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  1. Came into a bit of free time recently, so going to play some more Fire Emblem. This LP will be a little like my Conquest LP, which you can find here, but I'm going to be doing as many Paralogues as I can rather than skipping the vast majority of them, meaning the difficulty will probably get tossed out the window around the time Byleth hits level 20. Oh, and I'll also be playing way more sloppy, since I can get away with it in Three Houses. Reset Counter: 2 (Yeah, I had to reset twice to beat the prologue, LUL) Table Of Contents: 1, Prologue 2, Chapter 1 3, Chapter 2: Part 1 Part 2 4, Chapter 3 5, Chapter 4 (Ignore the fact that it says Chapter 3 on the post itself, sorry.) 6, Chapter 5: Part 1 Part 2 7, Chapter 6 8, Chapter 7: Part 1: Ingrid's Paralogue and Sylvain's Paralogue Part 2 9, Chapter 8: Part 1: Lorenz's Paralogue and Sothis's Paralogue Part 2 10, Chapter 9: Part 1: Hanneman's Paralogue and Flayn's Paralogue Part 2: Ashe's Paralogue Part 3 11, Chapter 10: Part 1: Felix's Paralogue Part 2 12, Chapter 11: Part 1: Shamir's Paralogue Part 2: Raphael's Paralogue Part 3 13, Chapter 12 14, Chapter 13: Academy and Timeskip-Levelup Analysis The Map Extra: More Notes on Timeskip-Levelups 15, Chapter 14: Academy Map (Ignore what the post says, it's Chapter 14, not 15) 16, Chapter 15: First Academy Session Insurmountable (Edelgard's Paralogue) Foreign Land and Sky (Petra and Bernadetta's Paralogue) Rare Monster Sighting & 2nd Academy Session Protecting Garreg Mach (Story Mission) 17, Chapter 16: First Academy Session (Open the Spoiler to see the update.)
  2. As the name suggests, I'm doing a special run of Pokemon Black/White (sure, I'm doing it on Black, but the version doesn't really matter), inspired by a similar run a youtuber did for Pokemon Platinum Anyways, let's get onto the rules! This one should be obvious: I CANNOT USE POKEBALLS OF ANY KIND IN WILD BATTLE.......except the Legendary battle, due to the nature of the battle. I just won't use it in the N fight and switch it out ASAP Cheat codes will not be used, except for obtaining Zorua because it's counted as a gift pokemon in game Anything mystery gift wise is obviously banned Any wild pokemon encounter will be killed, legendary or not I will be doing everything in the main game and post game, ending with the Alder battle With my research, I have access to a total of 12 pokemon, 4 in the main story, 8 in the post game: And now then, onto the prologue! Prologue: Stay tuned for part 1, where we see what is going on in Accumula Town, and even get our 2nd team member!
  3. So word around the Forest and from someone telling me in my introduction thread, that there's such a challenge as a "Pick My Units" run. I really want to try this! I mentioned that I had completed challenges before such as Lords Only, Girls only and Mounted Only, but this PMU sounds like a proper challenge! So I guess I have to lay down my terms huh? This'll be done in Hector Hard Mode, starting off from Lyn's mode just so the character's from her story that get selected don't join up low levelled. I'll be "attempting" to get every Bonus Chapter on the way, but if I fail then I won't restart to get them. 12 units are my maximum excluding Hector (In case I don't get Matthew as a unit, I need to use someone to clear the first Chapter of HHM.) I'm not quite sure if I need to mention anything else but this'll be my first ever PMU so... be gentle haha. Or not, I don't mind if you want me to suffer 🙂 My Cast List: Nino Isadora Serra Dorcas Will Heath Farina Karel Rath Canas Wallace Oswin
  4. I've been worried for a while that my attitude toward Fire Emblem has been negative especially about how good it is relative to other SRPGs, and so on. Beyond this, I've noticed that Thracia seems to have a divisive reputation, especially in two new threads, "The most underrated Fire Emblem" and "The best and Worst Fire Emblem gameplaywise" . I'm in an odd position in this kind of debate. I think that the first four games are the worst in the series, with Genealogy the absolute worst. However, when I played Thracia 776 three years ago (in the same marathon as the other games) I was impressed with it to the point of placing it as the 4th best game in the series. A lot of people argue about how hard it is (as they also do with Genealogy). While I think that Genealogy is on the easy side relative to Conquest, the DS remakes, Radiant Dawn, and even the GBA games, I believe that Thracia is legitimately a hard game. A lot of people claim that it is only hard due to fake difficulty. Some of the chapters in this game unquestionably do have fake difficulty. However, less is said about how other parts of Thracia 776 are hard in the "conventional" way. There are a lot of nasty promoted units, even in early chapters, GBA-style throne bonuses, and because of Thracia's weapon distribution, you encounter enemy brave weapons before the half way point (4 bosses at various points before chapter 16). Because of stuff like this, the general difficulty of the game can readily be compared to Radiant Dawn or FE6 HM, even if the fog of war and status stave chapters did not exist. I'm playing on the infamous "bad" fan-translation. Given that this is 2017, this may be one of the last times anyone ever uses this translation. Be prepared. In keeping with my intention in starting the LP, I plan on playing the game without the paragon mode cheat or any glitches. I hope to highlight that Thracia, despite it's reputation, CAN be an accessible game, and in order to do that, I will be putting a special focus on how you can manage your growth rates, get ahead of the expected resource curve, and use skill scrolls to your advantage. I might even intentionally leave some units behind on the first escape chapter to demonstrate how you can mitigate the setback that the mechanic causes.
  5. Hello Serenesforest, and welcome to Rex Glacies’ first (of sorts; depending on what is being referred to as “first”) playthrough of Fire Emblem: The Sacred Stones! The Sacred Stones is, I believe, well liked in the fandom; it is largely regarded as one of the better stories in the series, and hails one of the most tragic and well rounded villains in Fire Emblem. My experience with it is also kinda unique. After finishing Awakening a couple of years ago, I wanted to know more about Fire Emblem, which led me to watch a walkthrough of The Sacred Stones. Fairly recently as well, I emulated the game on my computer, but I only got so far before the “legally ambiguous” nature of the emulator caught up with me, and I deleted it (I also got stuck, and my computer was slow). So, what that means is that this isn’t a blind playthough - I know most of what will happen. However, I will still try to keep things spoiler free as I play through the story. I have been debating as to whether I should do a playthrough of this game or Shadows of Valentia. I decided on this one because I know this game better, chapters might be easier to organize than Shadows of Valentia’s “Acts,” and, since this is on the Wii U, I’ll be able to take more pictures. I also got Sacred Stones as a My Nintendo discount and don't yet have Shadows of Valentia. Also of note: this is the first time I’ve done a playthrough like this, so feedback, criticism, and suggestions are all welcome and encouraged. Anyway, enough backstory! To the game itself! ... Next post!
  6. After few responses on the Discord sever, they next next step was to move my Let's Play to a thread. Ah Conquest, so much to say about you. Any feedback to make this better would be appreciated. Chapters 1-2:"As If I Met Her in My Dream" More updates will be posted throughout the day.
  7. Fire Emblem: Chaos in Sitlanta A year ago I posted the FE:Nova Concept and while I am still working on it, I decided to take a spin on it and make smaller project on a prequel?/backstory on it. The story is about Sitlanta's fall into chaos after the successor of the late King Benjamin fails to keep the country united. Several bandit gangs form and take advantage of the current state, each fighting for full control. The people get tired of the King's inactions and form their own militas but each one of them falls due to the bandit leaders forming momentary alliances with each other. All of the militia groups fade away except one, The Swanguard, whose leader is one of the protagonists Stuart and his cousin Gareth (yes it's a reference ). The main leader, Stuart, divides the group to avoid getting decimated and each of his assigned leaders look for a way to eliminate each and every bandit gang and restore peace to Sitlanta. Nova is involved in this story but it plays a minor, but important role. Screenshots: The goals of this project: Simple, Small, but fun (7 chapters long, two are complete as of now) There will be a route split This project uses a lot of the free stuff (Mugs, Maps, Weapon Icons, the Halberdier map thingy) There's no fliers or magic, but that will be explained why in the story (originally the aim was to be a "realistic" but I felt that was too hard so there will be a healer (from Nova) and a dancer) Credits to <3: Arch for the video Tutorials, otherwise I wouldn't understand Blazer for the tutorials Primefuison [maps] Aura Wolf [maps] Celice [maps] Lissandra [icons] The Blind Archer [Halberdier] NickT [Mugs <3] Sqawl [Mugs] Matt Custov [Mugs] Toa [Mugs] Letsgoforit [Mugs] MattSnow [Mugs] Lenh [Camellia's Mug] Gryz [staff vision] Crazycolorz5 Agro Nintenlord <3 I'm probably forgetting a lot of people aren't I? Things I need help with? Demo: (I suggest you play with animations off because I'm still working on the palettes :v) 2 Chapter Patch
  8. So in my Let's Play of Giten Megami Tensei: Tokyo Revelation on this site, I recently uploaded a part with a particularly large amount of screenshots, and now I can barely upload any to the next part. Does the limit encompass every single post I've made on this forum?
  9. Ok, I managed to complete making the name chart as of right now, Avyen Knight (VincentASM) and I that we're planned it for the Gaiden page for getting the people to notice in-case that some of them are don't realized it since April 8th, 2013, but I managed to improved more stuff using the localized names from Heroes website that was confirmed from the Fire Emblem Direct also and we'll might improve more stuff when we'll see more English trailers and footages for Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. But, this chart will might get massively updated when the game comes out. And please note that all the Playable Characters that weren't appeared or mentioned in Awakening and three bosses are in Heroes also. https://serenesforest.net/wiki/index.php/Name_Charts/Gaiden_and_Echoes:_Shadows_of_Valentia Also, just a requestable note: Can someone might please help fill out the rest of the kanjis, romanjis, and the other fan translation patch names that were from je2's (Wolf's updated stuff that he did mentioned about fixing bugs) and Artemis's in the chart coloms. I stopped playing Gaiden through Chapter 4 after defeating Grieth for looking around through the patch differences for helping out the community back then (I was super busy with College stuff and studying for my future goals back then)? Edit from February 3rd: I managed to get a lot of the Classes, Spells, Items, NPCs, Bosses, & Titles and Factions down from looking a lot of pages from the Gaiden section. Might still needs some help with filling out the Romanjis, Kanjis, and mostly the Patch names from je2's and Artemis's version from Gaiden. Edit from February 12th: We got new English screenshots from the UK website, it's confirmed that Saber from the Heroes website is still remains as Saber in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Claws was added in the game (I did checked for clarification that Claws was debuted from the Tellius series), Grave added in the screenshot, Japanese version of the website for Echoes: Shadows of Valentia has Valentia is now called Valentia instead of Barensia in the Japanese version of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia since the original Japanese version from Fire Emblem Museum and The Complete had it as Barensia. By the way, keep an eye out incase if we get more English screenshots, footages, and info from Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, I will or someone who has access to the Wiki content in this site adds it to the name chart and Avyen Knight (VincentASM) will upgrade the non-wiki Name Chart for Gaiden Section and adds an another non-Wiki Name Chart for the Echoes: Shadows of Valentia section of the website. This title is now renamed as Localized Names Discovery Thread and I will ask one of the mods or Avyen Knight (VincentASM) to pin this topic so that we can contribute the site. Edit from March 10th: We got a new trailer and new screenshots from the GameSpot website revealed, it's confirmed that Tobin from the Heroes website is still remains as Tobin in Echoes: Shadows of Valentia, Terrors (probably the new name giving out for the monsters in Echoes since Awakening had the mosters from that game were called Risen), Zofia Castle, this new possible term called "23rd of Pegastym", new skills that are added in the remake are called "Anti-Fliers", "Bowrange +1", & "Terror", and I don't know about this "Deliverance Hideout" location, it could possibly be Clive's HQ in Chapter 1, but I don't recognize the layout that was in Gaiden. Edit from March 14th: I added the names that were shown in the PAX East Footage from the North American version of Echoes, tI did seen Lukas is still Lukas from the Heroes website, the villager girl's localized name is Faye, and the rest of Celica's team in Chapter 2 were remained the same from the Heroes website as well + added the Provisions, Grieth's Army, Seraphim, Invoke, Miasma, Mountain Graveyard, Leather Shield, Gold Dagger, Silver Purse, Black Magic, White Magic, and Archanist in the Name Chart.
  10. Hey Folks. Yep. I'm back Again. With another Japanese Patch. So, FE8 Girls was one thing. But this is extreme. I'm sure you'll get what I means when you start reading it through. Download: http://ux.getuploader.com/FE4/download/96/%E7%B7%91%E3%83%91%E3%83%83%E3%83%81.zip Am told the latest patch is always here. [spoiler=Be Green for Earth!] So Start Menu is green. Even difficulty are all green. I take the bottom one since it's the hard one right? ...right? Still green here. Oh good it's not green. GREEEEEEEEN WHO ARE YOU!? Green Hair, make sense. Green sprites instead of blue? THAT'S NOT A GREEN GIRL. SHE'S BLUE GREEN PATCH PLS Sothe Lance huh. W-why does he have 100 hit? I guess we're the NPC color this time. Good fit I guess If memory serves correctly. It's in order of Str Mag Skl Spd Luck Def Resistance is on Mag now or so I believe. Sothe has unique weapon apparently. I would assume it's called Kard since it's strikingly similar to FE8girls's... nightmare crit engine of a weapon. Also, Sothe doesn't have steal ability I believe. Pretty lame. But seriously though. B rank in sword, level 10 thief. Practically begging us to use him. EVEN THE MOVE TILES ARE GREEN, Arrow is dark green. EVERY THING IS GREEEEEN I skip my turn. He miss, I land both. Skip turn again. Miss again and I crit. On the former's death, the next one has a landing punch. She returns the favor with a crit though. 'All that's left is their leader..." lol I move forward and heal. I heal agai to lure him off the forest tile. He lands a hit, I hit both, I move to forest tile and... WELP Unusual. Oh brilliant. Die. Is kill. Fuck this shit. Better.jpg Wonderful! DAMMIT EIRIKA. I decide to just fuck it and have Sothe be a bait. BUT HE DIDN'T CARE AND WENT FOR HIGHER HP EIRIKA. At least she dodged Phew, Sothe dodged the 10 dmg kill and chipped for Eirika. The leader after a while of catching up miss her. Not bad...? Yay Remind me again... How is she green?
  11. Hello...? I was wondering where I can find some good, high quality screenshots of the Fire Emblem Fates cast. Someone named HiMyNameIsMaurice made a reference pack a long time ago, but the links no longer work. I specifically need screenshots of Laslow in his Mercenary outfit so I can give reference pictures for someone that I'm commissioning to make a Laslow cosplay for me. Sorry if I'm bothering any of you guys.
  12. Because The Title Has To Be Like This. Hi everyone! This is going to be my first LP ever. I thought about doing a video LP, maybe in my native language, but I figured out this is going to be just for fun, and I enjoy screenshot LPs more. Let's see, I call this a "pseudo-blind run" because I played vanilla FE4 until the start of gen2 and I also tried some chapters of the Shin patch, until chapter 3 or something. Also, I'll be using emoticons instead of mugs. Since not every character is there, I'll be using the most similar one. I hope to be entertaining! [spoiler=Starting out] Alright, here we go, Shin. PROLOGUE! WORDS! NARRATION! The idea to show all this in a LP doesn't excite me, so I'm going to skip that. Long story short: Grandbell is at war with Isaac and there are few soldiers left, but that's not a problem since every other adjoining country is an ally. Except actually they aren't, since Verdane attacks Jungby. ... We? You are the only one there, Midir. Please save yourself. I want as many of you to get out of this alive as possible! None of us are going anywhere, my lady. We're here for you till the very end. Even if it means our lives. Oh... Thank you, Midir. I'm so sorry to put you through all this. Noish, I'm going to go and see if I can do something. You're in charge while I'm gone. Sir... You're not planning on going alone, are you!? Yeah Ziguldo-Sama, you can't ORKO the prologue guys anymore. Also, the lack of Sigurd in the emoticons is disappointing. Grandbell's military is already en route to Isaac. There really is no one left to call on. Verdane's army may be full of barbarians, but it's huge. There are bound to be casualties. I can't get you involved. I think fighting the invaders is exactly the reason why they should be involved. Excuse me, sir!? We were born into the knighthood and are prepared to die fighting! We'd be a disgrace to let our master perish out there all alone. We're going with you. Alec, you're with me on this, aren't you? Those barbarians'll loot the place, kill everybody in sight, then burn it all to the ground. We've got to beat them there and get the villages to strengthen their defenses. And not a single emoticon has a turbant. Even Nergal is shown without it. What else can I use? Tempting, but no. Point well taken, Alec. We mustn't overlook our duty as knights to protect the people. Actually, Oifey takes credit for that one. I tell ya, that kids a strategist in the making. Takes right after that famous grandfather of his, Lord Sesar. Who? All we know about him is that he probably has minor Baldur blood. I don't want to just sit back and watch the castle, sir. I don't know, Oifey... You're still pretty young. You think you'll be okay out there? I'm already 14, sir. I know I'm not ready to fight yet, but I can still help out. Please... let me go with you. Just wait 'till you grow a mustache. Well, it has been a good two years since you began training for your knighthood under me. You're probably ready for some battlefield action. But no fighting... Not just yet anyway. Why don't you come along as my personal advisor? You bet! Thanks, sir! Sir, have you considered leaving someone behind to defend the castle? It would be too risky not to. We would be finished if we lost our base here to the enemy. Noish gives bad advices. Because you're strong, reliable... and slow! You're the one, hands down! Hahahaa! Alec is a bully Hrmph. I can live with the strong and reliable part, but leave the slow bit out of it, ok? Arden, can we count on you? You're the only who can aptly handle the castle's defense. Alright, I'll do it. But you gotta promise to take me to battle with you sometimes. Will do. Alright, let's make our way to the villages, and then we're off to Jungby! Finally, we can start. Let's take a look at our characters, shall we? HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res 110% 50% 5% 50% 30% 40% 40% 5% Sigurd is pretty much the same. His starting stats have been tweaked a bit and he has A in lances. Otherwise, no changes. HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res 80% 40% 5% 35% 25% 25% 40% 5% Noish has better stats, but also better growths and continue/adept HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res 70% 30% 20% 40% 30% 30% 30% 20% Alec gets better starting stats, magical prowess and drakness sword, wich can boost both his offense and defense. He also starts with a better weapon, especially since there are some armored axe users in this chapter. HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res 90% 50% 5% 20% 20% 10% 60% 5% Ardan has been heavily changed. He has a different, better class, better stats and sol. Basically, he doesn't suck anymore. The only downside is that he still looks like Frankenstein's monster. We begin! That forest tile is just asking Ardan to try his bow, which he does. Alec weakens that axe guy and Noish tries to finish him, but he doesn't proc neither critical nor adept. We'll let axe guy choose who's gonna kill him. More chatting. Ya held out pretty well for bein' on yer own. But I've gotcha now. Die! Also Gandolf breaks the rules and procs a skill he doesn't have, killing Midir. Also I have no idea who should lend his face to Gandolf. Grr... Lady Aideen... Forgive me! Dimaggio, you and Gerrard are in charge. Hell, we may even press on to Barhara. There'd be no one to stop us if we did! Make yerselves at home here, boys. Anything goes! Just be patient, Sigurd will show you how wrong you are... Heh... you can count on us for that. Gandolf takes Aideen away with him. I'm sure he is a gentleman and he only has the best intentions in mind. Sorry. She's my booty! I'm takin' her back to be my wife. She's a keeper, wouldn't ya say? Yeah, she's makin' my mouth water. You wipe that grin off your face! You'll get your needs met once Grandbell is ours. What're you mumblin' about!? We're goin'! No fallin' behind this time! Yup, the best intentions. Enemy's turn. Axe guy chose Alec. Hey, look! It's mounted Hector and little red mage! He'll sure be happy to see us. You just can't stay out of these things, can you, Azel... Sadly, Hector's emoticon is taken already. Yeah, but with the military on engagement to Isaac, Grandbell is completely strapped! Sigurd and the few soldiers left in Chalphy are out here fighting for their lives! I can't just leave them hanging... Azel's our boy... I guess? Oh really... I'm not quite buying your story, Azel. What aren't you telling me? Wh...what are you talking about!? I'd surmise that you're all worked up about Lady Adean of Jungby. I know you like her. Y...you're nuts! A-ha! Face is getting red there, buddy! You little player you. Lex, knock it off! Now come on, let's get going. Hahahaa... Alright, let's do this. Finally, a chance to kick some ass. And many asses we shall kick today. But first, let me take a selfie let's see the new characters. HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res 50% 20% 40% 25% 50% 20% 20% 10% Azel gets Adept and slightly better stats. The better strenght growth may benefit him by acting as con if he reachs a multiple of 5, but mostly it will be useful for his childrens. Raquesis x Azel is considered good in vanilla, it should be amazing here, I suppose. HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res 70% 40% 5% 25% 20% 25% 50% 5% Lex is virtually the same. He is just faster since axes do not weight as much as they used to and thanks to the con system. Time to kick asses! Azel fails to hit the enemy twice, despite activating adept. We get off to a bad start. Lex can't finish him. Oh well. Yup, we knew already. To be fair, that's the first time this is a thing. Back at Chalphy, Ardan continues to use the enemy as dartboard. Alec and Noish attack in duo again. This time, Noish procs adept. Sigurd waits on a forest tile. He gets attacked and counters, but he fails to kill the enemy. Even more chatting on player's turn. Let's skip over the fact that Ethlin is wrong since Azel is here. I'm sure I can put my Live Staff to some use around here. I'm sorry to pull you into this, Cuan. I know I'm no longer a Chalphy, but I can't just sit back and do nothing. On my brother's behalf, thank you so much for coming. You don't need to thank me, Ethlin. You know Sigurd and I go way back. Not to mention that he's my brother-in-law now. Besides, I can't have you fighting alone. I sure appreciate it, dear. How pragmatic of you, Fin. Let's see the new guys and lady. HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res 110% 50% 5% 30% 40% 10% 50% 5% Cuan gets some slight nerfs in stats, but he gets critical. HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res 70% 30% 5% 40% 30% 50% 30% 5% Fin gets better bases. That's all. HP Str Mag Skl Spd Luk Def Res 60% 30% 5% 30% 30% 20% 20% 10% Ethlin has better bases and adept. Seems like all three of them aren't very different from vanilla. Cuan starts his career by murdering a guy. We heard about your skirmish with Verdane. We're here to fight. How about Lenster? Don't you have Thracia to keep an eye on? We do. That's why I only brought Fin. My father took command of the Lance Ritter. I see... Geez, sorry to drag you in to all of this, Cuan. Sigurd! Did you already forget about our pact? Huh? Remember the academy? We all met at the military academy back in Barhara. It was the three of us. You, me, and Eltshan. We were talking late that one night. And we took a vow to help each other out if one of us was ever in a bind. That's right. No... I haven't forgotten. Ok, then. Let's get to work and rid yourself of this little nuisance. Don't forget, Sigurd. I'm always here for you. Especially in times like these. Cuan is a real bro Sigurd can attack with the lance and swich to swords later. Thanks, canto. Alec keeps weakening guys for Noish. Support bonus, yay! Noish claims the village's gold. Lex kills the enemy his partner couldn't weaken enough. Azel should take lessons from Alec. Still not enough to level-up. Well, it seems like that's all for now. I would go on at least until Jungby is conquered, but the forum won't let me upload more images. Please let me know how I've been, and make suggestions for pairings!
  13. Yet another randomized run... And once again, it's FE6. Wait now, don't click away just yet. This run isn't just playing the game. Oh no, nor is it just about it being randomized. I'm doing what i'm going to call a breaker run, because while i'm sure people have done stuff in this vein before, idk if there's a formal name for it. Essentially, i'm going to pull out all the stops, and utilize every trick i can think of to break this game's difficulty down to zero. Partially because it's fun, partially because breaking chapters is kind of my style to play. I'm not satisfied until i make the game cry. Full disclosure, i wasn't entirely sure how to use paint properly at first, so i've done the first chapter already. Whoops. But it's all good now though! I had a couple slip ups, one i'll mention later to avoid spoilers about Damas, but other than that it's blind as to who's been reclassed to what. Some general housekeeping before we jump in, growth rate variance is set to 30%, bases are randomized, affinity, weapons and effects, anything save generic enemies have had their classes changed, movement is randomized (pray for me on the desert chapter) and enemies have not received a stat boost. I'm not going to cover the story, because it's vanilla FE6 in that regard, and i'm using the most recent translation patch if you want to follow along at home. Let's go! [spoiler=Chapter 1 Birth of Broken]And off we go! It's time to meet the merry band of chucklefucks who shall henceforth be known as the army. Here's our mandatory one, Lord Roy. Roy has learned an important lesson, a lord's best knight is the lord himself.All around average knight stats for a lvl1, but 9 base def is certainly lovely. That +5 str is courtesy of a slim lance, which do that here. Keep in mind their critical bonus, and they'll be a scary prospect in this game, one i fully plan to take advantage of. Rolling in at number 2 in thief girl Bors. And yikes, is that a rough set of stats. I guess it's fairly average for a lvl1thief, save for the unusually high hp and res. Luckily, Bors is packing a seemingly unchanged light brand to deal with combat from afar. 4 movement really sucks though, and without a promotion, he's stuck with it. Hopefully we get a male thief with some higher mov later on, but at least we have guaranteed chest bot out of the gate. Wolt is next, and by chance, a first chapter healer, with a whopping 8 mov. I have to admit, i've never been huge on troubadours, but ill take a healer where i can get one. His stats are all around pretty low, and he comes with a mend staff. Unfortunate, as most wounds can easily be covered by a heal so early on, and with only 20 uses, we can only use it when we really need it. But we should be getting heals in shops soon, so it's not a huge deal. Lance has decided to become the glass cannon of glass cannons. Or at least he would be, if not for the fact he can't double with base speed. It's not his fault though, his weapon is weighing him down. Speaking of... Yes, he also has a Wo Dao, but that's not the important one. He has a 50 use 1-2 range Al's sword, and believe me when i say, i am going to use the everloving shit out of this thing. And here's Alan. He's opted to go head to head with his buddy again, in what i'll be calling the green, red myrmidon battle. Who will win? I don't have plans to use both, but... Alan seems to be better with bases. Yes, he has worse str and speed, but he makes up for it with hp that's not complete tissue paper, and 8 con, opposed to Lance's pitiful 3. Alan will be able to hold the sword as opposed to his good buddy. He comes to us with two armorslayers, which have also been granted 1-2 range. Knights beware. Note to self: Roy must be kept safe from sword bitches at all times. This game loves to sneak up on you with myrms and mercs with armorslayers. Rounding out the team is SwordMarcus, who, apperantly did not get the message that Jeigans are supposed to not have bases that are too good for early on. Yeah 10 str, is a little worrying, but that's a tank if i ever saw one, and i love me a tank. And, being the gift that keeps on giving, Marcus joins with another Al sword and an elixir. Not that anyone has the hp for it, but down the road they're always nice. And here's Damas, who, I wish i could trade Bors for. 10str on a level 5 thief is downright horrifying. Plus 6 def is nothing to laugh at. As if that's not badass enough, he has a sword, so his attack is 18. And yes, i've you've been playing along at home, he can one shot Wolt and Lance. So that's fun. Plus i found out he moves when he dickishly stole the elixir of Marcus. But i learn from my mistakes god damn it. The rest of the gang gets into position, and sadly, i have more faith in Bors to take a hit than Lance. Bors decides to betray my trust immediately and would rather get a haircut. And then miss with an 82. Fuck you Bors. Alan shows him how it's done, with a disturbingly bloody sword. I thought you said you were a novice Alan? Hitting into res lets Bors finish the job. Marcus looks a little pale, but at least that bandana will keep the hair out of his eyes. The archer poses a threat. But not for Lance and his trenchcoat. Healing primarily to show off the purple pony of life. Free from the heavy armorslayers, Alan is free to double. And becomes a stronger man for it. I missed the level. I'm still new to this. Hp, luck, def. Not bad, not great. Now the true difficulty crushing fun may begin. Marcus has enough defense that these fighters do jackshit to him, as does the archer. On top of that, he has good dodge, so he'll rack up a lot of xp as they just try to hit him. Plus from my other run, Marcus gains def with pretty good frequency. This means, he gains 3 def for 18, and not even Damas can touch him. He'll break all the weapons, and leave easy xp for the new recruits in his wake. I said i would break the game, i didnt say it was going to be fast. And i miss level 2. Speed and def. I think my printscreen key may be a bit stuck. Well shit. Too quick on the draw with level 3. >,> Speed +1 Lvl 4 too late again. I swear this button is broken. Speed and def. Lvl 5 Hp spd. Make a savestate to just show a god damn level. And shit marcus, you need to bring up your def to shut down Damas. Level 7 missed again. Just speed. So much fucking speed. Continuing to refuse to get the one stat point needed to be an immortal. 8 levels later, and we're finally read for Damas. HEY! Only Roy is, and he's merely average thank you very much. And back to your regularly scheduled Marcus. Business as usual. I'm just running down the clock on these weapons now. Yeah okay, we're just going in Roy mode. Fuck this no getting hit shit. Roy sure does have a palate. Roysistance joins in on the fun. The photo vanished but he got res. I like where this is going. I give Lance the kill and don't regret it. He's already on track to be better than marcus, and will easily max speed. End Marcus' boredom and claim this bitch.
  14. YOU HEARD ME. I quit my fe8 randomizer. It was simply impossible. Caellach never went down. dodged every single shot I ever made and healed it back with fortress, I took my loss up front and hid it away in my skeleton's closet so you guys will NEVER see it again. So. Here we go. This is my set up. Except I made that 4 mov to 5 mov instead. Just so Knights can be a pain in arse for me too. Plus I don't want any of my units to be 4 mov lol. This definitely looks more fun and worthy of my fury than that disaster of FE8 i have. I wish I used force growth, but meh, I'll fix growth for early units if it get really bad, otherwise I'll leave them untouched. Well. Whatever. [spoiler=Chapter 11 A Support Lord!] Our Hector replacement. imayormaynotbuffedherstatsduetotheinstanityofthischapterbutimnotsayingwhichistrue The wife becomes her husband. o_o samedealasaboveimayormaynotbuffedherstatsbutiaintsaying Oh nice palette. Then she dies. RIP Louise. This was my 5th try by the way. I did few tries before i snapshot just to tread the water. (She couldn't double that one soldier before the buff) Louise is pretty as monk you can't deny that. Kill archer for vulnerary. Use vulnerary. Why can't we start with one btw? Stupid hector campaign. Oh god. the crit. NO NO NO WHY DID YOU CRIT AGAIN I KNEW IT. RNG PLS I'll just do this... Again. Nope. I made a savestate a lil before, just to see what the fuck i can do with this shit. Maybe this? Of course... Annnd there. Oh nice. I DID IT I LIVED!!! Funky palette, no outline though otherwise this'd be rad. Booyah! (Btw i let the thief escape. I'm not gonna bother for the red gem.) Nope. Damn Ninian. Nope. I managed to dodged that one though so... YAY FREE THUGGIN Louise. Why. Wait what. (I did check beforehand but I forgot to snapshot that one so... :T) Ballista weapons lives?! Oh snap. Not gonna risk 2 more round of gamble. Better.png And that's the last bolt. Louise grabs a heal. Perfect. Now Ninian can gets her own kill! Poor Wire. Ninian does 1 damage. Just enough. Thankgodigaveher2extrastratstartcuzitotallydidntknowhisdefwasthathigh Nice level. Get str. This is when I realize Louise's support is locked. I WONDER WHEN I'LL GET PENT. Wire's palette is hellah ugly Strrrrrrrrrrrrrrr Nice jump back frame. I really should applaud IS for their nice sprite working. Wire actually dodged a 90% hit. This is the frame. -.- I didn't let him dodge on the next turn. DAMN IT GIRLS, GET MAG OR STR. Fin Growths [spoiler=Hurrdurrchap11units] Louise: Monk Hp: 50 Str: 50 Skl: 35 Spd: 15 Def: 80 Res: 15 Lck: 65 (I buffed Spd and Res by 15. They both were 0 ._.) The fact that Louise hit speed twice in her 3 level ups pretty much prove RNG can be a bitch. Ninian: Eliwood Lord Hp: 55 Str: 25 Skl: 50 Spd: 45 Def: 45 Res: 45 Lck: 80 OH BOY Ninian looks good! The only stats that's weak is Str, and it's not hardly crippling if I pump her with energy rings. Chapter 12 soontm. Playing it rn.
  15. Hi. Missed me? Probably not. Seeing all of the fun with the new Randomizer, and WE ALL KNOW I JUST LOVE MY RANDOMIZED GAMES, and had to try it. After a couple fail randomizes (cuz chapters were so cruel on rng that almost no one lived.) I found an ideal one. Here I'll document my depression throughout the game. Because fuck me right? [spoiler=Prologue and Chapter 1] Our self-claimed Lord, Garcia the Hero! Awful Base tho. But we'll see. Dat movement though. Seth/10 That luck is abysmal but it won't bite us in the ass right? Because Garcia only has a lance to use, I do this. WELP Changed it up a slight bit and got a level of skill, true to his title as the Hero. A hero need skill. gitgudscruk Well, damn. This'll be fine. I guess. Next! 84% chance. Miss twice. ...Should I be impressed or surprised? MVP, won't bench. (unless growth is so bad it's abysmal. I don't have a way to find out anyway, won't plan to to keep it a surprise.) Default Blue team! Why do I have unimpressive screenshots? Glitch Shield is best defense! Well, no boss kill for our brave hero! thecoward Oh nice. Lute pls. Vanessa goes apeshit. Gain godawful lvl. To be continued. Next week at same fire emblem time! At same fire emblem channel! Good bye! dontkillmeforthatjoke
  16. Hello, I'm back with my playthrough, but this time I'm doing a nuzlocke of a hack pokemon as you may see from the title, this is inspired from Sacred Gold Nuzlocke. I'll be adopting similar rules as that one. However I am allowed to catch Legendaries to truly finish the game. HOWEVER, the rule still apply in that aspect that if pokemon faints during then, they are dead. In which case I'd have to go back and pick up new pokemon from PC boxes if there are any. I have copied pasted the rules from that thread here. [spoiler=Rules] - Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be boxxed permenantly - The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. - Must nickname every Pokémon. - A black out/white out is considered to be "game over", even if there are Pokémon left in the PC. - Species/Dupes Clause: Adjusting the first encounter rule to prevent the player from having to catch multiple of the same Pokémon, for the sake of variety. Generally this means that the trainer can keep fighting Pokémon in the area until one is encountered that has not been caught yet, which then immediately counts as the first encounter. - If the player runs into a Shiny Pokémon, the player may still catch it, regardless of whether or not itis the first encounter in the area. -Legendary captures allowed, however, pokemon fainted during then must be boxxed. - Due to the supposed difficulty of the hack. All gift Pokemon will be accepted. This rule may change if people disagree with it. [spoiler=It begins] Soul Silver -> Storm Silver Interesting my ass. The joke continues. Arulle as in A Ruler. The girl who ruled them all. THE UNDYING EMPRESS OF POKEMON AND RULED WITH POKEMON FIST. Thanks Dray! THE SHEER LAG IN THIS GAME. THIS CAN'T BE REAL CAN IT EVEN LAG THIS BADLY? HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO MOVE MANAGED TO CLIMB DOWN AND THIS BITCH TAKES FOREVER WALKING TOWARD ME. THAT'S NOT SHOES. First encounterment already? BAH can't fish this area? Fuck you old man, I just came inside. That's how I sounds while playing this. I just want that hair color. Arulle must have red hair no matter what. Expects me, decides to do things on computer. COOL STORY BRO Who the fuck has a race name for their last name? DEAL. Hmmm oh the decision. But my pick is obvious with my Arulle. THE KING TO RULE THEM ALL WITH HIS IRON FIST. AND YOU SHALL BE NAMED REAVER. Aw dammit, trainer encounterment, go away Gary. Oh thanks fam. What. WHAT? WHY DIDN'T HE GET A NEW ABILITY LIKE OTHER TWO STARTERS? UGH. GG DRAY, YOU SUCKS. Bitch it's not cute. It's bold. Meaning it's hella pervert. Even now it's trying to flip my skirt. Get used to it ecchidle ...Go on? Seeing as the other guy got a plate, I figured I'd get it early. GG WP TRICKED. Oh you whore. Dammit. But hey, lv 6 now. Thank fuck for the tree being cut out of the route. Okay can I go through? I don't care about the sea... oh ecchidle want to swim. Rod catch. It really really really want to swim huh. Healing, cuz I aint a scrub. GO AWAY Pot. He stopped me because I refused to go inside his house. wtf? Might as well. I'm prepared! ... Are You Fucking Kidding Me? More tomorrow. I'm caught up in another game.
  17. Thanks to Nohr streamer TohruAdachi (Here's his thread), I've compiled hundreds...THOUSANDS of screenshots. Well, they all just get dumped into a folder on his Dropbox, and I just wasn't gonna have it. I wanted shit organized, soooooooooo Here they are, all HD also, here's the raw link: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1bu8sv87tox3wxg/AAAjJyRh-PhubUVZDzTCsVlfa?dl=0 The stream where I'm getting these screenshots from: http://www.twitch.tv/himynameismaurice (His stream is Finished at the moment, NOHR completed) The streamer's Tumblr (where he announces his stream times and stuff) http://himynameismaurice.tumblr.com The streamer's Youtube channel, where the Stream is being uploaded in 2 hour Segments: https://www.youtube.com/user/hmnimaurice I've taken the liberty to sort where I can, and now I have them all up on my Dropbox (currently over 3300 screenshots, up to the beginning of Chapter 16). These are what I've sorted so far. Note, these aren't Videos, they're all screenshots, and they're ever-expanding, so if you have an overwhelming desire for something, we'll get it if we can! In the Supports Folder: In the Chapters folder Please cite them if you decide to use them, or not :D **Edit** Now at 4300+ **EDIT** OVER 9000!
  18. Just some cool and random Screenshots I took from the new trailer
  19. Hey, guys! This is a thread I'm making just for fun, where you post your best/funniest moments in Fire Emblem/Super Smash Bros Brawl and discuss them! It's just for fun, and keep the swearing to a minimum~ I'll start: lol, the only time I've seen Jagen be boss! ^_^'
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