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  1. Now that the dlc has been out for a while, what are your real thoughts on the 4 winds along with the 2 new dragons we receive? Personally, I think Rafal is fine to stay in his current fell dragon class mainly for the dragon stone use. (though does have more base str than Panette if you reclass him in zerker or warrior) He essentially is a dragon version of our favorite goth wielding axe girl. I found him to be really useful, and I love his crit quotes. BUT, besides him, I could argue that all the other dlc characters would do better off in alternative classes. Nel is very lack luster for me. her starting stats if you take in account her internal level of 20 feel really weak. In both my dlc runs, I had several of my starter units have a much better stat spread if you compare their relative levels. Nel's personal and class skill are really... well bad imo.Both Nel and Rafal do not have any negative max modifiers or additional. So whatever class they go into, the max stats they have will be that class. That being said, I did see a build with Nel online that made great use of Byleth as a dragon (for the +3 to all stats, and her stat spread made sword of the creator and the fists weapons hit pretty hard. BUT you could also argue others could do this as well, and with rally sprectrum, instruct all stats isn't that game changing anymore imo) Madeline Highest base str growth in the game. Her problem is her terrible speed and dex growths. You pretty much have to run hit engraves or +hit skills on her if you keep her in her base class. (though general imo is such a poor class anyhow) I found making her into Halberdier to be her best class. It allows her to make great use of her really high strength, and with pincer attack skill, the ability to easily double enemies. Again her speed is trash, and dex is too. The other options are great knight (best great knight in the game imo with her personal skill stacking with great knight skill. Add armshield+ and the Erika emblem and she is taking easily 15 less damage with weapon advantage) or wyvern knight with brave Axe and a +hit engrave. Zelestia Soulblade is kind of terrible. If makes levin sword hit less against low res targets and makes physical weapons hit less against hit res targets. It really it nice to have though to levin sword down mages. The benfit to her is the fact she is a flyer with tome access. That does count for a lot, and her personal skill is actually really great if used correctly. She makes a better mage knight imo with her growths if losing flying isn't an issue for you. Gregory Gregory comes with some really nice nukey stats. He is essentially just a better version of Citrinne. With really high base magic, he will hit hard... if he hits. He has incredible res too. He is like the mage version of Madeline. Problem is his speed and terrible dex. He makes a fantastic dire thunder user, but even then you will want to help fix his dex. I personally love his sage outfit as Griss is my favorite from engage, and he does have innate staff use too. So he could be a good Griffin knight support, and levin sword Griffin knight would help fix his bad speed/dex. What are your thoughts about reclassing them? Have you? and what did you do?
  2. How do i know in Fates for what Units when do i promote/change and to what? do i just scour the wiki checking the skill list? how do you go about it.
  3. I'm working on a simple FE8 add on for more units, I. Addition to extra classes I want to add additional units for your army, A lot of units, as in enough you can have at least 2 of each class with some spares. Problem is after saving the game some units disappear from the roster. I don't know if it's from a conflict with character portraits. Or if it's a memory issue. I'm guessing the latter, since a couple vanilla characters are some of the missing. Is there a way to expand the save game memory?
  4. Okay 2 questions, First is there a way to expand the saves memory to have a larger maximum unit count? And second, where can I find patches like the skills patch?
  5. Hi, I've done a quick patch for TSS. This includes: - Bow range changes and longbow is a semi-siege weapon - Bows are not anti-air except short bow, renamed Anti-air Bow - Staff range changes - Weapon stats and price changes for better balance - Swords are called Blades and blades are replaced with knives/daggers with stats equivalent to javelin/short spear/spear for the sword line - Better class distinction without altering the way they work - Nerf to mounted units (caps and fliers get 6-7 movement instead of 7-8), most of them can't double the final boss except Eirika/Ephraim (late promo), max def/res nerfed too (+5 from unpromoted class with tweaks due to branched promotions - Great Knight 8 movement, paladin is more like silver knight (lance) while GK is gold knight (axe) - Seth's bases untouched but he falls off towards the end of midgame even at level 20 - Promo gains drastically improved (more like Fates promo bonuses, some are Awakening level like trainees into t1 and knight into general, although the base used is closer to Radiant Dawn t3 promo gains) - Trainees have 5 base move and usable bases (Ewan's bases untouched but he gains better stats on promo to make up for that) - Mage Knight is now a frontline class - Most units got base stats changes due to their class bases improving and some got personally buffed (pegasi mostly) - Lgd weapons give +3 instead of +5, bow gains str instead of luck, Vidofnir is now correctly between Audumla and Garm, Wt is similar to iron/E rank, no monster effectiveness - Naglfar weighs 6, so Lyon doesn't lose spd anymore - Spd capped general with Garm can still double endgame boss (from 19 spd with Garm's +3) - Enemy growths are more balanced, following their class theme (expect promoted enemies to be closer to Fates proportionally to the stat caps of TSS) - Monsters have better bases and follow the same growth pattern as humans (beware of fog maps) - Rogues have 7 movement since thieves have 6 - Everyone is usable, some units fall off (Seth, Forde is what the womanizer cav from FE6 should have been, Garcia but he has a longer lifespan) - Changed the dragonstone a little, now Myrrh is better for the time it lasts - Soldier is now more like Radiant Dawn soldiers, bases and growths (don't put weaklings in their range) - Formortiis has -5 def/res since you don't have effective weapons anymore (except...TA-DAAA! Myrrh's dragonstone! And now she can even double him) - Try different promotions, mounted promotions give less stats than unmounted to classes that don't have a mount in t1, making up for the advantage in mobility and they fall off anyway Link for download (patch US clean ROM with an UPS patcher): https://www.dropbox.com/s/20snosffcvdbek6/FE8%20simple%20patch_full%20balance%20patch.ups?dl=0
  6. This is rather simple- the units that have had the best level ups in a playthrough, and how much memories you have of that particular run. Preferably your first run of something (of a game, of a difficulty, first time using that unit, etc), but if a later run had a better memory, go. For me, I've only had the chance to play FE7 and FE8 personally. *Florina has got to be my most blessed unit of all time, and has several miracles to her name. *In FE8, almost obligatorily, Vanessa, and to a lesser extent Tana, have been serving me well, but by far the best unit I've had so far (the run's around the halfway point) is Ephraim. His first blow was a critical, his first level up had six stats, the rest of his level ups have had multiple well-placed points, and he's never been in a troublesome position. It says something that I gained more respect for Kyle's first level when Ephraim copied it shortly after (HP, Str, Def).
  7. Hello again, Tonight I want to highlight a really annoying part of my gaming and especially Fire Emblem experience: gender deifferences in gameplay. 1) Constitution: this can't be remedied, only males with negative modifiers are gonna have female level constitution, that's totally realistic. 2) Rescue/Aid: this is the most stupid thing where gender differences are completely unrealistic: I don't see how the same horse that carries a 12 con Kyle and has room for 13 more con couldn't carry the 9 con Amelia and 16 con Garcia/Gilliam, it's exactly the same total weight and the horse shows no difference in the animation sprite. That's why the only females who can rescue a 16 con unit are like FE6 first pegasus with garbage offence due to having this trash con, meaning she looses mountains of speed by equipping anything other than a thin lance. Female rescue is complete game design atrocity in my book. Meanwhile any normal weight cavalier can rescue these generals and heavy axers. 3) Str/def/spd: I agree that most women have lower caps in real life to their possible physical performance: less muscle means less raw strength, less heart power to inject oxygene in their limbs, meanwhile bigger bones and harder muscles mean men have more tolerance to physical hits. Then why are female units generally faster than male units? Either you say screw it it's a video game, reality doesn't matter (in this case every point in my post is invalidated and I can delete it, but then make every female and have male have the same base caps in every game), or you go all the way into realistic gameplay, meaning you take 10% away from EVERY PHYSICAL STAT from male units to make your base for female units. At this point, you might as well make female only games since it's the same as the Olympics, girls are disadvantaged in any power/speed/punching ball performance contest against men. But FE has like 90% of the generic units that are male, which means you throw your weak ass female units into the roller coaster of very high damage ennemies with higher def than what these female units' strength/def/hp can chew. All this while being hindered more often by the stronger weapons they NEED to use just to make up for the difference in base strength and growth with male units, thus having less speed from higher base than these males with more strength, which only means that females of the same gender-free classes get completely benched in terms of usability comapred with men since men have more +1/+3/+4 in con than females even when they already have a +2 base compared with females, allowing some males to take 0 penalty from a weapon that would give -3 to the generic units of the same class/gender (typically Hero Gerik with tomahawk/steel axe compared with the 11 con generic heroes who take -4 speed) and -5 to the females (not even talking of armored females with straight -3 base con compared with male armors, 10 vs 13, 12 vs 15, Amelia's neutral con vs Gilliam's +1 meaning Gilliam can wield weapons with 16 weight without loosing speed, while Amelia who shouldn't even be able to become a knight with a 20+ kg armor with a pre-teen girl body would loose 4 speed by doing so, might as well use FE4's weapon rank locks at this point, since females should be strictly unable to wield steel lances of 5-7 real life kg seeing the difference of 70-80% weight with the normal iron lance of 8 that would weigh around 3-4 kg with a high weight pike at its end) What do you think of this? What is justified, to what extent and is there a point in using females when they're hindered by every weapon closing the gap between them and equivalent male units (not even talking of the fact that most females already have -4 str/def between class and personal bases/growths compared with males)? Did Awakening and Fates solve this problem?
  8. So far I really enjoyed the support conversations for Ferdinand and Dorothea as well as their ending epilogue, and the development of their relationship throughout was really touching to see. What supports between the different characters are your favorite and why?
  9. spi8c

    Unit Movement

    Hey guys. Trying to work on a reskin project for fun with FEBuilder and I am adding in custom classes for some units. I replaced one of the unused wyvern rider classes with an archer class, but came to this when trying to playtest. It seems that the unit has almost all winged unit movement, which does not sit well with me. Any experienced FEBuilder users that can try to assist me? I would greatly appreciate it.
  10. Hello all! I just had a very quick question about Berwick Saga: how many units does the game allow you to bring to the final map? Also, other than Reese and Ward, are any units mandatory? Thanks for any help!
  11. so, after gathering enough data regarding the 1st gen( and finally ending the first session of the game for the last time ), i've decided to make this thread in order to not only share some infos, but also to eventually give ideas to new players and veterans alike in case they wanted to try out something new/different in terms of unit build for both 1st and 2nd generation with inheritance. what follows are some of the best units i've managed to obtain throu the first part of the game. there was actually more, however some of them were not promoted yet, so i've decided to leave them out since they didn't manage to reach their default potential. for details about classes and skills: https://serenesforest.net/genealogy-of-the-holy-war/classes/introduction/ https://serenesforest.net/genealogy-of-the-holy-war/classes/weapon-ranks/ https://serenesforest.net/genealogy-of-the-holy-war/miscellaneous/skills/ ...and be prepared for a long topic! [ disclaimer: keep in mind that items swapping was also partially involved, so it's virtually impossible to have multiple rings of the same type in 1st generation, along with other unique items ] - Mid game units - [ Overview ] - Main roles: Mobile tank | Mobile damage dealer - Pros: Cuan's role is basicly a mobile frontline tank that can hit&run, and also counter ranged units with a Javelin when needed. relies mainly on one-shot tactics when dealing damage, and works well at covering angles in wall-formations. works even better with a Shield ring, as he basicly gets close to no damage by physical attacks. can eventually defend castles, as long as there's not many mages around. - Cons: sadly, by the time he will obtain his Crusader weapon, he won't actually be able to use it for long due to story development. his low Resistance also makes him a good target for mages. weak to Knight Killer lances. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Mobile healer - Pros: Ethlin starts as main healer in the first chapter of the game, and becomes a good kiting unit once she obtains the Light sword. her Skill will let her land critical hits quite often, and even more with a Skill ring equipped. a well balanced, multi-role unit. - Cons: same as Cuan, by the time she promotes it will be too late to actually enjoy her new class due to story development. weak to Knight Killer lances. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Mobile damage dealer | Mobile Dodge-tank - Pros: a speed-based version of the Duke Knight, Fin will be able to land 4 hits on most enemies thanks to the sinergy between his base speed, Pursuit and the Hero lance. Prayer also gives him more survival chances when he gets low on hp, and becomes almost untouchable by most enemies. the Speed ring is a nice boost for both damage dealing and survival chances. can counter ranged units as well with a Javelin. can also defend castles well, as long as there's not many mages around. - Cons: low Res means getting tons of damage from magic units, so always be careful about wich targets you want to pick. weak to Knight Killer lances. - Late game units - [ Overview ] - Main roles: Mobile damage dealer | Mobile Anti-mage unit | Mobile Dodge-tank - Pros: here's our main Lord in top form, the anti-mage unit by excellence: Sigurd. he mainly plays as mobile frontline tank, and thanks to Prayer on his Crusader weapon he will become almost impossible to hit when he gets low on hp. he can eventually counter ranged units too with magic swords and Javelins, but against mages it would probably be better to equip the Tyrfing in order to not only lower the damage, but also to increase the chances to dodge attacks. together with a Barrier ring, it's the bane of mages. using his Silver sword as much as possible would be a wise idea as well, since it can unlock the weapon's critical chance quite early compared to other units( 50 kills in total ). the Leg and Elite rings aren't necessary, but Seliph can always make good use of them pre-promotion. - Cons: he can get his Crusader weapon only in the last chapter of 1st gen, he needs to save a certain NPC to actually obtain it, and he even needs to repair it in order to use it( 50.000 gold isn't cheap either, but it can be made easily by visiting villages and farming arenas ). weak to Knight Killer lances. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Mobile tank | Mobile damage dealer - Pros: yet another mobile frontline tank unit, Lex is probably one of the strongest mounted units in 1st generation when equipped with the right tools. he can often deal 4 attacks on armored units with the Hero axe+Pursuit ring, and double on other common enemies as well. the Elite passive skill will help him to become a good unit quite early in the game, and Vantage will turn him into a good counter-attack unit as well when he gets low on hp. he can counter from the distance too with a Hand axe. can also defend castles very well, as long as there's not many mages around. - Cons: low res makes him weak against mages. you also need to know some secret event locations in order to obtain the Hero axe for Lex, and the Pursuit ring from another character. weak to Knight Killer lances. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Damage dealer - Pros: a killing machine, Aira is one of the strongest sword users in the game. due to her high speed, Pursuit, Hero sword and Astra, she'll kill anything that moves in most situations, and even armored units with Great Shield will struggle against her. the Speed ring will also give her better evasion chances, since it's her main way to survive enemy attacks. - Cons: you'll have to be very careful when trying to recruit her, because there's specific conditions that have to be met before being able to talk with her, and she starts the chapter as an enemy unit to make things harder. she will also need some care before promotion, in order to allow her speed to grow properly. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Damage dealer - Pros: an awesome unit, Holyn is yet another strong sword user that will literally destroy the arena. his high Skill will allow him to use properly most Blades, and with Pursuit+Luna he'll deal tons of damage against any unit. he can eventually counter ranged units too, but close quarters combat is where he truly shines. he relies mainly on Speed to avoid damage as well. - Cons: you need to actually defeat him in the arena first in order to recruit him, wich is something that can become quite tedious at times. his default stats also makes him weak to magic. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Healer | Supporter (becomes mobile after promotion) - Pros: she has pretty much the same role as Ethlin, with the difference that she starts on foot, and gains different kinds of gear as the game goes on. an overall balanced unit meant for supporting allies with Charisma, that can eventually kite with magic swords and increase her survival chances with the Prayer sword on low hp. the Earth sword should also be able to negate the Big Shield effect of armored units, while the Thief sword helps with getting some money out of brigands attacking towns. - Cons: if you want the Knight ring for double movement when on foot, you'll have to save all of her Paladins and keep them alive by the end of the chapter. getting the Earth sword is also no easy task, as she will need to speak with her brother during a specific battle. pre-promotion, she's not very suited for combat either, so it would be better to use her mostly as a healer until she can become a Master Knight. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Damage dealer - Pros: probably the best archer in 1st generation, Jamka is meant to be a critical machine thanks to his stats and unique bow. a Skill ring always help with increasing his critical rate, and the Killer bow alone will be more than enough from early to late game chapters due to his passive Critical skill built in, and good accuracy/weight. he relies mostly on one-shot tactics, but can also deal double/multiple attacks on most enemies thanks to his passive skills. - Cons: he's actually even harder to recruit compared to Aira, and starting as an enemy ranged unit fighting inside a forest doesn't make things easier either. prepare yourself for many restarts, if you really want this unit. he is worth the trouble thou, i guarantee on that. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Healer | Debuffer (can be a damage dealer after promotion) - Pros: a good healer that can eventually become quite strong against armored units, Aideen will be the one taking care of your un-mounted units for most of the game. her high Magic will also allow her to debuff most enemies with staffs such as Sleep or Silence. - Cons: starting as a "pure" healer, she'll be stuck with only healing until promotion, and even then, she'll always be more suited for healing rather than dealing damage. her low defence makes her a good target for physical classes, so don't leave her without protection. you'll have to be fast in order to save her from some bandits, and she's also the only one who can recruit Jamka. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Damage dealer | Dodge-tank (can be a healer/debuffer after promotion) - Pros: stats and skills-wise, the best mage in 1st generation, Levin can obliterate pretty much any enemy without Great Shield thanks to Holsety and his critical hits. after promotion, he can also debuff enemies with staffs, and heal allies when needed. his Crusader weapon will eventually allow him to play as dodge-tank as well, althou it's not something really viable due to weapon repair costs. - Cons: he needs some time and dedication before becoming really good. damage spikes based mainly on rng. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Damage dealer | Anti-mage unit - Pros: a good archer that can double attack quite often, brigid can one/two-shot most common enemies thanks to her Crusader weapon, while keeping a good evasion rate too. with a Hero bow, she can deal up to 4 hits and save money to repair the Ichival, wich will become more like a survival tool for critical situations in this case. she works well as anti-mage unit too, even better with a Barrier ring. - Cons: same as Aideen, you'll have to hurry up if you want to save her from some pirates chasing after her. you'll also need some specific pairing if you want to give her the Hero bow too. [ Overview ] - Main roles: Healer | Debuffer | Damage dealer - Pros: actually the best healer in 1st generation, he can AoE heal allies and even resurrect fallen comrades once thanks to the Valkyrie staff. he can't be touched by most enemy spells, and can deal some damage to armored units too. - Cons: you'll need to keep him alive during the pirates raid involving Brigid. while he's very strong against magic, he's also very weak against physical classes, so don't push his luck too much. well, i guess that's all for now. if anyone else is willing to share his/her ideas and discuss about different units and builds, feel free to do so.
  12. Hi players, Subaki is said to be one of the worst units in the game. I wanted to see what I could do to help him get awesome or at least good. I searched for spear fighter, basara, oni savage and oni chieftain on the wikia and with his personal growths I decided to make him an oni savage into chieftain in my revelations run. Well, he class changed just after Rinkah's recruitment chapter (which was a real pain in hard beginner because ennemies are designed around MU's fighting ability while your other units are 3 levels or even 4 levels lower than random ennemies level 8 in this chapter, taking 15 damage per attack with those f***ing ninjas all around the map debuffing your def into abyss, MU was literally OHKOing everyone except a few with dragonstone, +mag -lck, while taking little to no damage) and my level 8 Subaki had 17 def, 21 with Rinkah pair up, along with 11 str and 16 with Rinkah, and 9 spd, 15 skl, 27 HP (now 31 level 13, with 12 or 13 str, 17+ skill, 12 spd, more than 20 def, 6 or 7 res). That means My Subaki takes literally 0 damage 5 levels lower than my Corrin. Sure it was a pain getting him through the next chapter's Mjolnir sorcerer but well, he still had around 14 HP after getting hit, and my female servant weakened the sorcerers near the boss so he could kill them in one throwing axe +1 hit (largely overkilling them). He soloed this chapter except for the sorcerers mentionned and the boss (the mjolnir sorcerer's skull got split in half in 1 hit BTW). Subaki's got 3 magic for now, I hope he grows more so I can give the spirit dust to my incoming Basara or something like that Beruka who will marry MU. Gotta spend a few levels as a dark flyer for magic growth and speed+res. Why hybrid/magic-oriented Subaki and Beruka? I wanted some real tanky units to fit the role of magic weapon users. Magic weapons give -20 dodge (or avoid, can't remember which is what), so giving it to squishy units who double all the time isn't worth. Subaki has darting blow, perfectionnist that makes up for -20 dodge or avoid, Beruka has enough speed as a dark flyer and has more res than Subaki so she can tank on both damage types just from personnal def + Dark flyer res. Subaki has a good HP bar and oni savage makes it insanely high (70 or 75% growth), meanwhile his 30% str get to 50% with oni savage and his magic growth is still 30%, no waste in his already good skill (50% personal) and 65% def growth with 10% res growth (why even waste anything into his forever shitty stat anyway?). Beruka will get both seals from lance fighter and lance master, so she will make any unit that's not dead perfectly trash for the next PP. MU's personnal skill will grant her +2 def/res anyway soa few levels into dark flyer won't hurt too much her def. Hinata: Samurai Hinata is like samurai Benny (both have innate 15% growth in speed, which is the lowest in the game), why even use it when you have much better units for that role? Blacksmith gives him enough of everything to be a good frontliner (except res but it's not his role). It's the perfect balance between swordmaster and master of arms, good hp, good str, good skl, good def and enough spd to get some spd level ups if needed. Anyway with 55-60% def growth and his base, not many will damage him on the physical front. Also swords are actually his worst weapon type, since Nohrian swords don't give anything while hoshidan swords sacrifice his only good stat (def) aside hp to get his lowest trash tier stat (spd) a +1 bonus (not enough to stay relevant but that -1 res is gonna hurt him and early -1 def isn't too funny to suffer from against those 25 damage axe users in EP). His good HP is helped by blacksmith so why not? Hero is good too but maybe a little too much speed oriented for him compared with blacksmith, correct me if I'm wrong. Class swap Hinata and Oboro and both would be amazing from the get go though...
  13. In the 2.4 patch notes, there is a mention of later adding colored bows into the game. I can understand why, there can be only so much variation in the archer design before it becomes repetitive. Also it allows future archers to stand out from the previous year characters. Making legendary bows like Yewfelle, Double Bow, and Rienfleche not complete directly against BLyn's Mulagir I wonder what will determine the color of certain heroes, and then Noire can be in the game?
  14. I bet I can tell it in 1 sentence: they're supposed to be slow but to have the highest defence in the game but their def growth sucks balls and their base is ridiculous outside of FE10, also they have down the earth speed so they get doubled by any non-armored unit, they have weaknesses to certain weapons because IS thought they were too hard to ORKO with a slim lance/sword so you needed special weapons to OS the tankiest classes in the game who can't even catch up with a foot soldier and have barely more def than cavalier classes, they have inexistant-level resistance and in Fates especially there are the most annoying weapons ever created: shurikens, the weapon transforming your 18 def into 13 def with no speed that takes double 10-ish damage per attack after armor reduction (against weak weapons because against silver weapons and A rank they take more like 20-ish damage two times). The only skill saving their asses is available at level 5 general, a class nobody wants to use as the front unit because it has the same shitty penalties as any armored unit with less movement than GKs and no offensive skill, and when your general reaches 20/5 it's like endgame already unless you're trolling the game playing the slowest turtle ever seen. Especially in Fates with the exp curve going up drastically for each level higher than your ennemy over 3 levels. At least they could give armored units a faster exp gain (paragon would help them so much).
  15. Hi again, I'm willing to play another run with specific units, but I don't want to be the one picking them (I feel like picking the same ones all the time). Also, I plan on using DLC for grinding but only to a certain extent (understand: reach the point where they don't need to be babysitted anymore; not when they're able to solo the game, it's not funny). I can reclass them once, only once, and like this: reach level 10/11 unpromoted, reclass, reach level 11/10, instant master seal. The goal is to have the same number of level ups than if I didn't reclass them. Another option (not as good though) is to reach level 10/11 unpromoted, master seal, reach level 11/10, reclass into a promoted class. Special classes are allowed to be reclassed at level 10 only (manakete, tagΓΌel and villager). I prefer keeping manaketes in their original form though if they're not gonna get more than 38 level ups and a promotion. Because manakete is a good class with 6 move, great tanking ability, 1-2 range 80% hit rate base weapon and a buffed weapon available in spotpass (mostly used for grinding rather than in-game for ethics). DLC classes allowed, but I don't want to make full DLC teams, it's not funny (and brides are only useful for their skills since their weapons kind of suck for hybrid units). If I play MU, he/she is going to be played only for rally spectrum by endgame (+def/-str or something like that since it gives him/her the stats to tank late game ennemies without reclassing or getting stat boosters). This allows me to bring weaker units through the game by rallying them each turn and giving them the stats to be usable in late game (like not RNG-blessed Ricken, unlike the one I'm using in my current playthrough where he was blessed with 15 or 16 speed as a 20/1 dark knight) IF YOU WANT ME TO PLAY IN NO GRIND (story only and maybe paralogues) IT WILL BE ON NORMAL DIFFICULTY since I'm not in the mood to make shits like Miriel work without grinding and taking the 1st master seal for early bonus stats is not good since it kills the unit in late game (or even as soon as in the Valm arc). Or either way I only use strong units (units who don't suck the exp and are good to go when they join) but since I've already done this kind of run I don't want to do it again. I think it's gonna be a no support run (meaning no C-/B-/A-/S- supports) like the one I'm doing. Only Chrom is likely to get married unless I don't use any of his potential wives. Stupid auto-S support (-_-). If there are classes you want me to try for said unit, suggest them (Ricken GK XD or Zelcher Walkyrie LMAO). Spot pass is allowed for recruitment and shops (recruitment in order to complete dread knight or bride DLC, featuring Sephiran, Ike, Ashnard, Ephraim, Lyon, potentially black knight but I achieved to finish dread knight DLC with only the 5 ones written first without anyone dying and Chrom on Ashnard on the left castle) and also for the bullion at 1k renown (it saves me a gold DLC from the beginning and allows me to play it faster without my story-related units so they don't gain unwanted levels and don't waste weapons even if it's not a real problem), the second seal and any NEEDED stat booster (spotpass characters will get the spotpass legendary weapons but that's it). But no wyvern Panne, it's not funny because she's too strong. If you want me to make a spotpass units only run, suggest a game and units. I don't play uggly ones (except a few like the ones with Catria who got a graphic update, most units from games older than TSS are uggly so I won't use them because uggly isn't cool). The goal is not to play the ones with capped stats outside from DLCs. Default difficulty is hard/casual because hell no I'm exhausted of resetting for nothing. I can also play resetless (permanent death) if you want, it's up to you. PS: I'm gonna do the same for Fates later or in parallel, so if you have suggestions for Fates, go on. I have Birthright and Conquest, I'll do one for each route. Children are forbidden since they're no fun and recruiting some of them is a pain in the *ss*.
  16. I've seen a few tier lists for Lunatic and hard mode no grind (because grinding makes anyone good or correct until lategame). I think some units are overrated while some are underrated. S tier: - Sumia: while she has the speed to double in hard mode when she joins, she's another chip unit for a good while before reaching her owerspike for like 2 chapters and then becomes a staff/rally bot or support. I don't see why she should be S tier since her placement is really hard to optimize as a flying unit and she won't get reclassed into a foot unit for long if you don't ant to loose too much mobility/start over from level 1 with no mobility at all or no weapons (if reclassed before promotion). She can make a fast GK etc. but in no grind, feeding her 23 levels of exp to get rally speed seems a bit of a waste while with avatar you have a free rally spectrum with more bulk and rally needs bulk except if you can position the rally bot outside of ennemies' range (lol most maps are like you're in the middle and 25 ennemies circle you by turn 3 with wind mages and archers). So I'd put her high B-rank because her mobility is good but she needs hell of a bias to get anywhere close to middle A-tier. - Olivia: as a dancer she has a useful skill. But same problem as Sumia: squishy AF so she needs to never be in ennemies' range not to die, she won't ever see combat as a dancer in no grind, she won't be able to dance very often (not even 10x per map so less than 1 level up per map meaning she's even more OHKO food for ennemies without any natural avoid skills (+4 luck isn't an avoid skill)) and like I explained above ennemies surround you in most chapters with a few ones having ranged weapons and the old rescue mechanic gone to put her even more behind because if she get hit she's dead (no miracle for dancers sadly it would be much more useful than their useless luck +4 and a medium-level single target rally on dance, especially luck +4 in a game where 4 luck means 2 avoid LOLOLOL so damn useless) and she starts...at level 1 with awful bases (while in TSS the dancer started with some workable def/res and good growths in it with wonderful avoid and growths in avoid stats, like 80/70% in speed and luck and 50+ in res) and nearly 0 HP since 18 means OHKO by anyone from chapter 11 to epilogue. with terrain bonuses halved for most of them she can't even benefit from forests to dodge anything (10 avoid instead of 1 def 20 avoid in a game with 140 hit rate ennemies LOL this game's design is killing me). So yes dancer is useful but Olivia in Awakening is just not that good of a dancer and joins too late to even reach level 15 before ending and she will get killed by anything that get close to her, even a mid-late game thief/trickster. - Lon'zu: why is he S-tier? I don't know, his only good point is joining with a killer sword which can be used by any other sword unit who got exp even before he joined and who reached higher strength/defence and maybe even speed and skill if the unit got blessed (or just Chrom since he has the same speed, skill, 2x Lon'zu's strength and 2.5x his def, a bit more res and 2x more luck around level 12 at this point). Lon'Zu will never get enough strength to be ORKOing any ennemy in late game if the crit/astra doesn't activate (which happens a bit too often sometimes and tends to apply several times in a row), he can dodgetank: yes and no. In no pair up runs try to make him and his 60-ish avoid dodge the 140+ hit rate ennemies (even avoid +10 makes it 70ish avoid it lets them have around 70% hit so no dodgetank isn't the solution for that) and he's as squishy as swordmaster Olivia (which I use often for a swordfaire Lucina). It's like playing luntic + FE:TSS with squishy chip units. I know it doesn't exist but if it existed you wouldn't want to use any swordmaster to clean it since even in normal difficulty swordmasters need godly strong weapons to ORKO anything with medium def in no grind runs (so strength not capped in unpromoted AND promoted classes most of the time). I didn' see anyone even arguing about his reclassing options. Wyvern has too many weaknesses for no grind runs (and no swords) and thief isn't supposed to be a combat class. A tier: - Sully: she can be worthy of it as well as be screwed by RNG especially in early level ups. Mine just got her 2 first level ups to be +1HP +1luck and +1HP +1strength. She didn't raise her def for like 5 levels, her strength and def got locked at 8-9 until level 8 and her speed struggled to blow up from the start. Finally she got saved by 2 excellent level ups (as in everything ecept magic and res went up) and then she found her way to 17 speed and average everything else. She is a semi-myrmidon cavalier with less speed/avoid/skill than a myrmidon and less bulk than an average cavalier so she doesn't want to get screwed by RNG or else she's good to be benched since her start is the moment when she can get strong or completely left behind. Myrmidon cuts her from 2 move and some bulk and lance use so it's not really nice on a no pair up run (I mean he unit isn't self-sufficient which A-tier is for). -Lissa: your first healer, balanced shitty growths can pull her up to Libra's level 1 pre-promote base stats when she's 20/1 warmonk or she can be a more magic-oriented staff bot sage with more survivability than Miriel (miracle from level 1 saves her from B-tier). She has good reclass options for support but in no grind wamonk or sage is all she needs. - Anna: I don't see why she's A-tier and Libra B to C-tier. I'll write about him later. She has no combat prowess and is not by any means self-sufficient, she has good mobility but struggles to move to chests by herself without getting killed so she needs more of a mobile turtle tactic. Past turn 7 she looses 20 avoid and hit (so if you plan on taking all the reinforcements be careful she won't be able to dodgetank like pre-turn 7). She doesn't have any rally in her thief classes. - Frederick is a must have in early game in lunatic, he's a good pair up partner in hard, he can chip ennemies to feed kills to noob units until Stahl and Kellam catch up with him (around chapter 6-8). He's needed in early game in no grind runs and he's a must in no pair up runs since your units loose their +4 def or speed precious bonuses from pair up. He's not going to see late game mainly because if his growths seem better than Stahl's on paper, I've never or close to never seen a Frederick be as good as Stahl (even as 20/20 in any class from level 1 GK) so he won't bump to S tier but he is useful AF for a challenger's early game. - Maribelle: LMAO this unit should go down to high C tier: she won't ever see any combat as her bases and unpromoted growths lead her to be the worst unpromoted unit in the game (worse than Ricken), she doesn't learn the skill which gives +5 healing power on staves in her base class and has to go for 10 more unpromoted with -2 move to get this and miracle which she doesn't start with either (making her even worse at taking a hit than level 1 Lissa when she joins) and even when promoted she isn't worth it. I still prefer using Miriel in a no grind no pair up run than using Maribelle while I'm asking myself if I should just promote Miriel before level 20 to get staves and reroll sage as many times as I have to for her to have correct stats. Maribelle can be useful in grind runs bu in no grind she's like her kid, but worse, not even able to promote for 7 levels and D-rank in staves when Lissa is already C in no grind and even more in grind runs (maybe A lol). And she can't move more than 2 tiles in the desert, 3 chapers before reaching 2 desert chapters in a row (XD so useless) without having base access to ranged staves and with terrible range on them (just before recruiting Libra, pre-promote who doesn't require any stat booster, can move in the desert like it's home, has more stats near everywhere than level 20/1 Maribelle and C axes and C base rank staves). B tier: - Stahl: people often discuss about Stahl's tier, his speed means he's not able to be the MVP of the game though. He's a slow-starting Frederick who replaces him on the long run as the mobile tank of the army. He chips well, he's accurate enough to hit most of the time with >=80% hit weapons, not so reliable with lower hit rate weapons. I would put him to A-tier because he has no match for what he does (Kellam has less mobility untill reclassed thief level 10 or promoted into GK and he looses on some growths as a GK like res and maybe skill) and he has the best availability for a tank, having time to get to his powerspike by chapter 7 (maybe 6 if you managed to replace Fred by Stahl or if unlike me you didn't force yourself to use Miriel). And his GK promotion gives him the best tank weapon: the axe. Why the axe? Because sword users don't hit as hard as lance/axe users so he's better with a weapon that gives him +10 avoid and -1 damage from lances and neutral advantage against axes. Cuz' yes, his avoid kind of sucks. Libra: He heals as much as Anna, has more bulk, miracle, level 15 he has sustain each turn (so can use miracle again if needed), he has a rally even if it's not the best, he has combat utility with ordinary weapons unlike Anna who needs rare weapons to be of any utility in figts and joins with a killer axe so he can take a few ennemies down in his joining chapter if you want. He's rarely in danger because of his solid bases and he pees on 20/1 Maribelle in any stat except luck and maybe speed. All his classes are useful even for combat unlike Maribelle with awful bases awful growths (most of the time she's worse than Lissa at level 20 unpromoted). Virion: depending on how you use him (and how much too) he can be a better Miriel or a wyvern knight or straight to bow knight for extra movement and bowbreaker. He can also be benched without hurting your army. B rank is fine, I just wanted to remind he's not only an archer but also a mage and wyvern rider (like Panne but she's faster than him and stronger too). Gaius: B is where I put him: useful for early chests in a game that stupidly didn't provides keys for chests most of the time, Gaius is one of the slowest starting combat units. Better go with anyone else rather than him for combat, even Vaike is more salvageable thanks to his availability lead while Gaius comes underlevelled with iron swords only and gutter fighting stats. Even his speed is subpar by the time he joins (many ennemies have as much as him as fighting units lol and myrmidons are faster than him). Without reclassing/promoting he won't even get fighting skills to help his crappy start and thieves can't even steal anymore so...what's the point of keeping this class? Zelcher: some people bias her, but even if I like her style (except the maid thing in her outfit it's just good for frustrated otakus who go in maid cafes to feel loved or respected for money) I admit that her base level is too low to be good. If she came at level 16 she would probably be better (especially her base speed) but anyways her class set in totally absurd with one physical offensive base class and 2 magical support classes with only 1 hybrid and 0 physical promotion. She doesn't even get bowbreaker or tomebreaker so she's left behind by IS because she can't tank effectively in the Valm arc AND late game where there are archers and mages with each sort of tomes in every chapter. As a support she's probably the balance between Libra and Maribelle, and it's not a good thing, because from Libra she has physical bulk and combat ability as a warmonk while from Maribelle she has shitty magic, bad magic bases and worse growths than Maribelle. Cordelia: I think she deserves low A-tier: she has mercenary's bases and growths but with higher res than mercenaries and she can reclass into mercenary, so her flyer class isn't forced onto you. Even if she's not a great magic user, she has access to dark mage, which should be considered before putting her into B-tier. Gregor: His bases are correct, he's C-rank in swords and comes with a steel sword. He's usable, but he's an all-rounder, the type that Stahl's supports define as average in everything, good or bad in nothing. His Strength is correct, his skill is average (especially for his class which should have just a bit less skill than archers), his speed is average (like Stahl's but Stahl is more mobile without skills and should have gained much more levels than Gregor when this one is recruited), his def is average, his luck is average, his res is the same shit as any physical unit and he has average tank HP. Nowi: awful bases, awful growths (Myrrh would be ashamed by her weakling baby), 6 move locked dragon (saved by 1/2 ranged weapon), limited weapons until chapter 12 (like Panne in her original form), reclassing options aren't really amazing. No sol access and life drain is on player phase. Henry: awful base speed, other base stats are about the same level as Zelcher with more rounded stats. His class set makes up for his crappy base speed, he's a dark mage who can open chests while nosferatanking. In no grind run, he's too late to be reclassed into thief but in grind runs he's very useful for gold digging, treasure hunting and all this without being hurt by anything. But in no grind he's in the low B-tier because he comes way too late and his combat is even worse than Zelcher due to ennemies having much more speed than him (in no pair up run he's garbage you can probably let him die to slow the bottom ennemies while you rush to the top to slaughter the boss before getting subjugated by the waves of ennemies while being attacked from archers from the hills). Say'ri: considering her bases, the economy of a master seal and her immediate access to B-swords, she comes just in time to be used. Her hard difficulty bases are better by 1 point everywhere and 2 HP than her normal bases, which you can't say about Lon'zu and she has more rounded defensive stats. She also has wyvern reclass option which I already talked about, but she has pegasus instead of thief, which is more suited for support/combat. Still Say'ri is best used as a swordmaster or assassin and dodgetanking without pair ups and infinite stats potions /stats boosters isn't the best idea in this game for a no grind. But if you want a swordmaster, she can make you save exp on Lon'zu for other units (because no pair-ups=supports don't really affect your efficiency in combat and by no pair ups I mean units aren't supposed to dual-strike either, old classic way, except for trio attacks like pegasi in TSS or the brothers in POR/RD) so that you can level up anyone who you like instead (if you have a bias you can give Lon'zu's exp to your bias). I see Lon'zu vs Say'ri as Edward vs Zihark. The first can surpass the latter but odds are RNG and anyway without support bonuses it's the same so why would you give tons of exp to someone just to get him to the same level than the other and waste items and this exp pool? Miriel: a weaker version of FE:TSS's Lute: good magic (but not capping without grinding or bias), bad skill (or mediocre if you're blessed), medium speed to double slow units, bad defence while Lute had often around 14-17 defence without any items (similar to Awakening's hard difficulty 24 or so defence) and Lute benefitted from better terrain bonuses and lower ennemy hit rate coupled with better early to late game avoid even as a pure stat (not taking hit rate into account). Same subpar res for a magical unit (like a natural swordmaster's defence) she's like Say'ri with tomes. Her reclassing options save her from being benched from the start as sorcerer and dark knight can make up for her shitty bulk, but she's still better off as a staff bot sage. Tiki: never recruited her 'or maybe in normal grind so long ago that I don't even remember. A better version of Nowi, with solid bases unlike her baby version and with better growth rates. She is hard to recruit and has the same problems as Nowi for reclass options. B+ because a good manakete is always useful but her availability, paralogue with tens of flyers spawning everywhere and rushing towards her like exponential growth zombies towards the exit but you have to protect her for the whole time while not dying yourself to ennemy waves (litterally waves, like tsunami of ennemies). It's the Fire Emblem: Prepare to die edition. Better take her spotpass character who has access to all classes and costs around 17k (and access to dragonstone+ is nice) but it's forbidden in no grind+no pair up. Basilio: very late, usable bases (at least he can rally strength) and saves you from using Gaius or Vaike for this purpose. Not really useful in fights in no grind and even less in no pair up but his rally is even better in no pair up since it makes up for the absence of support bonus stats. If you give him 5 level ups he learns counter, take it if you want. His reclassing makes him better at tanking and general gives him rally defence. C tier: Flavia: the speedy version of Basilio without rally strength and with better res (still you won't throw her into walls of ennemies either since she has too low defensive stats for it). Can replace Anna for late game chest hunting if you can make her gain the 9 thief levels to go to trickster/assassin in 1 or 2 skirmishes but in absolute no grind she's just a replacement for the crazy ones who play in classic no reset if they lost...Gregor maybe? XD he's the only one she could replace exactly or even surpass for the same class level without reclassing. I like her character design, her impossible love with Basilio (the 1st black man I've seen in a Japanese artwork without the big lips or the colossus black American body guard stereotype, maybe he's a mixed-blooded with some white people lol as Flavia doesn't have such a dark skin and she's blonde), but she's hardly salvageable at this point of the game, she comes 5 chapters too late to be really good. She could be upper if she had ore availability... Overall late characters: If you want to plainly use late game/underlevelled joining characters like Henry, Tiki, Basilio and Flavia, just force yourself into the challenge "no grind, no reclass" and eventually "no pair up" and why not "no reset" for peope who don't mind loosing units due to a random 2% crit rate ennemy (that also means your Chrom can die to the boss in prologue due to 6% crit rate so you're gonna restart the game from the prologue XD good luck on no reset).
  17. Hey guys! So I finally got my Thracia 776 patch working and I've been playing it for a while now and enjoying it quite a bit. I am currently on Chapter 7 (wow that Manster escape was fun but difficult!) I just wanted the opinion of some of the veterans of Thracia: how many units do you recommend I train throughout the game? In most FE's I usually end up with a team of 12-15, but I know this game has the whole fatigue factor to take in. So, would you recommend more units than that? I was thinking maybe more like 18-20? Thanks for any help you can offer!
  18. There's an online save editor as WIP which can already duplicate, delete and share units online with other users online. It doesn't need FEAST and duplicating units doesn't wipe out your convoy.
  19. Was inspired to do this after seeing people ask for certain weapon type users in increments of ten, i'll do it all the way. Hyrule Warriors had multiple movesets for a number of its characters using different weapons and Dynasty Warriors 7 & 8 had a switch on the fly weapon system just for general reference. We'll go by class. I'll include prepromotes in their respective lines, if I somehow missed anyone let me know Lord - for the purposes of this I'll put Corrin under this Weapons - Sword, or Sword/Dragonstone (Nohr Prince/Princess) Marth - FE1/3/11/12 Chrom (Promotes to Great Lord which also has Lance access), Lucina (Promotes to great lord same as Chrom), - FE13 Corrin & Kana (Promotes to Hoshidan or Nohrian Noble, the former granting Staves, the latter granting Tomes) - FE14 Tactician Weapons - Sword/Tomes Robin, Morgan - FE13 Cavalier Weapons - Swords/Lances, Promote to Paladins or Great Knights depending on the game & class choice, Great Knights gain, the ability to also use Axes Cain, Abel, Jeigan, Matthis, Roshe, Vyland, Hardin (He can count here or General), Midia, Camus, Arran, Luke, Rody, Cecil, Frey, Belf, Leiden. - FE1/3/11/12 Fredrick, Sully, Stahl, Walhart (Conqueror) - FE13 Xander, Siegbert, Peri, Silas, Sophie - FE14 Archer/Hunter Weapons - Bow, promotion grants Swords via Bow Knight if that path is chosen or is a Hunter, we are not counting Mercs in this set. Gordin (Freeman), Ryan, Tomas, Jeorge, Norne, Castor, Warren, Wolf, Sedgar, Robert, Beck - FE1/3/11/12 Virion, Noire - FE13 Takumi, Kiragi, Setsuna, Midori, Yukimura (Apothecary) - FE14 Knights/Thwomps Weapons - Lances, but on promotion can wield Bows (In fe11/12) or Axes (FE13/14) Draug, Roger, Lorenz Mc Made of Explodium, Dark Hardin, Sheema, Horace, Dolph, Macellan - FE1/3/11/12 Kellam, Kjelle - FE13 Effie, Benny, Ignatius - FE14 Cleric/Priest/Troubador - General stave users, who promote to various classes granting them a variety of weapons. Troubadors have horses Wrys, Lena, Malliesia, Yumina, Boah, Maria, Nyna, Elice, Frost - FE1/3/11/12 Lissa, Maribelle, Brady, Libra - FE13 Felicia, Jakob, Izana, Azama, Sakura, Elise, Flora, Mitama, Dwyer, Forrest - FE14 Fliers Pegasus Knights In FE1/3/11/12 promoted to Wyverns, in every other game Falcon Knights, or Dark Fliers. Allowing a variety of weaponry, Wyverns tend to focus axes these days as well, while Pegasus focus Lances typically. Weapons: Pegasus Lances, Wyverns Axes, gain more on promotion. Caeda, Catria, Palla, Est, Minerva, Michalis - FE1/3/11/12 Sumia, Cordelia, Cherche, Cynthia, Gerome, Aversa - FE13 Hinoka, Camilla, Subaki, Shigure, Caeldori, Reina, Scarlet, Beruka, Percy - FE14 Axe Fighters - Including the Pirate Line here Weapons: Axes sometimes Bows on promotion. Barst, Cord, Bord, Jake, Darros, Dice, Ymir - FE1/3/11/12 Vaike, Basilio - FE13 Arthur, Charlotte, Rinkah - FE14 Mercenaries Weapons: Swords, but gain axes upon their heroic promotions, or in some cases can become Bow Knights. Ogma, Astram, Samson, Caesar Salad - FE1/3/11/12 Gregor, Flavia, Severa, Inigo, Priam - FE13 Soleil, Selena, Laslow - FE14 Myrmidons Weapons: Swordlandia Navarre, Raddical Dude, Athena, Malice, Samto - FE1/3/11/12 Lon'qu, Say'ri, Yen'fay, Owain - FE13 Ryoma, Hana, Hinata, Pickle Boy - FE14 Thieves - They typically use swords unless its in Fates where Ninja's and Outlaws were made Weapons: Swords (Thieves), Hidden Weapons (Ninja), Bows (Outlaws) Julian, Rickard - FE1/3/11/12 Gaius, Anna, Gangrel (Tricksters who can use Swords & Staves) - FE13 Kaze, Saizo, Kagero, Asugi (Ninja), Niles, Nina, Shura, Anna (Outlaw) - FE14 Mages Weapon: Magic Merric, Wendel, Linde, Yubello, Ellerean, Etzel, Katarina – FE1/3/11/12 Miriel, Ricken, Laurent, Tharja, Henry, Emmeryn – FE13 Orochi, Odin, Nyx, Rhajat, Leo, Hayato, Ophelia – FE14 Beasts & Manaketes Weapon: Transformation Stones Bantu, Tiki, Nagi – FE1/3/11/12 Nowi, Nah, Tiki, Panne, Yarne – FE13 Kaden, Keaton, Velouria, Selkie – FE14 Shapeshifter Xane – FE1/3/11/12 Nonarmored-Foot Lancers Weapon: Lances Donnel – FE13 Oboro, Shiro, Mozu – FE14 Dancers Feena - FE3/12 Olivia - FE13 Azura - FE14
  20. Heya! So I was noticing that there are a bunch of "Unknown (Zero)" variables present in the character data blocks, and I was curious; does altering those screw anything up? The real question here being, could I repurpose them into something else, like, say, additional stats, weapon levels, growth rates, etc.? I realize doing so would require ASM modifications to be done elsewhere to make it work, but if it is possible, that'd be super cool and open up some awesome new possibilities.
  21. Yo dudes and dudettes! So I've played a couple fire emblem games (shadow dragon and blazing sword) and I can't really get along with something.. Basically in every game what I did was decide which units I wanted to train and basically ignored all others. I choose to level them up to lv. 20 before promoting them, but what happened is that in the end of the game they all were mostly lv 18 or 19 and only a couple had been promoted, and didn't even get to level up. So yeah, I loved both games, but before moving on the next title I wanted to ask you guys, is this really it? I feel as if I'm not getting the most out of my units.. is there some sort of strategy to make them more powerfull or something? What use is there in pushing them to lv 20 before promoting if you're not gonna enjoy them once promoted? Any tips are really welcome. Thanks a bunch!
  22. I just got a four-star Jakob from my most recent pull, and I've always wanted a ninja class. Right now he's filling Draug's slot, as he kept dying easily to I'm wondering if Jakob is worth the time and/or shards training, or if I should just keep Draug in. Thanks for any help.
  23. Voting is now officially closed. Please post the final results here. What changes do you expect from the midterm results?
  24. I had an idea to make this post while I was training my General Forrest. Yes, you heard that right. So I wanted to see if you guys (and gals) had any weird units. This includes their class, skills, and stats overall. Have fun! Edit: Sorry about potato quality pictures...
  25. I'd like for unit deaths in Fire Emblem 6 to be temporary, like in Shining Force. How can I do this?
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