating of the lyrics of these songs, assuming (I hope), they're not just random gibberish? I don't know any Latin so I can't make anything of it.
  25. Vincent sent me some scans of an overlooked interview from the June 2013 issue of Nintendo Dream for Awakening's first year anniversary (for Japan. The issue would have come out in April 2013). As far as we saw, no one had translated it in full (we may be wrong of course). I spent the weekend translating it for you all. There shouldn't be any pronoun mishaps like last time, but if you spot other mistakes in spelling or terminology (I tried to use localized terms but may have muddled a few here and there), please let me know! But it should be fine for the most part. Fun stuff to take away from it. I hope you enjoy the read! See it on the blog here! (And submit mistakes there if I don't see them here)
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