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Translations aren't word for word, but they convey the general meaning. There are more Q and As than this, but I only picked the most interesting ones.

Q) How old is Ike? He looks older than Roy, so I'm guessing that he's over 15 years old.

A) Officially he is 2 years older than Roy, so 17 years old.

Q) Are there any Skirmish maps like in The Sacred Stones, where I can level up my characters?

A) There are no such maps. However there is a system to raise units outside of chapters [referring to Bonus EXP], so please use that.

Q) Are Arenas in this game? Also, why are the hit rates not displayed in battle?

A) This time there are no Arenas, apologies. Hit rates are not displayed because you can view them before entering a battle, so we believed their removal wouldn't be an inconvenience to most people.

Q) This time are there any sidequest/gaiden chapters?

A) No, this time the story is linear. Although I apologise to those who were looking forward to a branching story, I think that the depth of the story is very deep.

Q) How is the hero's Ranger class different from the Lord class?

A) Only the image is different. Lord can be interpreted as "ruler" or "sovereign", which is the title of a noble. So we had Ike's class as "Ranger" because he wasn't a noble.

Q) How many recruitable characters will there be? I really enjoyed having so many characters in Sword of Seals to promote, but the number was greatly reduced in The Sacred Stones to my disappointment.

A) There will be 40-50, which is an average amount for the series. The number of characters depends on the contents of the game. Since in Sword of Seals we wanted to have a female character for almost every class, there were an exceptionally large amount of characters.

Q) To the east of Tellius, beyond Daein and Begnion, there exists unknown lands. What is the world like there?

A) The area to the north east of Tellius, which cannot be seen on the map, is just desert.

Q) In the older games, there used to be one-time resurrection staves, but they haven't featured in recent games? Is there one in this game?

A) Originally it was possible to revive characters, which we included as an emergency feature. However with recent playing methods, our concept of revival being used in emergencies became doubtful, and that is why it was removed. For example, say, you lost a character in Chapter 10. You can resurrect them using a staff in Chapter 25. However, whether that character is still usable by that time is doubtful.

It would be advantageous to revive characters at any time, but the key feature of this series is that "once a character dies, they're gone for good". This was intended to introduce a sense of tension, and also to make players think. For this game, we decided that we would stick to this idea. However, that doesn't mean to say that we won't re-implement the feature in the future.

Q) Does the starting Paladin become strong like Seth from The Sacred Stones?

A) Yes. You can rely on them to the end.

Q) When making Fire Emblem, what important things are there to consider?

A) Because it is a series, there are existing fans who are happy to see old and good features that remain, and also there are new features that they are happy to see. So we like to keep a good mix of the old and the new.

Q) Can you critical with 0% accuracy?

A) Whether an attack hits or not is calculated first, and then whether the attack is a critical or not is calculated. If the attack does not hit, then you cannot critical.

Q) Will there be any characters from previous games?

A) Since the game takes place on a new continent, don't expect existing characters to appear. Only the save girl (Anna) and the nostalgic Vendor girl [referring to Aimee/Lalabel, who appeared in FE1/3's Vendor] return.

Q) How do the 3 difficulty modes compare to previous Fire Emblem titles?

A) Normal mode is equivalent to Lyn's story in Blazing Sword or The Sacred Stones. Hard mode is equivalent to Mystery of the Emblem or Sword of Seals. Maniac mode is more difficult that those games described. [This applies to the Japanese version, in the English releases, Maniac mode was dropped for Easy mode.]

Q) How difficult is Maniac mode? Is it so hard that most players won't be able to beat it?

A) Maniac mode was designed for those who seek a difficulty beyond that of most strategy games. Although it can be beaten, we advise you to be prepared before trying it.

Q) Are Ike and Mist really siblings? Their hair colour is different, and Mist has Greil's hair colour.

A) Ike has his mother's hair colour. Officially their eye colours are both the same as their mother's.

Q) How comes Oscar and Rolf look alike, but Boyd doesn't look alike to either?

A) Officially they all have the same father, but different mothers. Boyd takes on more from his father, so that may be the reason.

Q) Why was it changed so that promotions no longer required an item?

A) It was a trial idea. We originally thought that in the previous games, often there weren't enough promotion items. So this time we decided to allow promotion occur by gaining experience and thus being more controllable.

Q) Why are there so few S Rank weapons in this game? Why is magic weaker compared to the other games? Also why can't Bow Knights use Longbows?

A) These were the results of balance and gameplay considerations. You can think of this weakening as a feature of this game. Also Bow Knights were otherwise superior to foot Archers, so we only allowed Archers to use Longbows, and thus have maximum range, to increase their usefulness.

Q) Can you prevent critical attacks in this game?

A) There isn't necessarily no way to. You might want to try many things [referring to critical-negating supports and weapons].

Q) Can you activate Lethality with 0 Might?

A) Yes.

Q) What function do Coins have?

A) Unfortunately they have none. However it might be good to collect them in the future [hinting at Radiant Dawn's data transfer already].

Q) How is Soren's ponytail held?

A) Like so:


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How long has this been there? And I learned something about Soren's Ponytail. Are these direct words from Nintendo, because the POV seems like it.

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yeah i never saw this either and i've been here the whole time. Must have missed it. But yeah that ponytail thing... who knew?

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yeah i never saw this either and i've been here the whole time. Must have missed it. But yeah that ponytail thing... who knew?

I did...about 5 months ago....

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Why would anyone be interested in Soren hairstyle!? :blink:

Because someone might want to do a cosplay

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Yeah really, lol.

Seriously, does the man EVER open his eyes?

I wonder how he has a good accuracy if his eyes are closed.

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