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Found 12 results

  1. Hello, it is I Pengaius here with my long awaited contribution to the SCU Let's Play thread, well here we go. Part 0; The Prelude to Conquest
  2. Unexpected ranking list, but woah. I guess people like talking to Anna!
  3. So, I just finished Hero Beruka and I think I may do more attempts to make Wifi Worthy Units. I made a poll to ask who I should do next. The units not on the poll I've already accomplished. If you wanna fight me with a unit, my FC is 5258-1674-3115. PM me and I'll get my units in order and VS you.
  4. Topic. I watch Pewdiepie all day, every day. He is truly a great man and has helped me out of my depression. I owe him my life.
  5. I just got sent ANOTHER code from Nintendo for the ORAS demo I've had for a week now, and I keep seeing people scramble around to get codes. I also have an additional code from posting in a thread on GFAQs and getting a free one from the TC. If anyone would like a code, just ask. I have two.
  6. (Spoilers for season six) So yeah. That was certainly an interesting season finale. The entire episode I was just waiting for the ending so I could see them getting married, and...well...that didn't happen. I'm rather pissed off about it, but whatever, I'll just have to wait. So, what do you all think happened? -Return of Senator Bracken? -Return of 3XK and his doctor pal? -Something to do with Castle's father? -Something entirely new? I think it's pretty obvious that he wasn't in that car when it crashed, but I wonder what really happened. By the way, that black car scared the shit outta me. I hope I wasn't the only one.
  7. Hello, friends! I have decided to do a screenshot LP of my trainwreck through FE5. Not sure what I'm thinking here. This will be a side project to the FE6 Manly Run, so it will not get updated as much. The game will be played on Elite mode, because I don't want to tear my hair out every level. So, I will accept any tips you can offer, but please don't spoil anything, as I have never actually played this, or looked up spoilers before. Chapter one will be up tonight or tomorrow, depending on when I have time. Sorry about not posting it in the OP, but even for it, is there anything there that I shouldn't miss? Like, certain villages I should definitely not let the enemies get to, and other things of that nature. I'd also like to know who's actually worth training, like that I think one of the fighters in chapter one has really nice speed, so I was thinking about using him, but I don't know, is he going to suck? I feel like all the new mechanics are going to screw me over. Thank you!
  8. Ok seriously. I have had it with being called by my first username. I mean. Seriously. Like, seriously. It's. Seriously. I mean, seriously. Being called that by people who knew me then, ok, but others? I mean, seriously, why? And, besides, I'm not cool enough to be called that, seriously. So, the only ones allowed to call me that (as of this writing) are people who knew me then (some are safer then others), senpai (because I don't remember if we met then or not), and the dear I like. And Chuck Norris. And people who have actually played those games. So yeah. Seriously
  9. https://www.facebook.com/49erHatersSociety I don't even know anymore....
  10. So.... Remember how the OCG and TCG shared banlists? For some reason. Now they aren't. List of changes: this is gonna be weird
  11. Hello, Im New Here. I Hope i dont disturb so hello~
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