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Found 40 results

  1. Some time ago I completed my first play through of this game and I sat on my overall thoughts for a while until now, in which I would like to share them. If you could, share your opinion on FE12 as well as I would like to hear what others feel about it. Since my favorite game is FE11, I was really excited to play this game and see where the story goes, and while I was spoiled mildly I went in mostly blind. Because of my ego and having played Shadow Dragon on H5 a lot I chose lunatic on this game for my first run which turned out to be a BIG MISTAKE because the game is absurdly hard, probably on par with conquest until I figured out how terrible the AI is and how easy they are to abuse, and even then it was still very painful. Gameplay Story I can't say I like this game better than Shadow Dragon, it probably would of been closer if Kris wasn't a thing but alas, here we are. Really solid game that I would say is in my top 5 for FE games. Please share your thoughts on FE12, I would love to hear them.
  2. Ok, how does the ''crit frequency'' of FE12 works? This is the forth time that I got ripped apart by a 1%-2% Crit and now this thing is getting pretty frustrating. Just for some backstory, I was playing Chapter 3 (that boring one with Matthis, Julian, Palla and all that) and everything was going ''ok'' until the moment that I decided to Recruit Matthis. To do this, I decided to also use Bord, because he can't kill shit at his base level, right..? No. 2% Critical hit. Restart the Whole Map again because of ideals. (And YES, I know you can unequip characters! I'm just dumb and forgot to do this!) Anyway, should I just worry whatever a enemy (or me vs allied units) has >0%Crit or there's a more complex crit frequency?
  3. FE12 is an FE game that is close to my heart, for some reason, but playing it on Lunatic has made me question its balancing choices. Do you think it's broken or do you think it's the pinnacle of resource management, or are you somewhere inbetween? Shall we discuss?
  4. Hi all, i finally started playing this game. It’s one of the few Fire Emblems I haven’t played. My issue is on Prologue 5 the display on my second screen switched. It nor displays Status (unit count and victory conditions) and a mini map. Before it showed the last selected unit (face, inventory, and stats). This is very disorienting and I don’t know how to change it back. Does anyone know how to do this? I’m using an emulator on a retro pie. Thank you!
  5. Stat Modifier - add or remove extra stats 94000130 FFFB0000 621BED30 00000000 B21BED30 00000000 200000XX 000000YY D0000000 00000000 XX= 50 Max Hp 51 Str 52 Mag ...etc 5A lvl 5D Move YY= Number 10 means 16 9=9 if you want to remove stat from your unit just make it 0 This will make your units stat a default Growth Rate Modifier - it Adds to Growth rate 52050A10 0A000003 02050A10 E1A00000 02050A1C E3A000XX D0000000 00000000 xx for ex: if you make 05 you will add extra %5 growth for all stats Edit Item in Item Slot 5 94000130 FFFB0000 621BED30 00000000 B21BED30 00000000 20000070 000000XX 20000072 000000YY D0000000 00000000 XX Item Id - YY Usage Left
  6. So, earlier this week I decided to open up Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem in a Hex editor and see what I could learn from it, and actually learned a good amount of stuff for items. So I decided to try and make a Nightmare Module, with the help of some of the SD Modules, for an Item Editor to make it easier for me to work with. But I ran into this error whenever I tried to use it and, after several hours of trying to figure it out myself, turned to here for help. After I got this module to work I was planning on learning about unit data in the hex editor and then making a module for that to also help, so any help in this regard will be welcomed gladly. Here's a dropbox link that contains a .rar file with the module that I tried to make and text files that go along with it. https://www.dropbox.com/s/c08tv657lp9es58/FE12 Item Editor.rar?dl=0 Thank you for any help ~Rute
  7. Hello everyone. My name is Sir Ragnell and I have come with an interesting idea: A few days ago on the Fire Emblem Subreddit, I made a Marth X Kris Support rewrite that fixes both of their bad lines in it. After some consideration, I decided to try and rewrite the entire story script of FE12. Using the translated script from Serenes Forest as base and the localized names from Heroes, I set to work on it. I thought this could be a fun experiment to try. So here we are. All of the script will use Male, Default Kris. As of now I have completed Prologues 1 to 5, you can expect more at a later date. Prologue 1: Meeting. https://pastebin.com/8nFVjDGj Notes: No real big changes besides using the localized names. Prologue 2: Young Squires. https://pastebin.com/tAhaVR0b Notes: No real big changes besides using the localized names. Prologue 3: Training. https://pastebin.com/eugm4TSd Notes: Once again, no real big changes besides using the localized names. Prologue 4: New Friends. https://pastebin.com/Qiz91dGP Notes: Now we get to something, the most important change here is Elice's dialogue, which has been altered. Prologue 5: March Duty. https://pastebin.com/jcYsRc0Y Notes: Aside from fixing Kris's lack of direction, there is no real big change. As you can see, most of the dialogue is the same with some fixes on certain parts of it. But in the end I have the desired outcome. That is all for now. Stay tuned.
  8. 23:04 P.M., somewhere in the world. A random nerd's room. Man, it's so much fun playing Fire Emblem! I just love it, all of my units have been blessed by the RNG goddess. Look at that avatar. She even started as an archer! No wonder they gave her a 10/10 in that old Rate the Unit thread... My army is invincible. Even Maris can't get killed. Huh. Maris. What's her new official name? Malice? Malicia? Marlacilis? Who knows, I sure don't. Oh man Palla died. I was foolish to place her there. Well, it's just my fourth playthrough. That's better. Ogma isn't sitting on a flying creature, therefore he survives getting shot in the neck with an arrow. ...this is so boring. Where did I go wrong? I was playing maniac like a boss! My stats weren't so good, Wrys hadn't capped anything yet. And Tiki died so easily, having to reload the turn was so annoying... but even with these huge handicaps, I still can't shake this feeling that this is too easy. How strange... what shall I do? ... LET'S PLAY AS KAGA INTENDED US TO! This is more or less how I got the idea to do this. That, and having recently watched Markyjoe's video on Fire Emblem's balancing. So, out of tremendous boredom, I decided to do a LP in a foreign language, taking away the ability to reset which I'd never done before, and publish it for all the pros to gaze upon over the shoulder in disdain. I might not even be able to finish this (I'll try as hard as I can, though), as I begin college in around a month, but hey, I just wanted to try this let's playing schtick out. Please bear with me. Not that I expect this to become anything big, but eh, if I can manage to get a stable replier or two, I'll be happy. The rules are as follows. - Obviously, I won't be resetting. If I lose a unit, I'll have to press on and use a replacement. Hopefuly, I won't have to settle for using Matthis or Frost or anything like that. I'll also try to recruit everyone and get every gaiden. That would be sweet. Units defeated in the prologue won't be considered dead for good, and I'll be free to use them in the main game. I think having to LTC Matthis should be enough of a punishment for leaving Wrys and Caeda in range of Jeorge and his archer buddy. - The only exceptions to this rule will be Marth and MU (whom I have already created, by the way, so I'm afraid I won't do like the good Let's Players and let the viewers participate), as well as the unit who will take the Growth Drop. This is mostly because I don't trust my skills and, well, I'd like to have more than one "permanent" unit to help the seizebot sit on the throne. Now, don't worry, I won't give it to Palla or anything like that. It'll be an early game terribad unit. Place your bets. Once more, because I am a bad LPer, I already have someone in mind. If any of these die, I will reset the chapter. If I lost any of the other units before resetting, I'll disarm them and kill them off as soon as possible. I won't be allowed to change anything in the prepscreen, either. If I have to reset five times because I forgot to give Marth the starsphere the first time, so be it. As of the Bond Drop, the Rainbow Potion, and the lunatic statboosters, I won't be using them. - I will use the reclassing feature. I'll try to have one of each class, though. - I'll be playing on H1, again, because I don't trust my skills. - And, just for the record, with this intro, I don't intend to insult people who use save states and the like. I use them a lot, it would be quite hypocritical of me to do such a thing. I just... figured it was an alright introduction to this thing. - Lastly, I'd really appreciate if you guys behaved like grammar nazis and corrected my mistakes. Partly 'cause I'd dislike to have an ugly mess of a first (and probably last) LP, but improving my english will be of use in college. We could use this chance to turn Serenesforest into a Den of Education and Knowledge. So, without further ado, let us... wait until tomorrow when I feel like typing down another part! And that's when the LP died.
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking for any NDS emulators that can support FE 12? If any links are provided would be really appricated :)
  10. Recently I've been fooling around with recruiting enemy units, but sadly, I'm making a self-challenge to recruit every boss and that's already seemingly impossible. Bosses have -- movement. That basically means 0 movement. Yikes. Using movement changing codes doesn't work, warp glitches up recruited enemies on the map, and neither Rescue nor Warp work properly in enemy hands. If anyone has either has a movement changing code that works, or a portrait changing code, that'd be appreciated.
  11. After seeing a lot of people I know play H4 on FE12. I decided to play through it myself. I've played beaten H2 and H3 before so I know what I'm in for. I want to use this thread as some sort of screenshot lp, so any suggestions and help is appreciated. I will be using the dlc items like the rainbow potion and growth drop. (because I'm a wimp) So I make my avatar and give him the best name possible. And I choose to make him into a Knight just for the prologue. As for the customization options, I choose Priest's Child, Diversity and Honorable. So, in Prologue 1 nothing happens aside from Poop getting a good level up. In Prologue 2, nothing specific happens aside from me attempting to get levels on Ryan who I plan to use as a Hunter. In prologue 3, I fight a mercenary, two fighters and a wing spear. The strategy I used to beat this map is slightly different then the strategy I'd use on H3 only because all the enemies attack first. After dispatching all the enemies Caeda comes up and tries to square up to Poop the Knight. (also lol, this would so kill him if she had her signature weapon.) So, I move on the prologue 4 (Athena's version of course) and have a generally easy time thanks to the strat I learned from Rengor's playthrough. Shoutouts to Wrys for surviving the archer. I also use this map as an opportunity to train up Luke, I don't know what class to make him yet but I'm thinking Swordmaster. After Prologue 4 the difficulty starts to ramp up in which I end up having to restart Prologue 5 multiple times. I find a way to beat prologue 5 but only because Athena dodged a 70% Fighter. I try to feed Luke a boss kill but extended oof. I got to prologue 6 which is kinda tricky but not as bad as the previous map, I choose to get Ogma, because Draug is bad, he's just my mu with lower growths and really frail while not having enough speed to compensate for it. In Prologue 7, I choose Kain's map because Kain is really good for the prologue. I end up having to reset the map because I didn't pay attention to his attack range and he sniped Caeda. Prologue 8 is where the gloves come off and is, in my opinion, one of the hardest early game maps in this game. I restarted the map multiple times, because even after playing this game almost five times, I still can't find a good strategy of clearing this map. This middle section I feel is especially painful because of the fact it's hard to kill all of these guys in one turn, especially on reverse lunatic where they would attack first. I was able to be this part because fact that Athena dodged a 54% attack. Taking out the remaining thieves wasn't that bad. I had Wrys bait out the two Levin Sword thieves (Because he got an hp level, he survived both thieves with 1 hp). I finished off the Katarina which was actually kind of tough since she one shots everyone except for my units who have either a lot of res or 26+ hp. After I take out Katarina, I move on to the main game.
  12. By editing Blazer's module, I've made an Item Editor Module for Fire Emblem 12. Here you go! Use it on FE12Data.bin after decompiling and decompressing your ROM. FE12 Item Editor.zip
  13. What if the fire emblem heroes were to fall and all their adventures were given to random people? The fire emblem has been corrupted by the presence of the fell dragons, now a lone group of adventurers must travel to the different worlds and pick up where the fallen heroes started. (roleplay is welcome to everyone, would prefer it if we roleplayed on discord. Canon and ocs are allowed
  14. So the other day, I tried editing the description of Nosferatu because I made it gender neutral. However, it caused some items like the Silver Lance to have messed up names. I'm using the Text Editing Tool from romhacking.net. Can anyone help?
  15. I know in GBA it was 31, and any stat above that would loop back around if you reset the game, but I'm curious about DSFE.
  16. Alright so I noticed Itsuki got a few regalia that were Spotpass regalia in Awakening. I kind of wrote it off at the time as being technically an Awakening reference since those regalia appeared in awakening. then I noticed Itsuki gets ahold of Durandal, and I somewhat flipped my shit since Durandal doesn't appear in FE13. Also noticed Florete from FE10. So, in total, what regalia or personal weapons does Itsuki get overall from across the franchise? There looks like quite a few references to Jugdral, Elibe, and Tellius were put into the Carnage Weapon lineup. if any of the other cast get regalia, I'd like to know that too if that's not too much trouble Also I don't know if this should be a different topic, but how am I supposed to get ahold of True Falchion? (interested since it's clearly Marth's Falchion and, well, ending spoilers)
  17. For the longest time I've tried to get through FE11, but the farthest I've made it is chapter 3. You'd think I'd stop trying after trying for a few years, but for some reason I just can't help but want to beat the game...at least once! There is always some push within myself to try and make it through the game and hopefully, I do one day. Thing is, I've been curious about FE12 for a bit, but with FE11 in mind, I'm not sure what to think. So, is it much better? Who knows, if it's any better, it might drive me to beat the game a bit faster! (Besides, with the Gaiden Remake coming soon, I might want to try beating it before May or risk putting if off for a couple of months again!) Thanks in advance!
  18. After many, many resets for a good initial seed, this is finally started!
  19. Having just finished my TAS of Shadow Dragon, I'm thinking of working on this game next (especially since I have the RNG decoded). But before I begin a TAS of the full game, I think it might be interesting to explore some sort of TAS/LTC/Max Score of the bonus BS chapters. Has anyone done anything of the sort before? And would you guys be interested in seeing it, or do you think it will just turn out to be silly?
  20. Almost. I have the pRNG, need to get the valuations like I did with SD. It's a little bit trickier this time because the modulus appears to be a function of the framecount, but hopefully it won't be too bad. EDIT: Also the initial seed is harder UPDATE: Never mind, only the level up works weirdly, the valuation works nearly identically to last time. lua script should be available soon.
  21. I messed around with the _ter.cmb files in Fire Emblem 12 when I found out that each item sold in the shop is labeled by name in HxD when checking the right column in the editor (text column), each entry was separated by a 00 byte and each item is labeled by name. For example, Iron Bow is "IID_IRONBOW", Javelin is "IID_HANDSPEAR" and Blizzard is "IID_BRIZZAR". Any other leads? I haven't messed around with this data yet.
  22. Hey everyone, I'm trying to update the FE12 translation patch with the names supplied in Awakening. I've made good progress, but I've hit a roadblock involving this part of the Guide screen: The name "Roro" is baked into an image file, so I can't change it without modifying the graphics, which I've never done before. I have two questions related to this: Where do these name graphics reside in the ROM? I see a lot of promising things in the dic/ directory, but this leads to my second question... What resources do I need to read/modify FEDS image files? I looked in the Resources subforum for help here, but I couldn't find anything that would let me view graphics in a friendly format, let alone edit them. Sorry if this question is somewhat noob-ish, but it's hard to find many resources about FEDS hacking at all online.
  23. This might be a dumb question, but I was wondering if it was at all possible to do a patch of the English translation of FE12 to the actual cartridge? I don't know much about it, but I heard that it was possible to do a patch of the fan translation to Japanese carts of Fates. From what I understand, with a hacked 3DS, you use something called "HANS" (I think) to do a sort of "live patch" of the game. I wanted to know if a similar thing could be done with FE12 cart (and how)? I have a Japanese copy of FE12 and I'd like to be able to actually play it (in English), rather than having it just sit on my shelf. Thank you for any help.
  24. “The fuck is this, Phobia? Another LP so soon?” yeah i’ve been planning this since like two days after I started FE8 random so that’s why I rushed it so much, I wanted to move onto something that would really be a fun LP For my last birthday I started an LP that I didn't end up finishing because it was FE6, so for this one I want to try again. and guess what I’m playing FE12 after this, and it's all in this one thread Now, I know a lot of people don't like the DS games (or like one and not the other) and I'm not the BIGGEST fan of 11, but I really like 12. I do thoroughly enjoy Shadow Dragon, though. and I’M ONLY USING SHITTY UNITS. THAT MEANS I’LL BE USING A TIER LIST. Specifically, this tier list, because that’s the first I found and it's legit. [spoiler=HERE IS THE TIER LIST] Only mid to SHIT tier will be used, other than Marth Which means I will have some of the WORST units IN ANY FIRE EMBLEM GAME Mid Tier Norne Athena Wendell Wrys Horace Midia Dolph Ceasar Minerva Astram Roshea Castor Darros Low Tier Maria Gordin Roger Ymir Elice Macellan Samson Tomas Jagen Lorenz Lower Tier Est Matthis Jeorge Vyland Arran Shit Tier Boah Rickard Bantu Pretty much the same kind of tier list I would’ve made. I’ve used some of these characters before, namely Lorenz, Norne, Gordin, aaaaaaaaaaaand Jeorge? Of course, I do not get to use all of these characters because there’s a limit. I might have to reclass some so I dont have 60 bow users. [spoiler=Rules] Only mid to shit tier units + Marth. None of them may die, except Jeigan. Fuck him. None of them may be DEPLOYED unless required. As per request of dondon, Minerva will not be used Without any further ado I present the first episode of Phobia’s Akaneia Saga. [spoiler=Prologue 1] I chose easy mode because first of all, my team is going to be awful. Second of all, I need to grab Norne and that can only be done by LETTING PEOPLE DIE in the prologue. Which means Frey and Jeigan will be sacrificed, because Frey is not canon and even though I can use Jeigan he’s a piece of shit. is this marth’s brother, roy!? i really don’t care about this intro One dark and stormy night, Prince Marth stumbles drunkenly around his castle. Beggin’ your pardon, but why the fuck are you wearing such ugly armor? But whatever, I guess I’ll go see the princess. THE FUCK IS THIS THIS IS MY CASTLE WHY ARE YOU IN MY CASTLE, REDMAN? “I’m… I’m the bad guy, Marth! You’re supposed to be scared!” Unfortunately for Private Redman, his teammates suck balls. Seriously, why invade my castle if you’re just going to die in one quick 1v1? Oh, no, this guy took more than two hits. I’m doomed! Fuck outta here. Oh, good. Shitty levels already, princey? I’ll show ‘im how I can run to the throne! NO! THE THRONE! WHAT THE FUCK DO I DO NOW! I'M SORRY ANRI, BUT THIS IS WHERE IT ALL ENDS She’d be really mad if she knew that Gra was invading! Idk why the top map is so dark, but no matter! Prince Marth defeats the invading evildoer and ...seizes his own throne? Yes, sir! Yeah, I’m great, Elice, but like... our castle security is the worst. No big deal, though, I’m personally fine. I hope you guys will join me as I traverse the great continent of Akaneia. This is gonna be a loooong one.
  25. After some messing around with Puyo Tools, HxD and Shadow Dragon modules, here's an unfinished Class Editor for FE 12! Use it on FE12Data.bin after decompiling and decompressing your ROM. FE12 Class Editor.zip
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