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Found 21 results

  1. I've been trying to get a Manakete palette to work properly in FE Builder, and despite my best efforts of changing animations and messing with palettes, it's pretty much stuck like this. The actual transformation animation works well, but the attack is what's not working for me. I'm new to making things, working on a one or two map hack for a Discord server I'm in, so sorry if this is a question that gets asked often.
  2. Hello Serenes Forest. I'm a long time FE fan, first time poster. I've been trying my hand at FE spriting as a sort of side hobby. But I'm not an artist by any means so progress has been terribly slow. Now I think I have a sprite sheet for Wonder Woman attacking with a sword that I am somewhat proud of (at least, it looks OK when I animate it to my untrained eye). But, I can't put it into a FE game due to something related to colors being messed up. When I try to requantize to only 16 colors on Usenti, it all glitches out and gets rid of the color I am using for Wonder Woman's borders. Any help? I read that for this type of thing you really need an experienced sprite who can help you get rid of colors. I tried the pixel joint color thread, but that seems way more abstract/theoretical than what I need. Thanks in advance. Of course, any comments/feedback about the sprite in general is appreciated. Just be gentle lol.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm working on a small project at the moment. Right now it consists of turning the soldier class in FE8 into a trainee class and also having Franz be this trainee soldier class. I'm having trouble with the palettes though. there are no characters with their own soldier palette so I can't simply edit an existing palette and point to it. Also, I haven't messed with any ROM hacking tools in about a decade so FEbuilder is very new and strange to me. How do I go about adding new animations/palettes to FEbuilder as I need to make 6 new class palettes to accommodate Franz the trainee? Any help is greatly appreciated, and although this project isn't super crazy, I can certainly use this knowledge in the future(I plan on making a hack with the Dynasty Warriors cast). Thanks to all who decide to help show me the ropes!
  4. [FE5] EnDavio's Thracia Palette Mod - Version 1.0 This hack for Fire Emblem: Thracia 776 modifies some units' portraits and palettes to make them consistent with the game's official artwork. The modified units right now are: -Callion -Dean -Glade -Saias -Homer This patch is compatible with the Project Exile english translation patch. If you wish to apply both of them, remember to APPLY THE TRANSLATION PATCH FIRST, otherwise it won't work. Download Here Changelog: - Ver. 1.0: Initial release Installation guide: 1) Obtain an unmodified ROM of Fire Emblem: Thracia 776. I can't help you with this. This patch only works with the cartridge/ROM version of the game. 2) Extract your ROM, flips.exe (included in the patch folder) and EnDavio's Thracia Palette Mod.bps. 3) Open flips.exe and click the "Apply Patch" button. 4) Select EnDavio's Thracia Palette Mod.bps. 5) Select your unmodified ROM. 6) Choose a filename for the patched ROM and open it in an emulator to play it. Credits: EnDavio - Hacking Special thanks to everyone that supported this project in the Project Exile Discord Server, especially to Ando, HidoranBlaze and Robert of Normandy, for helping me to understand the ways of ROM hacking. Also, thanks to Raymerald for helping with some colour choices. Finally, thanks to Shouzou Kaga, Intelligent Systems and Nintendo for making this great game. -EnDavio
  5. Hiya friends! I haven't been here in a while, but replaying FE8 has made me want to create something for myself that might be a bit of a stretch, but alas, here I am I wanted to modify my FE8 game to have all of the characters from FE7 and FE6 as well, and possibly even include various boss units. This is just to make the post game more fun for me, as I love seeing how my units grow, as well as using varying teams in post game combat. I'm fairly confident that I can insert the battle animations I'd need, Portraits, new Text, etc using Feditor, since I've done it many times before. I'm also fairly confident I can use Nightmare where necessary, and I'm pretty sure I have all of the necessary Modules and tools (I have a hex editor as well if needed.) Here's where the problems come in: Last time I attempted to do something like this, I learned that FE8 has a unit cap of I believe it was 63 characters. Adding anymore begins to overwrite character slots instead of adding new ones. Furthermore, trying to add in new palettes in values after the pre existing palettes doesn't appear to work. I'm not sure if that's because there's a hex string I'd need to modify in order to increase how many palettes are in the game, or maybe something else. But when I tried inserting a palette over a pre existing palette, it worked fine. So I'm not sure exactly what to do in that scenario. I also was interested in potentially playing with Stat caps, but the only one that seems difficult to modify is HP. For some reason, no matter how much I try, I can never get it to go above 60. I'm not too picky about this, since I intend to first roll with the base growths/max stats for each character. But I'd be interested in trying to change it in the future Any help or information is appreciated, and I know that this might seem kinda selfish since this is a mod literally for my own enjoyment rather than for the use of other people. But I'm not sure where else to go in order to find this information Many thanks, Jeremy
  6. So I've been scratching my head for years about this. Every now and again I like to pull up my old Sacred Stones rom and tweak the character classes to re-run the game. I use'd to be able to change the palettes to match the classes on my old computer, but that tanked and I had no backups. I've got most of what I need, but all the download links to the two modules I still need have long since been dead. If anyone happens to have a save of the Palette Association Editors made by Zeld and Zephyr, I'd appreciate it.
  7. xXMrMooMoo

    FE8 Modding

    Hi, I'm new to forums so I hope this is in the right spot and stuff. Anyway, I'm just getting into FE8 modding and specifically the Battle Palette modding. I want to change the way a necromancer looks in battle and his sprite and all that. I've checked around google and I couldn't find anything so I figured that I could post a topic somewhere. Can anyone direct me to a Battle Palette Reference Nightmare Module that contains a battle palette for a necromancer? or does that not exist. Thanks :D
  8. I've been wanting to get into FE6 but the bright colour palette kind of puts me off a little, especially when compared to FE8. Is there any way to adjust the colour palette?
  9. Hi there :D I've got a problem with a custom map sprite but first things first: English isn't my native language, so please pardon me for my so called english "skills". I'm also fairly new to spriting and ROM-hacking in total, but I try to wrap my head around it. Anyway, the problem I have is the following. I took the map sprite of King Zephiel from FE8 and customized it. Therefor I used the colours that were already in the sprite. After that I tried to insert the map sprite in a clean FE7-ROM via Emblem Magic. The outcome was rather strange. All colours where randomly swapped. But see for yourself. That's the sprite. and that's the outcome. I already checked the sprite using usenti and sorted the colours in the right order, but the outcome remains the same. So what am I doing wrong? >.< I attached the bitmap for reference. Sincerely, Nuramon map sprit bmp.bmp
  10. Can I ask a Question? How we can recolor in Fire Emblem 8 Randomizer? I have mixed my FE8 with GBA.FE.Randomizer and I got some new random Class... With tutorial From Gasht Station on Youtube I know how to re-color Character in Fe Randomizer, but It Does not Work in Fire Emblem 8. All of my characters keep their Default color (blue clothes with Green hair and brow hair sometimes...). So Does Anyone know how to recolor in Fire emblem 8? Thanks a lot If you can help me this and sorry for my bad English...
  11. hi, i am trying to recolor some characters in fire embelm 8 randomizier (with instruction of Ghast Station) and i have learned that i need FE8 Palette Association Modules to do that (a guy named Crusticus on Youtube say that). So I've been looking for this modules but every where I look the link is either forbidden or takes me no where. Does anyone know where I can get a copy of the FE8 palette association editor? Thanks For reading and sorry for my Bad English.
  12. I am trying to change the class palettes seen in FEeditor to a different palette set. The colors are literally the same between the two palettes but in different order. Does anyone know the best way to do this? Is this with FE Recolor tool? What exactly needs to be changed in FE Recolor to only affect the palette and keep the rest of the colors the same?
  13. (Post withdrawn by author)
  14. I'm using the female fencer custom and i can't figure out how to recolor it due to it being a custom. i put one of the individual frames into FErecolor and it worked fine until i went to insert it. it then proceeded to give me an error message. does anyone know if the fencer matches up with the color alignment of another class?
  15. I just want to say that I was looking for this type of document for 30 minutes before deciding it'll be a better use of my time to go onto Nightmare and put all the offsets onto a document. I then thought that I can share this for lazy people like me so I did. Notes: 1. Every offset starts with 0x8 but that's not needed in most programs you'll use this stuff in. 2. There's no organization to this because I just copied this straight out of Nightmare and how the program had these values organized. They go from 0x01 to 0x78. 3. Remember the numbering system from the point above goes, 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,A,B,C,D,E,F Here's the .txt document then. Every Character's Palette Offset.txt
  16. I've decided to adopt a world map to my small project, but idk if I can use any color or does it need to use certain colors?
  17. So I made a new palette for archers via FE Recolor and got this on my clipboard: 5553FF7FDF6F3F472C25361A900D0C11BF53DA3EEC1CF3367232CB254821A514 Where exactly do I place that? I looked at some guides and I don't know which other programs to download (if any) since I only used colours from other sprites and found the hex codes vie FEditor so I didn't need any other problems to just do the recolouring. Thanks!
  18. Hello guys, I've been having a problem with linking Charas Palettes to the characters. In FE7 there were some bytes in the character module, that you set what was his palette for his normal class, abd his promoted class. However, there's no such bytes in Fe8's character module. What I want to do is this? I've replaced Gillian with Batta, replaced his Knight Palette index with Batta's Brigand palette, I loaded Batta as a Brigand, however: He uses the Default Generic Color :( (Same happens with all other characters, whose corresponding characters in Vanilla, weren't the same as the new) I've assumed that the game uses the palette if the character is the class, that's why(I think) there's no palette byte in the character modules. So, my question is: How do I link palettes to characters? I know it must be possible, since Alfred's hack and Blademaster's hack have characters with custom palettes. I hope I've been as much informative as possible.
  19. So army palettes for enemies and NPCs are commonly used in many hacks today, but to my knowledge there isn't any tutorial on how to make them. I would assume that to accomplish this, you'd have to use a different character value in Nightmare for each class that is in the army (and thus a different palette), but is there a way that automatically makes the same palette work with several classes?
  20. I am trying to get the shading right for this dark elf animation (a GIF is included below), but I cannot find a pre-existing palette for what I need. I am a total moron when it comes to shading and colors/ect, and I am wondering if anyone can tell me of an existing palette (or if you can make a palette, but I am definitely not expecting anyone to do that for me) for my animation. I need a lot of grays/whites, and blacks/blues for this animation, but I also need a magenta like color for the eye (since the character is supposed to be a dark elf). I have already asked a very friendly moderator about this, but I am a little hopeless with this sort of thing, and do not want to bother them about this again. Thank you, Here is a GIF of the animation:
  21. Hello Serenes Forest My question is really a simple one, though the answer I fear, may not be. Especially considering my inexperience. I've just begun using and testing the most basic of hacking utilities out there. Basically, I'd like to go from this... To this~ And this too, perhaps. These are just mock-ups for me to daydream about. I've been all over Nightmare and FEditor, and added a good number of portraits and a custom sprite, not to mention extensive text edits, through plenty of trial and error and a few gigs worth of corrupted roms, deleted in my Recycle Bin. My edits have gotten to the point where I've been getting a bit over-ambitious for my skill level. I've skipped over a specific tutorial here that dealt with extracting and inserting the 'battle frames' seen in the above picture with Sain. (shadowofchaos' "Inserting Custom Battle Frames, to be specific. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=25045 )I thought it was a little bit too much, so I figured I'd do with a recolour instead. Is there any way to access/see/edit these specific palletes, that is also hopefully simple to accomplish?
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