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  1. Chapter 15 3 (90) Boots were acquired by triple shoving Sothe on turn 3. This allows him to stay safe on turn 2. Volke picked up guard which I probably won't use and Silver Blade which I definitely will use. Marcia is a falcoknight so game is ez lol. Chapter 16 6 (96) I think this turncount is hypothetically beatable but I'd need to rig a few marcia crits/dodges which is not what I'm on. Level 4 falcoknight marcia has 20 strength so the rest of the game is just gonna be her solo'ing with boots!Ike trying to keep up. Feeding all kills to makalov but the boosters make it not hard at all. Chapter 17-1 4(100) almost a 3 turn but I didn't want to rig. Makalov is given as many kills as possible. Chapter 17-2 4(104) Marcia carried ike to the finish line. Makalov takes a longsword for the horse enemies and goes ham. Chapter 17-3 10 (114) Most of the gang protects ike from the guys near spawn while marcia kills the entire bottom half of the map for sport. Soren and Makalov are closing in on promotions which is nice. I routed on turn 6 and then makalov just got all of the rest of the kills on the reinforcements. Chapter 17-4 3 (117) watching enemies do the "no damage" tink to Marcia may never get old (it will likely stop pretty soon though). In this map (to the Shock of everyone I'm sure) marcia runs ahead and kills oliver while everyone else just tries to get some xp before she ends it. IKE CAN LEVEL UP AGAIN NOW TIME FOR SOME REAL SMASHING. Soren and Makalov really need to promote soon but it would've cost me turns somewhere to do it earlier. Rip Mia as she might join the undeploy crew whenever I don't need some shoves (and she can't shove ike so). I'll probably give another update later today and stats then.
  2. Lost my TCs from 11-14 so I'm giving it to the best of my memory. Will edit anything wrong at the end. Chapter 11 7 (67) Marcia gets a steel lance forge and some statboosters and runs all over this map. JK Titania runs all over this map and Marcia is fed levels by the rest of the team. Chapter 12 8 (75) I forgot to put hit on Marcia's steel lance and she pays me back by missing so. many. times. Probably a 6 turn if she doesn't miss ever but life goes on and I'm not tryhard enough to rig. Chapter 13 8 (83) Routed on turn 8. All items acquired through a mix of chest keys on Titania and Marcia, Sothe and raven killing. Titania continues to rampage, Marcia and Soren are getting really strong. Ike has been strong but he has such low movement speed that it's not that useful? Chapter 14 4(87) Got spirit dust (guess who used this?) with Sothe. Mia kills the hand axe barb to the left and does nothing else. Titania, Ike and Soren charge forward and reach the boss for killing on turn 4. Gave both speedwings and a seraph robe to Makalov. The spirit dust to Soren. Any statboosters not accounted for so far went on Marcia. I promote her at level 17 for Chapter 15. Chapter 15 is taking me a little while because Marcia is the only one who can reach Muarim in a reasonable amount of time but I also need to get sothe/volke to boots without getting attacked and holy shit Mia/makalov are useless this map.
  3. so I can 4 turn chapter 12 but I need to rig a marcia crit on the boss. Looks like we're taking like 11 turns because the reinforcements suck.
  4. I mean idc it's not like POR enemies are particularly scary either way statswise. My TCs fell off pretty bad here but I've gotten some serious levels into Soren and Ike now which is quite nice. Also got several kills on Marcia so hopefully she pays me back for that. Chapter 7 6 (36) Titania runs to the left and kills everyone while Ike and Soren meet mia and kill the enemies there with her. Shinon shows up and kills the thief. Titania gets the boss group and the two armored guys who arrive with shinon. The B team deals with the other reinforcements. It actually took me a while to get this down to 6 instead of 7 so maybe I'm just bad. Chapter 8 8 (44) Nothing much to be said here. Mia is pretty useless and idk if I'm going to bother training her because training Marcia also takes some work and it might cost turns to train both. Ike got a lot of XP and Soren cleaned up a few kills. Chapter 9 10 (54) So I could've done this chapter much quicker but it would've required not recruiting Marcia so that was out. I got her a few kills, I can shave a turn or two pretty easily still but I got good levels and fed marcia some kills so I'll take it. Marcia ate my Seraph's robe. This is the first bad(tm) turncount of the run but Soren leveled up like 3 times in the beach and they were good levels and I have confidence in my ability to take you scrubs down. Chapter 10 6 (60) Just sort of barged my way through the enemies with Titania and had Marcia carry Ike to the end. Marcia hands off Ike to Titania and Titania escapes turn 6 with Ike. I think 6 is actually a pretty good tc here so I've taken it. Stats after chapter 9 (holy shit Titania is high level): Character Level HP STR MAG SKL SPD LCK DEF RES Ike 14.00 28 16 02 16 14 13 09 06 Titania 09.01 39 15 07 17 17 15 13 09 Soren 08.00 20 01 11 09 13 07 04 09 Mia 08.10 21 07 00 11 15 07 07 03 Marcia 06.00 28 08 00 07 12 04 08 07 Shinon 01.?? L O L
  5. I'm playing Chapter 8 and Ike has finally on reaching level 10 gotten to 6 points of defense! I didn't know he had it in him but he's still lower defense than Mia so uhh.
  6. I'm sure you can do that, I'm more talking about the one where you can't deselect anyone in the greil mercenaries base because you can't deselect all the other people which could cost you turns.
  7. good luck with the defense chapter lmao
  8. Tbh it’s so late you can probably just give them a unit and it won’t change anything. It has been a while at this point E: we can either random or have me pick (it’s furthest away from me so u have the least personal interest) for her if you want to do that.
  9. Probably with family or whatever they’re doing for thanksgiving
  10. So I restarted my playthrough because I got Shinon but I already had my early game strats so I'm through Chapter 6. Here y'all go.
  11. How in-depth do you guys want chapter summaries to be? I'm planning on giving a general outline unless it's a particularly intricate plan but if y'all want turn by turn analysis I do that as well
  12. So I'm starting up a few of the early chapters and I forgot how bad Ike is at leveling strength when I play this game. rip.
  13. Yo @Solvaij are you aware it’s your pick?
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